The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1933
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D«lly rue per line rot. conseen- tire Iwertlona: (Five *ver«e word* to a line) One time per line 10e n-o times per Une per <l»y 08c Thtf* time* per line per day 0«o BU t|mM per Use per d»y ., He Month r»te per Une *>» cb«rge Me FRONT BEDROOM ' with ''eat; gentlemen preferred. . 1037 W. •iVnlnut, Mrs. o. S. Barnes. 6c kU HJRNISHED Apartment, with baljl. 114 West Asli. Mrs. Dosha Mi •Jlc k It, Tl\ Play Again, 1 Says Helen FURNISHED liecivoom, preferably lor man, Uimacc heat. 514 Main I'lione 38. 5c A'rrnACTIVE bedroom near business district. Phono G27-W, Mrs McMullln. -Ickll TOR KENT ,— a room, rm-nlshed house, 508 N. Fifth SI. D-I AOJS ordered for three or «U limei and itopped betore e*plr»- Uon will be ch»rged lor "» number ol times the ad appeared and .djustment ol Wll made. All Clucified Advertising copy niimltted-by persons residing out- ol the citj must be accom- linled by can. RAlw m»y bo AlTn ACTIVE bedroom for men close in. Mrs M. T. Moon. Cnl 6-W. ' 23c k9-2 Furnished apartment with bath. 11 West Ash. Mrs. Doslia Mltk. 31ck . computed Irom above table No responsibility will be taken to more tSn oao Incorrect ln- .gitlon ol any clisalfled ad. Advertising ordered lor Inegu- l»r insertions take the one time Modern 3 room furnished or un furnished apartments, newly dec oraUdi .over Klrby Drue Co. Als store building adjoining Roxy Th aler. F. Simon, 120 W. Davis. CiU b4. 35c,' rate. STORE BUILDING and resldcn combined willi complete lixtur or meat and groceries, 640 S. UIK Phone 306 or 307 BUSINESS DIRECTORY EXPERT «-« 'MVchiie'Keparini: U.S. Blankenship, 116 E. R««. c » u "' A 1C Only authorized "lildalre and Delco light service: B. A. Miller 67—residence 41» llpkO-1 office phone Registered Spencer CorMtlet* Mrs. ,. ,. Davis. Phone « Sec Dr. J. A. Salibn. IGck T\VO Nicely I'urnlshcd Bedrooi Mrs. Kd Havdin, 1017 Walnut 21C k9 Attractive bedrooms for younf m 518 W. Main. Call 309. 16ek9 Mechanic's garage and build suitable for grain, coal or bee storage. Frisco tiding. Sternbt Cotton Co. Call 24. 18c- L. G. Mo« Blythevllk's cut rate undertaker CLEAN BBS. TAILORS kave jour snrfe. jacket and other Fall clothe, made new *y our •KCial clcanins process. Unique Cleanlr* Smice Call 171. Hek3-VT ONE or two rooms o North Railroad slrec suitable for cotton offict Will, Ux to suit tenant on lease. Apply. Courier News, Driver Scores Ford in Addrcn at Helena HELENA, Ark.— "The Henry Fords of the country are remarkably few, and the Amei-luin yso- l>le are In no humor 13 |>ormll any business or business man to remain long ntoof from the National Recovery program," Congressman W. J. Driver ol Osccola said nl an NHA rally here lust iiljtV.l." "In .my opinion," he s.ild, "Fore i'.utomobllcs will IK us scarce 01 the highways of this nnllon for next few years as. Rolls-noyecs lire nt the present lime." exant Earning' Living by Salvaging Sunken Logs HKAUMONT, Texas. (Ol 1 )—TWO oaumpnl men have t'firnt'rt »Ji av- ' of M n day (recently by sal- "We iivc away from th OKI competitive feature of business and we are entering upon the co operative period, leaving bclitn j the shortcomings of the old am building anew upon the virtues tha 1 believe will be found in the oth cr." he said. "Tre National Reco\ ery Acl is tlic loiindutlon stoi ] upon whleh tlw morale of our clt zenshlp will be rebuilt pending tl working oul of the more important features of the national program. Its whole purpose Is to provide employment, and of move Interest to Clerk Refined Marriage License Sale oa Time upward of VOO sunken