The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Harry Grayscm Tiill • BuntJu-pn's phyiidfln iinier. ti\ Ihe famous Prliu'i-lon runner )>iek Io the track tt,r lih lieallh. "My, health .suffered from iim Hidden ifWolton of .slrr-nimu*; ex- eicise," explains nnnlhrun, who announced his ivlirpineni ntiil en- loreil the ac.couMtitmy bnsiuPSi .'" upon Ills mui'ii fir,t,i Europe lasi .summer "An , athlete develop? his Juni; rxpimion nnd hi-ait nniade.s Iri n point where il Is dangerous to quit ovcrnliihl. An abrupt i-ene. tion to a life of physical case inlQhL Imve unfortunate n-siih.s. "My plan now, as prescribed hy physicians, is io taper on isriuhi- ally over n three-year span. I will nin not more than loin 1 or live limes tins winter. In luiin my program will l«> furtliei- curtailed nnd hy 1937 I'll DC lendy to slow mvay my shoe:; (or good. "I'd like Io lake a crack nt the Olympic noo title, but u business man's life doesn't lend itself to the i-oi-t of conditioning order.1 Hint an Olympic milcr mnsi undergo .) iinvs renounced any idi-;, "f computing hi lieilin. "f inny nicer Hie MOO-mclr-i event of Hie Knlghl.s of Columbus Cnmc.i in Brooklyn on Jan, 5, | would rather bo tested al a dls- lance in my nir.t effort of 11135 preferably 5000 meters, Owner' :!OOQ will do il Uiue Is jiu lonrcr route, Ii1 il Sll "My stamina nr-rds biijidfir' up foi a 'fiist. lurlmu- mite. The .speed iihase can come later. Phias linve shown. Unit ISGfl or !\n BOO-melcr' Jhoiild get n lot of inllen lift belt, Tin. even n runner SATURDAY, DBCEiuBER Biggest Horse Sale BILLINGS, Mont'., (crp) nation's largest one-day i,; Jrn ivas believed io have l;eeli onrrtod litre .recently. The Mvc-stocl: Cornmteinn ;old 1,00-1 Dorses at - auction and two at a time. , — \ -TKij Saturday Only Matinee & NiRlH—Hlc. - 2ik: .lor: M. Brown in '6 MY ME ' RIDFIf CHr(on11 Serial—"Titilspiii Tommy" Sunday - Mondavi MATINEE & NITR-lOc-SBc The ouwandin, Y.uuiteur golfer ,,r („,., „„, w . ,, llv , so ,, , ^ II. who «•„„ am! AmnrlcB,, anmtc,,,- tomm, tV I'HMf. was the Ural to luni Hi| s (,, nt Mlla , Hf|()b , )0|]( , ,.' »,Ai'r '''"!" t! '''°' >J]it ' all " w ' ls Vh-fjlnlH Viin Wit golfer, ivl.r, woll Ml , manm ... „„„„„,„ ( , n)wn f|>| ^ v IWr.w |.-i Olln a 1ho Nntlollnl o , Chicago ril (line. N«rr rnjojfd Humilng "I'd like to try to hold .luc Mc- :ior/j meters. I 1 can do well ut (he longer distances, At any rale, i want, to .start at two or three miles and Irain down rather ihan vice ver- MI My .spec;) burst won't need much •sharpening. of physical simiBth. SOUK; milm lialn only by nmninp. I nlin to build up every pint of my i, (M ]v. I put In a lol of time In gymiui- slums chinning on (lie bar pulling the chest welRhts, swinging clubs squeezing thc hand"Vlp, throwing the medicine ball, and doin); (ahsthc]m!r.s—a complete In body building. "As a kid 1 Had to build m y body up to my abimrnuilly IOIIR .sti Wo nnd thus acquired Ihe habit of gymnasium work I filed shortcnlns up, but last my form when my stride was clipped olT nob Klppiith hns developed championship swimming teams at, Ynle for 30 year.s- by cament rating on bodybuilding In the Rym- lidsiuiii rulher mini .slroke tei:!i- nlc in the water. He was " n speed swimmer himself. 