The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1954 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1954
Page 2
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FAGI TWO BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER TUESDAY, OCTOBER », 1984 Key Campaign Trends Ham and Eggs to be Important Factors in Iowa's Election Ty Power and Linda Christian Marriage Heads for Divorce (EDITOR'S NOTE — This Is *noth«r of several stories by roving Associated Press report- en analyzing the campaign in key states.) By DOUGLAS B. CORNELL DES MOINES (AP) — The price of ham and eggs — ham on the hoof, that is — is shaping into an important election day factor in Iowa. In the nation's greatest hog- producing state, the farmer is getting less for hogs while his costs stay up. His wife frequently can't break even on the eggs she carls to market for pin and household money. Most eggs are bringing 16 to 18 cents a dozen and that's far less than the prices of a year ago. Even though they aren't grumbling loudly or saying much about politics or political reprisals, neither farmers nor farm wives arc exactly happy about this. Worry It might do no more than cut down some of the usual Republican margins of victory. A tide of unforeseen volume and some real political upsets would be needed for the Democrats to shake any Republicans out of Iowa's eight House seals—all held by (lie OOP —and the gubernatorial mansion. Yet some Democrats do prnicss a glimmering hope for electing a governor for the first time since 1336 and a congressman for the first lime since 194(1. To Keep tSHU'llc Trend or no trend, they expecl to keep Democrat Guy M. Gillette in the Semite.' Gillette has proved he can win in Iowa when no oilier Democrat can come ft takes Republican votes for him to do It, and the senator pulls llifin in. Tlie GOP Is clwllHlRlnK this formidable opponent with Thtun.'i.s K. Martin, a Mouse member for Hi And it keeps pounding hard on the idea that President Elsen- hower needs n Republican congress. Democrat Clyre E. Herring I* battling H out with Republican I-*" A. Hoegh for Ihc Job Republican Gov. William S. Bcardsiey is vacating after lliree terms. Herring worry ..miun ....i. - — As a result the Democrats ex- is Ihe son of a former governor and • —- U.S. senator; Ilocgh is Ihe stale s pect to profit nt the polls and GOP brows are plowed with lines of worry. Besides, there .are signs that some sort of a Democratic trend may be under way in this part of the farm belt. .. attorney general. And for the first time In years Democrats lire putting up n light all down the line for state and the Stalohouse and courthoimes give the GOP a solid core of support in any election. Six different pollu have attempted to test the Iowa political winds. Gillette is leading in three. Martin In three, while Hocgh is .n front In five and Herring In one. The broadest sampling of sentiment is tile Iowa poll of the DCS Monies Register. The tally on Oct. 3 showed Gillette and Hocgh ahead, ft also Indicated that: 11 , Seven of 10 lowan-H still "like Ike," (2i a majority expects to hack Republican candidates, (3) since 1952 some have turned Irom vhe Republican to the Democratic party as better for persons In their line of work (this sort of switch Is apparent among farmers, and (1) there definitely isn't any burning interest in politics or the election. Full Treatment DIstlnViTisilL-rl as me voters may be. candidates on both .sides lire giving the full oratorical treatment to all the usual Issues, centering, of course, around what the Eisenhower administration ha.s or hasn't done. They got around to peace, luxe',, budget balancing, foreign policy, communism, prosperity. Gillette suy.s he expects to win on the general issue that there is a "fcellni; of Instability lor the future and of double crosses in the all down ine line lor .M.UC ju'u »^,*. ... r, —- county offices they used to let go everywhere, on the farms and In by default. very offices In the cities," he said In an intcr- view. Martin claims the one big issue .s the need for placing Republicans in Congress to support Eisen- lower. Gillette, he says, cancels the votes of the other Iowa senator, Republican Bourke B. Hickenlooper. Gillette counters that on 14 key issues in the .Senate he and Hickcn- loopcr voted the same way on half and different 01. half. And on 12 key Lssues in the House, he says, Martin and H. R. Cross, another Iowa Republican, voted together on half and split on half. Then he runs through the Democratic relrain that time and again Democratic votes saved vital parts of the Elsenhower program from destruction at GOP hands. Gillette Is 15, Martin 61, and some Republicans are whispering a hit about the senator's age. He "pleads guilty" to being a Democrat and to having been "born without any Intervention on my part 15 years ago." But he says he doesn't own a wheel chair and does not need one. Actually, Issues are of comparatively little significance In Gillette's bid for another term. If he wins, It will be largely on the basis of a strong personality and a striking appearance that have made friends . "There IK general uncertainty Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers No building permits were Issued by the city engineer last week. Real estate transfers recorded in the circuit clerk's office last week were: I. E. Parkhurst to H. D. and Mattle Lou Hack, for $800, W 50 ft. of E 200 ft. of Lot 13, replat of Pride-Oatcway Subdivision. Clara V. Webb to E. M. Johnson, for $10 and other conslderntion, Lot 8, Block 8, Chlckasawba Addition- Bessie Clark to A. P. Clark, for $1, SW quarter, SW quarter, Seo. J. L. and Mamie O'Steen and Alice Oerber to Andrew and Ethel