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The Times from London, · Page 9

London, England
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Friday, December 22, 1911
Page 9
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Court Hem. farewell visit in London. They will leave 8u IWtm for Surtdringbain at 12.20 lo - dey. The Kins of Spain has cordrrred the Order r! l.i - t.OUjen j writer and T British Ambaaeador in Madrid and Lady do Birnsen gave a tea party at the Fmhaaiji x - orterdar afternoon in honour of Princes Henry ,f Hattenberg. 7 There was no chance in the health of the Yswunt Dangan. who will come of ace on Chmrtmao I Jay. will be staying with Yatooant and aroimte Hytbe at Normanhurat. Battle. The Lord Chief Justice celebrate ha 68th t.r.hday to - day. Mr. ,'usticf Burhnnan and Lady and Mi rv.i. - tianvn haw arrived from South Africa, but ill not lie in London until January. Mr Herherl and Lady PerroU left Euston aaawjawaw ior Newport I atrnell. Sir hVanci. Younghusband ha arrived at hr - Incise in London. Qalpaal the Hon. W. Lambton. D.8.O.. ffeld - Mraaai Qaaaah, will he Field Officer in Brigade itmg on the Kins daring January. Kinc and Queen have aobacribed ten - mmi CM rrmwtiTfiy to the fund of tha Nr,onal AJwrutioB reemployment of Kx - eWdiers, ; .. la I hp slviioo Army. Tbe Queen bae scot CIO la ihe .Vwiatiou for the Oral Instruction of the 1 W and Duob. Ha MarohioneAt of Waterford wishes pertain lor Birmingham. Mr. LJovd treorge for Criorieth. Sir Robert Malay (or h'ewtou. Nairn, ami Mr rant Fulton for Sljeringham. Charles Rivers Wilaon and the Hon. Sir Edward Coete. M P., was preai with aa antique silver cap by the residents of I tain, ia the Ctty y - 4ordny, an a token of their a m reeogniUoo of the baronetcy conferred ana aa the occasion of the Coronation. When the Hon. Lionel Wabrond, M P, was Ssaaoe A. luiiavnm. The funeral of rugae Alberto Randrwrrr keni ta kodywa, Caaoa Tal. aad tha Bar. Dr. finl I R - C. MorrelU officiated at the THE TIMES, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1911. by Kignor Edmondo Hsadsggw, of Trieste, who alee ranTrand1 wWrf8Knof Alberto Randagger. (enkeah of Trliili. lajnamitiat tha oihar There ware aba peasant Sir William Bicre. chair man of the Associated Board of BBS Royal Academy of Mimic and th. Royal Colag. of Mwe, Sir Alexaader (Principal of the Royal Academy of Maskk. Hir Charlss Stanford, Sir Ueorg. Martin . Mr. William Wallace. rerwesentiag the Society of British Coiurwarrs; Mr. Stanley Ha way. renrc - rating the directors of the Hulharmooie Society : vL, i idia,Trlor (chairman of the Norwich festival Committee) ; Mr. Littleton and Mr. H. W Brooke , lepreacntins; Mean. Novetto and Co.; 2r L, HWHod. repreaeating Mr. Alfred Littleton ; iifl .J""". evaiMrOerio ad Mr. J. spencer Canroa. Dr. Will Mr. ITuap Agnew, Mme. Clara Samuell. Dr. Faning, Mr. Bkwtoa Smith. K.C. Dr. Mr Naught, Mr. Hrnry Beecham.Mre, llayden Coflm.Mme. Blanche Marches, mI J" Benedict, Mr. J. A. Orighton. iPii Jj" Muir: "f Thomas Mens. Mr. David Beard. ?eriUl ' - JL,M - 2 - Mr W Urereton. Mr. ST1 Honrford, yr. Prancesco Berber. Mr. Charles Mortimer, Mr. and Mrs, Pownall, Mr. AeeUna. Mr. Maance D Oisly, Mr. Thomas Kyton. Mr. H. R. V 3 CUytoa, aad Mr. Sydney Blaaiston. new (t M3 The funeral of Sir James Ingiis will take place AT OLYMPLL CHRISTMAS AT THE WINTER I OBITUARY. ("THE MIRACLE SPORTS CEMTRER . - - aac r.Tw CANON a a BROMBY. TO - MORROr8 GREAT