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THE TIMES, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1910. Military Dexters from wntW or pewpiritum. I I of neatly. TdSifui WrcmtiUtiam. Service Weatherproof from 63 Trench Weatberproofs 90 cj pp IE Li 0 T8 EtUYWHUI CURATIVE HOT BATHS THAT STOP ANY RHEU MATIC PAINS IN TEN MINUTES.

Sollivan, ex KfiidUht Oiampto. aa Trainer of the Laaao. Scottuk, tall, bow be keept his me. free from all Uric Add Disorders, Backa KMmt TrmkU. ate An sicelknt role of health is One fav But minv readers will say thev for i the necessary exercise, so I shall explain a sob strtak far more beneficial but much less strenuous and unit consuming.

You can obtain at slight cost from toy chemist about a half pound of the common Reudel Baft SaKrates. a small handful of which, dissolved in i hot txth, will produce medicated and oxygenated oiritive water. Bathe in this, and you will soon whv sufferers travel to the thermal bath ipnrars famous since Roman days, for tin SsUraUt nwal sprmt We cannot improve upon future's own methods in treating kidney trouble, biducbe and rheumatic tortures, gout, sciatica, ium biro, but to enioy a natural cure no one, rich or poor, need journey to a spa. The SaJtrates baths do jrvthmg etae. In specially severe cases, if you also wish to use an internal treatment, drink occasionally a lead traspoonful of refined APaa rid.

HOT E. Ask for fht Bniisk mmdt sallraUs put up fh, SattraUs Gjl, of London, for Uns kind truV pwaKUtd.pmt. If, afUr using, your rksumatum has wi disappear (but Umll hoot Jams jaj a jomr ioF IvrtsnwaL DrsoroErs use Kalsel Advt. BORROW BOOKS Now is the tine to bring your reading uptodatc That book of memoirs that illurninat ing Work on past wars that novel which every one talks of: you have time for them now. Lists of newest and most desirable boob are circulated to subscribers at frequent intervals, the system of The Times Book Club being to lend as many 'books as possible, not as few.

Books can be kept until the new supply exchange is received Prospectus Free. THE TIMES BOOK CLUB 3. OXFORD STREET. LONDON. W.


The Grand Duke MicW Michaflovitch of Ruaaia visi ted The King this morning. General Henry Home had the honour of being received by Has Majesty, when The King conferred upon bun the Honour of Knighthood and invested him with the TryriimiA of a Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (Military Division). Lient. Colonel Frederick Bradley (The Prince of Walesa. North Staffordshire Regiment), and Lieut.

Colonel Edward BeOingham (The Royal Dublin Fusilier) also had the honour of being received, when His Majesty invested them with the Insignia of Companion of the Most Dxstmguished Order of St, Michael St. George and of the Distinguished Service Order respectively. The King and Queen inspected, in the Garden of the Palace, a Dental Surgery Ambulance Car. which has been presented bv the Civil Service Federation to the British Red Cross Society and the Order of St. John of Jerusalem raigaana tor service at trie rront.

Mr. M. Clarke (Director of Motor Ambn Lieut. K. H.

Taoe the Household Waiting were in attendance. Princess Alexander of Teck has left the Palace. The Viscount Valentin and Sir Edward Wellington have succeeded the Lord Hyiton ana colonel the won. Ulaude wuiougnby as iora ana uroom aiting to ms Majesty, Prince Alexander of Teck has left London for the OoDtment. The Arnerican Ambassador arrived in London from America yesterday afternoon.

Mr. J. Pierpoot Morgan came to England by the same The Spanish Ambassador has returned to London from the Continent. The Duke and Duchess of Santona have left London for the Continent. The Marchioness of Bute has returned to Mount Stuart.

The Earl of Lonsdale has returned to Lowther Castle with a number of shooting guests. The Countess of Dudley left London for the Continent yesterday, Countess Gleichen has returned to 7, Herbert crescent, S.W. Lord Coleridge has nearly recovered from the operation which ne underwent last June, ana hopes snoruy so resume ms jucaenu amies. Lord Bryth left London yesterday for Ireland. Lord Rolk left London yesterday for Duncrub Lord and Ladv Ravensworth celebrated their golden wedding yesterday Mrs.

