The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1933
Page 3
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PAGfi FOUfe BlYTHEVliMMO, (ARK.) COUIUUH NEWS* SATUKDAV, SEPTEMBER 2, THE BLYTHEViLLE COURIER NEWS THS COURIER NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS O. B. BABCOCK, Editor • H. W. HAINE5, AdTCrtlslng Maniger Bole Nitons! Advertising Representatives: Ark»iis»s Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, IJltlo Rock. Publtshtd Every Afternoon Except. Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the posi office ut Hlythcvlllc, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 0, 1917. Served by the Untied Press. ii three-week period eliding mmv criminals were sen- pri-im in Chicago than in SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the Citj of Blythcvlllc, I5c iwr week or $6.60 per year I" »dvancc. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, 13.00 per year, $1.50 (or six months. 85c (or three months; by mall In" zones twu to .six, inclusive. 16.50 per year, In /ones seven nml dulil, $10.00 pa year, payable in advance. The Little Fellow Ceis a Chance There eaint- In I hi-, desk the nllioi 1 day n copy of a Slnvnk MPwspiijicr, printed in McKcosport, hi., :'ov circulation among Slovaks in Anierfcai; industrial cities. To the eyes of :\ native Amei'icmi it had ;\ sliMiitfo, foi'L-ijtn !i;i;u!;tr;iiKv. It bore ilie natiio of "S;im(wl:iliK>st", it wis printed in nil incoivurrchrnsiWc tongue, ami ii seemed to be just llio sort of publication tlint. somrfiim'.i makes a 100-per center wonil-.'r if tlic natioiiiil mcltmn pot is ever jfning to Anieric;inixe mir foreign-!^)'.'!' citizens. But tlie editorial jingo proiuily bore <i lai'^e NRA rairlc; and i.iiuk'r it, in English, ^ there was a d n| iHe-cuUiMUi editorial which summed up tlie aims and policies of the NRA projffiim H'S well as the must devout pal nil!, could ' wish. • • ' * * * In it the editor undertakes to tell American Slovaks what they can do to make the program n success. His remarks arc worth quoting:. "First," he says, "Franklin D. Roosevelt i? set to re-establish a truly fair balance again between American employer and American employe, Inil it stands to reason that such Ircmcnd- ous readjuslment cannot be done overnight. Therefore, lei us (jive him our faith and confidence that in due piii- ccs.s he will do so, and our understanding that it must be done gradually. "Second, the least we can invi> Ui i daring lighter, like our president, is our confidence and trust that he \v'l! win, and what he helps n; to earn, let us throw il back into circulation, that more and more of the little I'd lows, like we arc, shall have a chance to earn and spend a^ain ;un) in, so doing this nation might go full speed anew, in full production and in full consumption. "So we print today in our masthead the sacred insignia ol' the NKA.' * * » If our foreign-language newspapers arc printing advice of that kind, the 100 per center can stop worrying right now. You might be able to smooth out the wording of that editorial a lit 1 .!:, but you couldn't improve on the general spirit of it if you tried all woel;. —Bruce Cation. Chicago Fighls Back One bit of news which has gone almost unnoticed in the past few weeks is the fact Hint' Chicago seems at last to be making a determined ell'ort to get her not'iiiinis imd'jrworld under control. During Aug. 2b, tenced I D any similar period in Chicago's history. it took the courts just one day lo convict the murderer of a polite- man and sentence him, to death. All in all, 207 thugs were sent off to prison. II would hi; easy lo gel to:) enthusiastic about this, of course. Neither Chicago nor any oilier American city will permanently solve its underworld problem unlil it tackles such problems as poverty, pour housing and political corruption which created lllc underworld in the lirsL place. Hut it is at least vncouriiging to note thai Chicago is at last handling her criminals willi- oul gloves. — N. K. A. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark \ Ethical Brewers A code of t'Uiii's has utjcn drawn up for Hie brewer.-' of (lie country; and it contains a few jwragraphs tliat make interesting refilling. One provide'; that lircvvcrs will nol directly or indirectly sell beer to unlicensed outlets or to people who are in any way evading local, state or national laws governing the retailing of beer. Anothc'r provides that no olVicer or director of a brewery may liavo any - connection, either as partner, oilicer or stockholder, in a place engaged in Iho retailing of beer. Here arc two exceedingly sensible provisions. If the bre.wers had adhered to them strictly in the days before 1!)20, there would have been lens reason for the experiment with a national prohibition law. —N. E. A. want to discourage his talent." Wins -title Golf Medal With a 76 CHURCH fiXCSUES Then said Jesus nnlo his disciples. If any would come after mo, Id him deny himscll, and take up his cioss and follow me. T n in the bread of lift. II any man e?.t nf this bread he shalt live forever. ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY Committee. The \iublic. through the NUA's WooUlefJi revolution, cnn lift civilizutinn lo yrealct 1 heights Ihnn 11 lins ever known before. —A. L. Rairn. , ficltl co-onlinator of NRA. .* » * Educitlion is n matter ot opportunity, religion is 11 inntlcr ol opinion, but cluuiictcr Is cs- sniillnl in nil walks of life. —Mrs. August lielniont. * * v It (Ilie U. S. constitution) has hren tlllwl a bit Inlely; but It's too hie (o be iiirnccl over by mi'iv who arc sinnllcr tlnn those who v-role it. —Supreme Court Justice Win. 11. lllnrk ol New York. * ~ •* v I'ocls arc almost ahvnys bald \vhrn (hey yi'l lo nlMiil -10. They BO talcl liyini; to find rhymes in this language which has so few ihyiucs. —John Mnselleld, iioct-lnurciile ot Knglaud. Fasting Found to Be Of Little Help Curing Disease BY !)!!. iHOKKIH MS II I! KIN' ; «iy for long pcrlodr, of time. Editor, Juurnal uf Ilic AJIM-I ic.m • Very close lo the fasting fnd. Ncdlral Assotialion, and of Hy- | dlsts are those who subsist, as A Bi-lii. Mic Health Magazine , J. D. Cameron siy.5, on "monodiels. To or to do without, food h,is , Tiu:,e ave people who eat breai ^cen more or less a custom ot i and water alone, or fruit juice groups of mankind from a very i alone, or gra|K3 alone, or any other early day. Fasting is continually] single food substance with the Idea being revived us i\ fad Ijy groups [ tlmt it leads to n specific cure, or unenlightened thinkers in ttiei It is safe to say that no one Might, to last purely on the basis THIS CURIOUS WORLD - HE SERVED FORTY TWO YfAfiS IN TWO FRENCH POISONS, WITH HIS FACE HIDDEN BEHIND AN /RONMASH/ ONLY A FEW HIGH GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS KNEW WHO J i HE WAS. HE DIED IN PRISON, AND WORE T THE /UASK. TO HIS GRAVE. TO THIS DA/ HIS IDENTITY \S A SECRET/ nniisli Women's Golf champion for tlic past Ihreo years, Miss Enid Wilson (above) opened her drive for the American title by ecurine a r°cord-brcaking 70 to win tlie qualifying medal In the nu'.ional women's championship at Highland Park, 111. Read Courier news v/ant Ads, fte GOLDEN- CRGSTED WREN, OF EUROPE, WEIGHS NO AVORE THAN A S4NGLE FA5LE FEATHEP.! 9-2 "The Man in the Iron Mask" first started serving time on t Isle Sainle Marguerite, in tlie Mediterranean, in 1061. For 29 yci'-l lie remained there, and was then rcnnvcd to the Basilic, in Pai Only once did he try lo reveal himself lo the outside world. :••• scratched a message on a plate and threw it out Ihe window. l.