The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 4, 1933
Page 3
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[MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1933. BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE ; ItVE EBU Jiiinn Movement Gains as Workers Win Right of Collective Bargaining. Workers Gain As Blue Ea»;lc Soars riv ROnKF.v Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Sept. 4.- The mi labor movement, crip- |)!cd bv the dcpresion, has sud- |lmly become a poicntially pow- il-il force. I It has gained great new intigih through the National Re- overy Act and 'through official and oolicles compelled both kv the act and ihe logic of events. I Whether labor's-' leaders are com- liHcm lo take,advantage of their l-'iiarantced opnortunlties for col- |((iive bargaining and union or- :mihallon remains to bo seen. Bui numerous tangible Improve- Incntas in labor's sinlus—since U Iras formally admitted as a "pari-j |ier" with eovcrnmenl and Indus-' rv_offcr an amazing contrasL 1 *ith its posilion last ' sprit)". :if-1 er years of wage cuts and mount- i unemployment. ftablishment of a National La- Boarri to settle industrial Disputes means that Uncle Sain see to it that labor receives collective bargaining buaranleed bv the act. rights When employers retuse to bar- with employes, the latter can bargain before the board. Hard- Ihoiled corporations can't interfere with union organization or •force employes into controlled [iompanv unions. Alreadv, in ending several strik- Ihe board has established col- llective bargaining under its own Jsimervision. Secret elections are •held under authority of NRA. I whose representatives can watch Ito see that there is no intimida- II ion. I Summary of tJains Here is'a 'summary showing some lot labor's olher gains: The act was based on one of 'labor's cherished theories—that the Ifirsl requisite to prosperity is pur- I chasing i»wer. which must be 1 maintained by adequate wages and I full emolnvment. Labor for years I had urged thc shorter working! I week, which became a vital part j of the new national plan. I The NHA set-up placed out- I standing labor leaders on a Labor |-Advi£OrV-Board—on a par with fan Industrial board — nnd gave ••/mi-n'voice'hi .the final inlcpra- |!tinn of all-industry's codes of fair HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP, Tliomui INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY - ( DAN THOMAS ell Is making only one mistake, She plans to film only her own stories. For the time being that nay be nil right, but eventually she Is going to find the tack of both writing nnd producing »lx films a year to much of » itrttn. Ofthand It would seem that the old cry for a feminine touch In motion pictures Is being answered. Naturally, both Miss Royer nnd Miss Mitchell are inking n nemln- Ine viewpoint. They are muklng pictures which will plcast! women And their continued sucre.yi .should pave the way for more faiiilnlnt* producers. PARIS (UP) — A million two hundred thousand francs l s what! there wns In a namo Unit Just hits! been sold here. The name nun brought this nmoiint with tho stale taxes nnd t'X|X>iises Is thc "Leon Chandon" champagne innrk, nnd Ls believed the holiest price paid for n Deer Spurns Rescue Efforts II.' 1)AX THOMAS M:,V SrrvKv Writer HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 21.—WOIUCI now nn' beginning lo Invade the' to . executive i-nd of ihe mollon pic- tiiide-mnik In the history ol fure industry. , .champagne business. For jv.irs ihe Him business lias The firm of I.con Chandon was offered gii-iuer rewards (or fern- created In I8'J2 nnd at Hint lime. Inliie Ink in ihan any oilier bnsl- sold nnniirilly nboilt 10.000 bottles ness In tin 1 world. However,.