SPECTACLE. GREAT EXODUS TO THE CONTINENT. The JW. Henry Bodley Bromby. ham. canon Much h - bam writtea lately eoaxerainr the rise Bretyaey thfa weA aa maa vohna. of CWma. ' rtol Oil recant ry vicar of AU ffirinU. CBfton. of Prof - r Ilrfnh - dt. wvrtZLTSm flb "ffie to the Continent has been responsible for TT DeW M - saa Miracle, which opens to the public at 7 o'clock e - aes of Kwpriaia, anhnattoa en the departure ' " ' . tonowow erening. Bat aothias bat a rhtt " behind reforms at Charing Oross and Victoria. To - eay ' ! sob of Dr. C. H. Bromby. who was the seaaas " at Olympta can conrey a jost hn aslna tha outward reaai of trav.ll will i It. ai,K - J 01 Tasmania from 1 14 to 1 UJ, and won a , of the vaatne. of the undertaiioe andLuHde instead of ''omrship at Jeeas Collage. Chasbridee, from f to detalk. Dr. Rernhaedt ts known to uhe big pra - iW before. In such cases, figures, perhaps. treat Oothsc sthsaVal, point. At fnarlng Cross, for example. merely duplicating the 1. 10 Continental train, aa hi w nans ib ordinary tuy tirara. the railwa; The rapid advance in the popalarrty of the winter - Porta has, of coarse, been noticed for several years Pt i tha Christmas the increase of traffic is asarated . - The we In the same year bv Dr. Wilberforca. Bahoo of h. rBtervals of zford od vent eat to Tsswisnia as curate of the are v.a at oooan, receiving pneste oroers irom Orrmpia aad finds himaalf eapacRiea till lies, being Dean of Hobert from 1177. ! that the gold lamps hanging from the roof are each From Uta to 1M2 he vicar of St. John. Bethnal - ot.t fft - rfc ."Jz HTliTZ green, and in the latter year Bishop KUieott ap - 60ft. ross - reh larger, that a, than iU or - riiaJ U pointed him to the vicarage of All Saints. Clifton, ; Cologne: that the cathedral doors are 12t, high, aad and a vast blue ky tbey ai and that to make the trap a arena 40,000 toas of earth were dug out and that the waU surrounding the pit beneath it took half a million ' bricks to build. The main model for this cathedral is that of Cologne, and Its designer is Herr Hermann Derahnrg. a brother of the German n - Colonial Secretary aad a prominent authority on Gothic architecture, who undertook the 1 work without remuneration oat of his admiration for Profeseor Remhardk He, like ail tiie other concerned, has worked in Professor Reinhardfa spiritthe Urrr of splendour aad the love of the real thing. " Tree, 2l LrLf beloved by he peon, who smre ha s - wlU LCrr ! r. Walter WaUwman died U - t Sunday at his sm. to 40hv ! residence. Loogfleld. Finchley. within five weeks of regard to the relative popnUHtv of the J the completion of ha 7 Kb. year, srtous eporu centres with English vaiton this yu - , Uoni at Norwich in 1814, and educated at the Cite ? - 5 Mortimer, he 52 Popular, and SurrcrTwhkh was opened for tmfSkat " Common Coanril on the elerafon of aTstiBTK.Xl..M . "MJL - Tmter T11 t5CTlc,, do ' Pwydore d. Ke eeatres t0 the east. At St. Cergoe. Engelberg. Mr - WeUaman wiU be chiefly remembered foi with the firm of Messrs. c. Mit Isd by his stepfather, from whose death ia Newspaper Press Directory " i trTel agencies to e fulL Nearly every year i and Co.. which was founds I SoW, iu tho Bwmi .lura . ffl5 famous smong ed,W Newspapei Herr Ernst Stern smrrhed for his designs ; bat the pillars sod tha the niches, even the window m alliens, are all in P"cr in ue properties Herr Stern has used il will be al to visitors from outside , life in 10m. Th - editorship gave hi port centres, th chief ( 0,ui"l,lce witn 108 British Press, well, at IMS. " ! this Cbrtattne. SrZLf 7Z thThraeiTh."SS more than SO years. Hi rettrenu m Raw. DoxAto Macron. XEIASB A . "! 