The Times from London, Greater London, England on August 4, 1913 · Page 9
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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 9

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1913
Page 9
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THE TIMES, MONDAY, AUGUST 4 1013. Goxvcl irmlxxr. i..HTIK,S' ARRIVAL AT ' V. VI The KV tMl morning nxniened the Royal . . Ho piia at I'hichveter. MiiKMnp infl by the Duke of i Gordon, and attended by Major I , .. - - , Kitmaurice and Major Gl ive left ladwooi BoWM and prooeedcd ;..!. ami w received by Major ". (the CI i Mr. William i.. - .h Cifford (Beprr - seriting ifl - i ihe : - pitaU, the Duke. : : tfi rrUr tow j . aai read to Hi Majesty by the which Ik King was graciously N the church parade at the Territorial camp at Pat chain, near Brighton. The, Tfcilr. hn commanding ollicer. The Marquees and Marchionee of Linlithgow are entertaining a few f hernia at Hopetoun. ...Thc of Jewey after hia long and serious lllneea haa resumed hia pub'ic dutiea in Oxford; alure, and on hia reappearance aa Chairman of tlv Btatatet Reueh of Magistrate received warm congratulation from hia feUow - juwiioea. The Earl of Stair haa returned to Lochim h after a yachting cruiao among the Scottish laianda. The Earl and Countess of Goaford are leaving London for vmuaa. lunteaa of St. Germans m Saturday. Krrington left London on Saturday rhivhester (Mr. Councillor Corporation of Ch: - hester. C. r. OS, K.C.I, the Town Loader tKpA and tlie for the Continoiit. Vimount and V London for Seart Cinnehen have lo IXKKn Heath, Hawkhumt. witl he Hon. - tleorge (loschoh, wh 'red from an oik - ration for appen THE MEEKLEJOHN MEMORIAL. KWoi Cor: (he foil,,, id Colonel Ben ing guests at V H. the Re it l . conducted over the Hob - - eeted the variona Department, li ho ie; ing Ljacd the Visitors' IJcv.k t - ;. Roanl Room. TV Kinn ami neen. with the Princess Hn. airiveaat lVTtsmouth to - day. and em - a 1 Hi Mm - - sty's Yacht " Victoria .Tumovlore Norman C. Pabner, R.N.. A iVC - e upon their Majesties were : rr.ini. ill. the Karl of Shaftesbury , y L rd Charles Fitzmfturice, and Major . Wicram. i QtMSn were received on arrival - ith P - .kyard by Admiral the Hon. rth M.a (Commander - in - Chief at Had Rear - Admiral H. L. Heath 'vr - ' - i"'" . i" Portsmouth Dockvard). g (tea were fired from His Majesty's in Barbour at Portsmouth on the arrival a Ikair HijiWiri moon the Royal Yacht left Porta-ok up moorings in Cowe Roads. K . Balatoa were tired from the Land iWtafta the' Royal Yacht left Portsmouth. A Royal salute was also fired from His V - Shin Zealandia.'' Captain Thomas ..rd. R.X. (Guardslup at Cowes), on tbr arrival of the Royal Yacht. Admiral of the Fleet Prince Henry of Prussia tec too Their Majest - ie, and the Marques of On the Dtike of Leeds, and Mr. T. H. S. Pa&lov (Commodore. Vice Commodore and the Royal Yacht Squadron) had the honour o( being received by the King on board the Ro - al Yacht. The King and Queen, with the Princess Mary, nsu - d Field - Marshal the Duke of Connaught and the Duchess of Connaught on board His Ma !y ? Yacht M Alexandra." 1 ... Marquise d'Hautpoul, the Marquis do Several. Sir Frederick Treves. Bt., Captain i :. HtfnJokBj and the M after of the Household have arrived on board the Royal Yacht. I hnaaaa L. Sbeppard. R.X. (H.M.S. " Zeaiandia " ). Lieut, and Commander L. Vavasour. R.N. (H.M.S. "Conflict"), and Lient. ndir A. B. Watts, R.N. (H.M.S. flnitofa1 hul tlie honour of dining with : Ma satsM thLs mmntng 1 imS .rl Sir FrHfriek Pnnmnhv and Rear - i mKeppel liave succeeded Major P1 U Lord Charles rttxmaunee ana - Major ciive 1 ail a - Equerries in Waiting to the King. 7 - Lady Ampthill has succeeded the Lady 1Mb r .jr. a Lady in Waiting to the Queen. The Karl of PunuVnuldA wount nn - i Visro,:tHo Harrington, 'iscount and Vcountew Hill. wcount and 'iacounUws CJarnock. Ilv Swansea, the Hon. H. Ca - endisli Butler and Miss Butler, the Hon. Catherine Liddell, Lady Dixon - Hartlnnd. Sir Kdward and Bt - au - diatnp. Colonel and Mr. ., - Lh of High Legh, Mr. and Mrs. i sr - M Cur.'