The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1948
Page 2
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•A** TWO AnMynchmgBill Approval Is Seen ItmmH Judiciary T» Otury Act Soon WASHINGTON, April 3*. (UP)A . sseoad Senate OommiitM WM ready today to appror* dril rifhts ItfMetion o**r th* objection* «f BouUwm Democrat*. Oo the h«el* ot Rule* Committee •pfjronJ ot an anti-poll tax bill, tb* ftanaU Judiciary Committee wu called into snclan to vote on •n anti-lynching bill. Sen. Homer Ferfuson, : R., Mich., chairman of the subcommittee which approved th* Mil toy » * to 1 vote, *ald he expseted the full committee to okay tt today or tomorrow. Both proposals were Included In President Truman's civil rljhts prt*nm which set oil a Southern revolt In the Democratic Party. Outvoted In commutes* by a coalition of Republicans and Northern Democrat*, the Southerner* were depending on filibuster tactics to block th* measures when they reach ''ie 'Senate floor. Given Priority Senate Republican* have given priority to the antl-lynchlng bill and nave made no decision on whether to try pasting the antl- poll tax bill too. With leeUlation to strengthen the armed sen-Ices dated for action ahead of the antl-lynchln? bill, a filibuster could make the usual session-end log jam almost unmtnssjeablle for Republlcn leader*. Acting Senate Republican Leader Kenneth 8. Wherry of Nebraska told reporters, however, he believed there .was still plenty of time to pass the antl-lynchlng bill. The Ferguson bill would make members of a lynch "mob" or anyone who instigated a lynching • cubject t» maximum penaltta of a 910,000 fine and 30 year* imprisonment. FMeral, atafce or local officers who neglected or wilfully failed .to try to prevent lynchlngs would be subject to maximum pen- allUe* of a «,000 fine and five year*' imprisonment. Person* found guilty of lynching. local govenrmental units and responsible federal, state or local officials would be liable for civil damage* te victims or their Urn- Hie*. M/rnnrriLLj.1 (AUK.) orwwim Private Trade Channels Get ERA Attention WAsWnKjTO!*, APrt ». (TJP)_ O. Hoffman, European „„»err sdmtaMnUor, said today that I private trade chsnneis will be used i to the "greatest, poutble extent- !• i the aid program. Holfman iatued a statement re- plylnc to hundred* of Inqulrle*) from American busjne»*men. Me outlined th« ways by which. u. S. goods will reach hungry foreign market*. HI* statement emphasised that | while Economic Cooperation administration Kill be the watchdog •nd banker of the program, It win not do the buying. Hoffman outlined th* aid cedure this way. First, th* government* of the 1« Western ruropean nillon* will be uked to submit schedule* of their requirements This will Include need* to be financed by EGA funds and those which the countries can pa? for themselves. Second, the schedules will be review carefully by BCA and other Interested government agencies. Revisions made wher* necessary to protect the u. 8. Economy. Third, after the schedules have been approved «nd the necessary export licenses Issued, partlcipat- i Ing countries will be authorized to ( start procurement. They then will be • free, either through their governments or through private firms, to make , their own arrangement* with private American exporters and facturer*. New Dress Blues pro- of Woman DIM in Word wu received today of the death of Charlie O. Johnson, *w, brother of Mr*. /. /. Johnson of Blythevllk, who died at the Veteran* Hcapital at Johnson City, Tenn. after a long Illness, f Mr. Johnson's body will b* brought to Blytheville, but th* funeral arrangement* ar* Incomplete. Other nirvivor* Include two sisters and a brother. TRUCE Cenilniu* From I been asking a deposit of $100 be TrTURSTUY, AMtIL M, 1«4J Irrua Cval Leuml assault yesterday sealed off Jaffa from the Bast by half mil* Wee* of Holon, according to in official British announce .,^,,.1,; «. TJII ^r\ * ">* K> *n oiiicuij British announce- capturing the villages of Khelrya ment. These were the Hrsl RAF ac- of J^rf 1 ' 9Uf " Dd JlV * mUe " ***' UO " 11 ta lh * Pale " in « war. **•••• . I The general situation In Palestine Thl* attack encircled flalsma, an WM one approaching anarchy with Important Arab .