The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on March 8, 1892 · Page 4
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 4

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1892
Page 4
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I r ir" :it: t (- i i f.: ; V- lii, t II. '5 . .S' -" If'-i-, i i i v ' FlilAIiCE At.D TRAFFIC. Money Easy and is Light Dtnand. 1 Broken Negotiate V7. , ?a roTl BW Aa O W ,Loani and Eeplae Old One. stall Mm af Xaatera xcaaf T Tralfa Artisl Aeti-e Ia I iMiritlM QaUt Vv Yark Steaks the Br-B. Moxpay ImtN, March T. Thar waa tba oaaal easy and tama condition of tba moner market, aad about tba . only animation to rliev tba monotony of , 1 1 L .a .tUn 4 IthAHl Bam r9 ohjidcw waa u w .....i r eurracy to tba country. irMA)l hawa no tnars was not enonsn oatgo t a fleet tba anp-ply of loanable fan da to an extent thai would atiflen rates. Applicants for bank favor were freely accomntoosted at tba usual rates of oa par cant, on time aad 33 per cant, aa ealLOnly ona bank reported good de- Mfiro-r found vary little to do. owing to the scarcity of paper. TBere were very few borrowers in tba open market bat plasty of capitalista with money to land at low rate. About all tba bnaineaadone waa in tba negotiation of a few new call loan at I per cent, and the replacing of old ones at tba same 'VTrarina-honae exchangee amounted today to 177.2GU, against f2.CeS.05O oa fcatnrdar. 1 bare wers amall sales ef fr-astern azebaoae batwaea banks at eOo per 11.000 disconnt. Offering wers fair at this rate, but banks in general bid only 60a0c discount. Ibemer-ran tile demand waa fair. lar waa tba counter bnrina end eeliina rate. Might it-rlina- was in active demand with anlva at 4ti8af3SH. the market closing easy -at as asked. Muroantile sterling bills were purchased by twaUtttM. uiner loreian exchanee was quiet, 'i be following were tba closing sell in a rates: Bternae tm dars -rfc' "' Fw aamaad ebnki fur f'"" klttf rstls iKiy-aay oius iorsiw , u Osriaaa three-Saya' siglit lor fuor ratenmarlu M4 eraaa slxtyar btlis lor tear raieoaaarkaJL. There wa no chance In Government bonds In tbe New York market from 117 bid and ll7aked lor four per cents and par dio - for two par cents. Following are the raliog l prices for tbrec days: UcK. a. Men. . Mek. T. f y :4r. su II m. 1 O. a. n.a. bands of Itaji. 117 117 117 U. . X p. a. boodi K MM) MS The investment demand for Government four per cant bonds waa fair in tba local market, with sales at 1175. but there were none offered to banks. Tba following quotations rated at the close: ... Baring. felllne. it a Kt..riaas in n7 1: a mr - ' ,,,, St Iocal securities were rather quiet, altboach tharft srsa a IttLle mnre dona tiiu usual in i smnil lota at the block Kxchange. There was only a moderate business in bonds on the ontaiae. Tba general market was firm. Gas sold at 196H. closing at H bid. and 190 asked. treet sold at 10all0. ana at the cloae there wars buyers for mora at lCWJii. There waa a good inquiry for C. ii. and D. Kailroad common stock, and waa bid. rttock Kxcnange business comprised tba fellowiags - 1 serosa Call. . It IS assess Gas Cosaaaay ' , 1S5H I l snsrs itmm voaipaay staos.MM.M jvft a soatsa cutaaioas ana Jkeaia at. ak atoca. 17 rrsuirtua. tlthsraa insillitac sod C. W. C& stock. H1 ilarM Clnel.instl ntreet Hallrnad aloes., toi't I snares Cutumbus sad Xeala H. K. swsk. 17M aacoarp call. H sbaras Cloeiaaatl mreet Kalirnad stock.. 1 1 M atisrea UaaaaaU JlisovIo Ugot iwaaw Us . 1 The following aalea ere reported outside I the block ivxcbanae by bankers and brokers: Si 0W yaaoiag rioatiae Dabs 7s. daa lain ia a. H . and I. iJaooUoaH. R. a !!? s,wu ai. mq ua. n. ooawniaaiaq , 7 .on C. M. sad UK. R. eon an I Mated 4S. 7 ft.aOisetanatl elaklng rood . due IW1IH fj4 Claelaaatl aty Hall ex. due Ma.. "ir.'V St.Satlsclniistl t liy Hallaa. Ous IWNL. jtv laana iiadsasu aaraaa suuiroaa aaoaa. aad laiarsst. - The following table sbawa the transactions - In securities giving the highest prices when sales are made, and tba highest "bid" and : lowest asxea omouti quotations: rmi irii, bond. I RI.IAsk. c. a. iat - p I1SSJ cl h. o 7-soa mn rm Cn-s.rsnro) i.av aa.uciuit;) Cot. W. W. aa C n. gold aa. . -in riH - A . oor-ey as: ' ,Ha c. n. 7s. i f-ixaSaj.-i c?. i ?a. iwit-.-rai liaa i:orknrlon aa. CXTlnfn m s"aaia d't sjlH falsal t-nviDgioa aa. Newport aa... via. aa ita . .'i ta -iia I Lin a Ma)l!lnuM lul rewpori s. .Newport 7 Sja NewDort aa Cla a (Da)H -lot t1aa(Ca)IV'U4i aaanaA'lMiaj -iu 11 'ss Co. A r. 4a Cla ra.aa: ata)lu.l-f tin P-.asdJai.aiaa, ua Ft. as tcsl !! ia H 'o Cosu-U a 1 'lot K'anCoXVSS a'lo K mOoao-an saii is islii l"4 i lu. rv.s,isaiioii -itat H 'BCdMI taIIOS CI n. r a. is ii lot H'aaCotiKWss Avondnls3sl Cin. Pv.aa.isiol Km, 'Hlt cia. in Cla (Miarl O n aa t Da )Tut ' tin aa (vxiuol Cla. aa. issi Cuy Hall Cov4s.lttM avooaaiaas l lltton sa fire Pralu. LOT Khool aa lMs WI IOIM ioi ti usa. m ioih lira It sis C. W W.a. mil lOHl -alas i BsiLaoap aoMpa. hU. as StHj M ens. tr.Sa aiin CAM. 7s .. I.. C A 7al. 1111 .CHAD oaa.fa ltt t-.I.H. IC a CH teoa.(a a i is Kih c.U l.Acaa tuif miK aioai, IX. u AC 7Sw ,Tnr a W7 -!, c. ss I k tat - ! ! ic.Al. IstTs lo CU I oon CUUoo..M A'. w. 7S.. 1.A W. a ! IS V. A V. t il a A 1. Id 7a'looW I 7a'a 1st 7 l . 7S.II W.Jajt C.H.A1 IstTs H7 Male C . M W. aa CUAN. cart I. A M. aa K7M m it. ti 7S.i-is ! . C.M.As'1 W.;ainil eTBBST SAILBOAD HUM t on. 7a, lB-,iioij ' So. Cot. A lit Ii VOB. TS. ISJ US -laa Mill, cab.ts , Can. 7s. I,. 11 mat Ml Aa. eso lal Mt Aa Ele&aa Mt AA In. as Mt.Ad.M-a ta Ml, AO. in. aa ' ,lom ua km (! cva. 7s. lin.ruM no Can. 7s. jm. !! !hi Con. aa, lavs. !iwti . Cos. 4a, na)A... luon -ioi Ja.vwv.A j..ia !.! wsLtassupa snsia, I I Cla. Dsn. 4a ItltM Maaonie a insslZ C. l Cam. 4a. -iou Maseaks aa 'lot P. 4(1. as. ia 'imh sal Laoaa stock s. ilttla MImL ti7t;:ii CoL AXaala. ITH JLir ML.Ad.ASP luvsjl us O.W.(..AT-y. I Cla. Mr I IM sals BAM K STOCKS. Pacona Nsl'i. i' Marital Nat'l 11 1M oarta Kat'l. Sat commercial a J-a t-aiaralta t W astern Uar. ua MarahVat'l Il CI a. M. D. A T ST HI sens' Na'l ii C T. A a. D... u ria-l. IK an f .T NatUov Ttm i',lm S-'.n-! ar. Hat. Vav 1ST Alias Hataal UH - lascBAiaca BTocaa. -m""-- ii so iyramaav.. Mi ii A rofa aa ua Fidelity : CtneiiaaU lao lal I tiloba.Z I no Commercial . .National ZZZT lis ' Xnraaa. tit eoarlty lie J ST I W-,B,BM"- 11714 -laoBLLAaaiiv stock a. Dufflrai 1 atalesilCla. rxaalcatl Cta Kia lath u,tl v. eart 11 d. Ioa I.... Lonarn Llsht Ulack A CI 'a. ClB. U. ML. Yd ri4 1f.-f JJ.a. atok-g Col Til . AllSLatC v. Col The followingquotation are nnoflSrtal. and hen sale are reported ar at bigbeat prices: rKLISTED STOCKS. First Mal'nsl Third Nat'a'l Ubia Vat. Nat . jto,ult Aat'n'i vmaa TroaL-first Hat Cov Cov. city Nat iMIsatl Valley CM. A Iteiu 13 i.ti.aupl. 4'i' (a TV in. A M.araf. 1M4 t. as aa, com. ) ho. Cot. A do S87 170 Mt 1X1 I 11 US 2t .. lit 1W 1.1 . 1W j 'NW A , Cable IBrnab tlcbL. win riatcov JXarth'ra Cev . I rat -at It pi lap M-a Mni CoACIb. Brpr Mil turd Nat'l . . wwm P. A u. prat UI7 II ! -Asa interest, tntt XCxivldeaA . The Nw York atock market was decidedly neanan in it tendency. lhr mar bava - been abort sal to soma extent but advice wer that tbe weakness waa cansed mainly by a flood of long suk. and tb very latest lT,'i!m,V" 7e?.i,a f?n,c,-.Jn-t bear Aco.1r?lof tbi market Tbe very prp- - i li j . " luor rapidly. . 1 ' a- S a rt wSa J .f nrther riaa. wrra tbe one to break tha eaxi-la tha unloading process business wai : r."" war aepeuuetl upon to lead a vunaiueraoia. sales asare gating 447.bj6 shares, - ooomIouI operators who bad con lid a nee In a reeoviiry bought on tba declines, while others sold, and were iortunatain disposing ol tbair prbpertie before the lowest point wkI" rHtched. . In some broker' onioe. WDOee customers hail rtreviot-i.lw k a rie--ew.Kuglana, for instance there was An inclination to wait for a recovery. ew Terk Wanetat atntlora. l'-kw Y'oek. -March 7. Money on call saty t lHil last loan J: etoaad Offered at frim znercantU paper 4-5H par cent Kterliag x-change quiet and eatier at 4&SM tor sixty-day bill and 4875 for demand. Tba total aalea of atock to-day war 460.a83 aliarea. including Atchison M0 ahare. Delaware. Lackawanna " rsrn wmn. nria laaoo, Lake Shonl ?. Louiivllle 7.170, XlchUanrantrallTsa Wtb-wctcrti 5tl. New Jersey Central flOU New York Central 4.164. Nori hern l scirlo preferred 4.CSO, New England piOSi V extern TJiiion 4.100. i us stock market to-day waa not so active a n batwrday, nor were the movements on I ao large a scat. though iber war qt lionr vi o.iHine msteaa oi two, l her fit on the whole a brra leinper to the dealing, but con--TT-t'i". fl"." r . and while th " i-winyrta uia most rro- riouncad trenath. the osiers, indastnils and iVrv Ktigland were peclly ik at . . . v. 1 1 uiiriua .ua lorenaMin. A lurtncr engagement o( gold for export had join fnrtuence in creating a beariso tern per. bat there Wat no renewal of thTriid cf Saturday, apd were left mori to thair natural bent and with th removal .? ttie prvaaure a firmer waa develoned i nere was very Inn doing for foreign a fount, but better supnort in tn coal stick was a Ucnir in tba improvfd tone, while the i aitivegtrength shewn by Lake rherr. and . i i ''wi'i-a-rn, uruutm tut who) -iun, m tiia aiternooii. ilia hirliniiiml . r . t v. ,.a Ptn -it Point secnrlHe t d urine tna fora- 'ii I "trail vei r i ti s aio s r. f 11 I 4 I I i riy, and lue 1 1.. ua rcovvri IHI 1 ! in im ,. IM Ji j ua ii tt I a t ha lota of the UnftwAtn. Tbrrnm general wer well auppnrted. Umuftt, rat im Dusineae ducuiim wiuii tlie BftrrnvMt Ifmiu. aim! mnftinM aarin trut MttM (Ut m t .a .aiali or ha 1 of Hit but as the day ware along Uie eatire market bowed ie fsvensheese. nl prtoae roa lowly is mMaw to tbe mora ttlel leal- ins im tha Rum. JCearlinc and New Kaelan war Main I be active specialties, but whHe trie latter roae slowly with the gnrrat wi. lb lorntrwu in lull supply iuna t arid failed to- renin ita early I sa. Amonf 1 1 ha aner title New Yatrk . binsonrhanna end I U'MtMii tliwta M iffiJn a-aan Ami e,m peratively active, tba - preferred . making a material improvement, while Conlage dropped i par mdl. only a mail portion of which waa regained daring the Bltern-on. I be leading stocks, however, renamed fever-Ita and unsettled to the end. and in th- last boor there waa tba moat determined raid of tba dar made oa the liav, when heading. Ifet rho a. Nnrth-wMi.m and New Kn- cland were materially depressed. Lake Shore lotting aiiaoM all 01 its neavy cat a 01 tue lore-noon. - - . - . 