The Times from London,  on February 3, 1914 · Page 47
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The Times from London, · Page 47

London, England
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Tuesday, February 3, 1914
Page 47
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Sporting Intelligence. THE FOUR - YEAR - OLDS. PROBLEMS OP LAST YEAR'S FORM. THE GRAND NATIONAL: THE TETRCH AND THE DERBY. At the end of last season it was impoasiblo to form anything mors than a vague opinion ns to the relative merit the leading three - year - olds. The opinions of the professional handicappers, as shown in the adjustments which, were published in the last 'Calendar, vcre therefore awaited with particular interest? All these opinions reveal, however, is that the Roundest judges think there is little to choose between a number of these now four - vear - oldx. Usually, at least one or two animals of their age are omitted from handicaps, being con wdered'of superior, class ; this time practically Ml the presumed best are engaged. - Lord Harewood's Cantilever, Mr. Hulton's Shogun, and Colonel Hall Walker's St. Leger winner "Night Hawk are, indeed, not included. It can hardly be that "the first - named is deemed superior to several of those whose names occur. Cantilever won the Cambridgeshire, but only by a head, and be carried 121b. less, weight than that under which La Fleche won very easily, a stone less than Plaisanterie, another easy winner, and 161b. less than Foxhall, who beat one of the most brilliant Gelds that ever started for this race. It is tolerably certain that, if Cantilever had been put in to the " Jubilee " - Handicap he would not have had more weight than, if as much as, Mr. Hulton's Fairy King, lr. Ernest Dresden's Florist, Colonel Hall Walker's Great Sport, and Lord Derby's jght Brigade. In the Duke of York Stakes at Kempton Park Cantilever was behind not only Florist, who gave him 71b., but also behind Ir. Hulton's Thistleton, who was giving him . As Thistleton and Cantilever were eighth mul ninth, after having practically ceased to . rare being a good many lengths behind Florist, who had won in a canter little attention need be paid to the actual placings ; but we are stating results. As we noted when commenting on the weights the morning after their appearance. Fairy King, Florist, and ireat Sport are reckoned to be equals and have all 8st. 21b. (the hajidicap beginning at 9st.); Lipht Brigade, 8st. lib. ; Thistleton. 7st 121b. As for the non - appearance . of Shogun in any of the handicaps, it may be Hhat doubts are felt as to the possibility of his being duly uound up, or at any rate being ready to run in the Spring. He has been put into the Coronation and the Ascot Cups, on the chance of his being ready by the time they come on for decision. Well as he ran, however, he was at no time looked on as an extraordinary animal," though it was thought that he had a great hance of winning the Derby in a year when the class was below the average. Night Hawk failed so completely in the two races for which he started after 'Doncaster, the Cesarewitch and thelaverpoolSt. Lecer,that his most unex - iiected victory on the Town Moor can only, COVERTCOAT AND IRISH .MAIL. In tho apnroachinflr Grand National the weight will not be raised, as Sir Charles Aaahetc - 8niithV Covextcoat Is to head the acceptance. His owner's other, horse, Irish Mail, will be unable to fulfil his engagement unfortunately, for, though "Certooat was cowaerea to have the better chanoeTnch a KnaU proportion of the starters for this event complete the course in safety that al ascend. swing wno nas snown ability to jump the fences is valuable. Mr. G: Williams, M.R.C.V.S.. was lately summoned to Fmdon to see Irish Mail, and reports that the 'son of King's Messenger and iJetay Shannon has an enlargement at the back of the near fore fetlock, probably due to a jar, though irritation may have been set up in consequence of grit getting under the boot or bandage. The horse has never been actually lame ; but some time must pass before he can resume work, and. he will there fore be struck out of the great Liverpool race, it is nopea tnat he may be able to run i or me urana steeplechase at AuteuU in June. RACING AT LEICESTER. FURTHER SUCCESS OF SPEEDY FOX. When the weights had been raised for the Grand National last year Mr. Bower Ismay's Bloodstone went to the top with 12st. 71b., and he must have lost his form to have been beaten out of a place for the Mapperley Handicap Steeplechase by so moderate a horse as Mr. W. MacNeill'a Little Rover. Nevertheless; the latter was favourite, so that not much nope could have been entertained of Bloodstone. - Sir George Abercromby's Speed v Fox was sent on from Windsor, where he won on Satur - HUNTING. YESTERDAYS SPORT. ''' " Mb, Fxsjns's met ; at Newton Harcourt yesterday. Several coverts were drawn blank before fox was found at the Wistow covert j he ran on a sweep .out towards Fleckney, and. turning right - handed, poihted for Newton Harcourt, but was killed m' the grounds of Wistow House. Peatling covert held .the next, which first headed for Wistow, bat, turning to the. right; ran parallel with, the Leicester road pointing for Arnsby ; he turned - back towards Peatling, however, and lay down in a brook until hounds came up. They coursed him in view, and killed him while heading for Amsby after a 20 minutes' gallop. The next fox. found at Gihuorton covert, ran out for Walcot and, leaving Gilmorton Village on the left, crossed into the Ather - etone country, ran Up to the Great Central Railway past Ashby Maima Station, and was marked to - ground, near the village in a small spinney after a good gallop