Evening Star from Washington, District of Columbia on January 18, 1918 · 18
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Evening Star from Washington, District of Columbia · 18

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Friday, January 18, 1918
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SINKERS ARE PREPARING I FOR LARGE FINANCING BY I. A. FLEMING. Another issue of Treasury certificate*, limited to 9400,000.000. bearing date January 22 and payable April 22, has bfien announced, this following on the Iryue of an undefined amount Of certlftcates maturing In June and Issued ta?Eely In anticipation of the Income wrx payments. The fact that the issue announced | l*te yesterday is payable April 23 hasj caused many bankers to anticipate the date as the one to be selected later as' the date for the first Installment payments of the third liberty loan bonds. These certificates will meet with reiady sale, in anticipation of the* loan. sTsubjcct which bankers do not care t'?T discuss in detail, although hoping that the market will be In especially favorable condition to help along the movement when the campaign starts. With high-grade commercial paper readily salable at to 6 per cent money is being kept well employed, but it is plainly evident that the banks are keinping themselves In as strong a position as possible for the demands that will be made on them during the ne*t few months. In some banks the hope is expressed that the Treasury Department may continue to finance itself with certificate* for a considerable period until the worst of the great Income tax financing is over. Payments on the tax bill will not be made in the majority of cases until June, but large taxpayers will. If wise, complete their financing for this purpose. before the bond issue is made. Commercial paper is being purchased by local banks in large amounts, some of the more important institutions goIlls out of their way to get paper, for Hie reason that It is so readily redlscoun table at the federal reserve banks. As stated before, bankers do not care to discuss the probable rate of interest on the next bond iseue, and It Is likely that the situation will be very carefully sounded by the Secretary of the Treasury before making known his decision in the matter. Moreover, it would seem ae If authorisation by Congress would be required If the Issue is to be as large as has fre- | quently been suggested.To Consolidate Business. Beginning next Monday the Munsey Trust Company will consolidate the business of the main office with that of the 15th street branch, in the Southern building, surrendering Its main ofllces temporarily to the government. Local Securities. On today's session of the local stock exchange business was confined strictly to trading in odd lots of railway preferred shares at 67. there being no eth.r transaction on call. Washington Stock Exchange. After eaU: Washington Railway and Electric pfd.. 5 at 67, ft at ST. 2 at ST. 1 at S7. 2 at S7. 2 at 67. Bid and Asked Prices. GOVERNMENT BONDS. Bid. Asked. r. S. rtgtetend 2s 87* r. *. NM it N% a s. letUtMed s. m? C. 8. coupon 3* 96% 90% ?.ft registered 4s 104V4 106% V. K. rotipon 4* 101% 106% tlb-rt.T Loan SS 51-100 Liberty Loan 4s 97 GA8 BONDS. , Wfsltiagton Ga* 3s 95% 98% | RAILROAD BONDS. ?|p;tal Traction 98 Metropolitan 5s 108 Washington Rsry. and Elec. 4s 70 73 trash.. Alex, and Mt. Y.*5e 75 MISCELLANEOUS BONDS. Potomac Electric Com. 5s H 97 VetMMe Electric Light 6s 100 Ulisiit Etoetrtc Pswte Si ..... Ml Clieeapaaks and Ntoaae TsL 5e.. 99* 191 Amsrlrsn TsL and Np. Is.... S3 S3 American TSL and Tstga. 4He SS . TsL and TsL CtLlh 6s 99% itaai Gtankspbses 1st Si . Papse llfg.Ss 99 " * Market 5s. 2987 96 > Market 5s, 1947 96 __ Storags 6? ...? 94 .... Stcarity Storsge and Safe Dep. Si 101 Bos folk and Wash. Steamboat 6s.. 100 .... Rlggs Realty 6s (Isag) 100 Biggs Realty 5s (sheet) 199 U. ?. Realty 5s 104 .... PUBLIC UTILITY STOCKS. Capital Traction 70 81 , tTsrffilngiun i;*r. and Elec. com.. CO Washington Rtj. and Elec. pfd... 67 Norfolk snd Wash. Steamboat 150 Wssbinjtton Gas *51 ...., American Tel. and Trigs 103 TYPE MACHINE STOCKS. M4r?*-nt baler 122 124*s L*a?tou 90 7o NATIONAL BANK STOCKS. American 190 CeMMfCial 1KH 200 TM ml wmt .1 - -- 101 SS 109 Jfhtlsaal Bank sf Washtagtua / j ' TSPST COMPANY STOCKS. ' Amerleaa Sscnrlty and Trast 339 National Striate ead Trest 333 120 Washington Lsan and Trnst. Continental ~ 116* 131 SAVINGS BANK STOCKS. Beak of Commerce and Barings... 13 .... Edit Washiagtoa 11 ... Security Barings and Commercial.. 195 .... FIRE INSURANCE STOCKS. Arlington 8 10 Corcoran 76 - Firemen's 19 .... 