The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1948
Page 4
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TIN BT;ilMMrLI.» 'fAWtJ COURIER KKW* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ' Kl» . 1 «•>« MT KU • X UMM JMV Hoe l*c Uc * 11 Urn** periJiM p*r dur ...... to Month p*t Ho* Me Count flv* »r«rac« word* M tb* Ho*. A* ordtred for tbr*« or B!K time* and Mopped before »plr*Uo« will b* charged lor th* number of UBIM tb« *d »p- pMnd *n4 «i:u*tm*m of bill mad*. All C1AM11.K1 AdrertWnc copj «ub- »UUd br jwrtOM r«*ldlnjj ouuirfe of th« d*r nu«t b« Accompanied bjr c*sh B*t«* any b« MAlljr computed from tb« »bOT« t*blc. - Adrertixloc order tor lrt*gul»r lo«*r- ttona takM th» oo» lloo* rait, No rMponklbUitr will b* Ulw:. tor »or« th*n out Inoorrvct loMrti«a of •ny eU**m«4 Ad, « Rre nelrlcted to ttwlx prop«r ttlon, ityU and Ul*- Tfc* r«*trTM the &M to MM or reject aar »d. Apartments Wonted Three or four room uclurnlshe<l *p*rtt»ent or Jio-js«. Phon* 2075. between A Am aad * pm. 4;28-pK-3iX Permmient family of thr« wan la to rent unfurnished house or apartment, oa or About May 15th. Write P O Box MO, BlytheTllte, oc Call 3412. Three or four roonu unfurnished. Apartment for Kent Apcrtment, UO N. Ninth. Two unfi]ml«h«4 re^fn* 119 r.aV »lr««*. 4]22-plc-3 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Sa/vkof tWRViOB STATION M«la A DlvUlOD rlion* 'J&A3 LXta't MidaDgcr your lt>- HT with ttrtf— Buy i^c TUtmu. part* now availabla at POOLE MOTOR CO. oaa .ml »H your n««<li Ktaula« p*rte from 'our 40111- «V ADAMS Al'l'LIANUI COUPANY now. 2U» W. Main, phont 2071. 4[2-clt-&[2 . O1,*. OWNER * OPKRATOR Hlzh»«J <1 >t«. Mo Phoo. Auto Supplies WESTERN AUTO 4-19-ek-tf & Of th« But the BEST! We hay« been making am! .Installing'. quality canvas mn- ing for W y«ara. Carney A\vn ing "OLD AT «, 30. 60? MAlTl Tou're ij'L Thousands peppy nt 70. OatreK Tonic Tabteta prp up bodlvfi lucklii* ron. yor rundown Reeling many men would) cAII "old". New Ke'HcquAlu- etl" size otUy 30 t-ei]Li. At nil dnigulKU n JilylbitvlUe al Ktrby Urug. Cofnpany •. rmn *r. PHONK W72 B«i-jr»in Prices on Quality WALLPAPER E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. ."Friendly Building Service" Do your own work and save Rent 'a «onwet» mister, •Wheelbarrow and shorels. Any other tooli yoa may need. Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phew 4W9 Box 669 Bl}'th«vflle, Ark. J-4-ck-U When you build or remodel think first of Wards. \V e CHD '"»v« you fnoney on bnlhroom fixtures, sinkg, ' wallboarii, roofing, siding, iiisulatioiv, at•tic fans, water systems, water heaters, and paints. Call 591 and ask for estimates. 'Use your credit. ' . MONTGOMERY WARD 4-7-ek-tf Houtihold Goods Household Good* See Us for Venetian Blinds. Immediate Delivery 1 From Our Stock E. C. Robinson Lumber Co 'Friendly Building Service" «» W. A»» . Phone 551 Food7~ R««ch for Hart's tmuronce For Complete Insurance Protection Cafl 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency . Planned Protection Laundry . from 914 1. rruikUu to 100 W. Money To Loan OH farm land or city property. Wt also buy note*. CONWAY&HOUCHINS Glencoa Hotel