The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 4, 1933
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXX—NO. 145 BLYTHEVTLLE COURIER NEWS «*£« THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythevllle D*ily, News. Blyth«rtlle MI»UBlpp> Valley Uider Blytberille Htrald. BLYTHEVILLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, 11KW. SINGLE COPIES ' . CENTO Hurricane Moves West Over Florid No .Deaths and Relatively Little Properly Damage Recoiled. lowan Is President o{ Young Democrats KANSAS CITY. -Mo.. Sept. 4 lUI'l—nth-Kales lo the firm national convention of the Yoima Uetimcratic Clubs of Amaic:t went lirme today after cltclini; Cliff Woodward of DCS Muines. luwa. . i'S president. ! James Roosevelt, son of the president, was elected secretary by acclamation. Mi^s Koweiia Lockctt (if. Los Angeles was named vice- 1-Tesiden;. WEST PALM BEACH, Fin., Sept. 4 (UP)—A lerrlfic hurricane moved Inland today after lashing the Florida coast from West Palm Beach' to Fort Pierce, 100 miles to II 1 ". north. Communications were down at Forl Pierre and towns between. It was feared damage had been heavy. Inland towns lo Ihe xvest were in the xrip of the storm. Red 111 75 miles from here', was held in a 60-mile wind which seemed to be increasing in intensity. The barometer wo? dronnin^ rapidly. Only Two Injured This town was withoul com- municalion with Hie outside world fr.r more than two hours while fierce winds, estimated to be reaching a velocity of 100 miles an lv-"r Hnij^cJ through thc streets. A hasty check Indicated damage iwas comparatlvelv slight. No death's wprc reported and only two injuries. A man, was blown' through a plate glass window and a woman hirl a small piece of wood blown her ankle. Arkansas Cotton Growers Mrel y\i: JVlarmnna' .«ro!inn. Governor Leads Tobacco Growers Fight HAl.KKill, N. C., :>n:. -1 illl'i- ,'.•:,'V [I'.i- lij'.hl fur, lllf'hiT Lol):'.rco >„••:-. [i. !n;;iilons from North Carolina. ••-Ill i::r.i!!!H' ami Vli-Klntn, hca.l- i Ir. Khilii'ihmr., IMHIVCI-KPI! on niilliiinl capital icday (11 :.eik lli-my A. VY.ilbr,. and! Mili'll! liixiTVrll tor llic Inuvil | pilc-i". iu yenv.-;. [ pltK-hmillllllll ,sfk Una (•; ' Manufacturer Remains in Seclusion at Isolated Mrujitain Club. MAROUETTE. Mich.. Sepl. 4 <UP)—Henry Ford plans lo ignore the NRA when Ihe deadline for his signing the automobile cude is it-ached Tuesday, the United Press' v;as reliably informed today. It is probable, the United Press was told, that Ford would allow Ihe deadline lo pass without notice 'and make no explanation of his failure to sign the code, lie must sign by midnight Tuesday if he is to signify his voluntary compliance with the terms of the code. Ford docs nol intend to leave the seclusion of the Mountain club Notorious Desperado Captured in Oklahoma After Fleeiui.' Lockup. ARDMORE. Okla., Sept. -1. (UP) — Harvey J. Bfilley, notorious convict v.'ho escaped from Ihs Dallas onmly jail curly today, was recaptured » few hours later. He was taken by oiticers in Aid- | r'orc about 11:15 a.m. i Nick Tresp, tlic Dallas jnll turnkey who was kidnaped by Uailey *n the escape, was still v.'ith him. The rapture occurred after a parly of officers .spotted Hie llee- in? convict at a filling station. Officers firsd three .''; at Hie c:.r in the short encounter but no ci;e was hurt. Hale Dunn, chief nf police, and Patrolman licnnett Wallace spot- led Bailey's car at a fillint; station two miles east of this city. Tliey gave clic.'e and the capture came on a main street. Dunn himself, lorccd Baileys surrender. The i-.uninan ha'.i Tr;sp handciiircd to him. Officers were afraid to fire .it Bailey