Vidette-Messenger of Porter County from Valparaiso, Indiana on November 25, 1930 · 8
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Vidette-Messenger of Porter County from Valparaiso, Indiana · 8

Valparaiso, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1930
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nui ViOtl it-MtSSENGER. VALPARAISO,1 INDIANA 3 i Nature's Curio' Shop-' f V 1 f' ',. IS if usAvR08A BOftFAUS,. : c. UGKTS," ST0.L V HAS MAM BAFFLED AS TO OS PCFlNfTE GAUSS. IT l55MEAtLY gUPf&SZO TO BS OF ELECTRICAL -OSSSlN . IN THE SOUTHERN - HZW$PHRRtWHBB IT (5 . also seem, it called . THE AUROfZX AUbTRAUS. " i . ... f ',"7 .. -v ..... vx. U... . .i " , ( Vf y i 7 Th PimT,or Europe, PO&ONSXHS etRBS THAT CARRY ITS $ZO AHO THS DECAYING FLESH OF THEtR eOQlES AfTVROS A NOURISHING fOOO IN WCH THE SEBQ GERMINATES AND ctwo r nr scwviec. mc. J ,4M t?Cf ATPOiNrBARCtoW A1A3KA, SAW A FiOCtCCFAUlU F1.VINS HORXH Wf FAIL AMO AiS"C 5AW 7WEM CDMlMO back south this following saving. was found in TH CWP5 or SaS THAT VsT5S SHOT POWM. , WfPe' HAD THESE DOCKS SPMT THS wjsfrrc 2 ) VOE$HT KNOW, How to GNAW 3 130 iy mc tntvtet me. 'iVI h' SPISM 1PSS( WHCM PRAPES 7kE TRS OPWESOCrMIANO, 6EL0NSS Ta THE PMEAPRLE RAMJiy AMO (3 NOT A PACASITS. B&EAJHE THROUGH SMALL VALVES, FOUNO ALONG THE SEGMENTS OF THE A3DCW&M, AMD TKER.UWSS ARE.rOUHO IM THtS" i SECnOK Or THE BOD. v . . . . . . . , . . .t . 1 TJI I fcl I K l t tt&lCJHTLHWk BEBtl 0(S00V?O TNAf HOGS HAVE NO.OEF.'NITE NOMSR Or R!8S THEY VAS5V rflOf 13 T& J7 pa.cs; AND THkE IS NOT OAliR?MlTV OFNOM&ER. EVEN IMTWE SAV.E UTCR-. DCN'r sET OkXirwTE-CWM W6S, 6EOte rwe.'rt. FEET AS 6Utr T5 ?ESr OPOAT ThE INtJfVlpOAX , THffEAO OF The net. 0fM (V MCA MNVICC MC el IGMTUS ROCK. RISES : 000 FEET ABCN& THE ': TOP5CF7S PWES AT ? rr$:6A5& and is vWapjs JPOf frcpsoicuUR.-' Cl.tMMSMOS7iy . RENTAGONAL. SHARS. ..T.-.-.v- --. v.w.v.v f 1 WtLL FOLLOW A TSAPP AS far as so co. 60 miles, ' stealing the tkap eA(TA$ (fSOES. OF All EELS ROATHE ATLAHT1C AHO PAGFlC COAST STREAMS IS A DEEP SPOT IN 7KE OCEAN, NEAR. BESrAVJQA, THS EEL. PAREWS EMEU WRIGGLE THEIR WAV OVER. LAND, GETTING FQOM . OKE SOOY pF WATER.-& ANOTHER, IN OfZOEfZ. TO REACH THE OCEAN - AFT-. SPAWNING, THS PAINTS P!E AND THE ESGS HATCH INTO TRANSPAOEMr LITTLE CREATURES, WHO THEN BEGIN THE JOURNEY THAT VVANATAH The C. K. I. club wm entertained at the home of Mrs. Arthur Goodwin Thursday. Plan were made tor the community Christmas tree t'hlch la always iponured by the dub. Mis. Betty WellUe tve a very Interesting ksson on "Colonial Antiques" and Mrs. LoretU Howell read I, fine paper on "Native Inhabitants ot United States." There were thirteen members present and Miss Helen Howell and Mrs. Wilter Hammersley wer guest. Ccngratul&'Aons were In order lor the hastes as It was ber birthday. $ofgs was taken to the Riley hospital lu week where h Is having tests made for ber hearing, which she lost during her recent very serious illness .with spinal meningitis. A very serious and unusual accident occurred about a, mils east ot Wanatah on Road 30, Friday morning when two young men Irom In dian spoils, driving a truck, kit the toad and turned over in the ditch. One man wu uninjured, but Lowell Uts was pinned under the truck, face downward, and suffocated before the truck could be removed. Charles Frob, father of William Froh of thU place, passed away on Thursday a this home near Union Mills after a long Illness with par alysis. He was seventy-eight years of age. Mr. and Mrs. William Bretlin en tertained Mr. and Mrs. Otto Fritz ot La Porte one day last week. Miss Ethel Carpenter of Chicago visited relative here last week. Mrs. Balvia Fryar entertained the Booster club last Tuesday. Mrs. Catherine Howell assisted. There was a good attendance. Bunco was played and refreshments served. ur. and Mrs. Gerald Hunt are guests