at "nice pace of 30 minutes over a charming One. The BravhXm Moo& yesterday met at North Deighton and did not find a fox until after 1 o clock m the. covert on the dimple Viaduct : this one got to ground almost at once. From Hookstpne a fox ran through Bathingwell, turned to the right, crossed the railway, .and was soon lost. Another from LeconnekJ's Gone headed for Kirkby Overblow, but turned Jeit - nanoea and crossed the railway to Jfolliloot. Up to this hounds had ran fast for 25 minutes : they now hunted slowly into Budding Park and out towards Spofforth, but were soon beaten. A good gallop began at Ingham's Gone. The fox pointed for Lund Head, but soon turned sharply to the right past Low Hall, and, with the new covert on the right, went on to Leconfield's Gone ; he did not loiter here, but ran on up to the brickworks and over the tunnel, across the railway, pointing for day. for the Novice' Steeplechase, and. waiting ! nT! Fw ' turnwl "gat - handed to on Mr. S. Creet's Prince Francis till acouple oil 5thmPSU ,downver P16 CrraP fences from home - a style of race which ' fT ud8 Park, and out towards the Piggott, his jockey, much affects - ame away bnckworks. Here hounds bent to the right to canter in eight lengths in front. This is a I nd;JfM?nS1 u "tt0!. n, f M' very promising young horse. As had been , f owlJ Herberts larches to anticipated, Mr. S. Hill Wood's Master at Arms earned off the W lgston Steeplechase. The opposition was poor, for at Newbury not long since Mr. Bower Ismay's Kirkbloom, here second, was easily beaten, receiving 131b., by an animal who was afterwards sold for 160 guineas, and Lady Esme Gordon's" Donnington, third, is far from what he used to be. r The three mile Stayers' Hurdle Handicap went to Mr. W. Wren's Katha. to whom an Walton Head, where they were stopped after a hunt oi an hour and 20 minutes. Poob Scent with the Quorx. The Quobk met at Pawdy Cross - roads yesterday. Scent was not good and a high wind greatly interfered with sport. From Charlton's Gone hounds crossed to Radale Wood, where the fox doubled back and was rather mysteriously lost, a lox trom Juunday s uorse ran sharply ijj , : across a iew neias ana was maricea to Ground ont Gorse was of his iockev. who did not co straldhTteX blankt and rom. T.d,0avU2: Gorse another ijfe, ' i .X7hanga trtTatXtris covert and Wysail, was abandoned. !QRAYv. NEWMAN. FIRST HALF OF THE; MATCH, The match in which George Gray is "giving Newman, the youthful pupil of the incomparable John Roberta, 4,000 points in 1 8,000 has aroused rkpen interest, - and the Holbom Hall! was. crowded at . almost every session last week. - No doubt the fact .that Newman was sooring as many - points as his opponent was chiefly responsible 'wf or the large jattendances. In these latter days, when' Englishmen ere so often beaten at their own games by. the intelli - gent invader, it is refreshing to find .that - the younger generation seriously. - intends to retain the mastery of English billiards. Newman is obviously destined to inherit a portion of his famous teachers unsurpassed popularity, His method is admirable he gets into the plane ot the balls as carefully as Gray) himself. though his head is an inch or so higher he id already a master of positional play, and he is manifestly an artist to the cue - tip. Moreover, there is. a. suggestion of joie - dejouer in his play which pleases the spectator who finds the impassivity of Gray or" the imperturbability of Inman a little overwhelming at times. Billiards has its humorous episodes - a really scandalous fluke, such as that which put Newman in for a brilliant break of 257 on Saturday evening, sometimes assumes thev proportions of a oosmical jest and Newman can smOe op even laugh at them without, it would seem, unaguung that he is committing a breach of professional etiquette. For ' serious students of billiards the chief interest of this match consists in the light it throws' on the vexed question how far can Gray adapt his one - stroke style to the ivory ball ? His huge sequences of losing, hazards on tne rea dsu nave been made with composition balls, and be has had little or no practice with ivory balls, which have not the homogeneity of the artificial product and, even if they had, would still require a different calculation of angle and strength. He is not as yet fully conversant with the peculiarities of the ivory ball to say nothing of its uncertainties which are the outcome of the fact that no two balls are precisely alike in their internal structure and his extraordinary ability as a player of difficult strokes was much more often called upon than was the case when he was playing systematically with crystallate balls, which are certainly the easiest of all for red - ball breaks. A statistical diaerara of the second 500 break he made last week would certainly show a larger average variation from the normal red loser into the middle pocket than one of like dimensions made with crystallates. Gray will, no doubt, gradually master the difficulties of red - ball play with ivory balls in so far as they can be mastered ; the time will come when he will be making four - figure THE FOOTBALL DISPUTE Jt v 4 SETTLED;. v ,Y ' ' . ; 7 ' KenworUur's Red Jacket. S rn, lOrt. 121b. (A. rurln) : Mr. W. enoiUwioVi Utile IrUc & rn. ltet. 1Mb. J. Lrmll): Mr. U. W. HUTU'. Fnlbert. m. tat. lb. (ArtilB) : Mr. H. f. Ufdcalfe' Stodj. 4 7 re. ltat. tew. 1(M. lib.) (W. Hajboel : Mr. G. l'rrofi SoUum. 