The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 27, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND fiOUTrlEAGT MISSOURI / ,-^ - ,§:' I ft ;":S VOL. XXXIV—NO. 8 RlyUievllle Cornier Blyllievllle Herald Blythpville Daily News Mississippi Valley Lcadis: IILYTHKVILLR, AKKANSAS, SATURDAY, MARCH ; 27, 1037 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS" ROUT ITALIAN TROOPS Automotive Strike Negotiations App a.r c n 11 y Making Progress IiANSINCI. Mich., Mill". 21 (UP) —Gov. Frank Murphy todav expressed hope for a ".settlement in (he near future" as he brought Walter P. 'Chrysler and John L. Lewis together a'?aln In efforts to -settle the stril:-? iti Charter's automobile plants. ' The yovirnor's advisors indicated (hat if the' meetings are adjourned this afternoon (hey will not be resumed until the middle of next week. It was believed that the calling in of the union board of strategy presaged the presentation of a plan for settlement of the strike. • This board must pass upon any settlement before it can ire signed by capital and labor. In the capital Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, who has been in touch with the turbulent Michigan labor situallon by telephone. expressed confidence that the dispute would bs settled over the week-end—"possibly within a few hours." Indications that the manufac- ' turer and. the chairman of the Committee for Industrial Organization were' drawing nearer to agreement on the United Automobile Workers' demand for sole collective bargaining rights were seen in the. summoning of the union's strike board of strategy into the meeting. :,Thnt occurred, a 1 few minutes Hickory Flat School Strike Unsettled FLAT. Miss, Miy, 27 [UP)—Parents of students in this small community's consolidated school today hop;d for a weekend settlement of the controversy j which caused the pupils lo strike. Members of ^the board of education, however, refused to rescind their action in firing six of the fihool's nine teachers. The striking students demanded reinstatement of the teachers. Parents and students were attempting t'o change the minds of school trustees, while the trustees CM)ected parents to "see the light" and tend their classes Monday. There were approximately 2CO enrolled In' high and lower grades. "lie I? Risen" j|PT[D'C TUCMr riln r n h nr V r LflU I L II U lllLIVlL INIHE All Congregations Will Celebrate Resurrection Tomorrow S.diutL New Orleans Ship, Bound For Yokohama, In Distress In Pacific before the Conference recessed: for "I'-lunohtoii'.tond as-."Murphy,.- showing ' the/strain of; ,tlie - ipngfjiy . ] Jtiscilss_ion5'".'antt'."Siiffe'rlrig. from' a "'. Jicav'jp™ cold, said: ...""' ''' j "We liael a very satisfactory session this morning." • The governor indicated that'the conference, resuming at 2 P. M., would continue for at least three hours despite the undisguised desires of Lewis and Chrysler to spend the Easter holiday in New York City. SEATTLE. Mar. 27 I UP)—The Lykes Biothers 1 freighter Volunteer, sent out repeated calls for ]iclp today repartius that It. was taking water rapidly through a hole In its No. One hold. The position was given as 550 miles southeast of : Yokohama. The Vcluntecr's pumns had dog- ced and were usrless according to the messages. The SOS messages were intercepted by the Glob; wireless and Mackay radio hi San Francisco and in Honolulu and Seattle by the United States Coast Guard service. The Volunteer carried a crew cf 30 under command of Capt. M.«. W. : Gelderl : of New Orleans Date Set for Hearing on Bogus Check Charge CARUTHERSVILLE, • Mo. — Preliminary hearing for a man givina his name ns H. W. Smith, about 50, who was arrested last week at Osceola, Ark., after, he had allegedly passed bogus $10 travelers' checks, has been set for next Thursday, April 1, before Justice A. Elliott, here. Smith was apprehended after John Aliern of Ihis city and Deward Smith of Steele, oil station operators, had .followed him into Arkansas after he cashed one of the checks at their Steele station. A companion :of Smith's eluded Osceola officers and lias not yet been apprehended. [Mm r t Avhere the ship operates, it., .was... bound.; for,,Cobe.'; Japan and' due's'there-'March" 10.