The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 27, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS .SATURDAY;.'MARCH 27, 1937, Criticism Stirs Chattanooga Officials to Defense of "Dungeon" Sfx Candidates {or State •Police Jobs Make '.Giades of 94 or Moie LITTLE ROCK, Mar, 27 (UP)— Jack Porter, FOr-est City, chairman of the state police commission, announced today that exceptionally high giades ' had been ma^e by sK of the men who took examinations last v>eek foi 33 new places that, had been created In ths department Willie lefuslng to disclose the names of those making the high grades, Poitei said one man receded 98 points, another 97, ft third 90 and thice received 94 W S AtUns, member of the coSimlSilon )Mng at Hone and > who aided In gUIng the examinations, look the lest himself and made a grade of 85 polnls According to Porter the new personnel will be placed at work on the hlghttRvt, by Mav 15 v,enly-threc of the men will do highway patiol duty, etching traffic on nil principal raids Of ithis numbei ten will be mounted on molorrjcles Artesian Well Found To Hold Health Water BELLEVILLE, Ont (UP) — If analysis of water taken from an artesian well from a deptli of 500 fejt oh property four miles north of Belleville confirms Ills belief Dr E M. Cflrefoot, of this city, has discovered the first colloidal uater, In Its, natural slate, In the Child Prodigy - HORIZONTAL 2 Popular child 1 actress. 12 To guide. 14 Parrot ftshl 15 Word. 17 Unit o£ work; 18 Things used , lo curdle milk ?.0 Spigot. Go on (music) ?2Ten cents. 23 Long grass. 25 Musical note. 26 To break . away. 28 Snares. 30 Foretokem 31 Grain. 32 Social insect. '33 Tone B, 35 Onager. 36 Finale. An»wtr to Previous Pimle 51 Wand. 53 Either. 64 Measure ol area. 55 Twice. 56 Her. home state. 59 She is n 39 Skein of yarn motion — 42 Gaelic. actress. •HMorindin dye. 01 Actual being. 8 To detest. 45 Sleigh. 62 Black and 9 night. 47 Dressed. blue. 10 To harden. 50 Father. 03 Poems. ~—i type.' 13 Ages. / 10 Sloping \v«y, •18 Matures.. , 19 Bristly. A 22 Kinds' 6t) 7 Uncns. •'' 24 Flowed Oft7 ; ' 27 Company. 29 Preposition. 1 34 Price. 35 Form o£ "a^ : 37 Doctor. "~ 38 Rental | contracts: VERTICAL 40 Bilter drug* 'Ten-don, «H«rt 2 Barb. 45 ship . s re cord; S Paid publicity. 48 Deposited. 4 Component. 49 Circle part.) x 5 To decrease. 52 Dower € Wayside hotel. property. 7 Row of a series. 11 She is the 55 Unopened flower. !>7 Musical note.' 58 Sloth. ' S93.1416. CO Toward. Tilts Is how Ihe prisoner deeps In the "dungeon. 1 On'outer door, rlg'ht, aie seen the air holes nnd a chain thai fastens to the hasp at extreme left. Only the inner door, vvllh handle, Is closed unless prisoner Is , loo jmrilly, Corn bread and water'taste good after confinement In the "dungeon" at Chattanooga. This prisoner reaches through. two holes cut. in the barred, screciicd Inner door, Through a third ' hole, by the lock, lie feeds himself. Three times dally the prisoner takes meals In this fashion. It may be mHday, but darkness is falling for the prisoner inside as the o'uter door, which shuts out light, is swung shut. It will be double locked and Ihe chain will bo drawn around as a triple safeguard against escape. 3>r Carcfoot unite drilling for gold on the property, struck the well at 5(K) feet since then he hns had; olhei shafts sunk and veils hiye. been discovered In pre- Cambrlan rock formations Dr Carcfoot says the water Is believed to contain Iodine, nnd ijold in^colloldal form, and also Is heavily-charged vvllh calcium Traces Declare Disciplinary Cell Effective and Not Inhumane NEA Sen Ice CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.