'J be opening of the general list was. in most Ira raftionall better than eatiirilav's tinal figures, while Missouri Wciflc for no apparent reason, waa op 15 ver cant, and Omaha and Lielawareand Hudi. each 1 per ceut. Iber waa no settled tenqeney in prices during tne an lira session, ana period of weakness alternated . with perratlaof I BfMn ith thraatluiat the entire dV. - Th I - , Vt. i 7 .7- i ,.7. ka ,.,,ka al I mu w i aa , uvur. aivao., w " " r moat everv thins traded in down to the low est point of tbe day. bnt n sharp rally in tba trailers occur rail in tue last law miaaiea. in market closing eetiveaad unaeuled generally at irsctionai loaai'S lor ine oar. nestling. hnaar lailasa Vii. Jersey Central 2 and New Knglaodl. percenuwhilethelow-prjced specialties retained most of their gains, and tbe iUcbmond aad West fotnt preferred clused at s7i. tlie bis-best pnes ol tba day ml 9 Si htfr lhan Mutunlav. . bailroad bonds ware rather qniet until the afteruooii. wbea tba number of issues traded in herima larger, lfnd inareispd aelivity in tba Richmond and West hoi nt issue added character to tba market whiok bad lacked features. I'hese beads were again swronr. aad while reacting in tha last hoar under pressure, still scored th only importast gains of tbs day. the hves being up 9H aud tlte stxsa. two at S3 and 98 respectively. Government bond dali and steady, states haa haatt flail and amulr. ine Post sara: the reasoning of tbe operator far higher prices is perfectly plain, blocks bought by outsiders several months ago are conndeatly held, and there are prac tically no stop order m the market from tin source tyondon. wnnse liquidation check mated all the later plans of tha Keadina bulls, appears to have practically nothing to sell in tb Vanderbiit stock. Tlii. let it be kept in mind, is tbe inference froih appear ance: and it ta not to oe lorgotten mat face indication led most people to the same I conclusion about Headina I It was tba extravagant ad at two montna ago. vance in iteaama prices which war Led tba landslide of fqaign an a an. 1 " At present bowever. it Is safe to assert that no sign ot such reitanee has been eit-countered by the manipulators of tb Vanderbiit stocks. This, of course, merely shift the questiun and leaves an open query as to a-bo is taking np these beavy pnrcoase and what the buyers mean to do with them. That bona tide outside capitalists are being in vested In the stocks at these prices few cau tions observers . believe. There is aa yet no speculative outside niiyina on a larsa scale, i et there can be no opal prorit in such an advance nniess somebody appears on whom ma duii can unioaa nis itocx. '- - V - Mtwlag atoefca. ; . New Your. Vfareh 7. Minine onotstinns; Aspen 300. liest dl Beicber 225. J hollar 123. (consolidated California and Virginia 425. Dead- wood T 190. turekat onsolldated 190. Uould Cnrnr 13ft. Hale fc Norcroea 15 Homestaka 1325. Horn riilver 36U Iron i I ver 120. Mexican 2D0. Ontario 4100. ODhir 200. My mouth 200. folosi 110. Savage 170. Hierre Nevada 170. Htandard 130. Union Consolidated 165. Yellow jacket lio. - Man FkAPCisro. March 7. Tba official clos ing qnotaoone for mining stocks were as follow: ana.. Maaa .1.0 Sulwer.. ataiolier . Bt4t BaicLSr J St Bodle . i I aa Uua. faetfle. Con. Cat. at Va Crown foist. Kniatl Yellow Jack at J.U Uoaid A lartr 1 - Coin nun atalia. Male Mororuaal Martin "" ,M Dal Monte K. fommon wealth. 'aoa Uarati Heila lale ot u Belie ia4s ' .Boston Mecka. Boron, starch 7. Cloainc prices: Atchison Topeka. Mt Do. and Uraul 7s IN- aallroas., Baatoa A AlUany Al7lf Boatoa A Mlns.ia7 . C. & A 4. lot , tin., aan. A Cists Rsalero Kailruad Do. (a ijt -' fllconorc Hanraad. a Flint at P. - Do. pre erred. , mi K.e.. XL J. A C at. 7.. U at. A Ft. " Wis. Can. ttnnti- If 4 Co. pralarraa suit uauaia.u.Daaw i All. -lie ti Biajtas A -" n vaiaoiet at rtaota. Catalpa. - raUn U!4 Moroo t JCearars . , It Uaceoia. Ss Pewabla. aaw . Qulncy enota Fa Copper T m ua lo. 7a Maaa. Central ia4 .Aanialoa Land Oo Max. Caa. oomuoa. H Boston asd C. uot ooaa scrip. r-aa uieg uasa c . is tKK 1st m. bouda . . " West Knd Las Co I N. T. A N. t- ,,,W1 Bail TaleaboaaJ la. 7a i Lamsan Ktara la U. A C. eoo Water Power 4 yjm v.uiwnT ia a. nianniaj jainias it Katiaad common sag. t. t, , st hutlsod Drafarrad S ii. A B. Oappar , U TbuDsou-ileBsloa-. H Clearlag-rloaae atmtamaata. aractAL siaraTcasa vi raa sxsvisss. - Boamw. March 7 HjinV elaein la.ritv S15.SiW.a09. balance $1,663,035. Money ln. percent. caaogeon new i ora iu K aiar count . . . j RALTI-naa. Vfareh T. Kank eles-inea trwlav C051.42a. balancea t3b-3U- Hate a per cent. I;hicao. Mareb 7. Money easy at 4tie net wo. ii a cieannirs 3IT I or. e X- change 60b93o dijeouaw burling exchange uuii ana uncnaiigea. . , t i.iTIi.tiin. Msrrh -inset a i tw dsy wersJ024.45i Money 7 percent Bxciiang vmm iw a uia far to a per vent preniiuni. March 7. J'enk clearances to-day 168X900 12. balai.ces tM.807 36. New York, axebauxa Par. Money easy at t nor OBIll. " LoursviLT.a. March 7. Tlanlr clearing wMr i.w.oi vs. Bainnces tuxx.. jU 41, Money o in 7 per cent. Axcnang ou rw kork par ao ojc discount. . Mntpnis. Mareh t - V TnrV iawliia iseuina as uar. Lisanura sbi.ih naiain'a Nrw osir. Marsh Kant, elaartnea trw uay j )is.b, oaiance a.toj.zua. i Nnr OlLtiln. Marrh 7 flainM Sim 69P. New York commercial 60c per S1.000 pre mium, stuia ai uu var (i.uju pranimu. - rnti.inn.ani. March -f aarlnaa 4nt $iajl7.438. balance a!ni33. Money per I vcuw - . . . IITTaarTRO M.ieh 7. flaarlnaLhanu . v changes l-.301.S5r 48. ' bal-ncea t397.07S 07. Currency in lair demaml at par. and ao waa Laatern exchange: trading at eve figures. Sr. I -oris. March 7. I'lcarin-s LTr W ha). alien aiiAin. uonfraiwrMnL a.Tcnnni i on .ua x or a par to ao premium. Slide-Valve Steam Engines are made as a. specialty by . Houston, Stanwood & Gamble, ' Cincinnati, Q. ' :: , Heavy, Strong & Generous. ' Write for "Eorineer's Kefereace Book'1 of . value to all owner aad ena4"itaaai engines. ' ' Imhl-SStTu) ' " TRAFFIC. Business of tbe Day Briefly Eerie wed. ' Moxoat EvkSiKO. .March T. ISO. Tba followinc table show tA receipt and bloraenta of leading artidaa ot rar.&an-diae in tlii market for tbt past twenty -four hoars: f'.-. .' - : k rftiia. rnsjKil -leMolaa. -aa. Avolaa. rl SMI Lard. L -k-s-j barter. baan. Boitar. pks . Candiaa. txa. tlaj M; ' : rwra, ara. Ho. had.; Mil MAIL. DU S ion IN ktasi 7 S" t:t -it tattle, bead-l Mat la 1 uata. bawn , toaisir tiOaaTAirs: a." I744t ma! I7M; TMI . am .!.! XaKV r4 ro'm. or i tri corn. Dwan... Cottna.lMiisa. Kgaa, uKsa.. rMtafs. eaah. Hra, IhIw. alt. brl "Llt. aacka. aed. etover- in a Flour. brl.J liM trait. Iba. MIS; is: ATM IK .71 nay. toa hnculi. j JMI ' l nave aed. II mat 'y M neap,ueaaj Kull-nVIi ta a 4oKa B-o mm. thal acar.aaoa.. uar. ana a .MI. aoo. bNBon itiu L-rO. trClb-l S3MMI 17il Vlrhisay..brial norghaot.brla! II : ! BRELPSTUFF?; - Ac. ria-Th naarket i qniet and an eawar feeling prevail, especially for anrrng wheat brand. Prin patent sold at (4 and but few brands Ul Hring auv mora. v. ble snmo a ottered aa low aa $4 7. .rnn- fancy is tfrrH4 at ta uiKt .. r i . f - inter Patent l bcl.i -ti-aililv at ? mir fancy sold at H jb4 and iqmi.niiir.v J L J ne- ntllKa- Ol ID lat- Ur irpale MSJ6i80.-axtra. ! held afOlJa S3 40, and low untile at toal Kye flour r inactiva aod easv -t ft &u T. Riiima.t i. otleead 11,11 r.a'2 5J par 100 lbs. in sacks fee-, lore. Male hrl: fi nrma iawi H 8.V. l'O winter tancvtl ;W(bl 2i, &) do it 20, 60 winter family s: 75. and lio spring braatu-Vim On racks) at S3 44. . 4- COjtTABATIVB aest . Marrb7. ISM. fareh7flBU Flour. Inter fair nlyai un mt ktasauao w .rat urn : alntar rail ut r -. -. t r .No. 1 1aMi ai um. Wa. 1 mixed ? . xiH . , ... . no. -.. , , , ., o ; - ss Wnas-r Oferings are in excMt'nf th demand, tuotigh the tatter is fuir. ani riie rnar-ket is wwi.r. One car No. 3 winter rd soad at 4q. one car No. a Mr. and t;wa cars prima taxi by sanipia at V3i: on track. t uKji i hre i a mruniicr lone to tl a msr. m-Ki, B;.qt iu l. ji auDPucd. but t t. :-..aud Iv? at w nt-ifl . -If .04 Opblr us Potcsn sarait. I.H Merra a Colon Coa..l.tu Llh -A Is only moderate. Ko.Jwblei quotabl jtt 4444c. Twoeara xto. i yeitow aoia at . ..a v a mixed 43c one? ear do 4xHa one car No. S mixed 49o. and ona car choice yellow ear at 45c, all en track. - n-1 k. Hula Sa here ia feddl firm It at We. bat tber is no demand to speak 1 and ao aalea were reported- OATs-Ar in moderate anpply. and, with a good demand, tna. market is iirmev. fbree ear Ji; wbito sold at jc one ear white by Sana pie arxtO. one car w c. " ''- whit Kite on car c 3 mixed 33. tbreo cars do 3-to aad two cars do at 32Jc all on Tuiii.rv Vo aalea ar. reportedr and 'tie market U weak ana nominal. MiLt. Frxn Is in fsir demand and spread-. Bean is qnotable at f SO. and middli oi . . twia am In Hulk akn traec. IIat Remains strona and fairjy'active. PiuIm fir -riv sells at f 12 SOall No. 1 do at ait vn v e An at tlO SL.11. clover S9 SBaia and mixed at S10 per ton. etraw .aalia at Soa5 SL . OBAfW ISSPkCTIOSS. i"y f -rlae Ufaroh T Pars? mm. four No. thna Ka l mi. Sa 2 vrilow. six ear: wheal. seven Mo. 3. three No. I. two rejected : rye, ona No. 3: eats, eight No. 3L five No. 3. two re jected: barley, two extra o. 3 spring. ... - - eaatir ty aroaa. ' . ...'