The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1948
Page 6
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION U Urn* tar «»McutiT« Jo- ft* i um«* "pfr Hai ., Um«* p*r Unt p«r d*f UmM p*r Ua* p*r d*r !• tlm«* »4r Un« par dfcy , Month p*f UM Mo Count HT* ftT*r*x« wonU M MM Iln« Ad ord*f»d lor thrt« or *!K.. UI&M »nd •topped b*for« •xplnttlon wilt b« cU*rj(- •d for tb* uumb*r of UBIM tb« ad »pd uad fcd)u»tm*nt or bill oud*. Cl***l(l*d AdrertUlnx copy gub- 4 ~bf p*f*w»« rMidlnx outside of u» city mu»t bt *ccOEnpant*4 by c**h •*£«• m*y b« *Mlljr computed from t* 1 * •bor* t*bU, Mont ukM tht on* UBM mto. M» wpoiuibiiJtr »m to* u**.. tor mo*+ th»n oa« Inoorrvet IftwrtLo* ol fray clAulfled ad. 'All MU w« restricted to tb*ir prop«r • alj^l f| ratlnn, xt>l* And Oip*. The $ourl*t r***rrM th« right fo *4H K Notfc* In memory ot our loving daughter »nd wlft, Urp-L&vella D*att« HalseU, but p,ol forgotten." Mr. und Mrs, C. X. I)Mtt*, parents, H. It. Halaetl Jr.. Wt wish to Miftnk our in any irle-nde n<l T*lRtiTcs and the slat! of the HIM Ho*p)taV for their thoxightfvill- *t* dtLtlnR our recent herortveineiit. M». Tom Aleiandpr. ••fibel Alrxandpr And children . • Mr. *nd Mr*. Oscnr Alnxnuder " 4'27-jik-aa Apartments. Wanted Ptrmtnttit family of thrte w«nta to rwnt unttifnUhtd ho\is« or oparinirnt. pn or about M»y 15th, Writ* P O Box »«, Blyth«Tllle, or Cull WJ. • Thr*f ot. f »ll «M K unfurnlihed. Aporfmtnt For R«nt Ap*rtmtn«, MO IT. TWO xmr\iralan«€ room* iia ij>k Hrn*t. N 4122-pX-J Business Service Directory Auto Supplies Service* CHAPMAN SCRV1O* 8TATIOK Main * UITh3loa . pbon* U03 Don't endanger jroui r» Ih- with >«\llt7 Urn—BUY LIB TJRBS. llllB-ck-11 Jeep parts now available •( 'POOLE MOTOR CO. W« r»n nil *u jour ne«U O«i Eennln* parta from our oom. K ' !** line. LIB POOLE. OWHCR * OPIRATQH •outh Hlxhwaj «i .t S«e«!». Wo Pbon* 3t««l. W . 11IU ct-i; Auto Supplies WESTERN AUTO • 4-19-ck-tf Awning NOT the Cheapest— ButthaBEST! We hav« been making and tnitallinff quality-canvas »*'»- taer for 22 years. Carney Awning Company K/rn»?trU,1!. for nu.lltj food «« r>rkKura« o »iT. Fho». Mi. R«»ch for Hart'• Bread. /nsuranc* For Complett Insur»jic« Protection Can 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OlJiNCOK HOTZL BUU.DINO 12< W. >3H »T. Laundry Odiutnji ]*\inqer*4 and strvtchHi Mond Jrom an 8, Franklin lo 100 W Leant Money To Loan On farm land or eitr •rly. W« also buy not«. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glen«o« Hotel Building Real Estate Loans K.H.A. Loans 6% Home I.oani Farm Loans Commercial Loans TERRY ABSTRACT AND REALTY COMPANY 211 W. WALNUT »HON« 1381 PMISONAL JUOAM*. A lixxnobl I. .,1,. nature—comaker-rurnltur*. Quick, prl. T»t« »erTlc«. PflTbonRll/.ed »tL»nllon COU1« la or telephone. 2U3g OKNERAL COMTRACT rUKCHASE CORPORATIOR 121 W A.h SI. B!fUieTlll» Ark. Money to Loan Do ran °*«1 » l««n » rep»lj ot re :uod»17 No down pftymettt. •« paor^ LAle. no red ltp« rHA \PfHOVMO RATE Jit A8K FOR DKTAILB Max Logan, Realtor Pfcone tOM Lrucb Bulldiuj Blnh.Yllk. Ark. f-U-ot-U Lott & Found J&'l' —Lndle* black puree on ror- ner or Chick, and 17th St. Mouday slternoon. Flntler plei\.ic rail DnvLcls rteal folate Mnln ftL Division. Phone J6J3 and receive a nice cash rewixrd. Mrt. Ben Hummer. 4i27-pk Ohllct s Klnsaes lost Saturday nfter- noon between Mojc Theftlre Rnd IStl: Hlreet. .Reward. Phone 311». Notice Oet. » Dexter or apcea Queen wnstier nt ADAMS APMJANCK COMPANY now ^ya W. Wain I>llon« 207\. 