in the chaso for fear of hitting the Dallas offlcrr. Bailey was armed with a >[- f 1 The htirricane"was following a ""«! thc . en " nf ™ s wck at thc lr«tcl. He was-taken to In; city ur cailicst. it was said. 1 j B ji where a large crowd niimcdi- course almost due west. The Florida roast had been piv- rn warning and homes and buildings were boarded up against the csilicst. it was said. 1 j;?u where a large crowd immcdi- i Several days before the automo- i atpiy formi-d. ile code was drawn up in Detroit earlier in the summer General j Hugh S. Johnson talked with Ford Over Powered Deputies DALLAS, Tex.. Sept. 4 (UP) — . winds of 45 to 5(1 miles nn hour. Storm Center (o North Ff'ar was felt here for the towns nf Jupiter, Sdiart, anil Fort Pierce, nil to the north. Tt was believed thc neuter of the storm passed !>c-lh of here, but how far was a metier of conjecture. The freighter Western Sword. of her propellor bv the hurricane, was anchored off the Florida const, riding out heavy seas and the screaming wind. She was believed safe. Thousands fied the district -be- twecn'Miami and Fort Pierce when the storm warnings were given Those who remained boarded up Ir.cir homes and to-ok every possible precaution against loss of life and property damage. Eafs Way Into Jail and Likes Meals There Dru'iiiiour This Puts Numerous Under ecliires NRA Program Will Receive Real Test-, in Nexl I'ew Weeks. o( Hie ictl.iy, piulli-tiii'.: Unit II Hi'; pull-. ', • iiiu-ls tin <-ha!hn:-;e the ntJIon ' Inn- 111'.' iiunv ills-s." 'Ilii'-faV tit ih'j proplj nn-.v i:r In : '.Ivir ('V,n K:n;(!:. Juhn.-.-oji :ald. HT "Liu: niiU'initl recovery ti'jt .lias • (•one its p.ivi." Test Is f.'oiulll} Soon' .; ! In crliip sralrnci's' he Informed ' p. InigL- Illinois I.aljor Hc'dcrftlbii!' 1 cmhi-iicr at Ihe Cvnlury of I'rog- : n'.i cxiiiulUon that the iirojram has r;ai.h«i tin 1 jiuiiiL «lisri,> ''Ihn . ii'nl test '.vlll cnrm 1 In Ihe next IV WC = !«'.." If nil rmj'.la.vcrs' live up lo their iVs and all ('(iimni'.ei-s "buy i;cn- :r(ji 1l sly" under tin) IMiii 1 I-'agle, "iiisliie's unit rrompluynii'iit will :!TI'.V (lip hl;-;i".t spntl It has l-rinvn fur years." Jahiron slid. 1 'I fie president has shown the w;iv. provided Inc organisation, v.-illlrn Ihe niivi-riptlon. bill lhal i:; all that nny law or any exct'il-. I've can ever do for the people, Rcosevelt Lewi IP: j.-cdli'Ud l':!«l the in-ill 1 liinup- ir n<ip liii 1 ; b'xin ina1<'.'i-.iMv ro- (.11 ni :iud liy ll-.o duv.-ii- r'•: i. A 1 ::••:'.»> t'.:lnv -1.10 incli:••; ol n In b;.d lirt-n re^oid-xl l;y t!iv :.I;VH nmn'l vciilhi'r uh.rrvi i r her.? ,-n the lii..t linn- .duvr nf llvj i::tn:ii. More Hum hull of the fr.ur iprhes fell during tin 1 first I-nit of lodny. llfill \Vi evil Not Srrinus 1 'fin- <.':iiMiiurd ivc'l wcall'ier. has ,in itli-iil'. fwi'.l!'!i)!i.,4,1!' liK spri-ad dl '.arious cotton dlsri: •.(••; Mirh as \vlll mid rust. :u- [lie he dianre lo help ATLANTIC 01TV, N. -I.. 5>pt. 4 l^ — Fixpr^rdii;; belief Lhe'^na- Mnii "is ,on the mad back topros- ixilty," I'oslma-itcM- General' James A. Fin-ley wild unlay thut Indjca- i's pointed lo "considerably, Iticalcr iiQstal revenues" this year than in 1012. Fnrlry told the, NatWi. ,'. '• Atjso.