..".'. Tha following tahle show tha aggregate aronntof grain remaining in the two regular elevator in this city at tbe ciose of basb nea baturday. Marco : - . - . MO. 1.. i.ta s a t.w S.7SS i tew. . fail . I sprlag- Extra Ha fall Ax ua ". sprlag-tK7 tn Total. JtMJK . H sa . -- .) Kl S wtatse red. BT o. 3 winter red. ' Total , t.9 OaU. Jt. 3 mlxeoL. t.Ot M 3 wnti , 3.7I Total. . XI .144 TO-DATS WSKAT AID COSJt MuVIMMT. , Mlnneapolia Araiutn.. Mt. vula. e-"i- -(A XI, 4 O l!i.l.,..n . C7 tJMl - 11JM4 TISIJU.B StirrLT STAT KM .XT. . . Mar. t. tV. Fat. 9. WZ. Mar. 7. WI Wheat, bosb. cijmsas ci.iii.oi 2 (Men, buao li.uto.7 . oit.xrt ' a.7Kt uata. onan i,im. a - i.Mo.oas . x.isa'n) Hy. boaa l.8ln.r ' lsmlit aRAal Barley, baab 1 16.47 ,a64 Wheat Increased 414.000 bnah. Aora In creased 478,000 bush. oris, decreased 44.000 bush, rye cteereanea 48.000 bush, barley de crease suwu ooau. COAL. There i not mnch demand and prices are easy. Pittsburg afloat ia bela at 7 He per bush of 2S8 cubic inches for seeqnd pool and 6Hc for fourth Pool. Kanawha River 7c Ash 'and Cc Price to consumers are aa follows per ton of 3.000 lb delivered: Pitta-bars C Campbell' creek S3. Raymond City B3. vt lniireae 2 z.. Aaniantl st anthracite o oj. COTTON. The demand ia litrht anil the market harel st cany, tock on nana lzoU balea, Ulucial quotation are as toiiowa: . . ordinary-; . 9ac Mlddllne - 7e Oood ao Oood """""i . 7e w mianim, a-0 . . . WHISKY. The market la fnllr maintalnerl. ani tha .......... .4 .. . - a ojn k.i. i: : i . . 1 1 ! . i ..v i'iia uuupuwa aw as ppon a oasts ot ujt 5 HOGS. '8nnnlieare amnio for tha demand, anrt Ttricea an eenernl ara ateadv. hnt nnn, 1 1, a better Qualities are on sale, nntnmna Una aa ao. inir to aooa iignt S4 cue bu. good DacX' tug at out t . putcnera selection 34 H6a4i l o-day. olnea Mar. 1. L 1HH. Receipts - 4.IM . 17.006 . . u4 bklpoo i IA44 ' ll.lll 447 lcoppty ,-. ; JJ ' S.7DS PEO VISIONS. " - If any thine the market ia Arm ar. at tlieea are some bolder willing to sell at conces sions. Dover, nowever, continued to bold on. . I'd.. TK. 4. l,a 1,1 .1 . price are steady. U ess i anotable at 11 f VOit, ill 25. extra clear i do 111 6.Hall 75. family ill duau b cieari lamiiy tu 5a S7H aud dear back at H3 25jf labp fnme iun will bring 6ie. bnt holder ask more for round lota, a lot of CO tierces selling at tQ. aeuvereo. 1 ) B T Hit Tin Mm. Am anial an A- Hem .hort clear sides ara otinfaKln at A on LL, and abort rib side at 6"45.80c Sbonldersare held at 4fo5o. 20.000 lba short clear sides seli- inraiseand.oua lba abort rib side at 6.80c. Hacom The market ay. with a fair job-bing demand, ribort clear ia anatabla at 6.65a.aoc. short rib at 6&40c, and shoulder at bSaAMc looa. . - blUAH-Lc.ED MXATs There- Is a steadier tone to tne mar-ei ana a moderate aemand. Heavy hams are aellina ataAfoA. naHinm to light no at 10c extra light do at 1034c, breakfast oacon (boneless) at 8H8Hc, do ree tllar at 79tr and ahouldena at SiKa Bar lh. can vaaeo ana packed. riCKLxo m cats Prices are well maintained and tbe demand is fair. Mediani to light hams sell ala.a8?4c. bellies regular at 7367!4c. d clear at 7Ha79a and .h.nUaraat iaiW. tuny cureu ana packa in tigat uercea. COMPABATIVV PajCBB. March 7. TO. ll 12)4 March T. t. jo oh araH ta Uryaltaa aoort rib, trr-alied shoulders Abort elear bacon, packed abort ri baooa, pack4. i Movement of hoe nrndnet at Cincinnati uviu noveiamr i to Mima o: . Hee ta. ttblD'ta. T4.i Khlnit. ja,wa w.avajjss ts.ka.vm 4ot.xs Aljliiaia lawu.r.. 7.474.40 g4 .3W I.Z7 . 2.M4 , . SA1U Foreign exnort for the : week endine March ft were as follow Portland. New Or- I rails ana .Montreal not included tail year . . I"-k t rw .. . el. Pork, brla. Lard, lb Bacon. IPs-. b.VO 11. an.Hit 12. M4 4U Total f ore I en e T nnr ta from all nar tn f o , vr 1 . 1 .v.. w" w .luiviuiwi iv.iuiuaii . 1S00-91 III Pork, brls loj.;a7 aro, ioaM Baooa lba I7S.I7.SSC IW.7M.tll - I8ix7. ia& - SJIAIS,1S - GROCERIES. ' ' Const Firm and in madersta ri.m.nit Rio inferior 13"tl4e. common 14'al4v lat ordiuary ISalo'c ordinary lal6a. good or atnary it saiio. ow ur i7ai77.e, lair 18a l!c prin e liV4aiie-.c. choice lttal4 Uolden Rio 19Mal9SG. nantna inferior tn fair 1" l?,c. io gooa 10 cnoice iyvaiar4C. caracca OHaac tTtiatemaia za.4c, Java 24a29c Mucus aaxio Dtr ihium. erOAB - Hieartv and oniet. Vew Or-Ieana open kettle 3Ha3c tl clan lied SaatHc, Kaat-eru rebaed yeliew 3Hc extra V 3Hc. white do 55c. oft A 4c confectionery 4a gran- utattMi 4J-4eu. powaerea ana cuoe 44o. sIolasks r asr and slngaish. Choice ou kettle New Orleans aeils at 30o ner ealioia. Jiood to prime do S3a28e and centrifugal at 0-200. . hick Active and firm. Foreign qnotabl at o?aoc ana aotneaiia as c-aaac per POUliU. me latter price tor lancy tiead. Hnuaniis-Plentiful and dull.' Prima 4a choice sell at 22a-fe per gallou ia amall lota romaiora. ;. ... .. GENERAL MERCHANDISE. TlsiAita I.isnt demand mntt nn hn m A ew torn nana-pickeo marrow are quo. abieatax lu, pea. navy ana medium at 31 70a SI 80. fair t prim Wee tern aavy at SI 4Sa 41 60 per busb. and eemmou to prime hut sandy atock at Slat 23. - HoTTkir ine aeueral demand is fair, with hue dairy scare and firm, and eiaiaurt plentiful and easy. Fancy Elgin ereatuery sella at 31c choice Ohio do at 27a29c. and lower grades ot Indiana and Ohio do at iS a4c t.boice dairy sells at l0c. prime do at lal7c and avod Packing grades at ltaUc DiLVBe-Aluiei and strati T. Choir tuiaiwr ell at 6 Ha 7c gocxl io prima baoc. common 10 lair S4c, i a ; . . . t Hsksk Light demand, bnt the better qnaltti- scarce aad tirm. Fair to prim Ohio ttat ia Quotable at llial2c lull cream at 12a 13c, Nortb-weKtern Cheddar llallHc, Mew York Cheddar lilSc. and arxxl ia rhaii domestic bchweitier li13Hc per lb. -woo in market la weak and very ranch nntwttied. ainaia casea sailing at 13c per dox. Packer are alow buyers at tte. aa lower prices A--e expected. HkMr f irm and t n good demand. ' Kentucky rough is quotable at 3lL3 per ton on arrival, and eH at Sll in jobbing lots irom store, and singlq ureased at -He aad double at 8)c per In. - , '.. Oils 1 i.chauaed anil rather . unlet for refined petroleum at' tb following price for car lota, email lota seiliaarat Sale hmliar: Ohio. Kentucky ami liirli-im l-i ard Sc. and water-whir 150 headlight at 7c per gallon. Lard oil iirm lor winter extra at 55e per gallon. Linaeeit oil ia nrm and quiet at S6o. per gallon for car lot and l2c tuor tor nuait iuu. - . .. PkASCTs Moderate jobbing demand and teadv. Prime ehoioe (arm,' r.,iiK nt ... IS Quotable at c ftrmara' arraenarl at 2 . mcaoi, aao UAUU-SICAIM SJtVo iTotitTkT Keceipm tare and the market asv with a light demand. Prima a lw.i - chicken ell at SSalJc, roosters at t-ic. duck at 10a lie and turkey at alOo per lb, aud geese at cat a au per aoxen. .alt tluict and iiikuhaneaA flh? 171 a ells 1 at 30o per bri of 2x0 lbs and Si Per brl of 7 buah at tb river, and Michigan at We per brl ot 8S Iba aud SI 1- per brl .f 7 bualt on track, drayaae added for delivery. j (-! Higher and active for rfnaar hnt other seeds quiet Timothy ia aellina at tl ATI al SO per bush, and do ver at 10Snic per lb from store. . ieair bid 83e per bu&b lor ax- T allow Firm and in fair demand. City la quotable at 4c aud 00 u a try at 43aa4Ho ner uouno. ' ... Wo Fair demand, and. wish lin-ht nffVi- tv the market t nrm, lircal dealers baying It the fallowing Price! Lnwaniied mrdinn. clotbiae 22a23p. Combine and delaine ........ 1.1. ....I w ..1,1.. u . . . . . uu--, . .mo nierino liaise, nurry nd rotsllaiati. tieece-waabed tneainm ciutb- ng Zb7c comhinc .na ilel t-7- Bianco X anil XX 25-i2c Unrry ant 00 ta li tuo-wasbed xj. panted iao. FftCm ANO VEGETAiJLi 1 Applfi Light demand, and. with, liberal acki. tha niarkat i, a, IV. m inn -.fl Slal good. to prtra SI Siwl 75. and cnoice to lancy at Eal "i5 per brl Irvm store. Chahhkrkiks Wtat and in.rnrr. TV fr to c hoic sei t at S4 u0 pur bri and SI GCaJ per iiinet craiej. l'Kirn nrrra Fteady. with only a miai'pn. t nmnd. Ilealer liiy prime to ciion- i ples at SjuIHc and peaclies at c per 16. t ictintttl and iow. 1 nnie to '(ain seu at iJ J04 and coajinoa l : . c i Per box. O ir:n fcirtv'ehfirerr"''i'--a-l t' i-iod. K.f Utviiw...i ...i Itec'd. ttntp'd. Keen ahto'd. few T"rk tl.-so 4.4Kt 14.C7 . BalUmora. S8.K 14 .Ont 7.J40- 12MI4 ihtladelpkia,- ih.w . sot , . H. ,- ff.i- , , , , tsija loiaa Milwnaaaa xa.aa - . M. JWJSW : ' i a. ti a an u.a him . WJ0S - ij-a I the enqutreb: crxcrxxATi, -ttjesdat. siAucn o. i892r at tl 75a 2 25 per box. orime trvcrjoice 12 TS and fancy at ii per box. and California BAvel at S3 5uaA . .CABBAr.-I.igbt demand and a weak market. Prime to eboico Northern ealla at tl 15 al ZS per brl om track, and St Swl 0 from tore, end cnoffce Atern atC- U. . Osiok tock not large, not toe demand Vthu Yellow lan ver sell from store at i'i hm ti 23 per brl packed, aad bring Waaae per busO loose on track. i'o-SAToaa Abuadant slow and easy. TVal-fra buy prime to ehoioe at 'iomx per bosh lo-ee oa track, and aril at SI Jl 60 per brl packed, and 4aaa5e per bosh Wee from store. River stock is quotable at Sa30e per busb. tiwgn Potato- inactive and weak. Prime to ehoioe Jerseys sell at i 2Sa SO per brL aad other varieties at Slal 75. Bales at the Florida and rifo iia FrnH A notion Hoone comprised 1.534 boxes Florida oranges st Ji 40a2 70. 