Theodore Balli and Maw Balli hive given up Hotel until they tail ii in New York. The funeral of Cantata Keith Lucas. F.T I o'clock to morrow. spend the winter George's Garrison Church, Aldershot, FORTHCOMING MARRIAGES. Major C.

Babbt Cooper and Mias 8xrn Major C. Baceg Cooper, Northumbrian Field Artillery, eldest Sutton. Hurr T. and Alios, only daughter of MrL Mrs. R.

Smith. Upper Pnrbameatstreet, Liverpool. Captain H. Tomxdtsoh axd Miss Wicxsam. An eosasemsnt is announced between Captai Hugh Tomlineon.

Military Cross, R.F.C., wn of the late G. W. Tomlirwon. J.P., and Mm. Tornlinson, MisaThrrssuox.

i Captain A.S.O., and Miss Deverell will take place wry quietly at St Martin in the Fields next Thursday. 11.30 ass. Captain C. Bridge axd Mess Wbslkt Hali The marriage srranged between Captain Charles Bridge, Royal Artillery, only eon of Brigadier General Sir Charies Bridge. K.C.M.G., C.B..

and Lady Bridge, of BafliiiaboyerB Kling. and Mi Wesley hS. daughter of the late Mr. James Weeley Hall, of Melbourne, and Ma. Wesley HaJL of 25.

Chapel etreet. Beigrevtnere, wiU take place at St Martin in the Trasadgnr eouere at 2.30. There will be no reception, but all friends will be very welcome at the church. Ms. A.

D. Iavnr axd Miss Rttchdi. The marriage arranged between Lieutenant A. D. Irrin, the King'.

Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, and Clare, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dugald Ritehie. Qedonc Ratate. Perak.

F.M.S.. will take place next Saturday at St. Peter's. Cranley gardens, at clock. Alf friend will be welcome at the church and afterwards at 10, Sumner terrace, Oaakrw square, S.W.

Ma. Moxtaous Hocro axd Miss Vrxxrans. Owing to sudden WaTB, the marriage arranged between Mr. Montague Hocker Boots Guards, and Mi Edith VUliers will take place at St. Paul's Church, Knitfhtebridtr, to day.

at 1 1 a.m. There will be i reception, but all friends are invited reception, but Mr. W. G. Batlbt The marriage arranged hurch.

Mas Wrxuajsa. tween W. G. Bailer. H.A.C, and Ida Alice Eunice Williams will take place at St.

George's. Campdan Lull, next Thursday, t.30. There will be no reception. Ms. H.

Sxtth axd Mum Bdut. The ncacemeat ut anaouneed between Lewie Henry Smith, of Ambartey, Gkiuceaterahira, son of the of Mr. and Mm. Lome Ridley, of oasUe on Tyne. THE LATE COLONEL HUGH HILL, D.S.O.

A niemorial service was held at Christ Church. Lancaatrr eate. on Saturday, for Brevet Lieutenaat Colooal Hugh Hill. M.V.O.. Royal Wehh the only son of the late James KardW Hill rs.

Gerald ShAOpereon. The Rev. H. N. Bate, the Raw.

M. uraper. and the Rev. E. W.

Ft French officiated. Among thorn praaent were UlaeateretafeSiew: and emtal oftcaa of tht Royal Walak and Onward, rhmtiiu. Soldiers." Dr. H. W.

Richarda, Diabetic E1 Foods SSd ENERGM BREAD. iHORLICKSMaltedMilk jCOCOA JfiSSBL aldlam. Dr. H. W.

Rieharda, at the organ, played rest in the Lord sad Chopia'i Marche Fun 1 The fife and drum band of the Grenadier The Last Peas." A memorial service far Captain Dearnond Here Paraoas, Irish Guard, waa held yeaterday at Holy Trinity. Prince Coneert road. Among thoae present ulW.Ciorek. Beat Satarday at 3 aja. Teaaaas, Oienadiee Gaards, at I SnX.uwUy.wil.


