The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 1, 1935
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Served by the Uniied Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 2-15 wrnmBMSSSMK NEWS Blythevillo Dilly Newi Blythevllle Ocurler valley Leader BlythevlUo ner»ld HOME EDITION BUTHRVIUJ.;, AUKANSAS, H IRE Einstein Makes It Clear Present and Future Provision for Jobless and Aged [''aces Congress )iy uoixviiv DiJToiifiit WASHINGTON. — Congress, with tiie advice of the president, must provide for 23,000,000 persons wlio are e.vneetecl (o be on relief rolls before the winter is ovir. ' It will also make the first slab lit a social security system similar in part, lo those long exlsientjn the nations of Europe. These two y-ast programs should not be. confused with each other. Unemployment insurance is not unemployment relief, as it doesn't apply to those now unemployed. Old age pension legislation to be en ncled. however, may tend to reduce the unemployment relief burden. Federal,-.slate, and local ruilc-f are now costing nround $175,000,000 a month. More than $3,250,000,000 •was 'spent for relict—including charity—.sines' 'May', 1933, aiitl almost the entire load is now being carried by the Treasury. Relief is by far the biggest, factor in direct New Deal expenses, in I dcflclU and unbalanced budgets. Although unemployment has been reduced, the relief army has grown as the last, resources pi the unemployed have been exhausted. Existing relief standards are inadequate to prevent siiftcring. WORK.KES.1EI-- IS AIM Congress will be asked to finance a program which will take as many people as possible off cash relief and put them at productive or other socially valuable work. Months uso, Hoosevclt came io agree with FERA Administrator Harry Hopkins that the cash dolt- was bad for the- unemployed and bad for the country. "Work relief" has been the subject of numerous New Deal conferences and Is tile administration's latest answer to the problem of the 10,000,000 unemployed. Big Business, assembled at White Sulphur ••springs, has demanded Ihe cash.dole and as little or that ai poislble.V'riK! dole Is a bit cheaper than nvoVk''VuA-i. . • •'-.-'_:.. Tile administration will have no trouble persuading Congress to go the limit of any program for relief that It presents, its difficulties \vlll come when liberal groups in congress insist on goin^ farther in expenditures, especially with regard to :i public wort-si program. : •' INDUSTRY TO OF.T CHANCE Although- the' National Association of Manufacturers and Ihe u. S. Chamber of Commerce ask further study of unemployment insurance and old age insurance before unyihing is done about, them th= Roosevelt security program will also encounter a demand for more exp?nsive measure,! than the administration' Is now willin* to espouse. It is fairly certain thai, re^ard- less of what Congress does, the b»ii- of relief families will have to no through the whiter on cash relief Other plans look forward (o the future and it appears that- industry will be given opportunity to reduce unemployment between now and .spring before government actually puts men to work on any. large iv>v- unemployment projects.' ' Congress will listen attentively to Hopkins when h? is called l-c- fore committees to give his recommendations. A 1035 budget of 52,500.000000 would enable Hopkins to placr' '$ LEUEfl SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Bclgrano Calls Roosevelt ... Stal'cnieni an Ai'gunH'iH lot liniiiciJialo An ntltsmoii-compalllng figure was Prof. Albert Einstein at the con. Cl '°"°?..