. Mihs Ktelka Surtees, mik ft. - n - n. Mi Mur - .i ei - ker. Mi I - v sr WiT - im 'ereke. Major Few ier Burton. Mr. Henrv t , , ' Mr. Reauchamn. Mr. 'Se - n.. .ur ..',.) !r ..'. ' ... ' ' Knott. . lVc.miu 1 "...,r" Ixirdid l.ndy Holw - .:i hnvr irft L.ndou for! '""': y. - ir lv Hardros Hourt, Canterbury. ' j Council CWk at t ljonl Channinp, Lord and Lady Xewborougn, I f ,K "p P Lord Claud Hamilton. Sir Huh Mont 'ornerv' "ik ,Virllain"nt Sir Thomas Derridge. Mr. L. A. Waldron, Sir ! P'M" , " " Charles and Lady TUvaz, and Sir Adolph and j Uo" w ? J"MD' Lady Tuck are among the latest arrivals at .M lvmior Harrogate. J" ""' HjghnlHfc Castle. Christchurch. has Kvn let OorernaH3eaeral, on a short lease to Sphi Lady l':vst on Cooper. t!m rt !Vl. - rai' and she and her son. Mr. Ivor Ferguson, nr. - now i A, - pii,.niT s - p.t f in residence there. It is expected that Lady i ttw task. ' He was Fasten Cooper will entertain a party during ' TO THE EPTTOn Or THE TIMES. Sir, Whilst the r ire umstances surrounding the death of the late Major Meiklejohn. V.C., are still freah in the memory of your reader. I should Le glad if you would allow me to appeal to them through your columns to contribute to a fund which it is intended to raise for the purpose of placing a ruemcrial plaqoe to hia memory on the wall of Hyde Park Barracks (opposite to the spot where the accident oecurrcd), and to provide for the education of his three small children, whose circumstances have been so materially and so sadly altered by his deatli. PerhacM it is hardly necessary to emphasize the fact that Major Mf - ikl - jhn practically sacrificed his life to avoid possible injury to The fund will be administered by a committee of which I am president, and donations will be received by any branch of Messrs. Barclay and Co. or of the London County and Westminster Banks. Yours very trulv, ROBERTS," F. - M. (President Meiklejohn Memorial Fond). Ascot, July 31. WHITE DRESSES. THE THEATRES. OBITUARY. SIR w. LYNE. s ssnMMmeed ymtrday in Sydney, Irr, of Sir William Lyne, who was in SOME IDEAS FOR AUGUST. (rSOM a COBSESF03TDEXT. ) harm of white when it is chosen for i to be worn in summer. The dressmaker cur contrives models gay as a garden in but it is seldom that they win the adm in white. It is true that in the fashion for bright hues that it impels a woman to finish a white dress with pome touch of fl amine red. or : hir.n - .z " yellow, or rich and brilliant blue. Or perhaps she prefers a note of colour to be introduced by fine silken embroideries, reproducing some Oriental design, but in very quiet and delicate SOME FUTURE ARRANGEMENTS. STRATFORD SUMMER FESTIVAL. dress i tacle and The Lot 5 jfc Ha' : - !ru(o"! - 'iwvATt Pwir of Spoe - infonaUy opened on Saturday with the I I paay by th - aO - day das of Um Sckwai at 1 lingiy 1 Lord Duasaay. UnHke The CoiaVa Doom and The Pasce, and a performance of Tat Mmkmmi of Vm Them by Eden F Ehxabeth Balr. But in all dresses the note of contrast merely serves to accentuate the charm of white, just as the ribbon or the sah introduced in a portrait by Romney and Sir Joshua Reynolds displays to advantage the daintiness of the white drew in which they loved to paint many a distinguished sitter. It Ls indeed in the judicious use of colour on a white dresa that the dressmaker in the summer of 1913 justifies his claim to be an artist ; in fact, he bases it more upon this than on the lines which have arcased so much admiration in some quarters, :h' - r - Jy, aain?Vmte F Gm$. hv Ladv B' The Comedy laded in iv Oinsmiw mo. f'ifineUtt. by Barry Jackson aad Baail ill b. - socn at the Cbnatmaa mounts. jMrT Mancbtrr theatre, the New. Mr. Warinn. by arraagrment with Mr. Arthur Mfl r. vrM r Ar ihr Red TUix