3r boxes Messina lem or at S2 jai and 17.0U) KuaUn cocoaauu at $i 65 B2 CO. , 1 CATTLE MABZIErS. ? CrwciaitATt. Vfareh 7. Receipts ana hip- cow for tbe pest forty-eight bonra. as eoin- parea wita too am one week ago, are aa lol- - cxwcnsuLTi ejiiow stock tum '- ': ''..''. ' ' - Aeertpta. - ' ; Cattle. Han ft be p. yabenar SS I" m . Maiea I 1 ,1 1 . 1 mi 1 171 X.7M -- at tisljiswaft. JTeb-cary Maceh l.uo ab aaoTaaa srac 1 vaasa. Accctpts. - Cattle.' Hoc. Bhaen. , I7i . - V S Kebmary a March 7. lot a Pebrnar SS 14 1 area Cattle-Tba run to-day waa fair, bat the demand waa. comparatively indirierent lor we not buy- putcnera stock, and shipper in. The market for all ail inda was rather ieJceot 22S& quiet, without material change, except good stuckrr and feeder, for which te demand continue quite brisk at strong to higher Snce.. . Some choice steers bronsbt S4 2& lilch cow plenty and dull, fully S3 to S3 per iitsaii in we- tnan laat Monday, hlppen good to choice Sta4 K5. common to fair S2 75a3 75. oxen good tocboie S3a3 75. common to fair tea 75. select butchers S3 6Ca4. extra 10 to 15c more, iair 10 goon tJ Too- 40. common S axaO. heifer good tn choice heavy S3 25a3 83. fair te good light (2 6o3 25. cow good to choice S3a co 13. lairto inaoiura a. 7A conimoo Slal SO. fat dairv cows CI 7&a2 An nvt.r Co t,i k feeder SSIBOad 15. extra St 25. yearhng and KTUll'B CaiVC- 23 OUL Bulls Market steady, with fair demand and ItlOCleraL- reeeiDta. llkln nr1 li ht tl Ano bologna gKsSJt'L .Ttr. 1 rmti4l,. ,nrt ahinni.a a pu - , - - V eal Calyea Prices are different materially from last week s clow and tbe demand fair. C4mmpn and large S3 50a5 60. fair to good uauinaf.uilf za. ilo.a I he receipt were only fair, and about 500 besd were eonnmcd th nn?h .nd direct to Packers. O tiering were nioetlv of an ..uaaesiraoie cnaracter. with no strictly Choice beavv corn-fad hnra of tn onalitv on anle. 'I he general feeling was nn better un a mi w miu nnica ranara loaut tne same as utst Baturaay. reelect neavy shiooers and prime butcher S4 85a4 95 (non-of tha heat on ale), fair t good packing S4 50a4 85. common and rough S3 5oa4 40, fair to good light S4 4ua U 80. fat pias S4a4 S5. common S3a3 fiOi cuitp sua 11009 in consequence oi conv p-rutiveiy small receipts ana lair demand ericas ara saais hiotier. Haeen- e mn, a. fair S44 75. good to choice mixed S5a5 75. be t wainera aa ?.-ia a? mm t. ..,m m . ... -... S4 705 25. good to choice S3 50a6 23. extra S6 XL niimui. m.h a i a aiiiii' mi.inti 171 through. 103 on sale market Inn rn 1.V Kiuliae ior gooa outcher stock: heave grades alow: extraateers I16TM4 75: choice S4 204 50: good fairly lat sDlODlne 3 90b4 1u. Una.: riepinra 84 load through. 75 ob sale: market steady to a shade stronger for good to beet beavy grade. - Heavy grades S520a6 25: packers and medium S3 15e6 20. Sheep and lambs, receipts 7 load tbrougn, 125 on sale. Market 10c to 15c lower for all araoaar .ttra f an. v ihnt;ft- i 15: good to clvoice S3 50a5 75: fair to good S5a 46 40. ltmbs good to extra S7a7 20; fair to good ouayu. Cbicaoo, March 7. The Evening Journal reports: Cattle: receipts 14.000 head. hi emeu ta 4.000 bead: market active an.i steady to a shade stronger: prime steera S4 sOaa. others bU&4 7i Blocker S 15a3 70. cows S2-3 6a Hog: reoeiots 20.000 head, .hinmama in nrm uaau; market nrisk ana Maine higher: rough anu common at ooa 7a, luixea 14 S4 prime heavy ami butcher weights S4 96a5 10. light 14 85a5. tuns S4 50a4 75. Sheen: r i-nmta f,000 head, shipment S.0C0 head: market act-ve and steady: ewes S4 24 75. mixed S5a5 60, wethers S5 50-5 75. Texaua S5 IS, Wcaterns toaoaa w. lamoa 15 ioa7. Kait Lumr. March v. cattle? raeinta a .!........ .-A L. 1 . : A.OJK7 Un. BUIVIHOM 1.9 IV HC.U . Blttl A.l BCtlV ana loo to jc nig tier than last week prices no cattle shipped to New York to-day. Hogs receipts l&yuO head, abiomenbt 4.700 head market, firm: ail grades St S0a6 25; 8 cars of nosa sninnea la New vera tiwiar. Mriean receipia .ouo Bead, sbipments L400 bead: mar ket aotiv ana zae to 40c nigner tnan last wees once. lKPiAitAroLis. March 7. Tattle: receipt none; market about ibeaamaaa Saturday, bbeeo and lamb: receipts none; market in good condition. Hogs: receipt light: only ab-iut two car lnada on Bale market ateady: choice heavy shipping S4 855. heavy and mixed packing 44 75a4 8$. choice lights' 70 a woonimon llgnta M t4 bu, pig S3 85a4 30, rougos i ooa . . . K AKS.B f .rrv March 1 Cattle, eeei n l.TUunead. snipmenu 2oo head: steers strong. lOalae higner: coars steady: feeders Siena y steers Si 75, cows Si MlS S5. stock en S I 65. oi receipts 1.600 bead, ship ments x.700 head: market steady to 5o higher-: extreme range S4 30e4 C5. bulk f4 60a4 65. Sheep: receipts 900 head, shipments SOU bead: maraet aensraiiy steaav. LonrsviIJ.. March 7. Cattle: email reeeinta market lower: rood to extra ahipping S4a4 23. light abipping S3 7534, buKa SI 0a2 60. light stockrs Si 752 75. . bippera and feeders Kia a ou. nest Duicners wi 74, tnin. rousn steers. poor cows and scalawags SI 602 2. Hoe: reeerots .400 toend: market Mriaii v tnr other classes 75caSl Per 100 iba lower: choice Sacking ana outonersst 7ae4 so. fair to good Ulcbar S4 654 70t bheeo and lambs: ra ccipta 254 bead: market ateady: choice and high for common and medium stock: fair to good hipping 44 506, common to Medium utranie ao. i Omaha. March 7.-Cattle: receipU l.iEOhead active.- strong market: common to fancy leers S275a5. Western S3 753 50. Hogs: re- vripis ju ntwi : margrt active anti aaioc nigner: ncnt caa oa neayr 4 4034 60. mixea t ount no. r-neep: receipts I.VJX) need rtemana strons: market nncbanaed: natives 44 a5 to. westerns SlaS 25. Common Si 5us3 75. Ltoius a zaatk . - . sr. Lotria. March 7. cattle: vein fa 9 ma neaa, snipments uu neau: market stro ia: lair lo good native ataera t aiaA o f.: , good Indian and Texas steer S2 703 90. Hogs: receipts 2.860 bead, shipment 2.277 neaa: market strong; lair to prime heavy S4 704 90. mixed ordinary to good S4 3Tla 4 HO. light lair ta besttl 604 7a. Sheen: rsroiuu M1 heed, shipment none: market atrons; fair to deairabl muttons Scad. , . Nt Tntt. March 7 Tleeeea- TaaalaU X Tig neau. including aa cars tor sale; mirt.t lOeperlOOibe higher: native steera S3 S5a5 per luo IDS. DUI1S and cow SI 90a3 30. Oressd oeet atean y at ea8?e per in,, bhipment tomorrow flOO batevea aad CAf. atiaraeem nf !. Calves:, receipts 444 bead: market o per lb higher: veals 4Sa8 per 100 lba. graasrr ti SO a3. bneep: receipts 8.636 head: sheep V,c per lb higher: lamb Jc higher: sheep S5 506 86 par nv in. ianiDsia7 iu are-sea mutuu nrm at BalirMo ner lb: d re sand l.mhi.rtiM.i ta aii?c. itegs: receipis 13.018 head. Including 2 for aale: market alow at S4 90-3 60 per iuu ioa. GiaSTBAL l-AEZETS.. JlALTrMOkK. March 7. FVonratenrle U'haal weak and lower: No. . rait. ar-.L mil 4 . . St02al02S. May Olal 0154. Jnne 9E9aCat receipt oa.etu ousn. snipnietita 1-4.0S5 buaii. stock LSia bush, sales 7.O00 bush, ijira Hull and heavy : mixed spot 449? .o, Marcb and ipni ifwJ7io. May ci-n-c. -steamer mixed ,ipit, i, n-c i v. x-j.if u., Biiiirnenta tt. S18 bush, auick L94155S bnsli. nalea 79 rKl hum oatanull:- No. 2 white Western 37v-. No. 2 mixea w esrerii uo sakea: reoeinrsz-unnusri. (tock 141.216 busii. Rye eatter: No, 2;c: re- cei yu v.t ousu. stock liouooonsb. rJay hrm: good to choice timothy Sl3 60a 15. Provisions steady snd nn changed, butter steady: cr-ani- fry fancy wac. oo fair to choice a6a-e, do mitatinn V4aSc ladle fancy 23a 24c. te cuuics aoap niis tine jc. ao tair to aood sua Sic. tor packed 15a18c ggs weak and nn, settled at 14c. Coflce steady : cargoes lair vUc, na 4 lacc. ; - CmrtAOO, March 7. Tha wheat markal showed mneh deDreasiort thrniiahnrit iir ot lue. acasion. ana prices were generally weak and lower. '1 here were one or two rallies, but the Strength Was on 1 T lumnnnrv and' tbe close wa within c of the lowest point toucneafiuniig the session and (bow a io4 oi 14C. coiupareii with cAturdar a cloe- ng haurea. The new was generally discour aging, tt eather condition were an important factor, as thev were renorted faTi.r.Kia almost every-w here, not only for the winter w neat. Out tor 11 ie early ri" prlug seeding operations, there was no cold weather reported any-wbere and even in tne extreme northern part ot North Dw-1 kota th temperature waaaaid to he 3b' above aero. x , ADmiwr oemr iactor wa tae weak cables. I LiverDowl waa reported tL.I iA... . don from 3d to 9d lower-while ail domeatr nrket were very much dep-aned. New urk failuiaotf la and Xlulntb aud Minneapolis about a mucft. - heeeipts coatioued liberal every-where. eapecislly in tlie Northwest and the indication from the start wer that there would be a very considerable increase in the visible supply. iay tiiarour-ag-d bokiers ntaru-d to -U at to tap of ue belt and for a . lime i he ore-sure wa heavy, and May. starting at 8ic and touching 8e; so, sold on to teSc. with only a light demand. -W hen the price got down to Mice However, the abort began to Utt advantage of the drop to cover and there wa a graduaf rally to eeVic. A report that tbe weetb-r ia France continued very cold, tbnt there was some av-tiort buying In -Sew Yarn a nr. ). a . .n n, a bush, bad been workwd at Detrrat was alio I uirnt - r- - ..uuii iniurorei..; ben the increase of 4LI ai h.n . Ilia visible gupplr was rvnorti-.l a ia waa rvporteditia inartat I f lost a liule. out this wi ubw-uently re- cove itwi - Among ui aispatchTM received from tbrJ via or. that ttJrf Liverpool torn trade .Vial bad reduced it tiu a last oi inn mm air c . rowan re o n i ma.n te Iron T.hso.iin pusit to lens tlian 7 OO.Cm) oiialt. T his. I in e:u-et, is retucing tneetiniaie of t ';eneils I vi A-tirxn'o iui.jraiuTTrluuu.ill, tr. ill Other wonis, mni biucu icss Auetica w heat will be required.. Ilunng most ,of tb last hour the market i-i'i nurnur a. w.tA nut Brew very weak during iu last tu minute and teui bed tlie iwe. toitit et tne oay- ac. -ln.