4 171) 1(M. Ulr. Ken); Mr. T. Trier OriV JSxSi. trn. - lb. (ekr. tat. lllb.) IT. Trier) : Mr. WhltworUTi orlw Duet, 4 rn. 10rt. u. OMtrl. (Winner tntoed br Ovner. at Klnnmler.) L - ij I i - j (Kaee Urtad at 1J0.) rvgarucu as inucn in wie nature OI a UUkC. , PetUnc. to 4 ant Mar Mint, i to l Cbnro Il 8 to 1 Red His owners vreat eport seems to be : is? nooiacMnotanaotoar. ii to saacnactt to a colt who may make a name for himself. He j mn not likely to have shown to special ad - however, allowed to stand. Details : - m'SS1 tia"; friS SXtZi" 1 Meyssll met yesterday at the Green breaks, and all the while he is at the table he hurtle race bp to tinw o ctein : vinner to be aoid for 60 mti. i Man, Ashbourne, and found at Bradley Rough, j will be scoring 3 points to an average of 2 1 - 3 Mr. v... irow i Dr lxjxoo ll6r Me(Wler Kttnm - 1 m. tm iiw io ueautu Uir. U. Drake) . . ' i M;.WwVWx.4rri - i. - rT.wii1innt,:: " " 1 1 ilP01 l ton fl" "dvantage sufficient to assure victorj - . in our AMoraa: Mr. J. Uoarle rra. Hit. sn. iw. I D imuou wk& rem uouucu iu urnuicy orr. MrrKNVprtlii1? to OUnd d.e5 th? nd Waf. ed TERMS OF AGBEEMENT. Th Football Association Council transacted some important busuiess at. their meeting at the omces of the Association yesterday. " 'ine representatives of the Football Association appointed to. meet the Amateur Football Aasociation - - Lord Kinnaird, Mr. C. Crump, Mr. J. C Clegg, Mr. KcHord. Mr, A. Davis, Mr.J. McKenna.Mr. D. B. Woolf all. Mr. G.W. Simmons, Mr, H; A. Porter. Mr.H. J. Huband. Mr. W. J. Wilson, Mr. T. H. Kirkup, and Mr. W. W. Heard recommended that : The Amateur Football Association be affiliated to the Football Association upon the terms of the proposal submitted to them, and the council unanimously agreed to the affilia tion. The announcement was made officially that the Amateur Football Association were now in the same position as any other association attached to the Football Association, i As already published, the scheme for reconciliation provides that tile Amocislian is recogniXecl as the national - governing body for the game. The Amateur Football Associa tion to nave a denned constitution to retain its present members, should they so desire, and in future to consist of university, public school, old boy. metropolitan, hospital, banks. assurance offices, and such clubs, or others on application under special circumstances by permission of the Football Association. The present rules of the Amateur Football Association to hold good ; existing Amateur xumuau .AaBooauoa county associations to cease to exist, but the competitions to continue as aesireo. The Football Association grant representation on tho council to the Amateur Football Association, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and the public schools. The Amateur Football Association to have representation on the International Selection Committee and on the Amateur Cup Committee. The Football Association will use its best endeavours with the International Federation to enable the Amateur Football Association clubs to continue to meet those of the Bohemian Football Association. RUGBY TOOTBAii - '1. si. THE ENGLISH TEAK v. IRELAND The following - team has been chosen to represent England, agaias .Ireland at Twickenham on February 14 JT W. B. Jofcastoa (Bristol). Ttnnr - iPAMg. Bxcxs. C. X. Lowe (CsmMdm Unrrtntty). F. - x. ChasaiaB (Wcstot). B. W. Pooka (Lirerpwil). . B. D. Watson CBUcxheata). ZLtlJBACXS. P.. Oakeley (United Bcrrkn). W. J. A. OaTies (United Serrioea). iFomwAXDs. r; ' ' L. O. Brawn (Loodoa Hospital). - C. H. FUfanaa (Blaekbeath). A. P. M7nard (OMnbridte Unlrmity). - O. Ward (Ldeester): ' . H - & Harrison (United Serrkes). M J. B ronton (Xorth Darbam). S. 8mrt (Gloucester), and A. L. IXacrisoa (UnHed 8erricea). Four changes have been made from the team which beat Wales Oakeley and Davie come in' at half back for G. W. Wood and F. M. Taylor, and H. C Harrison and A - L. Harrison for J. E. Greenwood and A. G. Bull among the forwards. An International. FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION CUP. THIRD ROUND: THE DRAW. The draw for the third round of the Football Association Cap is as follows : A8T0N VILLA. T. WEST BBOMWICR ALBI0X. MTLLWXLL r. 8HOTTKLD UNITED. WOLVZEHAMTTOW WAXDRREES or SHOTTZLD WEDSZSDAT T. BilGHTOS AXD HOVE ALBIOX. STJKDEBLASD t. PRKSTO!! NORTH END. BIRMINGHAM T. QUEKSS PARK RANGERS. BLACXBCRN ROVERS T. MANCHESTER CXTT. WEST HAM UNITED T. LIVERPOOL. tded for Braasington, but, beine : to 21 bv opponents in the chamoionahin claaa. turned, ran through Kniveton and Bradley j It is the latter which will cive him . an Otbers. oa br four lencUu: a leuth and a half between second and third. Orer Anxloaa wa fourth, stodr fifth, and SnUnoi xtt. Kad Jacket. PietM. and Fealbert fell. Put to. lb rider of Ked Time, imin. ec. Tne MAPPERLEY Tne sinner ni boosbt la lor U (olneaa. XY 8TEEPLECHASE HANDICAP ot 1M andaoTt. toaecond. Three mile,. on. Mr. W. MacNeill'a b r Lrrrui Born, br llichwarmaa Bar - urrry. Km. aid. lu. lirovni. . iTiere t Simoca. ared. MM. Mb. (T. Trier) (F. LralD; Mr. F. Ianiai'a RkmUtaM. ared. 1M. iniK b. ihii luacc num. ana. int. ixib. (I vantage as a two - year - old, arid .notwithstanding that he won a couple of races at that age, they uere moderate exhibitions, for he beat an in - different animal in each by no more than a head. His success in the Whitsuntide Plate at Hurst Park last spring was creditable, however, though Lord Bosebery's Sanquhar, second to j him, two lengths away, was giving 121b. The only other - time Great Sport ran was m the un - , fortunate Derby, andtfc cannot be said - what might hae happened but for the bumping and wrtling which occurred, not 6nlyot themush, W in the last furlong or more. The French colt Ximbus, whom Great Sport - beat at Epsom,, earned reputation afterwards by winning the Prix du Conseil Municipal, giving his immediate .follower 211b., Brftleur, the" winner of the Grand Prix, unplaced. The Tetkarch. ... . Mr.E.T.tteH'atawcafaAKCia.trra.lOrt.Oir.narrlaon) . A point to be observed uT reference to these ;J:li - Bn'iB""I,,EVFi,T - .11't - (T - .lluIn' . r I . . . vr T i . 