thi). eTMiins. m Thomaa. Mr. 8. - T. tranrf - rrrd to a London hirtj r.loh. - . whrc Tirpkoem 1 Nmt e it Monday, and thr - Vcr of whw'u has b - n and Mr. Frtdrrial and Lnv(jU. U Wl ti to - daT onward", till the end of the i that thw ahonJd be httie miax - hiW done i Tht - will, at all events, be Twy few lo it. The townsfolk will havf their ordinary 1'usiatas tTid to besides the daily raand of entertainmenta oTided for their brneOu and a lars - j Bomber of nxjpocT. i re n ay tie Money tbe,r Bntr.h and form riwtnra ax - or srrea nd Ibwa s Lxttie f yrJ,. Jnl hu7lHrH of tbem will N bard at work fee a good deal of the time that they do ant pend ta th. testre and in ontiag and - ep. The aetata will certainly hare their band ful. Not even Mr. Beniion aad hi company, for aH their exteosrra reptrtory experience, can present in (oar weeks) 1 1 of Sbaf'spear plays, to say noth - mc of extras in the ahapr of AirMm. The aWflVk Oioripie. and The Tntfriy of Pompey the Great. wHJaout cunataaS rbeanals in between time. Beaidt appearuut in tV above plays by Lord Lytton. Mr. Bernard Shaw, and Mr. Maaefield. they will pre three of the MaWSha Henry the Fomih. Riehard the ? rond, and Aintr John : six of the romedie" re iterrhant swr. A Yon Like It. The Tatmnt of the Skmt, Ado Abmrt Xothina. Tvflttk iat. and Tat . ir. - rr oi Kind and two of the tragsdjea and Juliet and Homlrt. They will appear s to say, in 30 separate pertonnaarea. and on day wiit oct - upy tne taffe Kith in the afremooa ?venint:. rh - ir only off - days, aad these only a the public are concerned, are the Fridays - arrond and third mk. hn the Norwich the !tsr in TA. .'rsma ur,l the pre icrt and the Her. . T. riaward. row Pl.r ttford townsfolk, besi ;. - w South Wales it Sir Albert and Lady Meldon. who have been Aix - lfls - Rainn, Schweiterhof , Lucerne . Sir Edward White improve LlKrTKNAXT - CoiXlNKL H. A. Lascblues. funeral of the late LieutenanW'olonel Henry r Ijaacellc. who died lat Tuesday, took place at ding, Midhurst, on Friday. 5nel LaBoellea was born on December 4. 1M2, Right Hon. William SchriKht n. i the appearance of voile differ from eharmeuse. j T1iavat :o broche from tulle. .erKe from taffctiks, or moiro ! ndon i nfrement for its from lace ; And these are but a few of th ; in ied by the first materials wliich t!.. 20th century devotion to j Marv Ft, nlitlurow, to form dress has inspired the manufacturers to pro - , ' . n, his advi - e his duce. j"" w rton to undertake j And it is because of this variety in material ' f?fjjj in 190J. I tliat many a woman who htv a fan for w! r. dresses to suit any and every Aeraakin, j 2 pf,' And now, whether she be locking forward to .j - the week at Cowes followed by a 'cruise on the ; x?m ' Normandy coast, to a sd. - ;nn a: Tnmvilie or T'",! Mr.Je which Mtst The condi;ion of Sir Alfred was about the same y - terd - y. He w;is still vary wo.ik. Sir Walter Mcnzies. M.P.. was stated last night to be (loing on quite satisfactorily. The Bishos of Exeter has been ortlered bv his doctor to take a further period of rest away from the diocese. He hopes to bo at home before the September ordinations. Mr. J. Herbert Lewis, M.P., is to be presented by Flintshire Liberals with an address on the occasion of his appointment as a Privy Coun - Mr. Alderman Hanson left Iondon on Saturday for Karlsbad, where he expects to remain to take the treatment for three week, after which ho will go for a short visit to Canada, returning aDout September ZU. The Kahaka of Bueanda arrived in Belfoat on Saturday from England and waa welcomed t) the Dy tne lyoru Mayor, .nr. UcMordie. M.P. To - day wiu visit, tne loalin induhtnal Wednesday he will proceed to He of Yaik's Tii by the .rt Tbta Council. Mi.lhurt District Council. Bourd of Gua diana, and n magistrate. He married in 1 883 Carotin daiiRhter of the late Hon. Charles Gore, who surviv him with four sons. firm of lice, Musgm for . T. n. RrssELL. occurred at