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The Times from London, · Page 10

London, England
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1900
Page 10
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10 THE TIMES, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 1900. la tUralM two nm of 145.000 luvl 80,000 for renel a I boat. What b I tbw to do witb the VT Ofttee f H Mawr M thotuh quit little A4alr - lt were framing up thero. M lo eaked wbtber iked itaUrd of rtwrmodUnmltlou f vtrvM kt)4 p, CUTAJN NORTON ukM wbl m UU done with tb Ibouua U of MaMr rifle mmbIpi into tbe motion K( (Hir troon in 8oUi Afrle. wlbeT they were to l mI la hevth Africa , or wblbT tbT would" W mU In this eo - atry for tbe te - l of nJU club. Vr. HAIIUV (Kent, AbfoM) drew million to tbe rerUne tow twins? mum! to the Yeomanry, trvl used wtxlhor th old form of rarWiH w bntni tnaouf - ttured ,! iMurd, or whether It tu intended to arm tlto Yeoeianry with an improved weapon. Mr. WYNOIIAM mII there were rwrrrrt In thi ec - nlrj. lit they wer not to tb opinion of the Ditrrtor - Ueneral of Ordnance at ll adnjuaUi to met! o - ir nor did he think that ,xei standard had ieen arrived at or maintained in reepect of many srtiele. U was. an interesting qtieeticn.i and a cramittre had Ua rouged in cvllectinjri a great deal oi eviJeneei on which the Government would net. ..Is, however, be would bave to explain' the pro - cratnme adopted to ibo House bo asked the ton. mem - rrr tot to anticipate the explanation now. Hut Ibo rHocij f fixed iMtn had been accepted. The IVar Office was not going to enter into competition with the - Ulnrralty in the matter of vessels and boat, but there 're case in ibich money u saved by" tbe Army binf it own boat. a, for .etample, to tow target, to carry coal and stores from one shore to another. The War OSee recoj - niied the necessity of arm in j all the troop with the most recent weapon, and a noun a tUcr carbine waa obtained it would be supplied to the Yeomanry. Ho would consider the suggestion about tbo Mauser nfie. The vote was ajrrred to. On the Tcte of X2.670.700 for work, Lauding - , and repairs', and cost of the staff for engineer wrriPM, I. rAKQUUARSON akked what waa heme done a to the erection of new barracks at Mill bank, lie (bowed that onlr IS inches reparated the Turner Room of tho National Gallerr from the eanten - room of the t. George' lianaeVs. and pointed out the dancer to tho ollcction of picture from fire or rmoke. U"ht alio w being done to make the larracka at l'erahill more tacitarr . ar.d be preaoed for information at .to the work ing of'the wae farm at Alderahot. CAPTAIN NORTON wanted information a to the TmprTement of the unitary arraagexnenta in the ttnUieo clothing factory. CA1TA1N JE5SEL (St. rancra, S.) aa .wHt proTe had been made with regard to providing cubicle for the barrack. The lighting of the barraek - room was also a point, which ought to be considered, nd he OT'shed to know whether there wav ah electric light installation for the barracks. SIR .T. COLOMH wiihed to know, wny no iiroriiion was made in this estimate for the accommodation ot the garri5n at Wei - hai - wet. lie al? railed attention to the fact that for the first time a ran if 25,400 apiretl in tlese estimates in reject of the garrison at Knquimalt. Under the old system the roft of the earriton at KMuimalt was defrayed by the Government of Canala. Mr. W. ALLAN sske.1 why no money waa allowed in this rote for the defence of the river Tyne. 'ilr.AVYNDfLVM id the defence of the Tyne and tba acroicmodation of the gamso'n at Voi - hai - wei were provide! for in the loan of lat year. The Government were taking 00.000 for hntti in Fouth Africa, and 1500.000 for huts at home. It was quite certain that a LORD SALISBURY AND MISSIONS. Tt greot pullie mrellng in cooneilon with the rr!e braticn of tU bicentenary of the hoclety for tho l"ro - pagstion ef the Gospel in Fcrrlgn I'arta waa held jn - tcrday aftrrnoott In lUetrr - hall, wbfrh was fiilod in every vt. The chair wm taken by the Arrhbisttop of Canterbury) who wm supported upon tho platform, iraon otlteri, by the ilsrquli It NalUbury, tho llishotw of Worcester, ninchesti - r, Uorhester, llritttd, New castle, aiHi r70 Drv Tn redlnr in order to avenxo their t.'olomUi, rir J. Knnawsv. 11.1' Mr. J. (i. Tslt - ot, M.l'., - IHsht - p .lobn.c.u, tho HUhon id Albany, U.KA., Uxs Itisliup of KetituckV, tho iter, lreleiidary Viltiers, anl tlie Iter. rrrlM - ntfary Kitlo. Tlw pror - ding Htre oiind by the singirg of the National Anthetn, after which tlm Ilishop of Albany presented addresses of ocgrstulstluu on the then - I tenary of the society from the General Mixsionary j , - ocirir oi voe Aurnna umica ana ue v - onvcutitn oi death and orereat socb outrages being rrprated. It li a terrible dilemma. They cannot renounce, they cannot abandon, they ro - not even tw lusrwarm in tne musion vney rpprcsrn. On the other, band, it is a real danger that if they do not observe the utmost caution they may cue the lots of many, many llres, and tlwy rry th to the rslirlon which tbry desire to (ech tb" discredit cl ielng so Instrument wf territorial creed and a mapnn in the warfare wbfrh onf secular l'oer wages against another. (Cheers.) 1 have ursol what Is not a p!ent topie, I feel that it. is or that wight to sink deeply into lle hearts of tln - se who man ( mishm. 'IVy pm the rlk not of losing their own lir's they would esre little for that bet of ppxlueinf terrilJe events mi a giganllfl scale, Wause lllr losi tlon is closely mixed'up with hit of rrular rpweii, anl becau - e the secular Towers. In jusllco to - tiir own subjects, cannot allow their deaths to go unarrnged. (Hear, bear:) fit 111. TTI AN ITT aM l.'LAM. May 1 say one word mire on the satne lines opnn a matter which touches us very clineir ftnl ti reiuum could snow a very of our colonial Churches and in - the sympathy wnich hound all tbse Churches in one. Now was the tiDe when they ought, - as it were, to brace themelves for further caort t'o see that what was done in the future should cot fall short of what had been done in the past. There were now nearly lfO colonial bishoprics scattered over the world, but they at ill bad great difficulty in meeting the demands made upon tbem; There were calls coming tr.on them from millions of people, and they must not flinch or stand back. They must rise to the occasion as God had marked .it oat for them. If any Church or nation had plain indications of a call from Gcd tbs Church of Eugland and the nation of England had suh a rail now. (Cfiecrs.) Lord Sausburv, who was enthusiastically received on rising to move the Erst resolution, said : My Lord ArrhLisbep, ladies, and gentlemen, I accepted the summons of your President to take part in these proceedings, though I felt how little worthy I was to join hands with many of those who sit beside me and have had far greater experience of this noble work. tuz societv axv tiie ronsiGX orncx. But this is a great occasion. It is a - point a standpoint in the history not only of our Church, but of our nation. (Cliiers.) That this society should have lasted during the past two centuries and grown constantly ia authority and power shows not only, a your lresiaent has." pointed out to you, that (Joel is with us and has .honoured us with a special csll, but that there is a great field of duty open to you which jon are now - summoned to pisess. 