The Times from London, Greater London, England on January 31, 1916 · Page 27
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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 27

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1916
Page 27
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(Court irnxlor. YORK COTTAGE, SANDRINGHA. Jan. 30. - jt.h law Prince Altert. t, own M.i - 'v, and the Ladies andaasttle - ."" attended Divine Service in v riiin Church this morning. Rev. W.K. Gallagher officiated and k the Srrmon. F.arl of : uthesk has left London for H ,rl ff llchwter left London on Saturday , ( Derby has returned to ri lias returned to London Uamhtfton has returned to Lamington. Kotttohfld has returned to Tring. ;iibrt Parker, M.P.. left Southampton night for the itiviera, navmg . of red chai MayoteM will hold her first reception all ' qwsted t. sUU; all the available ' n,akyili. - JiLvou W.dnay has now ral of lr.' Pifrou. Dean of Bristol, took Kristbl '.uh. - ,iral ..n Saturday. Tho aded th. - Lord Mavor and lAdy Mayoress n, li - shop of Bristol, t h - Bishop of Bath nd. in her 48th yeas. A funeral i 12 o'clock. The interment will F(RTHCOMING MARRIAGES. V: '.. fUTTX - NOKX AND MlSS Ma&LOW. asrriag imaged between Konald Gramshaw it - nant, A.S.C - , and Doris Kathleen v, - x u take pUce at Holy Trinity Church, irury 15, at 12 o'clock. No . u, Aiil 1 issued, and there will be PASSING FASHIONS IN PARIS. .. . tt J fnen, Mr. 11. s. Ho will loom at the church. ikn and Miss Cooper. I logo Shuttle worth Holden, youngest Mb. II. & Tmjam Miss Nobi. WJ - dav. March 4. a wodding will Uke pUoe, ; the British Westinghouse Co - mpan; k, Boefca. aud of Bere, More - ' U'iuu - m Noble, Et.giner - O.P.O., of Koseka, Burbage - road, MARRIAGES. I ons be Qmn ami Mllr. Jouvwr. M - - vrn - L. Jotivet mita), daughter of Mr. 1 of MrL C. Pr.ctt - Decu CONDITION OF INVALIDS. fcrEBS .4 AT) rTJT WAR. who have been i the Army, while 53 t Military Crosses, and two W GOWNS Ifr HATS fJ. Blouses . rW Tfousseaux J V r "The pride of the West Countrie" NO ADVANCE IN PRICE. from Grocers dr Dairy men. Sr. Jvel, Ltd Yeovil. "LA MODE BRETONNR" (FKOJi J CORRJESrONDKNT.) PARIS, Jan. 29. At the berinninc of every season the people who make the fashions and the people, who write about them launch a lot of novelties which do not last, or which are so modified as time goes on that they are no longer what they were when they first saw the light. Last season we began with several military designs and heard a great deal anout jonrp blue and " khaki " ; but we have seen very little of either during the winter, and the i tarv note nnlv lasted about a month, and durinc that month it did not lure the right This season we have set of! with " La mode shall reallv like to look like those Dictnresoue. but all too stalwart, maidservants who give the Paris streets a suggestion of romance. The fashion - makers have takenvthe lire tonne's full elofh and velvet skirts, the embroidered Breton bodice, the lingerie collar, and the masculine hat, and out of them they have contrived something quite pretty. They use taffetas instead of cloth, mounscline de soie instead of velvet, and the embroidery which trims the bodice as good as if it had been done in Brittany. Arlstocracy in Dress. The Itngcrif collar we all know and like, and the round, brimmed hat. of the Breton peasant man i not at all unbecoiimi when it has passed thmuKh the hands of the Paris milliner. Never - theletss. it is doubtful if the Breton modes will last, for they are stiff, even a little gauche, and they hover on the borderland of the picturesque, a thing no real Parisienne will sub mit to for a moment, bhe dislikes to look dic - half states. She is essentiallv aristoeratie. di and simple, neat and self - contidcnt without being self - conscious. To sit in a place where you can see the world po by in Paris is always worth while, because