The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 7, 1964 · Page 2
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 2

Provo, Utah
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Tuesday, April 7, 1964
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Daily Herald TUESDAY, APRIL 7, 1964 Utah County, Utah Two Policemen Injured In Racial Violence By United Press International ! Racial violence in Cleveland, Ohio, at a school construction site in a Negro area has resulted in injury to two policemen and the arrest of 21 civil rights demonstrators. The trouble broke out Monday during picketing at the school site on the'city's East Side. Civil rights groups, contend- 'Strike 1 of Doctors In Belgium Hit BRUSSELS (UPI)-Thousands of workers angrily demonstrated against the Belgian doctors' strike today while judicial authorities investigated the deaths of a baby and a school teacher which may have been linked to nationwide walk- ing new schools in the area will result in re-segregation, staged picketing demonstrations shortly after ground-breaking ceremonies. One of the civil rights workers was identified as Mrs. Beth Robinson, 35, an expectant mother. She was taken to a hospital on* a stretcher after she and others jumped into a four- feet deep ditch when a truck sought-to enter the school site. Mrs. Robinson and four others were lifted out of the ditch by police. The others were half dragged and carried to a police wagon. The two policemen were injured when they helped remove eight demonstrators who tried to interfere with trucks coming and going to the construction site. They suffered a skinned knee, scratched cheek and injured arm. Elsewhere: Albany, Ga.: Five Negro children the week-old out. Labor leaders at* an outdoor meeting of some 3,000 demonstrating workers in the town of Gilly pleaded with the striking doctors to resume home visits to ailing children and old age pensioners. At a Socialist party meeting in Fontaine Leveque, Parliament member Ernese Glinne urged the government to draft all doctors who hold military re- 'serve officer ranks. The magistrate in the Flemish city of Turnohout today announced an order for the formal arrest of two doctors taken into custody and questioned Monday about the death of an 18-month- old boy. His parents called for medical aid last Saturday but it took more than nine hours to get a physician because their family doctor was on strike. The mayor of Bray in south Belgium today ordered a judicial investigation into the death of teacher Raymond Donnez, 42, whose widow claimed she tried vainly for an hour to con- registered to attend the first and second grades next fall in previously all white schools. New Orleans: Anthony Celebreezze, secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, said Monday that an end to racial discrimination could solve many problems of the nation. He spoke before the Louisiana AFL-CIO state convention. Washington: Sen. Frank Lausche of Ohio told the Senate SENTENCED — John William Lrwin, above, was sentenced to 16 years and 8 months in Federal Prison for his part in the kidnaping of Frank Sinatra Jr. Invin, 42, a house painter, was convicted March 7 by federal jury along with Joseph Clyde Amsler, and Barry Worthington Keenan, both 23. Amsler and Keenan were sentenced to life imprisonment immediately after the jury verdict was returned on March 7. (Herald-UPI Telephoto). Lawfords Refused Apartment NEW YORK (UPI) - A luxurious cooperative apartment house has rejected the application of Peter Lawford and his wife, the former Patricia Kennedy, because of his profession and her politics. The cooperative's five-man board reconsidered the application of the late President John F. Kennedy's sister and brother-in-law Monday night but one member reportedly refused to drop his opposition to the couple because Lawford actor and his wife a Democrat. Francis R. Masters, chairman of the board, would not make public any details of the situation. However, socialite Charles Amory, whose 16-ropm apartment the Lawfords wish to buy, resorted to the City Commission on Human Rights to find out if the apartment board had the legal right to blackball the Law- fords because any of the tenants objected to having an actor and a Democrat in the building. Officials Look For Stills at Prison Farm PUEBLO, Colo. (UPI)-Colorado State Penitentiary officials today were looking for stills at the penitentiary's honor farm, located a few miles west of here. The investigation was touched off when one of the prisoners held at the farm escaped Sunday night. When he was picked up a few hours later, he told officers he had become drunk on liquor made from cherries and berries at the farm. State Institutions Director David Hamil ordered the probe and defended Warden Harry Tinsley, who is responsible for the 94 short-term convicts at the farm. "Warden Tinsley runs a pretty good prison," Hamil said. "It's just that it's absolutely impossible to avoid everything which can happen at a prison. Any place in any prison where fruit juices, sugar, yeast, and grain are available, convicts will make home brew." The convict, Melvin B. Longie, 24, was reported missing about Readers Court By HENRY B. ROTHBLATT Police Lieutenant Carey "took a promotional examination for the rank of Captain. After receiving a failing grade, he petitioned