1 Aluo ran - 8ir P. Walker'i Frrerinh. 6 rra. Hit. (A. New vut - tcwuius u iu - n. mjcv, umn w 1110 j mi. wuiwcno ireair. 4 rra, Irak U.liaey) " Jubilee Handicap, does not regard tho best lour - Vear - Olds as SO poor in Quality as thev are Bettlnt. 11 to lo on 8peedr Fox. ? to acat rrince FrancU, after a hunt of 55 minutes. From Gaskins a fox headed for Brailsford Gorse and short of it was lost. The Duke of Beaufort's, hunted by Walters,. met yesterdav at Didmarton. Several foxes were at Silk Wood, and one was killed after a woodland hunt of 40 minutes. Another ran in a ring past Weetonbert to Fastongray, and returned to Silk Wood after a nice hunt of 30 minutes. Another found at Westonbert Pleasure Grounds was soon killed. ' The York and Atnsty met yesterday at Myton Hall, the residence of Mr. Myles Stapyl - ton. Riley's Plantation held the first fox, which ran down to the river Ouse, and. turning to the right, ran past Haddocks Moor to "ff U?r. - Pii'i "JS: "i"; 1 Tolthorpe Village, and, again turning right M. II. Rich a Abakv. aied.. Hit. tear Hit. Mb.) (Mr. Barton): . i u Vi i?u j Mr. StraUon'a Soman - Candle. ad. ltet. lllb. (T. Wlllmot) : iww imni ll area, luav lllb. (Mr. P. Boberta): Mr. II. Knodea'a Brtlar. area, AO. 61b. (O. Lrall) ; Mr. S. Fetnrlck I - almer'a tiraek OeoeraL 6 m. llffi. ear. 10et.) (Owner): Ckpuio nibm'a lllowLua. ared. lOrt. fT. 1 breM ell). in inner tramea nr captain . neattr. at Imboorn.) , Raeptartdat8.1.) Betttnc. 11 to 4 ant UtUa Kovwr. T to 2 KlhrtUlam. 4 to 1 Roman Candle. 7 to t bloodrtooe. 1 to 1 Sonloch. 100 to S each ant tne others. Won br thre - a.aarUn et a learta :' aU knetha NTaratod aecond and third. 1'nlkm Laaa u fourth. Roman Candle afth, and Ureek (leneral laft. fclack ltum tailed to complete the coune. The NOVICES STEEPLECHASE ot 80 aoTBand t nan. to eeeond: for hone that hare not won a ateepleobaae on to time of doelnc. Two mllfK. I Sir O. Abercrombr"!" br t Sftttt Speed Little VUen. rrm, hki. iwd. it. 1 UfMli 1 Newer); (Winner trained br r . IlarUran. at WerUll) utace startea at ux.i ii - . . t . t - . i - i. rr . i a to l Bin Banner, id to l eacn am tna otcen. piierauy ratea. xra ucruj s oieuiasi anajir. . wm br eiht lenrth: dx lenrth divided aecond and third. N. Joel's - Long Bet are, of course, reallv good Treatr wa. iat. and X sots, to second; winner to be sold (or SO sots. Two miles. Mr. W. E. Wren's rn r Jrmrr Glottx. br Snoccraft Simons - worth. S rr. lost. lib. (car. lost, lib.) (T. Williams) . . . . 1 Mr. W. Cadman's Boaomn Mimb. aced. list. lz'b. (J. FarreU) 2 Baron ron TrnUsrhler's Mew Bcs. and, lost. lab. (A. Parkln - ml . . . . l Also ran : Mr. L. L. Ralli's BrUht Park. and. 2t. (F. Lrall) ; Mr. J. Idartis's Uoaimodo. rn. list. 101b. (Mr. ilanimn) Mr. J. Qnarle s Zaaberer. i rn. lint. 81b. (W. Ronrs); Mr. E. g. nolland's Pot. and. list. Sib. (A. Smith): Mr. E. Tomlinson's iklnc unrr. aced. lost. (car. loat. Sib.) u. Lrall) torxes, but Mr. Lee reckons them only 121b, tatter than the leading three of their juniors. Weight for age at a mile and a half in May, Hen the Kempton Park " Jubilee " takes place, 41b. the race is a mile and a quarter and so these three are only 81b. below the two generally accepted as the beat in training. The. next few months mav demonstrate that Captain McCalmont's The Tetrarch holds this distinction of "best." This must be left for the future to disclose. Something happened to the grey colt ; trouble arose during his preparation for the Imperial Produce Plate at Kempton Park last autumn, and it seems not impossible that the trouble may recur when he is put into Mrong work. At present he is reported to be only walking and trotting, with an occasional eanter. His owner and trainer are silent on ihe subject,, and we are entirely in accord with those who think this silence discreet ; for if a distinct statement were made to the effect that The Tetrarch's condition was free from doubt, Hipposing that there were a recurrence of the mischief , whatever it may have been, the re - aiuring declaration would be misleading. The anxiety which exists to know more about the folt anses from the desire of those who anticipate his victory in the Derby to bet on that contingency. Kearly four months have to elapse Tiefore the Epsom Summer Meeting ; intending jieculators need not be in a hurry, and the ITobability is that his trainer could tell very ittle if be desired to be frank. There are two questions The Tetrarch's v)undness in the first place, and. if he remain smd, his ability to stay. The report; ran that tAe stoppage in his preparation last year was iicrcraitated by his having hit his leg. Some liorxv - are apf to do this. It can often be pre - eated by special care in bandaging and shoe - ins ; but it may bo assumed that so skilful a trainer as Mr. Peruse would have taken every imaginable precaution in this respect. The colt Imd won seven races, and it must surely have been ascertained how he ought, to be shod. - V OFFICIAL 8CRATCHIKGS. iTsuurxD Hrnrcs ILor Tttcxn.. Rcaneo. Mrit Burucr. - GetMral Fox. WutTEaaiia - roB! Kwiainanm. Manas. II AXD IT. Bchool - and Ceaffrtr Hill. u. rjtauuaanrr rx Ma. C H. Hamara Nun. BfwaLicht. lJTiaruoL Mun Ut. Oi(. at aja. raeuedar. ti EvoAorasm tnrnaa Katxai. Hot Krtaj. Fort l nj - r ITiidlx Habtkat tBonraoatiri. Was BcotUt and :U . Blitndar. inin uciiu aici ianinusisi. - wBia; ran. fTxan iRsrwamTj. junor cnu. u. H suhbj. Uaracara. Tred Keen. Huimmw Htroartp Brrari arw t (IjEirBnTxl. - Oraiwr - ) imi or Watin nurraCAT gron OT lis (Sawhbww TimxS. ' "m .' nt - aujt Rawmcap tSAWtlOW rAaAfTCfect. Ninon al erarutaua (Urnpoaj axd ljartswni r mftuwt, - Lsmennnf. at t in. reatardar. TATTERS ALL'S SALE. " - a - - - mmlm nl lTfttvVlml ywslerdAT. Tbe. chief sales wwwt Brttlnc to 1 sitt Boroush Manth. 