We Mft to annonnea that Admiral Sir William Robert Kennedy, G.C.B., died yesterday at Falconers HJIl, Dayentry. He was born in 1838, son of Mr. John Kennedy, Charge d'AOaires at Naples, sad entered the Nary in 1SS1. As midshipmsn of the present in the operations before tar eoma tima landed with the during the blockade of the daredenl tamper, he has himeell told of bow in hie pinnace he one day attempted to attack the whole Chinese Fleet out of the Pataban creek, sad, of the tenant which waa aaaafcwaas bv the Admiralty to December 1S57, the day of hie eomnteting six years service. He wss engaged in all the operaUona ofthat war.

including the capture of Canton and of the Tsku forts, as well as numerous affrays with thTnaaaaaw won the award of the Royal Humane Society's silver medal ior jumptag overboard and rescuing a man who had fallen from aloft He was afterwards in the Narcissus, flagship of Sir Baldwin Walker, and in the Victoria, tanadar in 1867, and commanded the Vestal on the North American station and the Reindeer in the Pacific from 1871 to 1874, tome of the incidents of which I I ll he afterward, related in "Sport ing Adventures in the Pacific His official services on the coasts of Peru sad Mexico during the dis turbed state of the country were rewarded by He commanded the Druid from 1878 to 1881, most of the time as senior officer on the coast found! and, where his special service in personal experiences were recorded in Sport. Travel, and Adventure in Newfoundland and the West tuuT of America, where he found material for Sporting Sketches in Sooth America." In 1887 he wss swarded a captain's good service pension, and in 188S attained the rank of rear aomiraL From 1892 to 1890 he wss Commander in Chief in the Bast Indies, becoming a vice admiral in the following year. He received the K.C.B. at Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. In 1900 he wss appointed Commander in Chief at the Nore, a post which he held until shortly after his promotion to admiral in June, 1901.

It was at this time that he brought out the best Sailor0" "which at once leapt into popular favour. In service, he retired. He afterwards published Sport in the Navy and Naval Yarna" He married to 1868 Bdith, daughter of Admiral R. B. Stopford, and lea' tame.

His Ist Cstnsa. Admiral Kennedy made a cruise in the New Zealand to 1913 for part of her voyage round the i have painted a series for the battle ciaer ward room. The admiral was among those who took part to the ancient ceremony when the ship crossed the line on February IS, 191S, when Neptune, to his speech the quarter deck, said of him for I see an old friend. It is really a pleasure to me He's a mariner old and an admiral bold, A veteran true of the see On bis breast I will pin a great order of tin, xne Old sea iog Order Una tone. Admiral Kennedy's i as a sportsman broke out he had the distinction of being removed from his honorary office as a member of the German Motor Boat Club in Berlin.

Oniy last March, to a letter Kennedy recalled a meetine Kiel to 1912, he was invited to dine with the i TLrpitz. Being i board the HohenzoUern, and the next oay went as sue guest of Prince Henry to a garden; party, where he met von Tirpits. Going up to the great man, I made my bow and inquired whom I had the honour of meeting. I am Admiral von he said. Of coarse, I knew him by his beard.

1 said you're the villain of the piece, according to the Daily Mail. When are you coming over to invade us He lAoghed and said. I am a great friend of England my children are being educated in said the Devil is not so bad ss he is pain tea. i snau wi my menus we need not The Friday. MR.

HORACE HART. The body of Mr. Horace Hart, who was for many as found yesterday to a lake at Boar's has been very fortunate in its Hill, near Oxlord. The Oxford Prei "Printers." Mr. T.

Combe, whose membered, tnough he Martha Combe, in tht, "Bidding Prayer." was a real "benefactor University. His successor. Mr. Horace Hart, hono schoolmaster of that town, he became at the age of official hat annexed London, and quickly rose Afterwards be wss with Ballantyne, Hanson, In 1883 the Delegates of the Oxford Press, on the dvice of the He v. Bartholomew Prim th ir decided to create the office of Controller to manage Dotn ue Biwe and tne learned Press, and to Hart, then a little i ill health in March, He combined admini Hisinmand of the University Press in 1900.

under Dr. Price Mr. Hart time the artistic side was much developed. A fe: of Mr. Hart's reign wss a revival of the use of the teenth century.

