The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1933
Page 5
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PAGE SIX KLYTHEVILLE, (ARI<!) COURIER"NEWS SATURDAY, Chicks Begin Practice For 1933 Grid Season ,.- . . •! I • — . — 1 1 1 • ' -" " ' — ' ' . .— __ _ . .. i __ X . _ First Round Of Golf Tourney Opens Sunday £ \ 1 They're Nation's New Doubles Champs - I I l-i IK I Familiar Faces Gone But 1 Newcomers Add to Prospects for Season. - Proactive candidates for the 1!>33 Blythevllk high school grld- 'iroii machlni! answered Condi Charles ,T. Kramer's cnll for the first practice Mission of..the sea- ton yesterday nt" Haley Field. Twenty-four candidates Including Ittlennen from last year who are. certain to wenr the Maroon r.nd White - a»jaln and promising nev.'comers and graduates from the junior high Kquad assembled twice nt the high school. Yesterday's drilling was devoted r.ioitly to limbering up exercises. Most of Die Bridmcn ap|>eared In rhorls nnd light clothing iinhamp- rred by heavy football regalia. A considerable part of the periods yesterday '\vas given over to .sort- rig out equipment and preparing for the start of practice In earnest Monday. A practice session may r.c held today for boys who tire r.ot at work on Saturday. • James A. Puukctt, graduate ni Jcnesbor state A. and M. college, who is to be u junior .high in- stiuctor, will assist Coach Kramer in handling the team. '.He will work principally wltii l)ie Chick forward wall. -. One of the newcomers slated to strengthen She Chicks this year K" Emory Glover, formerly of Ijitlle' Rock. Young Glover saw selvice last year as an end with tl.c Little " Rock high school squad and Is an all around athlete of unusual ability, being a cvack basketball player and a star pitcher with the champion Little Rock "Junior- baseball team this 103 r. To 'Crunje Captains Weekly The Chicks will change captains every week this year changing from their traditional custom ol" tlecting a captain for the entire .season. This iicw method has Wen followed for several years in - some of .the leading colleges and iniiversities of the country. Coach Kramer, who attended the coach- Ing school conducted at' Hot Springs by Howard Jones and Hunk' Anderson, says the plan was highly Tecommended by the prominent coaches who conducted [hi school. Missing from the squad this jcar will be familiar faces of last season's lina-up including Tom Short, Jimmy Tipton, Jlinmie Lee Brooks, Alton Jaggers, John Holland, Benny Fendler and Charles Frliilus. They will not be ii Echool this year, most o[ tKi gioiip graduating. Also lost to the 1933 squad'wJ] be two members ot the 1932 aggregation who fall to hurdle schol- ostic requirements, . They .arc Unrrol Lunsford, a likely looking lineman, who showed up well las year and was counted on for heft' duty this season and O. Raydei another steady lineman. Blytheville grid fans will _ their Chickasaws oulflti»cl in i\ew togs when they turn out for the •first game of the .season Sept. 29 when Ihe Osceola^ Seminolcs fiir- i.Ish Ihe opposition. Eighteen new uniforms have been secured for the first stringers. Several likely players may be msl to the squad this year unless Saturday work may be secured for them to pay thel,r tuition and part of their other expenses according to Coach Kramer who is anxious to get in touch with business men willing to cm- floy school boys on Saturdays The Blytheville high squad at present includes the following: Jlershel Mosley, Emory Glover, Roy Graves, Elmer Llndsey, Max Hutchins, Carl Rylee, Charlie Brogdon. Dick Tipton. J. w. Purtle Henry Lunsford, r,fel Brooks. Jr.] gui Fisher, Eddie Sallba, James Dorter, Newell Blrgham, Eugene Fmckwell, Robert Fisher, R E Fendler, Basil