7 to 2 King Cserrr. 5 to 1 Rrtfht rikik. 6 to 1 each Uuasimodo. lot, and Mia Bun. 10 to 1 earn acxt the others. Woo br a leoriii and a half ; three - qnarten of a length between second and third. Bright Itti was fourth. Zaaberer was U onlr other to complete Ihe roone. H)t ran out, and King ("berry fell. Tbe winner was sold to Mr. Cadman for 110 guineas. Time imin. 11 &. The WIUSTO!? STEEPLECHASE of RJ hots., and, sots, to the Hrau. lis mile. Mr. R. IIU1 Wood's b g Mahtir at Aam. br SoUman Mrs. GmndrV and. list. Sib. (T. Hulrae) j. l Mr. C H. ulnar's KmnLooK. aged, lOst. Sib. (E. Flggott) . . 2 Ladr t - Oordon's LOxxixCTQit. aged. lust. Sib. (car. lost. Ha.) (I. Anthonjr) ., , .. S AIM ran .Mr. F. Blbbr'i Wlcfcham. aged. 10t. Sib. a. Morgan): Car. O. FnUambe i Enoch, aged. lost. Sib. (car. list, bib.) (Owner) : Sir . Builomch s Clearawar. i rro, lost. U. Manonr) : Mr. W. Lea's Fortnne Bar. aged. Oat. Mb. (Mr. J. Young) ; Mr. K. IUmt'i aoabarron. aged. list. 81b. (Mr. BrabatonK Mr. 8. Moon's StanrroTc 6 rn. lost. (Mr. II. Drake) ; Mr. K. Wrndbam Uuln's Sretnt, 4 rn. lost. (car. lost. Sin.) (F. Reed). (Winner trained br Mr. Whltaker. at Eoraton.) (Kaca started at 1.31.) Betting. IS to ft agst Master at Arms. S to 1 Donnington. 9 to S Kirkbloom. 10 to 1 each ant Lb others. won or tbree - narten uc a wngto ; a neaa aeparaiea ascona ana, ana moen and third. Ctonbarron was foorth. Fortone Br I The 6TATEE8 HAKPICAP BTJEPLE KACE of 70 sots - , and 2 sots, to second. Three mile. Mrr - W. K. Wtps b I UtTmx. br Uncle Mac Frtncesa Geordna, & rn. lost. lllb. (Mr. J. (leom). . . . . . j. . . 1 Ml E. Taitorn Cmaawuon Bncnr; rra. list. Tin. (T, Thnlfen) 2 u. w noM'i Miuos nns. k m. lOar. tsib. (W. narboa) a 1W na Jlr. V. Blbbr Lnena. and. lSst. 71b. (I. kimil : Mr. StraMon'a Otmai. rn. list. Mb. U. Barrett) ; Mr. J. Bran's Omaa, 4 rn, lost. lulb. U. Xteardon) : Mr. W Bardoa's Palta. and. lost. Sn. UL HiiIct) : MrTO. U Ewer's Frond Vera, S m. ltMt. Mb. (car. lost. 71b.) (Mr. Dand); Mr. w. Brocfcleai Doctor V aged. lost. lt. Hnitaman). Betting. to 4 agst Beck. to 1 Locus and agst tne otaers. Qua. a to 1 each Palta and Ooaewood Melton Frtor. 7 to I Climax. 10 to 1 each liL and J. Kanrdon i both Injured. Palta d Vera Dand. their respect) re rtdars. war Wm br a neck : three lengths dlrlded second and third. foorth. Uoetor v. nrtn, ana locos ism. uum ana rrosn era ma ju. ' W. KaUmms's oxo. M asaam i yantnot. It gntnaas AZ&Stt. js. F.S. i - : fi 11a. 70 nl : and jnattar Saoaoh. ) gar as. ai ssia. r i. U. Hoar's Ail. IS gnmeaa. A bd. - . Cotton TBlLrS aalasas ' W. R. KeumTs Jorr. jrotarM 1 1 i Wallafa Jaona. U Slaaa Jteoa. M tmbjaMt fuia U. Laxlan'l tWW WW M t Fomlctsw. II gninsax. PROSPECTS OF TO - DAY'S 3IEETINO. The Gopsall Maiden Hurdle Race comes first on the card with 42 entries. Among them is Mrs.. Phillips's Tilshead, who - when last seen ran second at Newbury to Mr. R, B. Henry's Molly's Birthday, one of the most useful hurdlers of the season. As a five - year - okd. Tilahead was second in four of his six races, so tnat it may be con sidered about time for him to win. Mr. V. Frisby's Burning Daylight is in. the February Hurdle Handicap, and must nave an excellent chance, thoush Mr.F. S.WatU's Scarlet Button nd Mr. Gilbert's Crystal Gazer are to be noted s dangerous. usually races over iiuruicw. auiu utt lencea are alternated in the programme; this afternoon the steeplechases all come last. Mr. F. - C Parker's Dick Dunn is in the Harrington Handicap, and H may be expected that he will win bet ore long, aim - none earned neavy weight with much soccess over hurdles and l I 1 . A . wouia scarcely do stepv evs ius new occupuon unless he were thought tolerably sxrw to do well at iL Mrs. R. Swan's Marcellinus is at the head of the handicap, and has deserved hk prominence. Mr. G. d'Arcy lwardes's Vix has been dropped, a consideration which hit recent running tuceets that be most need. Mr. J. Montagu's Tarmac ought to beat Sir George Bullough's Simon the Lepper in the Wiatow Hall Steeplechase, but Mr. G. d'Arcy Edwardea'a Marena and Mr. F. Lennox Harvey's purrain nave to do eoaaiaerea. handed, went through Alnewillow Garth, and was hunted on past Hawith Village and lost at Stapylton's Plantation. This - was a fast little dash of 20 minutes. Alnewillow uarth and Grassmire were both blank, and. the next fox was found at Aldwark Big Wood. He crossed Mr. Burton's land at Fallgates and ran by Xewton - on - Ouse along the Linton road for some distance before crossing the bridge. Hounds checked near Linton village and hunted on slowly towards Court House wood, but were run out of scent short of it after a hunt of 25 rninutes. The Cheshire yesterday met at Crewe Gates. The Crewe coverts were blank and hounds went on to Occleston, where they found, but the fox was killed after a short run near Elsworth. From AVarnington a fox led out towards Grobv, but turned left - handed, entered Plex Moss, again bent to the left, headed for j Occleston, went down to the river and, turning left handed, ran parallel with it and was lost at the Occleston coverts after a hunt of 35 minutes. In Ireland : The Galway Blazers Eight Mile Point. On Thursday the Galway Blazers met at Dalgan Park. A fox from the Gorse ran a ring out towards anruietown, returned to Dalgan Park, ran straight through the isog Covert and, leaving at the North End, was taken to