> The .disabled stejimer is proceeding toward Cobe under, reduce speed. Geldert advised the Lykes broth- Orleans by e ship said 'was In No. One hold and that a Japanese freighter, 240 miles away, was-proceeding to the Volunteer's aid at a speed of 18 knots. Geidert's'message was picked up in Cobe by a Mr. Everett, Lykes Brothers' agent, and relayed to Ihe office here. l~ I'LL T€Lj YOU radiogram today. The master of feet of Beginning with a sunrise ser vice and continuing throughout' Ihe day. Blytheville will celebrate! Easter tomorrow with activities in which members of all faiths will participate; The religious service Will climax a series of pre-Eastcr activities In the various churches which have , kept the entire city aware that Easter is tomorrow. While the various Christian congregations observe the anniversary of Christ's resurrection. Jews here and throughout the world are ce'lcbatliig Passover In memory of Israel's deliverance from Egyptian bondage. Early'-'Morning Services Just as the sun rises at C o'clock in the morning (If Ihe weathei man is kind) five of the churches will give the people nn opportunity to begin the day by worshiping. The First Methodist, the Lake Street Methodist, the First Pres-! tylerian. the:First Christian and the First Church of the Nazarcnc are cooperating in this service, •vhlch Is to commemorate the dnj of Christ's greatest victory. : °rvice will' be held at tho First Presbyterian church which will be appropriately decorated. A large cross banked on all side 1 , flowers and foliage will oo C"pv the center of the pulpit platform. Worshipers will bring (lowers, which are lo be placed at the foot of the cross. Tliess be taken to the hospital and to' shut-ins after the service, which, will be climaxed with a lif:-dedicalipn . feature.._r Mrs."- Joe"G. Tneschrniui will. Sivc a. 'vocal solo and a united choir will sing. They Rev. Carroll Cloyd r pastor- of--the' First-Chiis= tion church,''will speak briefly. The First Baptist church will Lee's 'Demotion' Stirs Admirers Court Reorganization Program Will Also Receive Attention WASHINGTON, Mill. 27 (DPI — 1'rcsldent liooscvelf returned to the capital lodny, refreshed and Invlanniled' by a two wech.s rcsl und prepared foi 1 Immediate •conferences wllh congressional leaders on problems arising from sit- down strikes ami his judiciary have ,n sunrise service Tor members. beginning ils at 6:30 o'clock, when "The Tnic Meaning of the Resurrection" will -be the! theme of the. brief message lo be I given by Chester Swor, who I? I conducting a series of special ser- 1 vices. The young people have I WASHINGTON, Mar. 27 (UP) — Otitlook Is For: Generally Fair but Snappy Wealh-' er Tomorrow . sponsored these services. There will be no i rain on Easter . In all of. the .Sunday Schools • Sunday, the United- States: weather the resiUTectlon will he the theme studied by both children mid srown-ups. These studies will be followed by church services at (he usual hours. . Faster Kg,; Hunt bureau said today. The reason— it will be too cold to rain. If there Is any precipitation in (scattered areas, the wcnthc'r bur- I cnu re|x>rtcd. it BY - BCB - BURNS __ U. S. and Alabama Company Join in Asking High Court Action WASHINGTON. Mar. 27 (UP) — Solicitor General Stanley Reed today joined the Charles C. Steward Machine company of Alabama in asking the supreme court to hand down ari early ruling on constitutionality of unemployment insurance provisions of the Social Security Act. Rfed's request, coupled with the fact, that the tax imposed by the federal law. has been approved by the fifth circuit court of appeals, was regarded as almost certain to result in an announcement by the. court Monday that it will entertain the case. Reed, in asking the review, said that the case