-Tenn-, Ihe outer door Ihrce holes in the top and six In ler here," reads one. Others com- Giil on the lack of comfort. The cell is heartily disliked by prisoners. H is proverbial among them that a nrst offender enters the dudgeon In high spirits, • look- ins' forward to n leisurely vacation t Uut before long he Is anxious sssee, already famous for Its cv-| another load rc He r l released he yells out to guards that he Is over his miniature rebellion, In no cose.i officials pointed out, anyone confined longer limn oqilver. barium, magnesium, po- ^ ft J al ' Bnd reccnl child'mar-,Thus. l'\ 1 ™ m P^ eM '||; v ^f»; lasslum, lithium, manganese, stion- •• •""•••• *••* "•" nnM ' Hum and many chlorides ha\e been discovered iu the water as a resull ofjcxlcnslvc analysis The water has been; found beneficial In the treatment of chronic cases of ulcerated' and acid sJorauvii disorders, i>kln conditions, bladder troubles, goiter, arthritis and neuritis 'Samples of (he water arc nov,' being analyzed by the Colloidal labors lories, of America, a brat?_h of the Rockefeller Foundation. '"'The water Is pleasant-tasting, cold and smell; slightly of Iodine Hawaiian Plantations' .'To Have Movie Theater rrti hi« no scat no cot to get out. Even a hard day's work cell hub no seal, no cut. „„„.,„. ls whenever In the fields or on the rouds seems •preferable to the silent., black llfp within Ihe dungeon. . "I'd rather work a week." s»id one Sonvict, "than stay one day rhouu- GOOD GARDENING P lining Aids-Growth of'Shrubs call the I oration. It depends on cell. i I |, ISlvidual plant as Civic authorities promised to', to when and "look into the matter." There was | how much of well-founded report that the Jls wood should oe cut 'off. Here arc some jen e r a 1 rules ibout pruning: 1. Have a reason for making every cut. , , . n weil-lounued report that the "It's .mighty tough sleeping^ in , Jmr WOHld mnkc nn mves _ icre, though," officials admitted. t[p n ti olli • bud. HONOLULU (UP)—Five Hawaiian sugar plantations have appio- pri'ated $428,720 on a co-ordinated program ' for Improvement of living con-iitioi^ social and recrea- tiojial 'adjuncts of appro<lmalely S.Sfp 'employes^' , The ..program ^embraces erection of new collages, community halts, a motion picture theater, hospital, modernization; of camps and cottages, improvement of water supply and building of playgrounds, athletic fields and new roads lews BY,I S KLEIN TpINAL instructions on 1-andling of first flight mail to Macao and Hongkong, by Pan-American Clipper, have been sent to postmasters Departure is scheduled for April 21, from San Francisco, so mail from that city should reach the San Francisco postmaster o few days earlier. Only covers addressed to and from Macao and Hongkong will be rachelcd Pan-American Airways Company, at -San Francisco, hjs set '.March :28 as.Ihe last day for receiving covers to be mailed from tht Chinese cities by Clipper. YO'J jrn^y.. still get your covers there on time by preparing them today and mailing them by airmail special delivery Special rales apply here ' Covers designed lo be mailed at N3uam, east and west, should be tent to the postmaster there by- : Pan-American Clipper thc.1 ]eoves San Francisco April 7 AlKsiich. covers, as well as those. from San Francisco and Honolulu, rnusl bear the necessary postage hi the hew'20 and 50-cenl stamps, or any other U S. postage stamps. I v > Postage rates may be obtained I \trorti your postmaster. T ' Cowers designed to be mailed at Honolulu may be forwarded by ordinary mail'to reach the boat at Sarr.y'/ancisco by April 10. For- ward'lhem to the Honolulu post' master. 'Postage from Manila to Macao ahd Yt6ngkong \*il) be 52 centnvos ~ fir 2G ctnfs The postmaster a? I 'Manila will handle sue)) covers J ^op'tnelr receipt with money or.der l^ coVerity cost of.jposlage Coven I lor Manila n\y^t leave San VVan- clscoj>y April 3 protests against Hie unique new ibove-ground dungeon or ip'cell," In use here. ilrc'ulated .picture -of the contrap- llnec days and three nlglils. remonstrances streaming into the offices of civic I'm ashamed that Tennessee Is Corn bread and water are slur In the Union," wrote one Irate lo prisoners three times Aid For Gliders -Invented ELMIRA, N. Y. (UP) — An