The Times from London, Greater London, England on August 3, 1914 · Page 13
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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 13

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Monday, August 3, 1914
Page 13
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The Times educational Supplement To - morrow, Id. Whit y. 40,593. (4.0 AM.) LONDON, MONDAY, AUGUST 3, 1914. . PRICE, Id. ADVERTISEMENT dllARGES. lor eU AdrertitmefUt, Pmonal Ifotiett, V tTe f SrrvonU. and all ofAsr ClofiUd Adtr. - a - "Vlt - . - v '.fr?!i? .G - 4 ca? """"" j - gr times. k". iwi s. v - s - ;7rfi;ES. deaths; mmtts mkmvria iimU VCS oad SJ PENCE for tour imni j'."ra'si 'UlLUS'tiS or rrrnr ooVf ittoawl iM e7a6cax noAl fj" c"enliaX m cot. 4. pap 9. tXU DEATHS (continued). (UTryi!JTU - D - OB Ult 2 - 3tlr. at Emsdsl. Ontario TTiiiTTmCCident' Cxom"' Cototm B?fJ 00 - - at Thormbory. East Lin. fcraVfii1 - rwme,t dauxhter ot Uu Rxr: L G. Inwwt. AdSSf? iuT. .DeTon. and granddaughter ot tat VnT S'"'7 Tr0(t" O CLB, axed 34. ruW.l - i - Anmdel stsxsaomv "2. B"",Qx nt do. addfT?" " ,rt Aoh.Tuh ONUMa. Ntwbwry. 63 tV. run aoddeut. AjrrnTB Fbomham Vuit, aged WATi - t. ef to - morrow (tmlir). at Nswtwry. at 2,14. Canterbury. SJF0a l5t Au - l Saekintton House. EowwaS0 - 011 SUt jB,T at Eaathcainie. FBAicns iZS Uou - "row. aged 43 wn. ju plemM BIRTHS. , .v a irt Anrwt. t tl. Pirt - temee. Glov. tb ..v - ninr.t - On tb Hit July, at - OoMwifl." Kcpu tie w ot W. B. CoiiUiOUDOi. M.R.Cfl, ol iir - Ob FriJT. tb - Slit July, at 11J. jUbany - dicet. ivt N - DaTand Mra. J A. C ton. i - JON'V5 On the Slit Joly. at Blofleld Ecctorr. . V,y , - jt ii the Et - A - S. DtnCAH - Josa a m. the" SOtii July, at 16. Emnore - road. Gorleston. w Mr nJ Mr,. Curnta IXEUi. (V Edith Heatt) "tyut Un. W1nnliw Paper, pleaae eopy.1 b iTT On t'b S0U Jnly. at 1. The Green. WimUedoo - JT - jtx .Je d I.rn J. Gasurr. of JodIo. CWlw - ?im)N - on thet July, at Ouead Hall. Norwich, the !, - ,..t W WJ HtTTO!i. of a aon. ,nCH - .Vthe lt July, at 1(W. Perry - rUe. rortat - hlll. X Macvtosb.Liok. ot a daughter. 'L'.VnFSLEY. the Jlrt July, at Aleiandra - mantlona. orE - On the 30Uj July, at "Re5rooti. Calmaeonlter. .TT ti nd Lcsur Moaa aon. Mias.. - on the 3Ut July, at Eoietnount. Slntapore. to .'.. Eonaa 1xam dauchter. "I tt Jc df Mjou feaiEMi - v. or a aauamer. rtlLET "n the Slat July, ft 14. at 1. Soutisea - Utraee. JeL' the i!e UitTj:KT - tt)iaiADsa IIxmx Lxau VvnctwOOD. 'n 15th Julr - Kaborl. Nlferla. the rt j tiv I. II. WeiwtwoOB a aon. aUIlbora. STiiW7Crn1' ,Ut Jo - t Eatoo - aquar. 1 AIUnB C"0" - Gaoaoi Buan Zocaa. aced 83 yean. IN MEMORIAM. wife of il 2."!r ? ay Aurnat 3rd. 191?. at Prefla. TraaaTaaU ated 70 U,T" f - Ultheday tweak and the ahadowa fine away."" thrii5 - 0 th Ind Awoat. 1913. at Wloemi. TraiMM. noJTl M ccl',nt - Maey Euutm Cwan (wU of That Elorioua rolte. ao fun of mil. That nature atraUht and true, ha cone from na, Our km u hBTra - ( rln. May her aoulTeat In ererlartlns peaee." 3. H. 7V PrvLfdM nimnmnl ia Ta Timet omawaOy , , f tl mmtvro rata. DriatU on SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. LAND REGISTRY. ii 'TZFSX - .. T Truateea of the IxiyalLord Neiaon Lodre 2iB?.uUlJx,0lo?.Dtartrt ' the Independent Order of Odd - i?7Si.ilnchePer Dnlt' rtendly HoetHr.of the Roetack Hotel. wvJSviFA. - - k APPUED for the GRANT to them ?L i.?f'W CERTIFICATE of CHARGE In thetrTaroor afleeUnc JwS?1 f010??1 ta uUe aboe Tefrrrad to tn place ot the f onnar UrUncate which to stated to hare teen kst. Anypernnhartnt the miaalac Certificate In hie poaseaaion ahonM JUSTvvc "TBealatraFor the - Land Reentry. Uncota - a Inn PERSONAL. Moneylender' AdverlitevmtU art not accepted by Tke Times. I PFl Wri - ' OfAee. Derby. If you cannot return AJ, pieaae meet b aomewher to help nararel. Think we know wor - t. A AC. T CLOSE. An old friend desires to ascertain the preaent. x whareabouta ot Mr. P. Cloae. who waa for tome yean a member ot the New Club. KhxUr tend addreaa to Box QMS. TbeTlmea. f ITKE. If the penon who wrou to a lady hi - Maytair offerlnc a;., tor aale a mitre formerly betondnc to a deceaaed Cardlnil wiU COMJfUNlCATE with her. W, 179S. oare of May and WlUUma. iwj. iccaaiiiy, hejrlU probably be able to flpa a porcnaaer. GERMAN MOBITJZATION. Uermana. who hare terred or are Bahle to terre. are reqneated to return to Oermany without delay, at bert they can. For tatormatloo tbey can apply to the Canaan Oooaulate - Ceneral. Sla, Bedford - place. RusrIl - Muare. Lourlna. W.C. . A. L. VON BANKE. CodmiI (Actinc Cooaol - i - ooqop. sra Aocuat. 114. ienerai. EEWABIt. Loat or atolen between p.m. on &U tnH in 9h Jnly Tan .t Uttlewlek Manor. tUewick Creen. MatdfrntMit. and 11. EaiWwmanaloDC. Londnn. a PEARL NC&LACS oompoaed ot - OA pearla graduated In alae. The abnr. reward will be pld by TotjUi and nTxHnt, M. Cannoo - atreet, K.C, for the eoorictwo ot the thleres and the recovery ot the mHntrn property . or pro rata tn Utm ralne ieored. LADY and GENTLEMAN harlnc eharmrnc Houne on Pouth . Coax dedre to meet MARKI ED a lUPLK for Qxnpanlonahlp aoa anare eipenoes. Box ;.S87. The Tlmea. CLUB ANNOUNCEMENTS. PRINCES ICE SKATING CLUB. The WINT BlJSNLaS - NOVXMwb - , the alteration wiU have beeo coaapiattd. CHARITIES. E. R. EDWARD'S Ofhrea, 5 PATKON HOSPITAL FTTND FOR LONDON. . W atbrook. Imdon. E C. t H t MAJESTY the KINO. SUBSCRIPTIONS and DONATIONS are - J"?i5i?ii. Oontributlon may he wnt to the Banker, the Bank ot nalana. any London Bank, or to the Hon. Secretaiar. THIRTY FIRST T.T8T OF 1 COSTRIBtlTIONS FOB W14. ANNHAL BTJBSCR 1 PTION8. ... . TJorda Rank Tirl rso O 0 I TxJrte - Ptrte. F. .. ? ? On and Go. . Kotr.R.J... Dairy Supply Ltd. 1 la. M. Ftejder. CO.. Hutton. Mrs. D. Phillip. J. .. Qtthbertaon. T. Mia : Fletcher. Mr. : DVERTISXR REQlriRES SOME ONE KNOWING LONDON XX. well to tbow him muni. 