The Times from London, Greater London, England on December 9, 1915 · Page 43
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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 43

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1915
Page 43
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THE TIMES, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1916. What Book Will You Give ? It is a settled fact that the Gift for thb Christmas will usually be a Book. The reading fashion, so noticeable in all quarters this winter, makes Books the most desirable Christmas present Books are so varied in character and price that there is no taste that they cannot accommodate, and no purse that they will not suit ( So the question is not "Shall I give Books ? n but " What Book shall I give ? w and the answer is to be found in a delightful handbook to current Literature, specially compiled in a Givers' Guide by the Bookmen of ghe Stat Book Club. Write for the Christmas Book List (428 pages, illustrated) gratis and post free. The Times Book Club Tbe Largest Bookshop in the World, 380,' Oxford Street, London, W. Watchmaker to Qu Vgpf British AamirmUf. WATCH WRISTLETS FOR ACTIVE SERVICE. Folly Laminom ftami and Hand. Solid Hirer fine quality keyless lever watch, fairy welled, accurately timed, luminous figure and IN THE Hi fm 1 10 0 4 lO O MEW ILLUSTRATED CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE (WITH M ANY SUGGESTIONS OF USEFUL GIFTS r. S.psbirt .od Gold Mount, PfcUnnm .ad l&tt. TOiUDGATE 1 A Reputation of aoer 100 years. Cockle's ANT1BILIOUS ire an invaluable corrective for sick headache, tliousnes, depression, and all those mi adispositions caused by a disordered st of the liver or digestion. Mado from famous Doctor's private prescription, they tuve won a world - wide reputation. Of Chtmists throughout iht world, 11 ens' 2 Jioes Cockle & Co. 4. Gl Onnsri Sl, LomJoo, W.C. MOTOR - CARS FOR SALE. ! ! t vur - f Tir pp w2r5Sv7 lit. j. Oxtad - tr "mNrtj with UmMjjMt and wire detachable FIt SALE :?0 HEAVY MOTOR LORRIES. WORM DRIVE. NOW ON DOCK LONDON. 8AMPLKS LOfcBY CAN BE SEEN AT ROYAL OARAGE. &. Quungnam 8k, 8.W. rt onadttioo and tittle u - rJ . all ar.TO4.riai ,i. oppoBTTNm. - At tht BWTBH ROAD TRANSPORT. EI, REQUISITES and PRODUCE. Court Hews. No Court Circular was issued from Bncking - naxn fid ace last night. The King will hold an Investiture at Bucking - nam Palace this morning. The Spanish Ambassador left London yest day for Ilfracombe. Viscountess Gormanston gave birth to a i at Gonnanston Castle on Tuesday. Lord Hawke has left London for Retford. Lord Bagot has returned to Bli thfield. Sir Gilbert Greenall returned to Walton Hall yesterday. Queen Ai aid of the Croix Rouge Hospital, ' Lea CorbiW artiste wiU be Mme. Gleeaon White. Visoountess M. Emile Canunaerts, who will recite his own poem A memorial service for Lord ArmiUtaad will be the Westminster Chapel. Buckingham - gate, MARRIAGE. Viscount Cbakbobkb and Miss Cavtenthb. The marriage took place yesterday at Cartmel Guards, elder son of th Marn.wwn r.H Mar. chionees of Salisbury, to Miss Elizabeth Vere Cavendish, eldest daughter of Lord Richard The Bishop of Winchester, the Rev. Ixrd WilKam Cecil, Canon Fowler, the Rev. G. Smith, - and the away by her father, wore a gown oUare andarried the Misses Alix, Mary, and Diana Cavendish, Lady Dorothy Cavendish, the Hon. Edith Smith, Miss Mo! lie LasceUes, Miss Helen Cecil, and Miss trimmed with silver', with wreaths of green leaves. Hall, the residence of the bride s parents, and the Cecil, and the Earl of Rosebery. FORTHCOMING MARRIAGES. Captain E. P. Exoar axd Miss Rcsskll. E. F. Eager, 1st Royal Berkshire Regiment, eldest son oi ine late captain K. . Eagar. cm ram. A G. Lyell, 39th Garhwal Rifles, Indian Army, youngest son oi Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lyell, of Heatbfleld. 68, Upper Richmond - road, Putney, and Dorothy Flora, second daughter of the Rev. Charles Kensington, and Mrs. Foy. . Captai W. S. Stapvobd axd Miss Wbalu rhe marriage arranjred between Captain W. S. Stafford and Miss Weall will take place very quietly Saturday at St. Andrew's Church, Watford, WOMEN ON THE LAND. THE LITERATURE OF " CHRISTMAS IN WARTIME.' 11 be issued, ai 1 there will be the Mb. H. M. Robinson and Miss Mtxxjoax. A marriage has been arranged between Lieutenant Hugh Methven Robinson. 