tlm- is (ruin tlie muck at the bottom I tin- Ncchcs lilver near licre. Slim Miir'lln nncl Collins La Blue fllcvc tl'ere are fully *00 more ^s to be salvaged. Some of the o^ lluis recovered date back to le earliest days of the lumber In- liiilrj- In Ilia sablnc district. Marlin estimates thai some must K Gft years old. All are kept In vrlei-i state of piescrvnlion by the \\alor. li activities arc looked upon *'i!h approval by tlio tiovri'iiment, fur (he logs coiiilllulc a danger tj niivlgatlon. Occasionally a lot! is pulled up showing a scar by a ship's propeller. BO18B, Idaho (UP) T Otto 1'eter- >n, deputy county "recorder, O)*Tales the- county license bureau on strlaly cash basla. Joseph Bland, seeking a license, entered (ho ofnee and said, "I suppose joti'll accept a dollar down. •\nd I Imve planned to-get married > long Hint we nate tb postixine now." , "No nioiuy, no license," replied IVIerson.. "Wtien do you expect, to net 11151 o'hor dollur? "I'll pay you on my next u"ay d.iy," Hlnml promised. "Thai. t« Hit 1 flrsl week after I ilnd 'a Job," fioulli Carolina l.i known a.s Hie That's nil I have, but my girl rileml 1 JMlmctto slate. OUR BOARDING HOUSE SEATTLE :(UP>ichirIpi Wakei; I field Ciduiarl, American .;compM«r,' will write a ipcclftl'/song- lor' yir-V fclnla .Lc' Roe, Seattle .sopran0,; : | whose.voice 'range Includes four { f.liwcs. Mist ,L« .Rae hlls 'the'.] Mchesl E'on the.keyboard, cgii man hopes to.have the.:song fin-. Ished-before the singer begins her I vlntcr concert, tour. , ••-• . •'-•'..-I ' ' ' "' V-'!''.-'| Roao courier Bewj Want Aid*. ;| By Ahern lli'fr Leaped vrr Treclplct HOOD HlVEH. Ore. tUP>—Pur- Mioil Ijy u cougar, n 170-pqund lift".' Icaiu'd. to ite de»lh over • u Ihc Soutli, to provide, much needed bin fiiver near Mitchell Point tun- relief for agriculture." hid on the Columbia highway. YOU AND ^fWt V^ TRUIT KRt TH& -VWO AAyOST USELESS ORNAMENTS 1U TH\S HOUSE ," (^ I"VE ^^DE: UP rWY M\ND ^HAT VOURE GOING TO GtT WORK. OP SOME KIKYD, \F I \\t*/B TO BUX A GRIN-DSTON ANO SEND SOU OUT SHKRPEHIN6 KNIVES, J—-THERE ISNT ONE ^IHONA I KNOW OF, INTUE WHOLE .E TRIBE, WMO IS <SO : OR ANYTWIN6 INDEED? UrViT : -<.pUV-T:.T- EGA'D,r*/XDAM—^"ArtTM A BiT OF MONEY l-WWi/E LEFT, I AM BUYING, ^ ? r T3LJ^INE6S ENTERPRfet S FOR IAYSELF "i A HOOFLfc ;)) tS CHATTLE TONO.rV\6N?;fii WAW ,rWH AT SAV VT'' ' TO THIS?-I ArA. GOINO INTO TUB WANTED 10 «JU * CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY and EEBUILD ^ We are sure yo'u"iiinrta: our service. NU-WA CLEANERS. Phone 180. 12CKJ HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires, inner tubes, iron, metals, magazines, hides, cars to wreck. Woll Arian. 128 E. Main. Phone 116. 8-ck-9-8 SPORTING GOODS WANTED "I'm not througb with competitive tennis: I'm going to rest six montlis. regain my strength aed then play again." declared Hr«. Helen Wills Moody, ehown here upon her re-turn to nor home In Sun Kronclsco nflor defaulting to Helen Jocolis. Mrs. Moody, wearing » brace on her back, said it she had continued In tha match U might have resulted in pr>rm?.a«nt Injury. KLAMATK FALLS. Ore. <UP>- rired of life, C. E. Slout. disabled war. veteran, crushed two light globes, mixed them with cake and milk, and ate the concoction. He will recover. ,«ui» «»» our <Wf Ball Sate —You will tie surprised at me — otter. Hnbbard Hdw. Co. lOck 0-10 RADIO SERVICE RADIO SERVICING Shop in BiytUevme iimV — PHONfc 1 I'O PASTURE mules until Christmas. Plenty lo ual, running wa- .ti, across levee from old Rosa on Banks Island. HAGS, clean and free from buttons. Call 306, Courier News. 4x l-DHUKV _ PHONIC IMPLEMENTS Carload rf Wagons Get Our Prices First Byraro Produce Co. Across From Tost Oftke 21C kO-2 BATTERIES NEW FORD BAfTER 11 ? 