'Aucust 3rd - 7th. Bemurasration. ixuer. onry. ti uaxeu liotei. Mr no. B.A., LL.U. (Cantab.), aouod lecal traialnc. RKQUIKKd wtxrATltw Auruat ana mpcemDer. a Maaarer. nsiana or aoroaa. box secretary, or anr imcitMia ctf trtut. G.M1. The Tlmea. WILL fwme one HKLP IXHTTOKS DALGirrEU to find PKUKKTAKYrJIIlP of Office work, or Ural tar licit era - ptormerit at aalary RuOrlent to keep urn ill home torether ? Lancuaes Ktwitu. trr.ian. Kogilnh. and Iiuih. m t;.M. The Tirnaa. EMILY UAUi WKi'HaotAlx. tAJUbit itw lienlumi. InfrcnuUon rrquirea ai to the prtent whereabout ot the &tore. llw tnajTiMl In fXn Tnmm nn tlie ?th Nnvrailwr. 1 607 and Lt heanl ot In Knglaod about Atril. 1908. Reply to Box TJ'LGIF.. INFORMATION In REQCTKKD reapertine CHARLES M - j i umiau, ZJAllY.. lie wa a Nephew of OirMopher Kliie. nr. IQin harinv nr hu WIU beoueatnea DM reMduary estate to hi nephew and niece aurrtTtnc him or the children ot any nephew or niece drink! before him. Charie Cundall Elsie. If Urine;, or hi representattrea If he died" after Fetm - ary. 1110. or hia children if he died before that date, are entitled u a mare ot ue reaauary enate ; ana uu anare can ne paia once on aatlKfactnry ertdence ot identity beinx rtTen. Addrea WILLIAM P. NEAL. Kq, rWidtor. 62, London Wall. VALUABLE and HEALTn - GIVING FOODSTTTFF :. only limited aupply tn prlrate cutomera. tJend (tamp for particular. Box B.S6. The Times. T'HE ROYAL DiSnTLTK of BRITISH ARCHITECTS dedre Jh. x?xk? t.knowa to the pnbiic that it a not In accordance r.?r?fwt09J etiquette for architecU to adrertin lor work. Member! and lieentlate ot tba Royal Inatitnta am not permitted to adrerUae. a LIN ICjcaLXSZZB. Becrttary. THE STOCK EXCHANGE. . . Nonos. , "EMBERS of the STOCK EXCHANGE ar NOT ALTOWED to ADVERTISK for BUSINESd PURPOSES or to lam Urouian nrBudnoa OimainntraUon to peraooa other than their own frjoa who adrertlae aa Broken or Share Dealer are not ?Semr??L0 108 8(ock Exchaac or la anr way under the control oftpe Committee. Member iujn Contract Note are rwrutrad to at irjeh a form aawlll prorkle that the word - Member of the Stock ICTrhanta. lfdan." (hall mmwatately follow the airnature. rJ& f Membeta ot the Stock Exchance who are Stock and 5r?.kr7 m?J' ren BarUo4omew - Uoe entraaca to Uaa Baak ol axiard or obtained on applW - atkn to EDWARD SATTERTHWArrK. Secretary to th , Committee of the Stock Exohance. . Onrarnlttee Roora. The ritoek ExcharBre. London. . WAR MAPS. MARRIAGES. wnffK ; LYTTELTON. On the 30th Joly. - 1914. ai 'At .M Baptirt" Church. Penahunt. by Rer. the Hon. i t Ijuriiwuntle of tbe brlae. ateittea oy me jsxr. uonei jTt - eJifwT narrow, and the Rer. Canon Maberly - .1 vj, Lisiiur Kcwabp BiCBU, RJC, aeoond aon a?it J - to Henry Becher find Mr. Becher. of Southwell. f jUa.sAr.rr l.vrv LrrreLTos. only dauthter ot the ki, irw tHMthampton. and niece ot Lady Frederick biotas, ut Ttt Ulebe. Penabumt. IlLNLR - l - - - NTJJX : MONTGOMERT. On th th ' 'u jiaUror Church, by Rer. L, Dlckeuaoo,1ear of Downton. A mc et the bride, and Rer. R. Merrin. "Rector ot the jiKt.i ai.Tza Ozoaoz, elder aon of OoLOSaX and Mra. Bauxxxav - Jri - nx. rouncer dauchter of Majob and Mrs. MoarrooxxBY. fcia. C Heath. ENGLISH GORDON. On the SOth July, at Christ Church. tr tbe Kei. E. 8. Hill lard. Lm - nsiKT STXTHra. txmsa. JLN elder ton ot Malor and Mr. J. O. U at k The. Irlory. Halrerton. Deron. to MAStxm Knnu, yc - n Curt let at Mr. and Mm. GaABAtt Gobdok. of Broadlanda. CIBBINS COLEM - KN. Oa the 1st Aoxnct, 1914. at MaryVe - elwti Church; by Krr. U. J. Glbbina. loar ot St. Paula, rrv jlAccashire. brother of the bridegTooinoRJtAa MabtUc. yrnt ( Mr. and the late Mrs. J. G. GrBmws, 43. Bruna - vifmi. Ildre. to Heleka Mabt. daughter or tbe late Mr. U tv M. MiclXiwtu. Culxjlax. Madraa. India, Jersey r,n. rlrtae - copy INSiU' : ORR - F.WING. On the 30th Jnly. at SL f ki'Vt, 1at. by the Rer. Canoo lnakip. - VaLr of Jeatnond. F3tf tbe - Ker, Canon Low. Rector of St. Columba'i. Mr. tl H. lKir. Hcoo'd son of the late Mr. James Inaklp; to jk Mtnrt n Kwikq. widow of air. Charie Orr - Ewlnc l!.Wrldet dauchter of the Earl and Countes ot Glaacow. IIRVSTOV GOll.DEN On the Sot Jnlr. at the Pro; ketrJnEton, by Uie Rerd. T. Walsh, Goalxul PmiucrrT W IXdAL - BRAND'S AI SOUPS are prepared from the Bnett .s. efciit txm of the late Mr. Thoma Johwaton. ot Bath, j material and ,"nder the jaoat bTTienie conditions m Bottkm or bf&jehter - rf Mr II J ini,t mil Un CoiUden. of 1 ?TS - tiTWV. f V. CHARBONNEL CHOCOLATES BY POST. TS RnH&l I.. f VM Mm t i.... Mtkb. mm mU few tbca parUcolar rborolatea one like beat. caAMjKHcxxi. rr waueb 31. Old Bond - atreet. W. A NGLO - AMERICAN EXPOaiTION. it. Great Wbltej City. hbepbeTd' - Bosh, W. iwiui, v ajn. uu mionicnt. GREAT HOLIDAY 1'BfXiRAMME.' With a boat of FREE ATTRACTIONS and FIREWORKS. also the GREATEST COLLECTIONS of AVTJSEMZNTS. tncludmr the wonderful 101 Ranch. REAL Wlli) WEST. In the RTADItTM. Rain or ahlne. at 1. 3. 7. and 9 o'cinck. Meats. Q. W. BACON and Co. Ltd. aonooace that their MAP SHOPS wtll be OPEN for the SALE of abor TO - DAY (Assart Bank HoUday), from 11 ajn. to 3 p.m. Note the addresses G W. BACON and Co.. Ltd, . . 117. Strand. W.C. and THE CITY MAP SHOP. It. Union - court. Old Broad - street. E.G. PRY8TAL P ALACK. FIREWORKS I A UNIOTJE PROGRAMME FAR RUUPASSINQ ALL OTHERS. rvrviAH AUUKVLLLKH Twice uairy. . muiuiajs. JUO7LER9. ACROBATS, MUSIC. C.P. QUADRILLE and MILITARY BANDS, ORGAN RMTTALS. CINEMA. FAIRY ARCH I - i.tVA:"' .JHJATlMtJ LAKE. PU.ABllKK UAKDMJVAIll KXIIBN. of PAINTINGS. MOTOR MUSEUM. SIDE SHOWS, e. At 9 pjn. JAMES PAIN and SONS' MAGNIFICENT FIREWORKS. Retnrn Fare and Palace Admusdon from most London cwm, i. na. Aim frequent Motor 'Buaea. CAUTIONS and NOTICES. N' OTICE. All tnireren from Infroenxa thould not fafl to take BRAND'S ESSENCE nf RKHK whirh mmdUr aihvra tna djatreaains srmninma and iMtrtre. rltAlifr. IM all rtmta. Starr Brand and Ov, Ltd.. Marf air Worka. Vaurhall. S.W. Of all hish - claa ProrWon PUBLIC APPOINTMENTS. UIVRD M URRA Y. On tbe 31t July. 1914. at th 0cm the HnTy Child and St. Josepn.'BetJfort. by the Very .fit. to Iicva SiaAS. ow ot the late CaABLcs STXwabt , TISS SECONDARY SCHOOL. ClX - Tlenrai Polloe. Indian paper, please copy. U HEAD MASTER WANTED ISta Reptember for mired manr.1 . t rrrvc r... .v. ... . .. i n 1 f - eoooaarT KDOOt laoont B - ji mnuai. acoonunodatton inr ao lv fL. n , , - , - J rtTvVr w i t!rf n' 1 1 - r . ' Pupil Teacher and Bursar Umht. Salary 11S0. with a Capita - aa.rA.t lUclney. by the lr. A. W. Armitotead. Walteb ik)a Jet oomBjfncjni; Soholar, - Tba ADwinUaeat will be Am lnmrtt. ton cf Mr. and Mrs. Wm. .Impriere - of subject to aix months' notice. Candldatea roust hold a Decree W Vit. - t.i to Mi ML Aucx. WrtxrocEV daughter ot tbe . of tome British Untrrrcity. ApplicaUona. statlnc act. with three t - E - rt j W i)xf V and Mrs. Wlllcock. of Cardiff. testimonials and references, experience, decree, and other ajuaUAcsrtmx: KILN ER. On the SOth July, at the Weleyaa uom' 01 liul AW, 10 a KKW8nv rw i th. r - . r - 1 i tiid Rer. J. Milton lirowa. uncle of the bride. 