•tronghold three] continued Arab reports of an 1m- mlle* Kaat of Jaffa whlrVi nlh»r minent inv»<;inM *™ fh« r»trnl*v .. mile* Cast of Jaffa, which other Jewish forces attacked from the North. The Jewi blew up some house* and set several strongpolnt* afire. Other Haganah force* attacked Jaffa from the South, setting off extremely heavy frilling at the suburb of Tel B Risch, near Holon, which continued up to midnight RAF Join* Battle Five _ the battle minent invasion by the regular ar. mles of the Arab league, A Trans - Jordan government spokesman said by telephone from Amman that regular Arab armies would be in Jerusalem w.thln the next 10 days. The spokesman quoted regent Abdullah as saying that a press conference that the Arab countries now -w»» *»•» KXBitjv ara in complete agreement on send- Brltl.h RAF plane* Joined! ln * thelr fL ™ies to Palestine in tie for Jaffa Just before sun- the ne * r 'Mure. ul..*,*.... jt ..i..- .. ,.. .. , • Mp JtaM that, vi oeen asking a deposit of $100 be- ' n « oaitie ror Jaffa Just before sun- "*' "™ r luiure. fore Issuing visas. The money l« down yesterday, diving six lime* to' He Mld that KlnK Abdullah, rec- returnable when th* visa holder re- j strafe Jewish positions in Holon i og " lze<i M Ule new Arttb military turn* to Palestine. I The attack on Tel el Risen w«ui leader ' will go to Beirut by plane Jewi meanwhile laid down a land- launched after the plane* departed. toda y with the regent. From there Jewi meanwhile laid down a land- Ing atrip on the outsklrt* ol Jerusalem under Arab fir* and scheduled regular flight* to Tel Avlv.j The Jewlih lifeline supply by highway ha* been under heavy Arab pressure. British tanks, plane* and light canixm aided th* Arab defenders I yciterday but there appeared to be no concerted British action to break up the Jewish attack. Haganah forces which Joined the ui launched after the plane* departed. toda y with the regent. r.nnm, firin t> ._ , , ' * e> ,' wlu cross over lnU> n '* " 1 " alK11 ca ul •" *' , ' , alK11 cap ul •" *"'>*• to °°" {er cot " * Syrian Premier Jaml] Msrdani Bey. 7-Oiinet Package MAKES 3 QUARTS^ Buttermilk CLOVERLEAF PRIED StVIMMEP MILK Governor Seeks State Funds to Finance Survey LTTTLB HOOK, April ». (UP) — OCT. Ben Laney said today he would • \ ask UM State Board of Fiscal Control for 13,000 a* the state's part In a Bouthwide lurrey cf educational needs and factlitie*. next ..Tuesday. l.lW&B*** __,.,._ __$*«<* by.the Ca—-^TV-T^ • —- ...^ General Education Board of New | York. Th* 14 participating *tate* will put up 140,000. • "I believe It 1* wise that a careful i program bt worked out before the legisl^taii* considers th : state's part ta the regions! education idem," La- Bey said. ; The sunrey, he «ald, would *o»er facUlU*. now avr liable, ite pe being ' taken by Southern states In educational matters and the need in all fields in th* South. "Something should be agreed upon that will be acceptar'e to both I» »o aToid chaos in our educational setup to the future," the governor *aid. Station Scons Third Victory Ov«r D«w*y PHILADELPHIA, April ».(TJP)— Early complete returns from Pennsylvania's presidential write-in vote today gave Harold E. SUssen hi* third primary victory over Oov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York. The former Minnesota Governor, winner of the Nebraska and Wisconsin primaries, led Dewey by nearly 8,000 votes in Tuesday 1 * balloting, with only 378 preclnts still not reported. Returns from 7.516 of the state's 8,249 precincts gave: Stassen 74,063; Dewey M,1S1, Sen. Edward Martin of Pennsylvania, 41,784; Gen. Dougla* MacArthur 15,253; Sen. Robert A. Tan, 13.515; Sen. Arthur Vnndenberg' 8,600 and Oen. Dwlffht D. Eisenhower, 3,800. Gone 1* th* old, traditional broadfall-front on this new sailor*' uniform. It's been replaced by * fly front. Other innovation* on the new uniform for Navy enlisted personnel ar* alash pockets, hip.pockets, lumper sleeve*. RtimtmW Rothrock'» for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 ATHLETES FOOT GERM HOW TO KILL IT. IN ONE HOUR, Nation's Back Yards Scoured for Scrap Mttaf WASHINGTON, April M. (UP) —The government today stsrted a vast scrap metal hunt in its back yards all over the world. All government ascncles every- ! where have been ordered to speed up shipments of scrap iron and steel to commerlcal channels for the scrap-hungry steel mills. • The order wa» Issued by the White House. John L. Tappln, executive assistant to the untlersect- ary of commerce; 'said that ''no more critical industrial problem face* the nation today, both from the standpoint of national security and the control of high prices, than that of finding ways to Increase steel production. Klrby Brothers Drug Co. Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights ixirdtr of kidn»r fonrfton potonoui mitUr to r.ra.ln In your Wood, It may eauM Ti*sgins[ backache, rheumatjc PAlnf, Ifg palm, lois of Pep nn[l energy eet- tine un niKhti, awelllnE, pumne»a und«r Uir tjtl, htidachc* and ditzjneu. Frequent or Kanty PPJMS** with imattinz Knd burning •ODnllmei jliowi th«r« l> lomethln* wnm« .with Your xldneyt orblatfdir. Don't iritt I Aiii your dniEeiit '<"• Doan'i JHI1«. a allmuUnt diureUe, used >ucc»ifijlly by millionj for over 60 yeari. Doan'A aiTe happy relief »nd will help the IB fatten of ki4neytubeifluih out pojionouaWUUfrom lour blood. Ce* IXxa'l Fill*, Arkansas Favors Ttmporarv Draft _. WASHINGTON, April 39 (UP)— Rep. Brooks Hay«, D., Ark,, said the national defense required a temporary draft law- Hays declared the Air force alone could not do the Job. Hay* also predicted that Congress would gire final approval to the adaninlstraUon-supported M group air force Instead of the House A' pprored 7« p-oups. Be said such action would mean some savings and would trend to keep the various military branches In balance. Rope-making once was such • specialized task In India that one class of experts made ropes only for horses, -and another specialised in ropes for elephants, according to the Encyclopedia BriUnnica. Tired,min- Lbtfess Feeling Brought To Halt A« Vibrant Energy i» Released To Eyery Muscle, Fibre, Cell etlij to tli* mornlno «U11 tJ»wn-»ad-OAit all fis e worrr. cola, flu wear* don u» hour—million* at _ mutt pour fort* or your bonaa to r«- tbat ar* worn-out. A low a*«ct you In MTaral •• avawm*. uixitrwtUJht. no ^^ I* <hw to th» so* which m*tm\n, n >oo fafrr tb* *SM****M **4t*Ute«i •^VVkSSStii-thriirtri; sSfSSJSf *il*»2_*L!? 0-ot « ul1 *»i | yjgU»U«er»fasi«f ttnaUKBom- Ota* eaoc* «o ttt b*uy » eM (Tn *•» 5*1 wJ "SWI tT THINGS FOR A RIAL SWHTHIAHTl" \ May »th. take* on added significance at Wood'*. We make Mother's Day a happy day with these value* In Drugs, Candies and Cosmetics. They're suited to every mother, both young and old, and suited to your pocketbook tool Hudnut's Safon-TyiM •ME PEIMUENT Hudnut's talen material* make this permanent the - t*ft**t, Iwwlktt, mort *>75 natural krwflnsibU «tV a Fancy Boxed STATIONERY 50c up Gallon Sit* Picnic Thermic Jug. . $2.95 M«lba Foster Dill is now in charge of our conmetlc gift center. All Sizes Roll Film Now In Stock Appropr'ia (e ">Io!her"g "JJ" ~c»ri& S« Up. Clii "1Z«" Roll Film FREE! """ CAMERA ................. $5.95 Hair Brush - Clothei Brush - Comb HUGHES CHIC SET $2.50 plu. tax Ru-RIU Hair Lacquer Kit $2.00 plus tax ' s Russell Stover Candles »r HOLLINGSWORTH ..... ib. $1.25 60e Drene 49c 43c 7$« Litttrim Antit«itM . 69c 1M Swfi Miat Tibkt. 19c Sfc miif i MtsuMit ..... 39e ttt SHtti EmuliiM ^....STc Upjeho Uniupt ........ 89c 60* Murine 49* . , S*« MtRiMn $htvln| Cruai43e Ik Hillt S«t Hil« Shampo* ', . 1.N IrtnuMl Yiitt 29« Jtrgan's Dryad Deodorant with Regular $1.00 Sii.—$1.29 VALUE! 29« 49, t3t 2S« Ifc FHMsj]*t Lmlivt . 21e <•• MM Tt Welt 32« JERGEN'S LOTION only 87< sSSi i " ;i ' lr '15 / f wr» qpM »»f «Nf*4 ,, .... 49* On this MODERN 10-PC. SOFA BED GROUP Farmer's Terms qwn Next Fall i at a new Low Price 95 Jusf (he outfit to furnish a room that win serve a* a living-sleeping room! T«* fine matching pieces that will make your home complete. Handsome modern couch with heavy innerspring coils covered beautifully in fine velours and tapestries that is easily converted into a restful bed. Platform rocker In nice tapestry cover to blend with couch and has coil innerspring construction. * An occasional chair—all innerspring in fine walnut finish. Two walnut end rabies. Two beautiful lamps equipped with silk shades! One walnut coffee table with removable tray. Two lovely pictures t« make your living room complete! You May Get the Couch Separately for Only - - 2-Pc. Suite -- Couch and Platform Rocker • - • HUBBARD & SON, Furniture , $49.95 >• $64.95 PHONE 4409 BLYTHEVILLi

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