° r LhC A . merici "'>'Association for the Advancement of Science scientist announced in PittsbiiiRh, where, as .shown here, ih? f arac( i bis new and simplified proof tlmt . mass and energy are equivalent. -_. . -•"-• OJ •*» I, LijlLl V Me neatly earned one question on science with the remark "A prediction is like shooting in the dark in a land where there arc few birds." G (FICE FOfi Senators Plan Investigation o{ Unnecessary Expenditures WASHINGTON, Jun. 1 (TjP)-- An inquiry into alleged waste in inlstrative expenditures by the ration is contemplated by Ihe sen- WASlIlNCiTON, Jun. ,Y'(Ul>> — Nntionnl. Commiincifr Pra'pk llrl- 2K,no,cl tin- American lJ;-|fon lo- day nifide a nra- liai .laiiiiind Im Immalliuc iwymom of )|u< .soltllpis tomis in reply in l>K.s| ( |<'i)t Kau>r- vclt. TH? jwttidcnt yr'sii'rdiiy r;vfai- ed his continued opposition to such Hclgiano replied sharply to Prefldent Roosevelt's position', outlined in a letter to n Texas I'riglnii post commiuidei. He declared' Mr Rooioveit'.s nriiiimeiii iigalnsl i\iy- (mcnt was In reality '-one of 'ilie slroiiBi'st ai-BiiinsiHs tit-'tnmi-'at immediate payment, of tho inlJiiM- ed service cmiflratr.s i i, tt vi' vi-t road." •• . .' Auswem Prrafdcnt The Belgruno stiUemenl c-muhn- swcd the'sharply drawn lines for tlic coming conflict in emigres-, over nayment. He indicated ih'nt veterans arc holding Prm In their demand for immediate paymcni, is nf Mr, Bdgrnno took np each nrgiiment !nn SC "nf hi l " e ? resl<lcnt in <ll! - ment of Hie chief excculiv'e inere- y revealed additional reaso,,,, fov immediate payment. Where (he president declared that bonus payments would not rTn - " ! . c . rei ' se •Purehnsing po V .-er tut could be used ] l ,,. ge , v • ;! = iebt payment riei 9rall o found this yinrnt. that Affdl Inmates Perish as Fire Sweeps Home OAPFNEV. H. a, Jun. ) (UP)_ l-ive inn.sons wore biii-ntil lo di'iiih when lire dcsii-o.vrd i)j ( . (j)n>m!<c(> niunty liomi: lii-vo tod.-iv All of !));• ,|,.«(| nm , '„,,„! ln . mntps of tlii> hemp. ; iltrfii of (In; inninlfi were :«> lo (In- city hospital afiei 1 * nrc. They v.-ere not bm-nod u.t sullt-ivd i com i>)C]:osiir« iinil t-aiHionui-y inraMire. isl Nighl's Celfibmlion Like Those of Pre-Depression Times V.WP eldi'i-lj iin-n. AH 01 111..- lre,|!;, s wm> •Sun,- ol uium uv,.,. i>iirni:cl. NR WVOKK, j,,,i. '1'lR' mim successful j , W} K,, U , Y was mnrkul in blncl: Ink on ' l»«<*s of M W ,l ,|,,, JV . hot[ ,, s " niiiranls ami tl,,.,u,.rs io.l,n. All i'slliiinl,vl 5,OOll.(Jfla.iiion' '<-'i »»(» chl!tlr,.n joined in u Raw Wind Revelers iVlornintr Ci'eels Holiday Karly T li i s oM 1 "^ 00 ' J ""' ' 'U^-niUn,,' despite thil. objections ii2 aismi. c .s°d the » Mickey Cochrane Arranges %"%£™" Ih^SS Lin n o.. n l -I Oi 1 _ * f I'jfrli +!-»„ .I™! ,_- ,. C1 V LI lc M {l -y funeral ai Si. Louis for J. A. Hutcheon . With Mrs. J. A. Hutcheon of Long lo - - - , .w>... i>i_n; (u IJt held nt St. Louis for her husband. sarnAfflTSr-i . -XxZHZst > n^ u fm tho ,:o,,cics of^or! % $ I^nTsi.r ^- ^ "ii',"" Ci ,l lip , <l ni «=<• . llo spUal. collaps- his wife. feel wl p ne?on work relief every head of a family and single jrerson now on the rolls. It would cover the various cyistent work relief and rehabilitation nro- JCCls. ' THEY'D SPEND IHLUONS Hopkins and Secretary ickcs, between theiii. have recommended ..... I -•— -w. i tWHIULUiJUiJU billions for grade crossings, construction, expanded subsistence nomostwids, rural ' clcctrlncation "OCHI control, slum clearance and fhin 8 " 1 ?