Hirrainirham of 3 asacil. formerly a member of I ind Lee. aolicitors. Dublin. FORTHCOMING MARRIAGES. The Rkv. Rhodald Mutut axd Miss Pearso.v. An engagement ia announced bet ween tha Iter. Reginald Murley. only ton of the Rev. J. J. Murley, vicar of St. Erth, Cornwall, and Mias Annie Pearson. f Mr. R. O'NeUl Pearson, of Tanbv, elder daughter of Mr. Cartrorl, Lancashire. In recognition of his wide botanical knowledge be was elected a Fellow of the Linneaa Society. He took a special interest in the microscopical aide ol botany, and was the author of a work, " Mosseg and Liverworts." Mr. Russell was deputy - chairman of the board of management of the Rirminjfhjun General Hospital, and was a member of the Free Libraries' Committee. . noi.ii ArorsT 3. T Prince AJberi arrived on board the Royal Y&. tit from H.M.S. Cumberland." T Kinz and Queen, with Prince Albert and tv j - - . M - .rv. Field - Marshal the Duke of ( . Pr:n - ;.w Victoria Patricia of Con - lajagbt, and Irineess Victoria of .Schleswig - tbav Majiaiiaa' tiuests, and the Lv'.: and Gentk - men in Attendance, were I Irvine Banka on board The Royal I m Sarvioe wao conducted by Commodore Ron nC Palmer. R.N.. A.D.C. tv, accompanied by the Queen, t. - M'hert. and I'rineesa Mary, in - r. - : M. Zealand!. - .." 'aptain Thomas I ' - ppard ffiuardship at Cowes), and Miss Xkh - d. and will shortly n Charles Iennox uninghame, fourth son of Mr. W. B. Cuninghame, Nova Scotia, and of Mrs. CuninRhame. 17, Drayton - (rarvleaf, S.W., and Mary lxuis. daughter of the late Mr. R. T. Neild, of 100, t hevne - walk. Chelsea, and sister to Mr. J. R. J. XeUd', of Buenoa Aires, Argentine Republic. THE DUCHESS OF ALBANY AND A TR.UNING SHIP. The Purhess" of Albany on Saturday afternoon paid a rssit to the Kingston and district sea training brig Steadfast, which is moored in the Thames ..ff the Queen's Promenade at Kingston. Iler noyal Highness wan welcomed by the Mayor (Mr. C. H. Burge), the hon. treasarcr (Mr. Cecil Cowpvr), and th" hcu. secretary (Mr. Valentin Knapn), amont; those present being Sir William and Lady N'incent, Admirul and Mrs. Rouuwon. Colonel and Mrs. J. Biddulph. Colonel Shaw. Colonel and Mrs. Hepworth. Canon and Mrs. Haalo - u Potter, Captain and Mrs. Hodgson, Captain and Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Shrubaole, and Mr. and Mrs. Taredcy Witt, The Dnehexs inspected th. - brijs, and th. n saw the Aubrey C. H. loys at work. Mr. Cnapp r - ued that the cast, fete), in Cowrs amouDtimc to ccr 800. had been met by voluntary ion - , aasi. - .t' - d by d.' .o:.s from ti," t'ornbra - .'...iumI ir ohn IveppeL j M,y ,,AMlyj th honours the examination for t he Sw. Home for Othef - n of i 1.V boy - i manned ship and cheered Uio Duchess as ,. - . - er.u Army a' (Kb - me t!i' nfternoon. had btm head of the Roman Catholir ( l.urfli tlx He was born at Cashel. county Tipperary. in 1841. and borough School Board and was a member of the Board of Guardian. He waa held in high ufe for the January 5 last. Mas. Ooofret Barks. The death occurred on Saturday niht al ridrnce at Ilerkhamstod of Mrs. Godfrey E the second danprhter of Sir Thomas and Iady RatclifTe the pseudonym of " Beth Ellis." The I.ath Sir RiCEXan Pomr. Cooper,, - aped noti 1869, and lubes ichnrd r?..r,l Veterinary College, Camden plomaof M.R.CA'X ( lender ) in itly wainpra tieeat Lichfield. Be ' Mr. William ('..op r. M.R.C.V.S.. ly for Peab which, under th. - name tralaaia, and the Argrnu s undoubtedly of great Th Maj' - ti Man .'Haul T Kin ind Qucn honoured Cornmandei aieti una Mr. Cunninjrhame (Jraham with s - a . . - n Mamr. Hm flinriilaia '.rand Dute of Mecklenbtus - d tb' - Queen on board the Royal it the Hon. Sir S. C. Colville ird the Royal Yacht - Fleet Prinre Henry of Prussia : M;ijurte this evvninR. and the I ls - iif the Marquess ann aroni Ot urid Lady C'ormtanee Rutlei refaS - meas jf Loiioiidrrrv. Prisciila tot the L rd In - irurten. 