The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1948
Page 1
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'• fAGK , fWO StafeDeparhnenf Pickets Rushed by Kansas Police BLYTHEVILLS (AftK.) COURIER NEWS'' . .». T«(>«r Charges lnc«mp«Nnex Among Government Worker* WASHINGTON, April M. <trp)_ ChsdrBjan John Tiber at th* House »PJ»opr!atlons committee charted yesterday that there are men In the State Department "who are not fitted for their jobs and who are not protecting th« interests of this country In these critlcil days." • Theee, he said, are men responsible for determining the loyalty of department employe*. The New York Republican charged to a speech prepared for House delivery that Secretary of State Oeor«« O. Marshal] and Ills key subordinates have done "little or nothjng" to Improve or correct the situation. DecUring thtt his committee has been "unusually patient" with Marshall, Taber ssfd the secretary has had "ample time and opportunity to fir* the chlselers and hlr« some competent, -loyal Americans to help him clean house" Taber said that only because of per»iste;>t prodding and «xpos«s by his committee have "several of the mo»t d: 'serous security risks" been dropped from the department's payrolls. "I have been reliably Informed that othen a** !n the process of being fired," he said. "It's a late . itart, and much damage has been don*, but better late than never. I hop* it Is th* beginning of a trend." Job* Protected Taber (aid that less than a month ago his -committee brought lo the House's attention "the numerous subversive elements at work within th* department." These elements, he continued, were men and women whose records Iron "prove beyond any reasonable douot welfare of this country and who, evidently, are being protected in their Jobs by men In high places in this administration." Then Taber directed his fire against the type of broadcasts being made under the "voice of America'' program. H* called some of these script* "drivel" and "trashy Jargon ' "One could almoet «uspect the writers of this twaddle of a Machiavellian plot to ridicule the American people and present them to the rest of the world as morons and neurotics, h* said. • H* said Just about the time the communists pulled their Ohechos- lorsJdan coup, th* state Department was "polluting the air with a U-minute dialogue between a fortune-teller, crysUl-gazmg mother »nd her love-sick son." More recently, Taber a*td it broadcast to •pain * review of the prospect* of the National and American ~ • b*Jl » -. thai, University of Laboratory. They said ntom-smasKer inlverslty at 000.000 It will five years to build, The super-cyclortpn Jury continued Hs Investl- gallon today into Juvenile delln- Qucncy and charges of overpayment • %*ui..>v.j miu Hutu BCD ui. overpay men v on a Fayettevllle city construction Job. The magnet whirls protons-the particles in the nucleus of the Prosecuting Attorney Ted P Co* mtom - Bt Iwrlflo speeds. While they :y Mid on! workeV ™ the eon! Scv'Tl "* ."T" th " m " Bnet ' struetio,! of a city «wag. dUrS,". ! er Z power" ^ °' h ' B " •** iess than'Tve %™ v £« *™ " r ' .„}-»£ ".„' *»'« *« «"• *" •"" in . th« production of pairs Grand Jury Investigates Overpayment on City Job /' (UP)— The Washington P r » 28. County Fish Catches Boy This 38-pound striped bass was headed for Oregon Inlet and up the Roanoke River in North Carolina when it was intercepted by a fisherman just oulside the inlet. Billy Brown tries lo show how big the fellow is. He'd look bigger on the end of our line, loo. ^HEADACHE CAPUOINE Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN CaB» Made—Farm & Town Day Phone 4484 Nlfht Phone 2138 MESttlPTIOIIS Frwh Stock) Uecd B«*0 Pricw Drug StorcS Super-Cyclotron for Studying Cosmic Energies to Be Built (irnlied RPRKi vv -Thf Atomic „., ff r' . ,* l« lomt c bul'eU at energies o/ from nr i° rr ,f pnoni! ' nt «.<"».000,000 to 10,000,000,000 (lee"?« ^ <T' ' '""' V °' t5 ' ""^ P«.«nt worlds ' mlssion on , ' „ H 'ansest cyclotron here generates I He 5a1 <l Ol "" s "" cnly 35 <M»O.OW electron volta ; cyclotron " . m hi , y y ' UPry10tr0l lhflt ' """» mdc mnac nr of particles, such as mesons, rather than only one meson at a time LJlienthal said another similar sii[jer-cyclotron is being "considered' for construction at the atom, Energy Commission Brookhaven Laboratories on Long islnnd, N Y. He ndded. however there 'was "nothing final" about present plans. He said the decision to build the yclotron "provides tanglable evidence of the commission's tle- •muj mo uruugni scientists to the border of termination, as trustee for the l«, cosmic ray energies, enabling un-' American people in the ffeld of new cyclo-1 Iversily scientists to produce mes-, "tomlc energy, to keep basic scien- E. Llllen- ons, the most elusive of atomic par- , ce '»° V 1"B ahead In this country tides. Lawrence said the new mil- j at a constantly increasing page " chine would carry tliem fully into ' —" the cosmic field with results that 'only he future can tell. I The cyclotron will have a ring- shaped magnet, requiring about 10,000 tons of steel. The maglnet will be bi lent In radius and HO will h,,' J fe r Ct ,'° ng ' ." Wl " tnke B ' 00fl It'IOWKtS Will hurl of electricity to operate It. . extstln * cyclotron has *'«'«• to the border of of the Commission, ). Lawrence, of