|i| It was picked lip by a man who could not read, and li over to a guard. -NKXT; What If the world's large*t Spanish speaking city? Copperhead Hia in Hay HADLEY, Mass, i UP)—A 28-inch} copperhead snake was hidden in an armful of hay which Luther Barstow picked up in his barn. The snake mawe no disturbance until the hay was dropped, then I it was speedily killed. Buslqn Directory larger BOSTON. (UP)—The 1933 Be ton City Directory, ju*t off t ;: press, is 80 pages fatter than 1:': year's. The princijre' reason ? that this year tile given names f. uives are .fcTacketqd along wir the namss of husbands. | LOV€ »—-<^' V V. ' O to last purely j ot s notion that it may nelp him. ; After a phyniclan 3ms esninined a i iiaticnt and understands tliorcughly . the patient's metabolism, he can medical field. One hears the strange notion t!:at everybody ought to fast nt least ooncc encli months for !M hours t. give Ills stomach a rest. Actually, the stomach is n creature of habit and puts on an act o! ; tell whether or nol the limitation oiTitatlon with plenty of hunger joC the patient's too;! is going o be pains tt-hcn it does no; get its nc.- j n useful measure, cnslomed nutriment sit the usiuil' He can also select foods on the basis of (heir reactions in the human body, and on the basis of the necessities of the patient for health building materials. A sebctbn made on a scientific basis is much more likely to be helpful to the patient than doing \vithout food en- honr. The question Hint concerns the doctor more particularly is whethci or not there is any advantage to fasting in periods of illness. Fad- c*!sls have advocated fatting for the cure of every type of disease from acne to xerophthalmin. ft is safe lo dismiss fasting at once as a cure- all. It will not cure my disease as a specific remedy. There is im advantage hi keeping anyone liuii- lircly and snfTci'ing unnecessary pa his for the fintisfaction of feeding a tancy. Gold bonds to the approximate lotnl value of 86 billion dollars nrc outstanding in (he United States; the gold iii the world amounts to about 11 billion dollars. In the NRA Swim Thc great majority of detective stones are Fcolhinc rather than exciting. They acl as a sedative for the tired bushu^s man. —Kay Mars Simpson. Chicago psychologist. 'Hef ir y George, political economist, born. OUT OUR WAY journalist, DEAC I\_\. USAME. IT FflQi-iT AT HOOSE. F£C? SOO - X Go BV TI--AT WAV. 1789--Treasury * croanued under Alexander I Li mil tc - trie guytnat Andrew Mellon- us^d to \>e compare! to. ARM'S ! BlGt VMHEM l-\OW "TO A champion championing the cause ot national recovtry is MarRaret Hoffman, of WiUes barre. 1'a., holder of .Irte world" 200-yard uw|ni.-record. When itn »Ue at woris ji NKA (Anwers on link • r:i;i\ uriiF, TODAY r.\f. [lAAI.F.S.H. vrrdr a*. fctitnnt £• E.1IILK HAIINKy, Cil- vcnUEa:; muua^cr of lli\lij'« dr- partmmt Mforr, Miarrirs HICK l.'ntfcnt trmpornrllr xrorV'ii^ Ic l.nkc City. IHrW iTanls Kve «o SAM HOf'KnlllKF, rin advrrtii- Irifr IIJIIR employed Ijj- anullirr 1U*I»>V, liat *hc fancier hcrcHf Hllim hVs lietn Tnnilied hy SIOA'A Al.hKV blond rnpr writer. VVKfcinK telllnpr Dirk, r.rt >ic- Rln* iilnylnir the alnfk mnrkct on borrowed money. JJii'k i* fre- imenlly »hnent frniu TIGRIS ere- ninc* ^Md «ffer» no CTplniinlinn fnr hlft nfcscnce. Thti worries j:ve. M.I1IYA TI/AD. fnxMnn nrtl*l at lli\I>y** t annonKrefl tlim sbc l« to KOW li'O O\ WITH Till: STOHY CHArTER XXIV TMIE announcement of JIarya's marriage plans came as a distinct shock to Eve, The girls had j worked together for several years. Marya was