-. v. t-ak at So sc The break near Ui clone wasaiiriputel ! l,it rfMion of tue uemand bv lH.rlaIld we;,lc cu:es. The clearances oi ; -:t!roirt tlie er-sooar l ?"HiriBy were 711. tj U i-m sot wiiii .'i i ii i ' ot titli-. i-i ci.l i- j-.t i an lower.w:". jr A ." I at. 1 lower O'i I u : r.s j .. .- J ft X vf ... t 1 I . 99 at 3 a. m S15 S4 of on 1 are co a a. 4Hc, to -w in ' $14 nn 30c no ears, rv - Ko. JtSc Vt ley I t waa f enersJly beJieyed to be baying heavily 5e9c. da fry s5r. Fm easy at Mc ronv-throuxh the brokers to cover bis abort line ratal teady at f Wniaky steady at Si It and aecare bi proSts. . . ,. . i Hogging feieber at 8c Iron cotton liea Corn was qn 1st and weak, bat heUI its own I fl awl 25. Provision brio but dull. Pork: moon better lhaa wheat, tbe decline being uniT uoni . 1 ti. mi., ut, .. . of Ute esumat bv pom 40 cars, and included 19 cars of con trarrt. Trade was slow and tbe wflennga were fair. The shipping demand wasslow. Tb cloae waa st a loss al He con-nevred with Saturday. Oats wer ouietsod weak during most of the aeaaioa. but cloMd with a aaia ot fic. 11 og prod acts were stronger, a paciallr or pork. Lira hoe receipt were below tn estimate, and price at tbe yards SalOe higher. After marking an vance of SOc pork closed wita a gain of 3c ard and nb are tHo hi goer. ltimated receipts of wheat for to-morrow cars, corn f ." ear, onliuueheed. The leading fata res ranged aa follow a: .. - ... O 1 I s A btici. W heat, Sfai X Mn a May tt-aif as bist a ant, h- Cora, March. May Mo.2 411 'IA 4I : 41 i 4 -) Oatta. . s-. March . . y Kk. a Pork, per brl - March uta 11 r4 it -Hi, 7I I r7Si sny It IA SU 4 to 11 17 ,lro. poc US lba 4B t a a "an Alba, par M Iba- aa? s i May. su S Cash quotation were aa follows: Floor dull and. ancnasced. but easy. Nn. Ispring-w""i "vJfe. Ssprina-wheatSlKaSSc So. 1 t-, o,a corn 41J4C. . s 3c .o. 1-" ..'.'i, 'rtl'-' - h. is2ie. No. 3 white PTaHV' n o rr, arj, Kn ..oTt-Mc. NMl O. b. 3743. Ii 1 1 Mal alJv. prim timothy k Ht jwrrper bri SU 07i -ru ner iui ira - ta nerLHnn aid (looner- so inaa 874. dry-salted sbonlders aSTJ-f4- 75 ' ? short etaar aides (boxed) 18 r?- iWhisky. dutUIers fianbed goods, per gailon SI 14. Siuntrs. cnt-loaf nnchanged. t-rceipts: rionr 1A6U0 nrik wheat 7JU8 bnah corn 2ux bnah. oats 139.000 bush, rye 12.000 r.'iEilv0""? 48.000 busb. Shipment: Floor oris, wneat iTi.uuu ousn, corn WK.000 bnh. oats ltJUflO bash, rye 4.000 bush, barley 28.000 bush. On the Produce Kxchange to-dav the u wer market waa nrm: creamery 28a29e, (In. WaMera anliii.t WWOAi. 1iI mry -&. oraiaary luaxic juta 13al34c DoLrTB. March 7. May wheat opened ?c off and lost 4c in taa next tan mlnntea. fol. lowed by a steady gain broke to the opening nsurra at a. n Th, following were the ei;ing prices ir prices: No. 1 bafd cash 83Sc March May &$Sc. No. 1 Northern cash 82c 9Bn. kin- art. K O K--k- .k TT March i'o- "fc. rejectea sue: on track. ISo, 1 hard xto. x former n Sitm. 83e. , - . . - ' r wiii . uaat; fio. 1 vonc cuo ?l?'c. No. 2 red cash 94c asked. March 94c May SMc bPt.. Corn: No. 2 rash 42c. Oats: No, 8 ' c.o. a wfiite 34c Kye 86c bid; K-ceiots: Wheat 1ft mo hmh w,e- oow ousu, - KAB8A Crrr. March 7. WIia. atothSn- vuni nnuri xo. x caa a sac axeo. March 33c bid. tlura; n n t li i n ilnin. Elaa active and lower at lie - Butter rirni: cream ery 22a28c roll 14a21c Receipts: Wheat 32.300 dueo. corn j.oV diisB. oats 2.100 bnah. bkip- nrne: n lira, iilibai nnun mm w viai hm. tM.ia9lADUSU.. M IW K KAPOI.IK. Ma eh 1 Tha "maim nf strength" that overtook wheat -two week ago has disappeared and the market to-day waa back to the break below 84c The lowest nrlCn of wheat thia eeon vm mrmm fitt early in February. Tbe market to-day ia lower tbaa thia May op ;eIat 84c c in- w a turuay ciose. it oiq aown to lc earn back to 84c. went to 83J4o. then to 84 and fluctuated ia that way aud on that range "u near me ciose. wnen itorokeiossc Casta wheat waa not vera r i t tkm 1.1. of wheat and tbey did not bow eagerness to our. 1 o. a laortoern soia iron Ksaat7r, out moat of tba aalea worn aa oe pIima . u. ceipts of wheat ber were 707 car, and at fu-Intb and i-uperior 401 car. Close: March eloinat 9.. 1. , t n m .1 Ii, KtirKaaa 84&c. lowest 83J4c. closing at 83Sc On track: o. 1 hard 84X& No. 1 Northern SOio. No. 9 nortucrn iaeuc - r MiLWACxra. March 7. Flour" very tin ill. ern evo. May 4c. Corn doll: No. 340c. Oats uuirt: x wnite aiaa. mo. a do aoasic Barley quiet: No. 2 52Hc. aantpi paSbo. Kye visions higher. Pork: May til a 66c. Receipts: Flour 8,300 brl. wheat 23. TOO busb. barley 28.100 bosh. Shipments: Flour uwui oris, wneat l&tuo Doan. barley Z.0J0 bosh. Nbw Yon. March 7 Floor- -Mwinta 9Q aoa pkgs. exports 911 brl and 12.69b sacks; dull and nea try; sales 19.300 brla. Corn-meal quiet tn'i ateaay. . , . - Wheat: receipts bnab. exports 433.481 bush, aaies 4.670.000 busb future and 32S.000 bnah spot: soot market lower: free arllera fair business: No. fl red tl OSKal fin alnrw and elevator. T Si MHal OS afloat Si 03Hal OtiJ. o. o.: a reo ungraaea rea wx SlOiS.. No. 1 Northern. St ftSial 02S. No. 1 rtl . SI Set Q6?i po. a Northern 99Sc: op-inadeelined Wltto on lower cables: larim receipU West:- increase .in visible supply: tine crop weather and liberal India shipments, advanoed tb: nn local rnrari n m rim- ciinea--7tati7so on ioreign anu local Kings: selling closed weak atjai4 under batnrday; .to. a -ajatren ii tM7-ai vav, closing tl oxry. April SI Olaal 025. cloxina at 11 0151: k.i 7-16cal 0jJ. closing at 9Vict Jon Srr'XaaWi.r- closing at 7c: July 96-i97?4c closing at bc: anrui vmrnnoc. closing at w4c kye: quiet and lower: Western 97Xa99e. Stocks of grain in store and arloat harth I- wheat 3.729.704 bush, corn 1.668,282 bush, oats 1.209.393 busii. rye 624.000 bnah. barley 162.708 oumii. matt o duiu. peas 2.01 Diisn. liar-ley dull, barley malt dnll. Corn; MMlnra 159.075 busb. exports 17.035 bush. aJs K6.000 buah futures 1&1.000 busb spot: apct easier: fmr business: No. 9 49-149' elavstor sAa 50 afloat, ungraded mixed 48Sa6iHc No. S ue vr.uicr sTasuu as; upuoni uc ciiuea 7tc on weaser caoiea aad a uu trading: March 40Sa4994. closing at 49 He: April auaue. closing at auci May 4!ee4-ic. closing tf7:: June moains: at aa Jul ivy.n Closing at 4S?c. Oata: receipu 120.000 hush, export 10,700 ousn. aaies zao.iwu ousu rutureaamt B-,0OObuah snot: spot dull and lower: option moderately active and weaker: Mareh 36&G. cln. ingat 36!-c: May S6Ha364c, closing at Sfij,-: June. Er!3ric. clnamaat Sap Xn. 9 annt a ihia 3838ic. mixed Waatern S638c. white do 38a tic ro.a cmcago nominal, uay Arm and quiet. Hops easy and aniet Co Bee: options opened barely ate dv at S 945 points down, and closed steady at KM20 points nown: sales -xt nags, including March 13.40 13.60c April 12.85124Ua May 12.60al2.7uc. Jnne 12.3c fnlv "L3tk: A n-n.t 12.30c. ceptember lf20u. December 11.90c: spot ttioaaiu no. v i4c r-urar: raw aniet and slesdvr reflnerl fie 1 and fairly active: No. A 3 ll-IAal au iia a 9-16a3 ll-16e: No. 9. 3s3Hc: No. 10. S 7-16a 39-l6c: No.ll.37-16a3-16c:No.l&3?ia3Hc:Q x4 i-ioc: taaaara ', satTact confec- upnersr a. 44c: powaerea. 4:a4to: ffran- uiaiea. 4.s4 a'-ioc: cuoea. 4a4iC Alol foreign dull: ew Orleans Bra and qniet Rice firm and in good demand.- Patrolann. quiet and steady: L ailed closed at 594o for aprii. covion-eeea oil ami. tallow easy Rosin quiet and hrm. Turpentine dull an lower at 39a44 Kirff. eaar mil Minu Western 15c: receipts 5.656 pkg. Uideasieadr ana qnit Pork active and firm. Cnt-meatj. atead- aiow, wtaicii raoniarri or. miadles quiet: short elear a6e. Lard firmer and quiet: Western steam 6.80c asked: option aale L750 tierces: March C78c May A82a6.83c c4o-ing at 6.82c. July S.9(c closing at 6.94c Hutter dull and easy: Western dairy 18a23c, do creamery ziajuTrc, no iaciory I6a3c - r.lgin 30tC. Cbeese quiet and firm: part skim 6a lOHc Pia-iroa dnll and easy: Americsm 75al7 7a,. Copper quiet and steady: - lake lOanVVac. Lts l caiat anil akarla- l..n,,iii 15a4 M. Sta-aita Sl 60. - . . Nxw Yolt. Mareh 7. Rnaine. drv awta opened encouragingly.. Orders by mail were the usual Monday volnmeand transactions tne sp-'t improvea as ine day advanced. be market it nnt hand, taana in atll,ni condition. Maur art idea, staple and-lancy. scarce: agents could sell more if tbey old get the goods: price continue un-chau-ed aad etea.iy to Grot. .. . New Oau tAW. March 7. Flnnrcnlat fo a m extra lanry at so. paienie 4 ta Corn- menl sieadratJJ Z Com brm: No. Stacked white 4Sa49c. mixed 4tmxk vellnaa a.i Oau steady: No. sacked X9Hc Ursa firmer mc. rjoa mwaucis quiet. s steady. Pork: old S9 2a. new- SU 50. Lardr rrnnei ll.reaSW'. Hoxad ate ata; ti rv.lti K, 1 . tiles SJOc.Hacnn: aides 65c, Hams: choice rua-ar-cureo irxxic. tjooee; tun, ordinary lair. -4aixt0.-nugar very strong: pen kettle, fully lair - l.VltJV flr to amrtl l.r aax; c common to good common H2c: ceomingt . oft whits 33- rhnim !. olarihe,! SS U-16e. prime do 33 9-ific. off o7 aeconas zTtaAc stoiasaee nrm : onen katttte-fermantin. 