-the of champagne. liy 1910 the out- only bninclH's open to women were put Imd rcnched beyond the mil- acting, vriiiiiB and directing. With lion bottle amount-, nnd the new ihe exception ot Mary rlckford purchasers of the •ntime arc miik- und Oluila Rwiinsun. both of whom Inn extensive plans to promote the i have been Hie producers of their ^Ic of their winvs throuchout the. own pictures, women huve found world, executive ixntals closed to them. That day has passed, and now Rubbing fienlly with n dry, soil shown wings. At right is William Green, president of ihe A. F. of L.. while dent of the' United Mine Here's A Pie You Don't Need To Bake! we nnd \voiiien sitting behind cloth will rcmovo ixtrspinillon ..clnbornle drsks, directing the nc- stains from delicate silks, tivltles iif entire companies, To date only two lire so entrenched, but tl»'ii success no doubt will- bring oihiT.s Into the fold. ] Fauclioti Uoyer and Helen Mitchell ave the two who already, j have prmtn ilielr worth us film- I executives anil each In uildltloii' found time to make a real ome tor her husband. Miss Royer.' ho in private life Is Mrs. Jack' allaghcr. even has found time to ear a family of four healthy cungsters. Though u hastily cmistiucled bridge was bnlll ticrws a decp.:gorge by would-be rescuers, a deer Unit has,been Inijipe'd on n high'and narrow ledge ncnr Watkins Oleii. N. Y.. for 1 seveuil days reluseil la civss Ll lo .safety ami rescue, ciew.s were forced lo turn to other mean-:. This picture slum's the U. r i-fo:il bildiji! IhiiL the buck declined lo uttli/e. f. LaborvSsgh'.par', .put its ,own. • •' ^ri'iorjIeY.' since it wag com 1 oellcd 'ttf*K»esent a united' front here. NRA '• machinery enabled it to settle the 20-year jurisdiction- 1 al fteht between the Amalgamated l-.Cloiiilne .Workers and the United 1 Goiment. • Workers—an event of 1 ereat significance. The American I Federation of Labor was crowded ] into reversing Ms policy against the dual union. Several-^ NRA codes have the I names of unions written into them |and some provide that whatever f 'c bargaining agreement is I arrived at shall be considered part I of the code. Some code authori- Itles — governing boards on code I matters—include Union' men. who lean look at the books of the em- iDloycrs and check up on their | reports. labor has been doomed in (industry, through it prohibition in I all codes. [Madame Secretary Helps Secretarv of Labor Frances Ipi-rVins smeared a s a champion • of labor when she publicly urged [higher -wages, shorter hours: and olt^r conditions than were pro- 'iiipd in the steel' code. The NRA has forced Ihe steel land other anti-union industries to •withdraw sections of their codes [which would have given federal •sanction to the company union [system. Governor Pinchot of Pennsyl- ania set a precedent in that treat industrial state bv sending ^.'.litia to nr'otcct coal strikers from officials and armed company s Kcanninira! Produrcr Fanchon noyer Productions came ito cxir-tcnce tibout n year ngo •hen Mif.s Hoycr became tlic'd of a "10 percenter." For some cars she had been associated with he film industry, managing and various Indlvldimbi. Her emunetallou for this v;ork was 10 per cent of their salaries. Miss loyer decided H would be^betlcr 0 devote her time to some cnter- irise from which she could delve the entire profit- 1 ;. Hunce sl)e Kcamc nn Iudci>endent producer During the past y&r .she has money-maker. At first she simply rented stage space wherever 1 made II fe.iiure productions, each was available. Now she has n lease on an entire studio where she wll turn out between 15 and 20 pro ductlons during the coming year Miss noyer Is a smart producer Many of our major studio exccu lives would find n day s)«nt in he ftudio very educational. Whereas they are making ordinary prograi pictures In three or four weeks a a cost of $130,000 to $40,000, he films' |>re imidc in from four six days at a cost never exceedln 1 520.CCO. ! They are eonrt pictures, too, not lavish as those turned out the major studios, 'but still offcr- delicious uie which doesn't Nov? that peaches are in season/ n-rca-quartcrs of a cup of crumbs j n g good entertainment. - better ut.iu.iuifc» Ull. «u* « 1 ^ . ,.„„{!»„ ...of^rr I,, Uolvpc onfl. c/ii.i/if iiii^c thnn thrt tnnro rnsMv •liv not make thc most of them? Cut vanilla wafers In halves and ; sometimes than thc more costly Here's the way to'make n grand stand them around the edge ot the! productions of ihe major produc- ueach Die which doesn't have to be pie plate. Cover thc bottom of the ers. cooked' ; plate with crumbs and fill UiC| .... For the pie filling, blend one and spaces between Ihe wafers. j Wrilcs Own Storks one-third cups of sweetened con- __V™r.