The Times from London, Greater London, England on April 30, 1920 · Page 13
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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 13

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1920
Page 13
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THE TIMES, FRIDAY, APRIL 30. 1920. NAVIGATION ON THE THE SPANISH POLITICAL GERMAN HOPES FOR RHINE. ' I CRISIS ' TREATY REVISION. THE ARABS AND THE I CALIPHATE. ITALY'S SETTLEMENT WITH YUGO - SLAVS. Imperial and Foreign News Items AN INTERNATIONAL WATERWAY. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS. THE SWISS POINT OF VIEW. I TOO A CORMMrOXllEXT. - lliallol! o" !.KI, ct. - d. io, ..,, Alie, sh Cabinet la - j tie SalazatJSh - ' mil m power one day longer i achieve the tk a - - igned he ising of the Budget. Lim. resignat not anxious thai; Swiss arc at the pre - cnt mom - 1.' much The pav - im; of the Btnhret i - .Tied about the question of the future di - - achievement n Spanish politic .! M the Rhine between MreOxmrv and l thi' lart thn lh" Hudeet ju - j - i . Ltk. ,v,r - gl,aJ.alnauo,,,l,,vw,.1,..r 'M::' ,hr ',v direct rotuinumcuimt. i v wa.c'witl ti preiit crn - i - has been the T:!! 1I4. and avail. M.unl,, wat ,,, !:,,. l" . " F"Vr !"m !Uitl1Pu,'"fi . - nam limitations. ha - rovidcd them with that 'lM - riod'f ('.liTlin dmiraMe channel tor tlie ronveyanee to and with the first open m na - ei ot tneir imjH.rt - anq export - . e en .Unla int.. p.. hue. - .Tunc. HUT LOOKING FORWARD TO SPA. MILITARISTS STILL ACTIVE. j SULTAN'S CLAIMS DENIED EM IK ABDULLAH'S VIEWS. A SENSE OF GRIEVANCE. ROME. Aran. 26. .ted i ( AIRO, Aran. 28. lie following highly int - r - n'th the Emir Abdullah. lubje. confidence thai th may he of " decisi' that tlie (jknernnie be conducted a let Ai - eil ; Y esterday I ha. s are already ' estmt cunversatiot mried, which broth - : of t!, - Emir Feisal beginning - of . Talking of the future of the Hedjaz and the 1 1 the Trt - aty. : re - : ol the Arab countries, lie pointed out that he. in hi hr - t speech as tur - fg - - - " fog the revolt against the Turks and tiie lirt real bid lor independence was made hy the Hedjaz. which. thanks to the support ifiven by the British tiovernmont. succeeded in wrest iiik: tie Holy I'laces of Islam from the Turkisl mst the " ; ' irmau politicians j ' bracing themselves fo Jr they evidently hope v n meant the clomg of ,ll' revision ot many Ministries uhi - h set m Indeed, Dr. K,stet. vention of the military Foreign Minister a we X 1917) A IT.,, - t - : ,,. er. (.CHUMMY V.M - IcmoUei II - im - t. W,l.rnmn, ic . ,.....l , ' "l her own private Yet there , eat on serious obstach :.e.. - " aoencc ,.t no geneous parties. in. term - oi the l'eaer Treaty U,. rendu - Ouce again the I rowu is confronted with a : tie Hhinc trafhe now lie in the band - - aviation whirl, wili tax to the utmost its polite International Ithiiic Commis - ion On tin - tieal wisdom. Then - are two predominant t. o: the riverain Stat. - . ranee ba - lart or - , one bate, tie ..the: mor, d - legatcs i and the jowor ot appointing the femote. The first is the railway crisis 'The spirit of Scluuiet, .ident and tiermam foiu : while Holland Ibe other problem whidi the new (JoCemment bad regarded the - u. :.: a - are allot led to Italv. Belcnim. ami l'' ' la. - ed wit (. general ri - in man - 1: ' unci ' tlj. Morn.v :ruv, - r - i.s between ' , , , 4 , ' : .md Bv Art.cle 35 of tie Trea - x. I ranee ? 1'ving. snnilar to tliat which i ; the Entente leader - ." leading to - pessimism in tJr ""TU''ly th ua t I. . imiuii. huouun mill ,Tj ,,,,,:,,, ... i,m,. : ti . - - . - '. t - . . . and tor each ot the entities ii.nninff the .lezirai - The Shah of Fersiii am red at Marseilles yesterday fn - iii Fans. . Eight l die 10.1 aeroplane? gHcnJstl India are ex - S.gnor Xitti. who returned to Rome .ester - i imiutlf)i loTWli wh ctay fc da' mormug. isited the King in the after - ; uh. is being masulactumi in Russia. noon. The conversation between tbe Kmg Aftr a to - - ek. - ' strike, tiie dock labourers at and the Prime Minister lasted an hour. Among Anmwfam and Rotterdam have resumed worL .th"T questions discussed wa Xiiat of the forth - i - v - Mnie. Desrhaeel rave s dinner on Weunee - eom oonverr.ons between the Italian and - v i:i Loar ot: U , be Pnine N.rtl,fl3 in l16 - lfl to ?i;.809,9 hi ll - 20. Maimedy claupes. ,iew. expresses his forthcoming negotiations importance, and states : pr. - Mime - that tii - y Minister returned to the Palazzo Braciii. where the Ministers shortly afterwards assembled for a Cabinet meeting. Signor Jutti reported at length the resu'ts of the deliberations at San Remo. and the question of the retelling of Parliament was diseubsed. Accord - nig to present intentions tlie date ongmnnj ijsofship in Tugo - SlavU will he sbuUsbe - i a imm Mi - . t r which time demohilnaUnr will bv complete. lr ronsequr.f of tb dispot - over the 40 - hour wet'k. twarly t .000 men are no idle in the Melbeura - building trad.. Ac agreenwsit ha been arrived at between Litvinol? and the Belgian Oovsnuoeut lor the repatriation o; of the con - ! . . , . , (.versations m repant n. tne Aonati. - .,tie - tion L,. - JMil?nn. ittinc tb - brrwing of beer conteic - lias Ixhi definitelv uecided a vet. If i an - 1 u.h t - 1i parOfttt of aJhol ! nounced that yesterday the onlvrramto renrh ; Jt h (timalftl tix attnu. Marrb Mw ut the Italian - frontier from the BMni the fanadian semriues U - - th" value o.' 0.000.0O wi j Orient express, which arrived very fnp and bad disposed ot it the Cuited State. troops on board, is is greatly to oe ; zanii the first reek m April 38f! ca of lmni.r British Columbia milL. - f the Entente's Q I C0HMW ' aft I j Mil.. f ??tfV JvJ ? I n5WlTXg. J vdke. olid in - ivimr th - r e. e - sarv .mnetns. ? t!' d. M v will he adhered the population ot Jczirat - el - Arab - that i - . Syria j the date nor the pli (rith identical au( - Mesopotamia, and tir - Arabian fieninsuia - oi Europe, m their claim for independence. hich Berlin . - a result, the liedjaz should really I I the San looked p. bv tie - neoph's m am - stion ns the board. Js is fereatlv to hoiied that conditions in mzo - Mavia will not wttp bhinned from dela the return of Dr. Tnnnbiteh or put j as compared with 29; any other liindrance ic the way of the resttmp - The popiation of Sweden o January I. 1SD. tion of direct conversations. The latest news' amounted to S.Mu.000. This shows aa increase oi seems to indicate tlvat the trouble is leasenina. ! over th. total of the last census. a. a if not over . and it is calculated that Dr. Trum - ; Summer time was introdncad in Serbia on the bitch should he able to be at the meetine place I "J "f April Vio. and m Hungarr on ApriF; ami t the t MT, r,trnnmdntK r.J anpouited bv Mav 5 or . Variou places are continue Reformists (who would, of course, demand some ovemmem p. , .,. , ,, , ,,,';; ! I'omitumt. and - wmle the whole population n,H w roP' WUI nuau - v """,M"VU' iciease v .ermany r. tht,. :. v.ou!,i ,Vf.ntuallv accept Arab Little evtw - atinu is eotertaniert ft ere that the . nwter - aiane lot khm - dct. as w onir uiraw v domination. j settlement wdl give to Italy what Italian opinkm I TtnTdTocrTw; Lnde. d. there w no reason whv each entity j firmly believe - to be Italy . due. A solution . l.X .C.oontA: " S3 VT u ' ' j,.,,.,,.... again, Aotwitftstantung ahould not be internal lv indenendent and be will be accepted as the result of a pressure that I . V . . " ,i MeSLde - ' tlvare andnrerbLn',K,n 1 t ' l" U" ' - left .o work "but own nicul.r form of Italv is utuTble to result, and henT perhaps i Hounstovon VedwHd. Wl StobiMp2! ifior iirnv ' F mdudm - a!K1 - l'7'ious warnmL - s agaiust blind gnvrnment. but for the pttrp - U of mutual pro - the gravest apect of the question. It is recog - Vergover iied b?". asUta. Rt it i - - . - w - t , i lu - T " i'1' K'"'U 1n""";w of France. lectltm. mid btT.ttU,. alI j!avp - ,, much in nized that Italy's cards, have been badly I boat. The serophme and mail were lost. explored X h eel JoT HM n " Htl!nJl,ariee the Chan - ; common, socially, economically, and l.ngu.sric pUved, but it is claimed by some of the best ! A mowBeBt to tegislativ. Staf.s. - ' inch might m time become the much - ; tion ot such problems ougnt not Board of Tiade. canals and for the .n..rainf.., ' ' . 