4German-American 250 .... National Union 6% .... TITLE INSURANCE STOCKS. Columbia 4 iteal Estate feO MISCELLANEOUS STOCKS. Chapla-Sacks 190 D. C. Paper Mfg. Co 140 200 Merchants' Transfer snd Stornge.. 100 115 Oecnrltjr Storags 196 200 Becarlty Storage and 8afe Deposit. 110 U- S. Realty Co 12* .... Weskiagtsn Market 19% .... ?Ex dividend. Sr. John Basiett Chapin Die*. CANANDAIGUA. N. T? January IS.? John Bassett Chapln, former president of the American Psychological Association, farmer physician In chief at the Pennsylvania State Hospital for the Insane at Philadelphia and former medical superintendent of the State Hospital at Willard, has died here. Warning! Whether or sot German ?Uitariam la to rule the world, dependa upon the United States. If we fail, like Mm of our Allies, thru internal conflicts between capital and lahor, clriUaatloa win be set back a century. NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE Received By Private Wire Direct te The Star Ottce. aim. BIA. I*? ??"; A talk t Gold Mln.. 1W >K -H4 Aluka Juneau.... 2)4 2*4 jjW Allls-Chalmert... Mi WW 1?;< ' 1, Am AC Cham 80J4 89W W>4 80h American Can.... MX 3?H 35W Am Car* Mr... 71 W '* Am Cotton OU.... S6W !6H 28W 16* American Llneeed 28H MW WW 2Wi Am LInaeed pr.... 70 70 70 70 Am Locomotlr*.. 55* 56W 65W ^ Am Smelt A Ittf.. 79* 8lM 7M 804 Am 8m A Ref pr.. 105H 106W 1<*W 1?5W American Susmr.. W ? ? ? Amtr Riipf pt 109 109 109 ,, Am Sumatra Tob.. 65W 8?^ ?W ? Am Tel A Tele*... 103)4 104X KBW 104 Am Tobacco .137 157 157 157 Am Wrtf Pa pr... 21)4 ?W American Zinc.... 1?W 12W "u UK Anaconda W4 ? mu AteMeon MX ?W ^ r;^:. ?w .ooh ?w ijx Baldwin Loco 59 MW ?W ? Ralto A Ohio WK 50W 50 SOW Barrett Company W W 88 ?j Bethlehem Steel... 78W 78W 78W 7?M Beth Stl Claas B.. ? 74J4 75W WH W Beth Steel pro t... t? ? ** ... Burne Broa lit IB 12 112 California OU 14W 15W 14)4 3W California Oil pr.. 40K 42 * Canadian Pacific.. 138H 139)4 138)4 Centil Leather... ?W ?W ?M ?W Chea A Ohio 51H 5l? 51)4 51H Chi Mil A 8t P.... 43)4 <3 4 43 ? j Chi Mil A St P pr.. 72K 72)4 72H 73)4 ChlANorthwn.... S2M 93 92H Cbl R I A Pacific.. 19 19 18/1 1? ChRI A PacWpr 48H 48)4 48H W ChRI A Pac7.*pr 59H 5#W 5?H 59,{ Chile Copper 15H 15W 15 l j Chlno Copper 42 42 ** Columbia Qaa.... SiK 34 32W Corn Product* SOW 30)4 30)4 80W Crucible Steel 5SH 55 83H MW Cuban Can. Bu,.. 29W 30)4 ?W 30W Cuban Cane Spr.. 7? 79 79 T9 Den ft Rio Grand.. 3W 3)4 8)4 3,4 Den A Rio Or pr... 8)4 8)4 8 8J4 DetroitKdleon... 98 98 98 98 Dlitlllera Secur... 35)4 35)4 35)4 S5H Dome Mining 8W 8)4 854 S?4 Brie Railroad 14)4 lW 14H 14)4 Erie let pr 23)4 J3? ?3W 2SW General Electric... 129W 130 J28W 1? General Motora.... 108)4 10954 107* 10954 | Goodrich CBF).... 39 39 39 39 Gen Ci Kara 85 35 3j Gaston Wmi A W. 3354 34 S554 34 Granby Con Mln... 75 75 76 74 Grt Northern pr... 87 87T4 87 8754 Grt Northern Ore. 25M 26)4 35W 28)4 | Qratino Cinint> 39 39 < HukiUABarktr 35 BW 35 36X | IUlnoia Central.... 94 ?* ?* Inspiration Copper 43)4 44 43)4 44 SS:S?vr.S .wm ?h m ? ? "? lat IUr Mar pr.... 93 W 91H Internatl Nlokel. OT4 WW ?W ? Internal Paper S5W 25)4 *5W 25W Kan City South... 1# 1# 18 J? Kelsey Wheel Cor. 28W 28W 28W 28W Kennecott Cop.... 32 32 31W 31-4 Maxwell Motor.... 24J4 24W MW 2434 Maxwell Id pr ?1 ? 21 Mexican Prta WW 9lW WW S9W Mex PetroUn pr... 88 88 88 88 ens STOCKS. QMtaOMB fnralakM by XT. B. HIM* A Ce. B*n*Xt OU 1 IMS Big Ltdf* % 1 Blnftuai lClatM 9 U Boston tad N?it?U 45 47 Bottom tad WlwilM M 14 Butte Onpef and Zinc 7 Butterwnrtt Joinnn..... 95 50 Ck led on in Xlnlnc 50 53 Calumet and Jeromn 15-16 1 Cnnai* Copper 1 13-16 1 Carbon Steel 7? 81 Car Light and Pom S 2 Charcoal Iron 7% 8 Chevrolet 4 105 108 Consolidated Arizona 115-10 1! Consolidated Capper 5% ? Coeden Co 6% fl Co*Jen pfd 3*3 3 Cramps 73 W Creasoi Gold 5 3 Crjmta! Copper % Cnrtlss Aero 24 26 Darla-Djty 4% B I Phona !ee!??!?! 4 4 ttStnr e* ?????*? e? f*ls 11' ?^...e.s 45 M nteraatloanl raUeteinu. Jferoaae Verde Jim Butler Jnznbo Extension Late Torpedo ... Magmn Copper .. Martin Valley 4% 5*i Maxim ManltlouS . 11-16 13-16 Merrltt OU 21 ^2 Metropolitan Petroleum U-16 Midwest Oil com 106 1U8 Midwest Oil pfd 1 8-16 1 5-16 Midwest Refining 108 106 Mitchell Metore 20 40 Motherlode 25 27 Nipisain* Mines Ce 8U SU North Amerlcnn P. end P 2V% North vastern Oil 53 f?8 Ohio Copper % 15-16 Oklnhoma Oil Co 4 5 Oklahoma Proa, and Kefg. Co 6^ 6r? Pacific Oas 33 30 Peerleea Motors 16 17 Ray Hercules 8tt 3% Red Warrior Kt. Joseph Lead 15 15k S. 8. Kresge com 65 70 S. S. Kresgf pfd 05 86 Sspulpa coin 8 y9 8 Sequoyah OU 4?' % Sinclair Oalf 16 16 SHiadard Motora 8 10 8nbmarlne Corporation 124 13}a Mining 8 10 Tonopsh Extension 1 11-16 1 13-16 Triangle Film % 1 Tri Bullion 3-l? 5-16 U. 8. Light and Hsat com 1H 1U (T. 8. Light and Beat pfd 114 2W f'nited Motors 20* 20% TTnited Profit