The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 31, 1934
Page 3
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HONDAv, DECEMBER si, 1934 u.y cotmran SEWS OF ME Vital Issues Of a Few, Months Ago Pass Quickly Into Background. KV RODNEY IH1TCHKK WASHINGTON. — Looking back over 1934. us Ls considered per- mlssible nl this season, one Is struck by certain Inescapable conclusions which might never occur tu anybody who didn't take that look. The lessons to be^ drawn from 1934 as U wns lived In Washington are: . , . 1. So Jijaiiy tilings happened so rapidly thai one tends lo dale them way oil back in some oilier year. The acceleration of events is constant. That's .why. though pu may now boast a memory i goes back two or three ;, you /nay soon be able to remember only the most recent two or three days. 2. No end of things happened which seemed tremendously important and .significant at the time, but now don't seem to have made 'the least bit of difference. 3. Thai second point, fortun ately, doesn't seem to apply lo everything. Other lessons might be cited but to do .so would only start drguments. Dollar Juggling Futile To most of us here, the devaluation of the. dollar to 59 cent? seems to have happened back, in 1921 or some such time, but it was really only last January. That was either going to bring us back to prosperity or plunge us over the brink of chaos, but Roosevelt, is-still sore at Professor Warren because so few of us were evci able to notice any eiTects. Russia sent us ah ambassador and Roosevelt obtained tariff treaty powers, both of whicl events meant a great expnnsloy of foreign trade—ior which we're still scanning the horizon. The year began wilh Ihe administration, on ihtjj-jipol in tile Weirlon collective bargaining case and apparently'-forced to become hard-boiled about Section T-/1 The year ended with the administration on the same spot. KJrhrealened steel and automobile - strikes were settled and in the next . two or three months they'll have to be settled again. Herd's the W>Hd -and %vliat a planet! Everything is out of joint. Look -around you, baby; t scan it. u can get the po And little nations filled with strife and storm and stress. Here are countless complka ,, . ~ . Here, m fact, is <pute a jttess. People hope to find enjoyment, took at what they liaw lo take: Taxes, War, and Unemploy. ment» How about a Things are tough, but wo continue Beln^ ^lad that iveVe ali\e. Come on, kid - let* see* . what s in you! HAPPV1035? ____ Herblock. Ml THE (Continued Fixim PMP One) inosi shocking crimp bad been solved by Hie relentless persistence of federal sleuths, li—Unfr Burns About ;i::lo on the moniiiir, of *pt. 8. the drend BOS slRiml came crackling out of Ihe darkness over the waters oil the Jersey cons!. The Morro Cuslle, crack New Voik-IIiminn Ward, liner, wns Hllre. ; , n his rnbln aboard the burning ship iny the body ol dipt. Robert n, WilbnoU, denil only u hours before of a sudden nUnek of heart disease. .. Cmnmnnd had passed to Wil- llnrn I'. Warms, male, Inter lo be Indicted foe Imtdeiumle han- dllnj; of u crllicnl situation, The fire, whose orlxin has never been determined, spread with horrifying spoal, mid before the confused olllcers of Iho Morro Castle had bcache<i her olf Asbury Park, 135 of ihe passengers and crew were dead, cither burned to death which followed effort.? to shut (om noji-slrlkliig mills with "flying squadrons" from striklnp! plants, At least 20 lives were lost nnd scores were hurl before settle, went was ellei'ti'd. In these us tt-ell ns other vlo- .lent strikes at, Toledo, Mlnnenpo- |ll.v. mid KotiliY, WIs,, (lie most nutnbli' development was llm mass enlistment of oi^nnlml unemployed us pickets In support nl strikers. S-.SInehilr Loses lenro wns the keynote mil, only of the Industrial, 1ml ulso of the iKillllcal, Held. In Culirornln especially i tl H IC f:0 |]i)iei-ji |imi. new polttlcnl