The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1933
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Served by the United Press BHTHEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX— NO. 146 uirtuippl Dtliy. Luder. BtytlNflU* Hcnld. Iii;YTHRV!Ll,K, ARKANSAS, •TUESDAY, ', SKl'TKMRKK 5, !!).'!;! -'. SINGLE GO &E8 ; j|tyE'-'cEN'B£ '•W':!'#* >*.«•* NEW CUBAN GOVERNMENT IS OVERTHROWN Mt/steni Surrounds Campbell Slaying ^J %^ • ^ • <L^ 1_5*^_ Observations C. R. B,- Motor Running and Burning. When Finds Victim. The cotton industry of tho Mid- Souih In al! .its nhnses is represented n*, a meeting in Memphis lmi»v at which an effort is bcins made to reach agreement on ulan of production restriction for 1 " 1 V™*- As ° rpsult of " lls InCct " in(! fna of simll!U . 01)C , b<,j nl , h(!W f!"nilir-npon.slv at Dallas and At- THE mm. CAMPBELL. Mo., Sept. 5 (UP) — rntally stabbed under mysterious -. .rum;s!ancis, Uenno Michel. Jr., 2!>. son ot the u'leiinonvllic F°st- n:aster, was found In an automobile on a Campbel! street early today.- With two wounds in the leit £ide ^and one over the right eye, Michel died a few minutes atter r.e v.-as found by a constable. A woman's cuiit and three hall l.-lnls of whiskey were found, in Hie automobile, Sheriff Thomas Don- uldson said. "'they are our only clues," the shLfill saitl. The youth's father said he left lome early last night cu route to a tent show here. Police were un- 'p.ble to trace his movements during the night or ascertain the names of his companions, if any. He was sitting upright under the T.-heel of the automobile. Its mo- burning bright. n' Ow nt'ricuHmal adjustment tid- nilntetrn'lnn. hopes to be able to moke definite announcement of next year's rot'.on nro^rain before ti". rnd nl Hits month. It Is essential be Hint next year's kept within reasonable i.nits in o^,,™ n ^,i|,'— -™~. •.•:-'— n Ihe fi'rmer In the fall of 1934. It h highly desirable that, definite ion on the plan to be follow-e reached before marketing or this year's crop ts well i\A- npri in order that the actual producers of t 1 " 1 1KB "rein coillclpate it) Ihc market ad- vnnce that would re?ult from a pnarnntco tfint next year's crop Havana -Sccno As Hurricane Swept Cuba Heavy Property Loss Reported From Both Floi ida and Texas. • By United Press Terrific tropical hurricanes a :rousand miles apart levelt-J bullcl- I Ings anil crops and endangered' lives in Texas and Florida today. In the fertile, semi-tropical low er Rio Grande valley more than $1,000,000 damage had beeri done as the storm center lost its intensity, moving Inland. The Florida hurricane ble.v In from the Bahamas Sunday night and raked the • Florida peninsula with a $500,000 toll to the citrus bsilt. It approached the northwest part of Florida today. Cozens of small Florida communities w«<> cut off from the out- will be restricted. lowtvl Tl""it^o C the'l -particularly , n the Lake Harvey Bailey Placed Under Guard of Twenty OKLAHOMA CITY, Sept. 5 (UP) —Twenty guards were placed around the cell of Harvey Bailey, juram must likewise recognize that notorious killer,' kidnaper andjthe tenant and the farm laborer velfnre of the south and to that of the country as a whole that interests other than those of the cotton farmer receive recognition. Anv restriction plan will lie un- vv.t that adds to the hardships of the millions of farm tenants and farm laborer's whose livelihood depends 'upon cotton. The ^n"™!) 1 *! piwivsrv A'-t "ives of- flcial recognition to the fact that general welfare and prosperity de- mpnd reco?nltirn nf I^-R \v^i">rs stake in the returns of industry. The Agricultural Recovery pro- bandit today as authorities anticipated the chance of a desperate ,-.i..underworld .attempt, to liberate the "mah'who accomplished' the iseem: -.'ngly/'lmpgsi'ible and" e's'oapedjrom . • •-•iKelSllaS' "county jalliyesti'rday.. Bailey had only a few hours of Mberty. but authorities were given a clear" intimation of the cleverness and resourcefulness of their l.' Yuuth faujht' Gall SCITUATE, Mass. (Ul-j — Ten- year-old Sidney Babbitt caught but did not harm, a sea gull while fishing. The gull dived and the clam bait as aidney y anked his. line from the water n« well as the landowner have a -'nke In the returns of agriculture. Any curtailment program Ihafrnfeteriallv reduces the num- resulted