1 o.v i, J.w i?w ' GoTemon. iwcrt tit rnyon. ana tae er. akiuwi juhk?, ht JlAiAitruTC KiLxia. sacand dauirhter of Mr. and Mra. .'3ro KUijer. i "Ormefield. Finchley. to Roaurr rwsSirljiik, aon of the late Rer. Robert MacLean. laa ilffaiui LiTerpooI. rCltRSi KVl I rin th. Itt Anr at Marlrn't. Tmdon. n ; T.aisaaci Pou ara. of New York, to Glapts Uobklou itftvr cf Fhdkkick Wiixiim KxiX of Aldebursh. V .TT. BP .. the Tier. IMl Owen. StAKLKT Gboboe r the late U. F. Sruw. Eaq. RJ.C - to Cjcklt Jr., - t. Uiifa daiwhter of tbe Ute Rxt. J. A. WlLUAiu. y. K 1 Ahierninater. Ktratford - oo - Aroo. 4.K.VIB BlTlrv s - ... 1 i - . - A V vrrh in - V.r J wetland Kor. Aarsra Nnniin. .it. f M ii - .,.... . tj n 1 . w TnHl. nmM '.u:iiw ut Vz. Trrahltt - road. St. Johns, to Nruti JH:tter Jllf, and Mr. E. G. Batut. 19L Brockley - DIAMOND WEDDING. 'WTS STVIFV O. Ik. rJ Anmrf 1AA nctnc4t,4ni.(ii,J! K - v o Datts. M.A rocmrett jU l Cnurce Iavya. D.D. Lord Bbhop of Peter - 11, ot i'urnutiby ilatt. 'cumberUnd. The ceremony DEATHS. ,TTT - On the lrt Aut,at' Enelemere Hill. Ascot. Berks. 1 - r!i l.lore.1 wif. nf rrmrrirr Wm.ra Am. Cl r FOSTER. On the 3ist Joly. of Park HBL Fam - , "C.Jm.M. au tjnt isa. wile of the late Rrr. E. C ATlwtJf - , " Oirton. Bed. Funeral on Tuesday, it 1.30, i rarnbnth. L ,T. n ta Jo1' - a numnx Dome, uerniu. k ' itvvi Wriopw aao. axed 26. eldest dauchterottbe late , B.1WM:,, idor of I low. IVtoti. , - 'uilr. ,Etbe 3otn Julr. at Eajetimt. Durban. Natal. rj u i'XL BiTCBxa. Ec. U her etcbty . - aunn rv x .... . . - j g. H l i511 v - only son ot Mr. and Mra. CaoijrCTrcaiJiT. 1 f - . K"'n rear. Wiluam Thomas CUimtU). of , V," v ti laptain yacht Xantbe. for 88 yean the I ana na.d of Sir Arthur Channel!. HtLL. tl soth July, at 11. CMrnlnaico - road. taw. ' CKAwnALL, widow of the late Herd. 8. I. n SatUo. WiM. and of Norn Monxton. Si 'aitrtl chrwt Church. Eailnc. Tueeday. Ausort 4th. Lt)?IRV - "a Sf 3,rt Jo1' Biaow jAcxjm ca h. "B.,he ith Joly. tuddenly. after. a lorn HI nets. tx. uf the Manor House. Cbatborn. CUtheroe. j " 1 - artah Church. Chatbont. this day . . at - i) pjn, lmerment aa jxhhju - ii - ltl U laquiriea to be addreaaed to Means. 'mr,Co"s,uc,M,rt" - a .V ",n the 31rt JlF. Woroeater. rery od - Ts .".ATBlli lncxurr Evwajlo Gairrmm. M - A. taut, cijcn. Bampsurad, late loar ot Broadhaalh S i. - " 0aUl 2cth Jnl. tbe Staff Cotlece, Qnetta, la wt aon ol Majob - RArsaroBO Hasbat. Ijww month. "wji i" t twci at a ntrrstnc borne, Haxsab. widow v.' ","T .iv of Nartbamaton. In her 74th year. 1 fv,, . ouiiKnaBn - arniwe. aa - a w Sy. , I'l.rairn. No Sowers, by rwonestt . - Oatten.. rt . an. Kt . Tth Tr. !V4.rtlH' - th July, at SeoekaL OJA. Booth Africa, C,"tV late Thom ut 8. Btax, of ateorec Wynborx. )t' tofc"tthyear. ' . V - - Jn the la aux, 1I.U tbe Lararhanv Hotel. J. Solicit or. .youwest son ot the Ut rV. ir ' tLe Slat July, at Fterntisw." Clapham m I .' .Aaoutc i:ro.nt vi mm urn IXIDflKl SHEFFIELD. ' EgtatJisbed otw lOO - yeATt, Trade Mark Globw," IBBOTSON BROTHERS .Mannfactere) .Steel, Files, Saws, BaitwAT Speaalities, Laminaiod and Coil Springs, Patent Nate and Bolts, Patent 8piraJ Springs, Patent BaSers mnk Cbraplings, Talbot's Air Purifier, Globe Higb Speed SteeL rp EAFALGAR BONG.' x a. : words by Lord Norton, music by Riark&n for Kmrt. In Hemorr of Nelson. Dedi cated to Peter Badea - PowalLT JnnJor Chief Scout, Sane by Mba Martaret Cooper. Prio ed. Priestley and bona, uxroorw - row Birminrham QU) CURTAINS WANTED. Smnl naba nf Old Kntttsh 17U CentnTr Onrtaiaa Bed lf"rf embroidered In flxara. anrmtsi. or flowers. upon ux or unen, wan tea. gia to xiw a pan; oDcrea u uitable and ra rood condition, Writ : J. KOCH ELLS THOMAS, Th Georftaa Gallery. 10, Klnt - wireet. St. Jamer ttreet, 8.W. (adlotnlnc ChrtsUe'al. EGYPTIAN BLEND CIGARETTES. 4a. per 100. Bxtraa 0. per iw. xnr, Dam naar ns nat rrrr ban nrnduoed. Orer 3& years': reputation, lbry art afnowtedsed ibrtZVA()V HKOS - . . IwT JohnBr, iCTdnnTW. 7 A. t 1 r"1" Cabuuki UtoantAWA. V. . tv ued 71 .1 Kii.mi Cametezy, fcf" li A'. at u, 1st Anr . 1 Snaarrm.. Nawwuay r - wtS hlok Sainnaoaia Qmrch, Golaat. Par , 01, nainpaoa uuucsj 1 WT ' elork Tueaday. Ancutt 4th. Wtiiif Selflns. Jbsssb. wits e AarxtB rj - rrj, e llrt Joly. at Tanrasxa. New Eaaland. Stlw u?.Wer - at - Iw.ecotod aon ot Arthur PhllUp. t - Utvr: werton. Bath, a ad 4a ii'W i O" the lrt AucmU Ml, at St. Mar?' Nw Butaii Mrrroan. sreood aon of th C' - UlNc! luOTOs. aced 79 ywara. No Bowers. On Friday, the Slat Jnly. at CbsWorth. C4 Ulu,L.EI,tJC PocxusoToa. formerly command - X " &th w - K - r. and T. artl!r,,on Tueaday at 1 P.IB. 