Sharing 5-16 % C. 8- Stesmship 4?i G United Verde 36 37 United Western Oil U 5-l? United Zinc I** I?4 Utah Petroleum 5 12 Victotin OU 3%* 4 Wsyisnd Oil 2% 8U Wright-Ms j tin Aero 6% 7 Wyoming Petroleam % 114 OIL STOCKS. Quotations furnished by W. B. Hihbe * Co. Bid. Ashed. Anglo-American Oil Co. (new) 13 14 Atlantic Refining Co 825 950 Borne-Scrymser Co 450 475 Bucheye Pipe Line Co 84 98 Cheseborough Manufacturing Co... 315 340 Colonlsl Oil Co 10 40 Coutlnentnl 011 Co 480 610 Crescent Pipe Line Co 80 35 Cnmberlsnd Pipe Lins 120 130 Eureka Pipe Line 200 210 aalenn-Signal Oil Co. com 130 140 Galena-Signal Oil Co. pfd 120 130 llllnole Pipe Line Co 165 1S3 Indiana Pipe Line Co 100 105 Nations! Transit Ce 12 14 New York Transportation Co 185 195 Northern Pipe Line Co 100 105 Ohio Oil Co 325 835 Pennsylvania Mexican Fuel 40 47 Pierce Oil Corporation 9U lou Prairie Oil nnd Ons Co 445 455 Prairie Pipe Line Co 250 260 Solar Reflatag Co. 884 <10 Sonthem Pipeline Co 170 188 South Pegn OU Co 285 295 Southwestern Penn. Pipe Line Ce.. 85 106 Standard OU California 882 287 Steedard ott C. KnteMy (00 na StaadanS Oil Co. Nrtceaka iao S standard Oil Co. New Jener Ho Ml standard (HI Co. New York 201 Ml standard Oil Ce. OWo.. 430 *i? ?wea A rUMfc Ce too tm Weaawston Oil Co ?toa Oil Ce. ? W OMfi. Hlfh. Low. dote. Miami Copper 31k 3lk 31k 31k Mid vale Steel.44k 44k 43k {44 Mo Kan ft Tax.... 5 5 5 5 Mo Pie tr ret* 21k 21k 21k 21k Mo Pac pr tr rets.. 41k 41k 41 41 Montana Power... 89 69 68 68 National Blacult... 93 93 93 93 Nat Enam ft Stp.. 41 4lk 41 41k Nat Acme Co 29tf 29 k 29 29 Nat Conduit ft C.. 15H 16 15k 16 National Lead 43k 43k 43H 43k Nevada Copper.... 18k ISM 18k 18k NT Central 68k C9 68k 69 Northern Pacific. . 82H 82k ?k 82H Ohio Cities Oaa... 86k 37 36k 36k Ohio Fuel Supply. 44 44k 44 44k Ontario Mining.4H 4k 4k 4k Pan-AmPetpr... 88 88 88 88 Pennsylvania...... 45k <6 <5k 46 People'* Oaa 44 44 42k 4?k Pere Marquette.. 12k I2k 12k 12k Pettlbone-Mulllk 30 30 29k 29k Pittsburgh Coal... 45k 45k 45k 45k Pitts Steel pr 91 91 90k 93k Pitta, ft W. Va 27 27k 26k 27k Pitta, ft W.Va. pr. 64k 64k 64k 64k Pullman Car Co... 110 110 110 110 Ry Steel Sprlnca.. 50 50 49k 49k Ray Copper 23 23k 22k 23 Reading Co... 72 73 7lk 72k Rep Iron ft Steel.. 74k 75 74 74k Rep Ir ft Btl pr.... 95k #6k 95 95 Royal Dutch 74k 74k 74k 74k Seabd Air L pr... 16k 16k 16k 16k Sears-Roebuck. ...145 145 145 145 Sinclair Oil A R.. 32X 33k 32 33 Southern Paclflo.. 81k 81k 81 81k Southern Rwy.... 22k 22k 21k 21k Southern Rwy pr.. 57 57 57 57 Studebaker Corp.. 4flH 47 46k 47 Superior Steel 34k 34k 34k 34k Tenn Cop ft Ch... 13 13 13 13 Texas Companies. 143 146 142J< 144k Tidewater OH 178k 178k 178 178 Tobacco Prod 50k 52k 50k 81k Union Pacific 111k Ulk 110k 111k Utd Alloy Steel.... 37k 37k 37k 37k Utd Cigar Stores.. 92k 94 92k 94 United Flralt 117k 117k 117 117 United Rylnv.... 4k 4k 4k 4k U Bind Alcohol... 115k 117 115k 117k U S Rubber 1st pr 95 95 95 95 USSmftRef 43 43k 43 43k US Steel Corp'n.. 90 90k 88k 90k US Steel pr 109k 109k 109k 109k Utah Copper 80k 81k 80k 81k Wabash pr A 39k 39k .39X 39k Western Md 13 13 13 13 Western Union.... 88k 89k 88k 89 Western Pacific.. 14H 14k 14k 14k WeetemPaopr... 52k 52k 52k 52k Weatlnghouse 39k 39k 38k 39k Wheeling & LE... 8* 8k 8k 8k Wilson ft Co 50k 54k 50 54k Wlllya-Overiand... 16k 17 16k 16k Wisconsin Cent... 89k 39k 39k 39k Worth's Pump... 15 85 35 35 WorPumpprB.. 59 59 59 59 Selling Ex-Olvldtnd Today. Baltimore and Ohio, 3H. and preferred, 8; Oranby, 2ft; General Motors, iand preferred. 1%; Anaconda, 2; idvale. 1V4; Homestake Mining, 60 cents a share. High law Call Money 6 5k HOURLY SALES OP STOCK8. 11a.m.... 154 400 12 m 243400| 1p.m... 278 803 2 p.m 352,100 CAPT.R. K. CRANK, U. S. N. DIES ABOARD THE PRAIRIE ? Stricken With Apoplexy While in Command of Ship?Born in Hooston, Tex. The Navy Department was advised today of the death of Capt. Robert K. Crank, U. S. N., last night, following a stroke of apoplexy, on board the U. S. S. Prairie, which he commanded. Capt. Crank was born at Houston, Tex., December 23. 1871. and entered the Naval Academy September 6, 1888. He was appointed assistant engineer July 1, 1894, in which grade he served during the Spanish-American war on the V. 8. & Marrlmac, from the beginning of the war to June J, lilt, and on the C. 8. S. Texas from June 3. 1898. to the close of the war. He waa promoted to passed assistant engineer August 6, 1J98 (rank charged to lieutenant, Junior grade, by law, Maroh I, 1899); to lieutenant August 19, 1900: to lieutenant commander July 1, 19Q6, and to commander, January 25, 1912. He served on the U. S. S. Georgia until October 11, 1912. He was in command of the U. S. S. Maine from January'14, 1913. to October 29. 