8 Rental-Rccharging-Hepairing 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION f : ' For Prompt Battery Service Phone 8 Btn Chine 31c 1 AUTOMOTIVE LARGEST STOCK USED PAHTS Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Gl=ss,— Phone 68 JACKSON AUTO FARTS CO. 2c klO-V RUSSELL ANDERSON In charge Chrysler Garage . Work Guaranteed on any make car New Van Norman Boring Machine Phone 838. Rtd's Plate—118 E. Main Call 308 for Auto Tainting Body and Fender Service Formerly with Suouse-LKttD Co 26p-k9-26 Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10-ck-D-lO FOR SALE 1 Safe. 1440 Lbs.. S75 (Gary) 1 Safe, 6IW LUs.. $50 (Rcliablcl FOB my store. Perfect Condition. BURKE HARDWARE CO. . 5c kW FOR SALE —Four wheel trailer with bed, suitable for any purpose. Also 12 foot lightweight fishing boat. Call W. L Cratton at 169 or 465. 9ck3-10 REAL ESTATE FARMS and Homes, easy pay ments. Ethel B. Thompson, Ca- ruthersTille, Mo. 8pk9-8 STOP! LOOK AND LISTEN! 40 acres. Pemiscot's finest, all ii tnllivntion, 35 acres in cotton, mil* 1 and half of Cooler, for cash j.1500.00. and yon get tlw rent— ••*, of the-cotton, etc. Net cost vou about $1100.00. 'E M. TERRY, Blylhevillc, Ark. Phots 617 or 316 ac k t WANT LANI>—We have buyers fo 40's, 80's and larger tracts. Cai sell 640 tract. Sec THOMAS LAND COMPANY. 29ckl FOR RENT NICE BEDROOM close in. Mrs. E J. Browns, phone 510. •JCO-lool precipice into the Colimi Ymi'Relieved in My lather "1 want you to believe In me this, the largest ginning business in this section, was handed down to me, built co Us dominant position llmiiish friendly, huncet und helpful dealings Ii shall lie my constant desire to nplioUl those irndltlons and lo fitr r ther cement your confidence in the Steinberg name." POOTS AND HER RUDDIES B\\-\- ,W\M6 HIP«O ABOUT WANTED— To rent piano, Ola Bob Harris, Prone 690. Storage room, must be waterprooi and reasonable. • Mrs. Norris, phone 306 or 214-J. 4x-tt THE END OF THE Til AH,! SALESMEN WANTED WASH TUBBS THIS IS WHERE STOPPING ,-THE 6MTIR6 WINTER MAVBf WE OUGHT TOSTOP AOAVOR r UXJK' THERE'S MOOSE P.UQ ELK AUO CARIBOU TKA.CKS 6W.ORE SALESMEN sell Mutual Life Protection. Agss 1 to 80. No medical examination. A11 nationalities, rates. Charte Chartered Association. Write 425.Cooper Bldg., Denver, Colo. 2c M AMD \ BEAR <Husband to Die Wife to Prison fAFTEROASS C "^ MOSHIMG, WASH EA9V, ftMO GAIL =MTER A KE&ION OF LOW, ROLLtMG WOONTA1K1S, AMD SALESMAN SAM We. COMES W, .. TWROWM ft L\_ POOR. 06 'er\ \ BETTER. <0£P.-N -CWO.T, ou! Moss TH' COTftW Tf.V«L (^ SMOO2.EV OSS1B BREAKS THE NEWS! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I '. &CJ r TA KEEP AM EVE. OJT FG5 COM1M' OUT ro w HOUSE. RIGHT FROM THE. STATiOM AMD I'WANT TO BREAK Tnt MEW5 'tO HIM BEFORE , HE. 605 HERE--WERE HE..FF I *•" 6EE~ I DOKl'T HWDLY VJWOW HOW TD 1EU- H1M-I HATE TO DO V, BUT I HAFTfc? HI, FRECKLES! I COT SOME BAD MEW FOR. VOU 1! E.O TO MOM, ORTAG-HA'iM'T (T, O6SHZ"? 50METHIW6 WORSE. THW THAT!! FOK.VOUI1X ^ \\,\K*-J\\- -f —\ •7^-^ Jy ^i_^>tz l ,.-..•* J 'r^/^^--^ ^^ IL. _—/—^A 1 ^*^ x^-N r^-^3 As.a-result of the slaying ot a deputy sheriff and his prisoner during an attempt lo free the latter, Leo Frailer of Charleston. W. Va., is under sentence to be hanged and his wife, Mrs. Louise Frazlcr, convicted as an accessory, must serve 15 years In prison. They arc slio\v:i above. Two oilier men involved .ill tho case were £iven life sentences. Twenty per cent of the tlmbe cut In all the world Is waited In the sawdust, _

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