'iee - Admiral - . . - .nd fat - :ain Tywtki Mndaq nn Prince Henry of Prussia) tk ii . f being invited. BAKDRINGHAM, Ai r,. 3. Oueeri Alr - xandra. and tho Marie a Of Russia, accompanicci by J 'nnees u. - re j,rent at Irvine 8er - ico i kandnnrhani I hureh thi morning. R. 11. CrniA (Duaalir Chaplai u ' K.' - fli - LBf ! and preached the sermon. Mr iiden. Olonel Prinoe Serge ani nsiiitifiiiilawii Vi - . .... ( hcrvachidxe have ace John arrived at Balmoral on Safur - v Highness Prince Christian of Main, attended by Major Evan Emm left London for the Granny Hotel, Page, the American Ambassador, who la. b - .,, - t - ndwig tlie week - end at Stratford - B - Avon, sai. praaaot (m Saturday niglit at the Maiinal Theatre of The Merchant of Venice, 1 ' i Ml Renirfm took the part of Shylock. haturdav last being the anniversary of the "f of hlenhrirn. a rojireaentatrve of the Duke of Marlb'.rough want to Windsor Castle and F ntod a Hg. by which tonur Bk - nheari Park is held. The nag Pd over the bust of the I - voagb in the Guard Room. The Duitp of Norfolk, who has been associated fch the Sussex Regiment for 42 years, said wod bya to the regiment vaatarday at the close FUNERALS, sm BxcaMMD Coormk. The funeral of Sir Richard Cooper took place at , Berkhamsted on Saturday. The mourners included j Mr. R. A. Cooper, Mr. W. F. Cooper, Major Foot. Mr. I Barkerj Mf - Nm. the Mavor and Sheriff of T.iehflrld. REOOGNTTIQIi OF G.VLLANTRY. Sa FttxRot Clattos. The funeral' of Sir Fifcr.Roy (Tavton will tak.. j "haptrr - G place at Braywood CemeWy al Mr. Joheth W, Th - f.mernl of Mr. Joseph Co.wpon.lrrit of Reuter's Agency, took place at i Pere Lahaise CemeUry yesU - rday. The 1 mourners were Mr. Watson, Mr. A. Watson (sr. slid Mr. Duncan Wateon (ltber). Among th. The Duke of Connaught, t Dinard, or to shooting jjarties on the moors, she will rind models many aad diverse wliich cannot fail to bo succeeful in the hot Auptst tb.ys. Here is one. for example, denned in dead white voile, closely kilted irotn waist to h m unrl finished with a corsage which is made very quaintly with little round baaquea at th" back and sides. ThLs corsage is embroidered with a nnrrcw border in very faint blues and yellows ; and its full sleeves art - drawn into a cuff of the same. The long shoulder given to this corsage, the Y - shaped vest, the very short under - sieeve, which are in net, and the belt and prim bow of black velvet at the waist are details of importance to the scheme of the dress. The white voile used for this model is of a peculiarly fine texture, and its effect is almost that of muslin. The dress therefore receives due appreciation not only by its assertion of quaintness, but ah) by that peculiarly freh appearance which recommends it for t lie long blue hours of summer. Indeed, the material is so essentially one for hot weather that it is hot surprising to find that it is responsible for many a recent model. And it is no loss attractive when devoid of embroidery than when it has been finely worked in colour. As an example of this simpler treatment, let me refer to a dress which has no decoration save the little plisse frills of the material outlining the little bolero. The sleeves are quite short and repeat the same idea, for they are finished with wide frills falling below the elbow. A blouse of white muslin and a sash of white moire complete the dress ; and the bat to accompany it is to be of wiiitc moiro trimmed witfi one white wing. Nothing could be more charming for a lazy 'afternoon on board a yacht beneath a blue sky on a waveless sea. And for such an occasion was it designed. But, afer all, an afternoon so perfect must be an exceptional experience for the yachtswoman who cruises in Northern watcrs.'There - fore, though she must be prepared for fine weather, there are days when it would be wise to prefer a white serge or ratine to anything so dainty as voile. And at the moment there Ls - no lack of attract ive dresses