This revival was susKasted i pte of Dr. Daniel, now Provost of Worcester Bridge? developed. old foreign types originally brought to England from si wss suggested bTtbe College, who had begun to employ them to his private now Poet Laureate. To the same influences Walpergen, and of the flowers," bead and tail pieces," and other ornaments of the same era. Mr.

Hart knew bow to encourage subordinates of ability and talent, arid also showed marked capacity in the management of trade difficulties. He was the friend of all the scholars and writers of Oxford, including the successive Vice Chancellors from Jowett, who. himself the son of a printer, took special interest to the Press, to the present occupant of the office. Hanrv Frowde. the University Dubhsber.

On his re tirement last year, an address was presented to him printed in the reu types, anu Hearing tne atguauires id been written in the trenches in Belgium. Keen, rapid. rasonrcefuL shrewd, sharp, to appear and in reality, if Mr. Hart did not suffer fools gladlv. and preferred the company, whether to buri nam ot pleasure, of able men.

he was at the same time singularly fair and kind to his subordinates, and be will be widely missed and mourned. MR. A. P. HUMPHRY.

M.V.O. ff Alfred Piset Humohrv. M.V.O.. of Horham HalL Thaxted. Kasex.

died on Friday, and wiU be F.It.J woo IN AN ALPINE VALLEY. SOLDIERS AT REST. nox ous special ooaaavoaroiEKT at I have had a day of awoke to the music of oow balls echoing op from the lower pastures. Thai on our half of the valley, and the other half was bathed in shadow so that one could barer see the high rocky peaks through the mist It is all new to me. and vet somehow it is not unlike some of the valleys that I know 12,000 miles away.

The chalets are different, the cattle an not the same but the rocky peaks and the snow cove lav is the like its presentments on the railway posters, and To warda the end of the vallev there shaped fold in the hills filled by far away white peak. Its whiteness is all the more evident for the shoulders of the hills that it looks over black with mountain nines. Peonle come Switzerland for the summer and others for the winter, but not many see it as it is now. pastures seem unreal in their greenness, and they are smooth and soft in outline ss they run up to the pine belt. In the middle of the valley sod overlooking the little town is a church that si is contentedly upon a corneal hill.

The pepper pot spire rises throuefa a crown of trees, red tiled. and unreal There is no war in the world, it seams. There are uniforms, it is true, and British uniforms, but they are worn by men who have laid aside their armour after fid good fight Far down on the road below where I sit an officer and hii batterflv huntine ramble. The jersey and the two butterfly nets of emerald green make a spot of colour that catches the eye st once. Of course, it is all nerfectlv unreal.

the butterfly hunters. It is certainly unreal to me. Coming through Paris I saw long convoys of ambulances winding through the Bois de Boulogne. War was everywhere in the air. Even the hotel porter wore the Croix de Guerre ana nsa one empty sleeve.

Mere there is war. It seems unreal, too. to see the voting wandering hurily about the village street, driving the herds to new pastures, or carrying the milk in queer pails strapped to their backs. Brttisb: Prisoners at Plat. Last night, in the smoking room of the hotel, two young officers were playing ping pong, of all games on earth.

There was only one racket, so the other man used a copy of a monthly magazine. There was much good humoured laughter, and there was such an air of light hearted frivolity about it all that it was almost too hard to believe that both the players had been prisoners, one of them dying, but a few months ago in Germany. They will talk to you of their treatment in the German prison camps. Some of them have little or nothing to complain about, cold, and raise a white hot anger at the same time. But they tell these stories laughingly, and iioy tne telling ot them.

Truly the Englishman is a queer mortal. There one man here who has been badly bit, and is ill an invalid. Yesterday I met him starting on a 12 mile walk accompanied bv a large enten ump. a Uerman officer tnat i met on my way nere had a serious complaint to make. He td that the English made bad prisoners be tise they wanted so much exercise.