1 Jl I II II The funeral of (he Rev. Dr. Donald Macieod. 1 iSm " PeoP1'. "c South of Krance to - day. The ' hieh rank ia Roval Arch Maaonrv Lkk - T. tTurch. laddington (lneaeter - gate) at 11 a.m and i ' Apart from the Swiss Oemetery, Han - ?5 B of tn" os1"" land I, Pot t - orstorphine Churchyard. The chief i tnc Rev. Norman Macieod (son). The King i rwre taunted by the Rev. J. a Ramsay Sibbald. A memorial service was held yesterday at XhaJd JEST ifffWa?5L! the nTty - S'nP,i11 - S KT - J - Vallanca,' - Waagh. the Rev. Dr. Kilgoor, and Mr. James SAVOY THEATRE. Carey uwa io ta. LBrulme crapian Carey., pb the motcr - car j cub. .. rtbiadTsH narrow : MUW Hint " j Joseph Flint . . aV rti i i Jim Bhrnden . . e OreoT. whioh Wn. TMW. uT - Betty Blunders lord Charles Beresford. Sir Samuel Kvans' Prince I st - teorge of Enrlai - t.e DuWp Singh. Sir CharLs Wyndham :ind The Dragon King " T Moore, and Rear - Admiral W. B. Bridges. I Will o' the Wap A bail was given at Barton Cam table Hall P1 cTr7 at night in celebration of the coming of age of I Mrs - CweT - r; nntnjcbester ortble, ton of Major i The Slacker " WHERE THE RAINBOW ENDS." By CUFPonn Mnxs and Johx Ranwrr. K specially composed by Mr. Rood Qcnvrgn. Miss Etn Wtxxb Master Pmxa To.vob Master GtJiso Cmaaurn Miss Jeaxms TnoKae EMBASSIES AND LEGATIONS. I The A lirtro Hungarian Ambanador left London yeaterday for the Continent for Chrcdma. The American Ambassador and Mrs, White - law Reid will spend Christinas with the Hon. Mr. John Ward at Chilton Lodge. Berks. Captain Niblick, the Naval Attache to the Amrncan Embassy in Berlin, and Mrs, Niblick M. London yesterday for Berlin. Sefior Don Carlos de la Hnertas. Second S.'cretary to tlje Spanish Embassy, returned to London yesterday from Pari. M. Adrien Thierry, an Attache to the French Kmbaary. left London yesterday for the on leave. the Japanese MARRIAGE. Mr - P. B. Ron axn Miss Lacdb. Th wddrag took plane at the CRy Temple yaster - ay of Mr. Paul Bernard Roth, F.R.C&. of Uarley - aiat, grandson of John Hright, to Miss Emihe I : - .udr. of Dubha. The Rev. Dr. Orchard of Lahrld. ofhc iatod. FORTHCOMING MARRIAGES. Mr. HaaoLD Prt am Miss Mabosjiet Evaxe. A msmage 1 bora arranzd between Harold, set of Mr. and 31 n. Francis James Fry. of Cricket at. Thomas, iliard. sad Margaret, elder daughter of Mi5s Srau. Haaxxr. Henry Birkheck. of Weatacr wauuam. .Norfolk, snd Sybil, Jabsat Uarley, of Brampton '. W. S Master Sroxcr Shexwood Miss Dot Tehtle Mr. I'umiM ALCsaeov Miss Mavis Yosjck Mr. N'hsa.v Maoowax Miss Ltdia Bilbbookb Master Uaht Drr triends, be classes of the Moral BomrAv of Art. He was a stanch Churchman, had served the office of churchwarden at St Donstan's in the West, and the Paruv - Lyon Mediterranean Railway "ere a no falling off thi, year. Many c rr going to Mootrenr. an .K, k7 wfateTjprrl i t - rk ST "curc from these lowland resorts to the snow - was appointed a diocesan lay reader by the late Dr. Temple while Bishop of London. For some years he covered regions Para, this eonsi capital at Christmas and New Yi rerer, and realism do not always mean I interest. Before Saturday no one can r the prtacle will be worthy of its setting, setting so good ss its details. What ts m is that the details of the spectacle are tha gold and