Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida on August 4, 1952 · 17
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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida · 17

St. Petersburg, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1952
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TIMES PHONE 5-1111 ST. PETERSBURG TIMES. MONDAY, AUGUST . 152 TIMES PHONE 3-1111 PAGE SEVENTEEN IDEA WITH MEAT Let Lamb Be Basis Of Economy Meals WTSP 1380 Kc. When savory lamb chops are on the menu, those who enjoy really fine eating are sure to be pleased. You may want to buy different cuts depending whether you're serving a company or family meal. Each cut has its own characteristics and uses, so consider your menu plans before shopping. If you watched the food ads this past week-end, you probably noticed that lamb was one of the featured meats, for the first time in several weeks. It will continue reasonably priced meat for awhile, also. For satisfying family appetites, choose round bone shoulder chops or the larger blade bone shoulder chop. Cut about half inch thick, these are best when pan broiled or braised. Simply brown the chops in a small amount of fat, then braise, either on top of the rtnge or in a moderate oven (H50 degrees) for about 30 minutes. Since you must add a small amount of liquid for this stage of the cooking, here's a chance for menu variation. A thick onion-flavored cream sauce, canned condensed cream of mushroom soup with bits of parsley added, or canned tomato soup are three suggestions. Since the flavors of fruit and lamb blend so well together, plan to include fruit in a salad, sauce or jelly on the menu. A Creamy Lamb Stew may be served with oranges in a salad and a baked custard for dessert. CREAMY LAMB STEW One and one-half pounds lamb shoulder or shank cut in 2-inch cubes, 2 teaspoons salt, 14 teaspoon pepper, 12 cup flour, 3 tablespoons fat, 4 medium onions, 4 large carrots, 4 medium potatoes, 12 cup water, 12 to 34 cup sour cream, 12 cup canned peas. Tzy" fA" t "'T'r' -0 a. )1 1! r . rT--fe. I kX . . i.V ,. ill i Buv It On Sears ),' A I t'-K -i-L.. -jr?. fl fcSSgSM Easy Terms: J?rf IS IS- 'I sl) ! i i R I 1 II H I lamb-fruit r"&t"- I S JI : I I .... 1 fi-T. w 3 f JLUJ kNWra i i - Save $20 Extra! Regular 269.95! CCemnnnioire 3&-flinch lectrnc lcomige Excellent for an economical meal is a Creamy Lamb Stew, served with a fruit salad and hot Poppy Seed Buns. Lamb has been the news in the m-t line this past week-end and makes a wet-come change from beef, pork and veal. tx i v. ; roKinori .-onotoHioc rrumhs 2 tablesDOons brown Mix Iamb, salt, cloves, water, apples and lemon peel. Place in buttered 1 - quart baking pan or salt, pepper and flour. Heat cook- Here's an unusual ing pan, add fat and brown cubed ;ccmbination for two. it uses also meat well on all sides. Place ,., . , , . A j j cooked meat and those new little vegetables over meat and add water. Cover and cook until meat cooking apples in market at pres-;individuai baking dishes. Blend and vegetables are tender. cnt- i bread crumbs and brown sugar i.MR.ippip thppfr Place on top of meat mixture One cup cubed cooked lamb, 14 teaspoon salt, 2 whole cloves, 1 tablespoon water, 1 cup thinly Place meat and vegetables on platter. Mix flour remaining from dredging with a little of the sour ! cream and mix to a smooth paste. iPcur sour cream into stew and 'thicken with paste.- Pour overilemon peel, 14 cup breadiapples. Bake in a moderate oven degrees) 30 minutes. Mint flavored applesauce may sliced apples, 12 teaspoon grated! be used in place of the sliced New beauty of design for modern cooking. Clean, fast controlled cooking heot! Giant storage drawers! Porcelain Enamel! Modern Push-Button Controls! THE BESS TRUMAN STORY Trip Around World, Active Life Mapped By Trumans For Post-White House Years Baptist Rites Join Miss Hicks, Big deepwell cooker for one dish meals Converts to 4th burner. Magic Robotimer lets you set it and forget it. Meal cooks automatically. Visi-Bake oven door in giant 1 8 - inch oven has peek switch! Eli I l A mer l. wears Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Helen Gwynn Hicks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Hicks, 6322 Lafayette Street South, and SSgt. Elmer Leslie Mears. The bridegroom is the son of Mrs. Ruth Mears, Tacoma, Wash. The wedding took place at 8 p. m. Saturday in tne first .Baptist Church, with Dr. Earl B. Ed-ington officiating at the double-ring ceremony. The bride wore a ballerina- length dress of pink eyelet embroidery with white accessories. Her corsage was of