°" sln S- road building, and things like |.haU t/wnnnn^JS 1 ** 08 - for lnsi! >»«. that $1,600,000,000 could be spent on group. Hopkins would iifc c i 0 ^ large development O t tl-c pla which the unemployed are n work producing good, for nnolher—both the workers their goods existing outside competitive economic system He may also propose,' as an e(, on . » O na «nd „ ^ -.orntion chairman L?o 1 ' int.,,|,a,-ino ! XT i, . , a ""J^ k"i»n LIHU "i tlie American League, made arrangements yesterday in SI Unite for Ihe funeral of Hulcheon. hu personal friend. Hutcheon, advance ngfnt, r 0r oi- the United Pi-;t ,....,, orgnnization created by the last mngress vvns "siiending too much money on unnccewiiry operations." From Crow-ley Ihe senate com- th» next' few days i certain that recommendation lJ? cce P tecl an " adopted. The foundation of 'good busi- '" vvUi 1 rod r« i nln i '• ( nto every el,,nnel of mitlEe oblaiiiMl mis slntcment of administrative activities: Number of persons employed in Washington: 259; number employed elsewhere: 608; total monthly salaries paid all employ:; ns of November 15, 1934: $167180- total daily expanses of maintaining the .organization: 58000 "Mr. Crmvlcy has a stalislical : .lvision and a publiciu- division ni which there m.- from 50 Ip iO persons cmptoyr-d." Fletcher ;fl!d. "Neither of those department.-; is required. corporation rents three , r - sen and Johnson, stanc comedians floors in Hie Natimml In Press bulld- rc is a gunrrt on each my opinion that comes fioor. under the hc'artrmj'of' necdWs px- pcnse. If employjs lock their of• ic«. at night there Is no necessity for employing guards." Ciarenee H, Wilson Now Heads Insurance Agency when • --•'«<im<. Joe Grif- llth. manager for (he vaudeville ^ m ,' ( V ,'f C<1 Mrs ' Hulcn =o" at the io»pltal here for B short time ves- terday before proceeding on to Por- tagevllle and. St. Louis. H. HighfiU EstabJUhes Offices at Glencoe Hotel The offices of H. Highfill have been moved to the Glencoe building followin " sl.royed In's . Ihe Hrc whicli de. firm's home Sunday Mr. Highfill has not yet made i plans as lo where he will rc- | establish his business but expects to complete arrangements within fen days. Clarence Mi ES ,sslppi H.WiUon, sheriff county. h as of . rcase the First National Insurance Agency and now heads the firm Harvey Morris, who has been associated with the company /or almost two years, is secretary of the and will con- new organization llniie ns manager. The company 01 insurance except life In™™nee >\ number of local citizens owned stock, which Mr. Wilson has purchased. organized [! le ' ccl » in \-i,,.\~ ; ijeen Home of Unique Cleaning Service Is. Redecorated One of the newest improvement? in the business section is th" re- ciecoralion of the buHdin? occupied " nl 1 uc Cleaning Service West Main street. - Berlin, owner of the plant. said the work was started about I' w;ek ago and was bfhig com- lodny. The biiildli has Assistant Cashier of Bank of Marked Tree Mn' E r A n m Ark - Miss Gertrnde Marshal, of Lc-panto, «-„« elected „• »"••"• !""(""<••, as an econ-1, sljtnnt cashier of the Bank of omy move, establishment of govJ Mnrke <I ^e ami assumed her dil ^^ *?«?««»« 'n every c'om- |J» thc« loday. Sh e l^he daugh' xuggc.stlotis evoka of green on interior has n n "Shier shade. The fixtures have Ihe exterior and the been finished In „,-„ . , - " v M--H.HII-;, iiun- u.iiuit ui a iiomecominB nr^iu te"^",.^ 1 ^^.. 