The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 31, 1934
Page 2
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(ARK.) COURIER NKW6 i 5^ 4* i i r^ Lc^UJ < , /^T^ I i-' Social Calendar TUESDAY'S EVSNTS Jtfis. joe Tik'scnmim having Young Matrons Urlflgc club. lascern fatnr inceumj m hall 7:SO !>. M. \VEl>«ESDAY'S EVENTS Wednesday linage duo meeting wltn Mrs. r'arnswurch . . Bioli; ijtudy Cliiircn o) • • Ohrlsi mu-iine "wiiu Mis. u. U. Grimes', s:3«i p. M. uelpnliiii Fine Arts club me:t InB ui the Hotel Wooie, IK-sO A. M. THTOaDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. itoss LJ. Hugnes navlng Timrsday Luncheon OHIO at CUUH iry cluo. Thursday Bridge club meeting vmn hirs. Loy Welch. 'inursaay Lomract club meeting ran Mrs. R. Wins Prize. Doris Worthy, five, daughter oi Mv. and Mra. Martin Worthy 01 Marltcd Tree and lor'nerly ol jicre, won a S5 prize recently in a voice contest sponsored oy \Vl<liC, BiempntB broadcasting station. Doris sang "Wnen Saiua ulaus Comes to I'own"" and was, Judged Ihe Oesi. singer In a large group. She is the granddaughter ol u. T. Worthy and ii nic^c of Mrs. ,Loy Welch. John O'Brieji Wltn "Hollywood Foolics." Joan owicn, son 6t Mr. and Mrs. £e»h U'Uricn, is now a mcpi- »er 01 the "Hollywood Foolics,"' a feature 01 "20 happy holigtuis 01 nllarity" \\htch is playing large tncaters throughout the southern states. BooKeiJ as Johnnie Dunn, young O'Brien is ic&tured in ihc ut- iracuon, whicn has orchestra decorations adorned the entertaining 'twins B .|th cenlerplpces of roses and tapers on Ihe . Among Ihc guesls »m> Mr. aiirf Mrs. Hale Jackson, of osceola and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lowery ' of cnicngo, hoiiseeuesis of Dr. rmd Mrs. Hunter c. Sime. • " * # Have "Drop In". !lclcn A)iec <wd i A , 'ruea- <wd Jicr bfolticr, Harold, curtained a number of their friends last even, s as even, !|ig who diopiwd in to men their High Cards 'Mean Trouble for Too Optimistic Bidder Bits oj News Mostly Personal nance, song and short sXit iium-'lnoinc. Emma Dick Muovc ha., gojie-to Boston, Mass., to spent inc rest of the winter with hci brpthcr, Thomas Moore, who is i« the United States marine corps stationed at Boston lor a your. Miss Dulma Gnivcttc, formerly of nere and now of bitUc HOCK, and Ciinwm Frazlcr, lormcrty 01 Acre onu iio«' of Dalitis, i>peiu ytsicrday and toduy In inc city. Mr, and lyrs. Sain AlatmU ujw chnaren ana Mrs. Jiuinait'e sistei 1 , MISS Alociia Elliott, returned Sat- ui'day nlgm- from iowa Oily, Iowa, wnere tnoy spent chrtstnias \vlth «ti: Alanatt/s parents. Mrs. O. \V. Biccuichcn, \vlio hiis bcca 111 from imiucjioi, )i«s now 'ccovercd. Aloert Taylor «-i]l Nashville, Tumi,, tomorrow, where i)Q attends Vaiidcruilt University, alter apcnding the holidays ia bere. '^ne show is no>v,ln ChaRotfe N. O, for a special ral(|nll!til> celebration nt the Paramount theater anrt after being (hero lor thici aays vyJil go to otiler [loiuls o North and South Carolina and yiremia fliirmg -jartwry. ""' • •, , Jonn has played ,the piano sluce a child Hii prclicstia played "li Mcmpnis loi some time qurmg the , ftu - . . J. ji.^i Slanj Visitors Will Altciid Country I'Jub U.UKC. 