the court to rule that the Civil Service Commission give him the passing mark he claimed to- deserve. . B _ "The questions were unclear, and contusing ana had nothing to do with job of Police Captain," retorted the Lieutenant. "Furthermore, my answers were more correct than their proposed answers. "We admit that your answers to four questions are as good, and even better than the key answers, said the Civil Service Commission. "But we graded the examination papers in good faith." MUST THE CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION PASS THE LIEUTENANT? Weigh both sides. Then, mark your verdict: . YES ( ) NO ( ) For the actual court decision, see verdict elsewhere on this page. , •t Goldwater Ends Two Day Campaign In Oregon Monday porters that are civil rights sup- reported to be tact a doctor. Despite rising protests, the doctors gave no sign of abandoning their strike. The doctors are striking because of the new health law that they claim will result i eventually in the complete so-i cialization of medicine in Belgium. i Both labor and management j organizations were supporting the government in its fight against the doctors. forming "rifle clubs" to protect demonstrators in Cleveland and that such reports are "harming the cause of the Negro." Memphis: Negro Athletes had the go-ahead Monday to try out for teams from the president of Memphis State University. Detroit: A 10-point statement supporting the administration's civil righs bill was distributed Monday in Michigan Roman Catholic churches on orders of the Most. Rev. John F. Dearden, archbishop of Detroit. At the same time, about 400 men who identified themselves as Catholic laymen, distributed literature denouncing the bill as leading to the establishment of Kennedy, Warren Head Negroes' Most Trusted' CHICAGO (UPI) - President Johnson, Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy and Chief Justice Earl Convicted Kidnaper Sentenced a "totalitarian police state. Winds Up In Salf Lake Salt Laker Killed In Switzerland SALT LAKE CITY (UPI)-A Salt Lake City man was killed last week when struck by an electric train at La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland, it was learned Monday. Charles Kayser, 44, was standing by the railroad track taking a picture when he was struck in the head by something protruding from the second car of the SALT LAKE CITY (UPI- More than 6,000 Mormons returned home late Monday after attending three days of general conferences in Salt Lake City that saw appointment of a California educator to the First Council of Seventy. President David 0. McKay, head of the two million members of the Church of Jesus Warren are among the 10 whites "most trusted" by America's Negroes, Ebony magazine said today. The magazine, in a poll of 105 prominent Negroes, said Warren headed the list of the 10 most trusted whites, the chief justice wrote the 1954 Supreme Court opinion holding racial segregation unconstitutional in public schools. Publisher-Editor Ralph McGill of the Atlanta Constitution, a Pulitzer Prize winner, received only two votes less than Warren for second place in the poll. Kennedy was ranked third and Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, who upheld James Meredith's right to attend the University of Mississippi, was fourth. Branch Rickey, who opened up organized baseball for Negroes when he signed Jackie Robinson to a Brooklyn Dodger contract in 1945, was named to the fifth spot. President Johnson was ranked sixth, at- LOS ANGELES (UPI) -John William Irwin, 42, today faced a prison term of 16 years and 8 months for his part in the Frank Sinatra Jr., kidnaping. The tall, dark, house painter was convicted by a federal jury March 7 but was not sentenced immediately as were his codefendants Joseph Clyde Amsler and Barry Worthington Keenan, both 23. The other two men, convicted on all six counts of the grand jury indictment, were sentenced to life terms and sent to Springfield, Mo., for psychiatric examinations. Five Killed As Super-Tanker Rams Bridge MARACAIBO, Venez u e 1 a (UPI)—The super-tanker Esso Maracaibo rammed three pillars of the huge Lake Maracaibo bridge early today, killing at least five persons. The 36,000-ton vessel collided with the pillars shortly after midnight EST, apparently due to a mechanical failure on board. The crash brought down at least 200 yards of the span, the longest of its kind in the world, plunging four automobiles into the water. The dead were among those dumped from the bridge. There were no reported casualties among the tanker's crew. The tanker was reported leaking oil and listing badly, while the five-mile-long, multi-million- dollar bridge was out of com- 10:30 p.m. Sunday, and was picked up by Pueblo about 1 a.m. Monday. police Utahns Will Report on Bolivia Trip PORTLAND (UPI)— Claiming former Vice President Richard M. Nixon would be his ultimate opponent, Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater today was winding up a two-day campaign for Oregon's primary votes. He was scheduled to address students at Oregon State University at Corvallis, then go to Salem for a luncheon speech to the American Plywood Association convention. He was to fly back to Washington after leaving Salem. Of Nixon, Goldwater said "we differ most in the area of the welfare state." However, he said he would differ less with Nixon than he would with New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge or Pennsylvania Gov. William Scran- Sentencing for Irwin was delayed until Monday to allow tune for preparation of a probation report. mission. Workers in Europe who are now employed outside their na- SALT LAKE CITY (UPI) — A report by four Utahns who went to Bolivia under the auspices of the Utah Council for International Contact is due for presentation at a meeting of the council sometime this week. Chairman E. Dale Peak of the council's executive committee said the meeting will be scheduled when the four busy men can be brought together at one time. The four are Dr. Daryl Chase, president of Utah State University; Royden G. Derrick, chairman of the University of Utah board of regents and president of the Western Steel Co., L. Glen Snarr of David W. Evans and Associates, and Dick Groen of United Air Lines. Eighty-two holidays, not including Sundays, were observ- torney Jack Greenberg, general counsel of the NAACP legal defense fund, was selected seventh and Sen. Jacob Javits, R-N.Y., was eighth. Southern authoress Lillian Smith, who has written "Strange Fruit," "Killers of the Dream" and "Now is the Lid O V/l IdlW WJ.11A1 VI* W*. v wu*»w Christ of Latter-day Saints, told Time," was ninth Swedish so- the group to leave the confer- ciologist Gunnar Myrdal was - - - - selected tenth. two-car train. Kayser was in Europe on a mission call as a church builder for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. RELEASES PRISONERS CAIRO Republic (UPI)—United Arab Prime Minister Aly itwLSUUJJ.*" * *™ _ .•• , Sabry announced Monday tnat all political prisoners in the country have been released. _ He also said in a policy speech to congress that the Aswan Highdam will be completed in 1967, instead of 1968, the scheduled target date. Published at 190 West Fourth North Street every afternoon, Monday through Friday. Sunday Herald published Sunday morning. L. B. Tackett publisher. Entered as Second class matter at the post office in Provo, Utah, under the act of March 3, 1879. Subscription terms by carrier in Utah County: Per month $k75 6 months in advance . .$10.50 One year in advance..$21.00 By mail-anywhere in the United States or its possessions $L75 per month; $10.50 for six months in advance. Herald telephone numbers: Orem office number 225-1605 For all departments call 373-5050 ence "with a prayer of appreciation that we have sons who will take our places some day." Paul Harold Dunn, 39, coordinator of the LDS Church Institute of Religion in Southern California, was appointed to the First Council of Seventy, a major highlight of the three-day conference. He filled avacancy caused by the death of Levi Edgar Young in December. Elder Dunn was born in Provo on April 24, 1924, a son of Joshua Harold and Geneve Roberts Dunn. The family moved to California when he was two years old. He attended school at North Hollywood where he was prominent in athletics, signing a professional baseball contract when he graduated from North Hollywood High School. Part of the time he played with the Pocatello club, Pioneer League, as a pitcher. He was married on Feb. 27, 1946 to Jeanne Alice Cheverton and the couple are the parents of three daughters, Janet Carolyn, 16; Marsha Jeanne, 14, and Kellie Colleen, 4. All other general authorities and officers of the church were sustained by the general assembly in the Tabernacle.. Actor Suffers Heart Seizure HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - English actor Peter Sellers was under treatment today for a "moderate" heart attack that could force him out of a major movie role here. The 36-year-old actor suffered the attack at his home Monday. His wife, -Swedish actress Britt Ekland, 21, accompanied him to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital and remained at his bedside. "It's a moderate coronary attack," said Dr. Rexford Kennamer, a cardiologist who treated Sellers. "But indications are that he will be in the hospital for several weeks." Parowan Man Get One-Year Jail Sentence PAROWAN (UPI)— A Beryl, Utah, cafe owner was sentenced to serve one year in the Iron County Jail Monday for the shooting death of a young Navajo Indian last fall. Richard Dean, 30, was sentenced by Fifth District Judge C. Nelson Day. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting of Lee Nez. 20, Tuba City, Ariz. Dean had been charged with first degree murder in the slaying of Nez, who was killed outside Dean's Cafe in Beryl with a shot from a 30 - 30 rifle. The „—,, K —., _~, shooting took place last Septem- JSSi^St "Bsrnn my drug counter. ton. He -said "when Nixon was in , the Senate, we voted together 85 to 90 per cent of the time." He said neither Nixon nor Maine Sen. Margaret Chase Smith could be termed "me too" candidates. All are on Oregon's May 15 Republican presidential primary ballot. Goldwater termed the Oregon primary "very, very important," but later said a Lodge victory in Oregon would not be significant. Lodge is a "banker's hours campaigner" and cannot win the GOP nomination, Goldwat- : er said. : He explained Lodge could only win 18 delegate votes in. Oregon, and combined with the 14 he got in New Hampshire, it did not compare "with the 93 votes I already have." 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