1 am here perhaps rather. a a strsiiger. for I must not conceal from you that at the Fc - reign Office, missionaries are not popular llaughterj.aud that perhaps the Foreign t.'ffiee may look upon me rather as a deserter in appearing upon vour platform at the prescut time. IJut in truth we owe to you. we owe to this "great society, our certain numlrcf troops would remain racutb Africa, andi sistnce not only on account of those high and general veir prubably a certain numlr would come hacklfore i - niotivKS to which your President appealed, but because there was i - arrack aocotsmoilation for theas in this j the civilization w'hicb it is in a 'small - decree otjr duty - ountry. Inerefcre, ttey were making provision for t0 fcfrTa is not an unmixed blessinr to this ana otber the Diocew of New Jersey. Labct from our l that is too position wfcicn tnu The CilAIUMA.N, Uung cordially acknowledged these coiintry, and those who represent its moral and spiritual meseaSe. spuk in high appreciation of the sympathiVs forces, occupy totbowRrest Mahorr.edan jK - puUtions which closely bound thi country nd "tho. United States wbich ,n ."V l?u. otJl mo,tlx come " .c,?"sf in the wcrk of the Church both at home and in foreinexion with our rule Now, I have pointed out to Unds. He exprewd thn hor Uat such symtth Y" ow difficult it is to persuade other nition that would last as Umg as theChurrn existed. missionsry is not an instrument of secular govern - lie SaCtrraUV of the fcocirrr annour.ceJ other t - It is lufinitely more difficult in the case of the merges of congratulation frxm America. v , 5lahomedan. He cannot lliete that those who are Th CHALKMAJi. in opening the meeting, aaid that, a Peacbing.U.e Gospel against tha religion of Mahomed had Mentha case with ether institutions, the bocicty. not incte.1 thereto and rrotecteJ therein and for the Probation of the Gospel hod gron fronT gorernd in their tion br the nTi" small beciuninas. But it bad laboured iK - rMstcntlv from "nt of England with which they are contesting. tlw Wi,r,,. in.t hA thrown .11 it toll. am. .ti - .tn. Many warnings nave reaenci me. loose .wnui(j a ... - T. "I . ' - 1 I ,M nnt I luh over a wider aut wider area, until its '0O yean of work ' "",'" v"fclirr". - . ' , sh.ow a very remarkable result in the existence 1?..?: ui..u, care S.O tke supply of huts. Here was also sum' of aliout itr.t'W "fcr! Tutting up store - houses in which the Twrve stows would be plaeei. With that exception t6ere was nothing in this vote which raised any new question of policy. With regard - to the Esquimalt parrison, an arracgement had been come to betwetn the Colonial OSce and the Government of Canada in sccordaacw with which Canada would eventually contribute 112.500 of this money.. If the bon. member for West Newirigtba t - ould point out any grave defect in thn an;tarv arrangements at the Pimlico dejW - t, the matter would V attended to. As to the question of 'cubicle, ii would v recollected that the Government undertook to build barrack so that the cubicle system) could be religious bodies w introduced. That had been ikne, and experiments: DirriCXLTIE rsi neen irsae, oci ice. iasi six mouuis csu uuw uc aitab'.p for these experiments. C - tPTAIN NORTON asked where the enormous number of huts to be provided in this country Were to be put up. ilr. POWELL WILLIAMS rvid tbe exact 'localities rjid not been definitely settled. The question a to the National Gallery should have been addressed to his richt hon. friend at the head of tbo Ofiice of Works. There was no actual contact between the National Gallery and the St. George Barrack. But as soon, as tbe barracks at Mill bank were completed there 'would be a removal from Trafalgar - square to them. The! work at Militank was being pusaed forward as rnpidly as possible, )t;t he could not say when it would be finished. The barracks at Piershill might not be ths most com - fortalle. but they certainly were not u - h as to ne wholly condemned. The' sanitary condition of the sewage farm at Aldershot was first rate, and it was endoutted'y an advantage to the camp to receive Mijipliea from it. 3!r. Allju? and CotostL Wcbt condetaced tbo PierhIl Barracks, and much importance on the part of T(riih missionaries in a MabomeUsn country may. with out any moral fault on their part, light a Came which it may be hard for them ever to supprts. And remember that in these Mahomedan countries you are not dealing with men who are wholly evil i you are dealing with men. who have religious motives, earnest in many respects, terribly mutilated in others, but a religion that lias portions of our own embodied in its system. You are dealing with a form which a pur?, though mistaken, theism gives to a vast population. You will not convert them 1 do not say you will never' do so. God knows 1 hojift that that is far from our fears. But. dealing with events of the moment, I think that your chances of conversion as proved by our ex - ivrirnce are infinitely siuall compared to tbe danger of creating great ieriU and of producing serious convulsion and. may be, of causing bloodshed, which will be a iterious and m - rmanent obstacle to that Christian re - I liciou which wo desire above all things to preach. This i . . 1 . l . J . . - 4 . IS a asurr luat you inusi war iu ioiuu, iou must uut imagine that all jiolitieiaus are simply regardless of the highest iuterot of their race" (cheers), but tho politicians we .closely the dangers that those who do not examine so cart - fully may, perhaps, not appreciate so intimately. And 1 earnestly urv - e tbeui, not 'as a pclitical matter, but as an element of Christian duty, as a conditioo of giving the higliest josi - tiou in the world to that religion which . they adore I urge them to abstaiu from all - appearance of any attempted violenco in their religion: to abUin.'if possible, from uu'due publicity wherever ihiscoustruction is ever likely to be placed upon tbeir action. (Hear, bear.) 1 am conscious . of the enormots diiSrtilty to a devout man's conscience which this iut'tion will impose uin him, but vet it is a great and prions danger.aud having bad this opportunity ot hinking to you 1 did net like to pass it by. 1 1 nly will nrgv upon vou .to remember that the world, howevtr Mowiy I niitLt. ay ai me moment very slowly is travelling to the point wnere tne eovemim - nt of all the races will l,e dene, not by organised force, but by regulateij and kdvancfn public opinion, aO'l you have m your Lani one if the most powerful anl sacred lcversthst ;vcr acted upon opinion. tied it will be notonly dependent r.n the real, but also on the wisdom and - Christian prudence with which jou work that instrument that the great results for which we Worshipful Cvmpvif of f Woww to AtTKAR at th. OuiMhait cm MonaT.UieUiyef tUSo'clflck la Um fr noee, tot tbe JUsctwo U ao4 eta; ctowrs fcr tte yr ,M"W o. U jwntXDV, lUd ft bluff baa, r.a. Jo 1X0, 1TAVY LKAGlfj: VIHITto - I'onWMMCTI! WlMxttf, 27ih Jnr. Ummn id ibfi (I1 sM rfHinni AmUint U Uk lft ifv tins siruriiftn f W"'lfi"W)U U rrrtsn 4 tb tf Imiw IX A.wtrt - trC J.U. l?rft lurKlKou, 4 ttfitstuusnta, Srf. AppikaUoo DouW U mml at - enoe. Tl IK N K W CH V ItCH of KN O LAND TJ? JiPl"0. TlcAnitK for KLr.MMTAKVft7KlA. ,. I'atrotilIIMfilCArRtbs AltCHHIi'HUI'cfrAXTrnilVBY. WAivTItt tiO.OOQ. The Vrw DuiWlnn hlrh sreoow Uwt retl wilt ,bi irom; tlcted. smerflU CQ rtidDt tudnU. sirf an equsl eurohrr if Mn - midtiU. Tbe Utter, whilst enjoper 'l tlordina Hnr. ,...t .V. r.t..H .hit. ,h rllM 4ordi to its rndnt. will ottlr attend snch piwrM it won hip sod luwus iwtroruon a Uwir wuu (t twdisns dir. In cnJ - r th tbe boixLus ror t . rroMfrcf StU Funds are VrcinUJ ana coainuuuotj 6iy Itm tent to tre . n Tn.arrr.JlHV r. TAT.BOT. Tm X nbrtrew.t. P.T. Krrtai7. a O. SIKRRlTT - FOX FjJJ.tLOeorp! vinoara.H.W'. . Haulers. Mturs. CiXTiS. BIDOrLPa sad Co, C CUruii - cross. 8 W. . tt nsPITAT. for CHILDREN in SOUTH LON1 - l ixix The CooniittM" ft ihr llrTe !toipit&I for Childrm IHiyBSB IMPERXAI GOVERNMENT SEC per yoticw h fcfOf fir. Uw4 lh OOUrnJn tW lxm. iwm U JJ - WW W IAIX) eo e4 afUe Snt J! (lutoxtaf es - mrfii at tate aOea. Utrin lb hour ot U aad 1 Tba Coupsoa not be kft Vxrrm er aays for staislaatioa crwioas to parWraC hiMiBsial BoodttokW skoold fsresrw Iter Cuepoaj Umwi Uesr Haasrsfreilition. ,iri rorttaCUrtenstUankof India. AeitrUU,aiiriJa - CA&rfwwivjW Wsnaors. HWtBH. Taesaq &4' - u. txtvtoo. 