The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 4, 1933
Page 5
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER .4, 1933. BLYSHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per UneVror cou«cu- Uva luertton*: (Five avenge word* to a line) One time j*r line .......... 10c Two times per Uoe per <U? OK Thifc time* per Uae per d«j 08c Six time* per Ua* per d»y . . 06e Uooth r»U pel line ........ ••*• He ATTRACTWB bedroom near busl-1 of business of the retsllcr. A tty- IN THE CHANCEltY COURT FOR ness district. IMibno <B7-W, Mrs. nrate permit or license Khali be THE CHICKASAWBA UIS- McMulltn lck.111 required at each place of business TRKTT n.nssiRSii>r>r f:nt)NlV. or location of a retail dealrc. Section 4.< No permit shall bu FOR RENT — 3 loom lurnishod house, 508 N. Fifth St. D-H 3 HOOM Fiirnished Apartment, front and buck entrance. Mrs. 1. O. Wcslbrook. 31c k5 Ads ordered for three or • Blx Umca and stopped before expiration «1U be charged lor the number ot time* the ad appeared and ATTRACTIVE bedroom for men, close in. Mrs. M. T. Moon. Call te-W. 23c ka-'23 Furnished apartment with bath. 114 West Ash. Mrs. Doslia Mick. 31ck5 adjustment ol bill AH Classified Advertising cop? «ubmltt«d by persons residing out- tide of the city must be accompanied by tash. Rites may be JuSy computed from above table. No raspooiiblllty will be taken for more Wan one Incorrect ln- ^rtlon ol any classified ad. v Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertion* take tlio one time t«te. Phoue 306 or 307 Modern 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartments, newly d«- oraleci, over Kirby Drug Co. Abo Btore building adjoining Koiy Theater. F. Simon, 120 W. Davis. C»U 164 25c k9-25 granted to a' retail dealer not .. resident of the State of Arkunsas for at least, two years, nor lo imy person 'who was not » qualified elector In the last preceding general election. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell the llquois prescribed licrcln without first having made application to and obtained in permit from the City. Sor.tion 5. Any person convlct- d of the violation of any provis- 011 of tills ordinance shall be pun- lied by a fine not exceeding $500.- TRICT, NHSSISSIPW COUNTV, ARKANSAS. Mmy Miller, Plulnllft, VS; Jinnee M. Miller, Derendnnt. WAKNINC OKOUK The defendant, Juinm M. Miller Is warned to r.piwar in this couv wllliln thirty dnys ;nul nnswer iho tomplalnl of Uie pliitnllll', Mary ^!iller. Dated tills Aususl Mill, 1033. R. Li. UA1NES, Cleric H-21-28' ) and by Imprisonment, not ex-] which'the brunches , ceding six months. And If any I to ,.| Bnl ^ rcpwicnl tlw sp poison so convicted or found vlo-K| me or rising sun ILS a lucky atiiiB the terms of his application| b i cmp symbolizing light, life as set out in Section 2 hereof shalll_ 1 ,,. 05 j X , l | t y l mu i - - 1 -">••> STORE BUILDING and residence combined with complete fixtures for meat and groceries, C40 S. Lane Sec Dr. J. A. Sajiba TWO Nicely Furnislicd Bedrooms Mrs. Ed Hardin, 1017 Walnut. 21c k?-2 BUSINESS EXPERT and Addins K«p»lrln«. U. b. 1.6 E. Kose. «l Only authorized Frigidairc and Delco liBht service. B. A. Miller oiitcc phoni! 07-rcsldcncc 4W Attractive bedrooms for young men 518 W. Maiu. Call 309. 16ck9-l 's garage and buildln suitable for grain, coal or bee storage. Frisco siding. Slerabon Cotton Co. Call «. 