'JW 3"th Julr - Mast Cowtts, th wits ot Us C'Vi n - Montamiu YVcaaaw. tVsmar. V Hf ' July. Hut Pajwmj.of . Loram a ik 7ia - .axd7i. lalermrat HlxhaaU C'lLi Na ' s; ,ilrEX. - .Onth llrt Joly. at 5. Irham "ir . - ' - i pnenrwoola. after a rT Snort uinawa. a. a. - .a r t int w,,..OTra mar. 1. . novn not as thoM - w. u .. vn, rf "" - " Dwyanertoa J - arx. mobs. aiiuji. .reaacx. Ilollki. Misa V. 1. C.W.B - In Mrmoriam. July 2ft. 18W. unoer 1. OA. DONATION8 ANNUAL and OTHERWISE. Croasiey.Mra. R,.2S. Underal. tl. 7. Walbrnok. E C July SOth; 1914. KING EDWARD'S HOSPITAL FUND tot g LONDON. V3 Patron HI MAJESTY the KINO. SUBSCRIPTIONS, and. DONATIONS are ranch needed. Attention it drawn to the care exercised In maktnt frant. Erery elieiote Hotpttal and Sanatorium I mtpectad by a medical man and a layman ; expenditure examined, economy eneoorased. Address Hon. TiSeoa, Kmc Edward's Hotpttal Fund. 7. Wal - brook. EC . . .. SHIPPING. ROYAL DENTAL HOSPITAL. lVdcettei - enaars. APPEAI for GENEROUS HELP. E. PINK. SecreUry. GJUrS HOSPITAL. S.E.. NKKO' HELP. VlriOUNT GOCnEN. s T. MARYW noSPfTAT - SKMW - HKT.P. TTI'rMA.S RYAN PADDINGTON, W.. GREATLY lleeietarr. PRINCE ALEXANDER OF TECK Earnestly Appeal for New Annual fofatrriptiotai for THE MIDDLESEX HOSPITAL. METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL, KXNGSLAND - ROAD. N.E. PATRON : HIS MAJESTY THE KING. Help by Drmatloos, Subscription, and Lecadea t nrxently needed, and rery eameatly solicited. J. C BUCHANAN. See, and House Corernor. THE BROMPTON HOSPITAL FOR CONSUMPTION AND DISEASES OF THE CHEST. B.W. NEEDS HELP. FREDERICK WOOD, rjscretary. rUEEN CHARLOTTE'S LYING - IN HOSPITAL. Xaryleboa. v tw year 1.701 poor women reoatred Into UoasMl aucnoeu ana nursed tn tnefr own nomee. PENINSULAR and ORIENTAL STEAlf NAVIGATION COMPANY. PASSENGER SERVICES. IConreyinc the India, Chlnw and AuttraUan Malla under Contract with Hi MaleatyaGo.eiiinient. steamers. . Ton. From London, From Marseille. EGYPT, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, JAPAN. wnT.w tALS0 BOMBAY. VIA ADEN.) . MWII.TAN I io.oor I Anz. 7 Aral. 14 MACEDONIA 1000 Aiur. 21 Aiar, M MOLDAVIA 1 I iojxm : Sept. 4 I Sept U EGYPT, BOMBAY", KARACHI, &c. ?rAP.U . I 8 - I I Ant. 7 SSAi' ! 1 8 - nlw Arrr. 14 1 Auc 21 PERblA I 1 8.0U0 I Ac. 28 ! Sept 4 EGYPT, COLOMBO, CALCUTTA, &c. NANKIN I 700 I Aut. 13 I WORE - T.0U0 I Sei't. 12 EGYPT, STRAITS, CHINA, JAPAN, &c. NOVARA I 7.000 I Aiut. 22 i Japan direct at NMXpKE ;wi Sept. S ' lower fares witb - fcJCJUA 1 7,000 ! Seit. 19 ! out trafwhlpment ITaking pajterarer aLo for Gibraltar, tfi Tangier, 'for Malta. SUMMER SEA - TRIPS by P. ami . MAIL STEAMERS EVERY FRIDAY frota LONDON to GIBRALTAR and MARSEILLES. Return Fare.. 1st Class. 2nd ctu. MARSEIIXES .. ,. fli 0 io 10 GIBRALTAR or TANGIER . . 13 10 .. a U - ParUcnlart on application a be loir. P. fc O. TO KARACHI & BOMBAY AUTUMN INTERMEDIATE SAILINGS ; l ondon. Mamillea. KaraehL Bombay. HIMALAYA !! 7,000 i tK - t.' 28 Nor. 4 Nor. 17 ' Nor. 19 xneae a teamen will cenrey one class only at rjreond Salucct Rate. P. & O. BRANCH SERVICE, err third week from London, rla the Care, to Australian Porta cnoreymc on rlaaa of paraeniran only at Third CIas rates. (Offlce. 32. Llme - stnyt. Londoo. P. & O. EXPRESS SERVICE. TO EGYPT & THE EAST. From Qnutn.sernM.vla BrindisL ererr Frtdar. at 9 n m. connect fear at Port Said with Mail Steamers to India. China. Australia. Ac. For freurht and namn (all Eastern nortaj arolr to the Com pany' Offlce. 122. LeadenhaU - atreet. E.C.. or Nianhumberland - wrenoe, w.u, London. , SHIPPING (continued). AUSTRALIA BY THE ' ORIENT LINE Under mntrart to carry ni Maieaty' Malls .. . to rpkUANTr k aDFXAIDE. MKLBOCJiNE. hYDNXT. and BRISBANE. Manarerj : F. GEXEN sad On, ANDERSON. ASDKRSCCf. and Co. For passarel apfHy to the latter Arm at &. Irenctrarrb - nwaeav London, EX, or to the Branch Uffle. 28. Cbcsspui atwst. B.W. NCynCRPassngers proposing to join steaamers of the Linej at MediUrranean Ports are adriaed to commanicata with the Managers, at 5, Feaichnrch - ayenue, London, before Vsaring EngUnd. THE BLUE FUNNEL LINE. ro AUSTRALIA 10 SOUTH AFRICA. ONLY FTEST - CLASa CkZRlUD. Fart from 4S and ISO. Glasgow. Lrroci. NTSTOTt ttwa, 14J01 toot) Aux. T Aa. 10 UI - YSSEi1 (tai - sc, 14.999 tons) Kept. 11 Kept. 14 AENEAS (tw. - ac, 10.049 tons) . Oct. 9 Or. 12 ASOANIUS itw. - v.. 10JMS tonal Nor. Nor. 9 Apply to Oram Will and Sons. Ltd - S7. Iradenfiafl stwr. orto ALFRF.1 HOLT and t7wiaAlin3i. LtryoL AUSTRALIA CAPE rnr THE ABERDEEN UTE. FIRST CLASS FARES FROM 43. THIRD CLASS FXGM XXS, Superior aeronnnodation. First and Third Qata only. THEMISTOCLESll SO AoX.!7 1 DEVOSTTJENxa IL2S1 Oot, It MARATHON, 8JU0 Sept. 36 J EU RIP ICRS .. 1U00 Mow. 2S Awir to Csn. Thorap - on and (V. Ltd 7. BigrUj jfaM. LcsMon. R.t; or Hkstie, Bnrman. Grant, and Co, 14. Wsttrton sjae. S.W.; or White StIJoejOeeanieIoniafaajp Spg,. NEW ZEALAND & AUSTRALIA CalSnz at .TENERIFFE. CAFE TOWN, and HOBART,. s.s. & a. cos sstssa London erery Fonr Weeks. TAINUI (tji.y .. Aux. iOHONIO (Wa .. fwoCH . . Wlrelem Telecraphy. Unsurpaned aeootsitjodatlea far j . lrt. 2nd. and 3rd CUas, Sraaoca itraza ffrrass torn On. Two. or Tbrkb pBtsoir at MooBauro Fasjw. Awty a SHAW. rAVlU, and ALBION CO, LTD, 34. IitiV isaill - rt, E.C, and 62. PaQ - maU: sr to WUU titar Use. Iissrpost, sad L, Codtspur - st, S.W. ENTERTAINMENTS. LEGACIES. DONATIONS. SUBSCRIPTIONS nrreatrr needed by the prince of walesfs general hos7tal tdttenhamIn. ' FKEDK. W. PKJ.W r.l't . tMwatar. Ikf ADAMK TUSSAUD S EXHIBITION. Open at 8 a.m. on !T I Rank TTrvlLI.. v iri.tu.. .nrf rrntn - H.t Addition. New Faithful and Impresfdre Portrait Models of T.M. KING GEORGE V. aad QUEEN MARY. THE EUROPEAN CRISIS, liielikt Portrait Mudekj of 1LLM. the EMPEROR of AUSTRIA. ai.u r - JKTEK ot SERVIA. and otter reixnlnx Boreretxns or Europe. The Home Rule Crisis. Sir Edward Carson. Mr. John Redmond, and other Celebrities, Naral and Military Tableaux. Dettrtltfal Mndc Refre - hment. at Pnnnlar Mrra. FREE CINEMATOGRAPH PERFORMANCES. ItlADAME TUSSAUD'S EXHIBITION. Onen at 8 ajn. on if A Bank Holidar. On riew In (Camber of Ilnrrora. Dramatic Tableaux and Scenes. Notorkra Criminals of tbe Century. Relics. Models, cast. Arc. Admloakm. la. ; children, ed. Extra Rooms, d. MADAME TUSSAUD'S EXIHBITION. f ASKELYNE 4c DEVANT8 MYSTERIES. St. OeorCE S HaC. hi THROUGH A WALL. Mr. N. MASKELYNE wtth rw. sc. seau is. to aa. - none IMS Mayrair. WALKING 'The Ycd'a ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY'S GARDENS. DAILY, nine Mil rtroaet - Adrai - eioot Sondays, FeOowi and Fellow - ' oroen omy. Mondays, bo. ; outer aays. la, ; cmnren always wa. wexl or Mtrx - Knyal rrraas nttr Batnrdar - from Hrrwr UNNY BPA1N." EARL'S COURT. GREAT RkVCSTand PAGEANT, of 'EPADt. neniuan oasrmc s - rw. eauo 4iano. ace. Mlddar to Mkrnlrhl. Rand ri HJC Riml Hone Gnnrda Quadrant Restaurant. Tables borkrd. 'Pnone. Western L071. HENDON. HOLIDAY FLYING. Ninth London Aria Bon Mertinr. Te - dar (Bank Hondart from 12 nonn. " Looprn Country ince. Displays by fimoos amsen. Admiwion ed - la. za. ea. (Area. Hand. ITomenaoe. ramenxer rucnta daily. 