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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 1

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 1

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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1.JL THE WEATHER STORY BAY AREA U.S. Weather Bureau Forecast: Fair through tomorrow. Highs today, Oakland 68, San Francisco 64. Lows tonight 51 to 56. West EDITION m.

KTili Itutn i i 41 I I 1 erly winds. Map, Pago-22. Eastbay's 24-hour reports, Lowe left Corner, Page IV :1 ASSOCIATED "PRESS Wl REPHO TO UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL, DAILY. NEWS FOREIGN SERVICE NO. 46 VOL CLXXIII 10 DAILY 20 SUNDAY OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 1960 Russ Pledges Fight Brown Asks Labor to Aid Congo Cuts Off Dealings For Powers1 Life Lawyer Tells Pilbfs Family Water Bonds With Dag AFL-CIO Convention Heads Into Heated Debate Over Backing Hell Do Utmost; Red Youths Shake Fists at Americans By United Press International The court-aDDointed attorney for U2 flier Francis By HAL RISDON Tribune Labor Editor SACRAMENTO, Aug.

15 Gary Powers pledged today, against a background of Gov. Edmund G. Brown today appealed for the state AFL-CIO's support of his $1.75 bil some Russian hostility to the young American, to do his utmost to save Powers' life at his spy trial starting Wednesday. witness said Soviet attorney Mikhail Grinev gave his assurance in Moscow at his first meeting with Powers' lion California water plan with the declaration that failure "to satisfy our water needs" would be "catastrophic." parents in his office today. As Grinev made his Addressing the opening ses Soviet Aides sion of the California Labor Federation convention, Brown submitted his case in the face 'No Confidence' in Hammarskjold, Says Premier Lumumba Compiled From AP and UPI LEOPOLD VILLE, The Congo, Aug.

15 Congolese Premier Patrice Lumumba virtually broke off relations with United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold today and Hammarskjold said he vould return to New York im: ediately. Lumumba wrote two sharply worded letters to Hammarskjold. In one, he said "The olese government and people have lost their confidence in you." In the other, he demanded that UN facilities be placed at his disposal and threatened to "take other measures" if this was not done. Hammarskjold replied that would leave for New York torr'ght to report to the Security Council unless the Congolese Government promptly modified its attitude. Lumumba requested hirh to postpone his departure for 24 hours to enable a Congolese delegation to accompany him.

FIVE DEMANDS In the first letter the fiery Pulling Out of the federation executive council recommendation for pledge, some minor hostility was shown in the street outside his office. Two young Russians shook their fists at the black limousine that carried Powers' family away 4wm conference with Grinev. jajwv valiiBo 1 HnHaHHaVH continued opposition to the water bond program the November ballot's Proposition SUPPORT WANES Of Red China MOST CURIOUS Heated floor debate on the Most of the crowd of 300 By K. C. THALER LONDON, Aug.

15-flJPD- water question has been predicted for the big labor meet Soviet technicians and advisers were reported today to be leaving communist China Russians clustered outside the Lawyer's Institute in Moscow seemed only curious to see the wife and parents of the man srot down over Sverdlovsk ing, but even as Brown spoke it appeared that support expected from the building trades was fast diminishing. Some members of the Cali May 1 who will go on trial on fornia Building and Construc spy charges Wednesday. But Tribun photo some began arguing with Western newsmen. tion Trades Councu executive board who were "most about endorsing the It was the first the Russian GANGWAY FOR GATEWAY A World War Sherman tank today started ripping apart buildings on the site of Protect Gateway, the mail distribution center to be built in West Oakland. Arrow shows route of Us first trip through old houses at Third and Peralta Streets, marking the first use of such equipment on a demolition job here.

Ground is being cleared for the electronic post-office thai will speed West Coast mail delivery. public knew of the presence in Congolese Premier presented bond issue got an advance look of the new federation water statement yesterday Moscow of 24-year-old Bar five demands to Hammar bara Powers c.nd Mr. and Mrs. "by the apparently as the result of worsening relations between Moscow and Peiping. The reports came from Yugoslav correspondents in the red Chinese capital and obviously passed strict censorship.