18c-kl Spencer CorstUere Mrs. J. J. Davis. Phone 421. 200 M-2 ONE or two rooms on North Kailroad street, suitable for cotton otficts. Will fix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier News, re the holder of any permit Is- ucd under authority of this' ordnance, such peiinit shall llien and hcrcaflcr be void, and the holder hereof shall not thereafter for a >eriod of one year be entitled to my permit for any punxKc auth- orised in this ordinance. Section 6. It is found as a fact that since' the Congress of the United Slates has militarized the The Nial emblem Is Asiatic I origin; India 1ms u "svastUuT 1 om le sprint en light, life an •'iiuvusllktt,' lilch the bianclies turn fro to left iis an unlucky en L. G. Mosg cbt rate undertaker lO-ck-9-10 CLEAN ESS. TAILOBS Have yo«r s«de l«ket and other Fall clothed made new by our .ptcial cltaninr process. Uw<|ue Ckmins Service. Call 111. nek9-H manufacture and sale of light wines and beers as herein defined they arc being sold throughout the, state, and if operation of this ordinance is delayed will be gencr ally sold, with proper policing 1m policing and it is further fouhc thnt the tax revenues provided ii this ordinance are immediate! needed for the operation and con tinuance of the City Government therefore, an emergency is hereto: declared, and it is necessary fo the preservation of-' the publ' peace", health and safety that this ordinance shall become effective without, delay, and it shall tnke CORN WANTED cli'ect and be in force at once. MARILYN HATCHERY PASSED AND APPROVED this 29ck9-29 2M h flay O f August, 1633. I Cecil Shane, Mayor.. ATTEST: S. 0. Craig, City Clekr. 28-M1-18 WA«TKI> '1U iiU* Living siumiiK sometimes vlien trees, n-hosc roots are grn: c-d to oilier roots, nre cut dow vhcn this . the stum)! be . comes cappstl over and coiitim It ndd iinnuitl lings. NSWERS iquips Snake 'With New Set of Rattles IIKNUY' HUDSON «Miod in e Half sinon for tlio Dulch. C'AIISON CITY lo the cni'llnl o( Ncv.iita. Tlio Culinn llnR It HKl>. W1IITM »4 lll.Ui;. , Temi. uolltnt' story' of libw lie outlined « intllcsiuikp -with new iiUllfS U ulKolutftly llio best snake story to come out . ot Sccuwtclile Vnllcy tu d«tc. According lu Kolltns, lie dime >i|X)ii Iho tunkc, a miller nnd H bliicksnuke, fighting hi the woods. lliis minified to capture the rat' tlt'r mid "brought It 1 - In nllvc.' Alter Imvlne hurt the- rattler's f lings extracted, he attcriiptcd lo make a pel of the reptile. In Its flKlit will! the blucksnakc Hie rattler lost. Us rattles. Holllns huil tome extra rattlesnake rallies m his home mid 'filled tlicil 1 onto his |x.'l In iiliicc of the ones lost. Now his wnku lakes keen de- umi-Miiniu-, immiiiB in me >i^.-. .Isht In .slltlnij up mid riillllng his The blacksnnkc escaped but Rol- new rnttlcs, Jlolllns avers. 'At the age of. 11, ;>c.scu mUslS'sd 'amicult : tfiit he • alone' ti>u14'pl»y' It"; so iiJarvelous IT as his uxhnlquc ofi /the violin thai many'-parsons believed him to tc lit league .with supernatural -... •.-•_. ' ~ - , powers. The moon always pruMiiU the snme side to us; Its period of filial rolntlon, 27 days, hours, «.2..mln- nles, is exactly equal to Its tune ol revolution around the earth. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheni .-.