2 2. Races erery Saturday. Special Displays erery Thursday anq Sunday. IlltOUAUNlMCRASO AU;UHT BANK HOLIDAY MOTOR - X RACING and FLYING MEETING. NINE CAR RACES. In which tbe Work)' Record can are compettns. TWO .MOTOR - CYCLE EVENTS. AND TWO AEROPLANH CONTESTS. Rarinr mmmeiym at 12 noon. ADMISSION 2a. 6d. Fretrsrot Train from Waterkn (two apedata) book to weynnote. r - opuar imenns. WITH CAPTAIN SCOTT IN THE ANTAJCCTIC Mr. rrF.RHKRT a. PnsnNCS thrlHinr ttorr and oom - - ptaU morlax picture record ot CAPTAIN SCdTTS memorable Journey. Twice dally. X and 8.15. At Philriarmonic Hall, Great portlaml - atnet. w. Aa presented By noyai unmmana at uucainx ham Palace, prices: Raserred Stalla aad Qrcle. 2a, 3a, &.; BOO uuiiii iw la and a. teata. Tele, 30Q3 Maymtr. IT END CINEMA. Co ren try street, W. (Tele, Regent t&oo) nternational Rornanoe tn Three Acts ' ONE OF OUR GIRLS." Ethics of the Profession.' lnnoorm but AwKwarq. - . . . ace - sre. ART EXHIBITIONS. ROYAL ACADEMY. 1 SUMMER EXHIBITION. Open 9 ajn. to 7 P - m. Thursdays 9 ajn. to 10 pjn. I - - '' la. Catalogue Is. J SEASON TICKET, ts. NO a NORTH BRmsiT ACADEMY "of . xx. A. newcabtUjn - ttke. : Tbs EIGHTH EXHIBITION of tbe NJUL Is nc at the Crystal Passee. No extra eharj. WHISTLER. EXHIBITION of ETCHINGS. L. CAMPBELL TAYLOR Picture. JO TIATiriAON Sralnture br the well - known Amerleaa. The LEICESTER GALLERIES, Lelcetter - wi. 10 - . Sata 10 - 1. MOTOR CARS. FOR SALE "O ABE COINS aad MEDALS ot all period and coon tries rained XV or catalogued, sjso couecaocai orn t th. tmt market ortew kw cash. SPIN lists to tl m. the Emg. 17 and 18. PsxadiUy. Luadoa tclat ta rspcadluy - circuai. PURE CHINA TEA, 13 per lb. Direct from Shin to Teapot. Saret 24 per cent. win. rt'NlsTF.R. - La : 10Tb. BAG. 12a. ed.: ilb. BAG. St. td. Carf. Paid. Oath with order. - Last tree, llb - ls. ed. post tree. h i i in n iaa niuai. w mmiiaj " i WATKTNS and DONCASTER (LTD.), 143 and 145. GREAT TO KTI.ANI - HTKX,EX w. TricpboDe. 6743 Maytair. Telerrama.Enuile London. iOLJI AGENTS FOR KINOCOACHWOlUa. nam tn stork tor bnmedlaie delrrwr. TITOLSELEY 16 - 20 'HJ. 4j LANDAULETTE .. . 870 YV 16 - 20 H.P. KING TWO - SEATER COUPS 363 jt.20 HJ. RING CABRIOLET .. .,660 16 - 20 1LP. KINUFOUR - 8EATXBCOCPB67& 26 H J. 4 LANDAULETTJt .. ..850 16 H P. j CABRIOLET .. .. 700 12 1LP. KING COUPE .. .. 463 TlCnCEBVA pANHARD FUNDS URGENTLY NEEDED. : ARTHUR WATTS. Secretary. CO. PLEASE HELP THE GT.N0RTHERN CENTRAL HOSPITAL, Holloway. w wtut SnlasMptlons. Dooatloas. aad Ivwaoea. P - READNOUGHT SEAMEN'S HOSPaTAL. GREKNW1UU. AU tot UU National Charity Urgently needed, Secretary. P. J. MICHELTJ. CMA ftHARTTY ORGANIZATION SOCIETY. J Patron. THE OrTKT.N. nmii raniMiii tth.... v.,..n n.i t.. .j Bankers to th Council Messrs. Contto and Co. 440, 8tzand. WjC.j Aoniunnai scpnort maen peeqeq. THE ANTI - VIVISECTION HOSPITAL. BATTERSSA GENERAL HOfJPITAL (Inoorpcxated). BaUeraca ran. o.n. rtmas urgently needed rot: 1. New cancer Department (m fun work). 2. New Out - Paiients Bolldlnxa (in hand). G, W. F. ROBBINS. Bjt, rVrretary. IMPERIAL CANCER RESEARCH vrrvTV DOKATTONS and ffrrBfifTRIVTIONft rntRKN'l'l .T WKKHKIt and should be tent to the Honorary Treasurer, Examtaattoo HjH. tJupen - tonara. BiorensDury. lionaon. w.c BRITISH INDIA SERVICES TO MARSEILLES, EGYPT, CEYLON, INDIA, PERSIAN GULF, EAST AFRICA, BURMAH, STRAITS, MAURITIUS, CHINA, JAPAN r and AUSTRALIA. Ton. London. I Pom 6.178 Aux. 8 'Colombo. Madras. A Calcutta. 6.249 Aug. 14 Karachi awl Bombay. 4.662 Ang. 19 Ptrt Hudan and East Africa. 8.0OO Anr. Vlnl.i Mailra. a - iVuira. F7.749 Aux. 26 tQueerMland. 6.000 Aux. 20 talabar Cnaat and CoiUsxost. 4.900 lAuC. 28 IKaradit and Bom bar. 6.000 Sept. & Colombo. Madras and Calcutta. 6J)00 kept. 11 lEaracfai awl Bombay. 381 Sept. 16 jPurt Sodan. Momhaatm and MORVADA . . 8.000 iSept. 19 Colombo. MAdruaial Calcntta. PERTHSHIRE S.8H1 Sapt. 23 Queensland. CULNA .. 1 600 &ept. 26 IKarachl and Bombay. Calhmt at MaraHlkas seren days later. AUTUMN PASSENGER SAILINGS. A TO COLOMBO. MADRAS. AND CALCUTTA. CHUPRA CHYKHARSA MOMBASSA .. MALDA rAPAROA UMARIA VARHOVA CHANTALA CH1NKOA MAXIANA VT 7 (J TO NEW ZEALAND. TtKMlKlt. i.Ai.O. JJ. CAPE TOWN. TJQCaXLFFXv THE NEW ZEALAND SHTPTINO CO, LtdTuneorr sritrl aa 3rW Zealand), will dispatch their Royal Mall 8 teamen as btsW Next departure from London : - - Anc. 6 RUAHTNE It..) 10.738 Irtept. 3 ROTOEUA CteaJ' 7X130 Low fares, starts and return. ExceUent aaeomaaodsiUja. Apply to J. B. Westrar and Co, 138. Liiaihinhall alusw. BjC - ROTAL MAIL 8XZAJOES3. To Boston. Tta From LirsTBonLat 3 pja, C ARMANI A .rTnea,.ifng.ll FUANLUNIA. . Tuea Anx. 18 CARONIA .. Tuea,Aog.23 HELP URGENTLY NEEDED. LORD MAYOR TRELOAB CRIPPLES HOSPITAL AND COLLEGE 220 TubercoJoos Cripples under Treatment, and 00 Crippled Lads leanrmg useful Trades. DEPENDENT UPON VOLUNTARY SUPPORT. Sir William Trnloar, Bart, Treasurer. - 61. Moorxate - rtreet, E.G Steamer. SORVADA. ts. . EVASXts. NEURAUA.L. , MASHOBRA. ta. : MERKARA. ta. ; Tons. Leare London. ! Lea re Marsrfllea, 8.000 ' l&th rVptemba I 2Cth September 9.071 : 3rd October ' 10th October 9.082 l 17th Octotier 24th October 8.000 14th Norember j 21at Norember "WTrTIT? llru December i M J AAA Ai CUNARD LINE AQUITANIA, LUSITANTA, MAURETANIA. FASTEdT MAIL AND FASffENGKR BXSYICS IN THE WORLD. TO NEW YORK direct. From Ltrerpool at 230 p.m. LAOONIA ; i. Sat, Aux. 8 AQUITANIA .. Sat, Aux. 13 ttArTRKTANIA Kat Anr. " Spectal tram from Eustoo to AArrrpooi on setorosyB a fjsb ajn. (for 2.30 pja. sailiiau. aad on TueaiWs at 12 aouo Uor pjn, ailing). Special Train1 from St. Pancra Station, London, ta IirtspoeC at 6.10 pjn. errry Friday. TO CANADA Fbok. SOUTHAMPTON Tta QUEENSTOWJt T QLTEBVA. an.1 MONTREAL. ANDANIA .. Tours, Ang. is I AlJtUNU ... Thuxs, Aag. ST AUCANIA I., Thurs. Aug. 20 1 ANDANIA. - ThOTs.Sert. 17 Apply CUNARD LINE. LiTerpooI ; Undue, 81. BistaXHcata. EaJ. - . 