Building 3jll-ck-U Real Estate Loans i'.H.A. I.oan» 6% Hoin« I.CMtni Fiuin Loans Commercial Loans TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY. COMPANY 13 W. WALNUT PMONJt K»l ' fXHSDNAI. LOANS. AUlomaKlUmlf- nature—comaLer-ftirnltur*. Qnlcli. prl. Tftt« eervlcc. Personftll/ed atltnttDn i Comi In or lejepbont, 2928. OENERAL COMTKAOT rURCBASE COni'ORATlOK m w. Aih at. BlftlieTlll* Ark UiM-ck-tr Money to Loan Do you n«cd & loan V) r*p*.lr or remodel? Ko down payment, no nor «. no rtd t»p« niA APPKOVED RATB FOR DETAIL** Max Logan, Realtor MM Bly l.yncb . Ark. Lost & Found LOST— l.»dlM bliclc purw on cor- tf of OJ)lc)c, and 17th St. Monday afternoon. Klndtr pi « nee call Davids Kenl X:itM.t» Mfthi »t DlvUloti. Phone and receive & nice c**h rewJird. Mta. Ben Hannner, 4|27-^k-30 Oniltt'i Hlasse* loJit Batlirriny «fler- ioon between ^^ox Tiirntre nnfl iftlh Street. Reward, Pliont 3U». 4-27-pk-SO Notic* iterlor decorator to be la Blythe- rllle lor council In your uecorHUnu urobleini. Call 5€4 (or appoliitineiu. Plumber H you ne»d n lictnMo: plumbtr. or »p«rt *toT« repair work dor.e. oall [arry Ueyen .« Hubbara Hardware. . nao-ck-tf Personal Pocition A» nouaekeeuer. Neat white lady. HI W«4t Koa« strict, rhont 4?«u. ftertfto. F M Radios, aclapter» and aerials, for less at WESTERN AUTO 4-lfl-ck-tf Office lupplies Rapid Mimeograph Servlct IWolb«r Liquid Dupllcater) ,"•!, T^ Ue P"P er -- S'.iXll trial 200 U.JO, llluitrntlong Irec--Prlce Hit lor other ilzea M quantum on reoue»t JOR GATLIN 325 E. Missouri St. Service* W« can Savs you up to 50% on PAINT JOBS We "•TRUCK 1947 Ch«vral«t Fl««rm«»*«r Ttwn '• Radio and h«artr. 1944 ford Super D«Lux« S«dan-Coup«. Radio and h cater. 1944 Chevrolet Fl««rmaiter Sport Sedan. Radio and haattr. 1944 Ford Su»«r DtLuxt Tudor. , These are only a few of our Choice Cars. Come by our lot today for a visit. ompang Phone 445!) for !«/«, City Property Nic« 8 room duplex. Kiectric hot water heater with two baths.' Good location, price ?9,000. $4,000 cash, balance KHA loan. Shown l>j' nj>ix>int- ment. H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 4446 or 2930 4-27 ok SO sWKDHBHDAY, APRIL », ID*t Out KBJit near Clear Luke to«d we ftrp orrerlnjf two acres with & room pleiuy of Khrubit and young orchard Here you can enjoy all that country tile afinrdH. Plus city conveniences I'rlccd for quick, sale, with lermn. ' i four room modern home. ',*.. block ' from Main Street, Non-resident owner says sell for J2B50. »1 ,000 cash. Frlce , romplclely furnished for $1300. With '• fjswi cash, balance like rent. ( Bee or call LUTHER GRAY REALTOR 120 JS. Sycamore, Phone 513 Orocerc store doing a good business, i 6 room modern home wltli store. One block off ^f.aln Btrcei on Lilly. All for nalo. Will take In a live or 6 room house In trade. Furccll Oroccry, 125 Farmer's Column ror atle: « » John Dsore «nd cill- VtY»tor. H»try Prultt, Altvnncc. Mo Th« Water Svstem for You—DEiMlNGI Easily installed with repair parts always available. Up to 36 month* to pay. HUBBARD HARDWARE Co. 213 VV. Alain _ •; 4-28 ck 5-4 Mr Fttnntr: I,el iw Bhnrpen vour »»'eep. »,id do your lorm repnlti Henry Westbroo* Sliou. 