'lljere Mill be a number of oiil of town guests nt the cptuurj club dance tonieht when in'town guests 'are.,also'to'be included. Emmett Sells and his eight, piece orchestra,- of Memphis, will Play with dancing ticgUinlng »t, a.3u o'clock Bieakfast, will ut served after the dunce. Program AmiounceU for 15. T. U. rarly! Members of the B T. U.'s of Hie First Baptist churel> will watch the old yeai die and the new year area in a parly at the church immediately following a council meeting which begins, at 9 o'clock The "King of Kings"" movie, mu- Me and singing \ull icalurc the entertainment. The juniors are to have a party beginning at 7 o'clock' will) Mrs. Alfred Carpcntci in charge." * • » Have Family Dinner. Mr. and Mrs Roland Green had a number of Mrs Green's family lor dinner Sunday noon at their home. The large table was dcco- inted with Oirislmas ornaments and red tapcis. Guests were Mr Mrs. J..A. . ... and daughter, Evelyn Jean Charles Majtwell and Mr. and Mrs' John Whitworth, . of Osccola Mr' and Mrs. Abner Maxwell, of Shaw M \? Ian an(1 Carl Maxwell nnd Miss Maieuerll* sttgall, of Mem- Phis To Have Health Program. Miss Cora Lee Coleman will be leader of a health program al thc roectmi? of the Business and Professional Women's club this evening, 7.30 o'clock, at the Hotel No- oie. Tne program "\\as arranged by MISS Flora colton, stale fecalth chairman « . * New i'ear's Service At First Christian thurtli. Members and fncnds of First Christian church are inviicd to .» • «-•« inrjj.i,u tu -New Year's eve at the spend , C ,m rCl ' h ?," U3nigllt A i'--'«^ supper mU open Ihe program al 6.30 p.m. Tliis will be followed by a program of Bible games, making of resolutions and devotions. Deau- tlful stereojnican slides of thc famous motion picture "The King of Kings" will be shown and the slory guen as a Closing climax to the evening's program Thc main hTT J'V 01 ^ 5 « W "'dock but all V ho c?esire are Invited to «e the oty year'out and the new pne in at the church, according' to a statement by the pastor, the Rev. V. E. Buterwortli'. ' ' •!•" lr * * • Tf> Reytew Booli. Mrs. James Hill, Jr.',. will review, the book, "The Folks," 8 t uie meeting of the Delphian Fine Arts cub Wednesday morning, 9:30 o clock, at the Hotel Noble Tom ilalian, wl)o atteiids"t|vc Uliiverslty, of l'e:nn,cs5ee Bchoo) ol .. . 111 Memphis, Is returning to school today ufltr a visit »'iih reliUlycs. llci't Hooper nnd duiighier Elizabeth, ol I'aducnh, Ky., were guests ot Mr. and Mrs,. Leslie nooper yesterday. John Manaii i>juns to leave tomorrow for Georgia Tech, at At,, lanla, where he attends school, alter spending Uic holidays at home, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hisht nnd daugnter, Miss Hulh Tistiaie, '01 Wives, lenri., were gucsis of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hooper yesterday. Miss Marguerite Pride and OJi- vev W. Coppcdgc will go to Mem- r*is tonight for a (lance, joining a party of Mem plus friends. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Hulfmau and AIiss Virginia Huffman motored to Memphis loduy accompanying Alvin jr., and Rank Huffman, who arc returning to Mississippi college at Clinton, after sufiidiiur Christinas here. O. Gordon has returned lo his home in Memphis after having been guest of his aunt Airs. H. Hifhflll, am! Mr. Highfill for Ihe weekend. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wyiic have returned from Arkadelphia, Ark where they accompanied Mrs. j.' 3. Galloway, who lias been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Wylie, for several days. Miss Susie Ellen Knowlton, ot Perllishirc, Miss., will arrive loriay to be guest of Miss Clara Louise Davis for several days. Thc Rev. and Mrs. V. E. But- Solution to Previous Contract Problem BV WM. K. MeWKW IxcreUry, American Bridie Uigur. As I have otlcn said, big hands present big problems. Tim (rouble with too many players is !hu[ they count (heir winners and not llielr losers. Sure, Bouth has six "quickies," but his partner tried lo sign the hand oil nt thrco no (rump und lhat jump to sh Epndcs is very optimistic. However, l will give the boy credit ivho made (he hand. He mnde a nice play to complete his contract. When you look Ihc hand over, you will tell me Ihc contract c:m oc defeated, but how mnny 1 players will make the play to defeat it? tet's just nnotyne Uie plav. The Nay When wcsl opens the rjucen of diamonds and Ensi plays the nine you know that Bust Ims eilhci' one A 103 V 10 U f, » Q J 10 8 4 4KS 3 Hi #10 2 i—None viil. WVb» Xortli' Knit 1 : Pass a '4 p ass Pass 3N.T. Pass 1 1'ass Puss 'Pass' &*' Opening lead—+ Q.> V / 9 31 terworlli and sons' have returned from Independence, Mo., where they spent • Christmas with the Rev. Mr. Duttem-orth's purcnfs Misses Pearl Graves and Helen primes spent the week-end in Memphis where they. attended the wedding of Miss Lena Slscoe. formerly of here and now of Memphis to Albert Holland, ot Memphis ,,™- and dimghler. He! norc or none, so of course the first thing you hare lo. tio Is lo ilck up (he (rump. Unfortunately, that lakes four swings of trumps, After the four rounds of trumps, vou lead llirue roinnls of licarts and Ihcn play tiie king of dla- uonds. At this point East* must oc careful lo rclnin his jack of — Steele-Cooter Society -^ Personal Today's Contract Problem How would you h|i) i|| 6 North'Soiillj cards 911 (|ils liand'.' How woiild^'ou bid the !!«6t-Wcsl i-ardiil One leain', J'layliiK In (lie imllonal eliam. ploiiship touriinmenl or Uie American Uriilgo League, file-- ccQdei) In inakins lioubjed Bdlils conlrachi oh both flip North-South and East-West cards A J 100 3 V A J '* Q 7 li 2 VQ9S 7 65-1 „ .„. u«, ..^i Bohillon In next issue; iii licarls and discard a club. Now tin declarer's in the lead. He has the eight of trump, ihe losing six of diamonds, and the two and ten of clubs. Should he lead tlu> ten or the dsuccV If he leads (he ten, West will cover with Uia king and, when a club fs relumed, East will win with the queen, exit with a heart, and Soulh will idji i, avc (ll( , josj diamond. Now, Ihc proper piny i s lo.ic Ihc deuce ol clulB, True, if West goes up with Uic king the contract Is defeated, but thai is a ttourjle dummy play. Naturally, west is Sol"!,' lo play Hie three of clubs and jou play the nine spot in (.ummy. East, wins the I ricks wltli Uie (]iiceii, returns the Jack of her Caraway-Weaver. A weiUlliig of mutual Interest, here was that of Miss Lucille Weaver to Jim Caraway, which Look place December 24 at the lioinc of Rev. S. H. Salmon, .In Blylhcville. with only intimate. friends, attending. Mr. uiul Mrs. James IMiillips ot 3ot Springs, entertained a num- Jcr of friends lit their home In Hot Springs Thursday iilglit in lonor of the wedding anniversary n Mr. Phillips' pa'rents. Mr. anti Mrs. Jiimes Phllliiis arc former residents of this community »nd have many friends lierc. Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Bobbins, of stcelc, vere unioiig Ihosc present nt the celebration. Miss Dorolhy Still hns returned lionic alter several days in Memphis visiting Irlcnds. Mr. and Mrs. Itobcrt Buidinc have named their lufimt son Richard Enoch. Mr. and Mrs. H. Bitllcntlne an- nouncc ihc birth of twins at their home here Thursday. Lee Ycagcr \indcrwciit a toiv ... t " "»u^uit;J, ^nce. liart as llielr cucsj^ vnv l — --.