1913: was at the Naval War College, Newport. R. I., from November 3, 1913, to December 22. 1914, and was In charge of Navy recruiting station and publicity bureau at New York from December 28. 1914, to February 1, 1916. He was In command of the U. S. S. Prairlf from February 7, 1918. until the date ot his death. He was temporarily appointed a captain in the Navy on October 13, 1917. U. S. LOSES 4,777 HORSES AND MULES IN SIX WEEKS During the last six weeks the Army remount sen-Ice has lost 4.777 horses and mules, valued at $835,975. says an announcement made public today. The greater proportion of these deaths. It Is said, resulted from influenxa. popularly known as "shipping fever." and Its complications. British losses on horses purchased In this country during the war. the announcement says, have been about 10 per cent, counting only deaths occurring in this country. French and Italian losses have been higher. The announcement states since war waB declared the strength or the Army in animals has been increased from 66,145 to 344.000, and the veterinary corps and remount service have also been greatly increased. The personnel of the veterinary corps alone has jumped from G4 officers and no enlisted men to about 1,000 officers. and enlisted men are being secured at such a rate that the quota of 12.000. is espected soon to be reached. The remount service has a strength now of 300 officers and 11,000 enlisted men, formerly consisting of 1 officer and 4 clerks In Washington, with a small personnel and purchasing organization in the field. WOMEN TO TRY CASE. Feminine Jury in California Superior Court to Judge Mrs. Mooney. SAN FRANCISCO. January 18.?The flrat all-woman jury to sit in a superior court oase here will be empaneled when Mrs. Reoa Mooney, acquitted of one charge of murder growing out of the preparedness parade bomb explosion in 1*11, goes on trial on a murder charge still pending against her. The presence of woman jurors In superior court trials waa legalised by an act of the legislature which became efrectlve January 1. The explosion which led to the murder charges ?gainst Mrs. Mooney killed .ten persons. NEW YORK, January 18.?Declines of 1 to 3 points In shippings, equipments and various war Issues were registered in the early dealings on the stock exchange today. / Trading was moderate, the new order of the government exercising a restraining Influence. Contrary to expectation there was no heary selling from industrial centers. Marine preferred lost 3 points and United States Steel and related stocks 1 to 2. .?S?,h-?~de 1alls were dul1 ana only slightly changed except Union Pacific and Canadian Pacific, which reacted a point each. Aotual Gain Scored. Stocks continued to sag in the dull first "?ur' but Irregular improvement set in toward noon. ,State* Steel, Marine preferred ana Mexican Petroleum rallied 1 to 2 points and Texas Company scored an actual gain of 2 points. Buying power was little more than nominal, traders evidently awaiting furtlon deveI?Pments ln the Industrial sltua?^.ho,^ond "}arket to' featureless. Llb47 r* ?XVold, at 88 S? to 98 4S- first 4s at 97.06 to 97 and second 4s at 94.22 to 96.14. Specialties Are the Features. Specialties/ were the noteworthy Vhtaih' the listless midsession. i th.ir r.nf8* tobaccos extended ] ii.JL ? the late forenoon. United States Steel and leading rails also recovered all their early lossfes. j d. c. wnrm Munsey Trust Company Turns Over Ground Floor to Government Boards. The entire ground floof of the Munsey building, now occupied by the offices of the Munsey Trust Company, will be turned over to the United States ShipPing Board and the United States Emergency Fleet Corporation Monday. Offices of the Munsey Trust Company will be moved to the branch bank at loth and H streets northwest, where depositors will be taken care of. Banking facilities for depositors at the of"?f? ?' the company in the Munsey building will be available today and tomorrow and Monday will be transferred to the 15th and H street location. The temporary banking office of the Munsey Trust Company across the hall irom the permanent offices In ?h? m..? lvybvU'J2lnK W'" be "tin,ed'Joint! iyfc.b' the government establishments Purpobsfte"m#nt W"' be u'ed . Present offices of the shlnDine andhth?f*1"S*1't^"'1^'*^^luTibe retotoed ii omces or members of the shlnninc board and the fleet corporation. Desiring offices with vault capacity ln which D?n? hnlr5?vernment paper" the shipEdward m' SEP-"* by lts chairman, fi... urley, and the Emergency rllVi. Corporation, represented by J * ' T""1? ?PPllcatlon for the ground floor of the Munsey building to th b'nZ11^^ ,central " tnat building:. The lease was signed1 yesterday, being: handled by Wesley M the'sMnnPn SKStea/ns' advised to the^shlpping board, and by Wilton J. HELD ASlPEONEMY Clans J. H. Hoffmann, German Watchmaker, Came Here With Invention, It Is Said. Claus J. H. Hoffmann of Mfnot, K. D.. a German watchmaker and inventor, was taken Into custody today as an alien enemy. Hoffmann is charged with violating the exclusion order of President Wilson by coming into Washington January 11. He was arrested by a deputy marshal at a rooming house near Union station and will be detained by order of United States Assistant Attorn?tr ?rth tor ,'urtber Investigation, mk.f wto have Invented a ?a9h'"? *hat ?