The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 31, 1934
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 2-M BIFmEmilJOTgER NEWS __ ......_ i _.^ . »**w*fc«i*^>-*ni? *vi> t_f C3UU^uAAr>jl MJotJCJUJvl Illythevlllo Dilly New§ Blythevlll« Ocurtei V*)!ejr Lender Blythertlle Herald BLYT1UCVILLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY. DKCKMUKH »|, 193.1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS COURT GRANTS BARNES APPEAL by Pnrly WhiIc House' In spite of protests raised last year, b2er and. fruit punch again were on the menu at the White House holiday party nt which Barbara • Cashing (above) of New Haven, Conn., was listed as gucsi of honor'.' 'Sits Cushiiig' has bKii escorted .to, a number, of. Harvard parties by Franklin Roossvell, Jr. crime , machinery year's end, both The "New Deal" The Biggest ol 1 ihc Ten Big Si civics ol 1934. l!y NliA Service , Tile year 1934 passed v.'ltli feverish tempo, dramatic events piling on one another so fast that It has been hard to realize what a significant, and 1 important year it was. Only by looking backward noiv over tiie year can realization be achieved of tlie happenings ol 1SJ34 and what they brought to America. Hero are the "10 blgeesL stories" of 1034; 1—New Ural First, 'the New Deal In all its phases, a "continued story" running throughout, the year. No other single story alfected the pocketbook and the very life and future of every American so distinctly as did that of the measures which tlic . government at Washington kept, putting in effect throughout' Ihe year. Kussia recognized, dollar devalued to 59 cents, airmail system- overhauled, farm crop restrictions, rising demand for changes in the MRA and its reorganization, slock market control, tile effort to revise tariffs, unprecedented powers given the president, nationalization of silver, the drawing of definite plans lor a social security program—all these things vitally affected the America of today and tomorrow. •'• 2—Dillinscr Dies Most sensational, however, in a sensational year, was the shooting down of John Dillinger before a Chicago njovle theater, jrist as he v l>nd sliot (down so.:ip_ajiy..others' i'ii •his 1 rnircbr'ic - career o't" o'rime 'and gunplay. ' , • co-operation In this event of Federal Department of Justice investigators and local police marked a new era in crime suppression in the country, an era which began auspiciously in 1934 with the similar deaths ol other professional outlaws: Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, Tom Carroll, "Pretty Boy" Floyd, Charles Makloy. and "Baby Face" Nelson Further perfection of this anti- marked the -.. in technical methods and legal procedure. .'!—Hroufli Kavagis Creeping into tile nation's consciousness during the hot summer days came the .drouth, gradually assuming the proportions of a national catastrophe, as one blazin» day followed another without rainfall over a wide area of the grain and stock country of mid- west and northwest. Thousands of farmers were absolutely destitute as their cattle gasped and died and their crops withered and burned under the parching suh, Loss was estimated in money at five billions, and'a tremendous burden of drouth relief was added . (o that already being carried be- i rt ~ r ' ; • cause of general unemployment. '"" '" Low to crops and herds threw temporarily out of gear much of Ihc AAA crop program, and affected prices. •1—CJninliiplcts Live Like a bright spot in a rather. ---dreary and violent year came word i jt i5 understood, hut Irom the tiny Ontario village of I harness was practically Mahan Warehouse Building, Occupied .by Imple- ---" ifienl Company, Burns,. The bi^esl lire los} of the year in Blythevillc occurred Sunday morning when th? large Mohan s-lieet metal warehouse in the 100 West Walnut block, a landmark allies 1912. housing the Hiahlll! Implement coiniinnsvJjfRs practically destroyed. .