blessed with a tranquil lisposilion that often served as oil in tlio troubled waters of. office rials. For a while Marya luui been watching sales and uiakirg pur chases tor her hope chest, for ii was a tradition among Marya's to monthly omnlctQ the purchase ot their! to the Art Museum .where they en j ionic. joyed the organ recital. ' ' housh only in the uiiddlc tv.'cntlrs, tay and Marya v;c:'0-'tn'E[.ir( itiar- ied life with no debts esce^t the p.nymrnts arranged cite with the hp.lo of white vlotels wlili Eve had wonted to buy. Evo and Dick ate a late dinnc and then strolled through the i Marya and Ray had asked Rvc ind Dick to drive out to see the louse before (he liual papers were sisued. Dick dec-lured it to be well milt nml, according to the prevail- ng market, a gootl buy. Kve thought tlio house w;is perfect and she came back to (he apartment with a wistful longing for such a lionic of her own, "Never mind, sweetheart!" Die-It told her. "You'll probably get everything you want some day but you can't expect il all at once." "Yet - , am] now I have my career," Ere answered, Instantly optimistic, "f.olg of women "who spend their days with diistmops and ironing hoards would bo glad to exchange them for a chance at a job like mine. Resides they say everything conies to him who waits." "That's right," Dick agreed "—If he keeps busy ivliilo he's waiting!" And so Evo helped Mavya shop ilurins; their noon hours. Arlenc never accompanied them on these shopping trips. "HoncElly," Arlsne confided to people that a bride should go to | Kn - " l ^ n ' 1 ™ r!i "» mlldl cxcit « her bridegroom with a complete mmt orer household doowhackets .... . . . 1 i'n .... i,. .....u ....1:1 ' T'.*. mr equipment of linens, cooking utensils and silver. ' Marya's parents dso purchased her dining room uriiitiire as a wedding gift. An uncle invited her to choose a liv- iiiK roo-n suite -s bis gift. Marya 5 to lake to her new home the bedroom furnishings that had been hers since her 2Ist birthday. Thus the new homo yould he practically equipped. Marya and Hay hail spent many Sundays stopping houses in new allotments. Marya had always maintained that she wanted a little gray bungalow when she married but a red brick homo fancy. driving about tho city, now and then to look at I'll probably wait,until I'm 100 •ards the other side ot the altar ml then go on a buying spree! The advantage of that will be that 1 have the very last word in floor- vaxers and washlines, I suppose!" The week beforo Enatcr Marya net Hay daily for luncheon. Eve •nid Arlciie attended Lenten services each noon. On Good Friday licy Mr. iiiiby coming from [ho church and Eve's heart warmed toward the white-haired old man Marya's wedding took placo nen clay. Evo felt that she would neve orget the lovely picture Mary; nade as she came ijown tho aisl- if the church on the arm of he- ' vhllc-haircd father. Tho orgaj||] vns sending forth the strains be bridal chorus from "LoliC.~_ ;rin." Evo brushed her eyes witl),j i wisp of iacc handkerchief \vhii|i Arleno let the tears roll fraukli- : j lown her cliceks. | : j Marya wore a severely simplfl while satin frock with long tish'l sleeves and n long train. Her vcf'.f was arranged cap fashion above 1 broad white forehead. She. carriei' a sheaf ot catla lilies. The, alta; was banked with Easter lilies, am/:l seven-branch candelabra lighted] the path, of the bride. Marya harj but two attendants — fair-hair*!. cousins gowned in pink and blu. lace frc-cks. After tho ceremony there was ; reception. Later '.hat evcolnii Marya changed into n. dovo grnSl traveling costume trimmed wilitj Huffy gray fox. And beforo anyon<*a was awaro of it siie and Hay hat!l slipped away from llio cllier* ':n,\ (led in a taxi