™_^ filling ™f^ c °^|_ pie require any baking l s the very I w newest contribution to the art of cooking: Now that summer is on the wane, your family is going' to expect more wholesome desserts than you served during the hot months. By pooling your resources, you can give them the sweets they crave and,' at the same time, spare yourself much "work in preparation. There is hardly a man or child in America who doesn't love pie for desserl. You can serve it with a minimum of effort simply by let- densed milk (one can) with .one- with whipped cream quarter cup of lemon juice, the been sweetened «"'" M . ' . ., „„« ci-insm,. r\T rnnTn has I pendent producer, Helen Mitch- which, two table-jell is working on a somewhat blg- Ri-ated rind of one lemon arid one spoons of confectioner's sugar. > RC r scale than that followed by BMICU rmu ° - J • Put, the whole thing in the ice Mfcs Royer. Her budget is ilOO.OOO cup of sliced peaches. Since the tains milk a h> tine your ice box do most of thc j For the uncoc work. | enough vanilla i:ow charters and has been willing to organize industrial unions as well as trade or craft unions. I f-abor consciousness has also been awakened, as demonstrated by a scries of strikes which usually have involved the issue of union recognition. * » * * Trrhlcms l,ie_ Alicad. . The movement is still weak nu- ilciral milk con-! box so lliat it will be thoroughly per picture and'her plans call for supir which are chilled when you are ready to'only, six films a year, osvii to pci-fcci, servo II. ! Miss Mitchell, who Is married to thicken with Garnish thc top of the pie with i Oliver Morosco. prominent theatrl- it with that one she has proved her ability as a producer. The picture wa.s finished on time and within its appropriation. Furthermore. It i tliicV-cnwiUi arns c op ver orosc. promnen - 'almo-u inbtantlv. slices of fresh peaches just before ;C al producer, so far has completed. -edite crusl. roll -,ou already to take it to the ta-'only one picture "Waffles." Bu ..tu p- 1 - ^- . . ... . . ,* fnf - nr i u n , wafers to make blc. C.C.C. Clerk Collects Snakes ; Tribute ALTON. Oiah {OP)—Von Park- - - - , iuson. C.C.C. camp clerk, has n new is a good picture. 'hobby. H I S the collection of live From my viewpoint. Miss Mitch- snakes, li/ards and rare varieties of plants and fossils which predominate in the mountain.'! near . here. Parkinson said he would ' »iount the reptiles and ship them I lo Michigan University. Drink Water With Meal* Good For Stomach uce. the •i ne movement, is sun weaK nn-, ~ ,. . ij I The bar mcrically in organized strength! ShlVCVS at Meeting nCrC|f rom 3,^ iMfl Hoc nnnrt tn manv Ohio laari- _ _ ^ ' I , , and has none to many able leads. The steel, bituminous coal, automobile and other unorganized or Saturday. Li. W, * Water with meals helps stomach juices, aids digestion. If bloated The barber's pole has conic down with gas add a spoonful of Adlcr- ccnturics ago, when ika. One dose cleans out poisons I barbers performed minor opern-1 and washes BOTH upper and lower lions in surgery; the stripes on the,bowels. Sold In Blythevllle by City pole represented the bandages. ' Drug Store. —Adv. J-4 uiuuuc iinu unit! LiiLui £i\i IK.I-M i.»i | i. , .1 _ _ £cmi-or?anizcd industries will fight . Scent of thc Mississippi County the unions as much as they dare. Code-making is in the hands of Negro Teachers asociatlon meeting here Saturday. in al Oilier NRA completely reversed •its policy when Administrator Ijolmson. who had previously in- IsiFted he couldn't intervene in a llabor dispute where the industry •wasn't under a code, mediated thc I Pennsylvania coal strike. Coal [companies were made to accept Ithe miners' demand for their own 1 check Welshmen and to agree to [submit disputes to a federal board. » » • | "Shop CommitUcs^ 1 Fanned An amendment to the cotton I textile code, the principle of which [is applicable to other codes, sets I up machinery for collective bar- the Industries and sympathetic! teachers named were: A. C. Boonc. deputy administrators. Many dis- i fust vice-president: M. J. bliners,| nntcc c^fMii mrMin in ivh^iv second vice nrcsidenl: liessie rar-, 'ainin? in each factory, with pro- I vision for aupcal to state and na| Ikmal boards. labor leaders think this virtual- I Iv opens the door for union organ- I izatfon in each plant. 