in observine its fashions vou learn so much of its character. All winter we have had the little feminine tiirure in a short, full skirt, with a full - basqued coat, finished off with fur at the throat arid wrists, a neat toque and veil, and very smart high boots. We saw hundreds and hundreds of these figures go by, but each one hat! something distinctive about her, and the way she wore her clothes told u something of her personality. Now we are to have another costume, and with it another gait, for with every different fashion the Frenchwoman changes her way of walking. The Conservative Frenchwoman. Superficially she is the most adaptable woman in tiie world, but underneath that adaptability she is the most conservative creature alive. We are to see the new clothes within the next rrbnth, and from all it is possible to hear of them they are to be very feminine, very French. we understood the quality 10 years - ago, and ry expensive. It will need some ingenuity women to look well dressed this year if they anot co to the first dressmakers, but it will be done, without a doubt, for when material is maker to score" a success than when everything depends on cut and liqe. That, and other THE TIMES, MONDAY, JANUARY 31, 1916. THE REV. R. C KIRKPATRICK. DEATH OF A NOTABLE LONDON CLERGYMAN. The Rev. Richard Carr Kirkpatrick, who has died at Kilbura at the age of 93, was in his time one of the best known of the older Tractariana in London. He was the youngest son of the late William Kirkpatrick, ot xJ" distant way to the Empress Eugenie, whose grandfather, William Jiirkpatrick. was a merchant holding a Consular appointment at Malaga, whlre he rnarried the elder daughter of Henri Baron de Grivegnee. . A scholar of Trinity College, Dublin, he grad'iatea following year. He was ordained by the Bishop of Lincoln (Dr. .John Kaye) in IMS, and after working in Staffordshire and Lincolnshire he was, in appointed curate - in - cnarge 01 si. Mary b. the Ticar of the parish having been laid aside through UlnesB. On the drath of the latter Mr. Kirkpatrick started St. Augustine's Mission in the neighbourhood. temporary ehareh In '1872 the chancel of the present church v later the nave was added, the places of worship in .London, ami 1 by many as " the Cathedral London." Mr. Kirkpatrick. t and W1Mr. Kfrkpatrick, whowJ protoblv The oldest Churchman, but like; many older men of his sti viewed the ktlr developments of some mem that partr with ronoiderable misgiving. Hi both in Church building and in other wa had ! ATkable. parish a as organization s which irpanizations Mr. KirkpAf rick subscribed largely. lie rhich harmonized with the humble and devoted s granted to St. Augustine's, he retired tliankiul acknowUdirment of the work which Mr. old church, into which his body was from' hi : raided n 11.30. t:i! will take piacr to - day Church at 10.30, the funeral WILLS AND BEQUESTS. MRS. PEASE'S GIFT TO CREDITORS OF J. AND J. W. PEASE Mrs. Mart Leckt Pease, of Westminster Jlansions, S.W., and of Hill House, Richmond, Yorks, formerly of Hummereknott, Darlington, and Chffe H Marske, who died on December U last, at V ssborough. County Cork, widow of Mr. Arthur will make the biewics in dressuiakinc seaaom "Vhey wll keep ll'sorts .Thttle" they will not persuade their recrular French Let the economically - minded be careful decided wry soon, the fashionable modification y come a little later. A Frenchwoma; looks at an extravagance in fashioi and even thoueh she lets the dressmake persuade her into a quit' up - to - date model she tee'th of ' oonosition. She did it with the lort skirts last season, and she will probably do witn tne very wide )nes oi tnis spring. A, Plea for Pockets. Cannot Bonjething be done about Dockets now the full skirts' are quite in ? That dreadfully it handbag i "We lose r of e of e handkerchiefs, and all sorts of other things 1 ause in one small bag mo have to carry half c orldlv nossessions. Surelv we can have nocket concealed somewhere in our skirts, a thereby avoid that horrible situation of havii to dive into the midst ot a dozen things find Klauu.. bum wound fourUi son ot lU late Gtorse he WttooB. of Dundaniafh. BlactawJu Dublin. unbeiUed C3U 10.049 Mr. CnXmLW Rmrv. afud 74. ef Bircbwood Firm. Cater - MS WT ftJob iLdlrinf"W;T8'nefW' Mr. Johs iia - jwii &BTof8nBckB.warnaiy f r 5i rears had asrvwl la th - Kuyal Hoiwehold and trTtllins tsjisate to Queen tctcrii . . . . . . 