to farm tenants and laborers ^ i>nri cotton' cron will do harni that may well offset the good. Okecchobee country. The Texas hurricane was fame which took more than ives in' Cuba Saturday. It 130- fited Brownsville, a town of 35.000 at the mouth of the Rio Grande. McAllen. in the rich truck growing valley, Freeport. Port Isabel Fort O'Connor and other coasl towns. Unverified reports had been killed in Florida. No deatlis were reported In the Texas rea. Heavy rains accompanied the Texas disturbance. ' Corpus Chrlstl, coast resort, was partially inundated. Winds of 110-mile-an-hour velocity- raked the .valley. . • The Mexican town of Matamoras, across ihe. river from Brownsville, with its hundreds of flimsy build- Ings, was reported h'ard hit. Croquet Mallets Too Much for Bandit MEADE, Knns., Sept. 6. (UP) —Olllccrs today sought to Iden illy as George iMachlne Gun) Kelly u bandit captured by two wcmcn unncd will) croquet mallets. iMcc-d with nn automatic pistol, Mr'ji. Ansel Horning and Mrs. 1'. C. Pralhcr' of Mcadu closed In en a desperado who sought to -.leal tr.elr uulomoulle In the city park. They beat him to the ground. Men fume running, .seized the ilnml suspect, and called the Iwrllf. Henry A. Wallace. ft secretarv of a.aricultiire. seems to me to have ai broad and svmuathetic a view of thp whole situation relative to agricultural overnroduction as nny man in responsible public nlace. He recognizes that crop destruc- The iremciidous' force of the tropical hurricane that swept the northeastern const of Cuba, takhig n toll of more (him 80 lives, may lx- sei-n In this devastuted Havana- street nltor a subsiding of storm. On the bltill may W seen the Nuciomil Hotel. Train Maroonrd SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Sept. 5 •DP)—The Missouri-Pacific railroad 1'ere reported today its north bound losseugcr train irom the lower | Texas coast was marooned by the tropical disturbance at Alice, Tex., about 40 miles inland from Co/pus Christ!. Lives of ITMLi Observers Say State Will Be 25th to-.Ratify Prohibition Repeal. t'oh anil croo limitation, while mil- were not believed In danger. linns of Americans are suffering _ from luck of the verv products dc- livtamlers helped the boy disen- "troyed. Is a poor way of meeting - [the situation. He justifies It as [angle the line and freii the guli. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 126 1-1 Anaconda Copper 17 Bethlehem Steel 38 3-8 Chrysler « 1-8 Cities Service 3 !- 8 Coca Cola 88 1-2 General American Tank 38 General Electric 24 1-8 General Motors 32 T-8 International Harvester 39 1- .Middlewest Utilities 1- Montgomery Ward .- 24 3-8 . New York Central 48 Packard 51-8 Phillips Petroleum 16 5-8 Radio Corp 9 Simmons Beds 25 St. Louis-San Francisco 5 Standard of N. J M '-8 Texas Co 26 3-4 U. S. Steel 53 1-2 the only feasible method of meet- in ar an emergency. Tfie following paragraph from i s-recent address bv Wallace throws! liebt upon his attitude: "I hope that all of us will think =teadilv of the problem of Improving the social machinery, which rpu?t be perfected to brint; about -that state of balanced abundance which can - r o e^silv be "iirs. o^"* farmers and the rest of us substitute love of our fellow men find a soirit of cooperation for nil*"! and futile comoelition." The cvnics and the graspers will call that futile Idealism,-but it reveals a vision of what is possible for America once we really' use our tremendous resources for the general welfare. oOo Ueal prosperity for the people of America demands abundance of all the commodities of human use American Legion Post fnmmilto* Hpadc Named i nn( i wct leaders expected it committee neaos namea the 25th lo ieplld i ate nat!()n! Committee chairmen and appointive oliicers for the Dud Cason post of "the American Legion were announced at a meeting lost night presided over by the lecently elected" commander, Nelll Reed. George Hamilton was appointed edjutant and Raymond Rutledge. liaison officer. J. R. Stovall, by virtue of being * ice commander, is chairman of the membership committee. Other icmmitteemen are; attendance. E. L Crouch. Ross Stevens and J. R. W M MONTPEL1ER, Vt., Sept. 5. (UP) —Conservative non -partisan co- servers forecast a two to one wet victory as Vermont voters- expressed themselves today on repeal of the 18th amendment. Vermont is the 25th state to vote to be the 25th to repudiate national pro! hibitlon. Thirteen more stales vote between now and November 7. If all are wet the wets will have 3C states or more than necessary to ratify the repeal amendment. Vermont's rural population was expected to show a majority for retention of prohibition, but observers expected this trend to be overcome by heavy wet majorities In the cities. Etovall; advertising, Harry Raines; child welfare, Dr. A. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 5. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open ygh low close Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 935 951 958 . 975 . 993 1006 935 892 951 912 960 921 977 v 938 994 95C 1007 971 896 915923 944 959 971 land Inioyment. A large production n[ cotton, while million* of Industrial workers arc suffering for lack of cotton goods, should mean not poverty for the cotton pro- di'cer but the ability to enjoy in arpcr measure the Industrial pro- ucls whicli those -workers are rained and equioped to make. The permanent and satisfactory emedy for the difficulties of ng- iculture and industry alike, there- ore, lies not In the creation of Spots closed quiet at 910, oft 35. New Orleans Cotton * NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 5. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Oct 930 930 883 887 Dec 950 950 906 908 Jan 945 945 ... 916 Mar 973 973 933 933 v May '992 992 955 955 July ..'... 987 987 9G8 970 Spots closed steady at 877, ofl 43 Chicago Wheat open high Sept. 85 '86 Dec. 90 1-* M 3-4 low close 83 3-8 83 787 5-8 88 1-4 Chicago Corn open high tow close Sept. 48 3-4 48 7-8 47 47 7 Dec. 54 3-4 54 7-8 52 5-8 63 carclty through artificial restric- lons upon production, but in pcr- ecting Ihe means through which ,he product- 1 ; of one may be exchanged for the products of another. There ha s never been a time, even In the height of so- :alled prosperity, when American 'nrrners as a whole have been able to enjoy a proper share of the products of each other or of American industry, nor has there been a time when Industrial workers a s a whole have been able to enjoy a full share of th« product'; of other Industrial workers or of agriculture. Therefore, while we curtail production to meet an emergency that apparently requires such action, let us look forward to an economy under which proper use will be found for the goods that are now classed as a burden" upon the market so that all mav enjoy a higher prosperity than will ever be Dcsslblc under i\ regime which makes one man's privation the price of another's profits. Negro Ordered Held for Assault to Kil , Vitus Cnrtchtield, negro, was or Wnshbnrn: Americanism, Floyd ; d(J ncW (0 t|lc October gran , White, subcommittees: juvenile ac- ijv „ Municipal Judge C. /I titles, C. T. Kramer: education- Cunningham yesterday on : al and fla°. pole, Marcus Evrard; ( or assau | t with illtcnl t memorials and radicalism, C. A. Cunningham; house, Bernard Gooch; l?gal. Cecil Shane. Jesse Taylor and Max B. Reid; finance, Edgar Borum. J. A. Leech and J. J. Daly; athletics, Jeff ^Roland, John 1 Buchanan and Chester Danehower; publicity. Chester R. Bab- 1 (.ock; service. E. C. Palton; visiting, A. O. Hudson; entertainment, R B. Stout; Boy Scouts, Russell Phillips, Norman F. Moore, John McHaney and Fred Carlock; military ceremonial, Wendell Phillips, C. T. Kramer nnd l\y W. Crawford: hut, George Mutr, John An- Courier of Long A^o Forecasts .Events, of .1934 Object to Exemption of Small Milk Sellers From Regulation. A group of dairymen serving Illy- thcvllle Is to meet tonight with the view of making nn appeal to city officials to change their interpretation of the standard mil* ordinance to Include regulation and licensing ot so-called, one or two- cow dairymen who have been exempted from regulation ami 11 'dnu city official said the grotii had Indicated that If the city put the small dairy-men under the sum regulations as the lartjer dairies nc elforl will be made .by the gvou 'to fight tlie recently Impa-tcl dt license leu, but that otherwise th license will be contested. Two cases in which W. J. Faught and Vester Pierce, dairymen, uro charged with failure to pay the new license, have -been pending In municipal court since August 17, awaiting a definite declaration by the dairymen