1. iv n-naeraia 1 irietly prim 19c good prim IjalTc. fair to prime loxuc com mo it in g od common e9c JpHiLAPxirmA. March 7. Flonr weafc Wheat weker: No, S red March Si 0l!4l Oli April iKUKalOa. Kir Tuna er.ikjr Corn: option quiet and ateadyj car rota 4c no.1 men mixed in grain depot 47cv o. X exsort elevauar STe mmnim in ....... 4SVc steamer in erai Tlarw.t aoU-. Ka iiU. 4VHC in export elevator. o. g mixed March a49Se. Anril 49n41.Sc. May 49a4iMe. June 4aw4c. Oats: car lots hrm with a fair de- nana; mture nnminal, o. 3 White So-3btC. 1 wunr i7fi . a 111 I MS- U AO Proviaiona ateady ana in fair jobbing do-ma id: pork roe a. nana f IT nn tamilatiia X bama. smoked. lllc butter firm, for twiut: rennsyivania creamery, extra do print 323oc, Kgg dull and weak; Pennavlvnnia hrstv 14c t heaae ateady; part sKim7al0c. Reoejpte: Flonr S-7r3 brl and 7-341 sacka. wheat 11700 busb. - corn 9.K bnah. oats 1i-0ut hn.h. Khia aaia- tt'haaa A.1A-U ous a. corn i4..tAju posa. oata VLtiM Bush. rgciAU paPATcn to rax Kxqtuaaa. ' riTTSBClte. MarcJ- T. Grain market shnw iBiprovement: pncexnotuinai. hecclpU Wheat So oara, eora (she! led I 26 can. aar Ik oata 54 car, rye 10 cars, barley a car. beat: N.-. 2 red SMcntl J.L Corn. Xo. 2 yellow ear lnw) 47V4ac bigh mixed 45-c f.r, ,"w-;. 47Na.i4ac bigh mixed CJtloc. r . . . . . -- i ? -"i wnite "J',c" - Nra. 1 S.:a3fla-- eltra 'a S i"iai".'. mi.teii 331t lira: No. 1 Ohio And Wnn. rylvania tne mi kc. Xa. 3 Wettern new) Panafa. Ill ar H a-1 a a,na. V a in. S SSC So. A X7 I Mia- fii-ni- Kal art,,.- No. 3 whit tWc by Bcnrce: No. 2 M-n. hisky firm: wine SI 14. apiri's Si 16. i- ceivt: corn 14 ! tin mi. eat J du.u. ry none, bartey 9 - ) husiu biiipniH.: corn SJ.-2 buab. oata &mav1 bukh. D t U) bo hajw .iaaI buaii - a T Ijoma. Xfaa , y Vtone ri : . r . ., elianged. Vhnat declined ear y. tuen tiiiiiy reeovereo. Jet goanAin. ani c o-se.1 !,-beiow rMrotT: o. cao SiC: .Varcioud ,a, J Uiy r-: . ". t. prn lover -1 t riu cu 3 o- Vsrca ? Vay ; . ' No. 2 . :. : :' I ,o -t st - - t" 1. X - r: me .' -i.e. T "i y: i - , - 1 1 . H . 1 . Sil S for new. S9 for old. Lard So 2. Ury- It meat: loose abaatdera 1) ioiwr and n be 6.90c. ahorls SaV. Eaeon: shooUlers 5 x longs and riba AtoaaKr. aborts 66aAbVJe. Kama 9a 10 Sc. Rweeipti.: lour 7.0tA bris. wheat C0.IM0 bnsh. corn Zn.000 hnah. oats K.G0 busii. rye 3. bu-h. barley Ul.OOObnsn. lbipment.: Flour 7.0U0 bri. wheat 390 buh, eora 12.x-000 bii oat U0O busn. rye LOOO basii! barley LOuO bush. . .. - , Tot-no. 51 arch 7. Wheat active and lower: No.Seasti March and 34ay lSc. July Cnrn quiet and steady: No. t cash 41 Sc. No. S 41c Oats quiet: cash 32c bid. Ky dnU: cash 87c. CI over-seed steady and firm: prune eaab and March Ss ML Reeeints: Flour 250 brl. wheat S$6 bash, earn 26JD5 bnah. oat 640 bash, clover-eeed S3 bush. Shipments: t lonr L90O bris. wheat L30O busb. corn H-iM bnab. oau 1X09 bosh, clover-eeed 1610 baa-. risMtar aad Keg' , arsSAi. atBTATca: sw'raa asaitriBKB. 1 , New Yobk. March 7. Eegs: market steady: fresh Eastern firsts Italic. Western firsts 14al5c riooUiem firsta 14c P titter: market firm: creamery Kastrru ase-te. Western 2530e, f.lgin STiHc. imitation 20a Sc. dairy Eastern haif-nrain tuba 23a27e. Eastern Welsh tabs atern firktna S0a23c Kastern dairies ennr-21alc factorj fresh l7ac. Jane packed I V, Vf. a n..- . . 1 . enn . ii . -ia r. mm a. uui in i , . mmi i a. I ' ' 24 000 lba at 284C 4.400 tba at 25c, - . OU Bgai-eta. araci.L n tpatc iwa vo n . Nxw Yot. March 7. Refined 140c, cases 7JDc. . . petroleni AjtTwxr. March 7. Refined petroleum 15?. Loanov. March 7. Refined, petroleum 5J4i lJvxroo. Mareh 7. Refined petroleum acta. - . . BRgMy. March 7. Refined ' PetroUu aupig. ,, '' Nw York. Mareh 7. Petroleum opened steady, and. after ad vancing He declined Kr. a rally of Sc followed, aad at the close the market was steady: Pennsylvania spot aale none; April option opened at OHc highest osfTtc lowest aty: closing iwnc, una ou: no sales. Total sales 13.000 brl?. Oil Ctt U,i Natinnal f I firs. tea allstaaci 4B f kWttitt rVr 4 iflimit OtrHc eloeed at 69c: sales S.0O brls. clear ances ,OUO bri shipments 75.946 prls: ran iii. oris. PtTTsanaa. Mareh 7. Pm. olanm- VatinnsJ Transit certifictj-a iaane.1 at 59a. clone.! At -mx nignest oic lowest eerc. h.l.Kl.n Ma K V V.linn.l TWnall r.a. tificates opened at fib'-ic and closed at 6?c? highest S8cc lowest 59Hc clssraucea 104.000 tMtrreia. Wicnts srn. Varrh 7. rririla tnr nentine steady at 36Hr Kosin firm: strained SI 15, gooa atrained n so. 1 ar ateady at Si ml erode turpentine ateadv: hard 1. sallow din and virgin si su. - ' RaV.K A Xfn eK TTnrnanrli .latr ai s4o. Atotun nrm at ai sai tu. - CRAALXSTOit. March 7. rnroentine steady atauc xtosin nrm: good strtuned tl 35. - rattaa gtarWaia, fi A irmrrria If.n el T Talraa Mit ant. dlina Aic low m iddliliw gr anr nraimrf 6 7-loc: net and gross receipts 2.319 bales, exports coa-twise t54 bale, aalea 124 bales. atoca b7u Dales, Maw Ob lba xe. March 7 Cotton aan- mid. ling aC low mirtrllin Ke ar-arl anlinarT 1ibc: net receipts S.431 bales, gross 6.662 hales, ex ports to the con ti nea 1 4J74 bales, sale 5-300 ai atoca a-svtau oaiea. Mrapnia Ma art ' f irrn ., .. .1 . - ; dling 6Hc; receipts S.046 bale. hipments 4J97 oaiea. stocx iJb.b oaiea. sales LOUO bales. ST. Lavm. UanHl .7 CntfrA, a t aa Ha- m4. riling 6 9-16c aaies 830 bales, receipts 400 oaiea. anipnienu L4UB balea. atock 134.000 bale. NCW TO a K V A -h 7 r ini Intnra. ciosea weak: aale t400 boles: March 6.61c April 6.71c. May A82c Jon 6. 22c. July 7.U2c August 7.12c. r-eptmber 7.2!c. October 7c covemoer . iecemoer l.utc hew Yoosr. Uirrli Twl a. i-. i . u i .ri wnuiiun oppmsi ici y dulL la Liverpool the market advanced l-4d at tbe opening and afterward lost iu closing rjsrriT at: ar at iinratra nrie. i r.a n i appointment felt in New York aa a -mult wa measured by an opening decline of S DO in Lm: tnan New Orlaan. recaonta ewnu In n little lea than baa been looked for and the market advanced a point or-two. feubae-quently this alight improvement was lost under telegrams from New Orleans advising tuat AS.UUV oaiea wouia proosoiy o received there to-morrow. 1 be narrow limitations of the trade is shown bv the in.iinllicnnl cuanae in price, ana it l really dtmcait to discover any new feature in the situation pointing with any degree of certainty toward tne pmoaDinir of change tit either an up ward or down warn direction. After 1 o clock tbe extreme dull neaa-of tba mar .at iaaned in a liquidation of some long cotton, aad the ciose was nareiy ateaay at a decline or about a points irom oaturaay a nrioc. Wwol. . Pt. Tiorrra. March 7. Wool raaainfa 4nm ioa, snipnients i.uuu ids: market veiy alow auu vrnx. i wnausea. - i Fnratea Market. Lohdo . March 74 r. . Con sol a mnnev 95 15-18. do acconnt 96. New York. F.un. aylvania and Ohio firsta 87. Canada. Pa- cine viu i-rie s. x. fatil common n, fiew .ork Central. W074 Pennavlvanut 6ti4. Reading 2S;a. Bar silver 41Sd. Money l34alC nni. iiaw 01 ua count in tne open mar ket for abort bill lli ner cent.: do three month bill 1 ner cent. Calcutta linnaaH xnoa per quarter, i.inseea on ita 1 per cwt. Turpentine spirits Z7 per cwt - kia Dl Jim .A. MaMh 7 CrtfFm Manl.r nr.. .omin.i aar iMvinna ill K m,, 10 kilos: receipis during tbe week 7&000ba-, purchases lor Cm tod btates 32.000 baaa.hip-menis to Lnited btatea 78. QUO ba. sok 214 uuu pags. -.-,- HABTOft. Maren v. ennee vnrvt avnrnea 1U.00U reis per luxuo: receipt ooriug the week 791000. haaa. fnr ITnici 4 w r . r h 24.000 bags, shipments to United htatea 1UJ0 araaa. eKjo aiwMi uses. Astwihp. March 7. Petrolanm IKf nairt an1 b iter. ,. Livxhpool. March 7. Cotton r snot stesrlv with a fair demand: nuddling3Hd: sales 8.0uQ oaiea. ol wnicn Bales were for speculation and export, ana included "AM bules American: futares cloned barely steady: American middling (Jow middling clause) atarcu std-eeii value, jiarcn ana April sui value. April and .M a v 3 44-64-3 4.V640. Mav and June S 47-64-3 4-64d. June and July 35I-64J sellers. July and August 3 54-64d buyers. August and beptember. S 57-64-3 68-64d. (Sep-lember S 6v64a3 bl-64d. iSeptarmoer and October 3 60-64a3 61-040. W beat quiet: bolder oflar moaerateiy. torn: aemand lair. Beet: extra mess 72 6d ner tiaroe. Tnrnentina aniriia 2ni per cwt. LnxsOT. March 7. The Mark Tana TCs-nra-a in it weekly review vf tbe British grain trade says: .nsiii ih wheata ara ataarlr: fm . eign wheat made a fractional advance. Call- lorn ia peine m a rarer ana American red winter 3d dearer. Klonr was weak. ih. nm. Yinciai mar-eta quouag American txl lower. harley waa nrm: there waa a rta of 9d in prices, witu a reduced tale at tbe advance. Corn went up 3d: new American en passage waa quoted at is va. in market for oau waa steady: American waa o no tad at Ms cd A 1 to-day markets there wa a better in atiirv for Knaliah a Beam at full t ric a arhiia foreign wheats were neglecteo. Kualisb flour waa oa c nea per. orn ana oats were Sd oearer. -tea a ana pew wer ateady. Visible Orala Bwpply. New Yoax. March 7. The visible ennnlv nt fhT New Tor PrV3u"cw Vxcb follow: W heat 41Vo.l'SS bush, incraan 11 . 000 busb : corn ll.uU.7 busn. ineresaa 664.741 oun : oars ,si dubo. necr rase 4t9 ousn : rye L819.050 busn. decrease 49-804 busn: barley xjuv.ta3 o sa. uecrease ao.oiA onan. If ac-th-Wentaa -fina.. ' MiKitKAro-rs, Miww- March 7. Flgnrea compiled by the North-western Miller how tha atock of wheat ia private elevators of Minnaanoli to he 1 rjt (Ylo linaK 1 an a crease sine last Monday of 120.U00 bushel. ine total stock at aiinaeapoiis and Uuluth Is 19,;5L37S bushels, against 18.974.341 btwbels a wees ago. 1 he Market Record gives tbe stock of wheat in country elevator of Miane- esota and tbe two liakntan at 11.675.400 bush els, a decrease of bushels cumparcd with last Monday. Tlii- makes tne ag-recata Nortb-westera atock 31.42. 