-J ' ^j The (tailings to slojjk 'and er»iip- ri,'-H ol the itnoiciiient company, less nf cotton families and records ol H. Highfill, owner nl the implement company and his associates in other business activities, cannot be accurately estimated until a thorough inventory has teen marie. Mr. Highfill said. Til?. loss is partially covered by insurance. Wiih the sctis.-r.i just ahead fc-v tnlcj of term implements immediate rr-npcnlivr of (he implement company ns <fUi>itfi-3 can soon as necessary he obtained is ex- pee-tcd. Th» fire was believed lo have oriMr<at<:d whe n?n oil slove 1^- nit"cl a partition wall' in a corner office room ol the building. Fire- iren Mireared to have the fcla^.c smrtiH'red witli ch?micals in the small rcom n:ilv to discover that the flames had ignited a store of : sampler on the second floor, -cad rppidli, vrlil the build- r>° bail been rr.ictic.illv destroved. Mots than M.TO ration samples were reported to have );cen destroyed. Much of the stock of implements am', niirlfi can probably be without serious damage. stock of a total Corbeil that the Dioime family of •<>'«• poor French-Canadian farmers Tlw "re. r»nortcd about 'J tiad produced quintuplet babies, o'rlcck. kert firemen busv until Rare In medical annals, survival i" a °' "'- n °on hour nlthQueh It nn- of such .quintuplets wns unheard ':orcntlv never «»rlcusly throaten- of. • • i-.»|jod neorbv buildings. Streams of But . through tlic firm, 'gentle ' rati "' were pla.vcrt unon HIR Inirn- devotion of Dr. A. B. Dafoe.coun- '"' structure and low attar the try., doctor, and tlic kindly interest r "' c !m(l apparently been conquered of a whole continent in the won- i herrline" wre kepi ready for uss. tier, nil five of the little girls The KM ' passed safely through their criti- H " fort. ral early day.?, and ns the year if " 0| - I lie vll ... „„„,, ended were healthy, bright chll-l 0 ' wood frame and shecl metal dren with every chance of normal j construction, it could not be rc- future development. |Ted"d under t.hs present citv 5—Lindbergh "Break'' ! r-nllrlln<! code. It «ns owned bv Two years had passed since the[ Mvs - T - J Mahan. nation had been horrified by tne ! ID ELECTRICITf Announces Barter Scheme !o Speed Electrification of Rural Areas. HOT S1>!UNGH, Dec.'3) (UP) — A plan to <!.\tend cheiip electricity into ruial .sections of Ai-Kansus, Mi^uislpul and l.uuisianii In cis- chunse for farm produce \vns announced today by Harvey O. couch, utilities magnate- and former member of the Reconstruction Fi- nnnct Corporation board. The plan, nebulous ns yet, was promptly interpreted as u nrivate litlJity move to halt the expansion of Tennessee Valley Authority's power program, and in. any tvciit to compete with It on'virt- ually the same pinni. 1 ' 'Will Slarl lu Alkanras Couch is the head of iarie utility companies in ths stafes Intended to be served under the plan. Distribution lines would b' extended into the rural section? and power and light sold to farm- m in direct exchanee for butter, •-ggs, g-ardcn produce and meats, which then would be disposed ol at community stores. -Condi, said lie .would ; exjieri- nicnt with tlie proposed plan at Frottsvillo, Ark., [Grant county) and later at Ebenewi- and Ctil- houn, Ark. If the experiments prove successful the program \ extender! In the three slatss'. where hi-, companies operate. Many Potential Customers Coucli said means of financing the -program would be worked out later. He intimated government aid might bs-sought, or it might lie handled with private fluids Couch's major companies i'n (he three slate's Hre'the "Arfcan^s'p^ er :and Light company.' the Mississippi tjglit and Power