-n... ....u^.,.^... » .u..- crday Dr. ut.d Mrs. Irvin Slci n- H 11 ™ 101 "? nt , McDnnlcl clinlc Frl and dauglitcrs r.,r - ---.» v, vinimin.t Henry Sternbcrg, of Fort 0[I11II1 . L>r. Slcrnberg is secretary of Uie Arkmisss Denial asscciiuion. Tomato News Mi: iaia Mrs. Gill, of Hayll. Mo verR ciro<iic nt \«^^ ... , _ . ' day. lie where Sunday. oi irislmas. . Mrs o. M. Belcher was the •hnstmas guest of Mrs. I. Butler ' the scliool, . Hnruld Mnrtiii, of Carbomlnle, III., attended to business here Friday. ./• Newberry 'Johnson spent. Thursday and Friday in Memphis.' Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Mavshull, of St. I,ouis, arc guests of Mr. Marshall's parent,-;, air. nnd Mrs. Dave Marshall, and other rcldr Pi* "ns nd Mrs. Mike JEkcnslrc. , hrlsll "ns with Mr . ' JOC Joncs of Jon( , of ' of ln . Guesls Mr. and Mrs. H. Hlghflll entertained 40 couples last even- liE at Ihair Ironic on Walnut street,- especially, com- pl mentlng their houseguesU, Mr?. Willie L Beeves of Chicago and - Mrs. Highfill's nephew. William O Gordon, of Memphis Refreshments were. served horn five to seven o'clock. Yuietlde hi! L COmm "" ily Baifh uains. » as c£i " »i the Christmas weddings O « Miss Piorine . Mrs. George Stages and Jue 7|« be .powoS of me To 4-H club, now being oi-gan- Slagg brothers have organized • a . boxing club. Madame Marie Curie was thc first person to receive the Nobel prize twice; she receded It In 1903, wllh her husband, for physics', and again in ion for "chemistry. C. G. Penny is the guest o[ relatives in Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Smith loll Saturday for their home ot Amn- rillo, Tex., after spending thc holidays here with Mrs. Ida Smith. Nirs. Mollie Manning, and oilier relatives.' ' ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Ruel Ashcr. Mr and Mrs.. Joe. Russell. Mr. and ill's. lx)ts Reid and family, and Miss Lorene Hushing, of Cooler, Joe Azblll, ol Tyler, and nich- ard Simmoiis, of Herrin, III., wore dinner guests ot Mr. and Mrs. John Russell, Christmas day Mrs. Delia White, of Memphis, Is the hoiiscEuest of her sister. Mrs J. \V. Young, and Mr. young, over the holidays, Mr. and Mrs. O rover Clark, of Warden, Mr. ami Urs. A. J. Aslicroft, Misses Onclia Young, and Kat.ic Bell licddick, and James Abncr Ashcrofl were dinner guests Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. HersheU Jones and children returned to their lome al. Cardwell Wednesday after spending a few iays with Mr. and Mrs, J. R. Jones and family. Miss Rubye Ashley Is spending! he holidays In Joiner, Ark,, with ier parents, j Mrs. John Tucker, sou, Cleo, | , o hearts, and West, finds himself icrt. """I, to . I" go Ihc eight of . All the declarer has to do now is to lead the ten of clubs overtake in dummy and discard the losing diamond on the ; last club. and daughters, Ruby and Rwii '•elurned Sunday from Casa, Ark' "•here they j, ttvc V js il(xi ,. etel ,^ for a week. .Miss Roseim Slnunpns, of itcr- Koury"" ' S '" 1C !!UeSt °' Mlis °'B a r- and Mrs. Emmett Yates have to their home i,, ™ the Christina? holldaj Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brown ha as their guests Mr. and Mrs Homer Failing of Syracuse, Ne York, Mrs. Falling Is Mrs. Brown niece and before her marrlaj; was Miss Lily Bess Posey of Mitr lanna. Mr. and Mrs. Laiigston, had as their guests during the holiday Mrs. I-angston's .father and. slt> UT, J. Ooswlch