Clark, for $10 and other consideration. Lot 2, Block 1, J. L. O'Steen Addition. Andrew and Ethel Clark to J. L and Alice O'Steen. for exchange of property. Lot 29, Block 3. W. W. Holllpeter Second Division. Hollipetcr Second Addition. Buford and Ola Coolcy to Kathleen Henderson, for $2,MO, Lot a, Block 1, Chicago Mills Third Addition. George and Paullen Shepard to John and Ma.xlne Newman.' for »450. Lot 17, Block H, Barron-Lllly Addition. J. R. and Kathyrn Marr to Norman Shields, for $10 aod other consideration. Lot 10 of rcplat of O. S. Rollison Subdivision. W. E. Oillespl to Rcbeccu Thorn- asson, for SI and love and affection, Lot 8, Block 4, David's Third Addition anil a lot In 3E quarter of SW quarter of SW quarter, Sec. 10-. C O. and Edna Redman to Robert and Gladys Warren, for $10 and other consideration, a lot In Block I, Country Club Drive Addition. R R. SclvWBC to I. E. Parkhurst. for $600. W 50 ft. of East, 200 ft. of Lot 13, replat of Pride and Date- way Subdivision. R. J. n»ld Himcl McKlnnon to city of Manila, for $4,000, Lot »0. Block 8, original survey of Manila. Mapnolia Courts Inc. to C. E. and Maxlne Adklsson, Jr., for $1 and other consideration. Lot 9, Dlock C, repint of Westnate Addition. IN THE COUNTY COUI1T FOIl THE OIHCKASAWllA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ANNEXATION OP TERRITORY TO THE: CITY OF BLYTHEVILljE. ARKANSAS N O T I C.E Notice Is hnrby Klvcn Ihul there has been filed In the County Court for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, the petition of Mississippi County Lumber Company to annex to the City of Blythevllle the following described realty: A tract of laud carved out of Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH l)o Iixliic u-i'lh drop. «llp or woliblr. when you Inlk. i-iit, lAURh or finriv.i'7 Oon't 1)0 annoyed am! omlmrriiii.stMi liy such Immllcnp.v KASTEET11, Ml alkallim (non-nclil) powclcT to luirln- Klc on your jilntrs, KCfips [ulfii. term more llrmly wt. Given ronmlriH reeling of sociirKy and ruUlrtl comfort. No t-uinmy, (,'oopy, pnMy Unite or d'd- Ine Oct FASTEETH today »t »UJ drug counuc. the West Half of the Northwest Quarter tw'i NW',:,) of Section Ten (101, Township Fifteen (15) North, Range Klcvcn (111 East, described as bCKlnnlng at a point 1260 feel 8 Inches South and •HO feel East of the Northwest corner of said Section Ten, (which point is the Southeast c.orner of Lot KlKht (8), Block One (1), Country Club Area Addition to Blythevllle, thence North 0 de gree.i 33' West 325 feet, thence Eats 820 feet more or less to the West right-of-way line of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad, thence South 0 degrees 33' East along said railroad right-of-way line 325 feet, thence due West 820 feet more or less to the point of beginning and containing 6.12 acres more or less. Said petition will be heard on the 22nd day of November. 1D54. In the County Court In the Courthouse at Blythevllle, Arkansas. This Oct. 18, 11)64. SEAL ELIZABETH BLYTHE PARKER. County Clerk. 10/10-2(1-11/2 Heiui Courier NCWR classified Ads Non-Cancellabls Hospital Policy Health and Accident Policy also Life Policies for information write American Insurance Company Po. Box 982 niylhcrille Beautiful Metal Waste Basket TO EXACTLY MATCH YOUR QUAKER RUG Don'1 mm Ail »xtW>** Aimilrong OuoVvr cKci! Yovi choit* of tli d.fUr.nt ru g ttyl*i oil loll pric.d (or ihil tp«dal .vcnl. You g.l trx full-color malthing m«lol won* batk.t for only ISf with iht rug yow . AH OuoVtt Rugv (en*v.» AnnHion?'* **tlviw. K-99 flntth . . . 40% longer weor and 100% mor» r*ii)lan<* to fadin*. Waste Baskets Only 25 1 (Abo in *., V and 13-fl. TarJ Go*A) C. M. SMART Furniture, Inc, HOLLYWOOD I/ft— The marriage of Tyrone Power and Linda Christian, solemnized five years ago In Santa Francesco Catholic Church In Rome, has broken up. The two UTTLf UZ- en used to lose their shirts in the stock market—now they lose them in the supermarket. »uu_«_ Mountain Climbers' Bodies Are Discovered MEXICO CITY in — The bodies of six mountain climbers swept away by an avalanche on Mt. Pop- ocatepetl were found last night in a crevasse near the ,17,887-foot summit. Two other members of the party who escaped the snowy slide were rescued earlier. The dead Included two women. It was the highest toll for a single mountain accident in Mexico's history. Andrew Carnegie, American in- appearance inni ..iivt nmu*; nitnuo mi\ti\-v* \,i*n.i*.t,.*., n. in both parties—along with his oc- dustrlalist. donated the finances for caslonal votes siding with the GOP. ' the Peace Palace in The Hague. WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT IOC movie stai's blame the split on "incompatibility over careers" but say there are no immediate plans for divorce. The shapely Miss Christian wil stay in Hollywood and pursue her film career, power Is leaving fo New York as soon as he finishes hi current movie. "Untamed." to star! rehearsals for "The Dark Is Light Enough," In which he will co-sta on the stage with Katharine Cor nell. Before me marriage. Power toll reporters Miss Christian would give up her acting career "because two actors in one family wouldn 1 ' work." Theirs was a year-long international romance in Italy. Mexico Spain and Hollywood. The church sanctioned the marriage because i had not recognized the civil cere mony which united power with An nabella, French actress. The couple's joint announcemen of Chclr splittip said their two daughters, Romlna Francesca. and Taryn, 2. will remain in the custody of Miss Christian. "Oldat40,50,60?" —Man, You're Crazy Forget your age! Thousand* are peppy at 70 Try "pepping up" v.-ilh new, histier-poli'iit). 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