squarely presented Ihe single issue of the constitutionality of the taxes imposed In Hollywood is supposed lo be the headquarters for romance, but my idea of real romance Is the kind we have down home. They become .sweethearts in the seventh grade and at the finish of school, they get married and live happily ever after. The romance here in Hollywood is a different brand entirely. As some comedian fella said "They meet on Monday, get engaged ou Tuesday, get married on Wednesday, see their lawyer Thursday, and get dlvoreed Friday, and on Saturday, they meet to talk' over old times." One actor out hero had gone with so many girls that lie had « name for beln' fickle. When he ve nl in to buy the engagement rl| )g. the jeweler thought "Well "I last he's found the right girl.' He. w as Sl!rc 0( jt whon (hc '.- htm lo engrave on Ihe ring TO my Darling Louise." c boy asked how soon get the ring and the Jeweler told him it would take •wo weeks. The boy thought . a while and then he says "Well, maybe you'd jest better engrave To My Darling.' " th " he couid e social security law. Pilgrim Lutheran church will i form of snow observe the .Lord's resurrection with a communion service, beginning at 1U o'clock. The pastor, the Rev. H. J. Klcindienst, will speak on "The Empty Tomb." For n musical number Mrs. Kleindie be in the Over most of Ihe United States, however, the weather will be generally fair—but snappy. The bureau advised promenaders to lay out some heavy coats. Temperatures over most of the will sing. "I Know thoT" uiy" Rc-i Eilst wl " m " EC from 30 to 40 deemer Livcth." r rom HiiiideH's! dEgn!cs ' Cml l lll3d wl11 .' (tllr| V strong Messiah. The KUlld of. this church will have an egg hunt for the children of the day and Sunday schools on 'he erounris of the school at 2:30 P. M. The First Methodist church will winds In many sections. The cold area will extend southward almost to the Gulf of Mexico. Snow flurries were forecast for the Allegheny mountains. Tomorrow will l» one of the ccldest Easter Sundays in many years, the bureau said, which Is conclude its evangelistic meeting I s . (Continued on Page Three) ! " Ot , Arising in view of the fact Soil Conservation Sign-Up Campaign Will Start Next Week - A county soil conservation com mittee consisting of C. C. Lane;- ston. chairman. Otto Bradbm-j and John Denrdcn, with Join Smothcrman as alternate, wn: elected Friday afternoon at i meeting attended by 48 cominun ity committeemen representing all parts of the northern district^ of the county. L. H. Autrcy, superintendent 'of schools at Burdcttc, who represented Ihe County Farm Bureau Appcarliii; In Ihe best of health and spirits, tho president stepped from his .special train lit 11:03 A. M., nflor nn overnight, trip from Warm Spriifgs. On., where he hud spent a fortnight ot relaxation In. preparation for n month of lumi work . before lenvlii'j for a CMilf fishing (rip. Foremost among problems facing Ihe chief cxcciillve was the crisis mused by the wave of sit- down strikes which have aroused srcnl concern unions congressional leaders. Mr. Roosevelt will meet later to- light, with leaders of house and senate to seek a solution of the abor crisis, particularly the so called "shap-slrlkes" Which have paralyzed dozens of factories. During the week-end Mr. lioosc- velt Is expected to discuss strate- ;y in his Judiciary reorganization drive with leaders of house and senate. He also Is expected to devote some time to; Consideration of h special .message on relief—wind probably will be sei)t to congrcs within a week or ten days—h which liu will make rccommenda lions for appropriations for feil ernl Job making funds for the 103 fiscal Mai, Hits at Lowell - CLEVELAND, Mar -M vtUPf- A 'F Whltncj picsiduit of tin Brotherhood of Railroad .train men, today sent Mi telegram M President Roosevelt criticizing demand by Dr. A. Lawrence" Lowell, president of Harvard university, that federal action should be lakcn to ciid sit down strikes. Whitney charged Hint