778 bush-is. an in- o ior tue were ot 4UU.M7 nnniteis. A. rear sic w enure at ca wail uijtw onaoeia. : READING. ; A TVmra atte - - - -ill Ha K.M . . iv. Tpwn Hall rriday evening for the pnrpn m of nominating anionic! pat andhchool Hoard ucneu - y;.- , . Tha Trnatee nf Sveamnre Tnan.hln waea busy yesterday making their anHoal aettia- mtut with the various ttoad haperviaors, . W. L. rsmap. whassa tarrn 'of nfllrs atnfrwa thi spring, ia a candidate for re-election at raOanf i n-a. Inan.hin '.'W tl a a- of ebaren ville. is al-o a candidate or re-elec tion as j nance ot the Peace. John Mueller, who ia bow Acting Clerk nf Tcainora I own. thin, is a candidal e forCiertw are also 44. H. y orjohsn. ot thi villa. And Joseph C emith. of bharon ville. , . Edward Praith died at his home on Vsrkat street at 11 o'clock yerterdav. He waa in the seventy-brst year of hi age. Tn decesed aervea in company IT. Ki-hty-tbird o. V. 1-during the rebellion. While in Uie service Mr. &mith contracted a fever, and Ita never been well inoc lie waa an in mate of the rldiers Home at Ilayton for a amber of year. A widow aatd tvemst-Jeaa tT..of thi village, and Charles Lof West Carrc-i-toir urvive Mm. 'Ine funeral will be held from the residence W edaeaday afternoon. Aeaalia T Pwi aa an aaaa m talAMlHiM Ilediiing yesterxiay and made afS davit f-r a warrant, in whirli l-arah l.vtla. wha keen a aaloonon Basin treet. is charged wilh vio lating tbe Atinday-elosing law on March S. Mrs. I,y tie will have a hearing Uedncay morning. - , . Or. J 1. Ttkoe it aa anatnlnaw aaainfnl mn. tnsions 1.. .-rations about hi face Ir being t'iro : n Lis bn car while oa his way home - at v evening. The b or a t-tecbed to t .o v- -l shlud suddenly. OVer-t-rsif Ua te-icir. , . . : Di-Hla'a Eata-malaf Isirtt. 1 rc7AL aiaraTru to vna Bsqciaaa. Zarxsvillk. O-ro. ! !irch 7. A special e'ea- t:on was ti''. l i a I t lea toil.iy on the ques tion ef t ind .:: t-.-t town I r SiOCO for C-e rr-r-.a f f f- 7 c -i r. trl. ' ..'.;l i i t y a t v . I ; a C0VINGT0IL In the Police Conrt yefrterday Thomas Kelly.Foaa Arn.ld,r auy I Nooaan, Anna Uigby and W iiiutm Long were haed IiO aad cost each for ritaorderiy eondnct. Tbe case of John Leopold for teat-iog chicken wa continue. The friends af Judge Shine will regret to learn of tne death of hi aatimaltie aaelher. which orcarred yesterday at ber harae. No. MTest Fourtn street. bne was 65 year of age. and was loved .and esteemed by all who new tier. " . ,.. : ., Mr. Walter Aahbrook is in tha city. R. IT. Hill man was bronght to tbe Police Station yesterday lor a lime traaaacitoa at the Farmer and Trader7 haul, lie explained thing satisfactorily to Cashier band-lord aad that settled n-attc-ra. . Gn Grnhler. picture dealer on Scott street bu disappeared.' He waa aa a been l-minded sort of a fellow, and forgot to pay evejaibillabelorebeleft . . : Tb alarm of fire last night called the department to a bouse on Bachelor street, owned by H. U.J. Putboft. 1 be damage will not exceed $25. and ia covered by iaauranee. Ceaaty KaraWteaaa, ' Chaney Ptrurer and Chauneey Gaines went out to Burlington yesterday to capture th Republican Coaveation. tMriger had one or two hayMeds with him. while Gaioe had a few color a river rata, and Work-bouse aub-lecta. The object was to indorse btriger and tiainea. bnt when they got tn bnriington it joufced as if their crowd had been bit with a lea t pipe. Tbe only thing noticeable about them was tbe no is they made. When it came to size up tbe crowd tbev were like a lot of people who tell out of a balloon. They were not in it. Mr. 1 boa. Maltnewa handled the Covington people, and his crowd outnumbered the other crowd four to one. r-tnger took a look at the crowd and retired, faring that tha people were not in favor of his method. Mr. Thomas B. Matthews waa chosen aa Chairman of the convention. A resolution was adopted instructing for Mr. Comin-gore and Mr. Matiiewa for delegates to the convention. The Harrison administration and that of Mr. Coiaingore wer also heart ily inaorseo. i n lotlowing delegate to tne Newport convention were selected : Lewi Kice. 8. 1 Edwards. T. H. Mathews. Harry lllrthe. Cvrns Keilv and W. F. McKinne. A resolution was also adootedeondemntne the action of t baric Mriger. of the btate Central Committee, for usurping his powers. LsAinee ann eitr ibt r Ifinnant laat tna ftnlnrarl element would carry them tirroush. but tbey were saaiy mistaken. buiaSier nata nt tneui rtridt Baar4t ' The Directors of the Vsermrt and Coving ton xtriase met yesterday afternoon, fee-rotary Al . J tiatiaan nravnljwl bin lannrt. sbo-ring balance on hand January SL 1892: FL876 49: receipts. Sl 85: disbursements. S274 .53: balance on band March L 189A t-809 34. uiviueuaof atow waa declared to eacn city. ' Hat a Candidal. Ttarrv ItaTree arill not ha a Mailiilala fr Coo areas, although the people ot ktoone Coun.y seem to be for him. Just who the county win be instructed for is still a mys tery. All the candidates ao far mentioned seem to have friends, ana when the canvas geta warmed tan there ia a probability that Jr. xtaiiam will be in the race in lioone, . . . a. , NEWPORT The manv friends nf f a Richard Riar- etc Jr., of West Filth street will be pieaaed to learn that aba ia rapidly recovering from her recent nineaa. Ex-Councilman Ed Ennekine ve-larrda v celebrated the thirty-first auniveraary of hia uirm. . . . . . Mr tail Vra T f IMVanVaa t.r, waal. uar so spen a several week lu th Juut. Miss May Bemnlertof Kankakee. Ill Visiting friend and relatives here. Mr. Charlea Ttarnaa. fa.t Pifth .IhaL naa returneu iroin Central Kentucky. Another Whack will ha take thla mnrnin. or squire noaain ana a jury at tne enickeu hah J 11 r!ae T Vf TTill eonwanarf Ida In K lam of the Campbell county Court in Alexandria yesterday. v Judge Arthur I still grinding awav in tha Circuit Court. There ware no jtidemeuta yesterday, the case of Connie a-ainst Ad- dyston Pipe and r-teel Company, for dam age, ia in progress. Real Estate Transfers John Trapp and tie tooeorge w. Tiavia. lot o. 41. in block Harm ihoir s addition in Ktellevne Aa nv iuu iret. on uie vest aide at an v oast an. Due:tva. v Tn the Cnn n te O ir f ...! . a T , 1 . , . si I luer was Clffan tna tiarae nf atLoena t isaac lewifl. Herbert Jansen veitertlav nroenred a ner- mit to erect three one-story frame dwelling On. Ninth ireet. between i alieraon and oricntou treeia: aijwi. Tba Roaed of Water TATnelrn a ma. last night. Secretary Joseph M. Bets a re port snowea receipt a during the month of 647 6t: disbursements. SI. 463 73; balance on uauo. CM1 ML -fintt a ran ftlait in Ita r.n, . day by Joel Vanaant aa-inst feamuel Van- rant tor tne aetuement ot me estate ot lliram t ausani, - , Bnard af Aaeatlon, TheTtnard nt Fitneatian m la.r -:.hi avl.h President Hangelbroke tn tbe chair and ten siemoera preaenL. - Tbe Treasurer submitted his regular muniiuj report, as lonows: liaiancenn nana February L 1892. S19.4S4 04: dMliunemasiA bsju i: oaiance. aiAoad w. lb .utierintanilant rannr farl lha nnn ,Kae of scholars en rolled at3.044.aud a era dail attenant-e 2.719. ine matter ot building a hiick wall be tween tne central-avenue ami ih. new parochial school, next door, was referred to the Committee ou builJinga to receive bids and report back. It aeemw that tha .nr. isce water, aiter a rain, runs Iroin tue yard oi tue luroicr into tne cellar ot tne latter cnuuins. - Claims to the amonnt of S5K were allowed The salanea for tha Mnnth nt P.h,.,,. wttn tne usual dednetions. were allowed, t u motion. xj was set aside for th pur cbssing of new books for the library. lb loiiowing were elected a Board of &xamuier ior tue ensuing year: r . A . st is. M. Dr. . Kianriua ladUHi: tv jrerry wan,. . leath mt Jestlee Bebert Ball naa. Death had removed ona of Nawnort'a - prominent and popular young men in tbe person oi -quire no pen xiaiiam. - As stated in yeneroay s .Bqi;iBKB. be was lying at o aau auvwr. anu snortiy atter miuniglit she grim reaper reiievedhim of his pain aud su flaring. For several year he ha been suffering from eonsnmption, but he bad borne np remarkably well under the dreadful dis ease. He was on tne streets until last Fndav. when he. waa compelled to taka to his bad. imiu wairjHia narar arww. Ha a oustoa tsuit. ana no one .can say that he ai.ruiu una i injury, tie waiol a Jovial - - - - . H. " .MUTia. will take place thia uorsinx Irom eit. fnul'a P I Tha Katie e Elcwttwt.. " . Tkaaaant.r tl h ala rt a. z Keiievue yesterday. The entire Citizen' ticket waa elected a follows: President of --.. ... ..vM aa n viu 1 1, Dtaruui a ruaiAjAiB. a . ennrman i- ,ai i 5 w " inaairer, .cm ixsmr, tM lown Clerk. Charle L. Harnon. 4r; Hoard of i ruaie . viisnc. a. ratxoiiL. ai- f .r. u eiger. 334: Oc-ree mig. 46-: Aaseaaor. t has." . j. i-uauiMcucr, ior Aaseaaor. receiver. 