225 N. First' Phor^eJlBI. ^ 4IJ7-01C-M C«se !!«)• qa:er nna aide delivery rake for sale. One mil. lust of Sleclc Jjuntt. w. Pery. 4]33-pk-M New Llaler plainer for Fortlsoii trnc- tor.l.ut price. 1947 rno<lel Averv trac- lor win, ciiltlvntor. »1350. Mtxlel H i?,!i', £"" lr « c ""' w"h cultivator I1IUO. One rno<lel A John Deere trwc- lor on steel. J5M. E. B. Oee Couon Co 100% outside White Paint ?4.98 gallon ; $24.50 In 5 pi- lous. Portable cement mixers (I'/!, hp gasoline engine) $219.50 Five foot garden wire $9.45 for 10 rod roll JIM BROWN STORE 105 W. Main __ 4-14-ck-tf tat ««le: J»ew tractor* mirt ic^lh^ ment. one four row M-37 planter ]IXe new; one-tour row John Drp,re nlantre Mid cullkalor. We har> wo row 1HC . o row 1 or John Deere planters ami cultiv . nave tmee modern sprat- units ' i" """" *^ K1C pmiuera „ Trtl . will do any kind or lob Tenint I »T C h Kftnn ett Mo. Enst 25 ami • ~" irtih NO i I ?j8 n »'«y«. H«rrl« Tructor Co metal roofa )10 vm. with •lumlnum p«lnt. Wrtu-nJion. CHARLES KENNEiMORE Ml M. BALI PHOKX *7 OSOTOLA, ARIC. , D 1 I S~ Keunclt. _____ Lawn Mowers iharpened and rcpatrad. Bb'tlieville Machine Shop, Phong 2828. 2U S. Second. 4-ti-ck-tI Sporting Goods BlyUieville'i most complete sports department WESTERN AUTO 4-19-ck-tf «kT"lii" l i"*i!? 111 - '•""onhola. Mr», niks. 903 X Crierry. Phone 3135 _JiU-pK-»ilI 1 3E! J n rS .; P"™'* 3 - Cov.Ted~b««7M. ™» r-ri y Mae M1IIer - AIm » Ba.w lma Cro»-der. pnone 3339. It no »n'"• ««.«« ». fifth St. 4 31-px-!°l Typewriter TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS Sale: puppy. Phone JOTS. __ Wearing Apparel heauh "^tr^'^l^d^ ir%t!sKi J "'''»SB B1 2S«. W^rilf-'^r: Mrs. Uon ^.f.™ 1 ^i*!" 1 ">» t '"»ly r»one »fl ^'fi ^"^ m 7"" «.2-pk-s.a Davis Tires Riiti Tubes carry a definite written guarantee. WESTERN AUTO ' 4-19-ck-tf Pure Ogden Soybean Rcetl. Hale Seed Farm, Burdetle Plujna 702. 4-7-ck-tf Slate-Certified Biirdcttc 19 - Improved Arksoy Soybeans. Burdette Plantation. Burtlette phone 782. 4-7-ck-tf farmer* Column The healthiest chicks on the market: AAAA Grade Pulloreum-Tested. BABY CHICKS AAAA $14.96 AAA 13.95 AA $12.95 JIM BROWN STORE 3-18-ck-tk For Sale, Cart & Trucks FOR BALI: — One A-mode! Ford In perfect shape. Call 193 a rter 4:00 LEF, MOTOR CO. HAS FOR SALE 2-iy« Kord 65 horsepower, radio and 1- 19*; Chevrolet )i ton piohii^. Ki- tm clean Hadlo and healer. 1-19-10 Chevrolet two tone color nul- 10. neater, Mve new tires This Is cream purr. . 'I?' 111 OMO V pickup tr.icK (nsed) b50 X 16 « ply tires, healer 2000 guar- "•iceed miles. 1-'40 Chevrolet ratllo and h»fuer. maroon color, very clean. - 1-19H9 Olievrolot ciub coup* good ondition. 1-1916 GMC Hi ton long wheelbaw. good rubber, -J speed axle. 1-19« Chevrolet I',! short whokbas. extra, olean, 2 speed axle. LEK MOTOR SA1.KS 309 E. Main Street Phone 2056 --2057 <|28-ck-tf. 19'12 Oldsmobile club coupe. •13,000 miles, excellent, condition. Can be seen at 122 W. Main or phone 2728 until 6 p.m.; 2667 after 6 p.m. 4-27 ck tf FOR CHEAP DELIVERY IT'S ,IKKI' DKLIVKRV r Jeep Panel delivery truck are prov- ns themselves ( (ally 10 satlslltd users wno wiuit plenty o( low-cos) haullnK