at Editor William Hunt's. A large crowd enjoyed the movie at the high school auditorium last j Thursday evening. It was the: "Cohen's and Kelleys from Scot-! land." Friday afternoon the school gave a moving picture entitled The j Puritans' for pupils and parents. The Missionary society of the Salem Evangelical church met In the church parlors Thursday afternoon with Mrs. William-F. Rosen-baum and Mrs. Lena Etotta as hostesses. T 4 - - - Many people from Wanatah attended the concert at the LaPorte Civic Auditorium on Friday night. It was a wonderful concert given by j the Chicago Little Symphony Or-j chestra and John Charles Thomas, j baritone. This concert was -given free to the public ot LaPorte and the county by the Fox Brothers of LaPorte, In memory of their brother, the late Maurice Fox, who gave the Civic Auditorium to LaPorte. Between three and four thousands tickets were given out Mr. Fox had planned this for the people of the community but hi untimely death prevented doing it. It was a wonderful opportunity and the huge crowd spoke the appreciation of the people. FIVE LAPORTE MEN ARE HELD FOR ROBBERY PAXTON, Hi, Nov. 25 Five men, all said to be residents of LaPorte, Ind, were held In the Ford county Jail today en a charge of robbing a gasoline . tilling station at Gibson CU-y, Wednesday night, pending action of a grand Jury which meets December X The men are Daniel Topper, 23, meat cutter; William Anders, former woolen mills worker; Everett Cartwrlght, former dental student; Ray Ellman, former steel worker; Richard Hough. 21, machinist. All re said to have been out of work for several weeks and none was able to furnish bond set at $2,500. i The men were arrested by Urban police who forced their car into a curbing after giving chase to the machine. The five ere alleged to have secured $15 In the robbery at Olhson City and ISO at a filling station at Ivesdale, champaign county, which they are alleged to have held up .the same evening. SENTENCE 8 MEMBERS OF LIQUOR RING INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 25.-UP) Eight men Indicted In connection with an airplane liquor smuggling ring were sentenced by Judge Robert C. Baltxcll In Federal court at Indianapolis. The group wu charged with smuggling liquor to Indianapolis, Muncle and other cities by alpi&ne. Dell Barker, 28, uid to have been one ot the leaders of the group, was fined 13,000 and sentenced o three years in the federal reformatory at Chtllicothe, O. , Cecil Rector. 21, allcgea to have been the pilot ot the airplane vied by the ring, was sentenced to two years in the Chllllcoth r .forma ory. Others were Bert Fowler, 43. six months in jail; Henry Rrepie, 15 month In thi Federal prjen at Leaven worth and 1500 fine, and Maurice Wolfgunger, 15 enntn at Leavenworth and $500 fine. Edward Browning, Harry D. MendenhaU and Roscoe Rodgers, were given 80 to SO days jail sentence.; All were of Indianapolis. S , I i tU '.Ml fx." : M lllli',, II ti i mini .iiini m ,jl ' lift AX i mm M Ik , : Vms? - j - XJLr "A , H COAST FffOM WHICH TWEIR. i J,r: tfr- ancestor one. ' " .' '. wammmm, in. r l. ii i mm . ' ':-r-- '' Iiimiiiihi .Ol30 BY tt SCRVier. IWC .i- ' , ; t i ... . i; " , . .. i r - u U " V '.TS?f oo not Shine ' t I jV-i Outing the brbeqing :' A - intheoark . ' Jr4 ' SEASON THS AVALS v XV MERELY ' 'JV Ck WEARS A LACGE, v fMU)iL PEfVZTU&V VtV WS?OWW AJft, JTti THE BACK. PART i GRIZZLY BEARS Bi -fSIf ifcfe . TSXES AFTER. REACHING .l'fWffi'! PLACE BY' I .y WrvROY, ALTHOUGH . &&Tm'lllk A STEm, -J-es 7 ff AOILV. : MpZlh - - ATTACHES lIMCLlmE The Jolly Morgan dub entertain ed their families and several guests with a rapper Friday night at the Osuth Central school bouse. Mrs. Welkle and Mrs. Jutroske visited Mrs. Albert Fret on Friday. Neighbors and friends met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Mct- singer