29 - 30. i Coukapur street. S.W. ; or Pans. 37. Boulcrard de Capucinra (oppoaite Rue bcrtbe). THE TIMW BOOK CLUB ON CUNARD 8TXAMXR3. CUNARD STEAMERS bar a perfect droulatlng. library serrtas for rswwnrers. Br contract with Taa rMar tht adraatace ot THE T1M1S( BOOK CLUB art arailaM for First aad Second das pmrngen during erery Toyaxc without cnarx. and a Blasral upt ly hi .carried of ill the newest books. 8.000 I 12th Decanter PLEASE HELP THE CITY OF LONDON HOSPITAL FOR, DISEASES OF THE CHEST. Victoria Park, E; (ITS bednl. With DONATION or LEGACY. NOBLE WORK FOR THE COMMUNTXT ST; JOHN HDPITAL FOR DISEASES OF THE SKIN. It gathers patient from all. parts of tht Kiacdocv, pre - Tentlng the srread of contagion and thus benefiting th wbole community. With this great work f beaBnc ta do. (he rellabie tncome la barely one - fifth of expenditure. No more deserrlnc charity calls for your suvpurt l Cheones should be made parable to the riecretarr and uu London County and Westminster Bank. St. Jameafa - samue." 49. LelCBtter - tquare. WjC. O. A.'ARNAUDIN. Secretary. TO KARACHI AND BOMBAY. Rteamer. 1 Tom. 1 Inn lzmdin. I Imk MathHTW. MONGARA.ta. " 8.000 10th October 17th October MAKURA.U. ..; 9JXO I 2 4 th October : 31st October GRAY. DAWES, k Co, 23, Great Windiestw - atreet. E.C, nd 1A Northnmberland - mrenae W (1 - r.rlitl.lJkTI.Y. HANK KY t Co, Dodt House. Billiter - treet. E.C. ; awl B2. Pall - mall. S.W. ELLERMAN - S CTTY & HALL LINES REGULAR KHRV1CK nf rxar passenger steamers from ijytpooi. to EGYPT & INDIA. Toot. Date. btramers. Destination. 11 A tlilA STILL REQUIRED - for the CHILDREN'S AJLViVVV COUNTRY; HOLIDAYS FUND in order to send awar SQJXO children tms, summer. the Kan or Arran. IB. BixlnxHam - treet. Strand. WJC Ai'fJ! xWA.a The Hon. Tmsmrer, AJTEALS 10 ; tCTTT OF NAGPUR ..I &MO Anx. 11 Bombay A Karachi. ..I 6,984 Aiur. 1 7 THombo A Calcutta. KITY OF MARSEILLES i XM Sept, 19 Karachi direct. Tvat it antes. - ia jiareiii(. nwuBcrew. Quaskle Deck catxns with electric fans. Uanoni wueiess, Ftat xnuecma sajocm. INDIAN TOUR (rncradmy rail) at trertally rednced rate. IHRODGJI BOOKINGS TO THE PCNJAUB. A sVDT.1T Y nalt T ttu a TTssti nil ..I r - aj frjanarie and Workman ll.tti.), 3fi. taixh - fttirt.'K6.: Ball Um (LWJ. or EJlenDan'a dtj Line Atrocr. V Utt - trrxl. urmnct ; nr to t,en. Hnitn aad hufw. fiUHrrrw. STAR LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMER. OLYMPIC. 46,359 TONS, I THE LARGEST BRITISH STEAMER. LIVERPOOL N F. W YORK, ria QUEEN STOWN. C2LTTI1 .. KOJIt) tons! .. Thunrtay. Aug. BALTIC .. .. LA76toJ .. Thurtday. Ag. Ppectal train from Entton 12 noon. LIVERPOOL - - BOSTON. Tia UUE ENj5TOWN. CYMRIO .. ., (i:j70tool .. Tuesday; Aux. ARABIO .. .. U5.601 too) ... Tuesday, AOS. - SOUTHAMPTON CHERBOURG QUEENSTOWN NKW YORK. Royal anil United State Mall Serriof, TO CURB THE CRIPPLED CIIILDR'KN OP THE POOR. 18S bed ocecpled. 400 cMldren waiting their tan for "'' liexade. Suywormtisn. IVnatiooa rmrently - Beaded. ROYAL NATIONAL ORTHOPAEDIC HOSPITAL. ' GREAT PO RTLAN I8TREET. W. Addrets, tht Earl of Denbirn. litatrmaa. NORDDEUTSCHER LLOYD, BREMEN. ALL BOOKINGS OF CARGO AND PASSENGERS ARE SUSPENDED. Knxra. Bbtamt, A Co, General Agmts. rrVEN - WTLBON INSTITUTE. SELF - HELP . MISSION. VJ UJUTHSroURTO aEITOEMrUUVKSBTSKNDCIG OLD AND NEW GARMENTS. BOOTS and SHOES, Odd aad Ends of ail aorta to be Sold si low prices to the poor or gfren away to the destitute. From the proceeds a WUow iloane. Two Cbn - ralescent and Holiday Homes. Inttitute and Workshop tor the Blind, aad other mod works, lncladlnc Prsstrln Cams inr Bars. are supported. In the pariah of St, Mary'a, Pmlttow. akaas there, are 22.400 soak. Ladiss. pleaaeforra Wortrnx Parties aad sent for sacks. Address parcels OlV - WHJKiN InrUtuie, Pli allow. mwjo. a. jesgpnona aa warmrqm ana wqz gwpuw. M MXSSAGKRI MABITIMES CtJ.'S MAIL .ill. STEAMERS from MARSEHJ.F.S tot I Tons. Anc 6.. Natal .. 4.012 MahA, Madagascar. Mauri Una. Aug. 9.. MageOaa . J 6.013 Ceylon. Straits. China. Japan. Anc. 19.. Caledonleo 1 4.1 SO 'Bombay. Crykn. Australia. Aug. 20.. Yam ..j 4.162 Momba Madacar. JlMirtUn. nf. is.. Tiuecmtat I 6J78 ceylon. strait. Cblna. Japan. XDrTERRANEAN, Alexandria, Plrwus. bmyma, CcmstaaUnope. WKKM.T. Black sea raJIlnr at Oueenttown Wertbound and PlrraoDUb Easthocmd. tlTTILADELPHlA.. 10.76 ton.) Wednesday. Aoav 5 OCEANIC .. .. '(17.27S tonsi .. Wednesday. Aug. 12 lOLYMPIC .. .. D6JS9 tonal .. Wertnoalay. Aug. Special trains for Oceaaie from London (Wettrtoo) A4i; s.m. From Paris. 10.16 ui Aaiericaa line apedal train from Ldndoa (Waterloo). 9J0 a.n.m saiHnc day. SOlBiPk will not embark or land pawengers at Queenstowa. fAmerlcaa Line stemunr. - WHITE STAR DOMLNIOJC LINE. PKRSONAIiY CONDCCTED'PAKTIF.4 TO CANADA. LiVERPOOL QUEHEO MONTREAL, TEUTONIC .. .. (10.000 tomi .. Saturday. An. . J MEG ANTIC ,. .. (14"8Ukmi .. Saturuar. Aug. Ii Sprtal from London Oiwtoni 12 nonn for Teutonu and MtuiUe. Apply to White "tar Line. Ilrerpool. Southampton ; L tttrt ipiir - atrett. S.W. ; and 38. LeadenhaU street. E.C Lundoc. Tht.' wnrrE star link royal MAri. steamer Oryrapld. 'Adriatic Ooranlc. Baltic Crdrtc Celtic Laurent hj. al Mesantar have a iwrti - ct dreulatiihc library trrrloe for iwwnier Br eootrtct lth Ike lm the adrantaces of THE T1MEA BOOh. CLUB are arailxbke for find - claw paarorrs during erery royant - althout (but and a liberal supply is carried ot all th ae - woA bonk. LINE UJ. MAIL STEAMERS. TjOUTHAMlToN NEW. YORK, rl Cberbourg. AMERICAN unnrm PHILADELrlllA. wed, Aug. a. B r. uuij ta. oat, aux, ii Apply N. Martin. 9. Rue Srribe. Pant; Amcnran Line. 0. Ockipur - ttrret. and 34. Leadenball - atretrt, Lundutj: Can at - road. Southampton ; or to Lucai Agents. EE TISIES BOOK CLITI OS ERICAN LINE STEAMERS. ROYAL NATIONAL LIFEBOAT INSTITUTION. HELP THXLIEEBOAT. A year work .. 1913 .. .. 874 rfrea tawed A month's work .. 1913 .. .. .. 124 lire rd A week's work 1913 81 lrret sartd A day's work .. 1913 .. .. 40 ttres sated. opwans ot sioo rxtes ara stneo 18X4. CZOSGX F. nmrr. V A Ser - rrtarr. 22. Charing ufjai iu il London. WXL th.'s OsVe, Tt - n. Fenchnrch - irtreet. F..C, and Ki, Pall - mafl.. CALCUTTA DIRECT HARRISON USE FROM LIVERPOOL, 1 Botanist 7X87 tons. Ang. 10 1 Patrician 7.474 tons. Sept. ; Huntsman 7.439 ton. Anc 21 ! Eipiorer. 