from a trtlck mat can take It. See If you've tried the rest Now trv the Best BABY CHICKS AH breetlj us hatched J AAA. J1150 AAAA »12» 5AAAAA JI3M BROU.KR CHICKS »4 91 SrSOIAb ASSORTED 1795 HEAVILY ASSORTED »10.0(] CUSTOM ^ HATCHING Chicken, turkey, duck, goose and game eggs set. Reserve your tray in advance. BLAYLOCK HATCHERY For Sale, Farm If yon ave in the market for farm land 1 have 353 acres good mixod land. Will grow Anything, four miles from town. 9 rooms with bath home, fl tenmit houses. If bought, at once. [Hircliiiser may have this years crops. Owner selling on account of ill health I.FAV'IS Realty Co. Ill K. Davis St. Phone 4650 ___ -f-27 pk o-4 Cmtom h^ baling. m»ke your book- ln s » e«rly. wire »HI be short thir«r.<- Jt>n New Ann Arbor baler. 6 ' M M irnell. phon. 765. Rovite 3. Blythe- f j «:i9-pk-5M FERTILIZER" 3-9.-X.S & 6-8-12 MI'SR 1) P & I, 14 Certified Cotton Seed. PLANTERS COOP. Phon« 720 , n woo bus roulc. This farm lins good above aicrace Improvements. Conslsllnz of 5 room nouse. barn, tenant house and oiner out-buildings. Non-rpslrtent owner saya sell Price at S200 per acre Kent ROC» wth purchase price. Hen- ied lor S of cotton and seed. All planted In rolton this year \vm pro- cn:ce iv. bales r rr acre. II you want a good farm, well located don t pass this up. will carry Rood |o»n. If You arj InterrMrd In selllns or buylnr city property or f.irm lands. See or call Luther dray. Realtor. Sole Aacnl 120 E. Sycamore. Phone 513. ___ V27-CJt-Sj4 For Sale — Ci«y Property Two lots, two new buildings, young trees. Konth I.«neo St. Uachrii'c |1M«. Ab&tmcl, de«d. Mn. Mcanor SPRCIAL INVKSTiAIEN'f AND HOTilE 1'ROPKRTY , ,LI ii,».icu. udiy $£jju. 1LMJUK. r*£W L 0 room apartment, only $'3ti5t). terms ! l-'or homes, vacant lots. Inrms. arid ' lire Insurancs phone FIELD, 2394. P'or sale by owner. Five room house with ball), hot water heater, screened In front and back porch. Back yard fenced. 50x150 lot. Possession with deed. Gordon Harris, ulione 2838. 4-15-pk-2a Beautiful suburban home on 2 i/a acre plot. Beautiful shrubbery. A large number of fruit and pecan trees. This home, as well as a three room guest house, garage, storage rooms, and all other buildings, is in first class condition. Immediate possession. Five room residence on Highway' 61 North, in city limits. This home liaa large scrcened-in back porch and plenty of storage space. This is also a good business location. Immediate possession. Five room home with bath on Kentucky Street. Well br cated, corner lot. This house is practically new. Extra well built. Insulated and weather well-kept block near Rice Stix factory. Could be made a nice home with paint and paper. Vacant now. FIVE ROOM HOUSE on corner lot. One of the best locations in Northwest part of Blytheville. Can be financed J10 DE R N FOUR BE D- ROOiM, two bsth apartment, FHA built and financed. Newly decorated. Possession within 30 clays. One side rental will make payment. COMMERCIAL building and location Highway 6] South. 