It was rier to feed them and keen them working than to provide exercise, and if they were not allowed to do 10 mile walks before dinner they pined away. You never know here whether you have to talk German or French to a resident. It is rsther dis concerting to go into a shop and ask for something in French and receive a polite reply in German. I saw a French voilu. a Soahi.

and a Turk in a tarboosh, sitting at adjacent tables in buffet, and as I speculated that the onlv man wanting was a German, a Prussian Guards officer strolled in. Besides these peopje there are Spaniards. Serbs, Albanians, Egyptians. Every to he represented in some of the Swiss WILLS AND BEQUESTS. Mr.

BEWAirn Lewis Mosrxt. LL.B.. of Brick court. Temple. E.C..

barrister, late Judge in the Native Tribunals at Cairo, who died on July 13 last at Monte Carlo, left estate in the United Kingdom of the gross value, of 48,054, of which 4t 274 is net personalty. mong his bequests were cterk Jobs Samuel Good. The rad ot hfc wteM ID. Hobwj aft to hi wife, bat in the emit of her liaSSSSSSS to the KhedWe of Ken for Gaaritahie purposes la Serai sad elsewhere as be aar Among other latest wills proved are the following QrassTsh. TSaKmaJBmT WT.uiM It.

ofthwarJBlrk the Imperial ftseawCansaavalCbast Britain sad Irskwd ..107.323 ax (Vmjj Kseawasaasssas The Bstto MraaSsd Infantry hi the 'fcwth AMean War. and cd in command of hii retfrnent when be wss Kr. Wouis OonrwALLBi Casus aiuai. sged SO. of Arnhoe Park, near Brackwy.

NorthanU. who sat for ire jaHoaea tuUm eUki'eSu 77 JM un ttn A.vr jasutv gpw i ftssawAtao. acUoaoaaJSreatiaaswltS SJT5 The frmeral took place yeaterday at bsikrVy, Bucks, the Hon. Mrs. R.

Morgsa (fwnviueTwao died last Friday from typhoid. The eldest daughter of Sir Robert Harvey she was only 22 years of asm. and her marriage to Lieutenant the Hon. W. Morgan Grenville.

Rifle Brigade, task place hurt DweamW ABT EXUIBIT10S AT BXIGBTO.V. 2 SSSSt One of the exhihita is the portrait of Kiss Aetna th by Mr. Urgent and the pirturos show. aaveoetJy been eelectad from the Royal Aeadaaey and other London exhibition. Among the artists repreaanted G.

W. Si kert, Mr. Charles Statw, and MISTRESSES SERVANTS The Times Bureaux Service, Far tht cawytakaos states. tacsUbes bare THE CANADIAN WOUNDED. NO DEMAND FOR SEPARATION.

have lived in Canada, sad from Canadians in London has poured in oa Lady Drommond at ike offices of the Canadian Red Cross Society, 14. Cockspur street, all of it supporting ber action in objecting on Imperial grounds to the suggestion of such differentiation between men who are fighting in the same cause and under the same flag. Lady Drommond expressed yesterday her surprise sad pleasure at the feeling that had been evoked. Many of the letters I have raeerved have been from people ha high position whose names 1 am not at liberty to use," stte said. Prom officers and men Stay I take tWs opportunity of tbsnbtac yon far year tataw to TU Wstss? I aiiaimi tsjsy far Sw ssm efy A Canadian private says All day we have bad officers and men calling and eying the same thing, and I can only hope that this onaaLus of opinion will have some weight.

How I frmnLaadiaas who ere in English hos with the relatives of the wounded men and keeps in A REMARKABLE NEW REMEDY OBESITY. RHEUMATISM. LUMBACOt GOUT. SCIATICA NEURFTTS. AND NERVOUS DISORDERS Splcndia Success Of Mr.