1 ? h "™°"- M ? '"' ««•«* forTolcrn^^ and ceiling. Sues for Salary •J. II. Hoy has filed suit In clr llere °8«inst the. Mld- lo n o he u point in favor of *«h the declaration u^^ '^J •*M an asset of the veterans ihem- «lves. nol. their fnmtltes Confiilcnl O f Adoptinn ., . Thc A'nt'-ican Legion,- lie said, win present Its clear-cut •- • h m» mending r of or convention recom- immediate cash payment mcilt<?s witl1 con^lltt- Interest accrued and iv- interest paid, to Busy.Arm oi' Liw 'Ami Order Takes Oath On the Run A "busy" officer simply can't waste any lime over n matter of little consequence as being .->worn to uphold and enforce the law for another term. Arch Lindscy. deputy sheriff, raised his righl hand as lie approached Oscar Alexander, magistrate, cntsring the court house .his morning. Alexander promptly started the ceremony of admin- .slerlng the oath of office to Lhut- sey and by the lime the officer had walked past he was officially equipped to enforce Ihe law for another term. Lindscy always Ins the appearance, at leasl, ol being very busy. Incoming county officers nnd "holdovers" wlio are slnrting sec ond and third terms this morning. Magistrate were sworn Alex ander administered the oath to most of the new officers. Miss Carey vVoodburn, new county clerk, was about the only new face noticed around the' court house here. Adriison Smith took this n ,i t -,noon cath as chief deputy circuit clerk where interment here but Addison has served In The L. " the court house before deputy county clerk. Greene, new treasurer, held .some- Ihinj of an "open house" in his office, his appearance being In the nature of a homecoming. Greene eral years ago. lo- -tolScflodTid 0 ™ ii (l ii. mlem seaboard, •nolijlny revjlers makliuj thclr cca 7 C " l llaw " ll "™ 1 ' "P ««t ^"uSCU/^n^ i rium u] p (Jiili- t i *- <l '" \vi!i ^ vin- in irosty New IlL^V'' Mlnn " W " lt "' k »"- II,,,,, ,,„'. C | t y world, Cover charge, $25. nvornghig Vonnie- Lacewell Bound ..Over to Grand Jury Under $500 Bond I ? i"l 11)35 li.iliy CHICAGO. Jan, ! tUP)-Mr. and Mrs. Elbert, -Mi'lcliell laid' claim or an 8-pound son today lo the ' iring. ,7'i.J?" 1 ^ a "W- Neal tovviishlu Pi-oS Was ,' hp • IUT(!S "ng offlcor 'i-uiiiinaiy hear n? for \vi\t j?n>. "egro, alleged to havi «Ki Mi W w d 7 ° f - GUar(1 JBWlrr K 221 West Main slrcet <«.„„! ..';,„ , ,. v u ' " >' cxain "'a<'on of vnl- ley Waters, negress. char^ert «• h er in the slayi,^ of he r lus ,r oc ° ' , ior3 been MI f0r Wednesday ' T IHcgnl liquor. linued. Hearing f 0 , es a pica of g,,m y to „ . -- - crargs i of IntoMcaling X. Oenlry on n charje "ie peace was con- ir Hubert Klzor on a Ruptured Appendix Fatal to Confer Boy ciccily '"tmltiK'n in n u . tl.c-n.Hcal ,l ,ct; Imnul 1UH,. , M , V011(I r(lu , " "tors to mtsnd U , liml oilculut «l the niimlwi- of iinoslcalPil ,, fr '•"iw us itiD'siimllm iti yours. Hie a;<K( . new year. AlllcriCilll Brie Half of j JH1 _ , /U( ,,_ n, ,,,! person ' K l" $l .r«o. M o.|,ore', .Now Year's eve. vvln- i ran more . . —. "fiif, \iiii WASHINGTON, A IliHV vailed. High covormnnu S'-cvsinen here | ul . new session TJmrsr others Joined bmtlon ihni jmrsday, clerks and In n lillnrlons cele- Insled until diuvn. -i,™ wlntc ';, ! P™3' n mantle mow over the city. L<! - iai "id liquor flowed in nbundnnr Now. Entering '(fried of Middle Aye Says Economisl ' _ WASHINGTON. Jan. 1 <UJ>|_ I'h'.'.Unlipd Klfiti-.s muy soon MI- oy .i roi. lm w prosperity but •t will he the prosperity of middln 'Sc. Mr. O. 13. Bnta', senior ™- ncmlsl of (in; department of ucrl- :nJtiirc. snid (oday. •'America has bwn a ynuihful ml on," nr. Maker wild. ".Si.v- li'iily now II )ms become mlddii nncd und Ihe prospect Is that old i'io will crteji upon It preimiUiR'- ly—only 25 lo fin years hrnt-c. "During (he next quarter century ••".-.-. I 1 ' a llltl0 lrm ?