at- •lew Yorker. A Chicago lady call- through the grilled slots of tho outright barbarism." From nncr door. But, while i tempt to Insure good weather 'for s ''Molnes, Iowa, came the coin- . , . • "v.i.jiu m mo pro esU and gli(j| 1|bts •nenl 1 "Tlieio niust be something chorees ot "Inhumanity Si mounted Cnr , o ^ of . HBr Ib that 'mbnlcoy theory, lifter all." vcralt W ,, D|1 he lllstalls who has charge of county penal Tlie dungeon , Is a tall 'concrete Inslllutlons, stoutly Harris Hill, Elmlra. The ap- , ffalr, standing about 10 feet high paratus will register weather con- Our law doesn't permit whip- ditions on which successful man- ping of prisonera and when they cuvcvlng In the molorlcss planes Is dependent. ',': oversized ..electric .refrigerator. . Its something has to be them," he. declared. The cell stands: behind the coun- woikhouse. \yien a recalcitrant irkoner refuses lo woik "Hicrc's nothing very Inhumane ' he Is slapped Into solitary about the lreatmcnt._It's Just like putting a bad child in a dark clos- Tlio dungeon has two doors. The et without lls supper. arst Is heavily barred nnd scrcen- smnll amount of light fll- are put In there. .We have a dark .ers through. It has three' holes the prisoner cai If he persists: In his rebellion, BRIEF TRIUMPH he prisoner finds the outer door cell is scrawled with witticisms of shut iii his face. It ex- iludcs every particle of light. The .prisoners. >nly air available comes through I "Abandon hope, all ye who en- THIS CURIOUS WORLD *?. William Ferguson THE 'OF THE SKIN ON A BIRDS LEG IS A VALUABLE AID TO SCIENTISTS IN UNKJNG- UP THE VARJOUS BIRD R£LATED FAMILIES HAVE SIAAIt/>R. DESIGNS. NEVA/ WORLD HAS NO NATIVE SPECIES OF MONKH.V NORTH OF Tl-te /CAD GRANGE., WHETTHER. IT BE! ' ELECTRICITY. COMES FROM THE SUN. BY DONALD GRAY Courier News Gardening Consultant Shrubs will live forever if the old wood is removed and new growth allowed to lake Us place, but this need not be a yearly op- the indl- Make each . _ iut Just above a Shrub properly pruned 3. Make the cut on the diagonal. 4. Do not leave (i stump of limb. Take It off close to the trunk. 5. If the stub of the cut-of limb Is one Inch or more in dl amcter, cover the wound wit] pnlnt not containing- turpentine. 0. Use pruning shears all sea son. Cut off seed pods as soon a the flower falls. Cut out branches 1 Usht way (left) and wrong way to cut off limb. nolher, so as to rub against it or nrow out the symmetry of the ree, cut out the limb. Cut off oil uckers at the base or along the nmk. (c) Go to the dressing -room and wait until the'dance is over? Answers 1. Yes, a woman always wears hat' with 'street clothes. 2. Yes, she should go to the resslnu room. 3. Yes. they are even spoken of as "duty dances." 4. No, it is rude and inexcusable. 5. Yes. Best "What Would You Do" so- ution—(a). .This is one time when it is wisest to admit, defeat. Read Courier, News Want Adi JUMBO is COMING Unless some varieties of ever- reens are pruned, they .will be come thin and "leggy." Their new growth will always be at the end of the branches and the leave will die close to the trunk. - Take off one-third of the prps-1 ent year's growth to keep .the plant full of leaves. Evergreens grown as hedges may be cut jnst before new growth starts, either early in (lie spring or early In the fall. Evergreens, such as pines and spruces, may be kept within bounds and bushy by pinching off the new leaders In May and in September. i Low growing evergreens, such as pfilzers and yews, may be clipped any time during the year. It is belter to do it early in the season before growth begins, to force the new growlh from the center of the plant rather than from the enrts of the limbs. NEXT: healthy. Keeping the planls I HAVE PAINS IN AVC MUSCLES AND PAINS IN MY HEAD] INSTEAD OF Our SHOPPING — I SHOULD B6 IN I OS ED TO SUFFERTHE SAME WAV UM-I TIL/ I FOUND QUICK RELIEF I IN AN <V4TI- L PAIN PILL| ANTI-PAIN PILLS BEYOND QUesTlOf RELIEVE - BUT DON'T CAUSE INDIGESTION Dr. Charles O. Abbot, of the Smithsonian Institution, foremost authority on solar power, estimates that the sun furnishes to the state of Mew Mexico about 100 times as much energy In a, year as sm!c«. inc > | which,-|n turn, have received their energy from the-sun. thai RUM way (extreme led) and three wrong ways to cut branch of shrub or trte. of shrubs and Irees that are rubbing or growing out of bounds, and keep plants within their areas without making them look "balled." or unnatural. 