7th Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment son of the Rev. E. C and Mrs. Robinson, u f II anbury V ge, Burton - W T and Mrs. MiliimuL Tom? Vieamjn Shifn.! Shropshire. Mb. G. L. Fox - Pitt - Rivhrs and Miss Fobstbb. The marriajre between Mr. Georsre Lane Fox - Pi tt - Rivcrs, the Royal Dragoons, and Miss E. Rachel Forater will take place on Wednesday, December 22, An encasement is announced between Viwen. lieutenant Army Service Corps, only son of Commander Frederick Davios, BN. Reserve (retired), and of Mr. and - Mrs. Ware ham Smith, of Bl, Upper Mr. L. G. Wicehak Lboo and Mrss Lindsay. The marriage arranged between Mr. L. G. Wickham Legg and Miss Olive Maud Lindsay will take place wiU be no reception. TOWN GIRLS UNFITNESS FOR FARM WORK. TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES, Sir, Your correspondent who writes on work for women to - day asks whether I think that town girls are more likely to respond to the demand for agricultural female labour than their country sisters. Personally I confess I do not. What I have tried to point out is that in the main country women will not work upon the land in Engl and, that is so far as my belief and information go. But great authorities, such as Lord Lansdowne and Lord Selborne, appear to hold a different view, or at least to surmise that sufficient female labour is available if the prejudices of farmers in the matter can be overcome. Thus the representative from the Board of Agricul ture, amongst other examples to Norfolk agriculturists, told us recently of a farmer who '' put his cook, housekeeper, and housemaid on to pull mangolds"' intimating that we might do likewise. Well, most of us do not keep housekeeper, but if we tried the experiment with the cook and the housemaid I am convinced that tbe day's mangold pulling would end for them at the nearest railway station. Seriously, I can but suppose that the President of the Board of Ajp - iculture, with all the resources of a great office at his command, knows much more, of these Questions than anv inriK'i. dual observer. He tells us to break up poor pastures and raise more food ; also to replace men who must be taken for military service with women. Therefore he must have satisfied himself that women are available. But thev do not seem to be available in the English village. So it must be in the towns that they are available. Ii so, in the nature of things they require education in agricultural matters. tThis being so, I suggest that colleges should be provided, something on the Danish model, in wnicn iney can oe taugnt. But ot cc if vour corresDondent is riaht and the w are not iorthroming, such colleges would be an unnej8sarv expense. It is to be hoped that there are large openings for women in all the lighter branches of agricultural work where Mav f add a word ? There seems to be i idea that farmers are captious and self - seeking neciea witn me iana wouia oe prepared, u necessary to the country 's welfare, even to see it go out of cultivation if thereby they could help to whereof, absit omen, I will not speak. But they cannot do the impossible. They cannot both give up their essential labour and produce more food. Nor, if women refuse to work, can they make them do so. It is useless to instance France. The spirit that animates the women of France has not yet permeated the rural districts of cngiana ; per naps ine aosence oi peaean proprietorship here partly accounts for thi difference. I am, Sir, your obedient servant, D' hingh Dec1'" BTDER HAGGARD - WOMEN DOCTORS. COOKERY. EXHIBITION OF RARE BOOKS. RECIPES CENTURIES OLD. It is a very seasonable idea on the part of Dr. C. T. Hagberg Wright to hold an exhibition, opening to - day at the 'rflwloii Library, of a I ber of old and rare books on the ever - interesting subject of cookery. Many famous collectors have devoted their attention to this subject, and none of them has formed a complete collection, for some of the books are not procurable. Kven Mrs. Joseph PenneU's collection, of which a small selection is now on view at the London Library,, apparently does not include "La Pastiasier Francois," 1655, which is the rarest of ail the Elzevirs, and of which the fine copy in the Hoe sale realised 240. But if Mrs. Pennell has ant been fortunate enough to obtain a copy of the rarest book en the subject. 