100 feet frontage. Ideal for growing business. See or call MAX LOGAN stripped. We have listings on several other residences and business property. See or call Johnny Marr Realtor 112 S. Second Street Phone 411L Russell Marr phone 807 Johnny Marr phone 2596 _ J-15-ck-tf "PRICED" TO 'SELL, f,7e rooms and bath. Near Sudbury School and bus line. Immediate possession. FOUR ROOM HOUSE in SULLIVAN-NELSON RECONDITIONED MONEY MAKERS Ch«vrolet tir*. al T around. 1946 Ford long wh««l b**. 12 ft. Mr- M«w' m*t«». 75<fc» fro*, 8JUM r<wr tirt*. 1948 state He«wM. 1942 Ford. L<HI K wheel }MM triMk. N«w 11 ft. kod.T. . 2 »p««d «U. H«ti.r. T00*» frwit, SMcM 3942 Dod*.. 134 1939 Dodg*. Lung wh«*l h««* truck. 11 ft. 1946 Chevrolet l/j-ton pickup (ruck. 1946 Internniional ft-Ion pickup truck. Many Other Late Model Cars and Trucks to Choose from Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY r | We Never Close 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Sales Open t» 9 p.m. For Sale, City Property Ou« of the best locations In town at B small grocery and trait stand A money maker. Prlc. M.OOO. Cash. See A. r. DIMrlch. Rcnltor LTnUed Insurance Agency 106 S. First Street—IiicrB: i Building. 4!24-CK>5|l EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS HOLLY STREET SPECIALS and others Hoo blocX. H rour room home. 40 gallon electric wftter heater, ou sliaUy comer lot. only,55.000. Terms on half. S%. Just across street rroni this & very desirable ]ot only $1800. each Oil North 14th between Holly anil \Vlllow, n five room home, bath etc Only 13500. Cash $1600. balance like !Ilt. tirocery business, will Invoice stock and fixtures. Rent only $15 Two year lease. Near OH Mill. l-'or home. lots, businesses, xarms and fire insurance. Phone FIELD. 2394 Beautiful lot 93x100 feet in best location in Blytheville for a beauty shop, gift shop, hotel or home. I have a client for two or three bedroom house on Main or Walnut Street, must be in good condition and priced reasonable. Also have party who wants to locate on Holly, Hearn or Chickasawha. What have you. Would you like to have the best equipped beauty shop, the best location in town, at a very reasonable price. Owner moving to California. Call v NOLA A. LEWIS REALTOR | | 11.1 E. Davis St. Phone 4659 4-27 pk 5-4 • Help Wanted, Male MS gW h an bu d ,,n°ei UC1 i M<1 Ce Cn ,S""S,L? r 'PP' cojmty wh .£ Sn,umer. M «I vea good setTlce. 1500 families Pro- aucts sold roi 30 years. HuBtler can expect K ooa pranu from start. Write •mi D .? C< V'. Rawlcl B h '» D "Pt. AKD-210- mi S. Memphis. Tenn.. or Me Cecil (Jim. -JOO Clark St. Blytheyllle. Ark 4j27-pk-30 Satesman. salary and commlson. Write P o Bo* 237 lor Inter.leu ._' 4]27-pk-30 Salesman wanted: I'oung man preferred to cover Blytheville territory for well established local concern. Car helpful but not necessary. Good opportunity. Address Box BZ % Courier News. 4-14-ek-tf Wanted: mechanic " for Farmall tractors. Only experienced mechanics need apply. Top wages, good working conditions. Apply in person. DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Manila, Phone 91 4-14-ck-tf Lafe Model Used Cart LEE MOTOR SALES Phone 519 4-21-ck-tf The dispatches which tht Hew York; bureau of th« United Press alone sends out every day contain more words than in "Gone With