the California Radiation the 110-foot super will be built at the cost of about $9,take from three to FSA Official Exonerated In Death of Burglar PRESCOTT, ArtT.. April 28 (UP)— Newt Daniels local Farm Security Administrator, wes exonerated yes - -.. | terday of the shootins of James jrX prwcnt cyclotron weighs Adklns, 18-year-old Negro 4,(XH) tons and has a magnet sllgh- ! A coroner's Jury ruled thnt Daniels was justified In shooting Ad- klns, who was attempting to break Toft to Support One-Year AEC Appointments DAVTON, O., April 28. (UP) — Sen. Robert A. Taft, B,, o., said here yesterday that he would support 8«nate confirmation of one- year appointment^ to the Atomic Energy Commission of David U- llenthal and other commission members. Taft, at a preu conference itart- Ing his final, week tour to retain solid presidential support in Ohio, said that h« believed the next president should have the opportunity to mak« his own appointments after the on* year terms etpire, "I haven't the slightest objection to continuing their terms for one year." Taft said. President Truman has renoml- nated Llllenthal, former TVA head and the other four members of the commission for terms ranging'trim one to five years. Lllienthal's appointment-was sent to the Senate on a five-year recommendation. Taft made the statements In replying to Harold E. Stassen's criticism of holding up appointments f for the sake of politics and not because the appointees were not qualified for office. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITE!) STATES FOB THE EASTERN DISTRICT' OF ARKANSAS, JON'ESBOKO DIVISION ZOE DODSON 6TAOY FAUST, ' PI ant iff vs. Civil Action No. J-530 Edgar A. Stacy, Ada Dunavant Stacy, Judith Elizabeth Walthall, Margaret Stacy Fox and Augusta Stacy Marshall, Defendants and Mnry p. Singleton; Marvin E. Singleton, Jr.; Jolin H. Singleton; Edward G. Singleton; Susie Sin- I gl<:ton Porter; June Singleton Speir; Elizabeth R. Singleton; I Perry M. Singleton; Mary E. Sin- I gleton; and St. Louis Union Trust Company, u Trustee under Will of Marvin. E. Singleton, Deceased. Cross-Defendants ORDER On this April 19, J9 « came on to be heard the motion of defendants and cross-complainants for Issuance of warning order in this cause warning the cross-defendant* Mary p. Singleton, Marvin E. Sin. gleton. Jr., John H, Singleton, Edward G. Singleton, Susie Singleton Porter, June Singleton Spelr, -Bite, abeth a. singleton, Perry M. Singleton, Mary E. singleton and St. Louis union Trust Company. ,ru Trustee under will of Marvin E Singleton^ Deceased, to appear by filing an appearance motion or answer herein by a day certain to Of designated by th« court. It appearing to the court that this suit « commenced by th« plaintiff, who l* a resident and citien of the State of Florida, to enforce an equitable claUn to land situated in Mississippi County, Arkansas, being In the Eastern District of said State, and U appearng further that the defendants herein have filed cross complaint against cross-defendants all of whom are non-residents of, tne State of Arkansas and are not present within the Jurisdiction oj tills court, and have not volunar- Hy appeared In thljs cause: And the Court being of the opinion that the motion of the defendants and cross-complaint* should o« granted. It Is ordered that Mary P. Sin- WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 1949 *' e . ton ' M «vln «. Singleton, Jr., John H. Singleton, Edward G. singleton Susie Singleton Porter, June Singleton Speir, Elizabeth R. Singleton. Perry M. Singleton, Mary E Singleton and St. I/jub Union Trust Company, as Trustee under Will of Marvin E. singleton, Deceased slu'.I appear by filing motion or answer K> the cross-complaint of Edgar A Stacy and Ada Dunavant staoy and to the cress-complaint oj Judith Elizabeth Walthall, Margaret Stacy Fox and Augusta Stacy Marshall ny the 1st day of June, 1948 at the court-room thereof in the City jf Jonesfaoro, Cralghead County, Arkansas It is further ordered that certified copies of this order and cross- complainant's pleading be served upon said cross-defendants by delivering copies by registered mall, addressed to said cross-defend- ants, c]o St. Louts Union Trust Company, St. Louis, Missouri «ni thai service further be had by publication of till] order one* a w««k for four weeks in some newspaper published end having a bona fid* circulation in Mississippi County, Arkansas, THOMAS C. TRIMBLE, JR. District Judtt Joe O. Barrett, Hamilton t Lit- , lie and Marcus Bvrard, attorney* * for eross-complaliuuits. . 4|2«-5J5-1J-1I Heartburn i?'L°t5!i?i!!SS, t J 0 ¥SSSJJ nI ^ll!5 1 '' ul ' oc t fc fs±,&,'K^!j3s!^ijra feblu. iJoC!Kiv^ < Sfflsi l iii>«"i«»*M Everybody's talking about , a magne tly more than 15 feet long. Into the farm administrator's home, Read Courier News Want Ads. FEATURING LUNCHES from 650 up in Our Air-Conditioned Dining Room HOTEL NOBLE Coffee Shop Genuint Top Qualify Seat Covers MT GUARANTIED IONG WEARING FAIRICS UATHERETTI TRIM HANDSOMC PATTfRNS «GULA« 25< nut. SUPER GIANT ZINNIA SEEDS It'sihe Real Ipve-Gift Wanda Hendrix and Audie Murphy are real-life sweethearts starting their dream home with a Lane Hops Cheat. Give your sweetheart a Lane Cedar Hope Chest—the only tested AROMA- TIGHT Cedar Chest in the world! 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