white roses. Miss Billie Elise Griffin was the bride's only attendant. Her gown was of green organdy, and she wore white accessories and yellow rose corsage. Best man was Sgt. Al Harrison. Gladioli and potted plants were used in decoration for a re ception held after the ceremony at the home of the bride's parents The mother of the bride received her guests in a purple silk dress with white accessories After a wedding trip in the state, This concludes a series of articles about America's First Lady, Bess Truman, and the role she played in influencing President Truman against seeking re-election this year. By INEZ ROBB WASHINGTON (INS) The United States has never quite solved, to its own satisfaction, the problem of what to do with its ex-presidents. Harry S. Truman, who threatens fo solve the problem for himself, want Mother to go with him. He can't be happy without her." That last, six-word sentence sums up succinctly and accurately the way Harry Truman has felt about his Bess since he was six and she was five, and they first met in the Sunday school of Independence's Presbyterian Church. In the subsequent 62 years, she has been the first and only girl in his life. "You know, I went to Sunday r ; e i - i . n f il says he wants to lecture and to scnooi ngni across mere ior uie teaCn. 'first time in my life," the Presi- The First Lady, as is her cus- dent said, gesturing at the Pres-lom, says nothing for publication, byterian Church, during a speech But it is known that both Mr. and in Independence some months Mrs. Truman have listened at- ago. tentively to the suggestions of their "in that Sunday School class, only child, Margaret, that theyji met a little blue-eyed, golden-travel, haired girl, my first sweetheart," "Not just a trip to Europe," said this man who is usually so says Miss Truman. But a tripjreticent about his personal Me around the world. I think they d Her eves are stm blue, but love it and I know they'd have a wonderful time." CERTAINLY, the Trumans will not be purchasing a one-way ticket to Independence, Mo., next January. "Dad has been too active all his life to be content to settle down and do nothing," says his daughter. "And wherever Dad goes, he'll her hair is no longer golden. It's silver, like mine. And she is still my sweetheart." House swearing in ceremony that made him chief executive. In the White House, Bess Truman, who neither smokes nor drinks, continued to serve her husband well as a First Lady who is a gifted hostess. Guests at the Executive Mansion, whether Elizabeth II or a constituent from back home, are always warm in their praise of Mrs. Truman's warmth, kindness and finesse as First Lady. IF SHE has any particular ambition still to be fulfilled, it is that her daughter marry as happily as she. First Ladies come and go in Washington. But Bess Truman will be the first lady of Inde pendence as long as she lives. She is going home to a community where literally everyone loves her. No matter what Mr. Truman de cides to do when he leaves the White House, one thing is certain: Bess Truman will be by his side. Plaid Accent delivers any mojor Sears appliance selling for under $200! Bolonce on Easy Terms! I i i j 1016 FROM THAT far-off day in Sunday School until now, Harry-Truman has never looked at another woman than his Bess. Someday, probably in 2052, some enterprising dramatist or novelist, in search for the plot of an old- fashioned love story, is certain to seize with iov on the storv of Bess I and Harry Truman, and bypass Kitchen Prayer the Windsor sensation. j notjeed in today's Woman's Sgt. and Mrs. Mears will be at "He can't be happy without home in West Palm Beach where her" is the only accolade this the bridegroom is stationed with First Lady has ever asked. 'the Air Force. l ' i quite sure it was in 1922 or 1923 I imagine the poem was writ tn at thp timp when the old The Truman romance meets Exchange a request concerning a'fashioned cook stoVe was .used, every requirement of boy meets kitchen motto from Mrs. L. E. l- !(rs g h G.) girl, bov loses girl, hoy gets me enclosed poem may or may 5 DOWN 10 DOWN delivers any major Sears appliance selling tor more than $200! Balance on Easy Terms! gssiy Economical New 1952 Model Cu. Ft. Freezer S10 Delivers! 