on Friday night for a house- warming. The Metsinger family just finished remodeling their home Mrs. W. E. Cites and daughter visited Friday with Mr. J. Bramer. In the basketball game on Friday night between Wanatah and Union Mills, the latter were victorious by the score of 30 to 15. HECKLER AND BANKS ARE AT PEACE AGAIN GARY, Nov. 25. Henry Heckler, city treasurer, and banks at Hammond are now at peace, Joe Con-roy, attorney for Heckler in his fight to retain office, declared Monday. Conroy was in Gary taking part in a trial before Judge Charles E. "Greenwold in the superior court. "Peace has been declared." the attorney said. "Calm reigns between Heckler and the city administration and everyone concerned now hopes that all turmoil is at an end." he added. "Everyone now Is believing everyone else Is not such a lad fellow after all. STUDENTS VISIT GARY SCHOOLS GARY, Nov. 25. Several authorities onrellgious education have made Inspections of the Gary com munity church scbooLt recently, according to Miss Florence Hutchi son, acting superintendent Prof. F. I. Schweppe and a group of studonU from Valparaiso univer sity visited .he chu: ch school la&es at Emerson last wjelc Emerson Bradahaw of Chicago, representing the Federal Council A Churches, visited the . schoo Is last week to gather material tor a tepcrt to the council in Washington soon. Call 14 whenever you want quick action. The Classifieds art sure and speedy, , . . . nn iii DELICACIES To Finish Off the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner ICE CREAM MOULDS We are carrying a supply of ice cream, moulds especially prepared in a variety of shapes for ThanksgivingrxEampkins, Apples, Turkeys, Footballs, etc., all perfectly colored and surprisingly effective both as a delight and a table decoration. You may purchase these moulds ) in any quantity. Phone your order in now if possible. Black Walnut Ice Cream Lime, Orange and Pineapple Ice Chocolate, New York and Vanilla Ice Cream Shelled Pecans and Almonds Also Mixed Nuts FANCY BRICK ICE CREAM Fresh Bulk Candies and Box Chocolates in Fancy Thanksgiving Wrappers Fresh Fannie May's Martha Washington and Johnston Candies Colorful Assortments of Mixed Hard Candies in Air Tight Jars. ICE CREALY PIES There need be no sameness or monotony in serving ice cream. A delightful change is offered in Hydrox Ice Cream Pies. Each Pie will serve from 12 to 16 persons: Offered in a variety of flavors, these Hydrox"-Creations represent the last word in Holiday desserts. If you wish you may purchase a half pie. Call us Wednesday and enter your order. WE DELIVER UNTIL, NOON n Meagflier's WO Deliver (if "' "" - ii.ii. , Our nearest store b well stocked with complete variety of the finest festive foods from the four corner of the earth et money-serine prices. Save on the food for your Thinlcigivins dinner by taking edvenUee of die esue food value offered. Svansdovn Cako Flour For your Thanks giving Gke 25c SVa-Ib. pkj. CAMPBELL'S Tomato Soup, 4 cans 29c ,?"i25r - - Monday, Tady, Wtdeesday rab ' Fruit . Calies 7 vXFy Cranbemes . as5!t 55c iisc . &xira Q?alues for Gtanh giving W'Scy0Ha?W 25 C Crlsco .tm:r Vfflc Ya 6 te- . Snldcr's Catsup i2 iX 17c Apples Sawyer's Lily Sodas .1 5c 20c Pabst-ett "VX" 19c Grapo Fruit Kosto AtltliT 3 22c s UT9 M ICa , 3 medium 80" Iww Bagdad Dates SJr 2 23c - r.llnce Heat 2 23c Potatoes 1 '" Genuine Idaho Rus- (JC Queen Olives 32c 15 pk ... OOP Ckantttgirlng CDmntr cfuggmlton .,31c HAZEL Ginger Ale 14c Grap Juice SSS, Z5c twin CL WMt Breed 2 U 15c 1 5c Pumpkin A1T -9c Trull$ and QgdalL C. E. r.lOMNSEN, nianagcr 115 Lincolnway o: N $l ?MMIiVftV9-1?'0? I All i n 5a (cio Uctta AMERKAN HOMI SIKCNAOI Friday Evesbss, 7;30 to I.-00 e W3-H THI SMITH r AMI,y MoUy Evenlnci, 9:00 to 9ii0. W-t-N-R J J 17

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