1.773 THE MEDITERRANEAN FORGE. It is all very well when you go out to pay a 'all and need nothing hut a card - case. But who does only go out to pay a call in these days ! Generally women have a dozen things to do in e, so that the bag must hold many different sities. Motor - cars, too, are rarer than they and carry all the little thincs that a busy afternoon requires in one small Img is not comfortable or practical. Let us then have pockets. have almut 17 I believe : we micht. ner - haps, have two one for a handkerchief, one for purse, wiui a oag ior tne vanities. To wht heights the follies of our heads are line to rise no one can yet say. Everything MRia to point to a possibility of elaborately - rranged hair and a hat to sit on the top. We mst hope that some leader of fashion will de - Mince any such designs. DVORAK AND BRAHMS, Mllall for s symphony " l'rom the , though her style it was thoroughly c g beyond her rahma's strongest ehara g Kontoroviteh's perform ancelujd.faat iphonv, that quality in Brahms was the r. - d'. 1 K . rAk is a mass of impulses, and particular work, with his quickly - caught bints r h.' protosUd that he did not ecu often contradictory. One consistency, and the symphony ii the style of ne - ao gross value of i"22,L'44. of which 20.1 sonalty. In her will the testatrix sUt r lifetime, site hit that the creditors of J. and J. V. t y of 52 to her coachman, she bequeathed trustees of her will .shall detei Among other latest wills are the following : TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. friends of those who are serving with the Medi - hxpoditionary f orce to assist me with gift well begun by Lady in command of the fund and am will alleviate the hardships of our brave soldiers n the fact that,' although t? comforts that it requii e : - I nd rclothing. mufflers, cardi - rul fruits, towvls, handkerchiefs, gloves, chocolate, Lady Murray, and gifts should be addressed' Hill - street, iinightsbridze. S.W. ours faithfully. MILDRED O. MURRAY. ? made payable Fund, 24a! January 2s. The funeral will take place at Llanbadoe Church lisate Was created by Lonij, yrj. in :6S snd marquis emigrated to England in KING CHARLES'S HEAD AND "KING CHARLES'S" CHURCHES. (nOH A COBJMSrOKBENT.V On January 30. lfUQ thr tnnvi nf. one of those stately windows which yet remain along the front. f T, T JJousef.the then new Palace of WhitehaU one rae most unhappy Kings in history. He went "7 Bu. on a scafioid raised nigh for all the multitude to see. Charles the First had tried to play the part of an absolute monarch m times that were unfavourable for so risky a venture. He had failed; and this wsa the Penalty. Absolutism had died wkh Henry the Enth, 102 years earlier, and there was but one man in England who could revive it for even a brief space Cromwell. . e do not, as a people, recollect much of Jhese things, or, recollecting them, recollect tnem wrong. So much was brought vividly to my mind recently when, sheltering from a rainstorm in a doorway of that same building, I feu into conversation with a porter. 