'The lure 01 the game hail nothing (o do with eouxun; me back It Ls true tlinl I've never re.illj enjoyed running. I do get a lung nut of bentlng a rival down the slrelch, but runnlne U- wlf hii no fasc-iTwilon (or me Note, Jack Lovelock, lie aelutilK' lll-i' 1 ; to run, Fh\f illile Cnintnitsnry "I didn't know wlini I was letting myself in f f ,i- af Detroit IliKh Rchnol when the conch said 1 hail n i miner's build and ordered me onl for track. School boys do what they're lold. nnd snmn form of iexcrctec .was .compulsory any- vay. I too!< to the rolle naturally, did 4.58 as, a novice. My stride was as long then as it Is toiiny hut I- did not have the physical strength to back it up. "At Exetp.r, Henry Carrell, the Irack coach, liad heard aboul my JnoJcst mile clforls ami told me to icport. He 8 ot mc , lown ,„ •! 34 which is nothing to write home about, even for a school boy. "I went to Princeton tabbed us n distance runner and felt that I had bctlcr slick to the tiling I could do best. Undergraduate opinion frowns on" an athletic •slicker, w I vvenl out for cross country. "I had never broken 4:23 for the mile until the day Lovelock beat me by seven yards In VOID on Ihe last Princeton track Mv time was 4:03.7. "I fully expected' Io (mil. mu- iilng lust summer after the Milwaukee 1500-meler Utle race •which was why 1 was,, .so keen lo Glenn Ciiimingham and make ms farewell appearance a ruem- omblp o"' 1 , ''tit then camp ihc chance to our Europe, and meet. 1-oietoek again. The excursion np- penled to nip. "It Is Just as well that I took me trip, and ran races on (lie other side, for 1 have since learned that I had a bear by the (ail and couldn't, let go. anyway. Woman's Glnvcs Lead to Wife's Suit for Divorce CINCINNATI (UP)-ir Mrs. Kl- flc Bobe hadn't pressed her husband's suit, she might nev cr have flled suit for divorce from Olio Bobe In the course of her prcssln" she found a pair of women's eloves in his pocket, according (o! her petition. He demanded them nnd she hid them, Mrs Bobe says 1 And to he g.nvp her a gooa \bliak-' in?," packed his clothes, left nnd hosilf returned io her or thcii . rlilldren, she-chirgis lu her peti- _ -..,.,..,, ,.,,. MULKJIUJJ vjij^n at Ard P"., ami who cllmuxcd his I!J;M p.,formate hy wb,nii, P („ bombei" division or ilu- Miniul-nillmore. Runs Into Baer Fist. Tlie mishty bat of Lnrnmin achrlg, New York Yiuikcc flr.n tascmiin, boomed to two basr- bull ipcords in Km. Ciohi-lK's " of -3C» led both major Paul lengues, br-slini; thnl of ,-um Wniier. of u,e I'lrnles, | )y am polnl, and Lou poled 4f> home rum lo lend both ^3S|?gsSH= WiinDledon water derby snrnmor. Fuitlatm crowned weight champion On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE" linve knocked out , . -•- Ghli'nuo lie would lin c »n,,.wu or ,h, worl,l. Lcrt.Bky fan Into one the second round however and wns out for tlie bout was an exhibition (lie Illinois "-""' " ll "innois uv.Mug cuiiinnssio 1 n kayo would cruise the title to clutnge hands If Bner Confer Alumni Quintet Loses (o Matthews Team If Ktriftflsh r.evlnsky I.evinsky .four-round \s< finer Inst nlRhl K been heavyweight of Bner's blows In While the commission had ruled tluit wns knocked OIK. COOTER. ,Mo., ucc. a«— llic loll nliimnl tinintcl (cam iilaycd Mntthca-s uliimni (cam on the MONTRI3AI, (OP)_Aller<l Shnll 3.>. of cole Sle. Pmil. C nve n novel Wltso for not tiivnvcrliiR duosltons in court when ] lc wn& nrmlsfnpii on of tanking., ptatcglna corn! Thursday lion In- ' Cooler school ileln. Matthews of '10 to (i. Tliis was the first g.ime of Ihe •iisnii for tlie local tram. Raise 80 Bushels of Wheat, Get §25,577 MILKS CITY, Mont. tUPl-Cus- cr Coiint.v'.s "jiot-inisiiig'- wm lulustry came pretty'expensive Io Boveinment this yft,r, imnl , . Judge. J nn "Thc a fool." lie told the -.