30t Jnnm. 1TB rfitEKK KXTKUNAIi LoH oflSSI, ISM, 1JB7, vr cxt rcxuwu toA ot uw. Tt r - iei1t ef roMtn IVtfl4hftdei v paM to rnxim frl'AYMKT.l the n J 5 tf teot - IU CLAIH tfln4 br 11 inmrt tbe 0 jwr ot. uapasi en lb bo? Utu, 4 Ttr'litjswl CertMealee U1 i tw Tiri 4df. ttww tb hem ot 11 sml 2 PUrU etretdt Th CofttU assto fjuvl bekt'ri tbU ttsims with rrf o U coupon do 1st Ju.y. LBJ. ut Um abuse Iao aiU U prmrtUd after tbs XXb tssL B' "'jaxo r. coorxn. rwMarr. fmneH - ben. 17, MwwiUs - strt. tonden. E.a. 1 3th Jn. I TO. BOYXL OPEEA, COVEST OARDCT. Imti i. The Orwl Oprr rrndfcatt. lm&ut Kaaafnif bwwctor.Mr. afaarkCr4u DON GIOVANNI. TO.NiaiiT ( WedaeesUyl aTi . ,, fcBrf.sirfMsriBtjrest MM aTi. - Undeeke; SQMEO KT JULIETTE, TO - MORROWfw and M - psaM d lutst. tiar. AlJanf liUUet, - Ui Wl,l um mm lupn r - VTUHItfl KA EXTERNAL DEBT of PAIOUAY. to mrrtf Uoc with tb Law vt Cmgr rf XowtM lUh. ime. tbt COl"l' due 1st Jaiy next w U rAUJ 'on and afVr tbe ud Jalr. st Ue rate cf 14 per cent per annum, by Mmsrs. K4Urta. Lob. Loet and Co.. ti kn&d - ti - t. E.C. wbers hits may be obtiuMd. Conpoas must 09 left throe clear days tor toasiaauoa. IS. Lombsfdtreet. tb June. 1300. " HAWAIIAN GOVERNMENT SIX per CENT. LOAJi rf liSS. C:to . 17. doe Ut July.1900 Mewrs. StHhma snd Co. wdl PAY S. 27COCTON on ami after Jnd Jn!y. lSOOt Tbe'Coopons mint te l'fi tfcr riemr dsys for verification. twt .tails fuss 1 atul 2. Ua. m 1 sVT'.r t swtT. U. tltbe naet M thm kma 1 ... JJZ! DEIt RINO DEH NIBKLCNGKN. - (not IXs p(wvwty sneaaeel " " - - earoetUyArPE - ALfor IDW towsrd. tM buildinr snd. endow - - VTApIERfXEV ZEALAND) HARBOUR BOARD cent cf tbe new bwpiUI tn be erected m Kehninstoiu. hich wi3 , !V! A,Vft5 .tTciWlLrJcof Atra.W u .dminirtertoOrrr.tordicf.anenonnous pcpiin ; . - .7TnZ - hk7r KorfTwUI FAY. at Sa 4. Tnread - FT05Kitthenew Ee!srT UospiUl f ot Cbiliren en Wednesday. Hmritir D, WHfnMdsr. June Um 27Ul a 7. blKl)iTTEjqAMMEnC5U. rndayTjmw thatXi !, PRICES for the COMPLETE CYCLfc of rdtri rtHtroRUASCKA - dt and 2a4 tier b - . 12 riinevt j orrbertra lUtls. S Sa. : er nil raa be bnakmThmS tnU jwrfonno f 1st sxid 2nd tier boses.4 snd 2S ' nrebntra stalls. Xa. xagpbitbeatfa. uartserred. r r to.' tlwT, 2a. fd. T . ... - V .,nn. Hrr Royal Hihn has fnrtber renented to Eecetre Purses frcm children of I he linmeas and npwmnji. . . The" Committer in pte cf Ibe Tat dnrnd nprm rene - roity in eeDneiiso with the War al tbe present, time. neTertbeiess srjwwl for contntnOoni for tbe bore obJ t, bjeh wul be psoifulJy sriinowldfd by tbo Trwunr. ud may t t ent to the under - (nd. at the UupiUt. 77 snd 73. Glouceter - t" - f. rxb.W. x. aXLAKT. Secretary. 500 onrHAXS are entirely MAINTAINED AND CABEO FOR - In tbe . ORPHAN WORKING SCHOOL, Instituted liA taor Reboot. UTent k - hii: I Junior School (Aietndr Onisnaje). UoTuej - M : CennleeeeotHoiue. Hroldod. Marjst& The Ce - mKte hsre the pleasure of snoop ncinj tfcatJSTR AUiERNON COOTK. Ilrt.. will pide at the JdA7JVER - PAKY TTIVAI. THIS DAY (Wrdnwdayt 20th - Jane, 1900, - t tbo Whitehall Kooms, llitel Melrcpole (entrance, WniU - ha - pl - cj P - trons - ner Mo.1 f! - ions MAJEKTY Tt QUF.KS snd T.E.H. the PRCfCK snd PK IXCFPP cf W A LEH. rreaidest rkd. - tnh - l H.R.U. thePlTKK of CAMBKXDGE.SLC. VICK - PRFWllFJiTS. : Treararer - Uoraos B. Mm - Ul. tsq, M - A - . J.r D.L ITis Grace the Dukeoi Fife. K.T. ! Alfred Daniel Chpmn. Tm. The Right Hon. the Earl cf Brahmin I. C - ea. ljJ . D.I, DikwTI'C ' I - P. Tke Risht lion. Lcrd Eruey. . F. I It Collins. TfO - K.C.1!. Willura Iancn, Li. Tbe Rvht Hon. I - wtt Batterm ! . J. loe. tM. The Hon. Lord Ueorce i K. J. Ksij - Hmi'tr.. 1C. - J1.I. Tbe Rivht Hon. Lord orth cote. CIt The l( Hon. Berbert J. Clad tone. il.V. Fir Alsernon Coot. Part. 8ir Sydney U. Waterlow, Bart. fir 11. A. Isaacs Pirileorse f - omucl Uesiom, J.V, tX. - Vjl. Arthur Alfred Witball Aton. Esq. WilUanvl:r!ow. ncu A. l:cr.n. Eiuj. D.I J. U. Uuiton. Ijo.. J.P. Wii:im f nowdon Oard. Eja. '!. T. K. Hill. Km. Walter r.riifitb. iior iianuury. J - Jq - j.r. Ouictin 11' KC. f - "i - Kbenever llumri.TUj J.P. II. L W. Uvwd. Esq. Benjamin A. Lyn. FvJ. ;oci - ir Wm. I'&imer, t - tq J.P. W. f T. F - rtioino. Ei. J. O. RifciJJt, Kq - M.r. Ril Woodd tinutb, i'JU J.P. WiUoa Eurr, Ea, J.P. STEWARDS. miMionary societies. o owe jou assistance bcc - ue we are not able to avoid bringing' certain impediments to your work. I do not .merely allude to the example which is set br Christian' or so - ce.lled Christian men in rkF l.n.U " TS in nnn to i - rt tt - niritations. I 'Iney bave - ereat ditCeuIties to encounter, and it i existence, de - ire to reco,piire with m:tw l that trirt fsrwrteiB CJI WL1L mev n"ir v .uuhiui muv rtoinr and tne uvea iney are isauinc are coi are rtoinr and tne uvea iney are isauinc are always calculated to further tho work of missionary socie"ties.4 But that is ouly partially the case. 1 believe that over the vast area of the British Empire the mass of those who "draw their oriRin and receive, their teach - 1 ine from these shores are no unworthy members of the h:cn Lugland ptssosscs. Ei KOI! MlijIOSillT CXTERruIaE. Yet we must. recognise the difficultie which it is not in our power to avoid placing in the paths of the missionary societies, and tbe diflieult - ics result hot so i much from any lack on our part of a desire to j assist tbem, but because our very assistance carries I with it certain drawbacks. In old times we are startled .when we read the hitcry of the vast ! and tudden conversions, of the trcroendoos in.ral I and spiritual power which seemed to sweep over 1 a race or a country in obedience to the teachings of the ear y missionaries of Christianity, and we wonder whether it will ever be that a phenomcnen of that striking character will take place in our time. (Hear, bear.) Thru we must recofmixe that the'pesition is en - : tirely diflerent. In the Church in tke old times the ereat evangelists went forth to their work exposing themselves to fearful dancer, sufferini: all the terror that the world could inflict all in support of doctrines which they preached and the morality which tbey practised. (Hear, hear.) There was, no doubt, at the i same time a corrupt society callic itself by their I name. But, as your I 'resident has pointed out, the ; means of communication were not as they aru. 1 now and thines micht go on without attracting the ne VROITHAnsov rtl thl mMmra ?n , attention of those who Iteuel to tbo teacnuirf of tne barracks was harmful to the health of tho nien.i 1 earlier teachers cr diminishing the value of tbe.r work. - I f Um, liwr l Vriwthit.rv mr eonsfdmhl v AlUr,d. aui! Mr. POWELL WILLIAMS thereupon promised to .l,, .rv of ... mi,.ul,iPtic,n. that verv tha liirector - lieoerai of the Array r m ...r r,t . - .r,: - ; .fr. - t. ,;.. inn take the op:nion of all pray may be achieved.; (l - oud cheers.) 1 be)? to move " That the Society for tho Propngation of the Gofpel jn l'oreigti Parts, on entering on the 200th year of it devout an.l liuinDle me sure of success wbich has been vouchsafed tn its laliours in plantin? the Church in the British colonics and in evangelizing the heathen." Thc - BiMior of Albany seconded the resolution. Sib J. Kkn.vaway". M. P., president of the Church Missionary Society, iu sopportini; the resolution, said that th societies would take tieed ef the words of Lord Salisbury and would exercise the greatest prudence ia order to avoid, on th; part of their missionaries, any action .which might lead to disturbance: Tbey were always ready to follow the advice of tbe Government in such a matter, but they must not be too timid. The resolution was then carried unanimously, after which the choir of the Chapel Koyal sane tie hymn (io. Preach Me. everywhere, always : Lo, I am with you all the days," written by the Ilishop of Derry.. The Bisnop of Wimhestku moved " That, whereas in the past the society bait done its art by eneuragiog lue lormauon oi ani uiocesau uruiunuai, to bring about the spiritual federation of the" Anglican communion, it looks under the Divine blessing to continue this work, and thereby to multiply those spiritual bonds which arc the. surest pledges of the Imperial federation of tho: widely bcvcrcd portions of her Majeidv's dominion.." The Bisuop of Kentccxy seconded the resolution, which was supported