«' there should hi- 1 (UP)— Lhc .strengl), and prosperity of mid- He age Mil ihen, unless tnc blrL ,, •i-.te rises or (here (s heavy Immigration from abroad.' n decline 'n population wJJl set in." The birth rale Is lower in cities than in rural districts, o r u a i; Cr sold. An urban deficit nnd rural surplus of children existed In every state tn loso except m Utah welire n surplus existed nvsn In '« in- the high as nil 510. ushered in by "' al>Umkm !''••:officials, i-on- of first baby i;anor of "bring loss's The child Was born exncllv on •.IIP stroke of midnlghl. Tnins Horn In DilTrrent Yoar.i INDIANATOLHJ. Hid., Jan. i '(U PI—Mr. nnd Mrs, Harry Boles have win sons loday, cue born In I.TO and the oilier In 1035. The first child arrived at, 11:50 o clock last night urirt- the other it 12:17 A. M., today. » a n d . M "- John Dyers, of , j- ™ at «"e Blytheville hospltn last night a shnrt tlni« after h« hurt admitted In t'rtUn™ ion with a raptured apppndl.v. He had been ill [0r about a week Germany Wants Tranquil- ily He Tells Diplomats at Receplion Today BERLIN, .ran. 1 (OP)—peace Is Ihe will of (he whole German nation. Adolf Hitler said lodav at 'he minus! New Year's day diplomatic reception In Hindonburg Palace. The German lender, replying to the remarks of ti, c nuncio one of dozc-ns of diplomats who altended inc reception, raid: "Wo agree to your call for peace No country can feel dcepav the dc.sli'c for peace than Osrmany K-lirch after hard years fun O f dlsnsier united all her powers for hsr Internal reconstruclion. "Germany wants to carry out Mils rcconstrurllon work in tran- quillly nnd demands only from ether countries the same recognf- liei- rights 1 serv!ces afternoon at to be held Upper Cooler will be made. chief company SVS^TCS Roland «rrnngcments. Tlic doce/iscd b survived by, three brothers. Bags Deer on Floodway tlon (hat and respect for she offers them. c ""unity; Hoi!) „ „.,., nowls from buslnass Iniercslj. Some long range public work* Program seems fnirly ccrW,, j, Hint connection, rcmombsr ihal on" iae im, i <•. . "«'«"»!• me. Mia- Hl hp ^UTi st T" P " cor P° r ««on and j HAMILTON O of t nnv M "" C011vstruc(l011 ««"'- A New Year's c« ,,. pin}, allramcr sa nrv rinn ,-n M» ...i _.„. . . Celebrant Pulls Third ,. Gun to Slay Officer ;- Ark.-/, C . Vance, of bagged a 200-pound five- pomt dca- over on the flood I" of Mrs. Mahal Marshall, recorder of I.spanto. tl'fny. allrginc; salarv sum of S1.20S, due in the Roy was employed in levee con- <J,ioc T\ n • olles L/OCtor • struction work for I" this county. (he rleleiidsnt Resources Board, which has „«,„,. mended a jKrimnont nsliona ,™ nl . Mug board to develop uatlon-v resources-material and hum",/ fo . bcntflt " f - 1 -- ""man—foi °f the Natroinil^hun Hnrpw - rcsidellt ot ««e ,.._. . iiuiui Leachvllle communlly .has "nrrlson, Smith and Taylor are "'torncys for Roy. , --- — progrita, to acre? of - ,„,, , -- -- "iu .nus fjlfd ?im for Sa.GOO agaiast Dr. M D ^s-ij'ficld of Ij-achi-lllc In circuit court hero, alleging that the phf sicinn improperly set and bound ft wrist, which had h*™ of use of fer _ .>wm*F<s 3 *f.j. WKft Divorce Is Granted Jan. 1 (UP)-' e celebrant from I whom police took two revolvers suddenly drew n third from his jlllvrt anolhbr, a patrol pocket early today, shot and one policeman, wounded and was himself slain In wagon. Ransack Service Station -rHl-~a^?^£« hand. Kichard Nelll Reed access lo Ihe stallon room by forcing__a rear window. • afid furniture were ran- ftpparenlly nothing was re was no money in the room, Becomes Grandmother and Mother in a Day . LEPANTO, Ark.