Dr.' Lo^v- cll "and other . reactionary Bos- tonlans" who Were condemning sit down strikes and .predicting ignominious end of Democratic government "If they arc iiot outlawed" were of the same "cl!auc that Icfcntcd Massachusetts ratification of the child labor amendment." REPORT! TO Situation Fuithei Sl'iain/a by Repoits of Ne'w Ne*u-, tiality Violations' ,»" A new bailie of 'slumps lui's urisen tn Washington, this time over (he "domollon" of Gen Robert li. Lcc on tile new -l-i'ciu army stamp showing the Confederate commander <ind Gen: "Stonewall' Jail>iou Only two slins of n Civil Wni' liL'uk'miiU general, Imtond of three of :i (ull-ncdgcd, appcni on Lee's collor, ns this piclurc of a parl of ( stamp reveals, It's n rnnk outrage s.iy cielinn- crs of Lee, to "break" Ihegieal general on a stomp lhal's supposed lo hom>{ him at the national Pasadena. Calif., convention nt addressed the Chicayo Wheat that Easter comes early this year. | Probably the coldest Enstcr in recent years was that on April 1, 1023, when the temperature drop- open high low close P° <1 to about 15 above zero. May 140 1-5 143 140 1-0 142 5-sl Tll<; forecast fcr southwestern Jul 126 1-2 129 126 1-4 128 7-Si stales indicated continued cold weather with temperatures In the Chicago Corn open high low close May 145 118 1-2 114 •<-:] 118 3-8 Jul 109 1-2 112 7-8 109 3-8 112 3-4 low thirties and of snow. scattered flurries Nickel Traded for Dime ' CLEVELAND (UP)—A year ago. when doctors removed a nickel which had lodged In the throat! NEW YORK. Mar. 27 (UP) of the lour-year-old son of Mrsi^"**' 5 nrmc d In dull trading to- Bcrtha Benson, they asked per- ' " R •""•-"'"'""' >«»•<mission to keep it ns a souvenir. The boy made such a fuss about the loss of the nickel that they gave him a dime to quiet him He still has the > dime. 111,480 Bales Ginned • In Pemiscot County StOCk Pt'iCCf'l CARUTHEUSVILLE, Mo.— [Maury Zarecor, statistical cotton New Orleans Cotton NRW ORLEANS, Mar. 27 (UP) — Unfavorable weather in (lie southwest cotton belt and anxious covering by speculators who sold on Thursday's gold rumors sent the cotton market up 12 to 18 points today. May July Ccl Dec Jan March Spots closed steady at 1442, up thirteen. day. U. S. ent bonds open high low closet 1395 H02 1392 H02 1383 1392 1381 1390 1339 1349 1336 1.348 13-il 1359 1340 1350 1342 1351 , 1342 '1351 1344 1332 1M4 1352 made moderate gains. Other bonds were Irregularly lower. May and July v;hcat and all com positions made new highs. Cotton made small gains. A T and T 169 1-2 Anaconda Copper ...... 69 1-8 Belhlehem Steel 97 Chrysler 125 J-2 Coca Cola 160 General Electric 51 7- General Motors 63 1-8 International Harvester 103 McKesson-Robbtns 153-4 Montgomery Ward 603-4 New York Central si Packard n Phillips Petroleum 55 1-8 Radio Con' 11 1- St . Louis-San Francisco 4 1-: Simmons Bed ..': 541-2 Standard of N J ...... ,71 Texas Co —... 593.4 Tgent for Ihls county, yesterday released his final .ginning report for Pemiscot comity for 193C. disclosing that total production for the year was 111,480 bales. This is a record production for Ihe county, and comes close to the advance estimate of 112,000 bales for the county. In 1935, there were only 69,688 bales ginned in Ihe county. meeting on farmers' organi/a- llons. A schedule of community meetings next week at which fanners will be given the opportunity to sign work sheets for the 1937 federal program was approved by the committccmcn al this afternoon's session. The meetings, all of which will be at 7:30 p. m. In the usual community meeting places, will be held as follows: Tuesday, March 30—New Liberty. Gosncll and Forty and Eight. Wednesday. March 31—Pawliccn Blackwatcr and Yarbro. Thursday, April 1—Brown Spur, Lost Cane and Tomato. Friday, April 2—Hickman, Dell an<l Wliisp. Monday. April 5—Manila, Half Moon and Lenchvillc. Tuesday. April 6 — Blytheville (courthouse), Buckeye and morel. Ar- Will Face Beer 1 Sale HILL HE TO SfflE Landowners Will Ask Revocation of Certificate for Power Line fyiotoi Company Head Suc- cunibs 'Aftei \Veeks Illness Sev era I 27- Sun- LEACHVILLE.