by Mr. Talbot, M.P.fand carried UDsninioufly. The meeting c'osed with the Benediction, pronounced by tbe Alicumaiiop. Psnyor. t Rt. Hon Ylsconut ' .Kinnsird. Rt lion. Lord KennawT. Ut. Hon. rir J. H., lUrl.. M.P. Wbittbewl. fir J.ire. Hart. I aw. Kir Ilufch. li.f.ALO 1 CamoUll. Fir to. I' K.C.M. LlTelor. Sir Y. P.. Alderman and rr.erui Robinson. Colonel Welleley.C. B. Anderson.. Robert. IUq.. C.U. I.LD. Adsms. IX. - CoL J. W. Richards Anderson. J. H., E1. Arthur, !jr:L - Col. A. L Ah. C J., I - Ki Atkias. Y. A..Ij. Au'ten - Ix - mb. F - Esq.. M.A. I' - trham. rfare. Kw J.P. I'ertu. Frsncia A.. 1 - t. D.L lersn. livx trq. ltewden. James, Fsq. Clementi - roitK Rev. P SLA. Ccate. S. !.. tmj.. CO. t'oln. Benjri:n I, Esq', JI.T. rollingridje. W, H, Yn. Tollina. K I If.. Etq. Cx. Georye. fcq. f'ro, W M.nn. Fnq.. CC. Cnukah - nk, AufUftus, W., Esq. Panaon. Willutm, Fjq. lie Veoian. R. !C, taq. IOTe. F. J . Fq. Frsraan. T. J.. Esq. Card. W. K. In. Card. W. li 6.. Esq.. LLR. CCL?:SIASTICA L INTELLIGENCE: Mciical Department upon the condition of the buildings and s:to. Tte vote was then acreed to. The votes of ll.t,R00 for establishments for military education and M.90O for miscellaneous effective ervices were agreed to. On the vole of 1,611,009 for non - effective charge for oiEeerj, ic, Mr. BOSCAWEN (Kent. Tnnhridce) comp!aineI ef the manner in which Line officers serving in the Militia had ln treatcl with reference to retiretl pay.; It had be - u the custom of the War Office to try and attract Line officers into the Militia by giving them extra pensions or additional retired pay If they .served a certain number of 3 ears in the Militia. On embodiment. however, the retired pay wa taken away altogether, so that during; the whole of the embodiment the officers merely received the ordinary pay of a line captain. There were other instances in which tbe treatment of the officers was absurd. It would be said that the officers knew perfectl' aell that tbey would not receive retired pay if the Militia was embodied, but, from ths; point of - view of broad policy, be denied that it s vtin to deprire the officers at a time of national emereeney of nictey which really represented pension for past service. xt nnuTTT. iviTT riva :.i !,. 1 1 been pointed out that an officer who had retired with a pension had the whole of it stopped whilst the Militia was embodied. On the other band an officer who had retired with a pratuity had th'e advantage of the interest of that cratuitv. He did think that that was an ahomalr to which he should certainly! call the I uoes diminish the purely Tirjtual aspect and action and men to affect men, by the. mere conquests we have achieved in the material doroaia thofe very coniiucsts, while undoubtedly tbey - are, as the .rchb:hop said, - an invitation from "lrovnience to take adra&t - ge of thu means of spreading the Gospel, are a!o the menus by which the lit c of many and the act of many which are not wholly consistent witn tne laeai wuicn is f reache - 1 in tbe pulpit, and which we red of in tho loly Book,. are brought home to the knowledge of the millions whom we . !eek to address. (CheTS.) That is one great dihiculty with which we. have to c ntehd, and that is one reason why this and all missionary societies appeal with tin b ubte 1 force and with a right to have their appeal considered ; that, - as our civiliza - . tion, in its .measures, tends to hamper missionary elforts, so in its nobler manifestations snd its more tow erf ul effort, that civilixatiun, reprentel by our asMitance, r - all push forward to iu ultimate victory the causa to which you are devoted. (Cheer.) THE PRESENT POSITION. But that is not the p int from which it seems to me the great diticult) of our present time ari. - e. If an ev - ngeli(t or au apostle, a B. - niface or a" Columba preciiei in the Middle Ages he faced the difficulties, he underwent the nurttrdom, he braved tie torments to which he was exposed, and tbe whole of tbe great. moral and spiritual influence of his self - devotion acted without hindrance on tbe people whom he addressed. But now, if a Boniface or a Columba is cipoed to this martyrdom, the result is an apoeal to a Consul or for tbe mission of a gunboat, and "unfortunately, though it cannot be helped, 'though it is a blame to nobody, though far indeed from being a blame to cur devoted missionaries, though 1 cannot admit it is a blame tu the secular U'overnment by whom their fate is avenged The Per. It. J. Si Gill, who resigned the Tiearaga of' .ldcT5hot hut year, has been appointed by tho Bisbcp of Winchester to the vicarage of Ilolm'wood, Surrey, vacant by the preferment of the Her. C. U. Gould to the rectory of Wecke, Winchester. Tho annual festival of St.. Boniface Missionary College at Warminster, which took place last - Friday, was made memorable by a visit from tho Archbishop of Canterbury and also by th fact that two former students the Rev. Charles Hobinson and the Rev. Harry Norman have recently met their neath at the hanJs of tho Boxers. " "The ArchbLihop preached in the Minster from Romans i,, 20, "and baue the college not give way to feelings of sadness as lon as it had men like .these two to wn.l out. At thn luncheon which followed there were present, araonj others, the Marquis of Bath,, the Bishop of Salisbury, Cant n fc'tr J. E. 1'hilipps, and tbe Bishop of Trini The usual toast were dispensed with, and the Bishop'of Salisbury said a few words in regard to the martyred missionaries. , Gill. 0. T. P.. Esq. i tlltzKY, J. T.. Ei. ! tlriltth. Walter. Kiq. liandry. Fjneet W.. Ksq, HslL Jc - n. Lq . M.I'. . I llalL.Willum. fjiq. llininier. WUJism. Esq. lfoere. E. Brodie. F - q.. M.Y. Holryden. wt"ra C. E 1 Johntct.:WiUim J.. Tm., C.CL ; Ijie, J. H,. Rj.. D.L.. U.ti i list Arthur, Et. j - owd, m. r eh. I.ton. IS. Ai. Ijq. ' Mippin, Jneeph C Esq. . Martl 1. h M.AJ.P, D.I. M jthirrnn. Fi - derie C. Esq. t orley. 11 o - rd. Kq. ?orthner. Walter, la. ! l'arkin.'on, W. Esq.. L.C.G j )Vr!er. . C Esq. ! RMhfthild.; Alfred de. Ere. ; KolLm LilU. Vevpoid, de. ! rif.3. Ueore, hj - j. ! Kkpfjs. J. 11.. Efn. j tui!es. IHement Leeke. Eiq. bmilh, Rul Woodd. Efq.. J.P, D.U j Fmith, neerKe, Eaq. MmtH. T. l.'iit - oe. Mq. Furr. Watson. Ktq., J.P. Wakefield. V. li. fcrq. Wood, WilUani Iljot. Esq, M.c.a (ientlemen deiirous ot becemini Ftewardt er fnrtheriti. the rann ef the Charity are kindly requested to iniTnwl isteiy send ia their carrcs 10 ue cccsrci - ry. Ladies Dine at Uiii Festival 1 n da on It July Coupon nuit be left for examination twe c!u - days, for - ui ci speci - cation can be bad oa application. R. W. JEAN?. Msaacer. Bank cf Aartr - laiia. . Thread need - 'e - ftrrec. lSti June. 1S0G. OWN of BRUSWICK(XEAU MELBOURNE) rrVVr Jlnili rk.r.i(.l PnV f initnkilt TJnuMl. WelboBrne. tires netlee that the Xt;roNS,floecn lit July next, of Loans Noa - 2and 5 of tbe T..A(Hm.i.u - - :i i, pxin mi U etSe. of their Londoa Acents. tbe London Joint Stock Ba - X J imrr - xt. a, Princes - street, E.C4 . - rpc TJROViyCE of QUEBEC FIVE per CE5T - I miv tst - lTV. f ALf.VTJIB'S rVTERxT doeJalyltt. lsOQ. on tbe abore - aeotioned LOAN wilt be PAID, on and after i.,iw r4 h - f kink rf VmiL 22. Ahcimrch - laoe. E.C. Coupons mart l left for ex - min - tion between the hours cf 10 and 2 o'clock" (Saturday! excepted) three clear days poor - to pajoent neite Biaoa. Forms may be bad on appl ca uoo on od after the 2C - init For tie har.k ot Montreal. A. ULZrc. Maaarsr. o. 22. Ahebnrrbaae. T - C. Jane 19th. IS0O. TTER 3IAJESTTS THEATRE. XX TO - PAY. at 115, and : EVEBV EVEXEfG. at tXL Mr. TREE. A new en ion. in three act, of the romanti - Ray EIP TAS WISKLg. TJpTsn Winkle .. i. .. .. .. Mr. TEES. UATISEE EVF.KT WET1NEFDAT axd SATTTtDAT. at Zli Hoxjofflce (Mr. F. J. Tnroeri oven 10 to ia H KH MAJBCTrH. ST. JAMES'S. Mr. GEORGE ALEXANDER. TO - DAY. at 2.33. snd EVESY EVUXLSU. at S.31 L - n2 Perfonuaoee. TUE MAS OF FoaTT. By W ;. - Frith. LAST KATTXEE8 TO - DAY and wXDAESDAYJmis 27th. atiS. toi - oftre (Mr. K, Arnold) X3 tola . fcT.JAitES'S. CIRITERIOy. Leee, Mr. Charles Wyndham. J MaDaeers. Mr. Charles Wyndbam and Mr. Arthnr Bourchier. TO - NhiHT. st .30 (by arrangement with Mr, Chudleih and ltr. Boucit - urtt tn Orvinal Comedr. in Thrve Arts, entitled LADY HUSTWORTll"3 EXPF.EIMEXT. by K. C. Carton. Mr. Arthur Bourrbkr, Mr: Dien Hoocfc - aaX and Mill Compton. (For remainder of casl are under clock.) Doors open at 8. IIUNTWORTH'8 EXPHRLMENT. T ADY JL , . , M ATLXEE TO - DAY and EVElfY WEDJfT5?DAY. at 233. Duo. - ojn at 2. ' CKITERIOX THEATTtB. ITn' - VDHAM. TIIEATIUl - tCranbourn - gtreet, T T Charinr - - rn - rxidl. Sole rroprietor. Mr. CHAKI.K. WYNDHAM. TO - 3IGBT. at IX. THE LIAUS. Br Henry Arthur Jones. Mr. CTIAItLES WYXDIIAM. Messrs. Alf - wi Bishop. Herbert Stand inf. T. B. Thalber.. A. Vane - TempertA. Keodrirk. P. Berton, S. Prinsie. C. UoncC lens : Me - da, Cynthia Brooke. Sarah brooke, Mpcfrrr - Iiruntcn. Alice de Wlnton, O. Teupie. and Miu MARY MK)KE. Doors orn at 9. Bnt - oflire enen 1J an to 13 p.crriHi: liars. X EVKltY EVEKETO. at 8.331 Tor a LIMITED A UMBEK .f X IO HTS 05T.T. WYXDUAMB THKATKS. PIIE LIARS. WYXDHAWS TH5ATRE. DAVID OARRICK. SPECIAL MATINEE, PATVIiDAY - EXT. Jaue SL at 3 o'clock. WYXDIIAM'S THEATER Uil Certrnds Wood and a Choir ot the Orphan Children fH Finr ounne tr erenirjt. Dinner at 6.30 (for 7) o'clock. ALEXANDER GRANT, eeeretary. Offlees, 73, CheapsHe. K C. T ICKXSED VICTUALLERS' SCHOOL. The JL - J Wth ANNIVERSARY DINNER vUI take place at the CrrUI l - alar - on Tueadsr. the 3rd July, st 4 oVkx k Drecuelv. JOHN (iRETTOX. Esq:. M.P.. Director P - aa. WatcUiT. and O ret ton (limited), in the chair. Mu,irI Amnxernenta Uoder tbe di - ectio er Mr. wuiuun Coatee. raml Orrheatral liard. conducted be Mr. A. U. Htew - rt. will plsv during IHnner. The Cb - dren cf the rcbool UI attend. Tickets. Half - a - 4iulnea eafh. to include dinner and ad - minion to tbe Palace, may be had rf the Ouveruor and CWimmittee : of the tewanla itklo the Morn in t Advertiaer ") ; at tlw; lictiool - nousc. Kennlnston - lace, and 1Z7. tlM - t - etrert. EDWAKD UKIMWOOD. Secretary. of ROVAL SCHOOL for DAUGHTERS OFFICERS of tbe AEMY. At an elm - tion cf Tour I'tipUa on 13th June, 1900. tha follovisx was uoutoun oiuenn.1.: - SLTCEfSFCL t 15. Vole. Tote. Mfcia A. VT. Cook .. .. 4.323 MniTt. II.T. SL PaniiAen 4 Ml ' Ul L. A - beton .. .. 4.13a l Miss O. b. French rxsirccnseFVL t is. Votes, i ' Mia Mi Hirt .. Miss D. F; Jacob.. IjfissV. M, HartitM I MiiC. Ktoton .. Mm J. iU Fulton Mli F. I. N. Forrert Z.BU M1 K. White .. Mill I). N'iirtn M iss" A. A. I ercuaon Min V. I. Macfarlane Miss B. K Liston.. M i N". W.ii. Oriffia M ins K. M, Pston Miss K. E. H. Cox Mm V. 1L Wicfild 3.331 2.32J 2.125 2.057, I.P13 1 G32 1.431 L41S 1.2E3 Mia M. U Sirze .. ilia H. L. 1L Chora Ycf. 933 to3 - 33 404 134 141 7J O. W. FOE8TEB. eeeretarr. Office, 18. Cockapur - atreet. London. B.W. of SHEFFIELD. sttention'of his noble friend the Secretary ;of State j of Christian teaching ; it does 1re to men the oppor - ,(. fm .T 1 Lit 1 lUOUUU, W i t J LU11J . J M UIU .VM'1..WU .V ,.M. U.Ub.VMH l4tU.g5 a eav had been made out. A retired officer joined the ! to that preaching, and to guspect it of object which Militia on condition that he should receive a certain ! are far away fretn the thoughts of those who urge it. l - nsion, but during embodiment he vra certainly j (Cheer.) They have a pruverb in the' East Erst the jeunirily Letter oil than he would be if - he were I missionary, then the Consul, then the general, (A laugh.) on!v reccivins his pension. The difficulty of allowing That, as a matter of fact, ha too often tieen the cac liim to receive - nis pension at mo same that he - received his full ray was that he micht be serving alonrsido a brother officer who: would not be receiving anything like . so much for tis rervices. He thought that was the answer to. his hon. friend, and that under the circumstances! it could l hardly expected that a change should be made in tb - t state of thing. The vote was agreed to. The following rotes were also agreed to : 1,379.000 for the expense of Chelsea and Kilmainham Hospitals and other non - eZectiva charges, and 186,000 for, superannuation,, compensation, compos - licnate allowances, gratuities, lie. On the vote of 63,000 for ordnance factories, Mr. BALFOUR aaid that the hon. member for Mid 'Lanark had appeared to Le on the point of rising to a point of order. He wa given to understand that the rdnan?e factories were included in the Army Estimates, and according to strict technical right tbey were down that day, but he believed that tn ordinary practice thi vote had been taken separately, and if obiection were time j that is to say, it is true, and it could hardly be avoided .ieht ' that those nation which are the most active in their missionary work - are also marked by the constant expansion of their frontier. Tbis cannot, be avoided, lou must accept it ; but do not bfHe trom yourselves that it is a great hindrance to your wcrk, and that, whil secular results of this character follow from the result of Christian teaching, tbe Christian faith and the Christian Cross do cot shine' upon the peoples of the world with tbe unblemished splendour with which they shone in old times. THE CHINESE TROUBLE. Just look at this Chine. - e matter: Yuu observe . that all the people who are slaughtered - re Christians. Do yuu imagine that they are slaughtered simply because tha Chines dislike their religion '! there is no nation in the world so indifferent on the subject of religion as the Chinese it is because they and other nations have I got the idea that missionary work is a mere instrument: lof tbe recular Government in order to achieve the objects it has in view. That is a most daugen - us and terrible snare. I need not say it is utterly unjust and that no men could be more devoted, more free from secondary motives, than the missionaries who leave these shores ; but the fact that it i so does not diminish the reality of the dancer which arises from the suspicion a sus - PUBLICATIOSS TO - DAY. The Cajipaicx. or 1815, bv William O'Connor Morris (12s. Cd. net) ; Sfun Vau.v : Ska Stoi Iti, by Morgan Kolrton (G..) ; IJlix : A Loye Idvll, by Frank Norris (3s. 6d.) : Iritis of the I'aui.jians, by John Y. Macdonld (5s,) ; Where and How to Dine in Pauls, by Kowland Strong (2s. Cd.). Grant Richards: . Croqcet Up to' Date, containing the ideas and teaching of the leading plajers and champions, edited by Arthur Lillie (lbs. 6d. net) ; Tnc Badminton Library : Swimming, ly Archibald Sinclair and William Henry, third edition, thcroughly revised (10s. Cd.) : The CorNoiL or Coy stance to the IIsath or John Hvs, being the Ford lecture for 1U00J bv James Hamilton Wjlie (6s. net). Longmans. Ten Years in Cossack Silvery, or Black Kcuia. by Julian Jasicncyk, translated by Mary De Mankowiki. he York : the AMy l'ress. A Left - handed Swordsman. A romance of the Eighteenth Century. By Ueorge Neweocien. 6s. I?onanl Smithers. Les Mis era isles Jean Vauean. By Victor Hugo, translated by M. Jules Grty. Two volume. 2s. Cd. net per vtdumc. Dent. The Care of the Child in Health. ByJ)r. Nathan l Oppenheim. 5s. Macmillan. j Sewage and the Bacterial Purification op Sewage. By Dr. Samuel ludeal. Jcgram, Fleydeu - strcet. Fleet - street, E.C Food and Lrcgs : A Mantal. tor Traders and Others. By Charles James Higginson, barrister - at - law. 'It. Cd. net. Effingham Wilson. We Three and Tkoddles. By K. Audoin. Illustrated edition. Cd. Jtrrold. Macdonald's English Dirxctoet andOaeeteeh for 11'00. Two volumes. 4. Londin t William Macdonald and Co. (Ltd.), 72, Lradenhall - street, E:C. Gcide to the Zebra Hybrids, he, on txhibition at the Koyal Agricultural Society's rhow, York. By Professor Cossar Ewart. Is. Edinburgh : Printed by T. and A. Constable. rnTY The Corporation of Fh - QeM are nrerared to accept LOANS en MOKTtiAfiE or DElfmiT. For terms apply Citj Accountant and iie.i(irar. ion - oau. c - emeu. "CARDIFF CORPORVTIOX THREE per CET. ISSUE OF S7L500. Anthorized by the Cardiff Corporation Actj IS79. IS34. 