*n be operated without w^hfit^Sli. ?r electrtc|ty. and came to ashing ton, he says, to secure government protection for his Invention n.w!,*?QUi.ht. lnt?"l?ws with Secretary Baker, Secretary Daniels and the naval consulting board. He also visited the commissioner of patents and several membera of Congress, It is reported O'M.? !hl?nht0r toLd ^PUty Marshal f . he was born in Germany and received a technical education there He cwne to America, he stated, in 1890. and made a declaration of intention to be naturalised In 1897. He has not completed his naturalization, he admitted Hoffmann has relatives ln the German army, it was stated. de,clare<1 he knew nothing of excluding enemy aliens from Wash ngton and said he came here at the direction of government officials to whom he presented his invention last N'ovemSlth 1,1 com muni oat ion with Senator Gronna, whom he said he knows. PUSH SCHOOL AND HOME FOR FEEBLE-MINDED ONES An active campaign to urge upon Congress passage of the Tlnkham bill, providing for the establishment of a school and home for feeble-minded persons In the District of Columbia, is to be immediately launched by the citizens' committee on the care of the feebleminded, | of which George S. Wilson, secretary of j the District Board of Charities, is chairman. At a meeting yesterday in the I)isctritbuilding the committee not onlv strongly indorsed the bill, but decided to circulate petitions urging its passage It provides for the purchase of- not less ithan 1.500 acres of land and the esub, Ilshment of an institution on the cottage : plan. The measure is urged not onlv ajTa humane step for the proper care of feebleminded, but as a preventive measure of extreme importance because of the hereditary character of mental deficiency | Those who attended yester'dai-s meeting included, in addition to Mr Wilson, the following: John Dolph! president of the Monday Evening Club 1 - I? Pre8*dent of the Mid-City Citizens Association of the District' D/' ?!ary ?-Mall?y. Physician in charge of the woman s department of st ' Elisabeth ? Hospital;' Mrs. Whitman vl<I; PreaMent Of the Instructive Visiting Nurse Society; Dr. Georire M M?s?J A rrinth?"15' Evening Club;' Mrs. J. A. Griffith, superintendent of the National Training: School for Girls; Mrs W. J. Myrth, representing: the social fCJ- S B Ae??f the episcopal 1 church, Mrs. B. a. Byrne, representing the Gospel Mission; Miss A. M. Prescott the Monday Evening Club, and Mrs. Walter S. Ufford, representing the womFed'eraXn ? th# N*tlon?l CIWc POWDER MARKJCT. Quotstlou faralshed bj W. B. HiMe a 0*. j|l?? ?nr.i.i Bide Atkld, Atlas com. .......... 155 im Atlas pfd *4 5} Vh. Posf Mm ???.. W ?7 Da Pont i Dit r Hercules com. 245 mr jtsrniic* l/til. Ut lli a Grain, Produce, Cotton Markets. ft GRAIN AND PROVISIONS. CHICAGO, January II,?with the temperature on the board" of trade so low today that many of the brokers appeared in overcoats, business was almost at a standstill. Telegraph operation from the exchange floor was entirely suspended. Under such circumstances, corn quotations kept within narrow limits and had little, if any, significance. Opening prices, which ranged from unchanged figures to H lower, with January 1.27H and May 1.24 H to 1.24ft, were followed by ? slight rally, reaching, in some CHH, A trifle above yesterday's finish. Oats showed somewhat greater flrmness than corn. Extreme scantiness of receipts was responsible. Higher quotations on hogs tended to strengthen provisions. Gains, however, were not important. CORN? Open. High. tow. CSese. I January 1.27* 1.27* 1.27K l.?H M.y 1.34* 1.24% l.Jt* 1.34*1 OAT*? January 79* .7#* .TM May 71) .76* .78*) PORK? Jannarr 48.90 4S.75 46.80 4S.78 May 45.85 45.85 40.70 45.85 LARD? January 24.85 24.85 24.72 44.82 May 25.07 28.12 24.97 25.10 BIBS? January 24.13 24.05 24.12 May 34.55 24.57 24.45 34.55 NEW YORK, January 13.?Lard?Firm; I middle west, 26.4Sa25.55. Other articles unchanged. Special Dlnpatch to The Star. BALTIMORE. Md.. January 18 CI p.m. quotations) ? Wheat?Spot No. 2 red soft, 2.22; spot No. 2 red winter, 2.24: receipts. 