1 gas There ia.'feTtesteaca. the veryl first edition with a date IMS of Awcius O " ADicius Culinarins. - which is osaallv recanted as tbe most ancient European book on cookery, ai t bough a volume printed in rtns between iso ana i, " Le Viandier pour appareUler tout - - manieres de lends an undated edition of Apicius. which is si to be earlier than tbe UN book. Of the early books on cookery from Continental presses; perhaps tbe most curious and interesting is the " Opera of Bartholomeo Seappi. Venice, 1570, witb a series of 27 plates showing the interior of the Pope's kitchens and the various cooking utensils. which will attract most interest. She has procured a copy of the most famous of all these, though neither the rarest nor the earliest Mrs. Hannah Glasses This was George Augustus Sala's copy, which he valued at 100, but which at his sale in 1893 only fetched 10. Mrs. Glasse's book owes its repute largely to the famous piece of advice, " First catch your hare,' Ac, which it does not contain. Mrs. Glassc has been described as the Mrs. Harris of culinary literature, and a good deal of correspond - reprinted as late as A 16th Century " Tseastxie." The exhibition includes a copy of one bf the earliest I English cookery books John Partridge'! of Commodious Conceits and Hidden Secrets." but there are earlier MS. books on cooking in existence : for instance, at Holkham there is one, the " Noble Boke of Cookry," dating from about the ream of Edward IV., with numerous recipes. Perhaps the There were two rival cookery books published in 1655, and two others in 166S. Mrs. Pennell has good several editions. SCHOOL EXTENSION FUND APPEAL. As a result of the appeal published in The Times on behalf of the London (Royal Free Hospital) School of Medicine for Women, 2,757 has already been received. The following contributions, amounting to 967. have reached the hon. treasurer since the last published list. The asterisk denotes that the subscribers had previously supported the fund, but have made, farther donations in response to tee appeal rererreu extending the lecture looms - and laboratories, which has become necessary owxag to the increasing number of Toung women desirous of qualifying for the medical profession a choice of vocation to be encouraged, having regard to the falling number of students in the both anonymous, and both ran ii eating in that it contains the portrait of Queen Henrietta Maria, which is often wanting. The second book was Sir Kcncjm Digby's " Cboise and Experimented Receipts in Physick and Chirurgency,' the up with it is " The Closet of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digby, Kt., Opened," which is essentially her cooker - books, the rarity of which is accounted for by the faet that most of tbe editions were bterally oar old and standard friend Mrs. Beeton, .perhaps th most popular and longest - lived of all books on th. subject. One wonders if any collector has ever conn across the first edition of this book ? SoiOE A xcizst DmgaSr Tbe sumntuousness of their measures and the scorn of the store - room of long ago would prevent these books from being of great service in these lean times - , for instance, in " A Queen's Delight " a Hoyaliat cookery book printed probably surreptitiously in nrimW the lldv KlnalbLth. Charles tbe first," which requires " CONDITION OF INVALIDS. Lord Burnham had a cood dav and his con dition last night was quite satisfactory. Lord Shuttleworth is getting on satisfactorily. Sir Samuel Evans is making favourable pro - ress. Sir William Bull continues to make steady The health of Mr. Albert Stanlev. M.P.. who has been unable to attend to his Parliamentary duties for the past 18 months, is causing considerable anxiety. CLUBS FOR WOMEN WORKERS. LADY F. BALFOUR ON A WAB - TIMB DISCOVERY. at 34, Park - lane, yesterday, in aid of the work of the Y.W.C.A. in providing clubs and hostels for working girls. 