••i-cyn 'JOfl anil 400 JWUIKU of il miilter nre rairlcd by plunes i:i Hie U. S. Air Mull Service; iiiiilit, ligliier loads ore- ciir- I Ijeniusc of the nddllloiml lilMiient iK'crssaiy for night lly- An FjiBliKli coiiKiriillon, West Ham. miule a net profit of $7,500 year by collecting waste p:ti>cr i>R<l keeping'It tepamtc from otlier H1GHEST PRICES paid for tires, inner tubes, iron, metals, magazines, hides, c»r s to wreck. Wolf Arian. 128 E. Main. Phone 176. 8-ci-S-S WANTED Let us CLEAN and REBUILD your FELT HAT. We are sure you will like our service. NU-WA CLEANERS. Phone 180. 12ck9-U SPORTING GOODS TO PASTURE mules until Christmas. Plenty to eat, running wa- itr, across levee from old Rosa on Hants Island. Geo. Perry. 31 p RAGS, clean anil free from buttons. Call 305, Courier News, -ix Read Courier 'News Want Ads. Harold Strrnberc Manager Safe Ginning; Methods V.' Each yaar every inch of our cn\iip- ni,oiit is ciiiTfnlly giniu ovor by experts to insure your getting the very besl lurn-oiil. . . . -the best samples. . . . today, us yesterday, we arc upholding the ideals upon which this business was founded. GIN ir- VGOI' A UTTL6 MONEY, 1 KNOVrf J CAN BUV OUT A BUSINESS THWS CORK kN 3Ufo VOR YOU I YEW 0 WOWD YOUJ-IKE TO O>WM A PET - . , , t*H \\fef£> ONE, AV.N U&V-V- StUV- OUT TOR A WANDYULL OF VEST BUTTON'S. AN' A UTTUE tA&W ? "BIRDS, "HSU, MONKEYS, •SNAKES HfA-M- UU SUCCESS IN BIRDS Wt) BEWSTS IS JUST LIKE ' Oil OF ORDER. • POR'tHE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HATT1E IS NO QUITfER! By Martin INQUIRE about our Golf Ball Bale —You will be surprised at the offer. Hubbard Hdw. Co. RADIO SERVICE EXPERT RADIO SERVICING j-esl Equipped Shop In Btythevillc HAROLD SUDBURi.' — PHONE 1 2p kIO-2 IMPLEMENTS Carload tf Wagons Get Our Prices First Bjrum Produce Co. Arross From Post Office 21c kO-2 BATTERIES WANTED TO REN1 WANTED—To rent'piano, Ola Bob Harris, Phone 690. 1' SLEEPING room, furnished, singtrj man. State price, etc. Ad- cfress .P. O. Box 63. 31p Storage room, must be watcrproo and reasonable. Mrs. phone 306 or 211-J. Norris 4x-t SALESMEN WANTED SALESMEN sell Mutual Life Pro tectlon. Ages 1 to 80. No medica examination. All nationalities Riipulated rates. Ciiarte Chartered Association. Write 425 Cooper Bldg., Dtnver, Cclo. 2c M NEW FOBD BATTERIES ~ Rcntal-Rccharging-Repniring 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 24ck3-24 For Prompt Battery Service Phone 8 Ben Clune 31c kD-31 AUTOMOTIVE LARGEST STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and' Bt. Louis Also Auto Glass — Phone GO JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2c klO- RUSSELL ANDERSON In charge Chrysler Garage Work Guaranteed on any maVc car New Van Norman Boring Mail line ANNOUNCEMENTS OLA SCHOOL BOR HARRIS OF DANCING 122 E. Davis - - - 701 W. Walnut Fhone 690 - Term Opens Sept. 4 9 31p WASH TUBBS WASH LEARNS_SOMK'I T HIN« By Cnw LEGAL NOTICES Phone gftg. 25c*9-25 Red's Place—U8 E. Main Call 308 for Auto Tainting Body and Fender Strvkc Formerly »Uh ftiouse-LUlle Co. ORDINANCE NO. 360 AN ORDINANCE PERMITTING THE RETAIL SALE AND DISTRIBUTION WITHIN THE CITY OF' BLYTHEVILLE OP LIGHT WINES AND BEEK, AND TO PROVIDE FOR TAXING OP SUCH SALE AND DISTRIBUTION, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE: Section I. The term "urer" o "light wine" means any ferment cd liquor made from malt or an substitute therefor and having a alcoholic content of not In excess of 3.2 per cent by