- c'dlU'li of .7.,'jUor"Cnn:lf:f3. foiivtn- 1 - -j ' M-iil late on Joi'iil liinll'iiid si'ini'~'1-':| n'nt'-'d business and announced bers presumed lo have furnished Ware. University ol Arkansas; C. G. Smith, of ,Uiyiiievillc, Ark., iTpi-e-..i-iiliri.! tin 1 /.uiiuilliiiiil iiim a revolver and a hack saw jujtmcnt Administration; Conqn-ssman- W. J. Driver, ot O.ccola. Ark.; E. II. WlnlakiT. aslant dl- kladcs will) vliicli he made good reclrjr of Arkansas ex|>crimenl flsiion; Culley A. Co lib, cliiuf of colton .sr ctiun of Ai Bailcv over powered Iwo denn- Justine-ill Adminislration, and Di. Dan T. Uray, dean of University of Arkansas CiiliegL- of ho literally l lv sheriffs, a ne«ro trusty, and the ate his way inlo jail, is a happy Roosevelt crashed {he jail door by grabbing a free meal al a local chain grocery slore. The iiesio, according to police, tnught a diniu'5 north of bologna at the cash store, asked a clerk to charge It unlil cotton picking iail cook before he forced Trr«-n. dep'ily on guard at the jail lobbv. to marcli to the Baraire onrr«s Itw-ftrpet from the jail where the twr< climber! in Tresp's oiilcninhil? anrt Ftartrrt northward out. of the bsisiness district. Thrqc hours after the jail break on auloir.obile resembling thai in Red Crns= Aids Cubans WASHINGTON. Sept. 4. (UP) — The Ameiicnn Roil Cross today jonl Sin.fKin in cash to aid hiirri- ran? relief in Cuba. The money ^va 1 ; sent at thc rcouest of thc j Ci'baii «o\crnniM)C. received thruife xas College Ihe slate depr.rlment. ' where he was captured last Aueust There, ii was thought, Ihe des- prisoner Roosevelt, who told officers he was so starved he had lo cat something, said hl:e a new man." Roosevelt, will probably face^ the court this afterncon. Dorothy Lee Married to University Student 1 ACiUA CAL1ENTE. Mexico. Sept. lo ilJPi--Mursh:ill DulJic-ld. Uni| vrrsity of Southern California law j undent, and Dorothy Lee! motion . picture actress, were honeymoon- Knew Who Letter Was for| ir -«,^ rcw ^ a ^ Brrlcd lierc ycsu ,,. Desj)ite Fact It Carried da y '>y n justice of the pence, to No Address. ... ........... -. ... 1C. C-rll/, county ri nt Ilii- j:nyjes? furlough 'for jibs- .•» | ' Wai: 1 ; 1 In.i-oiiu 1 fields t:,l workers uo'ild lir 1 suspended slandlii!; well up on on Su]itembcr 30. Ihr C'lHu'i sldlks wilh n"iiiUant| - • -- t!.-f frc:u rol to b:; expectiid. Dolls i H:iUlc I.oonii; nn Unions : ' i irfnd" '.'pi-n »:ri: iiliniut a com-| WASHINGTON, Sept. 4 <UPV-> |::ete ii:'s. ! Workers observed their annual While some vcporcs of boll wee- liollday in the midst of slirrinf! ui dnmnicc were received Mr. Crlt/. developments nffecling their part Mild (hat the north end of the! In the ijovemmcnl's recovery drive, county was apparently not bo:h- For Labor day Iho effort lo put (H-d lo. any extent by the iK'sl| Ihe Dlue Eagle over all industry i:i (hi:; time. land Irndo paused, .bill the. lilies Most of j\ll:-Eiw;i])pl loiinty sculir|f.f battle were drawn tor furlhcr . ul Blvlheville was salt! to have, struggle over the rights under Ihe 1 rotclvL-d i:ompnrali\oly Illtlt: raliiirrrovcry acl of employers nnd'ipf. ". j ! Sunday. Even In Blythevllle where I'"b the surprise of friends who, a!- 1 . j *y!| ' O11IIUI1J. IJI'-II ._. Increase Of iVlOrC liiaili.»« of an inch was recorded thsl Henry I. Harrison, president-of . T,. n i r n ! i-j;mfn|l WBS iitlie as compared i'he Chamber of Commerce-of thc \a Keporlwi tor Upen-j v .. t h the Missouri area north ot '• Unljcd States, questioned the \vls- Ihough av.are of - 1 - '"& [ T crm U1 1LUM ' convict would meet ST. LOUIS. Mo.—When Dr. J. White of Arbyrd. Dunklin county, found in hi s mstofflce bos a letter from Washington v:htlc it bore no address, was in- monl, had understood tlicv w'oulcl i „ .,",,, i , vail Will after D-jflield had u=cn \ Thc , ft , vc . whl !' I" 1 ." 1 " 5Cl '°.'?" v - j I'iythevilie wli!i-!i was visited by'o'osn and legality of the untonlzn T ncqiicni and heavy downpours atl llon section of the act, nnd conn- least as far norlh as Cape Gt- «!cd members of thc chamber , , i.radiir.led. Mfe was divorced ":>="«' .l ' 1:1 1531 from Fldlcr. mo- wldch* ^' or ' Picture publicity man. ine months ucl| L , C .. OI1( | inrilenii. Rain hart t-xtcnded south!' 