designed in both these materials, as well as in a fine hop - sacking, in a ribbed cacheiuire cloth, and in a cloth which is highly finished and damasked. Each one of these in turn might well be chosen. Whether the dress should be embroidered or not depends mainly on the material and upon the manner in which it is designed. A broche cloth, for instance, made a a oue - pii - eo dros, is extremely ?mart, though it have little ornament xcept the narrow ed;i:ig et ermiri" outlining he V of the corsage and the equally narrow band of skunk which boMers the skirt. A small round collar, a vest, and cuffs of Venetian offect of the bodi Mr. W. w. Jaeota if black rd i paste bu. - kle. . flat Theatre, but has hsd success of The Barrier. Whea The Ttn Gamr U procured a thi - month It - vill '. - preeeded bv fl Lw bv Mr. Fr. - der.rk F. - r.n called Thb Vajuttt Theatres. Mr. R. O. Knowloa is amor the i he Coliaeara, where the Irish PLyew will this week .resent Jaricdaie, by Lady Gregory. Stop th Way. one of the moat anceejaful of reeeat Queic - hjdl revH, will be transferred from the Oxford o the London Pavilion this evening. This week's peacramme at the Palace includes and Ellis. will appear on A u (rust 57 The Tinker $ Wedding, and part to - day ia combined with old English enterbun their witors oa i Mr. Rundle Mil'.ikrn Harvest M v.jue. A series of village children's play haa also been organised by Lady I sane' Mars 'aeon for August 8, and t here an to be weekly demonstrations in morrta, sword, and country danees in the gardens of the theatre as the Second Mrs. Tanqueray would say. These, with the addition of Mr. Benson's dfif cussions on the plays, and several lectures on hand - ci ift, design, heraldry, and other Subjects connected with the Folk movement, complete the has of stage, platform, and greensward performances in. which the public will mainly piay the rMe of audience. But there is another ide of the festival in which they take a more active part. Every day and almost all day, from I in the morning till luncb - timc and from J to 6 in the evemn. the school of folk dance will be in full swing. rfcrM n et poo aiet qi donor, says the proverb. But there are no plum face in the Stratford riAss - rooms. where Mr. Cecil Sharp and his aasistants hold sway. Aa morris dance, folk so rut. country dance, sword dance, siniring game, and jig follow each other in prescribed rotation, the chief thing that one notices about these Mr. Mena bands of young men and maidens, carefully graded the Strand i according to their different degrees of skill, is their owing to the ; remarkable happiness. But that is only a secondary i though a significant result. They are there In the first place for business. They want to know how to sing and dance and play in order that they may teach. What they learn at Stratford in their holidays they carry with them when they go back to the schools ia which most of them are teachers. They are like the House of Lords, as Mr. Lloyd George sees it. They are negotiating a revolution in this kingdom. Perhaps as effectively as the Chancellor himself, and certainly with far less fuss and none of his rancour, they are, in their own way, carrying " treasures of light, air, sustenance, and hope to the door of every cottage ia At Bnghtr.n. i ilausVwtttlj md Grace La Hue, WILLS AND BEQUESTS. The HoR". Axax Joseph IErwrso - ros, of Burleigh Hall. Loughborough. Leicestershire, and of Lowndes - squure, S.W., who served as a midshipman in the 1 loyal Navy during the Crimean War and from 1855 - 62 in the Kifie Brigade, and who died on June 14, aged 73, son of the third and brother aad heir - pre - sumotive o' the fifth Baron Muncaater. left estate ot the gross value of Itfc oersonalty. Subject to h to U - koesU - r Inlirmary. Mr. Sn - VWTEE Moses, of G reer croft - cirdens. West Hanipstead. X.W., aad of the Hrm of Messrs. Sylvester Mcses and Sons, wholesale clothierr., of Houmisditcii, F... Who