41,459 buohels. Corn?Receipts, 875 bushels. Oats?Firm; standard white, 88; No. 3 white. 97 sales; receipts, 8.476 bushels. Rye?Firmer; No. 2 western export, 1.95 sales; receipts. 39,586 bushels. Hay?-Steady; No. 1 timothy, unchanged; No. 1 clover mixed, unchanged. Grain freights?Steam to Liverpool, per bushel, not quotable; picked ports, per quarter, not quotable. COTTON MARKETS. NEW YORK. January 18.?Sentiment In the cotton market waa still unsettled over the fuel situation today and there was further selling pressure In evidence, which caused an opening decline of 10 to 25 points. March later sold off to 30.10 and May to 29.75, representing a net loss of 19 to 20 points, but eventually the whole market acted stronger, and on good buying by spot houses, together with covering of shorts on the bullishness of spot holders in the south, there was practically a full recovery of the early loss, March advancing to 30.27 and May to 29.95, or practically even with the previous night's close. Futures opened steady. January, 30.00 bid; March. 30.20; May, 29.80; July. 29.50; October. 28.10. The covering of a large amount of March and May cotton held the market steady at midday, but general trade was rather quiet, with little outside Interest apparent. March sold at 30.19 and May at Xt.ftt, at noon showing 7 to 10 points net decline and about 10 points under the highest of the morning. NEW ORLEANS, January 1?.?Although first trades In the March position showed a rise of t points, other months In the cotton market on the opening here today were down and the: whole list sank 11 to 17 pointa below yesterday's close befofe the session was very old. This was a continuation of the downward movement of yesterday. A fair demand met the break and at the end of the flrst half hour of business the market recovered to within 1 to 4 points of yesterday's finals. Futures opened steady. Opening bid: January. 29.55; March, 29.12; May, 28.95; July, 28.65; October, 27.17. LIVE STOCK MARKETS. Report of live stock meat trade conditions here today by the United States bureau of markets. Beef?Fresh; several cars overdue; receipts very light; market 60 to'1.00 higher than last week; demand fair; hindquarters selling well; forequartera draggy. Steers? Receipts, light; market steady to a shade higher than yesterday; demand fair. Cows?Receipts extremely light; market a shade higher; demand light. Bulla?No offerings. Veal?Supply very light; market firm; demand good. Pork?Supply very light; some houses entirely out: market Arm; demand exceeds supply. Lamb?Supply very light; market strong at yesterday's close; demand g<>od. Mutton?None on the market. CHICAGO, January 18.?Hogs?Receipts, 7,000 head: strong; bulk, 16.50a 16.80; light. 16.00al$.75; mixed. 16.20a 16.90; heavy, 16.20al6.90; rough. 16.20a 16.35; pigs, 12.75al5.50. Cattle?Receipts. 3,000 head; firm; native steers, S.40al3.60; stockers and feeders. 7.00al0.90; cows and heifers, 6.00all.90: calves. 8.75al6.25. Sheep?Receipts, 4,000; firm; wethers, 9.85al3.40; lambs, 14.S0al7.80. DAIRV MARKXTS. CHICAGO, January 18.?Butter?Unchanged. Eggs?Receipts, S82 oases; unchanged. Potatoes?Higher; receipts, 80 cars; Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota, bulk. 3.16*2.10; do., sacks, 2.!0a 2.25. Poultry?Alive, lower; fowls, 26; springs, 22. NEW YORK. January 18.?ButterFirm; receipts. 5,027 tubs; creamery higher than extras, 58fta64; extras (92 score), 53; flrsts, 49a62M; seconds, 45a 48ft. Eggs?Strong; receipts, 2,549 cases; fresh gathered extras, 70a71: extra flrsts. 69; firsts. 68; seconds. 61a67; state, Pennsylvania and nearby western henrery whites, fine to fancy, 75; state, Pennsylvania and nearby hennery browns. 6Sa71; refrigerators not quoted. Cheese?Firm; receipts, 412 boxes; state, whole milk, flats, fresh, specials, 24%a25H; do., average run, 24a24*. Poultry?Live, Arm; no prices settled; dressed, steady and unchanged. TWO GERMAN RAIDS HALTED BY FRENCH PARIS, January 18.?The Germans made two raids last night on the Champagne front. The raiding parties were repulsed, the war office announces. On Wednesday a German airplane was brought down by the Are of French special cannon. LONDON. January 18.?"There Is nothing of interest to report," says today's official announcement TO OCCUPY EMBASSY. Lord Heading Not to Receive Salary as Special Ambamdor Here. LONDON. January 17.?Earl Reading. British high commissioner and special ambassador to the United States, will occupy the British' embassy at /Washington during his stay In America. Foreign Minister Balfour today told the house of commons that Earl. Reading would receive no salary as ambassador, but that ths expenses of his mission will be paid. The salary of Earl Reading as lord chief justice will continue during his stay in the United States. Bar Silver Quotationi. NEW YORK, January 16.?Bar silver was quoted at 8#H per ounce here today. LONDON. January 18.?Bar sllvsr, 44\d per ounce. Money. ?4 per cant. Discount ra^s?Short bills, * >1-12 per cent; three months' bills, 4 1-Jt per cent COTTON March ?2 5:5 ??? SS22?