Millford, where hounds were beaten. A fast little gallop of 15 rninutes began at Cloghans. Hounds raced nearly to Blindwell, where they turned right - handed over the Castle grove and Goghans - road, and killed' their fox while heading back for the starting point. A very fine gallop of one hour and 17 minutes, with a point of eight miles (13 miles as hounds ran), finished with a kill in the open. The fox started from Eyracldy Gorse and led at creat Dace nearlv to Blindwell : here he fswung left - handed to . within easy reach of Castlegrove, bent away still to the left by Hunagarraun and Fartamoro and down to the Great Southern and Western Railway. Running parallel with it the fox reached Liskeevy and. crossing the Clare river, ran up to Kilgevrin, He now made a wide left - handed sweep in the direction of Ballindine, and leaving it on the (left went on through the coverta at Millbrook, crossed over into Dalgin and was killed in the open beyond it. On Friday The Meath were at Clowanstown. Lord Finealls coverts were first drawn and hounds, finding in the Burrow Wood, ran to tbe I left of ruUeen Uastle to the " Hound U" and doubled back to the Orchard, where the fox was killed. The next was found at the Poorhouse Gcrse ; hounds ran to the right of Dunshaugh - Un. crossed the Black Bog, turned over the opinion, in the championship games. Yestkbdat'b Plat. When play Was continued yesterday Xewman EtUl retained 3,401 of hi original start ot 4,000. During tbe afternoon be acored 77S points, with an average of 42, to 309 points by Gray. Tbe latter never found CTtis form, and his best breaks were 103 and 63.' Newman made breaks of 104 (full), 72, 51, 107, 105, 66, and 53. The scores at tbe interral were: Newman (receives 4,000), 11,513 ; Gray, 7,715. At night Gray made breaks ot 77, 85, 161, and 242 (225 off the red ball), while Newman made 158 (full) and 285. The clo ing scores were : Newman (receives 4,000) (in play), 12,167 ; Gray, 8,333. STEVENSON v. REECE. Stevenson and Heecs (receives 1,000) began match ot 18,000 up at tbe Leicester - square Hall yesterday. . During tbe afternoon Stevenson made breaks of 304, u (twice), 7, 77, ana vi (unfinished), white Reece made 133, 177, 07, and 69. The scores at the interval were : Reece (receives 1,000), 1,547 ; Steven son, 701. At night Stevenson made breaks of 211, 158, and 176 to Reece's best of 128, 100, and 83. Tbe closing score were: fierce (receives i.ouuj, 2,011; Steven' son (in play), 1,500. BUESLET V. BOLTON WAND EE EES. The matches are to h nlavwl nn th r.t iv. I was cautioned bv the referee more than one. first - named club bn February 2 1 : klck - ofl at i the Jiltru?i Lflri fell on hia knee and waa helped FEATHER - WEIGHT BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP. KID LEWIS v. PAUL TIL. Ever since Georges Carpentter and Charles Ledoax gained their victories over Bombardier Wells and BUI' Beynon respectively, Anglo - French contests have been f oUowad with the greatast interest oa both aid of the Channel. The fight last night between Kid Lewis and Paul TO was no exception la this raapect. Tbe Englishman's advantage la height and reach gave his countrymen a reasonable excuse for hoping, that be might be able to avenge tbe former defeats, and he did so. Til was (UsqaaKflrd in the 12th, round for holding, but he was no match for Lewis and would in any case have been beaten. Tbe match was described as for the' championship of Europe and 600, and though exception has been taken to this in France, the winner of this fight" is as much entitled to style himself champion of Europe in this class as is Georges Carpentier in - the heavyweight division. KU Lewis is tbe British featherweight champion and holder of the Irv - inVti belt, which he won by beating Alec Lambert last year, after Jim DrincoLVa retirement. Lewis is not. of course, tbe equal ot Driacoll. but be is on of the best men of bis weight who has been seen in the ring for many years. In the opinion of most competent judges. Paul Til is the best man of his class in France, though De Ponthien is the official feather - weight champion. Tbx M atch. There were not many vacant seats when 'Lrwi and Til entered the ring just before 9.30. Til. Whd has made himself very popular in England, was as warmly received as the English champion. Although there was actually only half a pound difference in tbe men's weight, Lewis stripped much bigger than Til. The first five rounds were fairly level, though Lewis" soon showed that he was much Quicker on hia feet than his opponent. Til was inclined to hold, and In 3.15 p.m. up by Til. In the next round there visun mwh I holdirur thai th rafrrrn rnimn - A t K .;n. .n.l Tm FnAL Tne j tinually frfeed a break. Til was much the worse In regard to the Final Tie the Finance Committee i ?e.?d'?p. Ir.t1" resPct - Lewis continued to do most rmA tu.t i v.j . - . i ox me leaatng. ana scored in everr round. In th , .T ' ' "Tu , . ueun,le rec - 12th mund the referee disqualified Til for continual ment for future years, as there is at present no autho - holdifig and stopped the fight. It wan obvious that my a me t,rysxai raiace empowered to enter into the Frenchman had no chance of winning, and it am auTangcmem. An An ot faruament necessary to , WBa P1" - "J oomauk loa ne escaped oeing anoexeu constitute such authority will be applied for in the THE PROFESSIONAL TOURNAMENT. Aiken (receives 1,750) and Inman began their heat in this tournament at the Burroughca II all, Soho - square, yesterday. In the afternoon Aiken gave a very disappointing display and scored only 100 . points - . Inman, on the other hand, played well, and made breaks of 98, 146, 74, 68 (twice), and 224 (unfinished). The