Locke. Bud Wilson] E. B. Rogers, O'Neal Craig and Ray Beck. TO COP TIE FIR JOB .CO Hail vs. Fred Fowler, E. B. Estrs 1 vs. Fred Flceman, James Driver vs. Cluster. Caldwell, Ira Crawford vs. Edgar Borum, A. O. Hudson vs. Oscar Hardaway, Bill Hignln- ron vs. Russell Phillips, Mr. Johnson vs Fred Sandeiur. Mark Smith vs. Lee Walton, Fred Taylor, Jr., vs,! K. Patterson, E. D. Jones vs. F. 13. i ' Juyncr, Hale Jackson vs. Roy liar- [ |:er, Max I.Ofian vs. W. T. Kltch-1 . | HIT, B. A. Lynch, jr., vs. Itiiperi' • i 'I i r n i Cl:ifl0 "- .intzenidi and.L. B.' Fourth Kiigin Gee, ..Defending Champ- ! ion, in Champ Flight. The (list round of match: play n the annual men's golf tournament of the Hlylhevllle country club will oiien tomorrow with Jim- ink' Fossick, new pro, directing the annual championship play. First, round matches may be r.laycd during the week startup Ruiiday. S;->t. 3'and ending Saturday. Sept. . fl, with the tourney to proceed through each following round (in succeeding weeks Play ., „• -„«..,,, Hubbell Pilches Another I l/r. Owens vs. E. n. Stout, Jack C1 _, - . Appiciiaum vs. A. n. wetengmnp, uliutoul; hxlva Inning Joe Berlljj vs. John Bugc. Oscar I Ci t KJI i r> iiuiicy vs. BUI noian, w. j. os- •Jti'iiggles mark Lumes. l;i)rnu vs. Jim Clark, Pat O'Bryant! ' • vs .Mm Conway, Floyd White vs. I Any hopes Boston fans may A. Ii. Falrfleld, Vf. J. Peck vs, J. L. """"-• had for a massacic of the Ounrd, Ed Stacy vs. Whit Good-1 New '-York man, Uaker Wilson vs. Neil Helm.' Wasted yesterday when the Coy Ward vs.. R. D. Hughes, Roy. Yorkers after losing the first will lie over 18 holes at match IJlay LCD Ltntxenlc'h Walton vs. E. R. Jackson, L. L. Ward vs. Dr. I. R. Johnson. . Neil Reed vs". Harry Kirby, Clarence Wilson vs. E. W. Kirby. A. M. Wasburn vs. A. G. Little, Charles Lemons vs. Dr. Usrey, E. 11. Lyman vs. V. Thomason, R. L. Giants at Boston were New lain? j to nine hits and the Bucs got nine ' off Hallalran. The game went 11 i Inings before the winning run was scored on Traynor's single. | The Cincinnati Reds defeated the Chicago Cubs 7 to 3 at Cln-j cinnati. It was ihe eighth victory; IP. ten starts against the Cubs fo: 1 the Ciiiflnnntl club. The Bruins ' cuthii i!io nodk-^s 10 to 0. Prey was ihe winning pitcher, relieving Uenton. Ihe Washington Senators wore i swamped by the Philadelphia Ath- I Ictlcs at Philadelphia. Tlie score I was 12 to !(. Cain cave, the Senators It) lilts hut kept them scattered. The Mucks amassed l(j blows off V.'liiti'hill, McColl and Chapman. FCJXX hit his 37th homer and Cramer and Cronln also hit foj 1 the circuit. The Boston T)cd Sox trimmed New national doubles champions., George M. Nut. Jr. (left) of Chicago and U-stcr Stocfcn of Los Angeles, an- .;ho\ui at Braukllne, Mass.. after defeating Prank Shields and Kiiinkie 1'nrker lor the lille In H gruelling, three-hour final Hint rwmliul Ufi ijames for a decislnn. Lott novellas won the title with ttuei' dilli-n-nt partners, a feal (•quailed only by Big Bill Tildm. the club, set a blistering pace in Hie (|iialifylhs. round of play last V.IM*. Yoiniy Linlzcnlch toured tlie nine hole course twice hi a total Leggins vs. L. G. Thompson, C. C. youlhful ace "ol "nssloii vs. Joe Trleschnmn, Tom M°m|j)iis Gains Ground on : Southern l.c:ie,ue Leadr ers; Fobs Idle. ; The New Orleans Pelican^. Southern league lenders, dvopiK-d a 11 to 3 decision to the Atlanta Crackers last night and the second •place Memphis Chicks by virtue of a victory over the Nashville Vo's gained on the loop leaders. The Pelicans • were crushed by I lie Crackers who scored their runs by taking advantage of their hius and Pelican errors while the Birds v.ere kept down despite some free h:Uing. The Chicks defeated the Vols 3 !