niovoment.s rose like Invn within ihe coni- ,of n volcano. chief among them wns the can- dldncy of Ujilon Sinclair, llfc-loim Soeliillsl, for the i;overnowhl|>. Slnelnlr. ncl/ed the nomination of Ihe Oi'moerulto puny, , ull j limiH'li- <'d a campiilfln »f painpliletrerlni; ami speivliinnknur which enmn wllliin mi net' iif carrying his "Km! Poverty In Cnllfimila" (KI'IU I'lan) Into the slutehouKe. Though he lost ihe election nf- ler ii bitter llfjhi ujmliisi libn liy all I'unseri'alve elciuenis, rousc'il by his plans lo Institute a system nl nnir-Roclnllsm. Sinclair polled Ihree-miimws of a mllllun voles, which left, n murk on (lie Incom-l hif! lulmlnlslriillnii of Governor i Mcrrlnui, } .Also .he left the Ihrcc-inmrlcrsj of n million voters ready to ally •' PAGETHKEK Killed to Save Honor; Freed ssi .r^n^cf t,f £? i«—,r whnTet 'U* sra, Sve,3£r°" ; »---"--"- Various Investigations of the (!i.MU(<.T drugged throiinh the year, with promise o! better Inws lo protect .steamship piisseiifcre as 11 result. 7—Strikes- Itaye Strike violence reached a now peak us Industry nnd organized labor strtigg leyal rlBhls working out of Scclloi lost. . I)—lluuy Illcliilivi I'si 1 Ihe flrsL time, in many ycavs a single niiin niuio lo lie uncon- teslcd master of n great American slate. He was. Iluey, "Dlclalnr of Ihe Delta." Victor over the "Nnw Orleans Machine" In 1111 election that enme closu lo 1 lo Interpret tbc bloodshed ai; his national nunrds- and the practical men lined up across (he street <V of the i from city police, Lonw boeami> right lo " Klic lilllcil (o defend lior honor, NiH'KO llernailliK; l^iiniihig, 211, proKy, niut rcil-lmlreil. iileoded, nnd n Cblcnuo jury treed lier iifler ICES tlinn livo /lours''de- liali;. Sho ia Eliown hero ntter her iictinlltnl or slioollni; 1'ollco < fririionnt l.oulu Kolb. a iharrlcil mini, who cliu tlcclnrcil tried lo uttncli dor in » imrHcd auto. i taeBl " " B Markets New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 31 ' (UP) — Cotton claspcl steady. Jan March May .Inly Ocl Dec open 1259 1271 1->8U 1284 12&!) > 1278 high low close 12CQ 1254 1212 1268 1282 127U 12110 1268 1211) 1288 1209 1276 mn 121.4 1270 1201 1273 S|»ts closed steady anil unchanged at 1285. Turwell Still in'There j •Dr. Tugwell fnade lengthy., trips, to Puerto Rico, Ihe far west, and Europe and .on each occasion his enemies . spread the word around, icoi that he was being eased out of the' New Deal. Dr. Tugwell is In more solidly wilh the While House than eves and plans fjiiure Irips, which win be the occasion for similar rumors. Several crises arose • wherein Roosevelt stood at the crossroads and was compelled to decide once and for all whether lie would turn "right" or "left." '•There's another such crisis on at the moment and they'll probably occur about once a month through 1935, along with recur 1 rent internal Armagcddons in AAA, NRA, and other agencies— so common in 1934. Other disappointments or fiascoes included the housing act, which was going to put 5,000,000 ip'bn ;-and billions of dollars at work;.', the $440,600,000 loans to Vndustty .measure; which still leaves small industrialists howling, for credit; tile pr. Will Red !(Care;; l|ia. airmail iiiess; and nationalization of silver. • i' ' ^Farmers, Oel ; Money . . •t.Came:._ the 'greatest,-' drouth . in 7 History^ " but- where. - is it. now? You're ;J feeling ''the '.' effects in some, food prices, the government Appropriated' .