0 iuto tlv :0 - t "l ;lllse<! ' ' on Inclusion In their codes employers the IJj.L-UfU IUJJ«> 1U. IlltJL lllljlullll ^ lC lj [>CVOIKl Hr'tnCVllle ll'.tO til" Vl.nut^ gnul,; l IJ4Jlujrl;j a L l ll.- u-rms with a lotal of 1237 rcgis- i | OWC ,. t j, A ,, .j. i0 col] nlv'today lt! r 'S nl to Illre ' advance, nnd dls- , lucd compared to lli'i !n.-,t year, j,. ,„ ,<-< f .i ' ' ' Icliaign workers regardless of union ; „.. .„ . . ..,.,.. . "i "•! ,jl«in-u. _fr:n_i: ' '• nanions. rossiblv Gcor se (Machine tended for him, he wondered "how. Gun) Keliv. indicted with him for C0 n-,e?" and as a result Postmaster) f R-iv Walton Awarded Trip to Chicago Meeting Hoy Walton, representative of the Aetna I.lf» Insurance rom- panv in this city, will leave Saturday for Chicago to attend th? Aetna Life annual convention. He Will Give Concert Here The Texas State College, San ."arccs. Tex., will present its col- kpiale quartel in a free program a', the First Baptist church Mon- r'f.y evening. September 11. The Blythcvfilc Ministerial Association is sponsoring thc event. This quartet, under the direction of H. Grady Harlan, head ot the kidnaping of Charles Urschel. millionaire Oklahoma City oil man. Ketlv was reuorled Keen in Hie will return about the latter part I the voice department of the school. of the succeeding week. Mr. Wai- j is on a 25-day concert tour of ion vas awarded the trip to the Dallas, McKinney, Texas, okliho- convention in recognition of his! ma City. Kort Scolt. Kansas! OS- work for the Aetna company dur-| r , O i ni Clinton, Kansas City, SI Hie past year. The meeting which 1« is to attend convenes Monday. Sept. llth, at the Edgewnter Beach hotel, and will consist of three morning business sessions and a banquet Wednesday evening in. the Michigan Room of the Edgewater Beach. Tor Ihe afternoons and evenings of the three days special arrangements have been made for all delegates to attend the Century of Progress exposition. Louis, Missouri. Chicago. Little Hock. Memphis. Jackson. ' Miss. Monroe. La., and a number ol lu.allcr cities, including Blythe- vllle. The young men have Cfriilly apiwafed at Iho World's Fair. William E. Petty of Arbyrd has been charged with rifling the . mails, an offense punishable with I • vicimtv within the past a maximum penitentiary sentence i several days. The Grancvinc re- of nv( . ytlRrs _ a 55 M0 n ,, C] or ^,1, ; port sent hundreds of officers Pt ,, ty has atim iued, postal in-' irn-.ed with miichine gims. revolver? and rifles to thc vicinitv. specters say. that he read a Idler! are 43 teadieis and Ihe j perinlcndeiil, Crav.ffn-d Greene. Inj I ihls number then- are fo:ir new City Slrccls flooded affiliations. Tills clause was ap- Streets iveiv riocd-.'d here today| ims icmjwni S clnllse w! = :: Ihc downpour found thc clly's 1 ]'!', 0 ™. 1 " n mde ' or . tlle n I ttacners. i slom , s( , v ,. cr v , 5 i cm Pn ,|,. c |v in- 1 The senior ln>h scl-.oo!. thc on- ,,.,i;it;: .n <ii-,jo«in; : of I he" riislJ four pfl bill> Irce school, had •_';;! ister todav. •[ «alrr. Tlic ry. and is sought ; by, operators for the, coal, ; cnfie. - - : . > ^ II has been opposed by the-NRA' board and strcnu- | from United Stales Senator Clark r) p | rn ji Pnlirn Arc- Seek!„ n, mhit* !„ ...kiM, ti,» m ,ri^^ L/CllUll 1 U1II.L. t\l^ OCLIV ing Remainder o[ Mutil- ister today. !.:•'.! >:-:,.• ilivic K:;T: ,\_~\\ and Clilckiisawba. were tloon- . •.».