'The "shop I committee" system of dealing with I management may now be estab- I lishcd 'rn any unorganized mill. I Although the A. P. of L. has I been criticised for failure lo make Ian energetic organization iirive. 1 there have been some real gains I In union membership. I President John L. Lewis of the United Mine Workers, who began I'an e»rly, vigorous campaign I claims ground 300.000 new mem- Ibers. The Amalgamated Clothing (Workers have organized more than 130,000 new members since the act putes seem certain in cases where the wages above the minimum schedules are not raised. Rising prices may oftsett increases in low wages and leave many more highly paid workers worsj off than they were before. Some labor experts fear that the unions may .be brought under a degree of • federal control which will restrict their freedom of action. The great Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery covers an area of 34.000 square feet and seats 5000 people. • fccond vice president: Bessie tes. secretary: Mamie Wilson, as- ••fctant rerretary; 1- W. Currie, icasurer. Haraway succeeds J. A. W. Shivers. This quarterly meeting was at- cnded by 75 lenchers. called bj' Annie H". Curiie. Jeannes supervisor, to pay tribute to J. A. W. Shivers, principal of the Blylhc- villc neero school, and Blanche Bcone. of the Luxora school, who recently died. A tribute to Shivers was given by L. W. Haraway and Beslc Pa_r- Thc noriwisc. usually considered a stupid creature, has n much larger brain than a man. Camels and piRs arc said to be the only animals that cannot swim. Freshly cut rosebuds will not open ljut will remain buds for several days if the stems are ringed with a match before placing in water. Into effect. iThe A. P.. of I- has Issued 200 A club and mosque for Moslems is planned in London. The bulld- ln« is'"estimated to cost $700,000 and will have a graceful mlnarcf and richly decorated dome. tee spoke in honor of Blanche Boone. A demonstration in (he teaching of reading lo beginners was given by Octavia Shivers; and hi primary arithmetic, by Geneva Harawav. Miss " Winnie Virgil Turner, county examiner, gave on address and led in the discussion of re- tninln" the Jeannes supervisors for this year. The teachers will raise money to assist In tins project. Salvage operations on the Lutine British ship wrecked off the Dutch coast in I'M. a>e expected to net nearly $10,000,000 in sunken treasure. At The Home Of The Mayo Clinic (Rochester. Minn.) the health officer. Dr. D. C. Lockhcad. recently said In a statement througli the press, "We in the health department arc concerned about milk from two angles. Because it is the best food obtainable, we want to see It • consumed, in great quantities, nnd because of thc possibility of Its spreading disease, we want to know that our local supply is produced under all Ihe reflne-_ menls of production commercially possl-" ble and Iliat it he pasteurized so wf ran Ruaranler it safe." Telephone No. 7-1 , Na|>oleon was only 37 years old when he won the battle of Jena. Bennett's milk Is fa fe — it's properly pasteurized. Bennett's Dairy Her Best Friends Told HER .and SHE found it Good Advice M RS. SMITH had been -having difficulty keeping the family budget balanced. She wondered if it was her fault because her friends, whom she knew had no greater income than her own, seemed to be getting along quite well. One,day she asked them how they managed it. They all said that they kept their budgets balanced .by careful buying with the advertisements as their shopping guide. They advised her to try planning her buying through the ads in the Courier News. She took their advice ... the result was a balanced budget with a comfortable margin left over for saving. COURIER NEWS

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