painted tabernacle soaring to its r its gold lamps, iu statues and coloured wtndc ia superb and to imagine it filled with a crowd Men and Women who know to every new - fangled offered them for the ich everyuue ia subject. Tbey resort solely to the which baa been the favourite family remedy for over one hundred yean, namely, COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. m 1,'U and 2 9. iWMlfleMlMati For dyepepaia, iiNniiaatawi, sick head ache, and functional regularity Cockle's PUia are unmatchcxl Tbey constitute both a gentle aperient and a stnnralatinir . To be obtained at a" chemists. HAMPERS FOR JEWISH CRIPPLES. The death George Herbert Jalland, the artist. Hs was about sge, and had recently undergone SIT. OHARLE HRXBT. M P. r,rrided T,t... the distribution of Sir William TVelr - ,. rv, - v. ' operation. hampers for the poor Jewish crioDlcs. which took i JUand, who resided Pjaos at the Jewish Soup Kitchen, BuUeratreet, E. M1nt sportsman, aad hunted regularly with the . C Stettauer distributed the hampt nampers. earn contain tea, the uigredienU of a C a picture book, and a toy. EtSX Sin C Hexkt thanked Sir William Treloar for byinging sunshine into lives which had otherwise But Wiuauc TwttoAB. in movii strength as an artist lay side of hunting, and he contributed many pictures to Punch snd other pubhnsAkms. makes the following reference to Mr. Jalland. in the I Prnc' chapter " Punch', Artists : 1S81 - UM ": - . Q. H. revelry, battle, torture. In Herr Karl VohnoUer's story there will certainly be plenty of incident ; and it will be told, not in words, but in action, while Herr Humperdmck's music, played on a huge organ aad by ig try a mow of era, will The principal parts in the mimodrame will be taken by Mile. Natacha Trouhanowa, from the Imperial Opera Bouse, St. Petersburg, and the Opera aad famous Viennese comedian, who plays the treat part of the Spiefanann or Troubadour. The Knight be performed by aa English actor, Mr. Douglas FOR XM AS Claymore Whisky 3 - Bottle dues, 12. n n 2412 w 48 - G REED LEES BIOS., DtarJIkn nani OQ '"uLi YQAr nJ m JnurJ next 6,000 We have had patriotic plays which made patriotism Tf?oa,?'rtropoliUB boroughs, brutal, and children s plays which seemed meant to i. seconded the vote of thanks, roi - e hragcartry and stupid fSLTfa wKT j bCMU'y Settr jttlS'is ! the dcchess or poRTLAjrD pactoby lifts patriotism to a level above fear and swagger I CilKUS. because the authors have treated their subiect with I Thr PaTikiaa oi Tortland. in accordance with her a dash of poetry snd cared for ideas more than 2 'l fillA - iiT'S? ,? lhe,Ki,,. and young party enes. True, there were one or two allusiona ; Fulham, in the St. Etheldrvda s Parah Hall. Th which dragged the tone of the play down to the level 1 Dl'CBBas said it was real pleasure to her to visit of an electioneering dodre : hut our MiWin. ,w ; Fulham each Christmas to renew her acouaintana the authors were not reeponalhle for these is con - 1 T? them". fl wo siJ if they would write flmed bytho fact that they ail came out of one j and when that happy event had n cefebraS For they do not go well in the same play with this nunl Party smning ft, ueorge of l.ncland. who Is the children's ideal and present help all through. Ideals, we are told by the Dragon King, are bis worst foes; and no child will learn to despise another child of a different nation through seeing H am - the Rotaeew Over 1.100 school children Chratmas treat at