- Ark. Mar Services' will be held : hci"c day :for .W.. V. P,ls?gs,. .40, president of the Rlggs Motor company I'ord dealers, who died , at his home here. Friday afternoon after several weeks illness. Born In Finger, Term., Mr. lived nt Kennctt, Mo., for f number of years before coming to Lenchvillc to found the Rtggs Motor Co. Associated with him in this enterprise was his son-in- law. Nelson Henry Surviving him arc his mother, Mrs. Sarah Hlggs, of Lcachvlllc, his widow, n son, Van Riggs Jr. and four daughters, Bllllc and Mrs. Nelson Henry, of Leachvllle, and Mrs. Oaltls Hall and Mrs. E.• H. Randol, of Kcnnett. The funeral will be held at the home at 2:30 Sunday afternoon. Burial will be at Kciinclt. 11) United ,...„ Another defeat of Italhn troops -Hit second Ihls wcsV—fighting nIoniMde S|-anlsh rebels, was claimed by Ihe loyalists on ttii Pc/o Uliinco front south of Madrid, vvliuo the c,lvil vvai activities vftol-' cicd toda> i •• Ihe leftist Iroops lepoited fioiu Anilujar tlmt 10000 Italians hiftT b'ni imited In noith Cordpba , pioUnco on that front Th; tide : of LaUlc sttmiK back and fort,\i Loyalists flrit announced an ai- lack The i cue-Is desperately launched a counlci -attack find the lojallsl*- <'nlnicd Ihcy threw Uieli foes buck In Intensive arlillci), Infant!) and ncilal combat Itcuuri More ItiHiins Coming The lojnllsi picss at Valencia \Mir capital cm the Medlteinvji- ran gave piomlncncc to dispatches nseillmj lhal ItnVj was planning; to uish 100000 additional soldlerf, lo Siialn lo aid the seemingly weakened icbelb |f|t<- ihcj claimed further tlmt Gel-" 1 nm'Vj vvas \lolallng the interim? llonal non-lntcrvenUou agreement picsimmblj effective as of Febfu'- ai> JO, and alleged the Reich was using Plllau, In East Prussia,',.Ss a 1 use lol shlplmnts of Mai m^- tcilal lj 11,2 ^nnntsh insuigenis Ocrmans Send Supplies ' * At London the'Italian cmbissyj i 'Ruled pub'lslicd reports thai r Its] hid given fresh assurance to Great Biitnln th!\^ Rome would retrain fiom dispatching nioro troops, to Pght^ln Spain s conflict iT^i|,ttal-'- lan rrntcndon \\ns that^ any re- oMii-njic^inoi^oiild jnijlcai^ithevp. MKI bcei\f vlolnttng the'agreement' since Febru'arj 20 They f ielter- I alcd tlmt Italy acted W gooa"falth. • wlien she adhered to that ac'coid —licnce no assurance again 'tha6 MIC ivonld obey was needed ' This was given little credence In the Biillsh press however, jnd. Vrnined relations between Italy and Biitaln o\cr Spain appealed' growing. Reports usually reliable, at' Gibraltar said Germany also " | violating the accord o£ neutral- Its and that two of the 1 Reich' 1 ; waishlps \\ere bound from. AJge- tlras to Malaga, southernlJBpaiv" I h port vvltli \var materiaS foi tile .rebels. A stait of a nev\ offensive against tlii> inynik| 5 f rom there U S Steel Zontte 118 1-4 V 5-3 Governor Will Speak at Searcy Tomorrow LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 27 (UP) — Gov. Carl E. Bailey today was reported en route hfre from El Dorado where last night he addressed a chamber of commerce mc6ting, . ..• . . , Upon his arrival here late today the governor" was scheduled to continue to Searcy. ihere he will fipeak tomorrow at 'special Easter services. Counsel for the Three States Lumber company and co-landowners said todny that a petition would probably l>c filed Monday with the slate utilities commission asking that the commission rescind Its order, Issued prior to the change in slate administration, by which a certificate of necessity was granted to the Arkansas-Missouri Power company in connection with the construction of a high power line from Blytheville south to tic in with an Arkansas Power and Light company line near Osccola. The power company and the landowners have been Involved In litigation over right of way for the power line for several weeks. The power company filed suit and posted a cash deposit to cover I damages, obtaining an order al- It lo proceed with construc- j v.