7.60t ton. Sept. 13 Condition as per circular, apply to GeCatly. Hankry, and Co.. . Dock Boose. BCliter - street. K - C: or Ikoa. and Jm. Harrison. Dock . Uoose. jUUiter - etreet. U ; or TUP, ana J. uamson. UTcrpoot, 20 ALDGATB. BNEY PARK CEMETERY COMPANY. - Limited. Chief Of&c - jBtoke Newlagton, Loudon. N. iwnry PARK CEMETERY, Slok. Newteston. N. CHINGFORD MOUNT CEMETS;K Y, tSJnord. St I TntLenhain - coart - .w T - r - WllAI - X thruurhout In Town and Cnsmtrr. rtenaatton. Monumental Work. FamijandSerranu' Mournrng. G EJ. KING t LANDAULETTE. . 870 IS ILP. KING LANDAULETTE M (473 a - AKLBOEOUGH 10 - 12 H.P. DOCTOR'S COUPE .. 250 YOUR PRESENT CAR TAKEN IN PART EXCHANGE. KRCKDxa 45 - so li - P, 191S. witn MLaus aiMreatner tody fully equipped as new.. .. 800 Boys' Camps, Ootrraleaotat Homes for Mert, Women, tsad Cblldrea are waapg to ne ocraptea ana THERE ARE GREAT EXPECTATIONS. Bat thex Is no mooey m hand to inert THESE HAPPY 'ANTICIPATION. Country Air. Sea llreesex, and dean and bright u 1IUW UKJSAT IB lilJ4 BWn and how great tbe ""rhT can onry be known by those who snd work tn the homes of the Tery poor. rm help m Ait you tTavx rrxXPED us OVER M0R: THAN THIRTY: YEARS, to bring this yearly I oi nraoa to rren a winrr aim ' GRATEFUL STRUGGLING POOR OSES I m a crowded District of msi iAmaon orer inr xxjtobt. r - mtrfhrrtWo tn the Ttjrr T nlrra - WUm. M A The Instrtnte. Patsnvow. TwrVw,.E, Excesnor heart Irr thanked. BOMBAY, GIBRALTAR & EGYPT, From Liverpool. Maasflia, Aug. f Orympia, Cireaesta Ang. Sept. IS The AMERICAN LINE STEAMERS St. Paul. New York. St Iouh. and Philadelphia hare a perfect rtmiUUng library serrvw for raiwenyer. ; By cootrart with 1 Timu tbe adrantagea THE TLVLs BOOK CLUB are available f one rlam cabta (II.I paaMngrrs durlnx rrery royaxe without charge, and a liberal supply is carried of all the newest huA. I ATLANTIC TRANSPORT LINE. LONDON TO NafW YORK DIEECT - EVKBY WJCXK. . . Fiot - las pissrnyera only. t MINNEAPOLIS Aug. B M1NNAWASKA .... 1 firuta Soutiumptnn. kartng Waterluu btatloB. Iioislon.ll,. tun. Apply to Atlantic Transtt t)o Ltd, L Cock. pur rUeet, b.W and 38. I mt lenhal hstreet. X.C - THE ATLANTIC TRANSPORT LINE STEAMERS ItTnnt - ipot. Minnetonka. Minnehaha, and Mijmewaaka hart a perfect circulating library terrtre a paswnttrs. Jtr onwtrat wtth Ta Ti - ws tbe adraataxea cf TU if TIMES ROoK CLUB ax araU - able for flret - cia lurum durlnx trery Kfaw without eharss. and a liberal supply It carried cf ail the newest books. Recornhrd by tht Indian Gorerraunt. Fitted Wh - elese Telegraphy. - f - ro.rwi PasseBgrr Acrmnmodatlon on Bride Deck. Special Iw Fares. ANCHOR LINE. Ltd., 4, St. Mary - axe, E.C. M1 jpANHABD HJ". 1912 LANDAULETTE 323 THE CAR MART. 'Pbooe. Museum aooo. CARS BOUGHT FOE CASH. 297. Etxrtcrrjad. N.W. 173. Piccadilly. W. Tork House. St, AUatet. Oxford. SECOND - HAND DEPARTMENT. THE AUSTIN MOTOR COMPANY bar a - number of flr - ciai SECOND - HAND CARS In their Fbowroorra at 479. Oxford - ctreet. which are heing oflered for Sal on behalf of costomert who hare purchased new models tht season. Tbe cam an open to th tuDert eiaimtnatlnn and trlaL . i AA k MP AHRlllIllllVSTriV I immarine - lajMlanlraat : o.siKJN wwnTzjrzzzzzz, ?. criur;:.". fi;; - 'riRvaaoT; I a or coualrr. UndertaAtra. LXtmator. aiouurassaiajAaaaua. rUL? liTWt - tmlnster BrUsw - rsacL. TaiephoM 83 Hop. Tsyeerams. Necmnolo. Lrttoon. aad T U UAUOL iAJSta. beta 1 - Erwrythlac whloh has U contact with the rati nat HOUSES rerytalax wh tMta dlMnfectsd withnnt th least clsmast IJL.rTT. JOHNACAWATO;ROAaiFUI Ti,a asa usmur, - - - ' - 1 - - Bhoald b U tu - t rnmm - BOO KS BOUGHT OR VALUED FOR W PROBATE. . S - iui CoUtetksgs of Boobs, XJoaATuroa. or AcroaaAnm. In town or country. Bring tat aws raiue u cats, or vaaajb nr PROBATE - Expsriwoosd rajuera sent. Ramoral trea. TTkrTir - - mtoa. Twwa. Cwatral 1M3. KRArUES or naDer coUeetlons of BOOKS la iBny psrt of the ?SnT - hrotbrr swthod. 3 davoaal rtsttVrTVrratkd! JluSarda. 1S7. 1 - icca. lietoa. Takpboos, tlaiaae. Ahtrinrham. 1 A .A MJ. WoLSELEY - SlDDELEY. flrt - aeat body, ia I 5U excellent order, dual lxwtioe, wtth all Possible atenaseriwA, wsed by - owner entirely; 80. B. W. G. Oatea. Mea - ainir. gstex. : alxrwpTlONAl" rari:aIX TOURING CAR. BZN'A. 13 - 20 bp, romntelely Mted np. ltut . orrrhaTilei. new aieAraocerooly U month, old. j - TllKLTP and MAHKSLY. Ltd, 423. Oxfoed - Mreet, Iiodon. W. BIBBY LINEerrSSsi TO HELP THE DESTITUTE AND DISTRESSED. Relief try Labour m .THE CHURCH ARMY. IX LABOUR HOMES. Relief Depots, te, forteths out the land. Ex - prisoner, tramps, ted loafers recxahnod and BpUfted: stsrrtnc and hcsnaltss rsUswsd and oaaatcrtsd; halptnc band tor honest folk ra distress. fspectal HOMES and EMIGRATION - wArwrtn FARM, tot LADS. FRESH ATE HOMES te affiac asotaer with their csjOdraa. MANY OTHER BRANCHES. rUNDS. Old Odthes tor both sexes aad all age, aad Order tar firewood. URGENTLY NEEDED. Cheqass crossed " Bereta afe CZtorch Army." payable to Prebendary CARIJT.E. Hon. Chief Bee, Headrgartert. Marble - an - h. W. TWIN - SCREW MAIL tortoixhtlr tor MansTriSas. Egypt. Orykm, Burma, and rjnutbera India. GkiumiMsishLrt. 11.000 ton. Urwrpoot, Aug. 6 : Marseilles, Aag. It Corownr. 12J00 tooaT Llrerpnol. Aug. 20 : Marseillea. Aug. 2S BibbT Brw - . and On. JJreTnnol. A 10 1L .Vlnrtng - lane. Imdon. E.O. UNION - CASTLE LINE TO SOUTH & EAST AFRICA. ALLAN ROYAL MAIL LINE to CANADA. Quad - screw Torb. as. ALSATIAN' A CALUARIAN. LAROr - ST and FASTEST to CANADA - 18.500 tons. Weekly from LiTerpooI ; Shortest Sea Trip to" America. TUNISIAN 4. Aug. 5 I 'ALSATIAN . An. 1 Regular SaiKnpi from London. Harre, and Gsssgow. AUan Line). LiTerpooI and Glasgow ; 14, Cocks ptir - t., London ; 47, Rus Carnbon aad 10, Roo Ataber. Pari. I The Allan Line Turblr - Steamer ALSATIAN. CALOARIAN. I VICTORIAN, and VIRUINUN bar a Perne rorsjacmx norary trrTKe for vmm mm Br enatrart wtta TU T UTs - TILK CAPE. NATAL TRANSVAAL. ItHUDrJilA, O.C ,r A" iTiTTguia rt iirlnr inT toyaat without cbaopv WEEKLY i Ult KOUTH AFK1UA. I aad a liberal supply I tarried of all tn nwwes boos. i Loodcn. Suva. sTSAMES. Serrtoe. : Aug. Ang. .. Royal Mall KINFAUNS CASTLE .. Roral Mail Ant. 1$ tGABTU CASTLE ... .. lntennedlate Ang. 14 ; Anx. 13 la naorir tyia iai raimaa. Amma. ana m. iirrna, IVla TeneriCc MONTHLY VIA SUEZ CANAL FOR EAST AFRICA. GASCON .. from London. Aisr. S ; fnm Srjthamptoo. Aug. 6 Amr to tub iibab omcx. 3. rrtrcs - wrBrxr. West - end Axency : Tboa. Cook and Sun. 121. I - afrraall. S.W. rpiXE TIMES' BOOK CLUB on - UNION - CASTLE I STT A VSH rPS. II r afTancement with THE TIMES BOOK CLUB tbe adraatasvs of a Brat - etMS clrculaUnx library am araiisLla for Flnt and nrcnrd Class iwwncers on tbs MalL LoUr - , media ta. and East Coast atetmships of the hue. DANCING. VTW CARS at RKDtVlin IMcJ. end ot X4 12 H.r - . liKMiOlat twrr. . . , 1.4. 