French sources said they had received similar reports. No official confirmation of such an exodus had reached allied capitals from their own scanty sources in red China, but the Yugoslavs, who have been among the closest ob skjold and said there must be and switched to the federation Oliver Powers, the flier's par position on the need for legis immediate compliance: 1 Congolese or other AM ents. The Soviet press and radio have not mentioned the 'Guilt1 Blamed for can troops must take over the Congo airfields. family. Inside the institute, the el derly, goateed Grinev, court 2 The U.N.

air transport facilities must be placed at the disposal of Congolese troops 70 Victims Of Poisoning At Reunion appointed defense attorney for Powers, conferred separately Drugging Sisters lative policy protections. STATEMENT IN DOUBT Building trades sources said today the board possibly will refrain from issuing a statement on water. "You can't sell honor for jobs," said a ranking official. The Governor, acknowledging the opposition to his water with Powers parents and with 10 move mio secessionist na tanga province. Barbara.

servers and bitterest critics of AIDES IMPRESSED red China, gave too many details to be ignored. fifth child last Tuesday, gave the drugs to two children. She began drugging Bernadette last September and Venita, 5, American attorneys with 3 The U.N. forces must immediately seize all weapons "distributed by the Belgians" in Katanga and give them to the central government. 4 Only African troops them were visibly impressed CONCORD, Aug.

15-Food BACKS REPORTS The development gave by the fatherly looking Rus samples from a family reunion plan, said he didn't come to the convention with an appeal to the meeting to overturn the decision of the executive a month ago. The children apparently suffered no perma sian lawyer, one of the rank picnic will undergo analysis ing criminal lawyers in nent ill effects from the drugs. weight to reports that all is not well between Moscow and Peiping. from Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Two Theaters Taken Over' By Brawlers Brawling and marauding youths tore up an East Oakland theater and threatened and molested patrons outside a downtown movie house last night It took every available police unit to quell the disturbances and prevent them from becoming full scale riots. Six youths were arrested.

Dozens of others were reprimanded. One 14-year-old boy was hospitalized after being knocked unconscious in a fight There was a giant traffic Continued Page 7, Col. 1 Mrs. Fratantonio was re today after 70 guests were stricken with food poisoning I will do my utmost to But as Governor of this leased from the hospital this Their ideological differences yesterday. have been public knowledge fight for Powers' life," Grinev told the elder Powers, a cob State," Brown declared, "I think you would think less of afternoon and taken to juvenile court where she was booked on a charge of child Sixteen members of the Gio- CLEVELAND, 0., Aug.

15 (CPE Police said today the mother of the "sleeping beauty" sisters gave the little girls drugs as part of a "guilt complex" to cover up her secret love affair. Mrs. Lillian Fratantonio, 29, told her husband details of her infidelity, then called in police to confess she gave the drugs which put the girls into a baffling coma. One child, Bernadette, 5, almost died from the drugs while undergoing examination in New York, police revealed. NEW CHILD Mrs.

Fratantonio, now a patient in a maternity ward where she gave birth to her for some time. Latest allied diplomatic dispatches from bler from Pound, Va. me if I didn get up afld tell He told American attorney vannoni family who attended the annual gathering at Marsh behind the Iron Curtain re you what I believe4 is right and neglect. She was. released on $1,000 bond.

ported that differences have flared up again after a tem Alexander Parker, who is advising the Powers family, that he had seen the pilot this Mali, Ghana, Guinea and Ethiopia must be used in Katanga. 5 All white troops must be pulled back from Katanga immediately. This applied to Swedes who began taking over from the Belgians this weekend. WIDE DEMAND Although Lumumba's letter specified that white troops be withdrawn from Katanga, his chief press aide, Serge Michel, Detective Sgt. Norman Fer Creek Lodge near Clayton are still being held in Concord that is what I am going to do.

"Water," he continued, "is wasting into the sea. There will be 5,000,000 more people i the state in the next 10 years. These are two vital Community Hospital after morning and spent several hours with him discussing their defense. Parker said he complaining of violent cramps ris said he felt Mrs. Fratanto-nio's extramarital affairs created a guilt complex which she tried to hide by causing her daughters to become ill.