$525.000,000,. .and in' income •'leaped' about' n' : bil- dollars for the year. : Hopping to the. .seemingly 'most significant event.';; of 1S34; you're likely to conclude .that the.'administration and the nation itself zigzagged markedly toward ', the left. • The bankers threw up a 'while flag lo the White House 1 in hope of avoiding central banking legislation. The "power trust" was spanked an week, with profits. Frank Smiclcly, Last of Gang to Elude Officers, Is Arrested. New Qrleans Cottonl Jan March Mai- July Oct DSC Spots closed steady at 1251, up 3. Closing Stock Prices average of .'once a actual damage to Pnlrnofor for NRA General Johnson and Miss' Robinson left tile NRA, whereupon' a pulmotor squad undertook to rescue it from the strangle-hold of greedy Industries and the patient b given some chance to survive as an agency for supervising business, , , ii 0 The racketeers of Wall Street! judging from the terrific battle they made against the stock market tin, must h&ve taken lard blow when Oia measure passed. , i Roosevelt started "work on n social security program such as never had a chance in any previous administration. The cotton and tobacco, farmers demanded °™,, ^Ined compulsory crop centre programs and like them t « n so well they'll bo continued r«U4fcal" Is Bank Chief Roosevelt appointed a "radical, 1 Marriner S. Eccles, as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board federal control over the closed steady. open' high low 125B 1258 1258 1270 1273 12G8 ma 1281 1283 1285 12t7 1267 1270 1273 1277 1280 12C5 1270 clasc 1258 1271: 1281 128-1 12C7 1273 A. T, anil T 105 : Anaconda Copoer .-. 11 1-2 Bethlehem Steel 321-2 Chrysler 41 5-3 Cities Service ....... I 1-2 Coca Cola 161 1-2 General American Tank 38 General Electric 22 1-J General Motors 341-8 International Harvester 42 3-4 McKcason-ftobbins 8 :i-4 Montgomery Ward ..' 33 1-2 New York Central VQ !-•! Packard 5 Phillips 1'elrotcum .'.'..'.'. 15 1-4 Kndio Corp 51-2 Simmons Deds 10 Si. Louis-San Francisco I 1-4 Standard of r^. J. ...... 43 1-4 Texas Co 2! U. S. Smelling .... 121 1-4 U. f,. Sice! 39 Zonite j i.u The San Fri was the first great American" c 10 years. All 01 nil trades joined In paralyze Ihe cltv strike ' 6C "° rnl Strik ° Ihe city in support of a sell was aicrcsted near Rush . ---,-,— Springs ls,st September, l, ** b J' toijgslioremen.on the wa- The department said arrest of] lcl |; r0 "'' Smiddy completed eradication of!- I ' or . tollr (1 «ys Son one A subscrvlcnl ICRlslnlure, In u. scries of comic-opera perform- labov In Slug," passed without debate, al- ctfQrt, to mosl without rcmWiiu, a series of laws consolldnihiH most of Ihe political patronage of the great cities as well as nil Hint ot tho state In (he person of Long, who, U. S. senator nnd rest by Turkish ntithorl(le.i, and Ills Involuntary return to AmcrlcH to fucc trln). Alter a IOIIR au<l complicated Irlnl In Chicago, a jury of plnln Uf vrniie Depai imfni \Vill Refuse Licenses lo Vc- hicls Unequipped.^ New vehicle regulations Invoked by the slate revenue depart- , monl nnil edecllve In 1035 will re-V (iiilre nlleratlun of Inillfru ami . :eml-tinllcis, piiitlculiirly in Mississippi county where many vehicles now opemlbiK do iiot meet tin 1 new retiiilrcmenlK, 11 'was poinl- rd oul ul the ivglonal olTIC![i of Die ri'voiiue depnrlmeni. here thh luornhi^. Trailers nnd sciul-lrnlleis not ct|iiipl)i'cl wllh lirak'.'.s wlilcrh can hi. 1 nperftletl by tJte driver of the power vehicle drawing (he nddl- tle.nnl I'linlpiiient will mil \>0 II- ceii^i'd In 1(13,1, Slate Revenue Commlsslonev Hurl li. Wisimnii has iiuiiiMincod. Kiupltiyes of the rc- elonal oiricc hure say under this rcqiilrcinctit clntnsc or replncemenl of trailer. 1 ! by many truck opcra- 'ors In Mlsslsslpjil county must b« imidi!. The rcyuliillon will not apply lo trailers currylna less than '750 pontKls. | License plates will be iivatlablo nt the lociil ofrice, 208 (second lloor) Jniiram building, Main and First streets. Wednesday morning. Plates or lags for all typss of cms" will be reiuly for Issuance. 'I'lii: rcvcnns department is no\v prohibited by law from accepting pcisoiwl or mm' checks in imy- inent of llcensi! less. Payment should be madn by col I fled checl!, ei^hU'r's check, money ouler or ciisli. It is stated, with a penally lor fulliirc to (itlaln tat/s clfcc- livu Jiimuiry. 