1.ADT Gown sat prestaea. military centres was formed in October oflast year, and the programme outlined in a letter to Th Tim signed by Lord Hvdenham and Lady Procter received hearty supports Between SO and 40 Hubs have bean started in various parts of the country. A special feature which has been attended With the happiest result is tbe " open night," when members ate allowed llZ?vLcl bTi!fcw said tbe war had discovered what women were fit for ; they bad bean help mates and in some instances guardian angels to t heir comrades in the front. After the war she doubted if any General, however ignorant of that part of tbe community, would And it neeessary to repeat Lord UtebsSMTS warning to solders to beware of women. Mk PirroN - Ti RHKRVnA said tbe production of war material depended largely on the labour of wotnen. AlWr long hours of work young women needed recreation. The association had opened 34 hostels tat London, which were all full. Where houses and rooms exciteoM enlist. The Munitions Workers' Auxiliary Committee ieir canteens for women employees in munition Lady Oanworto. I.A omce, ZS, uruton - streefc, W., between 10 and 4. CARNATIONS IN WESTMINSTER. d, as well aa helper, i Hie war had brought Sextet m B flat f or strings was tne csuax even in toe ninth of the CUatieal Concert Society's concerts at Tk exhibits at tbe show of the me Carnation Society in th Royal Horticultural Bafl yesterday, which numbered ever 300, came from all parte of the country. The gold medal for a group of many varieties In note wa awarded to Ktuart Low and Co., of Bush Hill Park. Mr Daniel F. Qooch gained th Lord luU. M.I - . who k iraittoMwMd koS 11 T. Mason, of Hampton mil. Jar. A. u. u France Godtae. Bsq . : Mra MrteeM. H. Yatoi Tbcsapn ; '"'kiTTcbectaaaL 14 te - Coltoctfaa. So Ksoen. G."0 Chaocc. nvatter Rr! 'ftalrdMralS hACH.rarkTd jrTDt. MuwBoflean : 2!' Eaan'ralk. M.B.. B3.: Mte ASee M. Kenp ; Ktai r TU X :Zir tLra SU&i Buawll CnarlM RusmU, Ki. ; an. flrstlnn ; 'Lady WiUoofhbr HUlTteX"rtta ;GreTSr teUmfceOUl; Ml MtekaLLraU: Cl la, KACH. Ubw Mwssa ; MteHBnwuia ; Sit. Boll : FiSSSfca: am.!; 'Mra 'lfiCni MtnA.Bsrts.Hlini: Arnar - Brunswick - square, WA CLASSICAL CONCERT SOCIETY. of Mr. Prank Bridge's was the chief even in the viola) and Mr. Norman Alfred Hobday (second I Hayward. an admirably balanced and sympathetic It a work which grew en one as it heemnes familiar. If the middle movement, adopting the San which Brahm, made popular of alternaUng tether?1 ini1magintive that does not prevent the arprerlation of many, beautiful thing. hlratiretr easy to write. Wans H imphea direct The Ctessaoal weak with a prt oy j. ir - "' - f - LT? s - smx In " The English Housewife " (1 Ml) is found an for its use. Having spoken of its use as a " thicken - or else thinne greweU whatsoever," the writer says : !riUr toe toitm&mi Vmmi & fitber thicke or Uua. but as so prliice la the aorld but aac them erred to fffcorLmt T'lTSStf paftmewUch ( a t h twfto tZl iVL" '"'l bT 1 T vil " Baooo " axd " Potato k PrDnrso." l In th first edition of Mrs. Glasse's " ArW of Cookery " there to the following recipe : m.ce. all totetter with tout meat tntn tte psn. it ir its mmul " A petatos pudding" which sounds excellent g. a art f fitiliin, tefl thaw saft, seal Owaa sad s vlUi the taok of spoon. r4 rnh them UiromH s Hr. t tbtoi m and ase - tfe; Ms half a bsbbJ ef nam hate ebb. witt psff m sfl round tte gtt ate ai ite tottoa. THE WATERLOO BUFFET. TO THE EDITOR OF TBI TIMES. Sir. Mav I be allowed to correct any misarmre - Wxirm which mar arise reJathtt to Ladr Braaaev's letter in vour issue of to - day ? The London Kocietv for Women s Bnirrage nas now oenniteiy wtuidrawn re of the Station Master, Waterloo EDITH P A LLISER. Mistresses and Servants. (See also page, t, x 5, and 16.) Fit tbe convenience ef ladies. foeStk. have been prewkkd ra vsriees mUmm in London whereby Senraim who reply to their advertisements in be UK nuy o 6 o'clock daily at the mm TELEPHONE ABVEtTTSEMENTS. GREAT ALBERT HALL SALE OPENED. At the Albert Hall yesterday Princess Alexander of Teck, who was accompanied by the Duchess of Albany, opened a monster entertainment ceiled " Chriateas in Wartime.' The afiair has bean arranged, tinder the patronage oi tbe beri of the Royal Family, in aid of the fund of the Professional Classes war KeDef uotnxai. The professional classes have suffered very severely in many eases through the con ditions imposed by the war, and it was very nleaaant to see so large and clearly generous - minded a crowd of people present. Bat then, ! chanty apart, the Albert Mali is well wortft visiting just now for its own sake ; and "Christmas in Wartime" will