^.i the lands Involved. Later construction was stayed by tlon Charge Here Charles Corey Is slated to face! agrccment"pend"hig final 'MI'IOII by trial In municipal court Monday the circuit court on a motion to on a charge of selling beer without a permit. ' The charge has been ixmdlng against Corey for some time and resulted from the announced Intention of city officials some time ago to co-operate with county and stale officials In closing Railroad street beer gardens. Social Security Board Approves State Set-up WASHINGTON, Mar. 27 (UP) — The Social Security Board today announced approval of public assistance pious set up under Arkansas' new s,lalc department of public welfare and of grants totaling $?15 821 for the program. transfer the suit to chancery court. Pending riling of the petition with the public utilities commission the landowners will seek to slay construction. Harrison, Smith and Taylor are attorneys for the landowners. Jackson County Planter Takes Life With Rifle NEWPORT. Mar. 27 (UP)—John Bales, GO, retired planter living 14 iniie.s cast of here, was found dead early today at Grubbs. Beside his body officers found a 38 calibre rille from which ' one shot had been fired. Jackson County Coroner Sam Rich returned a verdict of suicide. Bales is survived by his wife, three daughters, Mrs. • Vernlce Randall of Flint, Mich.. Mrs. Dorslc Edwards Detroit, Mrs. Willie Vance, of Grubbs, and one ;on, John jr., of Flint. with Almcira as the objective, \\a. .said to be afoot County WPA Office * , Moved to Fairgrounds 'Ihe Mississippi county WPA. office, located in the city hall hero, is to be moved to the building- at the municipal park, and fahv grounds used as WPA headquarters during constmctlon work there, Jtbs Wiggins WPA countj direc-, tor, hns announced. »^ The office will be transferred" to the hlrgroimds building early next week The building Is lo- < calcd a short distance southeast of the grandstand. There are now about 250 crs ;on .WPA'.rails : -here. •• $10 Fin'Imposed for Gasoline Tax Evasion Virginia Farmer Kills Two, Then Shoots Self The G S Suppingei company nas fined $10 on a charge of gas tax evasion on a plea of guilty by Nfunicipal Judge Doyle Henderson thus morning. i Rcienue officers said a truck o|ieratcd bj the company had icvcral gallons of gasoline in cx~- ccss of the 20 gallon limit In its Va., Mar. 27 (UP) — 60, wealthy farmer re- GALAX. Tom Null siding near here, went to the town's leading department store today, .shot two men to death and then took his own life. Swift Waugh, 45, and Floyd Sutphtn, 42, were victims of Nail's gunfire. Kansas, Dry 50 Years, To Have Legal Beer TOPEKA, Kansas. Mar. 27 (U P)—Gov. Walter A. Huxmnn today signed r, bill legalizing beer In Kansas. The measure, which give? ,lhs sunflower state Its first legal'jil- cohollc beverage In' over. 50 years, does not ' May 1. tiecoihc effective until New York Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. 27 (UP) — Cotton closed very steady. open liis-li low close May H04 1413 1401 1413 July 1396 1396 1386 139G Oct 1345 1350 1340 1349 Dec 1338 1345 1333 1345 Jan ' 1341 1347 1336 1345 March 13(3 1342 1348 'Spots closed steady'-at 1473; up eighteen. •'..-. •• tanks when it was ; driven Arkansas on Highway 61. into Tho driver admitted he had more lhau< 20 gallons but disputed the revenue offlcci s claims as to tha amount of the excess galloriage. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Fair, continued, cold, belov, freezing tonight Sunday fair, sloaly rising- tempeia- turc. -i Memphis and Vicinity — Mostly cloudy tonight and Sunday Low- ' est temperature tonight 28 to 30. Not quite so Cold Sunday. Tie maximum tcniperaleur h«r»/ yesterday was 38, minimum 30,*cloudy with a trace of snow, ac,-' - tording lo Samuel P. .Norrls, of- ' ficlal weather observer. The roln----| irriuni temperature here last night' was 28 ' ' , ,

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