as to whether they Intend to comply with the ordinance or test- lls legality. ' O Shonyp, r clty mlllt inspector says that some it the 'larger, d»lry- . men claim there arc approximately Radicals S e i z-^Power, ! I Ousting . De : ICespedes i 1 and His Cabinet. HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. CUP)—The thice weeks old government of resident Carlos Manuel de O.4- rdcs .was overthrown; today by a evolution. First the entire cabinet resigned r.d then the president submitted o the revolutionary movement, tne uckbone of which is the enlisted -.icn of the nrmy. It was wnilva- cnl to a resignation but f" Os- edcs. did not submit a formal one, "crely submitting to tliernove- iifnt's force and stepping .out of i he presidency In-that' manner.';..'1J He left for his home and Ihc ' revolutionary cxefu'lvc rori'i"'.*"''";.': possession of tlw prtsldenttal. .Liluce.. , • •• . ' -_Army JoJni Revolt r Cuba WRS plunged Into the riep J revolution when enlisted men ot j 1 th'e army, navy and police forces.] President Returns for Showdown With Recalcitrant Manufacturer. WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 (UP)— President Roosevelt returned to the s capitnl todnv for two crucial show- chaser calls for the milk, in which ' • .. ...... ..._ «nm Un »r*[raf tVlft rtl Cnlin^l hill t.V fCIf iluwns on the administration's drive for national recovery. First and most spectacular was Henry Ford who so fnr hna A copy of the Blyllievillc Cour- cr of May 9, Ifll2,-fountl In nn old ce tox, has many Items of In- crest today. In a "letter of the future" writ- en as of May 12, 1934, the wrll- r's mind runs' riot when he (lc- crlbcs an airplane race at Yarbro trip Joe Isaacs made to Osccola n an airplane in less than 30 min- ite; time, the return of Senator Skcct Stout from Washington. D make a speech on "Be Sure [ It's Love Before You Say Yes".' and of his activities as agent lor Ih? wireless telephone and Blue Pl:y Talknline company. Amons the news Hems arc those of Lee Wilson moving from Mem- l>iis to Wilson, of plans for the erecting of the Bertlg building, of hopes for an eight months school term, ol plans for the opening of n business college, ot a fourth liaiik coming. U. S. Branson mov- li.g to Caruthcrevllle. Dr. C. <-;. Stevens building a new home with bath, an announcement made by J. H. Elklns. postmaster, ami a report of the county treasurer, A. M. Butt. Some believed in advertising In those days. The New York store, R. S Harris' mule tarn. F. D. I camp indicated he planntd to Underwood, coulractor and build- ier.ore the deadline, er, the Chicago Mill. Terrv Ab-••(•act company. Dr. S. P. Martin, \vilhite and Cawilll, real estate, 1 105 cows in Blythevllle owned by the one or two-cow dairymen class, It-is this clase'.the city has. exempted 'rom the regulation.; In this respect tlie city has adopted the attitude that surplus milk from a family cow or two con be sold to other persons, provided the pur- case he takes the responsibility for Us condition. The license ordinance, while ex cmptlng the one or two-cow dairy- 'bring • ' f'.r.(lp no move to bring his vnstlman, levies a fee of 510 plus a dol- 1 lav extra for each co wover 10, an,- nually, on the larger dairies. An advance In rrilllt prices was announced by a large group of dairies the first of this month, sending the price per quart from 10 cents to IB cents and the price per pint from six to eight cents. Other dairies have also advanced their prices though not quite so much, Eagle. Second, and equally Important, \vas the failure of leaders ol the bituminous coal Industry to settle their disputes and ngree to n rc- cnvcry code. Administrator Hugh S. Johnson, hurrying back from Chicago where he delivered a Lnbor Day address, was expected (o oulllne the en- joined wllh tlie radical opposition 1 ^ nnd demanded resignation of the government. A special train raced through HIP hurricane stricken area'of- the mteilor to Inform Preside)", 'dt Otsptdes, directing relief work^p'f Hie disaster that threatened, him r.t the capital. " •' _.'• ...-). American Ambassador Sumrier \Vc-lies, gravely concenml, 'left his ; ( home for the embassy early"today '' hiid, after telephoning Washington l.ave plain although indirect warn- us that .civil war would .t"- 1 "" •*•• Mncrlenn Intervention. : ~"-' Wellei Glvtlt W«rnlnj To the' deputation of the .revolu- | :onary society, .which Informed him ol the bloodless revolt, h« said: . - : •;•.