3U9 95 Stop those frequent trips to the grocery store with this big Cold-spot. Will freeze and store up to 490-lbs. of food. See t today at Sears! girl. He was the poor boy, she not be what you have in mind. the town heiress; he the not too successful farmer and businessman, she the daughter of a socially and financially successful clan. Her mother, a wealthy widow, and others in the family so successfully opposed the romance that they did not marry until Harry Truman returned from World War I in 1919. By that time, Mr. Truman was 35; Bess a year; younger. The eighteen years between their graduation from high school and their ultimate marriage had been years of frustration and heartache. INDEPENDENCE says the only time Bess ever defied her mother, whom she adores, was on the day she married Mr, Truman, June 28, 1919. Even then, Bess would not leave her widowed mother, and the newlyweds went to live in the big white house in Independence with Mrs. D. W. Wallace. Not until Mr. Truman was elect ed to the Senate in 1934 and they I have never seen it in motto form, simply copied from some magazine probably Good Housekeeping. But I thought it best to send you the lines just in case it might be the real text of the motto mentioned No harm done if it isn't. A PRAYER FOR THE KITCHEN WALL "May labor make me glad! May I have eyes to see Beauty in that plain room Where I am called to be; The scent of clean blue smoke, The old pans polished bright, The kettles' chuckling joke, The red flames' lovely light. May I have wit to take The joy that round me lies, Whether I brew or bake, May labor make me wise! "May labor make me sweet! When twilight folds the earth, May I have grace to smile And count the day's good worth An old song in my soul And quiet in my breast; To welcome tranquilly The night's old gift oi rest, And gather strength to face ' " ' Top-to-floor Cold Storage With 7 $5 DOWN 1 Balance $10 Month No wasted space! Top to floor it's cold! A big family size Coldspot at an economical low price. Sparkling porcelain enamel interior is easy to keep clean. Plenty of space for tall bottles. Generous freezing compartment, plenty of ice cubes. See it! moved into a modest apartment!TTomo;? b"sy JtTd? Pattern R9082: Teenage Sizes 10. 12, 14, 16. Size 12 dress, 4 yards 35-inch; 34 yard contrast. Send THIRTY-FIVE cents in coins for this pattern to Marian Martin; care of THE ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, 169 Pattern Department, 232 West 18th Street, New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. in Washington, D. C, did they have a home of their own. In those early dayr in Washington, Bess Truman served in her hus band's office as his secretary and assistant. Even after he became Vice-President, ti ey continued to live in a five-room apartment with their daughter, with Mrs. Truman doing all the housework and the cooking (she is an excellent cook.) She was preparing the Vice-President's dinner when Mr. Trumar called to tell her that President Roosevelt was dead and to summon her and Margaret to the White Her" is this humble place May labor bless my life!" (By Nancy Byrd Turner) (Miss Grace A. H.) : In answer to Mrs Lucy E. L.'s request in today's issue, the enclosed (tht poem above) may not be what she is asking for. This poem was published in Good Housekeeping Magazine. I think the year was 1922 or 1923, in one of the issues during the Fall. Therefore 1 forgot the month, but circumstances which hap pened around the time the poem was published, and which led up to the fact that I kept it, I am In yesterday's paper Mrs. Lucy E. L., asked for the Kitchen Prayer, tell her, please, if she writes to Mrs. Thomas F. Eden, Methodist Church, Milville, N. J. I think she will get what she is after. (L M. L.) MY KITCHEN PRAYER "God bless my little kitchen. I love its every nook. And bless me as I do my work, Wash pots and pans and cook. "And may the meals that I Prepare 13a O'.nAsI ffnm tKirA With Thy great blessings and Thy j COITipare At $300! Big DeiUXG vrl (lie, But must of all Thy love. "As we partake of earthly food, The table 'fore us spread, We''i not forget to thank Thee, Lord, Who gives us daily bread. "So bless my little kitchen, God, And those who enter in. May they find naught but joy and Peace And happiness therein. By Sue Day (Mrs F S. K., Clearwater) ' fu IP "ill fSJl r-i i - crw ii i I 0 MORE Tf;i)rK MACARONI0 DELICIOUS 9 C10SP $10 DOWN Balance 14.50 Month 7f95 Top to floor cold storage plus bonus spoce in door! Giant ocross-the-top freezing comportment. Truly a deluxe refrigerator for which you expected to pay as high as S300! Sealed in Perma Thrift unit is guaranteed 5 years. Porcelain enamel interior and stainless steel shelves are easy to keep clean and sanitary. Examine it todayf Shop In Cool Comfort! n 9th Street ot 2nd Ave. North i.i hi i Free Storeside Parking! Store Hours 9 to 5:30 Phone 7-1681

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