- police said so" He was ordered hew for (rial Poisons Child SPRINGFIELD. Mo (UP) If llucy's Coach I'nimlar Bcrnle Moore, new I.,. S. u. football coach and Iluey Long's latest addition lo his ranks of ."yci" men, is a great fellow and a fine coach. At leasl you can lake il that way from whal Burns Bennett, former Pine Illuir high student and drum major (when ituey Is not clolna tb e leading? of L S. u.'s fine band. Eugene'Wiley, who does Musi Sporting Around" for the Pine fihill Commercial, writes: ....He's l.lic most popular coach on the campus," continues Ben- ncti, declining to accept our in- vilntlon lo dash oil n few lint's on Ihe lalesl Long gridiron oxli-a- viiBaiw.ii. but obliging vocally -with he real lowdown on tho Tiger ligbcr-ups. -A prince of a fcU ow— this. Moore." says Beimel I ' tie's .produced a bunch of na- lioiial track stars In addition to coaching (he. frosli down there aiid lies tlie must popular coach on Ihe campus." "Now nilT's all tight," |, P fur- fhei- ooniinenls. referrhi"- to (lie resinned "Bill" ,10110.,. who stuck n Phi in Ifnej":-, prestlco balloon Ijclween halves of Ihe Oregon game nnd resigned !„ short order unl he novci- snys-'nuythlng lo w plm-ers-jiist hug.'; the side-" lines and lellr. the nsslstfiiils what lo do. " mixer," McKenncy Finds Bridge Was Played First in This Country Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WM. K. MCKK;\NI:Y Secretary, American Bridge I.eajuc One of bridge's most enthusiastic followers in New York Is Frank Crowninshhld, editor of Vanity Fair, who recently loaned me an old bridge bonk entitled "The Bridge Fiend." It was published In 1009. and I believe he Is its' author. I found a fact in the hnnk which I Ihoiiglil WHIM Interest you. I| rverylhins- bill I'- S. anxious y-. nidn't Want Ti U. football. -plovers were to Imve Ray Mon-ison n-son tutor of the Southern Methodist Mustangs, ns their -new tntor. But Kay, whose speclacular aerial circus at S. M. I,,, ",', '", "" U ' nns sent into the front rank or the don's coaches Just, couldm '•• S- U. without Boiling too n Rllmiiso of riucy. him Bargain || r9r cr Skins SEATTLE (UP)-A beaver was worth a musket in each- 'lading days, but 95G of them fn r sold , em soin far only $3,125 at a recent fcdcra Alaska by Government appraisers I hem al $8.000. In the customs service, valued Ihe Porngnays popiilallon was reduced 80 per cent during the flve- yenr war of thc Tr | ple A1 | lnnco i«G5-l8in. Thc piopm-Cion of men Io women sit Ihe end of iln- wir was one to seven. always thought bridge was played in England before it was known !n America, but according to this took, there are good grounds fo the assertion " introduced biul. Henri T. to that America - was bridge before Eng- Baruey, it. Is pointed Q J 10 S A J S S 4 1(1 4 2 4 A 6 V K 7 4 2 • Void + AKS1 53 Duplicate—E. n '»l W, Souih West Xorlli 1 4 Pas* i ^ 'Pass 2 N. T. •1 4 l'as-1 C 4 Opening lead—y q. vul. 'Today's Contract Problem ,Ji? Uth , '» I'laylns tl.e contract .at nix spades. West Whi» ""I r 60 " ° f •"'"•oaS! When and how ahonia the cliili suit )JC Blayed? ". ' *AKQ J VKQ7 » AKB Solution' In next issue. 20 West opened the queen of hearts, which was won in. dummy with the ace. -Some players mud? i), e mistake of leading ' out all' the trump.