company and the Louisiana Poiver and Light In Arkansas alone the company's present 'distribution lines '<' mrt ' electricity a:vailai-!e ito 15,000 farm home.s in-55 of the s ate's 78 counties. The ss counties uready have been surv-yed for the Reach Civilization After T\vo Days Exposure,on Mountain. ALBANY. N. Y., Dec. 31. (Up)--. were savcrl from R and injuries death on a mountain'peak today toboggan and ambula pttal at Ulica. ie four men had battled for Iheir lives since Friday when they escaped death in the crash of a ^ a hos- H " tl ; llco ," dl(i "^ "PPcnr to be was U^, Sely . ° Ut ot " le wicket] plane, weather and -deep snow ^oii^fhn mountain, it was nol until last _-- Hint the first rescuers reach-1*« '. n V --....^-- u uo mtj- vu!ed them on foot and aided 11. em i If, !'° h ° Sp ' tnl m - a <lle(l wit "- Wlicro Ainhilioiw Clasli in Africa Japanese Girl To Vote in Saar Along Ihc border between ifalmn Somaliiand nncl the undent kingdom of Abyssinia, n scries of; menacing clashes may lead to serious tioublc. Hemmed In by European possessions nnil ambitions. Ras Tatar!, reigning descendant of HVo Queen of Shnbn, strives to keep an Independent kingdom. British Egypt depends tor life on writer from tlic Bine Nile, rising in Lake Ttnna..- French Interests'built (he only railway, from the porj. of Jibuti in (.French Somalilniicl to the Abyssinian capital, Addis Ababa. Italian coital colonies of Eritrea ami Somallland are expanding, militarized, and yfould like lo connect across Abyssinia, i . Tnis mak;s turther^military^exploits possible, \, '. .... SB,vs<PaymcnlAVoulc'| Serve Besl Inlorcsis Neil her of Soldiers Nor Country.. WASHINGTON. Dec, 111 (III 1 )— 1'icsldi'nt Uorisevelt today .soiiplit. In stein the bonus tide with dec-! la rat Inns Hint payment of the I certificates would Ui> dclvliiicntal In veterans' besl • Inlerrsls and Incf- fectunl ns a recovery measure. Mr. Roosevelt's powerful appeal against, the tarns was inaitu In » Idler to Cluvlnml It. Farmer, commander of the American Legion post nt Henderson. Tex. Former wrote to the president asking lii- loimntlon on the bonus. Publication of the IcllM- by l!u> White House made it In cifect a dlrM presidential argument, to all veterans and to cougrcrs. Sentiment nnwiig gathering mcinbers of conuress is stronger than over for paying (ho bonus i with an issue of nearly $2,001) - CGO,0(H| In new currency, Passage of such a bill by (lie house ar.pcars eerlaln. The admlnlstra- lloii's hope of blocking It rcsu w Uh the senate. The president said n survey had shown that K, per cent of dying veterans leave no other bguey (o their wives and children besides their compensation cwilflcntia which In effect are tndcwmcnl Insurance policies now scheduled lo mature in ISMS, rf the certificates were cashed now the money would to usad and the 85 per coin would have no .insurance, h» argued. . 'I feel therefore that those who advocate.-the payment of lh= certificates- (it this time for the pur-' •pose of stimulating business cur- Dies in Hospital Here of Injuries Sustained in Collision Near Portageville. J. A. Hiitcheon, 3950 COlh street Long Island City. N. Y., was fa- Woman Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy Charge in Kansas City Case. KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dec. 31 (U P)—The government, in another ally injured, his wife' seriously step to clean up (he Union Sla- nirt, and Glen Jordan and Jane "°n massacre of 1833, when four Bogle, youthful members of prom-' "Ulcers and a prisoner were fclll- ncnt Sleelc, Mo., families. ..„„tamed minor injuries when two cars collided on Highway Gl near Porlagcvilie, Mo., Saturday night. Hu.tchc.on, advance agent for Ol- cd, scored first today when one of the eight men and women on trial on conspiracy charges entered n plea of guilty. A jury had Just teen selected , ; : -~ -.