and Miss Doll Goswleh of Memphis. visitors 'in the home of Dr. an Mrs. Thos. p.' Hudson during th holiday;; were Misses L. L. Lind acy, of . Memphis, Laura Undse> of New York, Mis. Tom McHchr of Claiksdale, Mr. and Mrs. Jin Glcustjji, ' of Kansas City. Miss Maxinc Brown is in s cusc, New York, where .she oting entertained as thc guest o her cousin, Mrs. Homer Failing. Mr. and Mrs. Rucl Butler havi returned from Hoac. Ark,, wlicr they iij«nt the holidays ivlth M Butler's parents. Thursday night Mrs. Langsioi er.tcilalncd with a bridge supper Those enjoying her hospitalit were: Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bo wen, Mr. , and Mrs. Jesse Browr Air. and Mrs., Gmvcr I)river, Mr ond Mrs, Chas. Mifflin, Dr. an Mrs. Thos. P. Hudson, Mr. an Mrs. Louie" Wallers, Mr. and Mrs J. D. Hires, Mr. and Mrs. T. D WiJklns, Mr. and Mrs. Randa Nichols and Miss Doily Goswleh 1'mes were won by Mrs. T. D V-ilkLiis and J. D. Hires. Louie Lyons of Memphis sji Christmas with his sister, Mrs Abe Ijlvcrant. ' Friends' of the L. L. MeDcarmans and 15. s. Crl.hfields win regret lo learn that they arc moving to Osccola al an early date. They h.ivc taken the residuncc former!) occupied by Dr. Davis. Mrs. Shack Franklin and ' children, Shack, Jr., Driver uiul Julia were the gucsis of Judge John B Driver and other relatives here during the holidays. Mrs, Fran- Win and sons .nave retailed to their home. in Moscow, Tenn but .Julia remained for a longer ' visit with her uncle and aunt Mr and Mrs. Grover Driver. Mrs. p. M. Bonds spent the holidays in Baldwin, Miss as tu« guest of relatives. Mrs. E.' R. Bogan has as her Mr. and Mrs C.lycie Warren and dBUslrtcr, Mildred, O f Halls, Tenn pent aiirlstmas day with Mr. and ->irs. L. L. McDcarman ' ' • Mrs . an , daughter, Anne, of Hernajirto, Miss. Ihe guests of Mrs. ms, Dr. and 'rough. and Mr! and i ' par- McOcarinan ,, l>is after spending^ the holidays ' Mr. and Mrs. James Slioni. lave returned home after „ Vlsi In Marion, m. ". Miss Mary Martha Chambers io 'm" 11 '5 s ' I s .?P e »<ti»S the liolldai; or . P er n ldluc PitU5 ' or " lr <"' ,s u, c 81lcst of M , for th " Mr: and Memphis W. B. l , - . rs. Emmett Avers i 0 ' Cnnn'and Hubert Per- . e J, who have been ill from M,, Mr. and MK. Shcptrinc, of ". have 'moved to Baton M r. a'nc e Services at Portageville /, for Pneumonia Victim Say'." P ° rlaeCTit ^ Hospital Notes Remarry After Four rf Separati on COOTER, M^Mrs. Goodwill and William P «parated by divorce about ears ago , tt . crc m ^ ^ ceremony performed this morning at thc home of Mr Aaers parents, Mr. and Mrs p razler, of near Cooler icTab 1 ""! J^' PrSZier wefc Innr - cd about five years ago but were separated after about a „£. . Has ijeycr died, njy dear Pvrt'iiniii! .us iwily'nlanls • plpssonis yeui' or) yciir. HAVE nol given i( my care. , , Uiinurliircd, tliougli, the seed .V'nds stuixly tendrils (lirguglt lkc any errant weed; I'VE tried to pluck il out, to (oar, , 'i'o loose it vviili liotli liatids; lo mow il, burn il, beat ildown, But, oil, lljc (un cowrcd willi a veulanf grass That nothing will efface. : H may be real love never leaves A ban'en, sandy placel tlQNDAY, DECEMBER 3j,,1934 Lutherans Will Hold ' New' Year's Ev« Swyjce I'ilgrim ' Liitlicran church will Iwld a special New Years Eve Efl'vjce lonlght at flehE 9 clock at which Holy Coiiimunioii «||| l,e administered. The local pastoi will speak on the theme: The Wisdom to Which the Thought of- Time's Rapid Flight Should- Move Us,V. All are cordially In vilcd to'attend this last scivlco of Die old year. The virus causing' Vsphus (E\(;i Is carried by mice and woodclnicks as well as by rats, according to ic- cent medical discoveries A survey shows that 14,000000 of the 16,500,000 inhabitants of Mc\i- co arc either full-blooded Indians or or part Indian blood. The Mexican "dragon !i/ard runs across water on its hiljd let, without sinking; the lizard has a five-inch body and an 18-inch tail. Colds That Hans 0>n I Don't let them get starlet? 