the Royal Upera House, (ovent Harden, yesterday afternoon, by Mrs. Rendlc, wife of the lessee of the theatre. The schools represented were St. Martin s Northern. St. Martin - m - thc - Ficlds, and St. Clement Danes. The children were served with tea, and afterwards they enjoyed the entertainment provided by a conjurer. Punch and Judy, and a cinematograph show. Two large Christmas trees were dismantled before the children separated, and . ; Iie: - forishirc, and t - the death e quietly at Tewm Church o FUNERALS. - funeral of Iord Alwyne Co Lord Alwyne had been Msjor Peel, M - P. The Rev. of Castle Ashby, and the Rev - to the Bedfordshire Yeomanry, Th. mourners were Lady Alwyne Cotnpton, Mr. Una s i n. U.a, Mr. Clare Compton. the Marqueat al r - iLar - ;.ton. Sir Henry and lady Margaret rrahs - n. Miss Klsie Craham, Mr. Alan Graham, a - i ixmptoo. Lord Spencer Compton, Lord and I o intea. U.wpcT. the Marquess of BP, 1 - arl Spenocr. Mra. Charles Jarrott, Captain wtrvai. Lady ItosaoWle ounUa of Dudley, the I by Canon Henson. I St. Margaret 'i BUord. the Marehsoasas of Ripen, the Countess of Essex. Blanche Countess of Rossi yn. the Karl of RosWrn, LadT RoaabeUr St. Clair - Brs tine, the Earl " Kenmare, Lord aad Lady Desborough and the Hen. Monica trrenfeli. Lord Revelstoks. Lady Juliet 1 Mir A. Wulsaoss. Lady Mahal Bon. CWod and Lady Florence Willoughby. Lady nne Iambtoo, Major the Hon. Robert White, the Moreover, no child will fail to enjoy itself thoroughly. It is (for all that touch of poetry in it and poetry is .suspected element in plays) good straightforward bustling adventure - stuff. Two boys, both at Osborne aad in uniform, and their two sisters, starting on a magic carpet with a arm to find the land where the rainbow ends which lies on the far side of tbe Dragon's wood and castle what could be better ? And a tame lion - cub as a companion, and St. Ueorge in armour to watca over tnem, and . wicked old unrle j APPEAL TO POST EARLY. " .v , niaeous beasts, With a view to secure the prompt delivery of hyenas, panthers, toads, a Uitherslirn. ., w .. , j ... , . . . 7 would lead them appeals to all senders of poi carefully and completely, and to post CHRISTMAS AT THE POST OFFICE. and other tricksy creatures airay cieariy ine autoors ol tha play know what after the wicked nncle aad aunt have been sufficiently tortured and sent back home, the children find themselves captive in the Dragon King's lasUe. But tbe Navy boys make a flag of St. Ueorge out of the lion - cub s collar, and climb up to haul down the Dragon's flag and fly St. George's instead. And instantly St. George appears on the ramparts and between St. George in silver armour and the Dragon King in dark - green armour there is a terrific, firht The Dragon Wood is a place st once terrible aad tU of humour ; the lake is quite lovely In the moon - rht ; the Dragon King's Castle is all iki . av should be - And nearly every one in the long - njt plays admirably. The four children, Crwpian and Rosamund Carey, and Jim and Betty Blunders, are all natural and simple, except when Mas Betty has to be affected and does it with delicious thoromA, The St. George of Mr. Reginald Owen (whom we believe to be part author of the play) and the Dragon King of Mr. Clifton Alderson might impersonate for many o' the Wisp of Miss Mavis Yorfis, it U one performances which make one rerret tht anything so fairy - like should ever turn human and Mins Mavn Yorke is exquisite. Manv