*? 5:8 5:2 S? To Depositors in The Munsey Trust Company Main Office?Munsey Building Beginning Monday, January 21st, the business of ,The Munsey Trust Company (at its main office) in the Munsey Building will temporarily be transferred to the banking rooms of the company at Fifteenth and H streets. This move it made on urgent appeal of the United State* Shipping Board for more space in the f| Munsey Building. ' The Shipping Board already | occupies large space in the building and is in great | need of more room in which to carry on its vitally | important work. This temporary consolidation of the main office of The Munsey Trust Company with its branch at Fifteenth and H streets will not prove a hardship to our depositors at the main office, as the Fifteenth and H street banking room is ample in size and equipment. Holders of safe deposit boxes at the main office can obtain similar boxes and equal accommodations and attention at Fifteenth and H streets1. THE MUNSEY TRUST COMPANY. FAIR WEATHER TO END Sharp Drop in Temperature Will Come Tonight, Say* Local Bureau. The end of Washington's fair weath?r la la sight. This tu the substance of the foreoast of the United State* weather bureau today of cloudy and oolger weather for the District and vicinity tonight aad tomorrow. Ten degrees colder was the forecast for tonight, while shifting winds tomorrow will cause a big drop In temperature, according to the forecast. The coldest during the last twentyfour hours was 17 degrees at 2 o'clock this morning, while the maximum temXerature was l? degrees early yesteray evening. Maximum and minimum temperatures a year ago today were 51 and K degrees. The thermometer will drop to IS degrees tonight. WEATHER. Tor the District of Columbia, partly oloudy aad solder tonight; temperature probably about 18 degrees; tomorrow fair, continued cold; gentle shifting winds. For Maryland, fair, colder tonight, with a moderate cold wave in west portion: tomorrow fair; gentle shifting winds. For Virginia, fair, colder tonight; tomorrow fair, continued cold; gentle to moderate westerly winds. For West Virginia, local snows and colder tonight, with a cold wave: temperature about zero; tomorrow fair.and cold. Tide Tables. (Compiled by TTnlted States coast aad I geodetlo surrey. I Today?l*ow tide, 6M a.m. pan.; high tide, 1?:JT p-m. Tomorrow?Low tide, 7:28 8:13 pja*i high tide, 12:4# a.m. and 1:24 p.m. 1 The San and Moon. Today?Sun rose 1:24 a.m.; sua sets 0:18 p.m. Tomorrow?Sun rises 7:24 a.m.; sun sets 6:14 p.m. Moon rises 10:32 a.m. Automobile lamps to be lighted onehalf hour after sunset. Records for Twenty-Four Hours. The following were the readings of the thermometer and barometer at the weather bureau for the twenty-four hours beginning at 2 p.m. yesterday: Thermometer?Yesterday. 4 p.m., 38: 8 p.m.. 34; 12 midnight. 30; today, 4 a.m., 28; 8 a.m., 30; 12 noon. 34; 2 p.m., 35. Maximum, 39. at 4:15 p.m. yesterday; minimum. 27. at 2 a.m. today. Temperature same date last year? Maximum, 51; minimum, 2r>. Barometer?Yesterday. 4 p.m., 20.80; 8 p.m., 29.91; 12 midnight. 20.92; today. 4 a.m.. 29.90; 8 a.m., 29.89; 12 noon, 29.15; 2 p.m. 29.10. Condition of the Water. Temperature and condition of water at 8 a.m.: Oreat Falls?Temperature, 32; condition, 66. Dalecarlia reservoir? Temperature, 83; condition at north connection. 20: condition at south connection, 66. Georgetown distributing reservoir?Temperature, 34; condition at Influent gatehouse. 38; condition at effluent gatehouse, 10. Weather in Various Cities. B Temperature, "g i I! I? SUtlODt. S ?f A S.- Itatetf ? "* m : h g - a Abilene. Tel.. *0.18 44 24 .... Clear Albany 29.96 28 8 .... Kofgj Atlantic City.. 20.90 44 SO .... ?>udy Baltimore .... 20.92 40 SO Cloudy Blame rek ....*0.12 8 2 0.01 Cloudy Beaton 28.94 84 24, .. Clear Buffalo ..-,....29.86 18 14 0.24 Snow Charlatan .... 29.96 56 S8 .... Cloudy Chicago 20.90 14?6 .... Clear Cincinnati 29.96 22 6 0.01 Cloudy Cleveland 28.88 20 ? 0.04 Cloudy Dearer 29.02 82 20 .... Cloudy Detroit 29.8(1 16 ?2 Pt.cloudJ El Paao. Tex.. S0.12 48 2S .... Clear (lalveaton .... 80.24 52 38 Clear Helena 29.9k 22 20 0.02 Clear JackaeaTtlle .. 80.06 56 42 .... Cloudy Kaaaae City... 80.98 22 6 Clear. Lu Angeles... 80.12 T4 60 .... Clear Loaiirillt .... 90.02 24 8 Clear Miami. FU. - ? 80.08 76 54 0.08 Cloudy *.w Orleeai... 80.18 50 88 .... Clear k.W Tort .... 