1357. 1894, and 1SD3 : the Local liovernment Art. 1938 : the lubik: Health Act, 1875: the Municipal Corpora tiom Ai t. 1S32; the EW trie Lighting Act; 1B32: the I.nnscy Art. 1830: the Public Libraries Act. 12J2 ; the Hatha and Wash home Arts : the Local tJottrnmect Eoard. and tt lAjrtl Cwn uiu - iionera ox Uer almjemtj Treasury. Mmmiura rrii - e of Irjiie. 96 per cent. First Dividend, beic. a full ix Mor.Lhi' Interest, payahla ltt January. 19CJ. The Trustee Act, 133. authoriiet a Trkrtee. nnlets erpreiily for bidden by tbe instrument (if any) creating the Trust, to, invest funds in thi btock. The NaUonal Provincial Bank of Ens land. Limited, is anthemed by Resolution! p - ed by the Corporation of Cardiff on the 1 3th June. 1900. to recede Tenders for j71.5O0 Cardiff Corporation Three I - rlnL Redeemable Flock. Interest ljb.'e b - U - yearly at tha aaid bank or at any of its Branch. This Mtock is reUeemable at par at the option of the Corporation at any time after the expiration of twenty years from 7th Lfecrmbrr; U!H. by ririni; six months' notice, and most be extin.uijb.ed by 7th December. 1964. l"he Acta tf Paru - ment and Orders under which the Corporation are authorized to borrow tbe money prcride for the fprtn - tion by tbem of a linking Fund for the Redemption of the pt:, and require that annual returns in con - exioa theretrca kh - U be tuada to Um Loral t.oternment Ikrd. senouslT taken tte Oovernment ccrUialy vrould not be , picicri whose operation you now see in such terrible' and inclined to press the matter Mr. CALDWELL aaid that there was alway. considerable amount of discussion on the ordnance vote, and it was on that account that he desired to draw attention to the matter. lie was. not objecting t the rote at all. Mr. BALFOUR. I won't presa It. The motion was accordingly withdrawn. lil oodt ained characters at the moment when I speak to you. - .May I attempt to point the moral, and that is that caution an.l, jmidence within ' the due limits. ti devotion and enthusiasm, but caution and prudence, are the duties .of missionaries in a foreign land who not only are "preaching the Gospel, but arc also representing to the eyes of the inhabitants to whom they preach the character snd the aims of the people from whom they came. It is 'a high duty with them to temper their enthus asm with Christian prudence. I do not suppose that anything would induce them to abandon the earnest prosecution ot the work to which they have given their lives (hear, hear) - namely, aoreading the worship of Christ and ohedieuce to llis Or s ; but if we can ahow them that prudence is nece - sarr in order that their devotion, and their sacrifice may succeed, I. hope they will not think we are unduly pressing upon 'them when we urge that that prudence fhe consideration of the Civil Service Estimates was then resumed, and TOte were; agreed to for the rtmpletion of tbe following sums ; X'564,0S8 for superannuation, cottpensation, compassionate allowances, gratuities, and salaries of medical referees ; L4,80O for pensions of master, and seamen in the. rbanr le Trice an! their widows and children : 111, 725 for tniscellsBeouj chariUble and other allow - , khoald be erereised. ances : ri7,521 - lor salarte and cxpensesj m connexion ktODKUV dangers. with temporary commissions and apecial inquiries ; I Betnetnber that in old times if an (vangelist gave iX,370 for miscallaneous expenses ; and 30,000 grant himself up to martyrdom he achieved the crown for in aid of the expenses of "th Royal Commiasion lor the , which belooktxl, and be did not injure the eause'.that be ritiah section at tho Pan txlilbltion. ( was pra - climg or thosa whose interests he represented : but bow any man woo to conducts biro set! that bis teal leads to martyrdom at least incurs thi danger, that la will expos tbe lives of thosa to whom be is prech - is.g, and, . what is probably perhaps in it material reauit even worss, that ha will pause the shedding of the Hood of . hi own couutrjuien, pf tha o4kr and sipr by whom his rouolrjinao ra defrnde!, a4 who, fur tha salt pf thoa fsUowrepufltrymen, and IB or4r U vpM sjmiUr, er rpn wpri pfltfugM in lb tutor, T HE ROYAL XAYAL and MILITARY BAZAAR. At OLYMl'IA. TO - DAY. Accession Uay. and Tp - oorrow, in ALU cf JLBJL rEXSCESf niKISTlAA"? HOME tor DBABLED fcOUJlKia and SAILOEo. Under tbe imnicdiate patronaee of ,Her MAJESTY The glT - EN. 11.11.11. riilKCBSSt of WALKS, LULU. PRINCESS CH RD3TI AN of SCHUSWICJ - HOLSTEIN. H.R.H. FBINCKSS HKNKY of BATTKNBEKU. HJLIL I'RISCEKS LOUItfK KL'CUEsS ut FVcll and th DUKE of YITR. Ac, Ac. Tbo Et Hon. G. J. GOSCHEN will oin tbe Ba - ur To - day U2. GRAND CONCEBT. This Afternoon, at 130 (under the direction of Mr. Wta, Saunders. The foUdwin. arU - tes have k iadly consexOod to appear ? Vocalists. Madams Bertha Moore, Miss Buu Bird and Miss Ki!e TUkr, Miss Lucy Clarke, and Madame Enrique. Mr. Denbam I'rice. lUiciUtion : Miaa Hkxnet Kendall and Miss Nora H - ttingl. rianoforte : Mi - t Muriel Muxt - rd. Viulln : Miss Alice M. Liebnunn. Tbs Ladies' Guitar and Mandoline Hand. Cot - tuctor. Mxas la Tborold. AooompanUt. Mr. Wi'helm Cana, Admission. 6a. rirand riteoforte kindly lent ky Mersrs. Chap re 'J and Co.. Ltd. Tickets may be obtained from Wfcitcbe - di Ticket - otBce. Pt mtA CnappeU and Co., British Progress was then reported. Mr, IULFOUR moved the adoornment of tb Ilouie.. Mr, FF.XW1CK (.VorthumberUnd, Wbcj mW whep lm Housiui of th Working C1ms BUI wwJ4 I Ukeo, Mr, BALFOIJH mI4 i IH Ut H4 W wp4 Jamea'a - h - ll, J'k - c - diUy : Liox - o - k. Olympia lJu, JiewiJooa - etrtti. vr. i The Royal' ArtlUery Mounted Hand, the Bands cf the Koyal Engineers, 11. M. reoU Guards, the Koyal Uilitary rVbool ct Muur. the Connaufht IUcg - ii, aod tbo tt&yal Mariiia ArtiUery iUplay this day from 2 till 10. AUrar - iona fat all kinds throofhout the whole of each day. ITices of admission , To - dsy. ICj. nctil 6 o'clock, 2s. 6d. after t o'dork. To - morrow, Siuntll 6 o'clock. Is. after I o'clock. How. Treaxurer, (1 naral the lion. Herbert Eaton, T OVAL NAVAL and MILITARY HAZAAR. - X (IMr0Rpa4 CW EWRAVIKO, Knlrti - bp.yiBwa. ,m:nmi v one (uiqm eurtTvarpsr s - win bmij turn The prerent issue of Ktock It for tbe purpoee of rpa - rint temporary m - ea made lo tne corporation, tc repl - cins; ot Morrcage paul Waterworks Extensions, pnrcha'e cf Cathays - prk : makiss ad rani off. V Koads. Bridm. and rers st Cathay's Pars : Electric; Urhtlcr. Ftreet ImpoiremenU, r'ewtrsjre and Sanitary Vlcrks. Street Ijghtinf Public Works Depct. Cemetery I - inds; Police and tire bUtUoru, Public Libraries. Lunatic Asylum. Public W Uks and Plouura UrouDds. Il - ths, and other purpurea. The Stock is secured on the whole of the Revenues ef the Corporation, snd rtcls pari psu with the Cardiff Corporation J per Cent. Stock already in existence, and also ctiu - Hy - S ito security with tha 3VV tT Cent. Utock. Tbe Rateable Value of the Borough Is tOC54i Tbe popuUtion to the mlL'e rf 13C9 has been estimated by the Re?iitraM - ccr!Ti.t thowic. an iacreue of - X since tha; cen'us of 1SSL The rent - Is deri Table from the Corpora tion Wain - works are rapidly incrrasiuf. For the year ended March, 1S3L they amounted to IZXI: for the year ended March, 123L to 7 ; and for tha ear tnded Marrh. IKtt 53.111. Besides the Waterworks Properties, the Corporation possess aa income exoredin. 1 ,000 from lands, bui - iinga, rroundTecu. niarket tollr. and ether property. The Uevenue Keceipts cf the Corpruon durim - tie year ended j:t March. 19C0. amounted to 32Lt33. The loan debt of the Corporation on the 21st March. 