NEED TO PUNISH considerations." and nausea. NEAR COLLAPSE was "very impressed" by Grinev. "We think he will do his THREE ARGUMENTS "The woman was suffering Brown said he based his very best," Parker said. "But Dr. John Baier, assistant Contra Costa County health told newsmen the demand was for white troop withdrawal from deep-seated guilt com knowledge on the need for pas it is a difficult case." GUILTY PLEA from the whole country.

officer, said the probable cause Lower Left Corner plex because of her infidelity," the sergeant said. "She felt a need to punish herself. Lumumba accused Ham of the poisoning was stra Powers has pleaded guilty to charges that he was on an espionage mission over the Instead she turned upon those NOTES ON THE NEWS WEATHERWISE phylococcus bacteria forming on the unrefrigerated luncheon marskjold of violating the U.N. Security Council resolutions on the Congo by holding talks in Elisabethville with she loved her two daugh ters." food. Soviet Union.

The penalty on conviction ranges from seven years imprisonment to death Her husband, Vincent Fra sage of Proposition 1 on three things: 1 The need for water. 2 The oundness of the engineering plans. 3 "You and I in the State are going to have to pay for it." In an attempt to counteract some of the arguments against tha plan by the executive committee, Brown declared: "If this bond issue passes About 4:30 p.m., a number Moise Tshombe, president of the province which has se of women and small children Dy firing squad. tantonio, 33, was stunned when he heard from his wife's lips the story of her secret romance. He said he would stand by her.

began complaining of nausea ceded from the Congo. Lumumba said Hammar-skjold's troops were not per During his meeting with Grinev, Powers' father asked the lawyer to tell his son that and cramps and by 6 p.m forming dutifully their as nearly half of the 150 persons porary truce signed at the communist party meeting in Bucharest last June. Peiping correspondents of Yugoslavia's official newspaper Borba and of the official news agency Tanjug reported Soviet experts were leaving red China daily from Peiping by special "long train loads." OFFICIAL REASON The official reason given for their departure is expiration of their contracts. But the reports said "other versions" were circulating in Peiping throwing a more serious light on the move. A French press report from Peiping also mentioned large-scale departures of Soviet technical specialists from Peiping, central and south China and Shanghai.

Several thousand Russian experts have been working in red China on a variety of industrial projects and training Chinese. CLOSE WATCH The red Chinese authorities are known to have been eyeing these experts with caution. Peiping was understood to have been anxious to make sure that the Soviet experts keep strictly to their technical his mother, who suffers from Mrs. Fratantonio confessed were near collapse. a heart ailment, was "in bad there's nothing in the act that health." Family members alerted Both the elder Powers spent the hospital which mustered Saturday nigh, that she gave the children drugs.

Police said she did it to quiet the youngsters, whose playful noises sometimes upset her. She also said she drugged the all available doctors and nurs much ot trie day in their hotel signed task of helping Congolese troops restore order and protested that Hammarskjold had talked with Tshombe without consulting him first. He said Hammarskjold was acting in "collusion" with Continued Page 7, Col. 1 wHl prevent you from urging legislation that you think is in the best interests of the people. "I am as concerned with un- TEMPERATURES OAKLAND (24-hour period ending at noon today) Tribune Tower 71 54 Oakland Airport (U.S.) 72 55 SAN FRANCISCO (24-hour period ending at noon today) San Francisco Airport 73 53 Downtown 65 53 OTHER REPORTS (24-hour period, ending at 7 a.m.

today) Alameda 68 55 Brentwood 92 56 Berkeley 64 55 Clyde 84 50 Crockett 77 52 rooms and were reported suffering from upset stomachs. Grinev told the pilot's father Continued Page 6, Col. 3 girls to win back the affections of her husband which she feared she was losing. NO DECISION that the only way to arrange a "Xather-to-father" meeting with Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev to plead for his Authorities, trying to decide whether she should be treat son would be to apply through Kremlin channels.