a early in the day as p THE LUSITANIA'S ACHIEVEMENT. FMHG card. Little did the Lusitania's officers dream when, on fonnancs of 32 Atlantic crossings within a twelve - she would be off again In a few days to the greater feat of 34 crossings in lass and five days. Yet that is what she will morning, besides beating all achievements, except that of her sister - ship, the Mauretante, for a single round trip. The LuaRanU left New York with nearly 1.850 aad 1.100 third. Thanks to the well - nigh perfect organisation the ship was ready to leave by half - past 4 tha Mmi tetanias time. Ready to leave, but unable. What man could do had been done, but he has not yet invented fog - deshructors. It was o'clock before the ship, with her swarm of psassngtis, impatient to got heraeforCJniatana quay, and say that nearly all tbe paying k thoroughly the quarantine station. It ipahle. Mr. Roger Quilter makes no bones about Saturday before the Lust orrowing ideas from Chopin and others, bnt be ses them well, and his music is sometimes extremely retty and always full of the right colour and mood. might add, to allay any possible fears roused by MrDni - BWRX HOKTTTAL The Tm - tbe Middlesex Hospital have received a donation of Bay about 8 o'clock this morning. That for the double voyage from Liverpool Hon - Evan Charter, th Hon. Sir Walter Hely - Un. E. ntaOerald. the Hon. George PeeLLi p Skinner. Mr. Harry Merrill. Mr. F. Williams lis. Mr. fioawah Raid. Mr! LL E. T. . Haslip. Mr. G. W. Barber. Mr. D. A Mkmbkh's Saiby por a HoariTAu - Mr. Norton (.nffiths. M.P.. has written through bis secretary to the West Bromwich District How ! ! the fund - , of the institution, corresponding 'trT'one nek to rlshguard. It is a mayniQcent perform - though not quite so fine as that of the Maure - which completed a double journey of 12 days 4 Hours sna J minutes wncn sue arrived here at 10.22 p.m. on Thursday. December 22, last year. Among the passengers on board the Lusitania are the lrincess San Faustino. Sir Hugh Graham, proprietor of tbe Montreal Star, sod Lady Graham! Mr. Cecil Grenfell, the Hon. lady Johnstone, Captain J W. Dixon. H.N. .Mr. Ernest H. hehiff, and " Colonel'" David C. Lamb, head of the Salvation Arm,'. emigration work. Seven hundred and twenty pas. Hlli. Mr. 'mwou. Mr. R. Hart Da vies, : Mr. B. O. Hanson. TPtsasuUa, the Southall Oaaaarratire and Unionist Asoeisioo and Tariff Reform League ; Miss Kath - Gordon, rspsessaflag the SoataaU Women's of tha Tariff Reform Lsagee ; Mr. J. WiUon rorrapraaaaan tBattTasb; Mr. Xormaa irtg Ai S the Y ok aha ma Specie Bank seagers are landing here. In spite of the New Yrk delsy. the Lusitenis's Continental passengers will get home In time for Christmas, unless they lire In very remote parts of Europe, and those who live in this Kingdom wiU even have time to buy CknaMoaaS prcHents to - day aad to - morrow. There will be four special trains to London, three far passengers and one for mans, and letters should be delivered in London easily during the evenina The first train is expected to leave about 1LJ0, and roach Paddington at 3.20. Of the 3,300 sacks of of the Thrre Art Clui st the Albert HalUarlT yter - Ratlway Adverttkino - - Mi l that they are and Nortb - W, in 1888. Although an amateur, Mr. Jalland Is often .ntrs (which now and excellently drawn), and his jokes are usually nearly a hundred of his subjects were published during 1880, and he Is still an occasional contributor to the fun of