-..- "..".;-,;.-;. : :: "If the mllittVy,l««aflrs ;: pf. the:' movement vflll guarantee lives, and.", piope.rty and ^milntaih' 'peace! an^, order, - the •• BOverelgnty. 'of : .Cubi" •vn be saved." s - • •'.• •-.,''... Secretory of \War- Ferrar, .who' j took charge'in the absence of,the.-|:l president, went to .general ;aiafl(^T[| Iieudquarters and spoke to' the"/ |.J troops there: ; ... ' ' "*""•' v ' 'They treated -him _,.„..,.,. he said, but after" he left" they \ would not obey, his orders!" He .('• confessed he felt; pessimistic.' ' ' Army. Officers Ousted' " '^r-j- Sergeants, corporals and t soldiers 'r ot the army, headed by ^crgciinl..-;^ Batista, arid non-'commisaioricd 'ofv}-.' ilcers and men of. tha navy toblf command .... ,Ford situation, bringing th-! I white "a few are still operatln on president up to dale on the devel-|OW charges, tpments since Johnson dispatched 1 a report, by airplane to Hyd; Pirk !-Two Held in Illinois lasl week before Mr. Rooscvci 1 .' It it on a yacht cruise. Today was the last diy for Kord to sign the automobile code, as Robbery Suspects : of military and ^.nayal.j . ^placing all'odlcers'. •'.'-- 4: forces, displacing . Sergeant Batista told the AssocU {:. nted Press that "sergeants, . cor- I.«rals and 'soldiers of "the navy arid army have taken over comr n.and. We will not relinquish control until a -truly revolutionary goveinment has been established.. In Cuba. Then the command, will. 1 he given back to the officers.'.' Jl ivports from his mountain vacation I _H. L. Williams and Paul Bagby were In Jail here today awaiting I he lirrlval of' authorities from Hall Senils Warships ' _ WASHINGTON. Sept. 5. (UP) — Secretary of State Hull tcday or^. ctered a 10,000 ton cruiser and three. HARRISBURG, 111.. Sept. 6 (UP) des troycrs to proceed under full- "lip to Ford" CHICAGO, Sept. 5 (UP)—Gen. Crutchfield was arrested nfcou Ihe Farmers Bank, and the Bly- • Hugh S. Johnson, national recovery They were j week aso in Tennessee for n lievllle ~ Lumbsr company were | Administrator, said today that its| gation after mzor attack on a .negro woman mong the advertisers. hp to.Ford to make: the next ing .spree ! . . . - .. I lllr.uo " In (Vlo rtlcrviln nptuppn Lrlfl l. r nna paM v.t.ich occurred several months ago rear Armorcl. His bond was set which he was unable t<i Roosevelt Lewis, negro, was fined five dollars on a charge of disturbing ihc peace. jcc Shanks was ordered to mak? a payment of nine dollars In delinquent street taxes. Melvin Downing of 'Manila has Hark Shank Indicted - n . , *JL/lU<^»JiL OHIVA LiJt (j" 1 "• I '•••»••"• -^—«-~OH Four Murder LoUmS | lake no steps against Ford unless [he violates provisions of the auto- BENTON. Ark., Sept. 5 (UP)-1 "while code. derson Ross Stevens, Clarence i f'lfd bond for appeal for convic- Hclder and Ivy W. Crawford. | lion several days ago on a charge At the nest meeting, to be held;"! transporting Intoxicating litjuoi September 18. plans will be madej>Uien he was fined S250. lor Hie annual membership cam-i T\vo men were fined $10 each \tlgn. Gwyns Attend Funeral of Brother at Paragould A. D. Gwyn and Bob Qwyn of I Icr public drunkenness. Roosevelt Asks Bankers for Free Flow oi Credit incivc," In the dispute between the tovernmcnt and Tlenry Ford over the NRA. In an Interview !<cro Johnson said the government wou!!i Long' Land, Nf»., and Camden, Ark., to question them In connection with bank robberies. They were arrested for Investl- • a two weeks spend- State's Attorney John Mark H. Shnnk. Akron, O., al- j School Opens Kane said. Kane said they fitted the description of the bank robbers. Author- Hies, who arrested Williams in company of a girl, found a rifle and two plitoL"-. in his car. Williams. Kane said, had served threatening. steam to Cuba to protect American ; lives should the revolution against r the de Cespedes.government enter.:. a military phase. • -:v?" Tn announcing his action, Hull ! emphasized t'nat the United States i was not Intervening in Cuba but -, merely souxht to protect Its cltt- \t zfns and Interests there. ' > The secretary asked the navy de- 5 partment to dispatch the vessels ;• after he had talked twice with Am- ( bassador Sumner Welles in Ha-. '. vana, • who