62 votes, and C A. laekar . AC aim, aa7vnaiA AC. ivwa Pbllee t wart ' i m I avor Kar rv ' lu t a laraa t.i r a... Court T ester-ay. He disponed of tha eaae aa follows: James Mol uiioucb. diao-rlerm duct. St and coats: Juna W bite, disorderly 5OBScfc.S 'od. co,i'.: J0?" Zimmerman, disorderly eondnct tl and costs; John rradd drunk. Si and.eoats: Cha. Unk and J..' Bradley, breach of the peace. SS and coats- 11 uk it frrnr. abaainw a--rw-Ti.J adviaemenu" : r:t Xct Te Appcahcajded. ' Charle Poll, the morder of William Sorott. has not ret been apprehended, although th police are Mat every euort ia their power to locate him. ' omnrr an. a . . vral wiuteete yesteroay. bat ha not yet ren tier o. mm veruict. I roca toe evideuee already ii. ttie probabilities are teat hw wilt order a warrant f-.r . harles Poll, charging bio. with murder.' The verdict will be rendered lo-aur HARRISOIL A bright little girl baby made ft appearance at tne residence of HU Uiiw uay evening. . , . T. . - -. . Omer Henry, who was injured in the wreck at Coal city on hunday, wa brongnt u. bin bom here Sunday evening. H i.suBerina considerable pain frona-aspmoe-l ankle bat beyond tnis bis ininrte ara augnt. and in lew day wul be 4Ui to be np and aoout A branch f tha Verebaatt" Natinnid Pro-tectiv AsaociattvB i being organ zcd here which wi,l he aleath to the debtor wha re fuse to lmuHiaTe their iest debts, bs tney will b retuaard credit by all t-aai-asrs vl to aa ctaiKiu. . . -William C Wilson, a prominent yenng bnsine-s man of Inn place, was married to Mir Aknes HotTman at lb res..ieii' C of the tiriue'a brotfirr. V uliam lloOuian, lhur-'iy ve'iing. ine young coupi iirue,i Ht, , r miiaii (Jovd to tlie reautMw of maurtcd Uia ta a cocy litue hocue oa iiroad war. A !- of union r-Tival meeting was en-.. mf-rvce-1 at tue lUioil?t Ctiuna f-u) lay etening. Ke. H. li. Well, a n..;ed e x-i -1 oi t! e r-rewnyterian cunrcU. I,.i r . ui meei:nk, and win be is-i.irsoi boio t ne Presbyteriau an -t t t. mirrira. v ului m Carsutt and a. . . , la tr k;c w vely. r?r ' i e?"C'd si entrance into t' t- . i. i: aif eur.y 'i my" on i t-D d . : ' -. i ' rr-- r t : 11 . .... f. REAL 3TAT : -&ANSFER& . TBdea B. FreacB et aL A He Xarah, lo 13 af r. K. Drmk addltloa te Oak ley : a . I In PssBsn.tsit aad wte Sa Alatm 1 asaaa, MS by WM fee ea ares sta af Mala ra Praia woe Flaca: ! lav aad tffla-ta. Joba vr. Macroa aad wife te team K or en feet on north sldw a Oioawoail aveaaaw ta .anrtalc pijiwtx. ahiii.M-.iiiu aad wrret Tb asaaa wtei avian. l 74-un mare at lane us rVaet tM4 wai, la Ucssa 14 auia; l. lo a an as-ilan. Amelia Kybaat ia ra. ScblaSal. Bveyears'le-ae of-- acres la se.-tl.-n am Hay area a. aa tarsi ea Towoahi pi sonoa 1 root vl - - Cbartca L t nsiraee ta linsaars C Aiwa, tae waiol-ed aair inMreat In Is by st reatea eoraea FnaaaaiM AvacatAStrasts: aa o fbnipeOtalB-iae and wife t Vary Kaysee. 9 by St feet an fan aid at earing Weave evens. Ti lee aorta e Atarnnua aveaae. to. lave aad af-leertoa. " . Joaepa Meoks to Barney Hutau e al olt-etaint uSbf M feel aa naat aad ai Oolarata pika, la Caa anl s Inet it. Aaata Macde-oat a at e raak K. BarwMekel. 4 M ls ao aa la wenen Nan, o-ac-la Tawaaaip: ; also, aera ta aa-ae acctlaa: usa. Xlcaclaa Maeller aad wit ta Renry Meyer. XI by Mfat-n wwat aid al Tim sresav -Ut Camp tt'Manwuc: . . - a aaa bracr et al. te Mary C Lave, lots 2 aad 8 ea C. A. WnaaV addiu en lac pnt (7s. C. X nomnhm rt SI. la Jnaao 1. Parker. KWfcy 14 leet aa aorta aids at Lealagtaa a t noe. loa -! fee east et Main avoaua, la Avoedale; 1 aad at bar euashtratVBA Lwaoia J. Aeaaeogaaa wileta Knaasa PlekeHag et at., a ay Mo ices o anat sua a Hanall arvaaa, as la a nocta af Kud 4 an st ac: ACTaa Maaiaaala Daaa to iaaa av ..nblaaaaa. lat ts ot Baraaa MAS anol latua la Caa IB tAanntnoa : 4- A. auaa a. M naa at al. sa atiiaa atortan. aaaai acraa at land la. aaettaa .t. 17 ot CalaaaMa law aai: l aad mar canoidoratt-aa. lJilia t'lltarci ai. ta antai. Lack -nod A Co. sarla at land tn .-tin oa Olasnraiar straec. raaain from a paint Mo taet rroaa Baraaliler to a paint 1 waon iea tn am I viau-Kaan aaaaaa; sn.auw. Chanaa i. Jackson laiata B. McFarlan. eeit c'alaa itianM tee wa aartk aiee at ls U ver read : ft. liitey Jaekaoa at at Joseph , Bextra, a property : fiou. Onorg at Jacgaoa te JbB B, McPuiaa, qatu ctau ao sa a property : .. lartada b.astal to AueuaA T. Wa lot . wa John Toa Ma's addltlea aaal rtsbee: rm rt of to Peadlatoa: -nrlgbt a. Maatlngtoa se yrank Tnoratoa. 9U feet aa first avaaoe in Aadystaa: fJ.hA. lavM D. laompaon, namiaiairator. - to tbe Utox CUilldlac and ftepoalt Caaipany. 74 by U fee oa aorta aid nf Mraanaf avaaoe, la get-laad : also. So by ta 1 feet oa aorta side of Wywaalag arena, so ft -aat af ai.aax Mary Baaxer and hasbaad te Montann A. Weat. paht. SO by c4 feet ea sooth aide ol cnarlotte street, w fneaeast of haraiiiier aireet: also, a by Ice feet a earth aide at lied lay street. SD feet cant t Bay- auwiu44t;aObW parson al property ; -sua. : . . Staal fa-sate Btactaaa ta eae t. " srww asTcac i Larr na arccaa. Jba Mowie t BoflBeae A Mopala. ( Ti 4-t pnie a. staitiii ta saa i Beraard Pap aa artfo I fiurth UnetaaaU a. and Maitlae caasasT. X.r0 Joaapb Mtal to Mary B. cartel. Wm. Han ana wile to Bead Mill Manning noctatlaa Caaianf . , ., . Bernba rd Waak.abrart to aarrt Batldiag Bad LOU I np.ny -, m , . BVipbla Bartaiaa and haa band to lie la jMulldtng AaaoctaUoa Na. , Cbrtxtiaa BnsCh anaaia- . Albert Boeder and wife la wcatera Oarau oanaad Batldiag Camoa-y- . Oa-io w. aaeod to Vlcionn aoildiag Aaaaca-tloa No. I . , - Mienolaa . Aflnai te cltiaaas' Ballatag Aaaaoiatio 5a Charles V4. Wright to Wyoming Loss aud eaivina fMiaa.r X.00S rneeiin tteawarts to c-avantb War aaa aad ataudlag u ipariy . y -, - . J anatab Mabeney ta Cany Las and ita tiding i,p..r A.aia laut.j to dadnsail Woraiagaiaa Clab Batldiag aad Iaaa aaaadatloo . Mary A. Bennett aad baabaad to Baablva Balldlog and Laaa Cumnanr . . t IA IS Ueorce B. Mate and wita to name , . . vnity at. KOMoaoa I lielta Lata Asnocl-- tlon Com naa r . . 1.40s Jos sp Moora te tit , . Horraie i cabcblkil Laarre aea nlarar aad wlfa ta tlarfle:a t. 9 Bolldlnaand L aaa Assoclatlna iinnnur. tt.M ram. ao ran um.aau -na nnn AMauaiag . .mil... .. Bernard fan aad wit to a,! at to naa. a , , JoaewB xrtal aad a I fa tu Wandas ratanac Iaaa ana an ll..liaar l.D Joba Bora and an a te f ulloa BalMlog ---"----. .a. -ante to nnr . in m. Krebs to Amoeror Hal loins aae . Company. Gore Maebc ta Iaiwcc Market Loan and Boildlng Aasocintloa fowpao jr , Albert Ceng ley to yalrmaoot Boildiug and aiTlap Com paay .. MeNamarn A ccaaar to Una Bollelbg Amo-eiatlna Na. I 2.00 t.soo are Charles K. Brewer te Mai Telia laa and Bulldine Coauonn . s.: Mile Morten lo Jo. A li. Morten.., bametoDlioaUilldlag aad eavlag eiatloa a. 4 . l.scn I.IAl too Nam ta Krt J. Mort Katie ttaoeret al. to Wm. m. ilaria.a C W. Wrtgnt and wife to Orant M. Bar.owa. I.l sv i a arena ivccer at aL t uuatav K. War aar ann a 11 r aa A. . ra aar , . BcaJ. X. cox to. Wl yras. admlaiairalor. Xaon IM LOCZLAND. A ttennbtican eltlcansr niaannaalll k.k.1,1 in tbe Town Hall tlii evening, when nom ination for a municipal ticket wHl be mad. rOK SAXJE-RXAL XSTATa. A VOTf yneaaia. n -enswarta ar , i 1 traac. Aaalv a ft. aad b. Mali MS traoK . Wlas.SaKI. Baaotrar nfnea. Btml Kie rhurKKTY-Ailui Central u.; tot fraatlagan tat rants: awaac daslroua nf alllna wa nwima armi a w Cl.y. irn premiaoa. LOT la Korwood. a by U I COV HOHWOOD, Kaqolrer otflcn. - T OT O Beeaat ar.. Xlinan a. la n taa a 11 cheap. J. KCKstBT. I w. r aurta .l. ora Tbree.HiCaiprta lwcaty-anh Mar A en,.i. aauwiiua ai. 0T Corner Lewry and Werer ava.. h'erweod ( Ivaobnei. Ohio: tbv Ua. T. It. klimpkh iiwh.t.,i h ii'if am, a . . a j O I la tut loo. so a Nt feat, fnr temporary par-a paaa-i a n. a. ooe. Clifton and Cndluw ara. ad-Siilas Haraat Woooa tai rk. . VACAKTUir. sa. loli qoiror OA on. T OT-Oa hlncnla v ajorweod. by Its feet: lj sidewalk laid, JAMKw BQDaN.M K. evnt. f OT-Chntee corner, ti by ICS feet, on Chs v. at ttalnat Hills. UtMkf wkBKK, Abi gall st- LOT-la aoato Xorwoodi ebcap. M. MOH.BTON. IS w. Poo rtb at. LuT Oa Bicbmood v rear Hay miller. 30 by 139 to IX-loat alley, itc. S7I Mala at.. Uwat ta rOT-lB Dear Par.l by 1W: price Sok. B. SXXK, A II Trevor St., loving ion. 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Lh- A oalo; til lea property stack Of boala AM I At Mom city. f-ril H!LI .' ."l -baraw brick ceetdowoe ea. C M an tt tuiii . . i . aad ban eoaatry .r. M T. rlail.; a. ettyT LASP-tiaa aad tlaMr iaaa a ear Lo Land. I la., tnoichaaaa far nAuoa nf aaa. r.a qslrer office. .'T T AKI Tenaonaeaaanl aaa ala,l 1. i a- : enai aaa tenia: tlila claar. la ricaanrr yiaing aiaa. a 4.4-1 -lain at.. U.CTaaU. nolo. LAsP-rura- aarea In mtnot. In Ken tack a aad at la Teaaeaaaa. all clear, aa .-. a -r alt fat fear boat eOce. - ttax Ot, Uaioa Clt, aonaaa. - T -BIllCNCB-I Kortber Ohla, taexebaare Va aahlaetoa C it.. Oma. W. A. JaOTT. TlMBkR Wt HO line thooaand acres, ta aa". caaaia taw null -naa aa a a. Tr, uleacae.o. - ... . -, . . ' fob RgOT-imcgi-AirEons. AWA yticfTOrag. -mnltr laeated. foe seat. ntaHnta.44rlnau auZ.rT- ta d alBe ac maoooallfna. Apply ta k j aa. B.K Ja At La., CWC (art bbo KaSic-ta IT. VlBeiaoatl. trbto. " anba-4t In l b VrZZ lAM-t-. 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OlVHr ENJOYS Both the method and resulu -ri Sjtup of Figs is taken; it ia pleaast and Tresog to tbe taste, and ac 0nt.f yet promptl- on Uie Kidner. ver and Bowels, deansea the m. tenr efTectually, diapels colds, heii aches and fevera aud cores habitual txiA8tipatkn. Syrtip cf Figs ia t only remedy of ita kind ever pro-ducsdr pleasing to the taate and ao ceptable to the -tomach, prompt h ita action and truly beneficial in hs effects, prepared only from the too healthy and agreeable Babatances, it, many excellent qualities commend it to all and have Hide it tha mos popular remedy known. Syr a p of Figs is fcr aule in 50t and il bottles by all leading dras fist.- "Any reliable drugp-4 bo may not have it oa harxi b iU p-j. cure it promptly for any one na -fishes tb try it. Do not accept acy rubstitute. CALIFORNIA FiG SYRUP CO. . lotnsvau. tr. tm re; Ait LOST. ST RATES oil STOLEN BOOK - Bonding assoeiaCon bonk. 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