—Tile Stork had a busy dr.y nt the Shnnkle home oh (he Cook-Gray plantation, two miles of Lcp,tnlo. Saturday, Mrs. J. E. Shanklc not only became a mother but a grandmother also within a few hours. While sho gave birth lo a 10-pound bpy In one room, her son's wife, Mrs. On- Sliankle, pre.wnted her svilh an cight- poiij'id granddaughter in nn adjoining room. Dr. J. K. Jones attended the mothcr-ln-laiv, whllts Dr. J. H. Jones, hts father, attended the daughter-in-law. T Plan Increased Payments to Corp-Hog Producers WASHINGTON. Jan. i. ( rjp)- Plans to increase benefit payments to corn-hog raisers bv npproxlinitc- ly S100.OGO.000 In 1035Vrc^an- nounced today by the AAA Participants m th c Bovernmenfs control program were paid S1S1 841 000 In 1934 an d will receive „'„ ejlimalcd 5249.800,000 this year Checks disirlbuted this rear will represent second installments on the 1934 contracts and n cy piymcnt--- to paiticipants in the 1935 program H-h!c!i reeks to limit CT-M end hog production to 90 per cent nf average. Sun Shines (or Grid Classic on West Coast PASADENA, CnTTjnn. i, (ui>)_ Sunny blue skies and mild (cm iwi-imnvs-lii vivid cQiilra,st to cioiitlbiirsts nnd <|e.«r t icllve floods a S'par aso-cume to Koullicrn coll- fornin today « s 8rmt throngs (,ath- «e<l (o «• tnp,is th,- Tom-nnmc-nt of Rows fliirl rtlntanm-aianforil fool- ball classic. Approxlmmely 05,000 persons \vci-n 'xpi'i'tcd to vvllnp.s.s the (, fl)) ,p A ] it l •lama \vns fnvoreil with cxlds of io '0 n. Suit Lake City. Bii! Plans Extension of Home Loan Benefits WASHINGTON, Jan. 1. (UP)A bill designed | 0 broaden the scop? of Hip homo owners loan act was prepared today for present a lion to congress % representative DOT W Hnrter (Dsni,. o.) : Tbp i7/-if /-« / • "" "T iv O '""—V 1 "•^\." ui 1 * IfOLC (o Is^iie $l,500.0i)0,OUO additional in bonds and would appropriate $150,000,000 more In cash for use of thu cprppratloi TUs amended ncl, Harter said would cnflbje "eligible home owners who have applications on file with i, D < 'I 1 ? 1 ' 0 n "d those who arc In distress.? upon their, mortgages am' flre .eligible, but linvo .not as Vet made application,' to obtain relief. 1 Fish sl'o'ry' ' WRENTJiAM, Mass'. (UP)-Ed- SEE! LEU D, I. E fl Garland County Me'mbos Have Measure Ready for Legislature HOT SPRINGS, Alk. Jan 1 (U P>— HmJaml enmity's llirec members of the leglslntiiic Join-d today to pii^h 11 mclng legalisation .111 -ilnmigh the i9Ti general ai- .embly, ^ They announced they had cllctt'- -•cl suppoil foi a! bill, copies of which Imvc been senl jvci-y ni'inbcr of both the Houso and the r.cnnte. The limr aic ncnrescnlntlyei James R Campl ell und EnAsi W. Maim ,ind ientitoi WalUI Wheat ley Thch bill provide;, for appointment of tliife commissioners b/ the- eou'inoi to <mpciv!sc racing ami iHiilmiiliiel belting In Aikan- .sns. Find Fhtnnble Sentiment •• ' Kindly sentiment" has been discovered foi the lacing bill In contacts with othei legislates, Socre- (ary Douglais Hotchklss of th- Bus- > 'The bill will oe Introduced In W, the house nnd senate, the On'tanl county, legislators s'rild. ' "The measme \ vc propose" HotcliMss M !d • »oulrt be a reason. ta\ nnd would provide considerable. revenue foi (he state "The bill leaves the niRltsr of wmt fund the stale proceeds vvtmk! be applied to open it Is mtriel-d after l(\\\s in Michigan, Texas, Floi- liln, Illinois, and Mc\, York's more recent leglslallon " Harve Thorn piosp=ctive speakel' ol the of lepicseiitallv^, has not commWisd liimself on l!i= racing question other than to <™ that ho does not think lacliif ou»ht to be permitted unless leaali?»d bv tn» legislature ' Want Legal Prelection Willie the decision of the l«els- remains uncertain , Hot (jolng alwad nllh prepa- lalure SuriiiB^ ^ 6 ;- o—s .i.icnu ^'UL preua- tt^.'S.'VA* 80 "- .»