1 . n - nowmg are uK - ntione.1 .., . - rv uted that suei, nn.i., , '"lcr ot pn.lmhdity : A Conservative ( onhtm:i jo.nt uecl.trat .o,. , am. a - an unplea. - ant , of theae rights it ,s stated that the A Liberal Coalition headed bv Seiior vrria ' pasT g " el - Arab to want to stand by itself. In his opinion, a detached condition i mi?take. The population Prieto, with democratic guarantee n A frankly democratic the reform of the fver, hailed a - prnn ismc to release (', trom Jier isolation aucK ahordin her hue? unul September 20. ljorJ Lvtton left Malta on Wedacsuar sfter cou pletins his inqturv into the pay and conditioas c j the native workmen employed in the dockyard. office until several weeks ago. ! the German Chanedloi : only be successful it it c , Herman y' ,rmei politic.,; . tV construction of a canal alont the west bank ,l of the river between Strasbourg - and Basel. Thi - Morv pickdord s dr project the Swiss opionents of the scheme view District C ourt, ha - ordered v - :th considerable apprehension. They have for . tion. t long time past been eontendme for the deepen - The complaint will be published for ine ot tne oca ot tins particular seciioii oi me ,n tne Aevada newspapers, ver. At present, hdit sea - eomc craft which will be sent to the couple e an sail ut to Strasbourc have then to tranship Angeles. California. Mary Pickford hr cargoes into bare - If the channel aboe : to in the complain' as "Gladys M. Moore Strasbourg were remilarized. thev could eontmne know n as Clady - M. Fairbanks." Br attorney oyage up to uaset vitiiom transmpment sunuiuimi uisi ine and tliat the present "fluid'1 condition of th justice oi Germany earlier appaab - for! dfeamedf .4i2bnnireUnC ' i pended on ihe skilful plav of the cards. That, been isnacbed under the auspices of the Matfcime pontics must still continue. In tins case, yerbul negotiation - and the disadvantages of M. ' It was not true that hi.s father, the Kinc of the of course, is asking fbo much, but the fact ml ot Senor Aflende balazar would remain in power MemenceanV methods m dealins with Germanv. Hediaz. soucht to obtain for himself the dire. - worth noting. It has. been decided by the Controller of Ike wnn a rearrangeci i obmet. People inclined At the same time, the hop, is expressed that tion of the confederation! The net result is that Italv is sufierina Ir.11' W'ashiaiton thst the American sv c - Vii j L - i i i, " . . i uu mmseit octter' justice than was quite prepar.d that the various states from a rankling sense ot grievance, .uore ; Senor Allende Ntlazar has allowed tliat a new when he submitted the la - t Grnnan .Nop - , should .loot their own bead. Whether thi, head ' than that, it is to be feared that the effect i indent ,.f the Tobacco Regie should be which are universally condemned as the most was in Baabdad. Damasc i . N - d . ..r Mecca will hot eaailv wear off. A section of the appomted a post winch lie has held for many indiscreet performance of. after - war diplomacy, did no - matter much, in his opinion. The im - j Press which reiterate that Italy occupies the aJt tx - Pmlh DKd tisVother cooperation at Spa can I linked together in a confederation. for much, but a feeling of Teeentment exiyt. ; Lnyano on their return from i ere at snown ttiat tutv rnr - D ot - at mr atiow ! even among tnose wfto see the injustice ana terenee at .nuan. MABY PICKFORD'S DIVORCE. 1 time become .stabilized asain - t revohitionarv This naturallv led up to the subject of the I s ( intrigues. . CaUphate. which, the Emir said, was the crux j 'rnoM ont corbespostpest. ) ! PPPI tvy l; Dl - vvrvr nn,n of the whol, situation. At present he con - ; , , ' rktLINGS) RLNMNG HIGH. , sldered that there was no Caliph. Four eon - ! iOKK. April 19. It may well lie doubted whether that con - ditious qualifying for the Caliphate were' Recause neither Mary Pickford nor her former, summation, devoutly as it is he wished can that the holder should be of the familv of husband, Owen Moore, are within the State of be achieved in so short a space oi time, fed - the Koreish. should lie in possession of tlie j Nevada, and therefor. - cannot be - er u ith mi ar - sure to run hian betore. d urine, and Holv Places, should hold the Abwab - eb i States , - rt - e p. annul after the election campaiini. The H;r fjj tll - Heranvin tliat is, Damascus and the. route - ' . .lodge Iugen. of the I'ntxrl. rumours, and the Right and Left are from Mesopotamia to the Holy Places and i ty publica - 1 vieinc with each oJher m trumpeting the dan - &h'uld have adequate temporal power to mam - 1 i ers of Bolalievisnl and militarism rr - snvelv tan. bis nosition. week - It i - certain that the extremists on both