The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1955 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1955
Page 9
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1955 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINES Hall Sees Victory For 'United And Youthful' GOP PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Republican National Chairman Leonard W. Hall said today he is optimistic about a Republican victory in 1956 because what he called a youthful and united party will be running on a platform upholding the Eisenhower record. "I say the Republican party Is 25 Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton (13:30 quotation!) Dec 3354 3358 *Iar 3245 3269 May 3132 3145 July 2940 2043 3352 3245 3131 2934 3268 3142 2938 New Orleans Cotton Dec 3358 3363 3353 3352 Mar 3253 3275 3249 3210 May 3133 3144 3133 3139 July 2942 2944 2935 2936 Chicago Wheat Dec .... 205 3 i 206 204% 20574 May .... 203'i 203% 202% 203V, Chicago Corn Dec .... 129:>i 129*1 129V, 129H May .... 13TA 137 3 ,i 13611 1311« Chicago Soybeans Nov .... 237'i 237?i 236'i 231, Jan .... 242U 24211 240*1 241 Mar .... 245 245'', 243 3 4 244'.; July .... 243",', 243'j 24131 241?., New York Stocks A T and T . . Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper 615-8 Beth Steel 150 1-8 Chysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Oen Motors 131 1-8 Montgomery Ward N Y Central .'.... 44 3-8 Int Harvester 36 Republic Steel 481-2 Radio * 5 Socony Vacuum 51 1-8 Studebaker 11 Standard of N J 141 5-8 Texas Corp 108 3-4 Sears 104 "'4 U S Steel 55 3-4 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. 1*1— (USDAl— Hogs 15,500; generally lower; mostly U. S. No. 1 190210 Ib 13.15; tew 13.60 with bulk sales 180-220! ib including mixture ot U. S. No. 1. 2 and 3 grades 13.25-50 and similar grading 230240 Ib 13.00-25; few small lots 250300 Ib 12.75-90, these mainly U. S. No. 2 and 3 grades; 110 Ib down steady to 25 ower and scarce; 140- the strongest It has been in years," Hall said in an address prepared for a Western States party conference luncheon. "We are In that condition today because President Eisenhower has led us along lhat way. I repeat — the philosophy of the President Is the philosophy of the party; his record is the platform we will stand on next year. "That was true three months ago. It is true today. In that respect nothing has changed since the sudden illne.s of the President." "Booming; Economy" Among the highlights of the Eisenhower record is a "booming economy," he said, and added: "In fact, we're not hearing too many Democrat chants of gloom and doom of late. Perhaps they decided they can't talk America into a depression. Democrats apparently have shifted their gloom and doom tactics to the farm Issue." Hall praised Elsenhower as a "team" player, whether as "captain of the American team" or "captain of the Republican team" and said: "It is interesting to note the difference between this team performance and what happened in previous administrations. We have it on the word of Harry Truman that President Roosevelt was in effect not only president but also secretary of war. secretary of Navy, secretary of state and secretary of the Treasury. "We ought to be grateful that President Eisenhower does not believe in that type of government." 110 Ib largely 13.00-50; few 165-170 Ib 13 75- sows 400 Ib down 12.5075; 450-550 Ib 12.00-50; boars 8.2511.00. Cattle 1.000. calves 400; no steers worthy of mention; utility and commercial cows mostly 10.0011.50; canners and cutters at mostly 1.00-9.50 but numerous hard shelly kinds ranged down to 6.00 and below; scattering of utility and commercial to good heifers ranged from 11.00-17.00 and extremes 18.00; bulk utility and commercial bulls 12.00-13.50; light canners as low as 9 50 In extremes; good heavy fat bulls 10.50 to mostly 11.00; prime vealers to 29.00 very sparingly; good and choice mainly 21.00-26.00; lower grades 12.00-20.00; few culls down to 19.00; weighty killing calves 10.00-16.00 according to grade; few good stackers 11.00-50; one of choice around 400 Ib steer calves 18.00. DAR GROUP OPPOSES FLUORIDATION Excerpts from an Article in B1NGHAMPTON PRESS, Binghampton, N.Y. March 16, 1955. Opposition to fhioridation of the Bvnghampton water supply was expressed last night In a resolution passed by Tuscarora Chapitr, Daughters of the American Revolution. The DAR resolution said that "sodium fluoride (the substance used in fluoridatmn) is known to be a deadly poison. "To date," the resolution read, "the addition of fluorides to water supplies is still in the experimental stage and too little is actually known concerning its effects on the human body." The resolution also declared that fltioridation "really amounts to mass medication and compulsory dental service and, as such, is an