to the Union Slatioi whero they boarded a train fo New York. I-alcr as Evo and nick went llio steps of Mrs. ])roo!;s' they heard their telephone, r.. "Wonder if something ia wrons oi'J the job." Dick said as he filtesi thr 1 key into the lock. Kve was amazed lo he,v that l!ii call was for her. "This is thfd Times advertising department.'I - - -— -- c;>t "° the voice over flic wire. "\Vi,\ 13 he bowed to them with dignity. |nje caliin K nlwut (he Bi.iby adverii tisement for tomorrow. Mr. said he left the coiiy with you thi.f completely capturcil her There was R hoamcd celling in the story-and-a-halt living room. The dining room was elevated a trille with a wrought iro:i ban- -nisler beside its three stops. In one bedroom the walls were paneled with an English garden sccuo ami here she planned to place her mi hosany bed, usinc '* 'igu' green spread and draperie3. In t!ie other bedroom gay nasturtiums lraile( over the walls. This room wa: have furniture enameled green. Colorful floral wall paper ndorneil the breakfast room. The recreation room lu the basement appealed to flay. There was a nursery iip- Etairs with cunning Mother Uooss figures on the wall and light pink woodwork and beside it was another well-lighted room which would serve *a Marya'a itudlo. It really seemed to ba an Ideal home. Kor Ray's parents it was the culmination of yeirs of thrift In know ihit their son coulil pur- cbSje such R house. Ever since he had received hi? fi"t earnings Ray's father- and mother, had cenrbed hlra to prepare for a future lx>»» tt <** "''*• H «°"' "Tho old lamb!" said Arleue. 'To think I usually tremble in my boots when he enters the office!" Saturday Marya spent her last afternoon. We've been trying set you all evening. Our ileadlin day at the store. She had worked ' industriously to prepare advance' drawings so that tho advertising office cojjld run smoothly for a week in case they found no one to lake her place immediately. Marya's eyes were raisty when she finally, cleared her desk and packed ".ier personal belongings. Several girls from other departments camo In to bid her goouby and Barnes called her Into his pri- •'ale oflko for a brief session. Then it was closing lime and Marya. niaile a last survey of the familiar "Oh. Kve!" she cried, "I'm . *A<™™- 1 - 's nearly that now ; What shall we do?" Eve's knees seemed to'go limp 'How dreadful!" she exclaimed. " left the copy in an envelope- on m desk addressed to The Times. Ar you sure it wasn't there?" "Th'e boy said he and Barno lookeo. All over for it and then de cidcd you must havo taken it wit you," the voice answered. "Heavens! I'll have to try to go Into tho offico and tbe:i call back from there!" Eve answers' "Dick, Dick!" she cried, "tt'o'vt got lo go to tho store right awa:. to see If I can find the copy foi going loiiilsj you dreadfully! What tomorrow's Times. Oh. this is I do wUhont this office?" Eve I rlblc , Th< , ro . s a sp);c , a , Ea|(J sc]lei] a ulcd and it that ad Isn't in thtf morniug paper I'll loso my !>ut lirm arms about Marya and led her lo Hie locker room. A KTEn lunch Sunday, Kve and 1 l)icfc ioined-thc Easier parade on the avenue. The. »im shOM brightly and here and there before a pretentious home yellow and lar- cader crocuses raised their heads from tha green grass. Thsv EIW Moaa'Allsn waarinj i new black ccat. Uvf-h^y irimmcd n-;ih UlacV ,fos. Fr iimtng bjr face was the hat We've got to hurry— the deadline Is at 10:15 and there Isn't a mtnut<j to spare!" Dick got out the car and ti drove without a word until, made an abrupt stop at tho B entrance lo Uixby's. To Eve seemed forever beforo the nijhi! walchre-un arrived la »»s.wer her (rauttc (To Be

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