Vernon Ward Electrrtl Treatment PERFECTLY HARMLESS AND NATURAL SYSTEM WIDELY PRESCRIBED BY LEADING DOCTORS health the circularien of the blood perform, 1 of the body tupoUed with as adequate proporbon life giving elements extracted from food it regulates quantity of ft up and it collects Uric Acid nd vmnous waste product, that are continually xumu in the txtem md disposes of them before they can harm. i them to ask for anything they few extract from letters of men in British hospitals. They are quite spoi tive of The Ttt am' very well 'looked after here and hare pretty saw rtwythUSJ Is.rtWthayJ A klaw oWlttwoshV bat an? psaaaftow lrSTU rTwyUUnt I mitsae in UUi TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir, A letter from Mr. Beckles Willson The Times of to day, headed Canadian Wounded An Explanation of the Proposed Change, seems itseu to need some expianaut I have it on his own authority that it is not anv sense an official statement, but sinmlv indi vidua! opinion, strengthened into belief by his own fervent Imperial feeling.

Therefore I wish to point out that his letter in no way moaihes my protest in Tt Times ot the 0th met. Yours truly, JULIA DRUMMOND. Canadian Red Cross Society, 14 16, Cook spur street, S.W., Oct 9. TO THE EDITOR OP THE TIMES. Sir.

Might I add to the remarks of Lady Drum and men of the Canadian Forces is entirely against segregation oi irom any conscious aesire to develop Imperial sentiment in ourselves or others, but purely and simply because we find it more interesting to go to the English hospitals and meet new people. Without any reflection on the efficiency or kind endeavours of our own people, it is a pleasant from a purely vsmemm find out the wishes after all. those chiefly ivolveTsome xtra interested, they will abandon OUR DAY" ZEPPELIN RELICS. Orders for airship relics are pouring into the offices Miss May Beeman, the organising secretary of Our Day." Yesterday's post brought nearly 1,000 orders, including many offers of for brooches fuhioned out of the wire from the CnffJsy Zeppelin. The short lengths of wire which are now being cut by wounded soldiers for sale on October 19 are expected find a ready market, ana it is anticipated that in form or another the 40 miles of wire which once formed part of the airship will brin many thousand i is Miss Beeraan's description of the as sellers Our Day should reach 10, West Bolton gardens, by to morrow at the latest, aad should be acco at will asm welcome further offers of animals and birds it up for sale at wants Hiding school for the of the fund.

Muscular exercise is necessary in order to keep the circulation in fall schrity. If regular muscular more ment it iraufnoent. even in regard ottfy certain muscles, unkeahhv eeataWs. are ssTast and vanooa dordava shored up produces Obssstv. 1 1 1 ssi inw i.

Wsaasaahaav abnormal amount of fat t. When Uric Acid is allowed tc Laments, Goat, or Scutes occur. Others again I Neuritis, Neurasthenia, sod Digestive troubles owing to lack of a proper supply of rick, nourkhtng blood. Uric Aad i not be Further. Obesitv i genersl often only parts of the body are affected.

Althoush lack of muscular activity Dtoduce these disorders, ordinary exercise will net restore a Healthy condition again. Chan get have taken place in the case of the heart, lung, or other organs of the body that either make it unsafe to indulge in tuffiaent exeroae. or rob one of the energy to partake of it. Tht, why phyucal drill as a cure is so unsatisfactory. Why Mr.

Vernon Ward's Treatment Saeeassh Where All Other Methods Fail. Is Mr. Vernon new ectneal Treatment means has been discovered of effecting rapid relief and cur by awakening circulatory and muscular activity throughout the body or at perticuW area, rtikoaf either the least fatigue or slightest danger. The Treatment is so harmless and sen tie in action that leading doctors are regularly prescribing it even to dedicate sod elderly taken in aerWt comfort under ideal conditions without elaborate preparation or lengthy visits. All the patient is required to do is to rest for a little while in a specially cortructed ckeir while gentle current, perfectly free from pain or sense is passing through the Mat parts.

The results i the particular S4fs not onlv ia ouickly relieved and cured, but the health wonderfully invigorated at the tame time. It a impossible to accomplish tuch extern re improvement ky my oSW mums, for massage, baths, laarussa. or drugs are merely superficial aad temporary aad bare no lasting effect FREE Particulars will be Supplied at Personal Interview er by Post, Why not CaU or Write Te eJay? If yon are heavier than you shsaU be. or desire the measurements of your bust, waist, hips, er limb, reduced, or if you are a sufferer from Rheumatism. Lumbago, Goaf, Sciatica.