•%»«» A. Dart, hooked two fish— O j Inside the other. A member of the Wrcntiinni S|»rtsmen's Association. Dart caught j a 1-2-pound lilckcrel ami inside was nn Inch trout. Veteran Newsman Passes CAMBRIDGE, o. (OP) — Frank Dolllsoiv 02, vcteron newspaper fln here, u dead. Dolilson hail been on the staff of the Daily Jef- fersonlon 42 years nnd for 20 rears had been city editor. France Lauds ! Spy Heroine Bis: Goolicr Production NORFOLK, Va. (UP)-Peanul' produclion In the United Wales I for 1934 was 1,033,035,000 pounds -the on record except tor 1931-lt was reported here. The 11931 crop totaled 1.553,840,000 pounds. j Has 23rd Child BROCKTON, Mass, (UP)-ifrs. Frank Sanlaro, who three months ago became a grandmother at 40 |recently gave birth to her 23rd idilld. Only 12 of the 23 are living. She- was married at the age of 14. •'• carious, - ,.?,/• *- eilt aVrangement 1/pre- nnd the promot- , p ers would like something moU manenl modern No ons Wed to halt ;h- st E pVln R and the most pari-mutt.el machln-n, ' -.e macn-n, clicked out n land-office business a' We uoltmj windows i Springs business men most is tire way other state cltlac hold tolerance of tha lesorfs hone rac'ns as a curb on Hot Springs' asplra! ons. Afore than once lepresentg- tlves or other cities have "cracked KniicKIes' (vllh the Hot Springs leaders nith a threat (o demand enforcement of the anti-betting law. if a rlml bid for a meeting or convention -ivere not withdrawn ' Flee After Attempt -' W to Sell Rented Auto .STEELE Mo-Two women and a man, believed to have come here from St Louis, made their escape Sunday night after botnj questioned" concerning an automobile they w°re Irying to sell A woman who gave h=r name 05 Mrs. Flora Quick of tile Jewish hospital, st, Louis, was Irving to sell the-car, n 1934 beSoto sedan to the Steele Auto Sales Co for $100 While Officer E B Wright was making an investigation she fled in :he company of a local man/ When ^ the officer returns ins othei two members of the st Louis party, a man and a woman, had also disappeared. The car, It developed, had been rented from a concern in St. Louis'- by a woman, believed to be a former resident of sicole, v,ro gave an assumed name The owner of :h2 car arrived fiom St Loi'ls >es- lerrlay to claim It The original - Icense plates had been removed and «erc found at Ihe home of a steete man. Belated honora are bolus show- .*rcd by Prance on its foremost woman E!>y of tl-.t- World War— Martha litcher ComiilPr. "I'own here addressing an American Region meeting in P.iri.v. Sacrificing herself as the mistress of a German spy chief, she won his secrcls and foiled many too. plans, receiving tho Legion of Honor 15 years otter (he war. Will Reorganize Steele , V. F. VV. Post Friday STEELE, Mo—All war veterans vho saw service overseas .have b°en nvited lo attsnd a inejtmg Friday nljht, Janimry 4, at th» stssla nr- norj- for the reorganization of tha Stsele post/ Veterans of Foreign Wars. B. A. Cox of Dexter, a rep- -tEentatlve of the national organl- ?atlon, will be present. New officers will bi Installed. A slum suo- Mr will bs wned after the meeting. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Fair, colder except in •extreme iioirthwest. Wednesday fair and warmer. Memphis aui Viclnltj—Fah and slightly colder loday. Fair tomorrow. The maximum temperature hers ye.iterday, was 52, minimum 45, cloudy with.',$9 of an Inch rainfall, according to Samuel p. Norrls, official ^veather observer,'

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