scores at the interval were : Aiken (receives 1,750), 1,850 ; Inman, 751. In the evening Inman made breaks of 292 (full), 112, 253, and 138 to Aiken's best of 82 and 112. The closing scores were: Aiken (receives 1,750), 2,270 ; Inman (in play), 1,501. ensuing: Session. The Committee have come to a provisional .understanding aa to the terms to be provided for in the future lease. In the circumstances the Committee recommend that tbe Final Tie on April 25 be played at the Crystal Palace on the same terms aa last Tr nn mru(HL that the present authority at ita own expense makes certain alterations to increase the accommodation for specraion. OXFORD v. CAMBRIDGE THE OXFORD SIDE. The following aide has been chosen to play for Oxford against Cambridge at Queen's Crab, iV est A.ensmgrxn, on Saturday next : Goal. J. lu Carr (St. Lawrence, Ramsgate, and Vagdalen). Backs. T. S. Gent (Rosaall and Trinity). R. F. Popham (Repton and Hertford) (captain). Halt - backs. G. F. Macnamara (The Oratory School, Edsbaston. and New College), K. S. M. White (Malvern and Brasenosc). A. M. Wilkinson (Repton and Oriel). Forwards. F. VT.H. Nicholas (Forest and Hertford). M. Howell (Repton and Oriel). G. B. F. Rudd (Went minster and Christ Church). J. N. Richardson (Repton and Oriel). H. D. Vernon (Charterhouse and Magdalen). An old Blue. RaVoath - road to Gexrardstown. bent to. the right by Trivitt, and lost their fox at theFrana town covert. The Lagore laurels were Diamc A fox from Boyiani ran down to the lane leading to Rathbeggan, but got to ground. HOCKEY. EAST v. NORTH. The following team has been chosen to represent the North against th East at Cambridge on Saturday, February 28: . M. La. iooa jLarwaanircygoaa c r, Aeese ( Lancashire t and R - O. - Weaver Yorkshire), backs i P. Piatt (Cheshire), Dr. L. 8. Aahcroft (Lancashire), and A. G. Boutbera (Laivasanire), liau - backa ; U - J. Tindell Green (Durham). C W. 8. Mareon (Cheshire). A. L. r. Mmitn (orrnutaDeriana), jr. v. uamaon (Lauhoashire), and A. N. Other, forwards. M.C.C. v. TRANSVAAL. FINE BATTING BY HOBBS AND RHODES. JOHANNESBURG, Feb. 2. The Transvaal eleven, who at the close ot play on Saturday had scored 342 for nine wickets, continued their first innings in very hot weather this morning, but after five runs had been added the last wicket fell. Mr. Lundie being caught by Rhodes. The M.C.C. were thus 39 runs .ahead, and they started their second innings with Hobbs and Rhodes. The letter started very cautiously. Hobbs was missed with tbe total at 13 and he also gave an easy chance at 70, but the two men were still together at the hincbeon inter val, when the total stood at si, Hobbs navtng made 62 and Rhodes 25. After luncheon the Transvaal bowling was completely collared and with the total at 211 lor no wicket tlootm 13 1 ana itnoaes vo Mr. Douglas declared the innings closed. Tne Transvaal in ineir second innings naa scored 145 for the loss of six wickets at the close of play. and thus the match was left drawn. Scores : V.C.C. First inninzs. 388 : second Innings. 211 for no wicket (tailings declared closed). TsvAjfaTTAAL. first innings, an ; second innings. 145 for six wiefcets. ntvur. ; THE CAPTAINSHIP OF NORTHAMPTON. SHIRE. Mr. G. A. T. Vials has resigned the captainship of the Northamptonshire County team, owing to pressure ot prof caakmal duties. The committee, in accepting the resignation. thanked Mr. Vials for his services. Mr. 8. G. Smith, who captained Northamptonshire when Mr. Vials was prevented irom pAaying oj mo acciuciu, wiu oe proposed as tne new captain. LAWN TENNIS. HYERES INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT. . HTEBES. Moxuat. Tho international tournament at Hyeres was begun to - day. The results were l a (lanrrLXHKX a Orxx fcuxarjcs. irt Hounds P. Wotum beat J. Davis (I 3. 6 iL Garjmxxxx's Orxx Do cut m. First Round. M. Hewlett and Mr. Grant beat M. Shaw and M. Iocidea (46, 02. 3). Orxx MrxxD Dorexxs. First Round. W. Wheelwright and Uin Wheelwright beat M. Howktt and Utas Wallis ( 4, 82): Tern GxAxn Parx Motor Rack, Entries at ordinary fees far the Grand Prix Meter Race, over ine ureutt da Lyon on July , nara closed wita a total of 38 cars. Great Britain wiU be mveaented by thrae Banbeami and three Vauxhalls. while France. Oermaay, and Italy will also pat atroag teams Into the field. ' Amonc the latest entries were two for the Swiss car Piccard - Pletet, and three for tha Italian make, the F.LA.T. . . Genaavr vin send five MereeVles, tha groat sat number entewed by any oae firm. France will ba represented by three Peugeota and three Delagsja among others, rtaxsaro, th famoua Italiaa rsM driv.has catered two cars, which he la bow nnnranuii, - t t - - i was much cleverer all throush. and mint blished a long lead in points when the HORSES, CARRIAGES, &c. TJ OUSTS. A PAIX of baadsoiM DAXK (JUXgUUf. a a u&lumub, btv nan oka. is.i naaa bub. pexncl taat. wtta sosito aette : sbon Ittnl ltt 3 W - aaaan U aar hsniass : trial aad Tstcrtaary svaataaUna ; pOcs iwxlara. U. a4 W. aUxoo. a. rark - iaaat. rtocadAUy. W. CTTESTirCT 00M. wtta sx Tsar ed: 1U tVOBS. A PATE of TO - t hkrh act am : ocrfact mate: trm ud haads bkk J sue well UcrUarr : aerfaet asaMsrs ; aay tlaaM eaa an - rs laaca ; trial aa4 Tststinarr stimlllon alloveS ; avtaa nssdstaf. M. aa4 Vf. AlDtoa. a. ra - ua. nocadlltr. I s oav W. MOTOR CARS. ROttrVROTCi: CTIAWIS. nARKXK BO ITT. ACXXOWLXTXIETJ THK WOXLLVM HTXT CAR. TOMFUKTB Bw KOLU - KOTm CASS, with BABKXlt TO UmcsaaiM. CaOrtntat. Isalsasslts or tnrMdo bodta. for earlr dUrry. BABKKR aad Co. DoaMAi!fB). lid C Stasta Awtler - atrai. W, Londun gstallsrs aad Body lissrtslarts (or Rolto - Rorea Cars. Established orar Sou jaaia. TaU its. MU - MAJIAZT. f k New ICafcrVU? ! ea. Hwt 40 - SO B - P. ROLLS - BO )TTX TAX. sow bats eraavttaM or deHrwr aeit mt lit tad wttlra asmtsrwis BASKXX t Door. wt. xiAKJLEa aaa us. voaaaDouasraiA us, h Andkr - Mnrt. W. TeL Ko. SttS Xartalr. a nivrwiirit ta - M i, Kotxs - aovcx rAX tor trrxx A wtU option to MRhaas. atlad witk a BAXKXX TOXPXOO BODY. Car baa onlr bam raw abnat 7JM sidas and at mmvlr SfSkd. ww. BAXXKX aad Co. (Ooacaoolkkwa). Ud. SS. Baath Andkr - strest. W. Tbe Clbratd Loadrai Hour for sw aad Skcoodhaod EOLLS - KOTUt CAXS. Tat o - Hii lUrfair. T?0UK ?