44 An emteresting place," he said. "There's an iron under one of the windows that tells you William the Third was beheaded there." I had thought William the Third came to his end through his horse stumbling over a molehill and throwing him ; hence the Jacobite toast 7 w5 uwie gentleman in a black waistcoat," the mole who cast the hill ! But no matter for ; The Legitimists, the members of the VVhite Rose Society, and others among those who, like the Bourbons, " learn nothing and forget nothing," cherish the details. Before thw war broke out, they were never weary of the Queen of Bavaria was de jr Queen of England; but their voices are now stilled; brcause the natural corollary of this doctrine is that, her son, the notorious Prince Rupprecht, is the demurs heir - apparent, and not even Stuart sentimentalists could swallow that! of King Charles. Cm the scaffold the unhappy monarch bade Juxon, rather mysteriously, " KeniPmhor I " Ann t t - TV.I. T " David Cnnnprfoll f .. v, i. - ; ' m, i Head was an obsession, his memory has not ha S beCn Iet diC : T)artiy becau - se his cause England, which has very nearly elevated him kept as a fast day, and a special office was uaea in the revised Prayer - book. This amed until 1859, when it was aboUshed ; there are not a few clergy who still observe King Charlee I." Especially, some few years ot. .nargaret rattens, m the City of London. Tins Royal Martyr. There are five churches in England dedicated King Charles ; some of them under strange of "Charles" parish, Plymouth. It was in ioi i iibu me motner - poriah of at. Andrew was paris.n creatoa ior tne grow - AN ALASKAN - ROMANCE.' "TIGER'S CUB - AT THE V GARRICK. By Gso sac Potter. David Summers .. .. Mr. Basil Gill Hank B loss M Mr. Sam Lives kt Bill SUrk . . . Mr. Ckaklbs GLBfiwr Father Jerome M M Mr. Hallaoay Hops Sheriff Carson M Mr. Aubbose MAKiroro Blmky Duncan , Mr. A. B. btxsoir Lobs Wolf M Mr. H . A. Sacttsbusy Hilda Tempest M Miss Faaifcss Dillon The Cub Miss Madok Ttoxbaxkzb Probably there is too much romantic Alaskan lingo in this romance of Alaska, Even in that romantic territory somebody, you conjecture, must occasionally talk common prosaic English, Words like 41 stunt " and nhram hire " mrr your face up " agreeably pepper ordinary - speech, but to make a whole language out of nothing but such words and phrases is surety to miss the distinction between condiments ana vianas. The snenfi s explanation for i all. 44 Now, boys, this is a miners' meeting,' only puzzled you. If he had said. 44 This is i philological congress " or 44 this is an organised demonstration of dialect against dictionary," Anvhow. vou sit ud. which is no donht what you are wantedto do. 44 Shacks and shocks " ought to be the sub - title of the play. shocks. Men are stuck with knives and shot with revolvers and hurried outside to be hanged from the nearest tree ; and these are shocks which vou can nerhans like. A yoijng girl is knocked down and dog - whipped ; and that is a shock which vou nrobahk - can't dux. u mere reeury are playgoers (ana it is t imnoasiblel who like to wallow in ness, brutality, violence, and noise, here is their chance. They will see a forced marriage wnicn is oruy prevent", oy a revolver - snot from becoming a rape, they will see bullies dog - whipping the heroine, they will hear a ngnt 10 tne aeatn going on in tne oarK, tney will find a vounxr English 44 tenderfoot " iroini? delicately in this Alaskan inferno, getting tried for his life by the slangiest sheriff on record (assisted by myrmidons who have tho unanimity without the music of an opera - chorus), but ultimately rewarded with the heart and hand of Alaskan beauty. They will see some good, hearty, full - blooded acting, too, from Miss Madge Titheradge and Mr. Basil Gill, Mr. Charles Glenney and Mr. forgotten the Indian lo ! the poor Indian ! cleverly played by Mr. H. A. Saintebiiry, with a stroru? sense of chivalrv. an entirelv justifiable pnde in being " red " among so many undesirable '.' white " men, and a really remarkable crescendo of enints Indeed, to grunt, amid the vulgar din of Alaskan slang, NEW PLAYS AND OLD. th..i lien vabl. u iltl o fn - 'ly. of piquant touch in the . F.u? the way evei .kd! ,n tins particular of the conductor and re . ,ui: - .. prweuion would be tiresome. The C THE EXECUTION OF MISS CAVELL. ? spicia!,y - written 'and Illustrated ""nt of the life work, crime," J'm. "trial." and execution of oi , ,li.Gvu toclusled in Part 76 nt Zimt HISTORY pubUshed - morrow. At aU ths bookstalls. 