Neuritis, Nervous or Dtsaabve disorders, full detail, retarding Mr. Veraoa WarsVatw Electrical treatment will be given free of charge er obligation. A personal call is preferable, but if this is impossible st present, particulars will be sent gratis sad post free on to 2 VERE STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE. (facing MarskaU sad Soelgrove. and New Bond streetX or to the Brighton Establishment.

91 King road. Brighton, la few doors from the Grand Hotel). (ADVT HONOURABLE WOMEN. TO THE EDITOR OP THE TIMES. Sir, We are hearing a great deal about rolls of honour aad street shrines, but may I ask why the i of women serving at the front are not coupled with those of our men at church services nor in scribed on rolls of honour The King decorates three deaths in its CkurUr, yet the churches and public ignore them as individuals.

It haa been said. Woman was not placed above man lest she should seek to lord it over him nor was she placed beneath him leat he should trample on her but at his side to be his I as well as to our sisters if we refrain from coupling church services, seeing they have voluntarily gone forth to be men Uuipen.anu in rgiiwsmg to their names on our rolls of honour have omitted to give honour where honour is doe Hospitals and General Contracts Ltd. 19 35, Mortimer Street, LONDON. W. Societies Umbos Saedsi attsataw rlres Sa sWrts.

psssa: JrssssmJMOH. Tmmt: "CwmmUm Um4." MerSa Ouit.cvmd heft ss SSSS) carwtal tool Hospitals and General Contracts Co Ltd. DEATH OF MR. F. B.

NORMAN. Mr. Frederick Henry Norman died on Friday. Born in 1839 Be was the fourth son of Mr. Oeorge 'arda Norman, of Baumlay Common.

Ut Kent aad one of that family of cricketers who. like the Lubbocks, made the Kent County XI. the sirfses faauoas. Indeed, after being oaptain of the Eton XI. in IsST, and of tne i am image ai.

ut isso, str. VnMMa took Dart in much ftrst elaaa cricket, aad later rarely missed the great school and university Uk his father before him. Mr. Norman waa for be held for 3 years. He had a minute acquaintance with the somewhat complex procedure of University courtesy of manner he was generalTr popular.

Eduwted at Rugby and at Trinity CoUege. Cambridge, be was altrrwards called to the Bar at Lincoln Inn. He was a hrdhant shea and won the Ouoeo Pliat at Wimbledon in in. He was ZTX of the Council of the National Rifle Aaaoeij A Lady txpert is in ittss stem from 10 6 sclecs daily st undenswntioned addresae tosdrue and SSSSSt in 4 yriTand did good work mm meoabar of the War Office Small Arms Committee. Far a tame Mr.

fl2uwiy he has resided ha the country, ckaafy at poaton HaB. although he retained house in Cambridge. Mr. Humphry was twice married, and had three sons and two daughters. late.

3171). rs. r. sws rimk. isn QmJmd straw.

John Bmkmr 6r Kmmmstm Vtjt He was railed to the Bar. bat early gave up the practice of the lew to join the then private bautking house of Messrs. Martin a. He was a director ol Few men who had spent many Tears in the City, where of eestsrse his Bgurt was faendtar. as aigoeated the City type of mind.

was ahaaat straagely transpannt and guileless his opinions more just and kindly than partisan. Hie fnend. Witt most of att recall htm ss ruling or walking in the lanes around has home in Hertford abroad. Mr. Norman married in 1870 the oniy daosrhtrr at the USe (Mr Mask Wilka Cuttet.

sCsb sarvrvta hiss. He tsawse two kmss and one By a ABBANGEM ENTS POB TO DAV. wtjwmM st. The Law assastm Mr. A at Bsrasr.

OaWarsSy Oshssa. a It aKry as nrsstw 'ss OsVmV. mm, i'um' PARUAMBNTABT NOTlCEb. noum. cm.

mx GENBnAtl ktVRjrmWIGkTTED. SsaS saaAf words. It a anrostord In the OwsctSs that ths Km has grvest astjaea lav taw safhwrtaa ssisasHina (SadaAs from Juae a. I9i) at aiipSTu at mil I I I stsi3aaH.

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