2BJ2 88 38 .... Cloudy (IMllnal 90.20 88 12 Clear FblladelBhla .. 29.82 40 88 .... Cloudy Pkoealx. Arts.. 80.14 84 88 .... Clear Ptttatmrrt ...2880 26 i* 0.08 Cloudy Portland, Ma., 19.98 24 18 .... Clear Portland, On.. 80.28 88 44 0.44 Bala Salt Lake Otty 28.98 88 82 8.M Cloudy ?aa Aatealo .. 80.84 56 84 .... Clear ?an CU?a .... 80.12 68 60 .... Ctaar Sea Itsaeisee.. 8888 80 80 ?.... Clear STim* ??????? t J ???? 22* St. rani 29.93 4 ?8 / .... Clear ,WA8S., D. O. 28.88 88 Z7 .... CMrfy To Assist Investors in the Preparation of Income Tax Reports We hive prepared a revised edition of Quotations of Public Utility Securities as of March 1,1913 The Income Tax Law provides in effect that the market price on March 1, 1913, shall be used as a basis for determining the profit or loss resulting from the sale of securities which were purchased prior to March 1, 1913. Copy of this book may be had on rtqvtat. Bonbright & Company Colorado Building, Washington CARL ROBERTSON KURTZ, Representative. Xew York Philadelphia Boston Chicago Londoa Pari? AN ANNUITY IN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE Company will fife certain income for life, guaranteed by over six hundred and twenty-foe/ million dollars. Applications received by THOMAS P. MORGAN. Manager, Rooms 423-420 Southern Building. Capital and Surplus $2.000.000 the creation of Voluntary Trust you can arrange immediately for the support of dependents and the care of your property while you are away in Your Country's service. We shall be glad to dlscues this subject with you, either personally or by mall. National Savings & Trust Company Cor. 15th and N. Y. Ave. Fifty-Flint Year. ... REPORT OF THE TERMINAL STORAGE COMPANY OF THE DISTRICT OF rOLCMBIA FOR THE YEAR ENDING DECEMBER 31. J 1017. { We, the president and n majority of the trustees of the Terminal Storage Company of i the District of Columbia, do hereby report and I certify that the capital of said company is five I hundred fifty thousand dollars ($550,000), full paid, and that there are no existing debts, ex- ! cepting two deeds of trust, one dated July 11, 1 1901, and recorded in Liber 2543. folio 454 et seq., one of the land record* of the District of Columbia, and the rther dated May 14. 1009, and recorded in Liber 3233. folio 313 et seq., one of the land records of the District of Columbia. EDWARD J. STELLWAGEN. President. J. HENRY SMALL, GEORGE E. HAMILTON, W. 8. BARB AN. Trustees. District of Columbia, ss.: EDWARD J. STELLWAGEN. president of tlie Terminal Storage Compauy of the District of Columbia, being duly sworn, deposes and says that the above statement is true to the best of lite knowledge and belief. EDWARD J. STELLWAGEN. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17th day of January, A.D. 1918. REGINALD RUTHERFORD. Notary Public. P. C. Money to Loan Secured by First Deed of Trust on Real Estate, j Prevailing interest and commission. ? j Joseph I. Weller. 624 F St. N.W. j Your Money No fake or questionable advertising is allowed in The Star. Millions of dollar* are saved by people who have been wise enough to, consult a banker before investing in worthless securities. You should do likewise. MONEY TO LOAN Ob D. C. Bui Eatatr. Lowfit Rate* J ESSE L. HEISKELL. IMS E. ST. N.W. Business Slack in London Market. LONDON, January 18.?Business was slack on the stock exchange today. Gilt-edged securities were affected by the popularity of short term issue*. Mining shares were the leaders. b)jt Hhodeslan and copper stocks were also prominent. Shipping shares drooped, with the exception of mercantile marines. which were Arm. Money was harder and discount rates were steady. BY ON SAVINGS O'0 ACCOUNTS Union Savings Bank "OIiD?:ST SAVINGS BA.\K IX WASHINGTON" Wnde H. Cooper, President. 71tt Ftturicenth Street. % INTEREST] UNDER U.S. I TREASURY I SUPERVISION I I Orcr OHM I II ? Ope/t tlU KM Stiff LibertySavincsBmikI 1S.??T1410 N.Y.AVE. E.t?bU?h?< 1M7. DAVID J. HOWELL & son, CIVIL ENGINEERS, UNION THUPT BtJILDIHO. Surreys. Plant. Reports. Valuations. EQUITABLE CO-OPERATIVE BUILDING ASSOCIATION Aweti, $3,383,464.79 Save Systematically Through the Equitable Unes* you make up your mind to save systematically you will accomplish very little In a fluanclal way. The Equitable systematic saving: plan Is the one to adupt. and the time to adopt it is now. Subscriptions for the 74th Issue of Stock Btlif Received. Shares $2.50 Per Month 4% Interest EQUfrABLE building 915 F St N.W. JOHN JOY EDSOJV. rmHiu FRANK P. REESIDB. NoHur. The Safest Investments An tlm. that d* ntH 5iart< ??<ttn?i rf tin ?tock market. Mnt M *t tjrissasvaa blllty or Individuals er their stability. We caa SwartzelU Rhoem 4 Hen??yCkH

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