•) 2 with Granger the victor over Stafford in a hurling duel. The A. Little vs. J. Nick Thomas. E. R. Maion vs. E. M. Terry, O. W. McCutchen vs. W. W. Shaver, Max Meyers vs. Leon Smith, J. w. Mey- second winner, Hubbell limited the! T. O. Seal. jf 71 strokes, three below par.- Six- " ra. E. W. Simmons, Dr. Neis vs. tceti players qualified , for thep' " °"~' championship play. Eighteen arc llsteil In the second flight, 40 In the third nnd 52 In the fourth First round pairings in the lour May Bring Better Known Mat Performers Here Before Long Following the principal that has ;rovcd so profitable in Ihe grunt ind groan game, - fclmil 1-irpo, ac-. lilted 'of being the middleweight urstllng cliairsuton of South A'm- rlca, will return here Monday light to take on Cyclone Burn* the .feature bout of what pro- noters claim will be the Lest card oflcred Blyl'r.cvillc fans this sca- : on. Firpo is cue of the most vigorous exponents of the rough and ready style' ; of wrestling to show litre. The South An.erlcjn, who .it least-while-in the ring finds I difficult to umiersiand KiigJisn. s a firm believer In the theory, trat mat fans will turn out in j Hecks on the .chance that n vll- -ian of the game might be thrown when they will slay nway in droves from a quiet- test of grips and twists by two.gentlemen of ;'fe trade. Firpo had the, crowd tin uproar all through last Monday's match and despite his loss to David Dooley, the unshaven House of David matinnn the crowci will in all probability be back to see him try his rougli blulf on Cyclone Burns. Little is known of Burns here, Ihe nearest approach to a Cyclone Burns being Cyclone Burki. who showed here last summer. Roy .Welsh who lackles Wild Bill Caulrell in the opening match ;dso bears the regulation of vigorous and last worker and ,vould not be surprising should Welsh and Firpo tie up in a fu lure match here. There liuve been several riiiii oiTi Unit Promoter C. V/. Sinke: oi Riplpy. Tcim., and his co worker, Mike Meroney ol Mempln may' bring some of the real to r.otchers ot (lie grant and grim ace racket here in the near fr lure. Ernio Dusek, Pete San Jim McMlllen or some oilier mem bcrs of the leading troujx-s ma appear in Blytheville the latlt 1 part of this month. Considering the increase In a undance that nas marked the e: lilbilions here so far the promo C-TS itsnd a chance to p.ick in lig house and coMi in en the hilling of sonic of the Ix-tler 1-nown wrestlers for matches h^u-. Ar.d it's very possible that :nay try to stgn one oi the liio mentioned or an equally rnnk- •ii|! pcrfmmer which shnuld prn- c.ute .something like the crj that uUcni'.cd 111? Jimmy Lunclus- l.'uils iJomitroir exhibition here •lumber of a^o about the time ^resiling readied Its peak In lilyllicvillr only to do a nose dn'c irnm which iL^ha.s not yet. cntiic- il recovered. Bill Afflick vs. Harry R. F. Klrshner vs. Leo very, organized $100,000 company to can the delectable fungi at the rale of 1,000 SI,000,000; Valuable Mirror Stolen MEDFORD, Mass. (UP)—Someone stole a $1,000 antique mirror, reputed to have been brought over on the Mayflower in IC20. from the home of Justice William CuMi- flights follow: Champltmshlp Flight C. M. Buck vs. W. T. -Barnetl Bernard _Clooch vs. Rodney Ban-1 vcr capitalist, has Ilainos. Llntzenlcli,' B. A. Lynch vs. John t.enli. C. L. Llnt/enlch vs. .Byron Mor.«c, W. .J. Pollard vs. JrfrRol- and, Cecil Shane vs. E. B.'Gec. Second Flleht C. W. Afflick vs. U.. S. Branson. C. M. Baxter vs. Floyd Acton, G. Ci, Catidlll vs. E. B. David, Farmer England v;-;. Russell Farr, Timmie Florida vs. G. G. Hubbard, G. 