-~ij •"•"'" ••»«'""•«- ft U?i ! ^ ^ Sq^mr^^eT^^^^^ ... . .. ,_...,__ . . r .. . - . .1 T^he nronositlon that nn enl- Fcderal juslice aepartmcnt , n Dr. White in which thc possi-, CTnts broadcast over radio sta- , )]e appointment of a new post-: lions that anyone seems the flee-; nir , s t c r at Arbyrd was discussed.: , n , ing convict nnd his prisoner was. TIC cxp alned thai he removcrt it' alcd DOG)'. to call the frderal agenls headquarters here. from an unsealed envelope while things were dull in thc general DETROIT. Sept. 4. lUI'i—The v.lilch supervises llns srhool Rev. Alfred S .H.nv.-rJ!. p.islor o! fie First- B.ipU?; rliurch. Mr. Greene, and, M:sr. Jto: 1 M Hardy. teachers, inclinlin:: Mi-s Murtha Jean Winburn of Air:.idi-l]:hia. This announcement Indicated j storc ° hc conducts and "there was anns nm] ^" a f n vmm ,, woman, i wrrL ' »i!"'odii(-e;! by Mr the federal authorities were to llot i, tng O i sc t o do around here 1-acked from ' '" ........... lake charge of the manhunt for the prisoner, accused of slaving one of their number in the Kansas City Union slalion massacre last June n. the trunk, of tlic 1 In Ihe junior lr,-h :;l:.x>l HIC'.T 'tody, were found in Ihe high ] r;rc ' llr ee n,The letter. In a franked window £>-ass of a vacant lot here today. M. Steadman at Ihe lime." \ envelope, arrived in Arbyrd June Through finjcr prints police Thieves Drain Tanks of Barboro Trucks CaruthersviUe Gets Mid-South Cotton Office HAYTI. Mo.—The Mid-South Cotton Growers s-Esoci.iticn's Pem- iscut county branch office will be y.caled at Caru!h?rsvlllc this year with Wilford Sanders in charge. Last year and the year before Ihe office'was located at Hnyll. The office, it Is announced, will offer an accurate classing service rnd settlement lo farmers in full, immediately if desired, according to grade, staple, and color. Borrowers trom the government tt Is slated, crvn obtain picking and glnnlnz money. If necessary through Hits local sel-up. . Thieves entered the garage ot he A. S. Barboro company, wholesale fruit and prckTiice firm, at Second and Rose streets, some- i'me over the weekend, and drained the gasoline tanks of thc company's nee! of trucks. The intruders went, lo consld- 'rablo Irouble to force their way irlo the bulidlng, according to officers who invcsligatcd. No clues ru to thc ..identity of the thieves had been obtained today. Lindberghs in Sweden HAEGERNAES, Sweden. Sept 4 (UP)— Col. and Mrs. Charles Lindbergh arrived today from Denmark. They landed at the na airdome shortly alter 3 p. in. Revival at Half Moon Continues This Week The revival at Half Moon, be- ins conducted by the Rev. p. Q. Rorie. pastor of the First Methodist church, will continue through this week with services each night nt 7:30 o'clock. Much interest is being manlfesl- ed and there have been a number of additions to thc church. Thc space behind the transparent | !-olice wecr ordered to r-eaich va-ji'ted by- (ulllcii llieic window of the envelope wa s lots niul ;(reams of wnlcri 'Indents. When Dr. White called for his] Identified the limbs thosxv ol Tenn., ant James ,\. I'uckctt of Jcni-.sUcro. and Miw nail he found thc envelo;«. seal-i Mrs. Lourler Jobb. 30. of Dclroll.! Hazel Sample o; F.i Ark. , cd. In his box. but on examination! a found thai 11 was withoitl address. ! ticning tion arrested ten jr.irs an) fur mirs- 1 Today 1 ress. ! ticning in an iimr.i^ration case. ; 1'f-ir w oday 136 sli!d:::i>.:; ci>:-ni: d. U'.st hen the>l V.:\H opcr- , . ! fresn joining a labor organization iconcd niadiines by carsful trans- | of ,, is own Choos | n8 . js „ , n ohibi- frrs lo oilier cars. < , ion , hc wisdom „„„ I(;gam or More Ihan one tomh!. ,accus-l tthMl |n ^ wc lo-nrd to la, I li-pvfl on HWiiv.-.;-j rl;>rct , Hnrrlman. i-l. plovnxl into w.'