1 - t)Nt"TT7. 4 - water. hood and screen. Inimediat derrrerr . ALFORD and ALDER. Vi, Xtwmston Butts, ILK. Than Central 1237. THE CAR Phone. Musetx MART. HOSPITAL NURSES. X QNDON HOSPTTAL PRIVATE NUESINTJ STAFT, TksTnns on tas petrals staS ratnnto the eJrSZTrtae 0 tas tnsU work Slaarjln. data, - - f. HTZ - ;. - ia SfTW atWiX. sa. - a.a. l adilllsrinai 2. tas Matrst - Tasspiptisi for slctl SliliklW. fir - Orw - atreet. ZD NURaXa caa ts) had skVJ to aoarwa. - ursea. aassubb. CARS BOUGHT FOB CASH. 37.rustc - rod.N.W. 173. Ptccadiily. W. Yak noist.c Alettes. O - rrwd. FOR HIRE. rwad. MaMa.raa. tTwias. iota t - aoa. - TIRHT - CLASS CARS from to 60 kP - ? BRia - LrrY - f taM!THadHASLjY!a HORSES, CARRIAGES, &c . ftartamauTSAt. Lpadosv AwVdwS G0VTOLNESS CAES. Mtstt Nrw catalogus aad SONS (XAdJ, 67. LiUOtlB eUtot St vdSB xoxdwM. SOUTH AFRICA by DEUTSCHE - OST - AFRIKA - LLNTE. - ttv IKfTwri MISS ALICE HALL, 32. Georss - street, Hsaower - I TWICE MONTHLY. . , . . T - WaktaTBostonlr SA WINDHCX froia Boujoxnc .Aug. 1 3. caSmc at Liahoa cfepjkynoLa - L4A . "fE ; AIOIrUJLrScS'TCKMnNTin.Y' TO EAST AFRICA, cabsst tn sort, tfnsle berth catena. Ac. WirctaM Teaaxnphy. tt ijh, KISUNGBURy. and Co, Agents. 4. St. Mary - air. EX.: 180, l - ocaauiy. w. icnmcroi amas - Miewtb U'.iwu.''. msm tn Rnith Afrwaa Ports b - r Wsstera Kout. can also ha booked with Mr. 1L 1. Borct. 9. Bimtrr - tuuare. kX ANCHOR LINBg CLAS.WW to NEW YORK (rla Loodur.1. ROTAL MAIL STEAMXES. iterry). fit i - nnm irin .mi.. Anc. 8 CAMERON lAltwbMcrrw).. .. ,. Aa. 13 falom from 13 : areond and thtrd rla U tow mr. Apply Thos. lis aad Son, Parte ; (Wi line t to SLCoek. apurrect. b.W.: or to ANCHOR LINE tUeadcxxoa Brotoers. Ltd.). 4. bt. Mary - ax. London. FjC - . CANADIAN NORTHERN Through ftteanwfarp or Ban BIDa of ladiag kwoed to MoaLrwal. rsunTRmrkrilk. KlntBton. Ballsrusr. tUbnrae. Utiiawa.ToraBaa. , OrUlm. Sadbnry.t Fort, Fraansv Whalpef. Braadrs. Ragsss, ! Edmonton. Oalgary. Saakatcoa. me. Conarsions with an rlssmsnsi I lines from Gnat Britain and the itnlmes. For ratas. Ac, apply tAiropeaa Aramc aianmpr, ii, ii.diiiius wiim, BRISTOL TO ULEBEC AND MONTREAL, JLM - !. Royal lorxs. Aag. IZ. K.MJV. Eoyal Ldwaxd. Aag. X. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. B0SD PIANOS. Ii lost rated Cats will bt sent fret sho Vwad rates ts! htrt the Thrse eari - Km jroSTlts. pet ssonth. Secood - aand from 16s. 64. "DXCHSTKiN PIANOS. May also b sadeai th. asMnUa rii adraataseoea prices aad ten. Pttsjra txchsaged. OR CASH. Oa. 74 - 7. SMthaiMPwsa mm. LmUta. W. r - lANOS t abowt UALFrU"X ruaos aad Ftayer Pianos by AT Bwcswtssn. Brtasanead, COALS, COKE, &C. VEST AFRICA. EXPRESS SERVICE. BAILINGS FROM LIVERPOOL EVERY WEDNESDAY. TO BlXUUtA UAJ7A, MMW tVAsi t, J - ItJtA. WO! SAlLITMi. K.MJ3. " ArTAM, - AyuUr wiRBuasci Taixjiitarui. CAIJFORNIA snd th. WEHTilRN STATES' of AMXXICA - Ptnrat route. Best serrVw. Through Orkatt by all Atlaattr ha Lowest rate. Atrhsaw. Toptka. and Heat 14 Rxr. U. 11 - LVaAeroid. General Earopeaa Pi ii irirw AxwaU0.1iaywiks,S.W. Fastens lear 1 isksa BornlB4 ot i IlLiiKR UEMPlfTER AND tX LknS 4. Bt, SUry - axa. lAsaaoa : JO. stoatey - saree, jtaarnssanr. hed. CDfcmkai Tloosa. Lrrsr - JAPAN .AMW.TT'W mill . f i lifi a. CorawaU. Head OwVr t 133. FwaoaarcB sf iwt.r a 1 AI LOWEST L - MMJt PJUCES. I tjj xa. j.i Burn tJOBA.... ... wA,wa.i lata sise - a a I ftwne 64PS Wail. Dtpots an parts ot aVawaoa. csMcUkstons - AA COKE. la. par rwt. - Tht GAS UGICT aad OTKE COM - CjfpANY wrrCOKE wsthta any past. oTUwar distrsal of Gas ftupriy a sjsamttUes of 3 or rwt, er stusJpks thcrtof aa Us fydgrsta HmaWai rr - rosH. mnwer. KW: DIRECT CI 4S DAYS boat Xxedati rla MararlrVsi ealBas at EINGAPORK HONG - KONG. rAMARTJ Aag. 13 1 MIYAZAK1 MARU., Sst4.12 II MARU .. A. ZSIKlTANUlaAUU .. besjt.2S 3v agass trosa a ua csasa, a7 ins. xan ns Ta ethar porta ot tmalbr amcWate rata. . rsjecial Btmncsx Ratm to MAsaxiLUa and Post tuny. NIPPON YUSEN KAISHA 1. lXCfTD - S - AVENUE. F - CLONDOS. i - nrr Tks Sitath Mtttafslaa flaal sv la Hants Losssna aad wtthra three sMVa I Os weeks Coks (brokwsl tar BCl3tOip rUR - MjtfS at . ts? dx tJi, sacka, UabaTikx - s. ta. tm - OtOAU It sad WTJIZ? UAVxBEES FOR 40 YXASS ?: pasaar - w. packiag, shlppmx, and Inaunog saors. wei. an ewerr aan ct ta. swu. PnrECT AUENTB FOR ALL LINKS KVUYWllKSZ. Sre sYdU) or call rpiIE CONTiNKNT DOVER and OSTENU BKLG1AN x uiial, bau. a unoi.i ntaaaaaji inxti; UEJt. MCEH DAll.T from IjONImiN. at 9 am, 2A n.,aj4 9 r " for B'.UIICM. UEKAtANY, AVTfilx. BWrrRIjtMT and ITALY.TtRALNS Dtf LUXE OSTK3LD. RERUN VIENNA, aad HI DAPEwf Dally. WARSAW, aad fitWuW lUunnrrtiag wtth TRANsVrUBEJUAN XtkW tor CHINA. JAPAN. !.. One Weekly: ST. rETKESBURO. Tn. Weekly: t UN ITT ANTLX ( 1 - LE. Daily. Jadreww anjf nrt - naxsuy risann leasts. ublai1a. - slaij. rAUtlzr orrlCIua. 33. tirm tctoiresrstwt. KC, ; apd 7TL lisgtal stiw. W. ; asa (faiunnauosi ana tisas - pou antyj 47. (Continued on psgs 3 ZbC Htmcd SUBSCRIPTION RATES. TlItTrMBVraAr Island .. ,. ..1119a. 04. 19a. 64. M. Abroad .. I. .,13 18. ST tl 19a. 64. Is. 64. W liTEXART SCPll .EVENT taeJasM tas DWas ara, nosa, hmm v - OaeTtar. SMceiths. Ilfaas Inland ., j. i. C4. tl 2s. 4. if. Abroad .. !. .. 44 4s. wX S 2. 3d. 1 la. tl - UTYRirXAMx , NGISaUyaNa'aad Inland Alaual Th. E s fass.r - latanijabSBa Oats and ro iaU ncssol - Csnt lBCATHtAt irpiJE&fik. laiacal er abaoad. 2a, 0d..w, ansa eacsk mTotZaimilnSmt fjmm TaaTkwS) i .) . - C". Sfi9ilS,'

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