^"i- ,u» \j,- .-, jiuy nun JUSt ccpji selected sen and Johnson, vaudeville co-!in federal court to hear the case n«t.»ns, and his wife were cn-: when Vivian Mathts, who posed to Memphis when the accl- as tlie wife of (ho jioiv dcnrl Verne. Miller, gangster and kidnaper, en- dent occurred. . According to reports, Hutchcon ,, — «ti.uiumE 10 Adlromljicks ts .aid to have ^«onsibility for (he s Possible accident a plea. Judge Merrill E. Otis did not ns a «m,e« agnl ,, s t stated Mrs. Ma,hi s cars collided on the ThedenvoryresuHedi.theo ~ Etaticr. siiootin-; killed along with four 'of- bill collapsed as they en- a8aillst until laic this mnrn- iw bliflrlintr. 100 hv was one of tlie largest. in (he citv. Built their dcalh. It was Ing that a huge air and land searching force managed to brlii^ hem through the deep snow to Ihe foot of Ihe mountain One of the rescued men was suffering a wrenched hip and had to be brought down on' a toboe gnn. Another suffered an njiinV frozen*"'' S "" anotllor was nlm °st So far as was generally known, Hie investigation (assigned "for "fc" to expert federal detectives) Land Owners Reeled S. P. Reynolds Mo. — W-M" ," 1S °L "° pl '° B1 ' oss ' 'he nnmial meeting of land owu- Vith dramatic suddenne^ then, rrs cf LiMIe Diver Drainage dis- H''.?, tthc !itl ' Ml <>f nn " 10 Rlchanl ""id- Held at Morehouse Friday vcle™! 11 """', S "' C " Ocrman nrl »y "• H. Collier, Dcerlnc, was elcrt- t« i,, T' NW y C , an>M1 ' P " d ""™">- E. F. Shan). New r^'iori , 11S P 085055 ' 011 nilcl con-1 Madrid, was elected tern corarv sec - nnioiinK f,il lls I 10 ?!" *i crc latgc . rclary ' " n<t ch!lrtcs D*>'by and r^W^^?^-^^^ wr<££''^ •« «-"•*- p h,frg?-s ss-ws £jsr?s ^^ ^ss-^^s rs.^ iS? C uS 5?ri5r2f^ '.'S S!^.. 1 " «» over-whe!min ? . vote. in a few Juries. - Internal ),,. Mrs. Hutcheon had lo ribs on the- left side of her body fraclufed, Auto Accident Victim Asks $20,000 Damages Ruben Thackcr has filed a per- ,,,-„, cannot hove^glven HI B ln- erm of I her "veterans . much thoi'ehl," Mr . Roosevelt wrote. said Ihe argument that -the payment would stimulate recover)' had bcin disproved by analysis of what veterans did will) the $1 090.000.000 they, have borrowed o, other certificates. '"H was Joiiiul that Indebtedness cronUd by 1 th'fc veterans; prior to he payment was liquidated and the money advanced to veterans went to clear that indebtedness j rathsr lhaii to create iiow 'business.' the president said. SUM'S PtEfr /lotion to Dismiss Will Be Moarcl Monday; Sons Await Trial Heie. i,n"ri,u rtocK, etc. 31. (UP)Appeal mis gitinlcd Fiatik R names, convicted Mississippi coun- tj' slaver, l»y (he *»ile supreme court today anil iiiKuiiionls 0)1 n mollim to dismiss Ihe appeal were >ol fqr next Monday. Barnes was ccnlcnccd./ to rile In (he electric chnii December 15 for the slnylng of C. A. Mnitln, Bly- thevlllo taxi, dilver, last July 12. Ciov. J. M. Futrcll granted a xlay of execution, 'nvo cons of Baines also wcro charged and arc await-. ng trial. <. .Prom Ilia four covnora of tho oarrli (lock -SSaar rcaliteutu or ]3ia to vote In thu plelilsclto Jan. 13 which will decide, whether llio tiaslu will be under Goriaaa, French, or League ot Nations rule. Evou a Japanese, Khl. Margott Yagl, 21, of New York City, .will .vote. She l» uliowu liero Loiivluj Now York Harnes was sentenced heie eaily i November. 'At the time Ihc stayer expressed himself as resign:d to tlie death penalty. Later relatives tirevallcd on him (6'makV 1 "last nilmite' petition for ap- uenl nnrl n slay of execution was luntcd by the (toxcrnoi a tew hours before .)»