the Wind." __ Private Room* Bedroom, prlvau eiur«nn«, kitchen privilege., close In. jia S. Darts , st _ . - *!K -ft -ill ^ Room ror men only hot and ~^M water. PBon, MB2, 315 X.lmS. Bedroom 318 Phone 4643 Chlck«»wrja. pnons <|M-pl:-5!3 Bedroomi. Mate, phon« 851 Realtor I'hone 203-1 4:20-cic-tr Koiir room ho\ise M x 150 lot Cblck- QII House. cl<-«nc pump, good water. Sood street Pruie Addition. Price SI 750. down payment J900 balance *25 month, see at once. A. y. IJlctrtch, Realtor United Insurance Agency 106 *. first St. Ingram Bui uilding Oroccry stock tor sale Wfll sell for less tban Inventory price.. New build- Ing and rutures can be leased located 602 E. Main street. Telephone :ir>54 from 7 am to « pm. -i,i' Orocery stock and fixtures. 402 \V Ash Street. Best location In town ror colored trade. Price fZ.OOfl cash See at once. A. f. DlrUlch. Realtor united Insurance Agency 105 S. first at. Jnjram ilnlldlng 412B-C11-S.5 For Sale, Mise. Four piece suite of bedroom furniture. Mattress anil tarings. Play nen and pad. practically new. Can be seen at U15 cnickasa\vba. 427-ck-tf On display at Home Service and Storage Company. onr exquisite 9 Piece dining room furniture. Perfect coiiauion. Bncraflce for Immediate sale. Moss Brynn. Phone 2254 427-ck-30 Oil bot WAler tank and ncnter. J20. • l|honeJ74». «;20-plc-5:3 Good motor scooter, priced for quick sale. Call 4461 after' 4 p.m. 3-31-ck-tf' Biivroiiffh's CASH' REG1S- TKR. Practically new, call SOL 2-27-ck-tf Beautiful new five room house on Camp Moultrie drive. Hardwood floors,' cQiicvele driveway, large lot. Priced to sell., Owner leaving town. Phone 2806. 4-25 pk 5-4, Grocery store and fixtures ror sate Can rent building with living quarters In rear, pmkslon's North Part c.rocerr, plione 242 Hnytl, Mo 424-pk-58 .^'. < "\. ?, r °° m conercle block home with ham. criird n'lth Crlntex. Built- in cabjncls. \ M 50sUO. 2>, blocks wm !„ St Nlro "" r «l«-n. price . will lo» n part or purchase W. M. BUHNS, Realtor E. T. Huhhard, Salesman Phon« 3;!C1, or 4120 __ r^, 1 J .',i-B""on '<^e cream freezer with TO Kallon hardener: 1 8-foot Frlgldalre; 1 Coca-Cola drink bo»i 1 oil hot water Beater. .. L. King. Manila, Ark. Phone 9 _^ ____ >4|19-pk>:;t n rS"fS , Se P.^P^red in case" or" fire ! "nd then. All sizes • D. A: P Baraaln sior. 110 E. Main st Phone 3923. I _ 3 30-PX-4 30 ' Oood lawn mrt for sale JOVNEB A HOLMES Phone 3205 For Sale . OU> NEWSPAPERS COURIER ttttwa ornc* :o!ia i Oootl Used pnrnluire: Living room 'itlte. pMno. three rxiR*. n vf . R tovc.s i .ive complete beds, kitchen eomcmpnV ' , »nrl rnrnlMiliiu Tor «cvcn room.. See | ; nt 317 Chlckusiiwrm, 4 H-pk-5;14 ' Universal electric ran^e ln| Rood condition, phone 23-11 j Cit>- Electric Co. i-21-pk-5-21i Lik« th« Well Known Stitch... J Like the stitch in time, expert repair work is the only answer to imaH troubUsome disorders of your e«ir. Our Buick repair men know th« right thing t* do to keep small repair work, don* at first, from mounting into big job*. We prW« ountelf «, keeping your motor in tip-lop eondition—let us check if for hMden 1r«ubk today.

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