died on May 23. left estate of the rroRi value of 43.V':!. of whieh 42Z: ls net personalty. He bequeathed 1,500 for Jewish and general charities. Mr. Pereobtve Vuuruuva Fekxev, of Clippesbv ILill. Fleggbnreti, Norfolk, formerly, a journalist, 1 - rJZrrlt the ltovl A' - !dem " ho died oJuriaS. sjred v.. el.leet of the late Mr. John Fredriek Feer. v. founder of l!ie Birmingham Dauy Pont, left Kdat. - 'of the grcs value of 36,831, of which 29,Mi s i personalty. A CITY IMPROVEMENT. CLOTH FAIR IN DANGER. It Ls said to be in contemplation, at a probable expense of 1300,000, to affect an important street improvement in the neighbourhood of the London Central Markets by the demolition of the ancient and historic buildings known aa Cloth Fair aad the widening of Long - lane to a width of 60ft. The business of the markets ia so rapidly increasing that, outside additions in the way of cold storage facilities and other extensions are Indispensable. It is expected that the' large cost ot the improvement, towards which the London County Council will be asked to contribute, wfll be recouped by the inert aid assessments of the new building which will be erected on the site of the old - fashioned and pletuseeque dwellings which have played so interesting a part in the past history of the City. 1 THEATRICAL PERSONAL N0TICE8. NORJtiN FORBES CECIL WARD. ARRANGEMENTS FOR TO - DAY. the reosnl it, for th - d f erge, if intended for a sm well be embroidered wiU) a he, or with rouleaux of t dress recently designed the 1 corsage find the little basque into ltmued are worked with white I broidery appears nowhere else b!oused and opens' over a .(;, ffwt'iied with roiuid pearl button - 'Bank Holiday. ! The Km; ;in Queen .it Cowes Mr. Aqui!h op. - ns the annual Confereuce of the I National Association for the Prevention of Con - gumption, Central Hall, Westminster, 11.30 j English - speak its on Infant Mortality, . 10. Annual i eeting. Cam the serge and in of Bwansdown is so c effect at tlie neck ; f'.rranged in front UirT. t nd the skirt is cleverly lii three Dleats. 'ITicso Wednesdav. i John of Jerusalem in England have mad the following ' provide a certain amount of fullness and a I awards for acts of gaflaatry Lb saving or attemptLng pleasing sense of deaper - . Trie fullneM. hy the nr.. ... mim - nr., irensi a : wy, is very skilfully CiUTied to tlie back and Mai to rhorr.afi Thomas (miner., who tjre disappears. L hZSZ&EHJJ injured ! Tho def.i(ra c th model Is so attrae - th - i - ,; . - He :,:,' !:iTf. r. , - r he tlv" that might well ce repeated ic MerthyrCoalCompaDy 'Umlted at Gilfa - h , u prrtty new material Known the Paris present were reprcsentati and of the Ak - r STon(lents oi i (ioch. - nod..l . wh. Press in Paris. in on and appoars ihe 'Haras Agvn - J and Mr. Watson' colleagues and oeliciaLs of the company. Mb. Jakt Hasxsm. Per; .erv tine and soil in textiu - v be woven of silk and wool, shining forth as if in relief. i - nd The funeral of Mr. James Haslam, M.PM took j datAjcr nn. deputy : Benjamin Mans! red Adamson. deputv ; Jot Harry Bockcliffe. dataller I playing for Association J, for Chesterlield), place at Cheatartield Cemetery yesterday Britain, and thousands of people ma'cbe'l in procession from the head oA.ce of the Derbyshire Miners' Association, which adjoins Mr. Haslam's residence, arsons; them beinj; the Mayor and Corporation and magi - Tfrla nresl nf i - i - iuded Mr. W. E. Harvey. M.P.. . W. ISewell (vice - pienident), nd Liberal - labonr candidate Ashton (seeretary of the Federation of Great Britam), Mr. Hancock. M.F.. Mr. J. W. Tnyicr, M.r.. Mr. Frank Ball. M.P.. Owners' AaociaUon). aad Archdeacon Crass, After tJ funeral Mr. W. E. Harvey, M.l'., gave an address at the pre vcm de - Ma. E. W. Wnxtam. Pha fnaeeal of Mr. Edward Wilmot WUli Harrtoaaton, Dorset, took place on Saturday at Winter borne Monkton Church. The mourners included Captain l the Ilon Mrs. J - J't .;PetoT aad Colonel the Hon. CeeU H. Law. The service was conducted by the ier! A. C. Wooobooa aad the Bar. E. a LasUe, , Basil 11. Pickering. .colliery manager ; Walte son. deputy : George Wilding, collier ; Hucknall. deputy : George Milnes. nnder i Wiiki Joe. ineanbers of r lersity ; Thomas A. Soar. rue parties who displayed berounn in rescue operations alter tne i the Cadeby main pit, Denaby Main Jnlv 6. 