Blast and Fire Kill Three, Trap Many CROWD GROWS As the conferences with Grinev went on, the crowd thickened on the street outside, jamming the sidewalk and spilling into the street jobs and keep out of politics. When Barbara was entering Red Chinese students and technicians are being trained reported by radio from the scene that two bodies were in the open and that "an undetermined number" of workers were trapped in the debris of the structure. Two of the dead were Jacob the institute with her American attorney, Frank Rogers, a Russian in the crowd es. Unpoisoned guests drove the seriously ill to the hospital where all 70 were treated. AT HOSPITAL Listed in satisfactory condition at the hospital are: Charles Baumann, 40, of 4 Via Floreado, Orinda; Kath-erine Marcotte, 10, of 2431 Eire Drive, Concord; Louise Giovannoni, 8, of 6112 Buenaventura Oakland; Barbara Giovannoni, 20, of 105 Bolinas San Anselmo; Anthony DcFerrari, 4, of 3886 Hamlin Road, Lafayette; Shirley Marcotte, 29, of 2409 Cady Court, San Leandro; Marjorie Fosenburg, 26, of 21161 Pa-checo Martinez.

Michael Devine, 21, of 3465 Yosemite, El Cerrito; Oscar Wilkman, 41, of 17656 Mayflower Drive, Castro Valley; Melvin Fosenburg, 28, of 2116 Pacheco Martinez; Jack Madsen, 32, Halibut, Mare Island; Pierina Ras-santi, 40, of 607 Capuchino Drive, Millbrae; John Ras-santi, 6, of 607 Capuchino Drive, Millbrae; Donna Bjorn, 23, of 82 Wood Lane, Fairfax Michael Parker, 3. of Manhattan Beach; Timothy Parker, 2. of Manhattan Beach. ed as a criminal or as a mental patient, said they have not decided what the eventual outcome of 4iie case will be. Detective Inspector Richard Wagner said it was felt that juvenile court "is best equipped to handle the case of Mrs.

Fratantonio and the two children at this time. This does not preclude further action in Common Pleas Court." Wagner said the investigation would continue. He said if the girs were given narcotics in addition to barbiturates the matter would be given to the county prosecutor, who would decide if further action would be taken. in Moscow. Some reports said many of these were returning suddenly to red China.

"Since youth in politics is so popular he's trying to prove he's still young!" WHERE TO FIND IT Alvarez 17 Bridge 8 Calendar 31 Classified Adt 23 Comics 16 Crossword Puzzle 8 Editorial 14 Features 15 Financial 38, 39 Geraldine Martha Lee 10 Music Review 19 Riesel 15 Sports .33 Theaters 9 TV and Radio 18 Vitals 31 World of Women 11 Weather 22 Continued Page 2, Col. 7 Floyd McKnight, 55, and NOW TRIPLE DIVIDEND George Green, in his middle Danville 94 53 Fremont 79 50 Hay ward 72 54 Li verm ore 85 49 Martinez 89 55 Mt. Diablo 7.75 52 Newark 52 Orinda (EBMUD) 78 42 Pittsburg 84 58 Pleasanton 86 48 Rheem 85 52 Richmond 61 54 San Leandro (EBMUD) 72 50 Walnut Creek 82 50 THE NEWS METER Thi shrinking world it mum-Ing fht mpoct of a bickering neighborhood: "A small world" was a phrase with portent packed; H's grown too small for comfort, that's a fact. JACK BURROUGHS. 30s.

HOUSTON, Aug. 15-W-A violent explosion shook the Rheem Manufacturing on Houston's east side, today, killing at least three persons. The manager, P. J. Dedao, said, "I wouldn't be surprised if several people were buried." The company is working on classified government projects.

First reports said many persons suffered injuries. Ten ambulances were dispatched to the scene. Dedao said, "Yes, we had an explosion and we're in trouble." Fire followed the explosion. Deputy Sheriff Danny Brock The sheriff's department reported an oven at the plant WIN UP TO $1280 exploded. Patrolman H.

C. Romund A-Test Ban Delayed GENEVA, Aug. 15-iUPIi- quoted a plant worker as say ing the oven was a block long It is used to process steel bar rcls. The United Britain and tftt Soviet Union today post CASH FOR CROSSWORDS Triple Dividend Rules and Puzzle on Page 4 TODAY'S TRIBUNE TODAY'S CHUCKLE poned until tomorrow the A wolf is a Several injured were taken guy who scheduled meeting of the nu clear test ban conference knows all the ankles. to at least three hospitals.

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