interference with our individual liberty and freedom of choice." Resolution passed at N. Y. State Conference D. A. R., Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 1, 1954. WHEREAS, Fluoridation of a public water system amounts to mass medication and ergo, compulsory dental services, and is an unwraranled interference with individual liberty and freedom of choice. WHEREAS, fluoridation of the Nation's water supply carried with it frightening potentialities for subversive activity since it would be a simple matter for fifth columnists within our country to dump lethal doses of the poisonous fluorides into the water system of cities in which fluoridation is an accomplished fact. RESOLVED That New York State Organization, National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution urge all members to acquaint themselves with the vast amount of literature concerning the dangers of fluoridatlon of publ'c water supplies, and act thereon in their local communities. Published at the request of some Blytheville citizens, and you are invited to hear Dr. George L. Waldbott, of Detroit, at 12:30 p.m. Sunday on KLCN. COMMITTEE AGAINST FLUORIDATION Frank C. Douglas, Chairman U.S. Looking To Russia For Trade Move WASHINGTON (/P) —The United States is looking to Russia for the next move after cutting some of the red tap* which hobbles East- Wcst trade." . The Commerce Department announced lat« yesterday is dropping a number of peaceful items from a list of requiring special licenses before shipment to Russia and the European satellite countries. After Jan. 1 they can go under general blanket licenses. Obviously anticipating that move, Secretary of State Dulles told the Geneva foreign 'ministers meeting Monday he had "arranged for progressively simplifying certain of our operating procedures" on East-West trade and added: "We shall await with sympathetic interest the suggestions which the representatives of the Soviet Union may make upon the subject." U.S. trade with Communist countries is a drop in the bucket compared with the total 15 billion dollars worth of goods shipped abroad each year by this country. In the 12 months ended last December, for example, about six million dollars of exports went to the Soviet bloc although the rate is increasing. Mail Truck In Collision At 7:30 p.m. Wednesday near the intersection of Broadway and Walnut Streets, a 1951 United States Mail panel truck attached to the local post office collided with a 1948 sedan driven by Elijah Williams, of R. D. Hughes quarters. Driver of the mail truck which sustained damage to the front grill, the panel and bumper was Jimmy Branscum of 1122 Holly St. The Willams' car had slight damage done to its right front side and rear doors. Neither driver made any statement, according to police reports. Both cars were traveling south at the time of the accident. Manager Transferred W. L. Myers, for four years branch manager of Kroger Company grocery stores In the Little Rock area, has been appointed branch manager for the company in Memphis, according to Joseph B. Hall, president of the. company. Myers has been with Kroger for 23 years. DISCONTINUED PRACTICE The privateer was a private vessel authorized to cruise at sea and capture an enemy's ships and merchandise. Almost all civilized nations now have given up this practice. BIG FOUR (Continued from Pit* 1) ment yesterday failed to produce any evidence that (he beginnings of such a solution may be found here. Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov hardened his Insistence that (he Western alliance must be demolished before Russia will agree to German unity. The Western Big Three restated with equal determination their cdn- UTition that a reunified Germany. allied with the Wes' by free choice offers the best hope for future peace In Europe. The four foreign ministers agreed to meet again today and resume their discussion but that— plus the fact that there Is a German problem'— was the only thing they could agree on. The West . came close to accusing Molotov of bad faith In failing thus far to produce some kind of detailed plan for German unity. Secretary of State Dulles, French Foreign Minister Antolne Pinay and Macmillan contended that some kind of offer was required by the decisions of the Big Four heads of government when they met here last July. As yesterday's session drew to a close, Dulles said bluntly that Molotov's position "confronts us with the problem of whether we are going to try in good faith to carry out the direitive with which we are working." The Soviet foreign inLster and the Western Big Three now apparently have two choices of action, assuming neither side \s willing to reverse its course and make some real concessions. They can take the line that ex^ ploration of their differences has been fruitful