considered the revolt » \\ith Intent to kill today In the poisoning of four members of the Alvln Colley family. Murder Indictments were returned in the deatlis of Colley, his w'fe, and two of their children. A fifth Indictment alleged Intent to kill n third Colley child who refused to drink grape Juice containing the poison. Shank will be arraigned Thurs- ('nv at which time his trial will be set.. i .seven years in Arkansas state! The destroyer McFarland spiled, i iM-nltentlary for slaying a man and j from Key West today. The de- I (two. years In the Kansas state Etroyer Balnbrldge -was ordered Rio Fnrollttient prison on a burglary and larceny south from Norfolk and'the cruiser ; Dig nui«iuireiu. chiirM _ . iRlcrmond was Instructed to' sail. ch!(rge I.UXORA, Ark. — Luxora high school opened Monday morning with one of the largest enrollments of recent years. Dr. R. A. Kim- 1 brough conducted the devotional i at the formal opening and S. J.j C|-. n ;__ »K*PHIg Death Toll N')W 72 "" " *•'" north from off the Panama canal. All three wore going to Havana.'., The destroyer Sturdevant. now at. Guantanamo Bay naval station,v. as sent to Santiago. Navy Balloon Pilot iHalstead, Miss Lois Hill of Blythe- ber of those stricken .to 503. Four "i» i. • r- W l vl "<= nnd Miss Lettle Bunch of. more United States department of Believed tup Winner Blythevllle who will substitute un-|health physicians were to arrive til Mrs. T D Wllkins Is able to here today to start a house to rouse this city and their families are in 1 CHICAGO. Sept. 5. (UP)-Prcsi- l-ara'ou!d today to attend funer- dent Roosevelt, In a message to t!:e •1 services for their brother, WUI- bankers of America today, called Ham Lcander Gwyn, 50, of Bard. "P°n them for a free flow of credit vho died yesterday at the Para- *>s necessary for the success of the ;ou!d hospital of complications re-."^" 1 recovery program now tin-] CHICAGO, Sept. 5. (UP)—Lt. "ulting from a ruptured appendix, der way." 'Com. T. W. G. Settle, pilo: of tlie The deceased was well known In, "I want you to know that wo re-1 u s. navy balloon, was believed Greene county and also other ly on your organization fcr its co-, the probable winner of the annual ::orthesst Arkansas counties hav-' operation in furthering the tree. Gordon Bennett cup balloon race ing served as game warden for the! flow of credit, so essential to busl- today. past two or three years for several i ness enterprises, whether they be Ho landed at Piue Orchard. Conn..! accurate count when she deposit lief. He was a former depu-| large or small." the president said U 1 miles north of New Haven, last ed a seven-headed cabbage in the siv me lurmai upenmy unu ^. *., rrvTiro o«nf e rum CL« Smith made the address. Tlie fac- CT - LOUIS, Sept 5. (UP)-Slx ulty for this' year Includes: T. D. more lives were claimed bysleep- Wilkins superintendent, R. W.' «* sickness here today, bringing Nichols, Miss Wilmoth Tennyson, "* WW dead to 72 since the epl-. rev. revolt soldiers today Herbert Swartz, Mrs. R. W. Nich-. <"«™l<: broke ou? here July 30. ' ' ' o!s. Mrs. Tom Ballcw, Miss Anna' Twenty new cases reported In the (Margaret Wood, Mte Elizabeth P"' 24 hours increased the num- resume her duties as a member of the faculty. Netro Grew 7 Headed C»bb»«e PITTSBURGH (UP) — Nature showed a generous heart and an check of all patients In an effort to Fow Slain ~ SANTIAGO, Cuba, Sept. 5 (UPi —In the first Woodshed of Cuba's killed lour men accused of havin^ been ronnechrt with the deposed Machado WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair tonight determine how the sufferers became and Infected. ., j Memphis and vicinity—Pair to| night and ednesday. French Still Lean (o Law PARIS (UP)-Despite the fact I The maximum temperature here that examinations have been made' yesterday was 82, mlnlmi'm. 70, more difficult purposely, there are ; cloudy, with 2.38 Inches of rtln, three times as many men and wo-: according to Samuel P. Norrts, of- ty sheriff and owned a farm near in his message to the American night, approximately 700 miles from, garden of Berry Carr, negro. He three times as many men and wo-: according to Samuel P Bard. ' i cankers association.' Chicago. ; has seven children. | men studying law today w In 1900.1 ftclal weather observer.

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