the week. We would not willingly lose the artist who gave us the sketch of a Frenchman bawling during a hunt I ' Stop se chasse 1 Stop se mantle, which fell from Leech's shoulders on to Rowers's, and then on to Mr. Corbouid s, descended last on to those of Mr. Jalland, who wore It abac Mb. C. L. Wilson - . The death occurred on Tuesday night, at ha res! dene. The Village Place, Beckenhaoa, Kent, of Mr Cornelius Lea Wilson, J.P.. the senior magatrate fo the county of Kent and the oldest of ha Majesty' Lieutenants for the City of Ivwvion. where be hai held the Commission since 1139. Mr. Lea Wilson, who was in ha 97th year, was tb. son of Colonel Samuel Wilson, who was Lord Mayor taming the Aldermen and certain officials at an annual dinner. Mr. Wilaon was a considerable landowner in Kent aad a man of great benevolence and charitv wno nau long endeared cts of kindly munificence WILLS AND BEQUESTS. INTERNATIONAL MUSICAL CONTEST. ausical contest organised by the Council of Ity of Paris and tbe County of tbe Seine u he patronage of the French Government. The on teat will take place in Paris on May 26, 27, aad The days will be occupied as follows : May 26. Mtrumentsl contest ; May 27, choral contest ; nd May 28, festival concert. The contest will be pen to male choirs, brass bands, militarv bands. choirs without accompaniment, mixed choirs tinas, societies (bands) of trompeuas, and guanaem (bands) of hunting horns. The contest will ermsist of execution and sight - readmg tests. The execution test will be as follows : will be sent to competing societies three months before the date of the contest ; (2) a piece selected by each society from its repertoire, which, however, must not be s piece with which they hare won a first prise during three years before the contest. Choral societies may perform the test piece and the piece selected from their repertoire in their own language. Each society mart send, one month eS'sfnatrof UaT JEST, .Ll UighUolbom, London, W.C. It will be obligatory far French societies bo or runguaa snststisi, It will be I choirs, braes aad military bands. sJloweti leajSrtornto exarnhJhtasUn lest, piece, instrumental societies takuu? nart in this teat will have to furnish details of their instil should be' set W WiUCfa r T parts mustdrtamtta'dl,,8: ' 'ke P m the eon teat Mr. H. Bouaaire hafara February decided by a ballot at the Hotel de ViAaPara. on The value of the' prises' atrwdr aasouata to sasas an 12,000. and it ispoctad thatTwiu exS :0,000 One nation ofXt, VrnTfajSTSr A PUBLISHER'S ESTATE. Mr. Jakxs Tair Black, of Cnderscar. Keswick. Cumberland, of Miuearn. Racecouxse - ruad, Ayr, X.B.. aad of Palace Court, Bayswatar. W., forawrly who died i November 5 last, aged 84, lue of 235, 1S1, with same amount. The testator policies, 5,400 pre!) left the proceeds of encc ordinary stock of J. aad P. 1.000 ordinary shares of J. and P. Coats (Limited) to his wife, Mrs. Janet Black, absolutely ; 2,000 ordinary shares m J. and P. Coats (limited) to his grandson, George Balfour Black, and be confirmed the gift to him of 3,000 such shares ; aad he left 1,000 such shares to .his daughter, Mrs. Margaret Lothian Coats. Mr. Fbsdhicv Gerald Sklwyx RawaoiC, of Thorpe in bowsrby, Halifax, York, retired woollen manufacturer, formerly a partner in the firm of Messrs. P. E. Rawaon and Co., and joint patron with ha brother of the living of St. John the Divine, Thorpe. road, Toller - lane. Bradford. Yorka. for vicar of St. Michael and Ail Angels, Bradford, who died on July 21 last, aged 80. left estate of the Mas Maria A jit Goormrr Oodtwwt - Faui of Clarendon - square. Leamington, Warwick, F YOU WANT TO KNOW ALL ABOUT THE VARIOUS MOTOR CARS AMD THEIR ACCESSORIES a. 