'E. Keck vs. LeRoy Huddlcston. C. Ii. Dabcock vs. Fred Warren, Frank Whltworth vs. J. A. Leech.' Sam Norris vs. C. W. Vollmer. Third FHghl Fred Bonl'neld vs. Mel Broofc, Doyle Henderson vs. J. G. Barnes, Jimmle Bell vs. Max B. rteid. Mat SCRUBS- vs. Pal Buckley, JoHn Chapin vs. Bill Wunderlich. L. V. Wise vs. C. A. Cunningham, O. W. Cuppcdgc vs. Harold Sternbcrg, Charlie Perry vs. George Lee. Bill Mrlntosli vs. George Henry, C. H. Eraves to four hits while Frank- l>e!d the Giants scoreless until the game-went into the tenth stanza. Hubbell drove in tlie first run in the eventful extra timing himself and Hughie Critz drove in the second run. Fit/.simmon.s had the Giants well in Iwiul in the second game. Filzsiinmons hit for the circuit to be the hero of goingTo'be'treaied"'in''superia"- 1 Ms etaue tuvl make it a great day 'live fashinn here, even If mi, uis ! for the Giant pitchers. Ed IJram.t French accent. C. W. Savery, Den- wil * tnc " losl "S Piicher in the fec- Mushroom riant Planned SANTA CRUZ. Cal. (UP) -"Petit 'champignons," mushrooms to, you, tlie New York Yankees 4 to 2 at of a crucial series turned on the ; Kew York for their second straight Braves and beat ihem in two : victory. Drown and Kline held the Kttines yesterday. I Yankees in check allhouKh xiv r The National league leaders turn-! ing up 10 hits. The Red .Sox got cd. threatening second place Braves'J2 hits led by Wcrber and Cooke. back by scores of '2 to 0 and 5 to I c.x-Yankce.s. The yame went 12 3. Hubbell pitched the Giants to ; innings before the Red Sox count- • the shutout victory in the first i cd the final two rims that speeded y 0 ] s eo t eight hits and thc.ChickK game and Fitzsiimnons hurled the | victory. | in The winnini; run was scored Other major league teams were: in the eighth inning. j The Knoxvlllc Smokies lost "a ^ to 3 decision to the Chattanooga Lookouts at Chattanooga. Barfoot, although relieved by Dudley, was the winning pitcher and Rabb was the loser. The Travelers and Barons were idle. Ameriean l.eafrue P.o^ton at New York. Washington at Philadelphia. Detroit at St. Louis. Cleveland at Chicago. • ond game. Tlie Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 2 to I Today's Games Southern I^nirar Memphis at Nashville. Knoxvilie at Chattanooga. New Orleans at Atlanta. Only games. iwunds per day with an estimated Pittsburgh yesterday. French was annual output valued at more than! the winning pitcher and Hallahai) National League St. Louis at Pittsburgh. Chicago at Cincinnati. New York at Boston. Philadelphia at Brooklyn. the loser. French limited ilie Cards i Read dinner News Want Ads. After marriage. Ainu women wear a black mustache tattooed on the lip. How They Stand Southern New Orleans ... Memphis Knoxville ... Little Rock .... Nashville ...... Birmingham Chattanooga . Atlanta xNlght game. Wf, Hi, 41 25 38 28 36 29 34 31 29 30 23 Pet .621 .576 .554 .500 .500 .460 .435 .354 National W. . New York ............ 75 Boston •, ............. 10 57 Pittsburgh .......... 69 56 Chicago ............. 69 58 St. Louis ..... ....... 69 60 Brooklyn ........... 51 72 Philadelphia ......... 50 73 Cincinnati .......... 49 78 MEMPHIS MID-SOUTH FAIK $2.20 Bases Ix-avc Blytherillc Daily 4:3(1 A.M. 8:U A.M. 12:30 V.51. 4:» V.M. Pet .610 .55 .55 .M3 .535 .415 .407 .386 Children Aged 5 to 12 Halt-Fare DIXIE GREY/HOUND .. Washington «ew York ". trme W. L. .... 82 44 .... 13 52 .:..'68 63 W.. 62 63 DrtTOit : ....•..,..„•.•.. 65 66 Chicago ......,r.-.:..•• 60 68 Botton ,..,. 56.73 •r«iw Pel .651 'A8< .56.2 .496 .418 .469 .434 .384 WRESTLING Emil Firpo vs. Cyclone Hums and Roy Wdsh vs, Wild Rill Cantrcll Armory, Monday Nile g Wait of the Massachusetts Su- •cme Court. Sunday - Monday 10-3'ic One of the world's great love stories comes to the slar who can make it live. 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