and has established a basis for progress at some future conference, or they can avoid even such a superficial agreement and concentrate on blaming each other for a breakdown of negotiations. The choice between these two courses is not easy. If the two sides gloss over and minimize their differences, they would in some degree be keeping alive the friendly spirit of Geneva generated by July's summit conference. But if they blame each other for _ breakdown in negotiations, It will provide a basis for future contention that it was the negative attitude of the other which blocked, a real start on a German settlement and European security agreement here. Molotov showed some signs of developing such a basis for future Soviet propaganda in a statement he made yesterday. He again argued In favor of the Soviet proposal for creating a council of representatives from the Bast and West German regimes and giving it the responsibility of Air Force Gets 11 Volunteers From This Area The United States Air Force today announced 11 enlistments and four re-enlistments from tihs area. Blytheville enlistees include : Floyd Albert Hastings, 2216 West Rose St.; Arton Wayne Holbrook, 2201 Carolyn St.; Johnny Cebron Morris, 1245 S. 7th St.; James Leroy Hall, 1925 W. Sycamore St.; Ralph Wayne Long, Blytheviile, Rt. 2. Other enlistees include: Henry Glen Brown, Manila; Charles D. Money, Monette and Erbia Houston ladney. Jr.", Tyronza. Missourians enlisting were: Melvin Douglas Mann, Caruthersville: Kenneth Gene Harrington, Holland and Robert Joe Hall, Kennett. The four re-enlistees are: Billy Claud Helsley, 108 W. Kentucky, Blythevilie; George Rollo, Memphis; Conliff Calvin Blankinship, Jr., Canalou, Mo., and Harold Paul Dewey, Try, N. Y. age cannot wither them Balanced Tailoring makes TIMELYciCLOTHES' look better...longer KING5GATE FLANNtLS WITH BALANCED TAILORING BY TIMELY CLOTHES You couldn't want richer flannels. But you do want them 10 keep their shape. That's why .these are made with Balanced Tailoring, the scientific compound of lavish hind-stitching and rugged machine sewing, which insures the lines against sagging. Where the Man Who Knows— Buys His Clothes R. D. HUGHES CO. Mtns & Boys Wear pulling the two parts of Germany together. Pactical Plan Molotov described this as a practical plan for moving toward uni- ficatio and declared the time had come to abandon what he called the theoretical approach of the West and deal with the reality of two Germanys. The Western ministers for the second day rejected Molotov's plan as a device for preserving East German communism. They urged that Molotov join in serious negotiation on their proposal for holding free elections throughout Germany to set up a new all-German government. Much of the discussion dramatized the fact that the meeting here, like other such conferences in the last 10 years, has produced a clash between two wholly different political systems. Dulles suggested Molotov was afraid to test Soviet faith in East German communism in free national German elections. The Soviet diplomat hammered again and again at his theme that the Western program for Germany would create a new military threat and that Western security offers are not sufficient to overcome that threat. Western GOP Leaders See Area Victory PORTLAND, Ore. UP) — Western Republican leaders predicted today the party's presiclentia 1 candidate will sweep the Par West next year whether it is President Eisenhower or someone else. Harlan Peyton, Washingtoo State GOP chairman, expressed the widespread hope among delegates at the outset of the three-day Western Republican Conference that Eisenhower's health would permit him to head the ticket, again. If not, he added in an interview, "I am sure the Republicans in the West will follow his leadership and and advice" on the designation of a successor. Peyton, chairman of the regional GOP meeting called to discuss campaign plans for 1956, said he expected Eisenhower, "as a man who has been a general," to announce his choice of the candidate "to take command" in the event he steps out of the campaign. He described himself as an admirer of Vice President Richard M. Nixon, saying he felt Nixon could carry on the work of the Eisenhower administration. ARMY (Continued from Page 1) Hopkins University jointly announced the ' 'successful clinical trial" of the Type 3 vaccine amon; prisoner volunteers at the Federal Reformatory, Chillicothe. Ohio, and the Maryland State Reformatory for males at Breathedsville Md- A total of 83 prisoners was divided into two groups — 45 receiving vaccine, and the 38 others serving as unvaccinated "controls." "Results of the trials showed that 90 per cent of the susceptible 'controls' developed 'definite' illness following induced infection. Only 29 per cent of the effectively vadcinated