7d. RESIGNATION OF A MUSICAL CRITIC. Musicians will lsarn with iW't that Mr. J. 8. i.h distinction bince 199, of musical critic to the Qurto apart from his newspaper critic Ism, Mr. Shdlock hv. aUamcl a high posirtoa as a musical bcliolar which has been even more widely recognised on into (ian noon aftr its publication in 189S. His mi,.nai"lIV.vcrV? Moreover, he wa one of tU sdaton of La PumssI Socety"s edition, and has made hope that he will use his freedom from the routine of kind, for which Urn haw the capacity which he ass shows or m CUw whkh as vrfaaw anatin. J Guards, was killed Lady CWIordl, the wife,of a younger brother of the W mapqu Mistresses and Servants. (See also pages i nd 16.. For the convenience of ladies, fscilhSes have been provided m various establishments in London whereby Servants who reply to their advertisement. ,n Zt Zwft may be interviewed by appointment A Lady Expert is m sttendance from io to 6 e'elocV daily at the undeTmentioned sddresses to sdvise and assist - in drafting Servants Wanted. Birth, Marriage, Death, Personal and other private announcements J4m Bmher V Cs, LU Wss High - arm (joining Resummt, yd floor). Hmwy Nicboi, fef Con Ltd Kmghtshrii Lmas XVI. RuUntrva, yd floor). Addrea, or ask for gfe Zimti Servant Expert TELEPHONE ADVERTISEMENTS. divided, and loyal, suggested to the King that he should allow it to be called "Charles," 44 in testimony of their devotion to his Royal person." The earliest of tho four rnmninltio .1iml. winch bear the ddiention of " King Charles tho trtyr is that of Poak Forest, in Derbyshire, wild district. Perhaps it was because of this ihiro dared so trreatlv hs to hnilH that ch.,h and so dedicate it in 1G57, wliile Cromwell and V peculiar," subject to no episcopal jurisdiction ina ns sucn tne vicar was (and appears still to emain) his own surrogate and authority in destine runaway marriages, after the style of rotna Green; and from this source the incum. - nts long drew an average of 100 per annum. At the vicaraso is still preserved th c.ririnA.l boxwood seal of the - ica'r's Peculiar Court, together with those registers of " foreign unaees. as the runawaA' matches were hxi. Tho church built bv this Counter nf uevonshire was unhappily superseded by a ver - poor fipoeimen of modern Gothic in 1877 ; and although it still stands, is used as the nnrnchiAl reading - room. Thhee Other Cutjrches. At Falmouth there stands tho third, in order Falmouth came into existence by Royal Pro clamatioh of Auarust 1660. on the site of a hamlet variouslv t ailed 44 Smithike " or " Pnnnv - coinquicR," and was designed to supersede the old port of rfcnryn. The parish church of Charles Augast. 1665. by Bishop' Set h Ward, who also a fortnight later' dedicated the church of Charles. Plymouth, which had been partly impleted 22 years earlier. It is not a hand - .me builrlini?. The rod - brick chmvh of the same dodicatk originally a chapel at Tiinhrid Wells, i - most pleasinc ot all It dates from 1684, v " the Wells," after being a strongly Puritan its .hills, became once more a Royali Newtown, Shropshire, three ' miles from the little town of Wem. which itself is associated hated 44 Judge Jeffreys," created by James however, wts not completed, for the King had The d resent church dates onlv from 1868. men the original building, consecrated in 1666, ras demolished. The patronage of the living TVs in the election of the inhabitants until 1885. January 30 long remained a notable day l account of Kins Charles. It was not until after 1859 that the Corporation of Exeter, that " Ever Faithful " city, ceased to proceed on tht juiniversRrv to church. On this dav also