7. Time to trim is after the plant has bloomed. When a tree or shrub is received from the nursery, cut oft all broken roots no matter what amount has to be sacrificed. A bruised root will Introduce disease. Take off one third of last rear's top growth. Some trees can have the ends of the brandies cut jack, others should not have the lea'der limb cul. Quick growing trees may have all lops cut back. Shrubs should have thin branches cul pul to the base. A third of all lops can be cut out, but thinning out Is better than cutting back ends. Try to equalize the amount of top with the amount of roots. Evergreens need not be trimmed at time of transplanting, because they are transplanted with all their rools Intact In rf ball of earth. It Is essential to direct the growth of shade trees. If the tree begins to grow lopsided, cut back jsome of .the limbs. If the branches are too low to the ground, cul them off. Do It any time of the year with most trees. Some varieties are likely to "bleed" In Ihe rnrlv spring, so wait until July. Wherever one limb grows over TPHE boleros .comes into their •*• own in the Jea.n Patou collection, being freely used to break Jhe close fitting lines of. many of the frocks. The bolero tied at the throat repeats the bow theme of the belt on this ensemble of 1 white crepe in a print that simu- sllovw "" MIND Your MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct social usages by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. When a woman who Is wearing street clothes in the evening goes to a hotel lo dance, doss she wear a hat? 2. Is It poor taste for a girl to put on make-up while she is on the dance floor? 3. Must the men who have attended a dinner before going to a dance ask the hostess and other girls present at the dinner for a dance. 4. Is it polite lo Insist that another person drink when he once refuses? 5. Is it courteous for a hostess to offer cigarettes to both men and women when she herself is not smoking? What would you do if— You arc at a dance where there !s a stag line and you are having a miserable lime being a wallflower— (a) Leave? <b> Try to grin and stick it out? ' Did you ever take a medicine to stop headache and have the headache stop and a stomach ache start? We'll wager you didn't take an Anti-Pain Pill. Anti-Pain Pills do not upset the stomach. They take effect quickly too—and they taste like wintergreen wafers. You can't do good work—you can't have a good time when you are suffering from Neuralgia Headache Muscular or Periodic ptiias Why don't you try the Anti-Pain Pill way to relief? Wo believe you will be dehshted with the results. Thousands of others are. It will rot cost much. Anti-Pain Pills sell for one cent each, tkss in Economy Package) and one pill usually relieves. Get Anil-Pain Pills at your Drug Store. Regular pkg. 23 for 25c. Economy pkg. 11) for 51.00. Wrecker Service - Gai & OH Open All Night Phillips Service Center Phono 777 - 810 n. & P. L. NO. 11 PLANTING SEED (A Pure Strain) Original seed obtained direct from the breeder anrl plan led •>» us for two years. No other cotton planted or ginned on this farm. Reasonably priced Iu even weight 100 Ib. bags. Special prlcis on carlols. Inquire F. A. Rogers, Manager, CLEAR LAKE FARM Koute 2, Box 81, Blylheviile Phone 1500-F11 NowContracting Bean Acreage for Crop BLYTHEVILLECANNING CO., Inc.

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