-.te]- almost run- n'ni; heard deep 0:1 Chickasauua! dL , pnte[] ,. dc . ;.,7 i • • r> L ifirs. Lizzie Bunch j Doctors Denv Hayti Has Sleepine Sickness Cases l * Dies at Home Here ; , HA .""• Mo r^ [here last week to , ™*™» "Are you sure Ihls is my letter?"• for oilier psru of tlv. 1 b-xly. I The Sudburv rrniniiiar .'.rho.'il cd Sunday at licr home. 539 ClarkK.". he asked Felly. I The coroner ,-xrrc--.'i-:l l::'l'i;-f f!-.J | had VJ slude'ins" < n;-.;i'd twlay.. slrerl. al 13:30 p. m Mrs. Bunch 'Oh. sure, that's your Idler," Ihe. Ionian, had l:<vn 18 liuiirs.| last year tlien slmaEler replied. How can you loll." Dr. White minor the effect that ' two sleeping sickness cases cxlst- '/ '. cd in the Havli vlcinily were dis- by Dr. Fred t. Oglive, i' physician. .Ionian had keen 18 lioiirs.1 last year there KCIV -li« oil II:c had been in bad health for some' -jfo sle'eninE sickness cases have I The arms -.icr? stnerpd nt tlie'openinj da.v. time.and h:-r dcalh wa s niiribiiii-d ^ c ' n r f lx ," r t(x) to me"'said Dr ,.'liou!rtei-s and (lie legs at the. The Central grammar school hart! to complications resulting from o <j llvo _ .. nor do T believe anv ex- 8ihle Awarded Aged Lady at Church Sunday Mrs. A. O. Graves 100 W. Ash St., was given a Bible as the avard for the oldest lady at the special service of the First Methodist church Sunday morning. She celebrated her 82nd birthday August fifth. There were a number of elderly ladles present but only Hire of Ihcm were past their 80lh year. asked, displaying the face of the j ^ ! envelope, "when it hasnt any ad-| dress on it?" ! Troor<: fi'iard Trial Nonplussed {or a minute, Dr. lr ° 0 PS ^arcl I rial White told noslal Inspeclors. Petty took the letter, opened it. nnd said: "That's yours nnd ! can; DECATUR. Ala, Soni. -1 (OPi- R » i T~'>~" u-r "" ' .ivlachado in Hiding •al (tramrmr .=;noo! nrm 10 com enrollment of '2fo rr>:np.ired to c.inccr. ! 137 for thn IM.X-i 'Tin. The deceased is survived by a I At thc Lang" i.ol-.o-M H-.ere were[slslcr. Mrs. Malbsa McCall of' : 105 children prefer.: inlay. Las'. of Aiabama Negro : j^, "" s "<«•=" ** a ^ *'"'«- Luxora. Two Hayti physicians. Dr. J. W. Rhodes and Dr. W. P. Pitt, said Funeral sen-ices wilt be held this ^'^5 on at North Sawb-.i cem?- ( " they had no sleeping sickness prove It. look here.'' and sure ', j n courlroom rroivdr-d with. nough, the - salutation to Dr..white spectators and clorfy ?uar ( l- : l-hitc which should have faced- cd by nMm ^ „,,,,„, VI(X) \K, the While ._ v Ihe window as nn address wns at j rinl Kfternoc It pry with the Rev. J. L-. Newsoin j jcfficlating. The L. G. Mew Un- ; i ('.making cnmu.iny is 111 charge 1 at Montreal Hotel] 01 Kmen.l amusements. , WKATMER the lop of thn lelter. nrowu. syc. ! negro charged with criminally nt-; MONTREAL. Qw.. Sept. 4 iUP) LcglOll Committees Vfil! "There has been too mucn of Ihls lacking a young white married' —Gerardo Machndo. going on," remarked Poslal Inspcc-' woman, orx;«;d todav. ' J "~' "' """" " lor William Noah, in charge of TV.-Q hundred the district office here. We nro three neighboring towns 'n? to sytcnd all the tiaic nee- duty overihiown president of Cuba, was In hiding from in a suile at the Mount Royal ^ on hotel here lodav. ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday. n « j T" • i .' Thc maximum temperature here be Announced lonignl yesterday was M. mtnimtim 71, — - clo;:dy with .59 of an Inch rain- Chairman cf standing commit- ! fall, according to Samuel F. Nor- Husky guards'patrn'.cd Ihe cor-! tees for the r.f.w .veijr.will ftp an- rls. official observer. Rain--

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