• wns 'scheduled. ib neet his death. ' Denver U'Dudley, riisliict pios- eeutor. hart written n vlgoioui nro- :est to the supieme court, asking that the petition foi appeal bo denied. He will probably argue the itiotton to rllsmlw the appeal when U Is heard. The grhntlne of the appeal today automatically stys execution until further 'order of Hie court. Roy Nelson nnd Sam Manatl, local attorneys, lepiesent Barnes by appointment of the circuit court here. State Will Challenge Right of Federal Court to Intervene. LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 31 (UP>- Hcaraig on (he right of Ihe federal court to Intervene in the case of Mark H. shank, Ohio quadruple slayer, \v«s set tentatively today /(••• ' - - Judge' Marlinenu last week is-. habeas corpus granting shank a temporary stay llf iiVomil (n.. ...i. t _i » . • J line! been 521 v:h!ch Nnsli ^ucd a writ of habe: ,., *: •«"«» ui>uiy action against o W si -ssr £ 'Sr€¥ r -"-= '••-- - garded ° ns "rift" dl "°" " 9S r °',' t " c ^ »' rKlllt <"' "" accident [occurring in Lawrence county cnr- Sues Service Station for $15,000 Damages ciarence Morris, burned when sasoline overflowed from a truck lank onto a hot exhaust pipe, has nled suit against tlie Terry Service station, at the Arkansas-Missouri slate line, and Charley KruU. station employe. The suit Is directed against James Terry, o. O. Hardaway and ,K. w. Goodwin, composing the iPartnorshlp operating the station. II alleges that Morris was burned and received permanent injuries on October 21, 1934, and charges negligence of Krutz «s an employe of the service station was respoii, able for the Hre nnd subsequent injury. Harrison, Smith and Taylor are counsel for the plaintiff.- garded ns critical. ».,' fv-vmiiiig in jjim Miss Bogle, about IS, sustained ly In December, ^broken^nose and cuts about the] Thacker a », ' er th» federal courl llas cm ' '? fc !" cc rhc stnte to lioW a sanity hcarlnj-an action which he claims is dlscrcllotiary under state is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Jordan of steefe. Tiie body of Hulcheon was removed To Portagevllle where It, was held In a funeral home awaiting funeral arrangements. Blackjack Victim Treated at Hospital A man. identified by his companions as Bill Rutlcdge. was giv- <n emergency treatment at the Blytheville hospital last night after being blackjacked at a Railroad street cafe, termed by pollc. 1 the "roughest spot" in town. Delolls of the slugging were not available but n local barber was sought in connection with Ihe affair. .: • .. Babb and Babb oT Little Rock and Richardson and Richardson of Walnui Ridge are counsel for the plaintiff. Manslaughter Charged in Death horn Liquor NEWPORT, Ark.. Dec. 31. (UP) iricale n car lhat had dropped —Mrs. Bessie Ray, 42, wa-s charg- i through a small bridge in an tiled with involuntary manslaughter I Ie .v back of htr residence. The today in connection with the al-jC-ir wn.s' later Identified as Ward's - Assistant Attorney General Ro- berfp. smith said ], 2 m \iW ar- eue that there is no similarity between the Shank case and the Elalii3, AK:., and Seotlsboro Ala negro cases. The question in ef- L. M. Baker, 64, of Sandy Ridge, Hit by Automobile on Highway 61. i, M. Baker, fH-ycnr-o!d Sandy Hidge farmer, died at. 2 o'clock this morning In the Blylhevllle hospital at, Injuries received when he wns struck by a car, driven by V. K. Hammock, local car salesman, on Highway 01 at Dogwood Ridge, about four miles south of Blythcvlllc,' laic yesterday afternoon. I3aker sustained a broken neck when lie was struck and hurled against the pavement. According to reports the accident was unavoidable, Baker having stepped directly Into the path of the car. Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 10:30 o'clock at the Full Gospel church on Lily street with the Rev. JI. D. Montgomery, pastor, officiating. Interment will be mijrlc nt Maple Grove cemeteiy. Tlie Cobb Undertaking company is in charge of funeral arrangements The. following will serve as pallbearers: Marshal Aycock, banks. Clyde Lucius, b. C. dracey and Mr. Trantham. The deceased is survived by his Mrs. Hortense Ungnr, Jackson, Miss.. Mrs. Francis B! While, Kansas • City, Mo., Mrs. Ruby Johnson, Blylhcvtlle. nnd two brothers, II. A. Bnkcr of Kansas City and Haskell Baker of Toledo, Ohio. of 12 Is Charged With Automobile Theft A 12-year-old toy was held in the county Jail today after allegedly stealing a car, owned bv L. L, Ward. Saturday. The youth denies the charge according to police who said hi Imd been Identified by a Fifth street housewife as the youth who came to her home and asked her to call someone to help him ex- Irlcale n car lhat had dropped many in connection wit n the ai- • ... ._. legcd poison liquor death ol Ever-l nl «i -police said oilier witnesses et( Atkins of Wcltion, who died ! ' ia d reported seeing Hie youth driv- inst. night. (ing a car similar lo Ward's p.arlijr !I" the day. Tlic boy wns picked up ty police! some time ago when allegedly! The liquor allegedly was 'nought from Mrs. Ray Saturday. The charge was preferred by Depuly Prosecuting Attorney Howard Hastings. The, coroner's verdict Is expected late" loday, Sput.Kern California,,,' , Hocked by Earthquake' LOS. ANGELES, Cal., Dec. 31 (V P)—An earthquake.of considerable intensity rocked SbUtherh California ami .atoUt 10.41-A. M.. Paclfl'c coast" time today. '•" It wa= reported quite sever In Lps Angeles but '.no Immediate domagj \viis reported. The Car- nesle Institute's' seismologlcal lab- 1 " oralory nl Pasadena said a preliminary study Indicated (he quake l«sted two and' one-half minutes. Phoenix, Ai-fe, repoited a slight tremor at the same time. In southern California the shock- was fait as far south as "San" Dleso. I2L CENTRO, Cal., Dec 31 (TIP)An carlhnuakc shook El Centre for about three minutes at 10:50 A. M., today. The shcck was described hy res-' Idents as the most ssvcre they ever felt here. No damage was reported. Drunkenness Definition , Fails to Save Culprit HARWICH,' Mass. (UP)—Drunkenness Is "a stale of inebriation when a man can no longci see," defined James Gomes, charged" I with the offense. • » I Gomes related this to the court' when he tried to explain.that he could see and hence .they couldn't :hr>rge him with drunkenness: '"' Breaks Arm in Fall From Barn Hay Loft Kenneth Correll, 13-year-old son is him, "How did the police happen to cateli you?" "I didn't see them," he replied. "Guilty," announced the court', "$15 fine." Machine Takes Picture, Frames It, in 25 Seconds CLEVELAND (UP)—A' machine, which takes and delivers a picture fully framed in chromium 25 broken a™ received In a fa.l frotn attack of hay several days ago. oiico. falling to the floor. The device is enclose In a booth. • s Involved In another car theft bti't was rclenssd with a warning, Po lice Chief Ed Rice said. Society Leader Slain by Mysterious Bullet BALTIMORE. Md., Dee. 31 (UP) —Mis.s Kate Briscoe. SU member of an o!rl Maryland family, was killed today, apparently by a bullet Hred under mysterious circumstances. Police and coroner's office officials ordered an immediate in vestigatlon. Miss Brlscoe, long a lender in Baltimore society, died of a wound In the breast. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy, local rains, colder hi • northwest portion to- ni°ht. Tuesday partly cloudy,and colder, preceded ty rain In extreme least portion. j Memphis and Vicinity—Ratn tonight and possibly Tuesday morn* I ins. Colder Tuesday. Tlie niaxlmvun: temperature here yesterday was 51, minimum 42, I cloudy, with .22 of an inch'rain- fall last night, according to Samuel P. Nprrls, official weather observer.

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