the church of St, Nicholas (now the uathedral) at - ewcastle - on - iyne rang a muffled peal. Debenkam &Freebody WigmorcL.Sircei. (Cavendish Square) London. W TAILOR - MADES At Special Prices During the next few weeks we shall offer a number of very attractive ew Spring tailor - made Suits at quire exceptional prices. These garments are designed ami made by our own workers from really dependable materials, and the1 cut, finish, and workmanship is of a particularly high order. MR. MAUGHAM'S " CAROLINE." The most interesting theatrical event of the eek is the opening of Mr. Bourchier's season His MftiestVs thus eveninc with Mrs. Prcttv and the Premier, the comedy of - Australian poli tical lite recently produced in Manchester. Turkish Chief of Police in TKe Right to KM. Mr. Ethel Carrintfon. n Page, Mr. The triple bill of the Pior autleviile. has been postponed until next Suudi t the Court. I duction of The Taming nf the Shrevo to a later date in view of Mr. Oscar Asrhe's wason. TV". At the T.yeeum Thsaljre after the performance oL bJack. WELL - TAILORED SUIT, m ihtch, ui serge, cut on full becoming lines and bound ith silk braid. In navy and 4J j?ns. s 106 extra. ie of Charles I. in TralaJgar - & large wreath of ai descended, but declined to rise anin. The even ine tocicea in large size II nirht the production was transfprred bfKlilv to the jfidB&7f! Princes Theatre in time for the maiinre on S.iturdav. iVRSSaw Miss Hornim.nn, prrsinnz her fTy!iy if frequent 7pmy Dardanelles, is Low on " L?;ht duty " in this country. I ARRANGEMENTS FOR TO - DAY. f f Sir JohnEgt on Bankinc Lsw KlnT Cbltefe. 8.30. rSi'VoXJr lm I Puaral PhillwriBWikSocJrtF'aaiBcen. Qaett'a Han. S.i;. tS ' f'W ' YEto B 1 X'. ammo Army R't' iatfui M f B iftl LAST DAYS OF THE WINTER SALES. Wf 4J - taJ - m It has been a busy season for th winter a coming to an end. In addition to holders realixe is likely t3 become very dear. The usual demand ft palm leaves was sent by the Society of King Charles , . .""flT" ?P , the Martyr, a cross of bay leaves by the Witimist Tf'f RovaUst (ST iaaduer tokens 'were received from their ,1Lrst. nd..odd. P? wardrobes Lady Muriel W atkins and the ChcTaber de St. treorge, the latter bearing the inscription : " In memory of EnblnrfWnHho lovad' Prance as he scorned the woman had, tucked and primroses, violets. 1 street hawkers. Ther the Viceregal Lodge, Dublin, on Saturday, the j groeratkm ago, and Michael O'Leary. V.C., with the Cross of St. George, and it was evident that those who were buying cc tumes were giving a preference to those with tl tight - fitting bodice, typical of English fashions - SfrSg : COAT & SKIRT, in best quality soft finished rio'iet;Pl Nsvy and BUdc Serge. Coat cut w?th the new 44 srns. large sizes, 108 extra. snowdrops were selling rapidly from the trays of full basque effect, and finished long time, cotton pique slip. Among the latest contribution received at the hmcheon a distinguished party, which included I f. iL.lj kk. uinr, .. - ' 2 Ucutnant U lary. JU". eirreii. Mr. Walter Morrison. 6,000; Mr. W. W. Astor. Lord Mayor and Ladj Mayoress i of Dublin. Ldj j tuo00 ; PradantisJ Assorance ' Company (J Cynthia Asqnith, Sir Horace Plunkett, and Mr. E. ts. I Mrs. Walter H. Burns, n it?h i rmc.l (OaT ih''hf'tai 3 PoHkcomino Marriages. Movement, and i XJBACEFLL TAilWSwSSG HAT. Stocked ii EARLY SPRING MILLINERY. have hsp assJ wl assorts, stock J rssdy. to - wesr Hsta, in exdisniwc and distincUre styles in Tagd. Pstai Ueret. and SOk. t nmrned !k rndnngs, nbbona, flowers, wmga. etc The followiri arc examples r NEW MOUFFLON HAT. m deligbtfal colour Messrs. Duveen save last their pnstdass ssJI. Old j faf tSUI' Ldon. Pond atieat. W., to ths British Women's Hospital Twms " rsMi nsfiWi n Fund f oTThe Star and Garter Hospital at Richmond. amvmtrmUdtmmuothcreotoi DffiENHAM & FREEBODY esasawa s tasa psaw. I

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