1 isvM Ihem quickly. Creomulslon combiii&l 1 helps in one. Powerful but harmless. Pleasant to lake. No narcotics Your druggist Is authorized to refund your money on the spot if your cough or cold is not rcliucd by Crcomulsion. —Adv 11 CROQUIGNOLE Oil, GUARANTEED WAVES SI Up - - None Better Finger Wave - - 25c . Barret Beauty Shop last House on No. 5th HEADERS' SERVICE BUKBAV, Boom JWS, Ml Eisutb AY*., New York, N. y. Endo»e<J 8n«. . ...... cola for which please send me- Hime ..,,.. M . Street ..,..,.,.,, ,.;.. City ot •>,...(. State tirdeau, iJoyd'Hcage -and ; Mority Grimes, who attend schol al Chil- icotlie, Mo., and Miss Grace Croive, of the Molar Beauty cliool, Memphis. Mrs. J. p. Bennett and daugh- er. Viola, spent Christmas day 'Itli Mr. Bennett at Wyatt, Mo. Miss Jewell Lewis reunied Tucs- ay from a visit with Mr. ana Mrs Burreil Jernigan, of Dyersbure ^enn. Miss Norma Holt 1 ' has ; beeiv 111 •ilh lonsiiitis. She was unable ) return to her school at Bragg Number' of : known. ! solar elements .was brought to 60 with thc recent discovery of sulphur on the sun; thc eartli has 92'known elements. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY FOR RENT ROOJII APARTMENT, isicclv fur nished. Phone 489. 3i c xt Bulgaria has granted a free pass, good. for one year, on its railroads to newlywcds in BII of-. tail lo' stimulate an increase of population. • - ' ;. '.Now •Located--»i i ;101 North;. Secana S ,(.. , — :.' ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU CON EDWARDS, Proprietor ; UI mokes of rebuilt Typewriters/Wdin* Machines and Calculators Bepiirint-Parti-Bibbons ' Erxzler was hert tneville 61>e school. . Burns before Braggadocio News Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Radiord nri M 1CCt °"' - y " ar? V « U »S Mr- nd Mrs. Bert skiiuier • ' fir aiitj M rs . To)n Lcwjfi cnUr _ tnmed [|ieir children and grandchildren at dinner Christmas day i Raymond Gallalier. who j s CI ,J r Ollcd in the CCC camp at Pond-1 ford, Mo., spent Christmas at ionic. Mrs. Beck Dye has as her guests icr mother and two brothers, Mrs -•nsham and Ray and Lowell Gri- •ihain, of Cnpc Cirnrdcu. Ainong the young people home rom school for Uie holidays were Mkscs Marie and Mildred Long and Joe Bob Cpppagc, who at- end Teachers college at Cape Gi- YOU Ask for a 1935 Ladies Birthday! .ALMANAC Th( iie«rrsl drufjlsl sir bfl «Iad to give you <mt ot theso popular alcunaM If you vl!l ask (or II before they ire all cow. Head COLUS In bidding 1934 Goodbye wo czin honestly say it has been the best business year for us since 1929 and we hopefully and confidently expect continued improvement in 1985. Phone 100 for Every Building Need. also •"."•• Mayflower Wallpaper and Sahara Coal FARMERS BANK ' & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. LUMBER - 100 E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. LUMBER WTHEVILLE PHONE JOO ARKANSAS > We Do The Res*

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