10 unluss Extended. Other ret'uliiHons lo become effective January 1 prohibit' opem- llon of trucks or trailers With solid rubber tires on hlahways nnd limit Die over-all leiuilh ol' trucks dy completed eradication of j- .. 1 ' or Io1 "' „ unc of thacountry's most persis- " n; ! enalned, forced to cat, travel, though stilt a u. S senator nnd tent gangs of bank robbers. ,"" wo1 * "•' Ihe strikers decreed; holding no slate office wns li'i u ' m'Jr, f Slrikl! }KSMI lo lmtlk V n ^ nn lo be absolute ruler of The English language wns dc-'!" "Her four men had been killed Louisiana ns the year closed seised by Francis Bacon, who '" swindle rioting which centered It)—Insull Wins people, to whom Instill would not I have spoken on llic'ftlrcel. during jlils palmy days, acquitted him, his son, ami Hi other defendinils of the friuul charges. Triumphant, Instill or cotnt.'lmilJons of vehicle's to i!i led, Klote Hot Water SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Ul 1 ) — strove to write chiefly in Latin. most| V on the docks. Despite, thus fad, he is chiefly No 11 ^ ss significant, however, known for his mastery of English I™'" iirose. More than Samuel Insull seemed on trial when the former Chl- WASHINGTON, Dec. 31 (UP)— Ennis Smidily, noiorious south- weslern bank robber, was captured nl dawn on Christmas day at Wanrika, Okla., the department of justi.Qc announced Iwfty. r nD.^r^T",, „ „,„ ' Agents of tile Oklahoma office ORLEANS, Dec. 31 fUPI- of the department .„,„! ]ocn \ . ncera figured' in the capture. Smlridy, James Clark, Frank Delmar and Aubrey C. Unsell were indicted on September 10 for robbery of $7,378.84 cents from the Peoples .National bank al Kingfisher, Olcla., on .May;31. Clark siibseqiiently was arrested in Tiilsn and returned to the Kansas state penitentiary from which he had escaped In the celebrated Memorial Day prison break in 1933. Delmar was captured near Claremore, Okla., last August, while Un- Dealh Valley Is about 50 mlle.i I employes In many towns long ami averages 20 to 25. mllr.i Ihe Atlantic seaboard, wide, from the crests of the en-1 Ten thousand stale ul _ .. i i 7 t — •%.•«,!> *.»- un HMH >IIICLI nnr iitiiiiti L/III- rinii V J" .'., rl111 stllkc ° r tllc! C ^ a masnifico faced n court on a unncii Textile Workers In mi'scries of mall fraud chnrgc.i in • enoi t to tie up the whole textile connection with sale ot I industry by n walkout of 400,000 stock during the boom ,, , „ . . . liUei'prcted when Peter I'anla/etos wns nr- itliLs as the beginning of the com- rested )„, ,„,„„, Mmcl( ,„ ,, ot pk'le exoneration not only of his tcr. lie had tnpptd n lm|)u«nc(| IraiiKicllons, hut of his ]i r) t W aler uliin eureer. And those 10 are only Ihc hl|;h- llgbl.s of a chaotic and violent, year In which i:venls nmrchrd so fust Dial it was hard lo keep abreast of them. alqd thn supply ov:r quite a pc- rlnil. It cost him a $25 fini;. closing mountain ranges. , -j...iC troops were intjiu 'called out to supliress rioting-'.aboard ilnys. Througliout the year slrelclied the cnmlc-opcra episodes of his from Clrcecii, hair dyed, n tramp steamer, his nr- The blond or llsli mid dirties con- laiu.'i nearly three times as much phosphorus ns that of ih c hlglicr iimnunals. COUGH . . . Real Thront relief t.' Medicated with, Ingredients of Vicks VnpoRub Wheat Dcc 07 5-8 May ,93 5-8 100 , high low 98 3-4 B7 3-8 close, 97 1;3 '90 1-8 ,!I9 1-2 Dec May Chicago Corn open " high . low-. close 02 . 93 3-4 '91 5-8- S3 1-8 89 3-8 90 1-8. 88 7-8 89 3-4 quietly expanded.. Came Novem-. berV elections- which heartily endorsed Roosevelt while repudiating more conservative forces, gave Upton Sinclair ti Democratic nomination and 850,000 votes, and won for such assorted "radicals" as Olson, LnPoJlettc, Cutting, Bilbo, and Hticy Long almost ns often as they contested against conservative Democratic opponents. 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