13KL ni L613.95ii exchune of 433.67. which represent - dranccstobo paid eff by the present issue of Stock. thit cf the total indebtK;ne.LlSS.!37 bss been expended oa the water underukihg. and S5.7'.3 on e'ectrjc Iihtinz. l"herwks cf thetock will t kept by theation - I Provincial Eank of England. Limited, st 112. Bibor - - te - treet, London, whera transfers must 1 made (without chr?e. and also free from stap dutyl by the perscnal attendance cf the btockholder or his Attorney., Interest at tbe rate of 3 per cenL per annum will be payable at the aforesaid Bank, on l.'t Jtnuary ard 1st Jnly ia eachtycur. by lMTKicnu w arrantx; wcicu. u cninu. mu ix r,it uj Tenders with the required deposit will be received at tbe yational Pronnciai lianx CI ldii - w. umiw iu. rE - 3cpjTi Htal Atajflrnty Pajmwis, by . nm .... win U tend ,9 MWi ttwit BiJirMr m4 LuU pr - 1 oS&tilUk - tmtmu wt wn j Tendon. Dot later than 1 tva. on Monday. 5th June. 13CCl whera and when tbey will be opened, in the presence ct I och of the apphh cants as may auras. ..... Tbe loan will be allotted to the nrebet bllrs. but no tender vI be accepted at less than 85 for erery 100 cf stock. Stock will be xmuuI in sums ot net leas than 50. but sbweiuent)y transferatle in any amount, lenders must be for motepVs of : and the prices offered nnrt not iaclude fracUonj of a shiEinc oer tban su pence. . ,. Tenders at tha lowcat prxs acorpteU wilt U subject to aproraU diminution. ' . . Where no - Uctssent u made the deposit wia be recurrd in falLi and in ease of a partial allotment tha balance of the deposit will be applied towards the next instilment. Payment will be required as follows, viz. : per cent, on ep'pti. caUon. and so much on allotment as will leave 3 for every !dad pound s cf Stock to be paid as under, via. ; 30 per cenL on Wednesday. 15th August. 1330. i0 Thursday. 13th September. liCfl. The instalments may be paid in fall nnder disor.nnt at the rate cf S per cent, per annum cn or after led July. 1900. In case ct default in the paj merit of any initabnent at its proper date, the deposit and inatalnients previoualy pa - t win be bable to tarfeitare. ... : - . Scrip Crtiictc win be iaeaed after paymeot cf tbe aaaotsnt doe oo allotment, and such Certify - ales, wbeo paid ia full will be oon - verUUe into Inscribed Ftock ; and any bolder ef Btock nuy obtaia 6a applsc - ttoo. after payment ia fall. Etek Certiorate to beecer, traMf - rabie by delivery, for sums of 10, 20. CiC, ZIX, 0LL acd ft, OX ttock. W1U1 ccupocj att - cned. ' i. A quotat - an on the L - ad - o ato - k fvrhnw win be py?ied ; for b due course. PruDctna - f aad fan - sof teraW maibe obUie ed st tbe JTalianxl ruLmiJ Hank f Knitaod. t im - itmA 111 n.. - .. . ondon, and at lU prteb f at U) eH ef Messrs. J - sai l. - I Hjae eme f rfWHc - s ("1AIETY THEATRH Lwsce and 3Ianagt - rt T t;ore Edwarde. - TO - NIGIIT and EVERY EVES 3.1 - fdoor open 81 THE MEiVEUS'UER BOY. a musical play by James T. Tanner and Alfred Murray. Lyrics by Adrian Boss and Percy Greenback. Musk by Iran Caryll and Lionel Monclton. Per cast see under clock. Matinee To - raorrow (Thursdif I. st 2. Doors open l.Ca. ttox - ottlce (Mr. Ox:eylopea daily from 10 I ail 6 and 8 Ull IX Lessees and S: TTAUDLYILLK THEATRE. V Manarcr; A. snd S.GaUt EVK - vY KVENLVU. U ISO. KITTY G KEY. Preceded, at S 15. by THE LADY VOLlTSTEEEi Matinee TODAY and erery Wedneeu - y. at X Boa - office (Mr. A. Watsoo) open io to ia AVOY. THE ROSE OF PERSIA, - by Basil Hood and Arthur SuIIiraa. Lt 9 performances this aeuoov THE B08E OP PERSIA. Lat Matin - e eoiuriaj next, at Z3X TUE ROE OF PERfilA. Lrery Erenine, at 8.20. THE KtWK UP PERAIA. At tO. I'BETTY POLLY, by BJl?raorl Box - otce9anL.tarllp.n Telephone 2.6C2. Geirwed. , ; tt. lYOyly Carte. Manarer. COMJiDY TIIE.VTRE. Lessee. Mr. William Oreef. Under the Management of Mist JAXETTS BTS, TO - MGIIT. at 8 o'clock. Mr. W. . GUberf PYGMALION AXD GALATEA. Followed, at 13 o'elock. br COMEDY AXD TRAGEDY. . Mr. ITajTT Panlton. Mr. Fuller Uelliah. Mr. Edmend Maarfea M.vs Annie IIuhe, Mrs. Juhu tuliington and Miss JAETTS MATIXKE TO - MORROW (Thursday); at 2.3a ' Box - oBee. 10 to 10. and principel libra iee. COMEDY. HAYMARKET THEATRE. feie Lessee Mr. Tr - lmcX HafrSaoK Mvaac - r.. Mr. Fr - derkk Harrison aad Mr. - CjrH Jfaede TO - MGKT. st I o'tioek (doors open J - Xi THE" SCHOOL TOR EC ATP AL, M bs Wmif - rd Emerr aod Mr. Cyril Maade ; Mass Ifttie Venue. Mr. Paul Arthnr. Miu Conetaorw CeCW w. Srdaey y.n. Mr. tt Kemble. Miss BeetrW Perrar. mTw? riRST MATUftE. SATURDAY 5 EXT. Jwee 2X at tt Bo - - egceMr. Lereftont 13 to 11 Te.'e. ZS31 fWraet T - me THEATRE. Leee, Mr. WUlis. GnT JLi , Vttier the Management ef Mr. TOM B. DAtS. TO - SIGUT and EVERY ETEXIXG. at t MATCTEE TODAY and EVERT W El.1 EKDAT. at tn Mr. TOM B. DA VIST! COMPA5T la the New Unml Comedy rLORODOBA. Bonk by Owen HalL Musie by LeaSe Stmui. For east see under elorfc YCEUM. OLITlT TO - SIOHT and EVERT EVESTSn. at S e'rlnrk. k! seated Mr. W. U. .Will, - , p ar. ia tsur acta, of " OLIVL. Dr. PrijErcje .. .. HtTTRT ISTTVrj. Olivia .. MISS EULEX TESST. Mi. Ered Terrr. Mr. Harry B. Ftacfor - . ! Mm Dorothea ReM Mr. James Heera. I Miss BrendaGiheesi Mr. Frank Tymrs. I Mm Cecil CrawwU. Mr. Cb - rlee Iodrworth. MksMaadMUoL Box - otnce (Mr. H. Pc - ribrlrk) open 13 to 11 EOTAL OPERA, COYEST GAUDEX Lewees, The Crard Opera Titdicate (Ltd.L TOTS EVKXLXG. at 1 - DOX UtOVAXXI : Mmra. tnea Wtnat. Pcbeff. and Mecintyre: MM. de Lucia. rVotti. Jo - mct, OlaherL 3 Kdouar - da - Uaike. Conductor. tpwr vin.,.;; HER MAJRSTYTJ THEATRE. TO - DAY. at Eli and TO - NIGHT, at 8. 30. RIP VA3f WTTTTw. Mr. Tree. Mr Gerkl Lawrence. Mr. P. Perciral PWrrene. Mr. 3 mi ra - n McKtnnet. Mr. J. Fisher. Vhite, Mr. Frederick Ttten. . H. W. Varna. Master Harold De Becker. Mr. Fr - nkTui Mclr Miss Lettiml'alri - x.MisGeorgi Fryer. Miss Moo Ux. - njo.Xae Liiy Han bury. HAYMARKET THEATRE. TO - NIGHT. at 8. TU K PCUCKL FOR H?ADAL : Miss TrUufiel Emery and Mr. Cyril Maude. Miss Lottie Veane. Mr. Peel An Miss Const - nee Collier. Mr. Sydney Valentine. Mr. H. KemNe. StLw Beatrice Ferrar. Mr. W. U. k - iiott, Mr. E. Dso - H. Mr. P. 1L Tr - r Mr. Holaan Clark. Mr. J. S. Blythe. Mc. Clarence Blakate. Uoithun. Mr. Soa. - nes. II r. Onjhteron. itr. Gra - ao. Mc UerbT LYCEUM. TO - XIGHT. st S, OLIVIA I Henry Irving, M - a Z3n Tar - c Mr. Fred Terry. Mr. Stanford, Mr. Heanv Mr. Tyara, Mr. Beds, worth : Miss Dorothea B - ird. Mi - s Brenda Gibson. Mia Craci Mis Maud Miilcn. OYALTY. Mrs. PATRICK CAMPBELL. TO - DAY. at 3. and TO - NIGHT, st 3. MAG DA. By H. fude mann. Tra.Utl bv Louis N. Parker. ITereded. at B.1X by UUS. JOUOAji AUTKKeK. MATINEES ef MAG DA EVERY WEDXFXDAYand SATURDAY Box - office (Mr. w atU) 10 lo a.JJ. Lessee. Miss Kate bantiey. O MATINEES of PELLEAS AXD MELISANDE. - r By ainruie ilarterlmca. Translate - by J. W. MacJUiL Music speci - llv comnoeed br Gabriel Faure. TO - MORROW (Thursday) and following TUESDAY and THURS DAY, Juuo Zl. SS. anl 23. at J o 'clock. Peneaa Mr. MARTIN HARVEY Goiaud .. .. .. Mr. IKANK MILLS Melisende.. .. .. Mji PATRICK CAMPBELL Miss Iteryl Fsber. Mr. Gcorje ArEis, Mr. Howard Muree, ke. SeaU csn - now he booked. ROYALTY THEATRE. A YENCE THEATRE. Lessee, Mr. Frank Curaoo. Sole Mansrer. Mr. Charlea Uawtm. TO - DAY. at 3. and EVERY EVENING, u 8.4S. a 5n : A MESSAGE fUOM MARS. Preeedel at & b? a Play. In one act. entitled II 13 WIFE'S PICTURE, by Ernest Coeham. Kay. A MESSAGE Mr. FROM MARS. CHARLES I1AWTREY. 230th PERFORMANCE TO - NTGHT. ATIXEES - TO - DAY. at 3. and EVERY WEDNESDAY, at 3. and SATURDAx NEjlT. June - L Box - ogee 13 to 13. AVENUE. M PRINCE of VALE3'S THEATRE. Solo Lease, Mr. J. H. Leigh. Under the Management of Mr. MAKTIN HAEV.Y. LAST PEK TOR MAN CES of The Triple Bin. IIS. P.OUGET DK L1HLE : 11 IB AXD LITTLE CHEKTH1 1C.0, A PANTOMIME EEHKAR3AL. MATIXEB cf THE ONLY WAY TO - DAY. at i Sydney Carton ,.r .. Mr. MARTIN HAR VET. On riATUKDAY NEXT. June 23. and Everr EVnine twv ONLY WAY. in four acts, preceded, at 8. bv in A.VD CHRISTINA. Box - offlre (Mrr Hunt) 10 to li Telephone 1730. Gerrmrd. Sol Proprietor. Mr. Edgar Brno. SHAFTESBURY. AN AMERICAS" BEAUTY Leasee. Mr. G. MusgroT - , Mr. (!. W. Ledcrer'i Se - son. TO - NIGHT, at : MATINEE. TO - DAY. at 1 LAST NIGHTS ef KDNA MAY And AN AMERICAN BEAUTY. Written by Hush Morton. Music by tiiuUn Kerksr. , Led M - oageinent - derer. McLellaa. and Toot B. Darts. During the ftr - t week of July will be produced THE CASINO GIRL: Tbis season's peat New York snocef, traasf erred ia its 'entirety - .... l r : . - 'ui ujv .i i ot i etinil . Box - ofice. 