have been so widely talked opening at 11 in the morning and the closing at 10 at nignt. booths full of fascinating things to buy and grve away for Chrisimas present. Tbe colours of the Allied nations decorate the circles ; in the boxes served at reasonable prices in the gallery. And all the while, besides the buying and selling and so forth, there is musk kind going on. The sale part of th l departments. The " Hospital Comfons." seder the r ether thins. The Prinees - Arthv ef Connaught, offers not only clothing, food, and neces - Victoria is tne president, and tne objects tVkV nH t h n 11 1 n t and deiightral animal cut out of weed. The fowrth eemprim thtegs needed by BritLh Holstein, is full of lovely dolls and toys, of elothing. Thi is the section which contains what is, from one point of view, the most interesting stall in the bazaar Mrs. Ralph Pete's collection of drawing and etching. There are m many ehmre things here that would be well worth the while of connoisseurs and ev eel lent Opens, head Bone, Albert Rotheeetein. John Nash, Pryde. Ned Yates, Havard Thomas, and many other well - known artists. But. if thi collection of pictures is the dou of tbe fair, the attractions are so many that it would take pages to describe them ; and the notable people who were selling or buying yesterday would demand a whole Red - book. Meanwhile, the list of performer adding to the entertainment of the company included Mr. Arthur Wontner, Miss Margaret Cooper, and Miss Elsie Spain. And besides the main haJL there are what might be called " side - shows " of Belgium and of Serbia, tea - rooms of various nationalities, and altogether there are allurements enough to occupy a Jong afternoon and a good deal of the evening as WILLS AND BEQUESTS. CArTATJr PflOXIF COLUXS. 7th Rifle Brhrade. partner in the firm of Peake. Bird. Collia. ami Oo.. solicitors, of Bedford - row, W.C, who was killed m France or Belgium on Jury 50, aged 32, has left 200 U U Kosfar Qua. SotUs Dale ; CM to tte 0U Sort, :aad (110 - to he MM mmrnm U wfao Stmt. S.W.. widow of Maj. Thaai Ua Brits. Among other Utest wills are the following j Mrs. MAmoa 1 tbs CMri o Cteralier de la LMna rWnme fw Carruw the Hm Gsai Lam. Ssteh BteSordshlfw Rwttaseat. of Pateinll Hw. near Worverhaoaion. unuI?rL!jur awVmbVss " " ess Mr. Hmr Oesoaw Piwonr Brrcnaa. reUrad madfeal praeUtiMer. of Wars. Berta Wt, ea la deaw, of oh Wsr. CSM hr eharnaWs pes aa iU aad of t78 U an orraal t"tT V Thllll"l tfruff ""fo4rT ("Wef rt Btoutt was atoUsted la ls74) is.760 Odumol Asrars eictup Ctat EamMO. te eo - syad of gjjg ASmttitai w!aretawa ARRANGEMENTS FOB TO - DAY. nmii41?1"1 1 - CMsvteWraw." Altart Ban. U - 10. - th, mm "L Wteasi drt.iw nu SSS 9mmmtiSmm tim7wLm Mtm. a I t I n Maa. ran am of iessa. ais. Mr. C. Q. CW ssl oa Th M il Wm l.'Otete BaAJ. ftodortioaofMr tt A.Veers emetr. r e r Harssaftas rn om. mS B BBM Shsgterr Tteatn : rresa. f. Cl Il K sad P wt i mSt ' t5S25f laisssi owst Mmm MvrteMW H sMil 1 Cemsjc. 11. Eh n mm sJTT Tteu"' Br P. Whjaw iiSirtlni f ewa Hit mm nbofttshllr.OafapilmiAmiipril.1 ISteMSP lichunc 3p Ttare. 4 - 5; la Loadoa. 4 . PABIJAMENTARY NOTICES. "0VM DAY" IN LIVERPOOL. ffeliSS ladtes a"eSrthJft 8MiM Mather, acting ledy MavoreSs, paid round ef TfoEe to th commercial eaeWge. at the Wholeaale Pruit Broker Kir bang e aa aurtwn of flags was conducted in her presence and ever fit For Friends at the Front iTmf Tteffa Ete TfSSmp "sljSS taken without the least trouble or risk. Thus, iS1JB!ariAa?SS which attend the carrying of glass bottle on th person are entirety avoided: the Lameh ate highly praised by all who ea t hem. and are proving of the greatest SAVORY & MOORE'S Pocket Medicine Case There is a charm in every cup - 1 subtte tnpina tnd sitisfyinc hvtm whldt ue on I v tkttfced by cartful selection of tbe coffee from FAZENDA Pure Coffee fhirrcto"rltadrot ittUrv11 Fries IS. 9tL per . s la 1 - It. mJ H. ass. STire or SaS Pacio rBnafl) Paw Coffee Co., Ltd - , Brazil House, Great U. Helen. EC. THE IDEAL It I CHRISTMAS U B tth ajfft fa rr flV The Best Boots for War t K Best for Soldiert ggjl for everyone TWt i ' K ' Best Arsst erery ttwi. Hot OXO exactly meets winter's needs. It stimulates and builds up strength to resist wet and cold whether at the Front or at Home. 99

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