weight, and n Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lurolicr Co. 2Gp-k3-26 i Described and drtined in Act No ^1 passed by the General Assembl of the Slate of Arkansas and ap proved by the Governor August 24, 10-ck-fl-IO _ <mc_i i .,^SH, 6ASV AWD SAIL MUSH AC ROSS TH6 ROLl-IWt., PESOtftTE TUMOR*. OP HE FIRST WW, IT IS U PRETTY TOUGH. r\FTER.THAT, THO. TH£V 6ET ""THEIR SECOND WIMO, AWO CCVER 15, ^fO, EVEN HO CHILES A 'JAV. ' i EASY, WOT'Lv. VJE DO? Gftll. FOAQOT TO SALESMAN SAM FOR SALE TOR SALE — Electric Teakettle, like new, cheap. Phone 930. U. For Sale—FOUR MILCH COWS with youns calves at canning factory. R. N. Baker. lpk+. FOR SALE—Four wheel trailer with bed, suitable for any purpose. Also 12 foot lightweight fishing boat. Call W. 169 or 465. I 1M3. I The term "retail distributor" or j "retail dealer" means any person who sells to the consumer light wines or beer in quantities ot toss than sixteen (15) gallons. Section 2. Before any permit authorized by this ordinance shall he issued and delivered to any applicant therefor. . such applicant shall make and subscribe to an oath that he will not alloV any _- „ intoxicating liquor as defined by L. Crafton at fa \a Act No. 7. of any kind or DckQ-10 REAL ESTATE FARMS and Homes, easy payments. Ethel B. Thompson. Caruthersville, Mo. " . . character, including beer or light wines and distilled spirits, having an alcoholic content in excess ol 3.2 i»r cent by weight, to be l.ept, Eloted. secreted In or upon tho Bl!Y A FARM AND PAY FOR IT UKK PAYING RENT! ! Land, prices arc going up nil ii':ong tlic lino. Come in, and cinch K piece before it gets out of reach. E. M. Terry Tcrry-Worthington Title Co. 213 W. Walnut ' 21c ktf 'L.X'o premises described in siKh permit, apK3 ' B : and the applicant will not other- te.... FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS NO TIME TO LOSE! vise violate any law of this Stale or knowingly allow any other pcr- Fon to violate any statute while in or upon such premises. Section 3. Buiore any person, fir or corporation shall be authorized to offer for sale at retail such liquors as prescribed herein, he shall apply to and secure from the City Clerk a permit or license for f^TLAST WANT LAND-We have buyers for! *'hich a fee of $15.00 shall be paid, 40-s 80's and larger tracts. Can Ami no such permit shall, be granl- «cl! 640 tract. Sec THOMAS LAND cd or isiicd by the City Clerk xm- rmiPANY 29ck!2 til said retailer shall exhibit his COMPANY. sl!Uc pcrralt grantcd or issucd to FOR RENT him ^V thc Commissioner of Rcv: — I enue or h^ agent. And any permit, • NICE BEDROOM close in. Mrs. E.: shall specifically and accurately J. Browne, phone 510. 4cki(' describe the premises and place ,.^.~~, ALUR16HT.RE.0~I FRECKLES i-Rl&HT <Wte JUST TRYiK)6 TO BftCfc WHERE WE ) £>EE >F THERE Wte STABTEO-iCMOM, <MWBOOY DOWM TO WE &OTIA GET Off)MEET OS-6UE&6 y TH' LIMITED /Svi **OT! ^l™ HH ^^^^ ii 'HOW COULD \ THERE'S MR. MJYONE BE (MELLIMG&R. HERE TO MEET UHE. TICKET U5-NO6ODY / MiEKIT— KNEW WE /HEY,THERE! WERE | MISTER MEUJNGER It 50 ? ax,WELL — OSCAR5 BEEM WEETIN 1 EVERV . TRWM FOR OAVV TELEPHONE LOORIM' FOR YOU —HE VJfrS HERE JD5T THI6 FORENOON' \ U5E YOUR FOR MINUTE? lOMtON.BEDlHESW^ FOR ME TO COK1E STBAJ6HT TO H15 HOUSE ToloSCiVR ML RlfcHT', IVL HOLD THE UME—HELUO, O&C^R ....... .

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