10 to 10. GARRICK THEATRE. Leeee and Maniger. H. T. Brick - wen. TO - .MLHT. at e. and Every Evening; Mr. CHAltl.Krt FKOHMAN - S SEASO - t. preeenung Mrs. LtaLIE CARTER in Dasul Beiaseo's Vers - oa cf Tien. Eertou and Char cj Eiaoa's Play, ia re acts, entitledv , zazaJ if A TINES cf ZAZA EVERY SATURDAY, st t Box - office opn from 13 to 10. Telephone. No. 1.933, GerTaed. D ALY'S THEATRE. Solo Proprietor, ilr Georw Edwardea. , TOY. MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY, at 2JQ TO - NIGUT and irt'ERY EVENING, at S.IS, PAN TOY. A New Chinese Music I Play. Tbe Book byEdwrd Morton. Lrrics bvlt - rry Creeabank and A drum Roes. The marie by F idney Jose, with t'MHi"jiil nuabes by Lionel Monckton. For cat ree under clock. - Box - oSceopen 13 toll Private boxes. i'S 5 gineaa : stalls. ICs. Gd. : telouny.7s. : upper tirc - s. front. U. : other ST. JAMETS THEATRE. ISX. and TO - NIGHT, at S.A1 FORTY : Mr. Georze Alexander - Messrs. H. B. Irnu. C lil - . emlth. Dennis Eedie. A. Boonio. R.E. Goddard r M - kUm Jbm Opn. Granntie, Cariotta Addison. Esme Eeringer. Mesaa crL acd Fsy Davu. . CRITERION THEATRES Leasee, Mr. Charles Wyndbam. TO - DAY. at 2.33 and S.33. Mr. R. C Carton's new Coaredy, lABT nUNTWORTlt'S EXPERIMENT : itr. Arthur Eourc - ier. M - ers, Erie Lewis, E. Hendrie. A. E. Matthews. Msrter R. Dency. sod M. Dion BoocicaaU : Mesds. Gertrude EUioU. Fsa - ie C - r - - wrt Emery, and M us Compton. WYNDHAM THEATRE. Leasee. Mr. Chartee Wyndh - nt. TTHS EVENING, at L21 THE LIARS : Mr. Charles Wyde. Messrs. Alfred Bishop. Usrbert Staadicg T. B. Th.bec, A. Vic. Tempest, A. Kendnck. P. Berton. d. Priagle. (X Eose, C Tack; .Meads. Cynthia Brooke. Sara. Brooke. Speocer - Brtmbsow Ahos it Winioo. O. Temp. and Miss Mary Moore. Doors opao at L GAIETY THEATRE. THIS EVKNTNC, at 8.IS. THE MESSKNGEB EOT. Veer. Harry Xirholla.E. J. Lonnen. L. Mckinder.Fred Wright, )&. Warde. Robert Nainby. John Treaah - r. WUham Wyes. Barry . F I BMW. w II IIT1 MJU . .IU. I4UBUN X .1IW . ilHH, . Uoyd. Ursoe P - 7tta. Connie Ecus. Maud Uchaou. Ross Beats, Maigarrt .rater, MaieiSaui, Kitty Mason, and l - at - f Bti VAUDEVTLLI THEATRE. lew 1 1 s end Manseera. A. and H. GecrL TBT3 DAY. M 3 and ISO. hUTl Y GREY : Mr. W. L. Abheyie. Xr. Herbert Roes. Mr. & P. Little. Mr. Cairns James. Ml FnU Rimma, Mr. Herbert Peters. Mr. SUndJey Wade, Mr. Cse Irers : Mlse Miriam Omenta. Mlee Lillie BeJmorm, Mise Bewej Macbeth, and Miss Eila Je - rrys. Fr - coled. at - . - by U - SULSX VOLUiiT - FAYOY THEATRE. P ltyly CrterM - . TO - NIGHT, at 123. TH E ROSE OF PKir - IA : Wa.ter rWaor. H. A. Lytton. Jones htewton. Leon. Cromptoo. Cdersni and Robert Evett : Isabel Jty. Emmie Owen. Louie foe Iqme Moore; Agnee kraeer. and ICosiaa Bi - odr - o. At, 11 PRETTY POLLY : Loaie Pounds and H. A. Llt - oa. COMEDY THEATRE. 1 PYGMALION AND GALA TEA. At 13. TRAGEDY : Messri. Harrr Pm - rtns. ttt - MeliiaD. - mno Maurice. Irani Dyail. W. H. Quiotoa. Ea - oryl de CordoT.. Percy Jackson: W. Gejer. Mac Kay ; Miss Aau Huthes. Mrs. John Biilington. M - uRegiaa Rtpton. Miss Bes Uead. and Mia J - oette Steer. AVXNUE THEATRE. TO - DAY, at 3. acd TO - NIGHT, at 145. A MIrBATE ITO MARS : Mr. Charles Hawtrey. Mr. Arthur wilb - m. Mr. a 1 Titlieredge. Mr. C. M.' Lowne, Mr. Lytton Lyle: Mies BeD P m - n. Miu Hilda Hanbury. Miss Lydia Rachel Mlas Eauiy EE - C Kiss Jeaue B - teman. Ac At S. HIS WIFE'S P - ICTUSE. PRINCE OT WALES'S THEATRE. THLs DAY. at 2. THE ONLY WAT. THtS EVEN INS. st lli ROCGET DE L'lfLX : at 1 IB 5 LTTTLE CHRISTINA: and at 13, A PANTOMIME REHEAEfAL Mr. Martin Uarrey. Messrs. Weedon Gross mith. Brandon T - rasas. Hoi brook B.inn. je Chart A. E. George. Cbaa. Lander. Faak Vernon. Master V. Thomas : Misses N. de Suva. Mary Borkev T R - ye, Ruby Ray. Jenny Holland. Phyllis Dare, and Era Mocr - 8HAFTESBURY THEATRE. TO - DAY. U 2 and J. AN AMERICAN BEAUTY : Xiaset tim May. Marie George. Truly tShattock. FJla Pnyder. Xarae (hrue. Ere M. Kelly : Measr. Richard Carle. Im - WeaieT. Albat Parr. Walior lUle. V llt - rd cUmms. Nkholae Long. Charics k - rka. LYRIC THEATRE. Under the Mao ax - merit ot Me. Ton B. Deris. TO - DAY. at 2.30 and 8. 1LORODORA : Mr. Louis W. Bradfs - t Mr. Ch - ries E. Htevens. Mr. Sydney Bar - Hough. Messrs. Frt - I Holt. Roy Horntman. Kmert Lambert. Alfred BarroaFraak HasksA TO - NIGHT, at COMEDY AND Jaoobson. Nora Mooiw. Dorcthv Dal NelMe beve - d - x. Miss Kate Cutler, and Mus Ada It - eve. H - rcsort, Dea GARRICK THEATRE. Les - ee snd M - eager. H. T. Brick - weH " Mr. t hsrles Frohman's Pee son. TO - illUHT. at 8. ZAZA : David BeUaco's Tenia - ef Bertoa and Charles Simon's PSex Messrs. Chas. Ptese - son. Al - e Bnuung. Mark Smith. HugoTol - o - , Harold Howard. Gi)more eo - Downmg Clarke. Herbert Millward ; Meedamee Mane Betes. Ca. betn Be - tcap. Corah Adams. Meade Winter, and Mrs. L - alai Caret. Hus - wy wrk - t 8aew. May. at DALY'S THEATRE. TO - 5IOHT. at ili. PAN TOY r Me Fred Kara. Colin Coon, ftoett RusselL Ernest Rutland E - rriaeton ; Mesdamee Hilda Moody. Ethel IrraC tiles uomxrey. Florence Muingoourn. at - seey. j. uws. - esr - - CoUetta. Fawcett. - Deris, Roche. Fr - cis ; Mr. Harlan Coffla. DUKE OF TORJTH THEATRE. TO - NIGHT, at 8. MI58 HOBBS : Mr. Herbert Waring: fc Allan Ayneeworth. Mr. Cosmo braar - Mr. J. W. M - atoeae. Mr. (ieorge Curt as : Miss Acnes Miller. Miss ftxsie V - egaae. stJS Ida YeoDsnd. Mrs. Sena J - ocbrrn. At 1C Vn,4WK bCTTSJ - FLY : Mestrs. Allan Aynerworth. CUvode Glurvtar. Wun E. Dsy. J. O. Buck - tone : Mirs Susie Y - ush - o. Hn. 8 - Bl - U - en. acd Miu Evelyn MiU - ed. GT. QUEEN - BT. THEATRE. THIS EVENLSG - at 9. A T.IITI.r. RAY DTK I.' H IT - : M.V . S. Per - ey.Me - srs. G. Hamson Hunter. J alius Ronton. J. cMee - at Smith. Albert E. Bayeor. Fred Kptt - nx. Rjch - rd Bloat. E - wn Heanley. Gilbert Lase : Meedamee Beatrice - Sehrm. Asu Lambda. Gertrode Sctt. Dorothy Uea - hcota. Cordelia Dao - cuy. Prers - si, at S.15, by TILE LOST LEGION. PALACE. . THI3 EVENING, at 7.2Q. the DIOS ALFA STSTESS. Intercation - I Comedy Pour. Edith Courtney, the M - rsf - v. t Rcss. Maxford and iXStill. Ac - y RurseU. Barma and hi Day - La tylphe. Smith and Cock. A. D. Robbuu. the Athols. Ls Da - Provencaies. ti. B - ttow. Prank H. CeUi. the WMtner Brot - ers. as - the Aiaericxa Biograpli. NOTICES. TEE TIMES it on Sale for 3d.per copy at aUnSf xcay bookstall in England and Wales. Ptna vho cannot obtain it are prticcly X?IlCSte4 to commimicate trith t he Fulli - hcr. TUKE JL and. Manager. Mr. of YORK'S THEATRE. Sole Lessee suvrer. Mr. Chariet Frohi - an. EVERY EVE.Vrvn at C. Mr. Chariee Frohm - as Duke cf lork s Theatre Corn - ear present a Ccmdy in Four Arts. eotrtl MI. - HOBBS. by Jerome K. Jerome. ll!7th PERFORMANCE TO - NIGHT. I FenowL.r15 by MADAME BUTTERFLY, a Japanese Play, by Darid Beiaacc Poors cp - n 7.3a M ATTN EE EVERY SATURDAY, at 1 iTi T.QUEEN - ST. THEATRE. Mr. W. S. PENLEY VX in A LITTLE RAY OP ; SUNSHINE. EVERY EVENING fata. - Preceded, at 115. by THE LOST LEGION. MATIN - US Every E. n7. . w. - v'i. v, - . mmn u , ,1, UC llT. ALACE. The DIOS ALFA SISTERS, the International Comedy Four. Edit - Coortaey. the y - . Ross. Maxford and Oeill. Amy Rus - eH. Berma and his Dogs. La Sytphe. Smith 'and Cook. A. 1. RobUnx. Use Athota. lee Dane Prorenca - ra. G. Bastow. Frank - 11. CeUi. the WhUaey Brothers, and the AmerVeo BiofTsph w - .th ail the up - to - date fubVcta. Opea EVERY EVENING, at 7. - 1 M - naer. Mr. Ch - rles Morton. ALHAMBRA. New Patriotic Military Ballet, 60LDIEIW OF THE QUEEN, at lO - Ifl. Y - rietrj by CHUNG LINO KVO. Buluoff. Futers Hesgler. BoxU - ur Troops. Les Minstrris P - risiens, Lee PerUM. War Pict - r - f. a - 4 the New Aa - eVaaGane - f - NetB - a." - . Doers. T.4S. m Ba - eC . 1 - (M Bsuad - atnet. UMmUm l tt the S - e ''!!Zfm.t.mmrtmfl ssrfMfei rW HBI M Hl - fc MlfHlw MP IRE THEATRE. HOMB of BALLET. Another Empire Trteaspa. New edit ef the ponolar . ROUND TH E TO WTSAGAI . 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