sides' Whether Tiirkev remained at Constantinople copies of which : are tiusily plotting, and as detennined as ever or not mattered little, for the Sultan to - day Hollywood. Los to baulk all effort - to restore thr country's . qui - did not possess even 'of the four necessary referred : hbriuu democratic htie. - . One is beginninc quahheations. The Caliphate had been lie Id hear a preat deal about the secret oreaniza - bv lum because it had been wrested from the by I Germany. Deoartment will a navment of a per cent. tc Great Britain ori deferred obligations incurred during the war. Thousands of Bolshevist pamphlets hare been c arrested by the wu authorities at their return from a Communist Don - isdoni of taking such a una. , A reneraJ amnestr for all offences sasinst muitsrr Yesterdav. after a meeting held at the Casa law has been decreed by the King of Rumania, with del Popolo'to urotest against Japanese action tbe exception of such cases ssome under the Mh in Russ,a. a number of demonstrators cme of 'f'" - derT,en. a.ssination. ud critter into eolhaion with Police guards. One of the ! tt,,st th y rt th' $tat? - cuards was stabbed and died lfniiiediatelv, and j Amonc other important problems, exchange rates another was wounded. A number of arrests 8"d th 5estion of the high cost ol Uetnf are to be STRIKE OVER A DEAD CAT. COMMUNIST FOLLY IN VIENNA. Parliamentary Cot. , i.renre. which open - .it r,in on May 4. Delegations j from the other Allied countries dl be present. I A N'oH - has be.n sent br the British Foreign 1 Office to the German t'harge d'Affuires saying tbar i tlie Allied Uovenimenu have resolved to prolong the penusaien srranted to the German Government to I demand that the pa nient a huport duties should . b. iii.ule in snld. hut that they i - Tve the right tu r..i - e the .p:ttio;i again at any time. Miid consequent loss of t x - publication as insufficient. i - be assumed that th VIENNA Apbii 28. The limit of imbecilitv was reached this !. i .1 u.. v ., .... ecvoTi t n - cti - opvt' rrvt - o 4 1 ".it: L "T" 1 ,.thf l?.th - SW,TJ - . bi - waUontraryto .trike tht. j,,. of 3 6 owing to the i .... ' jense, LOWERING OF THE CHANNEL FEARED. Th e3er - of the French scheme would, fbev contend, lie reactionary For part oi the - ear 6 - all . - ents. the water in the channel of vre river would be lowered t. an extent wind vould interfere with its navigation by the barg. if to ton capacity winch it now can the transhipment at Strasbourg wouid mth .'.nd tne caual barte vould n.s - . - - ar LIQUOR SMUGGLING SCARE. CFBOM OCR roRRESpON - DEVT. I ?TE YORK. Apiul 29. eoiiunotion lias been caused 1 !.:. . oniii.otioii im - le - n caused m avv , with ac: circles bv the action of a coastgmird fintrol those striving for ordered ..ft blonda in tinim a dozen shots at submarine c.untrv. and that the (. nmn K4 in 'the bebef that she was engaged m anus - be 'inclined to launch their atta:k 1 smaller tonnaae. m the wli - de. thrreiore. W ul"or - . , , 'mi taristiireen - uau 11 tor toese reason w...,lci r.. wr. - trBVllmB on th,. .0?.r.. - j.. ,! - fmn, Miami Tiw correspond, On the other hand, the followmc arvumeuu rast the v.tnmng lower. He mav be taken as a tolerably complete statement Ih' N' "v"r t1"", of the positive side of the The '1?" swbmarfa deepening ofhe channel ot the Khm. t.etween A f,v moments later a searchlight apoeared from Iael and Strlfbourtr would tw a much quicker the .oM - tpuani t - .a' wln. - h 'w alongside th nub - and cheaper pnss than the construction of ,1, : snltiTnn fanal. It would also lnautiirate a quick, - ana jtwaaue t.. hi - nepie, ; tb. - urual tostop. !,eaper commercial service ieicei, iarfP f, nnilJ wnrlr - rc i iA,, ,1,...,... . T, . - . ... n l.l.. death Ot i hc impression Icwcv. - i. ilu.t i:k I'on, - the m. - mber. - ..f his own tribe who t ,',' .1 lj '" . ' . '"!" il" f.u" ! VT." , "' ai" another eniployee. The liMKeci togetiier, and arc closely cooperating : verted to lu - flag and boigm t..r h.m real threj After his death Ananr claimed t be entitled which belonged to the proprietor of before nil the guests with the funeral ,.t the Pontehha railway aeei - uding 'lent victim rook place to - day. tAgnv are being img buried in Alexandria and the provinees. dismissed, complained to liis union, v Inch Hnd the remaining four liave been brought to ordered u