inmates were classified in the 'definite' illness category," said the health service. FARMERS (Continued from Page 1) passed easily. That bit of debate provided about the liveliest action of the night. Earl Wildy of Leachville was named president to succeed Hays Sullivan of Burdette. Other officers include A. C. Spellings, West Ridge, first vice-president;. Vance Dixon, New Liberty, second vice president; and Tom Callis, High tower, secre tray-treasurer. Here's a quick rundown on other resolutions which will be forwarded 10 the state convention: COTTON Recommend acreage to produce 10 million bale crop. No increase in acreage over point to produce such a crop. Allotments on historical basis to states. No special increases in acreage. Seed Meal Push to remove gossypol from seed meal so it may be used for chicken, hog feed. Support on Seed Continue support on seed level with competing crops. Exports Exports are essential to the farm economy. We strongly advocate the principle of reciprocal trade agreements and urge full use of them We art, unalterably opposed to raised tariffs. Revision of .laws on cargo preference needed. Open up trade to Russia and other nations. Cotton price should be set to be made competitive to other nations' production. Utilization National Cotton Council has done an outstanding job here. USDA should expand facilities to increase use of cotton. Supports Support prices should tend to encourage production of cottons that are in short supply and are being consumed at a reasonable rate. SOYBEAN'S Supports must be continued at a j level comparable with basic com ' modities. Grades Recommend bids be offered or basis of No. 2 grade with suitable premiums on No. 1 grade. This would do away with discounts on No. 2 beans and should produce better relations between grower and buyer as well as encourage farmers to try for higher grade. Seed >We need a strictly yellow bean to CHS Talent Show Winners Named CARUTHERSVVILLE — Winners In the recent Caruthersville high school talent show, sponsored by the Student Activity Committee of the school, were as follows, according to SAC President Barry Traln- or; Redman Dunham's senior homeroom girl's song and dance number, vocal prize; Kay Burns' twirling act, mtscel- neous prize, The Filthy Few (Barry Trainor, Don Woody, Curtis James, Mike Keton, Jere Camp and Jack Taylor), and the instrumental duet of Harold Gortner and Wlcki Taylor, tied in instrumental division. Pemiscot Schools Out for Meeting CARUTHERSVILLE — Pemiscot County public school* have been closed yesterday and today becausa of Missouri's state teacher's meeting in St. Louis. About, 10,000 teachers, Including about 300 from Pemiscot County, were expected to attend the meeting. Among the speakers was W. W. Parker, president of Southeast Missouri's State College at Cape Girardeau. take the place of the green and mixed beans of the Ogden, MISCELLANEOUS Vetch We appreciate the administration accepting our request and recommending that payments include the entire acreage seeded. We recommend payments be continued for total acreage. ASC Take the politics out of this important office. Total Allotment Although generally opposed to this, if total allotments becoms necessary to prevent huge surpluses, the allotment should be based on a three-year historical period, gradual reduction of crops with not over y 3 of the total diverted acreage required in soil-building, soil conserving crops. Drainage Investigate possibility of consolidation of drainage districts if savings to taxpayers will result. RECOMMENDED for all new 1956 cars... Gulfs New Super-Refined GAS-OIL TEAM Gives more miles per gallon ... more miles per quart! Gulf No-Nox burnfl clean Here's proof: Note the black deposit on plate at left, caused by the "dirty-burning tail-end" of gasoline—the part Gulf refines out in making New Super-Refined NO-NOX. But see how clean new NO-NOX leaves the plate at right. Now—in your own new 1956 car—see how clean-burning NO-NOX can give you more miles per gallon in the short- trip, stop-and-go cirh'i/ig you do must. Gulfpride Select works clean Here's why: Most conventional oils are refined only to the stage shown in A. But New Gulfpride Select is further relincd by the Alchlor Process—removing up to 15% more of the carbon-formers, in B . . . C contains the new super-refined oil that gives you more miles per quart because it has natural viscosity (body)—contains no artificial thickeners that break down in service. REMEMBER: No gasoline alone can give you today's finest oil alone can give you today's finest protection. Get the new super-power GAS-OIL TEAM... GULF NO-NOX GASOLINE GULFPRIDE H.D. SELECT OIL S. E. TUNE, Distributor GULF REFINING CO. PRODUCTS Tires, Batteries and Accessories PH. 3-3251

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