-., .trying for ' n sqiiccze ' nto* but there, Is. no siieh plnv in thK hnnct. ; Yon liuve two losing cards a ' hf-arl and a 'spade; there's onlvi one plnce to put them; Hint is oil' a new heavy- in j,,,ie when Max Bacr, ntovc, scored „ (C ch- nlcn! knockout over Primo car- Jiera in New York, ncii-noy now Woiv. won the lightweJ,lu crown from Tony Cnnzoneri. ' He also won the wsHw tide from .rimmy McLarnln. but lost It in a return Ixiut. tlie diamonds, your contract Is only for six odd; you need not iry for seven. Lead Hie king of diamonds discard n bean R ,, a let West' win with the ace. When he returns the jack of hearts, win win, the kins nnd l?ad a trump, winning in dummy with Ihe j, lc v : Play the <„,,,,,„ nr (liflmon(|s a id discard a heart. Now damoml, -rnir and then lead another club, winnint' In .lummy with ibc miccn. tmrnl." °-» th '' ee (iia " lral(ls nnd ""mil with .the nee of clubs He urn the king 0 , (,-„„„, ^ ; picks tip the last "trump and row you have thc good four of dia- ids fn dummy on which to discard the losing spade, Copyright, ism, NE A service. Inc.) Invited to Ski Meet TAHOE CITY, Cal (UP)—Fit leen-year-old .Kathleen; Anderson" Petite,, blonde .and blui-eyed Ti Hoe High School glvl an<| Cnlifor" nla women's cross-country ski race champion. hns : becn invited to it ™<1 the International Ski Meet to be held in Swif/erlami; Pel, .-,, JOE P. PRIDE Cr-rtlflPd Registered Engineer •General Engineering. Surveying, Mapping out. explained the game to his friends at the Whist club in New York in tlio early ptirt of 1894. n month or two before Lord nrougham explained il to mem- IKVS of Hie Portlnnd Club in England. So those who enjoy many hours of recreation through Ihe game of bridge owe a vote of thanks Io Mr. Bnrbey. the father of bridge in the United States. What a thrill those old-timers would get today out of contract. Imagine them sitting there bid- Wrestling Royal A WILD FIVRJMAN BATTLE n-,, .' Ro - v Wel <*, Schaoflcr, Emil Firpo and Ton,- L«,v 0 ' Two Sun-Ivors Io Meet in 2 Out of 3 F.nll, 2 ,, 0 ,, r Umil Five Orapplrrs Two OfTirials Almost Aiiylliln; r.nfs! Somrlhing Diflrrenl! ! i _ ____ ARMORY, MONDAY NITE News Musical—"Syncopated Citv' with Hal LeRoy and" Dorntriy Dare ding and ninklng a slam, sure that a lot of them I am would have fount! no difficulty in making today's hnnd, which -rome of the youngsters in a recent duplicate match missed. The J'l.iy Against a six-club contract check-ups showed today.' The lolal county prod'm-iion was 80 wishclis—whereas ih r Bovern- nent paid SM.M7 for US per coil f Ihe wheat that mis nnl raised i Cluster Connly this year. rJroulh condllions combined with Ihe rt,\A crop rediifiion program (o tv..,mt [„ nic lowest wheat •rop in Ihe country's fnimlng his- Adi. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSDKANCK DMT. ««« WJR .,? ovevnment P1 °w-U]) Certificates Highest Market Price -Immediate Cash Payment Or Will Buy On Call Advancing- $7.00 Per Bale-You Are Guaranteed Against Mai'lcet Decline LOUIS APPLEBAUM Ph ° ne 5G - 1{ * Blytheville, Ark. Give Your Old Car a Chance fhe old motor in on a Ford Factory Re-Built 4-Cylindcr $ri .so '51 8-Cylinder $rr.oo ROXY last Time Today MAT. S KITE— 10e - 25c TEX TAKES A Wallace MacDonald Carionn and Set-i;tl-_ . ,^s' "Myslcry Squailron" 5 Sunday - Monday A6REATHUMAN DRAMA 777 QUICK SERVICE STATION Complete Installed PHJLLIPS MOTOR CO.

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