1912. A number of rescuers r in the above list were subsequently gacetted for the King Edward VII. .Medal. Wkstmtvstbb Scnooi A Wnrosoa Castui Statu Ar. reouastsd bv the Lord Chamberlain that the Slate apartruente at Windsor Castle will straight tine which (i: - .tinffui - - - h a L dre.e the dre - smakers are dis nerally speakiru;. tl.. - se pleated into tne waist, so tliat they stand out as if wired at the edges. It is not unusual also to see them failing diagonally aero - ; the front, so that, though very short on one side, they are longer on the other. The idea was expressed icuous en many a dress worn at LonpcLAmi.. - m the on at early spring ; but in London this particular T'ji ' tvPc tur"c bean. rarely seen tliroughout i the season. Sometimes the'tunic is not onlv pleated, but finished with quite a deep frill at the edge. I have seen this carried out in white taffetas and in white taffetas nioire. but it might well be repeated in silk crepe or in chiffon striped with satin both in dead white. The underskirts over whieh these pleated tunics fall are usually verv narrow, and this rccentu - the effect of fullnees provided by the pleats. Many a woman, however, will not forsake the wnieb nor eye haa been trained ,t he 11th i Usnt 'They' wVbe reined for two more. So she will prefi sa ,inrfr th. n - ii TmJntjZZmT the dreasjM arranged with tunics made long. i . . - 1 r and leas full ; and there she will find decorated The Duke of Portland at the annual Agricultural (memorial service. St. Thomas's Church, Orchard - - V - h - Wl. Summer School of Geography Racing ! The Sandown Park August (Bank Holiday) Mcatjbag ; the BirmUiKham August Meeting. Cri. - k. - t : Surrey v. Nottinghamshire. Oval : Kent v. Hnsse - . C.mterb - :rv : "i nrkxh're v. Laneashire, l. - ois; Bampshirei v. Middlesex. Southampton; Wiu - wii - kshiee v. Worcestershire. Birmingham ; Perbyshire v. Ees - x, Ierby ; (iloucesterehire v. Somerset. Bristol : Leicestershire v. Xorthairrptovt - DRTTtT I.AHE. IK. ALrSED PACTCER. f K. aLBXET L. KAYNOK. KaagBM ctikert. STUASD THEATRE. 1 a. lxsux cum IR. LOCQ GOODfiJCH. nrppoDEoscR. I R. aaacocsT wilxiams . Boaadair - road. S.W. S. h Week Royal London Yacht htina: Rowing : Reading Regatta. Polo : Rugby Tournament. Lawn Tennid : Bonrnemoath Open Tournament. Tint Thkatrbs. Apollo : General John Began, 9. Comedy : Jim tho Penman, 9. Criterion :Ok I Say, 9. Daly's: Tar Marriage Market, 8.15. Duke of York's : The YrUoor Jacket, 8.J0. Gaietv : Tho Girl on Ihe Film, 8.15. Globe : Typhoon, 8.30. Haymarket : Within the Lent, 9. Kingsway : The Groat Adventure, 8.J0. Lyceum : Oliver Txciet, 7.45. Lyric : The Girl in ihe Taxi, 8.20. New : Ofieor 6, 0. Royalty: MOeotoneo, 8,80. St. Jaraea's: The Second Mrs. Tanmiercy, 8.18. Soala : Kinemaoolor, 2.30 and 8. Strand : The Barrier, a. 30. AJ)YERTJ8SUBNT8 of Household Somrnnm JMs - " . wtucn are arranged m enoumed and rnnmring Plaree. of Gardener. Chmefeme eMn y bBX 7USt to the hem' and Coachmen, moan ana fltauanw mm A port menu, vt :7T:.,i7 Iu7 Maraase at the Lyceum, 2.80. nouoee Wanted end to oo Let, Portnorompe arm In - u .uuc, iiwumnai ntimenU. Commercial Appointntenta, Motor - cars for or voile, and are better suited to some tull - dreea Soi and Wanted, omd Smm C as fmmnd on payee . oooaason in the garden than on the yacht or the piage. PARLIAMENTARY NOTICES. Aero, ffliiwuaaaa PKJO) iaDiBY. IE. SEX riEUX f P.. EDWARD LEWU. fa. WALXER HOWARD. M38 PBnlfli Cssi i ti tmt Cta ETA BOWLaKTA

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