strike t tint ha - kepi the promptlv drew a revolver b rompaiaed aIlli JhlJf lh(. aminal. at lht. s, until tiie.n,, d,, :Mon 0,te people wa tliat tin - sword - n , hotel, eal. - . or re - tauiant tron, going t did n..t c VUH.le Cm ordred a small search - Wat w. The he; - . oner - t rikiT.g the water a land and British. Scandinavian, and possibly meriean port. without any detriment to French. Belgian. Ihrteh, or German interests, i process of time, by tlie introduction of lock - into tbe Upper Rlune between Basel and Oun - - umce. the waterwav system mieht further be vended to link up with the Rhone and Danube and so benefit all the nations concerned, by providing not oniy Switzerland but a laree part of l id - Europe with direct by the revenue authorities to hunt smugglers Lord Allen by, who personally interested el! m tlie matter sme tne nrst news ot people wae tliat tie - sw ord ". . ,' ,. ' , ,. e "e ' . confer this Mtrht, l.,ir thit the sn, . - - ,,,., " ' , '. . . .. V .."V. V . ' . ,. tj,,. Tnr,rtnn'.. .i r0 - .. i i .... . - i, ,;. )ti btdlying coincide. - witn turttier acuvitier. on the their other d. - stmation. - . h.verything passed eemiy vis,;,.! Atun - t - r lamp, rep - : - that tlie fnlher ( UJ,,.,,,. : . I eeaine ;tr lir. - t 1" '' - , reacuonar iroo m - r. at - e. - ,m inc - i tn, - ( ttil,b or " successor, (.ovcrnment would not dare to jinu - eed ngam - t Thst - furthermore, the Caliph then, hv f'oree and rhnt if 1 1 : v were H , - hn.iHAr , . . . . r.L.. i k. it would simplv be with a 'view ;.. ,!: r. - : ("'Jt'"' ' ,. - ' w,J,, ".antbofitative traditional that,t" uii;ver:i:y hu - U - c - , .hut ,ui'il further schools o4 Cairo and the provinces, guild, formation eNewb. re T.rob;,bly . Han, . ,r 1 n,rI,'r T..,, , ff - tb. !iw Mahoin i!. 1?.' n - u. - . Tbe origin - ot the quarrel are n - ally e, - (.. Ure number of Egitians. and several I'rrih, !'. under the tith ' Wb.. iTovid - the ',..,.; t(ult the ( alinliate must remain in the ?""mi'': a lli lf '' w s - re hngushnt. - ri. Large crow d - . watched its jiaegage .h family as long as there are two members - ,,"'Vn,.,lC "' un - tue ropor. ,.,, , , tn. .enetn Funds ? " says that Ilet WORLD'S LARGKST WEDDING - CAKE. i FROM OCR CORRESPONIjEVT.) NEW YORK, Aran. 2ft. f the lue of more the.,. ioO.oOO have - cbeme turther daim ' re.viv. - d b - Mi - Rneli. I L:tti - ton. whos. - a, .a hop. - .hut it would promote a larg? t rade ,narriage to Mr. Cornelius Yainlerbilt, junior. v.WPt.n England r:ki Switzerland, a v. i. - h winch iak(.s pj. ttt St. Thomas's Church this after - certain! - . siia:.d by British merchants. Th I noon. : .Ilowrnc resolution, voted on December 11.; Among the most costly l - a diamond tiara I ... Mon - h - ste; Chamber of Commcr'., value,! nt Itin.oOo. .,,.,, Hrig:,dier - t leneml ami .ay p' citeti a an expression of their view : t re. Yanderhilt. the parents of thr bride - .... .... p. Khine is a waterway siving ! groom. Other gifts mclad - d handsome sjve, s - r. to four eiifti. viz.. Hol.aiel. :inr.. .j,r,., - tami - rr - m th - Duke and Dii' - he - s of T rance, and Sv.t.z - riar.d. Ui - neht ,.f ttv - parage ( joxburBhe. and sil'. - or candl. - stick - from Lad; f - t.a - .cable v.. - i stiouio ne mar i - "'; j..ri,..r. Tic - wd - .ting - cnK - . h r - at:on ; - cr:: - zlH.''jrti,sri ..., - - - I .... ,h. ,,:ai. - .'.T...n. - . oi th.? . the largest ever made. Tlie ht ot guests " "..isv - i.. .!.. Ti ., - th - liivei ,.;,!.. - r,.iHKi - doughboy - vitu v bom ; ! . o. oi.,. - .: - .in 'let the cntml of an In - Valid' - : b:!t - erved in France. matt. al B! ine I rn mission and Wsterwa? board. ' - k place i.rnuLiou - element - Forth, n t - t or? m th - no. - ; satisfactory manner. The bra. eet - outside the university ha . cession to dav was exceedingly large, Lord - been the scene of tights Utv.een Herman Alleubv and the .Sultan being represented, and disbanded v .' - k. n i i ,i , Natiotuihsts ti - i ,.! , sn - tud - nt - . w r n th - r. - ult the cr,rtfg including delegates from all the 1 , , .l , ., ' ': "' Tiiomie. a - ti, it wa - tbougin t.uit the,, ,'nifi other Baltic ,. . . - . ... . i - eeivinc an undue proportion ..f the lnetb - thro'igh the - r - - . f - .here all the flags w ere h the troops at Munster, ; t. :,, ' t i. - ir - ,,,,,, , under tn. Swi - s Kehef Fiuid : un.J 2 an ..ttemnt tialt - uiast . Durum the funeral tne Residency whence larg, unit - , esnecially of artillery, are .... ,. . - ,. Vi,,. M i, .,, - eet a r'i,,i va - made to imitate the action of tlie Christ mu flag was Iowewd for lialf an Ifjur. being transported to tmkn .vi. (i. - stimitioi. - . ",,.,, .,'. Kor. - i - h ' v ,.. ... ,..i,it, i, students m and Imut the number oi ; .The accident in which the student Anot her reimrt from Pou.erania says u,h a, , irijn ,he cpialiticatmiis of possessing the i tin officer. - . pointmeiits than e r,. t tfie !appiaae, j itcss io - int - '.ernmii auona:. - - a - Iwinc thomiiihlv hostile to the Renublic I ' THF sfTTlV'S (Hlt 1 nawn - of Horthv: Monarchista. and so forth.' Tbe spirit of th. .err.. ai. - oidierv in other ,. , , - . and c. ' tuin C .:ut.,uiiist - uetuidlv went to police ir,; W:;r, - ' - ;iIR - HlGHES,SLBOtlt B0AKDS - siL - u - d rather than reht1()ii - h ins i.hii, ,,t leadmi toi naui , h,i n,,. ,n ,v :,, Thus men vulgar student brawls now ! from oru own cokrespoxdevt ) ..f Turkey , hey . - houhi h.v. insisted that (.rent , " '.... ,,,.',,,... , ' i ,..,,,, The Kmployers' Ke it - rat ion has given notice i Britain eho dd return to him his temporal U1,;,t (';luUi;.. v iuch are - til! contm;unl Higgin that ,i will participate power, v i, ,1, was only , ti, ot . ,. , , - ii - iai ;,mj ,..eaIUU , u eertam numk'r oi injured V,qUU": Mpwimcauoiis ,., un., ne pre. ,.,,1,. - n - 1 Lxilil - . moiisIv iierte I hi - claim to 1,.. e n - id - red , 1 Caliih. They 'might, if th - y liked, still look upon the ultan oi I urkey as t .tlipli. hut he on the Throne of the nio - (ju - .i. i - V,., .,, iee - president 'n - .eiw.l 1 deal with the watersnte workers' and other ..,ecr there are thoroughly 'reactionary. "vtlTa of c. rtau, ; n - ilege - . The similarity of t b - pro - the old Austp. - It.Uan front,, on Ma, h - r ,1 ,ci r, , - d it , a, tmfMjiVl pwer Medmai and adeipiatt Bud,. - led tbe Radical I'Tu "1 tnents tlian ever before the " Kappiadc. " ' i're.vs to des. rib. - the German Nationalists as m finin jietudej MARAUDING ARABS. v i chiefly prompted by th ' ! is a great probability t Wi.ii. , . . iUlri i. r.iii.lcr.j neutral tern - , v ar. tne p. owe rententei on . , ..Mnc tl.e tiKht ai.,1 the ou'y u. . .: i. - utraiuv ,.t ti,. - ....atemnv. f - .n the var. owing to rh high transport - ,);' tha: Switzerland obtain.'d j i Hi - rial. esK - eially coal and; '.. - :. my. Angio - Swis - trad - va - .lihiied to high - priced goo,i and BASEL AS LEARlXG - HOrSE. . - .Tiand's principal impin - from England FILM ASPIRATIONS OF EX - KAISER'S SQN. ORREhPOXDtNT. I CAIRO. April 2 i ..I. - ;minn raids x prospect he. - :, the tools of - elf seeking Tbe tribe mainly involved, the ( Jhazi well - known marauding tendencies, popular with the settled fellahin on of the Jordan. Th' - Feisal Arab ( CTpectetl to take active s offenders. There have been since April 24. but the situat W'!i - e,Uir. the ouestioll uf a b - i. - wage for Australia, but tbe Commonwealth 1 iovern - I ment has not made any move in the matter. Relations between hidi:. - Hicg'in - and Mr. ii - 'U L'e ther trigucr. - . that the prayers offered u yeh. has referred jo him as Caliph. t. and is un - In hi - opinion the Aral, v.f.rld. whi' - 'i wh - jn both sideline n v numeroii - section of the Moslem community, would never consent . espt - i - ially now. - confidently when be hud lost hi - temporal power and the against the possession of . th Holy Places and of the further raids Abwab'Cl - Hartmtft. to reeogui - the Miltan ; n - .lie tt, inner I u: . even it n - GOVERNMENT ON STRIKE. Hughes are somewhat strained. Ih - cht.. - . - m former ha - igorauBly prot. - stcd HKamst, t Bei - .kade. April 28 - At to - ilay's sitting of . creation by Mr. Hugbee of special li jl tic - .vK'i;. - !itina tne ice - i'resuien' r - - , - . - , v, - ,: letter fr. n. the Prime Minister ,lr - iurmg tit,. - .ti - pti" - . m. - tead ot sending them to the Arbtt rube, the Prime Minister, didkiot wish to expo. - ,rwn - Ourt - Pariiam. nt or the country to a repetition of the Judge lliggin deeUivd in the Aretrati.m scenes which hud re - e,,t'b taken place m the 'J ,l u,'"." House, and which tied been noted by the whole , Lar,our..r. - Federation to iguo. - r it. country, tmd as f, - desired t,. ad m om". .rmity laid down . lus recent i - tt'T ; NEW YORK. April 2U. .nterestmc report ha - boon published tt M: - . N mti. - 'd Sheehuii. who bus been : Zo Berlin in th - interests of the picture JZhltr, Xn'r'T'f ITmng NO BRAND ON GERMAN GOODS . - d ..ilk. h .atcbes. chocolates, and con - is now prepared to six - nd purcna - - : - lc - ,) .,rk : - Tirrdturii' conn. xmn with lndou - hy : . ,.. :(e.ithi!ie v oiild .reati lacihtat. and crea. ibis interchange of nliandist - At - am time, the exploitation ot the Rhine ud encourage French and Belgian wade, by . p..,. th - terminu - o; tbe French .anal . - ; h micht the become th - mid - Europ - - i - iL - iioU - e for trade Ixftweeli tbe countries uigcast ot Lake l oiistance. on the one baud. M i - and Ii. - 1 - i.ii. oe! - iell - . the the Naar Paris, i halons ii. ltort. and the Loire nllc on the other It. therefore, a - they believe. Franc could nil the v ate. - he i.e. - d - mr . - anal rrt"(; , - .., - ( instead ol the ttav - i - siraM , t,e c , ... the Rhine the ue - peium. oi th. Rhine ,,,, vr.uhi. they argue, be far tw'.u - advan - d - m:, Prince Kitei Fnctlnel ear bu - - nie - in which h plain - that he cannot n iii. it. Several duk.s , have suggested to ! ability to ride and sh u - cfui for eowbo and U.S. FREIGHT DEMANDS. j (! Off! OWN CORRESPONDENT.) - 'IOROXTO, April j I anadian importer - iron, the United States ill appal to the Inter - State Commerce Biwrd and the Canadi, i - engaged, and com ' ke a respectable living - Ti,, Hi!! pr..p. - .hL p - i - .n - r u d princes are aaid to ! Ul i lVrtnan troods to expos - si oi'lo..' .Mr Ib.bertson. ti. Mi. - troiijy - i;pjxried the rn. - a. - ur. I, It that people who otoecled t, uld Ik' especially rehants dealing us to this effect 1 by a majority ie seven : of the Sultan to hold th - aiiphat. .ttie sii.l f,,e - tiotiel l.eforc in tin - public manner was ; . village , purt.jv aluj siniply that those who now pro: tested had been under the Turkish yoke and a" i dared not their vote - - . lo - day tne situa - 'tion was comj.letely changed, and the people ! concerned no longer laboured under the dis - r), ability, and now Jisk' - d tJiat ttie question should ton I.. - decided according to tli - prineipl - - hnd down tb" trom tiie earliest day - of th - M. , - - .,, era accord - , 'n" jng to the word. - of the Prophet. ABDULLAH'S POLITICAL GIFT: ; obsTru. tionist ta.'tic8. Renter. t h - ' ai - t - it ut ion. In" order t hi" m that is. tbe hah' of the .Vss.mbl tlsei - measures ba. i.artv - n. - ister half ot the t for thj - time rwiug holds its Though coalit'ioifS have beon rleleateo impiy by mbers. It U the 1 INDIAN RAILWAY STRIKE. The Emir, it should be pointed , Lalxuu. .secoiul son of the King of the Hedjaz. who Tb. th - Bill v uajoi vitu. that !. - Armv led the the purchase of Arabs against Turk, ho warned and years of age, of medit ie Senators felt earrieg'. a 'yileasing ge - n He height and e. and 4 trad, with Lahore. Afiril 18. All. thr Indian emptoyeea in the power - lumse ot' the North - Western Hail - way have struck in consequence of a lock - out in the wagon workshops. T1 - trouble started the worfeshops , and, refusing to tntOM or a coaaespoxDE - VT.) . MADRID. Apku. 29. AdiTiiral Miranda died at Santiago de Con po - r. - la yesterday alter undergoing a Miraatia was s Minister in drew ur the Drurmni' for Mam. buildina snd 1. ai.d tens' - iowlv iubed it throuan Parlimnt. H - the author o iereral text - i books, on mathematics. Punng tb" yt d - cad diuiral Miranda s s. rvices were chiefly rendered ashor.. and in the iohi al worid be hs candidata i for the office of Prime Minister. Th - body will l... brought to Madrid, and will be interred with the highest military honours.. WIN FOR GENERAL WOOD. OCR CORREsfONDE - N V CANADIAN REPRESENTATION AT WASHINGTON. he and his fathei until the Ct i father diecame Emir of M United States : lh,. - ali tr. - iL'b' - hipm'iits to Canada i mu - t b. prepaid at the point ot shipment . . '. i - Mit - d' Mate - , - ut - viiM. It i - estimated, Ottao v. Api i! 2t. - In t lie Dominion House tht theerteet of tb" d. - ci - .on will b' - o mereas. o; Commons to - day Sir George Foster, the transferred to . oby the order, were '. Upon this, the NEW YORK, April - 'J. iemiimd - r the ernploytes in the wag.ti work - Betmn - from the Republican nrimaev is i d?elMred and hi - fi,10Ps - numbering 6,000, ceased