(EW HIGII - GKAQK CASS tor DrXXQUTX DX. A L1VEKT. : AUSTRIAN SKI CHAMPIONSHIP, (rsou otra cobbisfondknt.) KITZBCHEL, Feb. 1. The race for th of Austria began here to - day LKTTX. SS h n l - t0 B h - U - TBider WOLSKLXT LMOCSWXLATOAr - CABjgOLXT. IS b - atx - erUsder DKLA m.jn a.n. wiiuialat l li B P. NAPIER DK LUXE LQIOCHlNK - LADA aad Co. (Owchasslklara). Ltd, 64, Buuta Aal)ar - TSst, w. i JUS sUrtatr. The snow was good and the weather magnificent. Kitzbiihel is crowded. One hundred and sixty - two competitors started. The results of the longdistance races, run over a course of JO miles, were as follows : Age Handicap (10 starters). 1. Torlcif Aaa (Korski Hkiklub, Munich), lh. 30min, 4Ssec 2. Dr. Karl G ruber (Akademisrher Skiktub, Munich), lh. 3miii. 40scc. 3. Fritz Rlgler (Skikhib, Salsburg), lh. SOmln. 43sec. First Class (IS starters). 1. Oliver Perry Smith (Skiklub Reiftrager, Schreiber - hau). lh. 22min. 31 sec. Z. PauI Rotter (Elshockey Geaellscbaft, .Prague), lh. Stmin. SOsec. ' 3. Hannemann (Mannerturnverein, Munich), lh. JSmln. ISsec. 4. Johann Schults (Skiklub, Schlirsee), lh. 3 Imin. 2Ssc Skcoxd Class (43 starters). 1. Wltselesberger (Akademlscher Skiklub, Vienna), lb. SSmln. llaec. Dr. Meriet (Akadenuscber Skiklub, Munich), lh. 35min. I3sec. I 3. Delmar (Magyar Skiklub. Budapest). 4. Baumgartner (Skiklub, Innsbruck), lb. 30mln. S6aec Fkbbcaby 2. The ski championship of Austria was won here to - day by Mr. Oliver Perry Smith (Norski Skiklub, Bchreiberhau). ski - in sr chamnionshin OPXrsp - nASD to - ts wo I.PX IXT LMO csix LAITD AC - sbj uig cnanipionsnip ; jj rjcrrx : humrtooslr qnptd with spars wbsal aad trrs. laaap. aora. e. : raadr for tba nawl. JaStatsispalsMkras - wtrs ; a barsala. Apsir BARKIS and Co. (CoacnbviiderBI. LKL. 64. Kovah Aadkrrtrstt. W. OTZSCXOCXD TO XTUTWUZSZ. Toobs or writs to Uw lUr DararUasaL THE DAIMLER COMPANY, LIMITED. Btort - stmt. t otkahaia - coort - road. W.C. ATMLRixa AnvTSOXT Clcx. The Atkletea' Advi - aorr Crab has arranged to hold a series of lectnies on Tarteoa. oranrnes oi uau aaa osu arnwuira, Aoa efficiak ot the Poiytachnie Irsrtltute, 308, Regent - , street, W bave kindly given the use ot a room for the opening lector, wtucn win ne aaia on rmay next, at I pjn. The lectores wQ be MmArtlmi br lantern slides, from a series of photographs taken at the Olympic Games of ltlJbyDr. Adolphe Abrahams, aad laaty him to th club. Young athletes wlU be able to see IQustratkaas of wurid' 'chaanpson to acthmt whBat the coaches ot the Athletes' - Advisorr Clab will point out the Isaajnns to b learnt from them. The meeting win b opened at eight o'ctock by Mr. J.RK.8todd. President of thePotytechaie. TkkeU et admissioa (free) may be obtained on, arrpUcaUoa, py post, encmsjin siargpan - aauiusiuu esrreiope, to U Hen. See. et the Myiachaio Harri axt. er persona - at the lawtitaita, TOBOGGANING IN SWITZERLAND. THE CURZON CUP. (mo vi otra special coxxespon - deut.) ST. M0R1TZ, Feb. I. The race for tho Curxon Cup, which is the chief event of the tobogganing season at St. Xlnritz. took nlace on Fridav and Saturdav. and resulted in a victory for LietitDant V. Gibbs. R.N.. the favourite. The starting place was the junction, and there were 18 entries. Three courses were run on Friday, and the first eight riders rode three more courses on Saturday, All six courses eonnted in the final Dlacirte. which was follows r Tientrnant Gibbs, Mr. G. H. Slater. Mr. E. O. Qukke. Mr. H. O. H. Giles. Mr. C. E. Bacon, Mr. 8. T. C Moore - iirarjazon. and Mr. H. G. Martin. The eghta rider, Mr. R. O. Abercromby, fell, C0JRL1NG IN SWITZERLAND. THE JACKSON .CUP. (fBOJC O'OB aWSCZAL COXSS0OXDX3IT.) 8T. MORITZ. Fxs. X. la th first round etth Jackson C)y - eomprUoa) St. XeriU beat OrlndslwaUL by M stoass to 1 C4eriaWBvTiM84oisfo CLEARANCE SALE OF NEW - BRITISH - BUILT "STANDARD" . CARS. . LATEST PATTERN. six - CYLCrnxu t u.rr chassis. 20 BJ. TWOSXATXX XeCTAaKXD DXITX. . t if .r sroxnxa totrim X H.r. SXVX SXATXO TOCXCia CAX. to n.r. LASDALXirrrx. tosxatiocx. S ILr". CAKXJOURTXS (TWO OXLTt S1XK. rOCX - CYLLXDXX IS oj. xroxTixa Toxrxoo (TWO OM.T1. 25 OFF LIST PRICES WHILE THEY LAST. LXMtTZD STOCK. ffXirUX SCTTLT. rOrTAISAILX. IXXXDIATX DKLiTXXT. rCLLY GUAXATrXXD. OS V1XW. FRISWELUS, 1, ALBANY - STREET, LONDON, N.W. TBoastllSNarttw TslsaT lrXlIwTT f, Tnaona THOSE XXCIXr 410. 18 - 24 H.P. iUDDaXXY - DKAST. awiasi Cmm - ;T Puum oaMi asjs(BB4 bbc. swaanaaws wasasa. aad aa BMaaor pqasctly aaaooU?si ilii a,d no BWisaMstastsssasij. Vim ear loat snCtoT far aa aa aa iTrajlsrfr oiMiAim. Trwi aid aa Islst (lia. ApUr cosixvom MOTOR wmt CAXXIAGX Ca, Ud 17 - IS. Locai - aesa. Loadoa. WjC. THli5nIST fUdT atssrteaaswstm. BSW atattat AJB. IsnsartaBTUlBBsU. Isoaor CbBssaar W. TaksoaoM i KXrm CAM: bamJas to soxr - esc Ta 1A tat BALK, at noenocAjaur "T.PP - snara waaal aaa BBtissv niGBwixxiXx'cTx. Wd. XL daahtat aad snad worav wslh sew tm , eg asiiaans ' lia kSV. tsi ssBlar bodr. hood. au 15 l.rf(i oreSsra. Most drnu aanaadkUaAr. a - asaw soaac afcraad. . a - ? .. - if. - I BTBaa ISBu BBMSBBBasaBrviBBBBak XjaaSSSA WaV . 7 - . - aais sesr. s

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