'Artpspsst. rraai pavark taV Evtmr today or all rzwiacxxts. JFWg OMa, LT1X, 20, Tsssr 9, Laaav, M Just Pubbahed. Price 7a. ffcL net, FRANCIS BACON AND HIS SECRET SOCIETY. ?aag - t of Clarendon - squan died on October 22 la to tfSoHetyy far Mirfield, Yorks. the Additional C the gross value of The testatrix I Propagation of w Resurrection. Itic - H.ui, of College - road. Ripon. d R. VV Ulamson (Limited), of Til, la. j VArntohes, japans, and colours, who last, aged 5rl, left estats of tv. - SLttLtX, HTSSLS: Weakyaa Methodist Local Preacben' Mntual AH Association and X000 to the Wesley an Method Ui Ugata, Ripon, for the mission TO - DAY'S ARRANGEMENTS. The GERMAN ARMY MANOEUVRES Reprinted tram Zt Ctmes Kaon, Printing House Stream EX. The Times Bank Uuo, txa - xaa a r!! W" T r?t" - " OCTi , a ilitical Speeches : Col. C. R. Bum, MJ", at Torauav Mr. P. Bennett Ooklney. M.P.. at Canterbury" Mr.' Raaasay Mac Donald at Abeedeeet ' I nion meeting. Half - yearly South Moitoa. Royal Military Academy. Woolwich saaiattoa of tan Rev. E. n. Pearee as Canon of Westminster, the Abbev. 1 01 British Academy (Sehwaich Lectures on Biblical rnuatines, their History third lecture c Uthe Church! riltnnt M' Maxw PLX., Cerent Garden : Fancy Drees Rail, 1 L in Qem Jewellery. Gold and Silver aad Clocks, on view at the Show - "gfJJJ i"mlJf r?Pt wa. oarrisd to the The Cunard Company stated last evening that the The alarm was due to a miajrHeiwsadaa;. The , at 1 pjn. yesterday. 'asnaat deposited at the doors. Some one had dropped ia a " Th Glad Et " Thuatbbv Tte mmi W the Globe Theatre to the at TBS Apollo ,2 fLf - ttataksary mafia, on ThuraUy' aadHaalSa, LORD L0NDES BOROUGH'S SELBY ESTATE. furtpcrtlcr' ULT. "S. esUU, the LUhole Farm. IU acres. Tbey hare Laneaater LotjffTa " A D YBRTI 8 K MEN TS of Hew Plate, Watches, rooms of ins Goldsmiths' and SUvarsmiths' Com. paay (Limited), 112, Regent - treet. London. W. Ootf : Irish Bar r. Royal Dublin, Dollymonnt, rer - tnTharr1 S 'ff (emffr RocT Laksstor saaare Hall (eoatmued). Apollo 5.30. e Follies, 8.3 Comedy : Vice Versa. 3 1 Court i Th Oreaf Gay Read, 8.60. Criterion : Man and Superman, 8.30. Daly's i Ta. Ceaai mf f m Oarrioki ftamak 8. Okjbe: las Glad fyt, 8.4J. Haymarket : Stsafy PuBs Ms Ta inn,, t. HM Majesty's i Orpsaus w fas , M t 1 Krre - macolor (The Scam) : 2.30 aad 8. ntway i Tht Immn DepOs, , LlttUi Fewag's FfrW Ffay, LPS. Playhooas: Dad, t. Frtnee of W., a Mm fm Mmn. ViO. Bt Jaraea's, RsOa Desna, 111. M aefcfdf at tha Aldwyeh Theatra, J aiif a&mm mmta SOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. Saoaaibex, wnhmr to change the address at which they desire "The Tune." to be da - hered are requested to notify thai office aa early as pe - aible. Thoee Subscribers who are rrxeivtnr their Pper by post direct from this office are reminded that delay wUl be arodod if, when wKnVig changes of addreat, they gm tha following m forma two W The Sotacribet't Refrrtnce Number (b) Tha addrm to whaa the paper n now beimj sent (c) The new address, (d) The date of the change. PPf f eaWssaishjr aaOfrp,, staaaa. tkraaJMaaia? - aaia T,w,lUI tksm aaaatarsa! AH raMiearioM aho - Jd b addraMed to

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