work. The Xew .lerwy mdicate tliat C.eaeral Leonard a in llioK. Abdulhih r"Uw".v 'ithorttie - the,: .l - .lared u lo. - k - out. Wootl lias won the pr.pular preference over us - Deputy fot .Meeei, ,., rh. ot - ,,. nan Parha - """"r1 - "l - - """ nv - ' enator .lotm - .n. '' v auiorma. nv a margin oi ut. ami has. been generally n - eogmzed as a beon 'tle. Rrntrr. '612, thereby winning the control of 15 i f the n of keen intellect, wide culture, and high 1 28 delegates at the nominating convention. Iligence, He certainly impresses one a - a ; MARRIAGE PARTIES KILLED Eleven of the - , - aw pledged outright to support IN TRAIN WRECK. in per the prop.o 'Hie ! as a ( el HlKl terland, bt all the I'.S. NAVAL BILL. Idlnrfoi'an exi - idiM of n'pTa. mg tl. ADVANCES TO FRANCE. PARIS, Aprix. i'y. M. Milleraud. the Premier, was greeted with l.e.r. s be entered the enaie to - uav. .iiret M.,.Vo(Kj,M.o" : nonut. id1;. i - wS.M'i.OttO in 121 I . - passed the euaie aim gone ........ - - - - t. - tence ot b,th Houses for adjustment of the X40.000.000 increase voted by the House ot I : pi. - ciiTtives. The snte approved sn amendment to hc BUI aaieflv in C.liJonoa. Hne taaa, dunag the d..,u; .ugireoted si, . - mbargo uu the ,J5T,01rt,,"0 m ot!. Other M,a.w. b'.w. ver. cx, - ed the fear thst such vjggeMioii tnufbt gbe re to retalistioo IB foreigu LPtin'iiet. ffc'w. esterdav in the Chamber, the Premier added : tion informed oing the President c i,Ht hi - , (.overnment proix.e,j to meeting between a numfx - r of economic expei .. - wo i, proposal sad added teres would snpoint on iiossjMe. and did not yield rapid and fruitful result. Brufrr. out bv Dr. Beland. said tliat nog. lMen going on with a view to the appointment of a Canadian n - prcentative tit Washington. but he was unable at present to mate d. - tinite imnouneemeut about the matt lleuter. INDIAN PASSAGE DELAYS. Simla. April 28. The shipping position h not ininroed. and tlie Dassaflre diffieultv eoi tinner. Though the accession of the Naldera and Xarkunda (of the R. and O.) and other extra ships is expected to ease tho situation by mid - Mimmer. an acute blockage is expected in the cold weather, owing to the Prince of Wales's Some form of' control, though it would not be altogether welcome, is, nevertheless, foreshadowed. Jfctdcr. f considerable ability. His qua lineal in tin - respect have marked him from the outst to - be his father's right - hand man. fur which reason hi - views certain! merit consideration. i Bomrav. April 28. Further detail - oi th - Throughout the interview, which 1 liave ,mi railwnv .smash whicii took hlaee near tu; endeavoured to reproduce m his own wo ds. Moradaliad n April 24 are only seamy, bm i: " j tlie Emir spoke with calm dignity, moderation, apjiears that a goods train was'standing facing Trie - iollowing is c translation of a telesnai land conviction,, and the fact ujion which la - Mewan v.a la station when an . xnr. - - dabbed vrhirh we have received from the president i Meina to de - .m to ih - ire - - whs mat 'in ,,. The hist three carriage - o: the ex ore - - ' i MTian unionist rarty : A SYRIAN PROTEST. Iking of an Arab confetleration and of the lalipnate nt.s amis were ivuoiiv airriusnc, m lutrstinc of 8 BM tank. The carnage that what he wanted to see was a untt. - d Arab unforttuiatelv overcrowded with pa - - engers. nation under an Arabian Cabph. , wtw wmild be Tht. train contained three flindu marriage parties, p.tine ws nrobahlv in - these davs the most important killed outright or .burnt to death. There w of the tour conditions. - mashetl and caught fire, owing to the The ting of a gas tank. The carriages wen to and chddren. of whom only i t ol SvrU srmihOrti - . its pcii - d - I in. . interit. ui.d un.d - Ahove all. the n the J. - wkh horn, laud desti The Gor The injured roiup.laln n the Allies, will break th - heart of the Arab Syrian uiscrace to human:! v. protests - netgkUeally t bCstertj of the inhaaiau against this decMoo. and appeals - to th - cooaeienca rho, they M . caUeus'y ( f the naUy free nations against grwte injustice sy medical arraugement - towards the Syrian nation, whase oair crime was Ikkui rebuked bv 31 r. in the nev Labour Ministry, fu trespassing c arena uf politics. the Kxaet figucs of the casualties are tlll swailcd. - .

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