4;3-ck-ij2 nterlor decorator to be In Blylhe- 7111* lor council In your decorallnu problemi. Call 5« lor itnpolnunent a. mm »». PHONE M73 luiUiitg Material Prices ' on Quality WALLPAPER E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. "Friendly Building Service" •I* W. Afth Phona 451 SPECIAL , Ito-your own work and savt Rent a concrete mixer, wheelbarrow and shovels. Any other tools you nuv Also For, Sale HAY and COAL Phone 4489 Bex 659 Elythevills, Ark 1-S-cMt When you build or remodel think first of Wards. We can save you money on bathroom fixtures, sinks, waliboard, tic. fans, water systems, water heaters, and paints. Call 591 and ask for estimates. Use your credit. MONTGOMERY WARD •J-7-ck-tf Plumber tt you n«»d • ucftmed puimb«r. or expert Atore repair work don«, cftll Harry Utytrt »t Hubb*rd Hardware 1150-clr-II Radio* T M Radios, adapter* and "s, for less at WESTERN AUTO •i-19-ek-tf We can Save you up to 50% on PAINT JOBS O .^H'" ^ V ^ Tnre * modern upray units and will do any Xlnd of Job Ten.nt House me:»l roof* 110 up with ,s' o -J aluminum paint. Wrlte-phona CHARLES KENNKMORR 811 •. HA1JC PHONK *7 05C«OLA. ARK, Lawn Mowers shar)>ened and repaired. Blytheville Machine Shop, Phon« 2828. 211 S. Second. -1-6-ck-lf Sporting Goodt BlythevJIlc's most complete sports department. WESTERN 1 AUTO •1-19-ck-if Sewing Household Goodt Household Goods 7 Se« U» for Venetian Blinds Immediate Delivery From Our.Stock •E. C. Robinson Lumber Co "Friendly Building Service" *" w - ** h Fhona 531 Insulation Imtructlon. Male. I would Hit. «x ' bn«'c. tr 7' 8 h 01 ^, UC ^ ES - CorcrVd hulloni. «w«r, W1. TO N P nfth si™' ^"l-" k-""t ^TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS TUWIIMY, WAT IT, TMt for Io/«, City Property OONT LET EVERYBODY till TNI Fill ENSUE! .... te hx* lor ond Jtow to correct » ImportcMi. Ow Wnw kad >p«ckW fo»- tory Coining m •*&** moint*- »•»•«. You con d*p*f«i on tkW ^9« and advk*. Drrv« • tor « ^wiek SKCUl EQUtPMENT nap$ T9 Exp«rt S«rvic« on Cars and Trucks tor liompanu .fcBf.VtjI.^ijrj.^:^ M W 5tk at Walnut ' Phone 4453 Farmers Column SPECIAL 1NVKSTMBNT AND MOMR PROPERTY A # room ho^n*. corner lot. Ga* r-atlnu, one block to school. Two ilocXc OT1 Main street. Wotild rent as 1» lor JfiO, convertible to ttlree kpart- la. J'rlce only 44600. Term*. HEW room home, three room tenant house, all convenience*, only js.JiOO 'J'crjna. THHEE room ]jous«, two lots, luninlicd. Onljr jajso. 'I'cr/iu. NKW tt room apartment., only 43HSO, tenns. l-'or homes, vacant tots, farms, and Insuranc* phon« FJELD, 2334. For sale by owner. Five! room house with bath, hot I water heater, screened in front and back porch. Back yard fen«9<<. 50x150 lot. Possession with,. deed. Gordon Harris, phone 28i)8. f or Salt, Cars, Trucks tor ! " ! Mie"' v ot I " e '' "I"'""" Uellvcry nilte I l9 ''^ Oldsmobile club coupe, W. pe'ry.'" '' E * M ."ji^Ijii [ -13,000 mi I cs, excellent coudi- tion. Can be seen at 122 W. M«w Lister planter for Fordion trac- lor.Ll.t prlee. 11)47 model Avery tractor with cultivator. S13SO, Model H John Ueere tractor ik'HI, cultlvntor 11100. One model A John Ucere true- tor on steel. $550. K. B. Gee Cotton Co 100% outside White Paint ?4.98 gallon; $24.50 in 5 gallons. Portable cement mixers (lV<j hp gasoline engine) $219.50 Five foot garden wire ?9.45 for 10 rod roll JIM BROWN STORE 105 W. Jlain 4-14-ck-lf . Main or phone 2728 until 6 p.m.; 2C67 after 6 p. m . 4-27 ck tf r"or »«le: New tractors and enuLn- ment. one lour row M-57 planter like new; onc-foi.r row John Deere plnntre »iid cultivator. We have two row IIIC •>r jonii Uecre planters und cultivators Jocaled Kennctt Mo. Ensl 55 and 8-t Hlgnw.y.. Harris Tractor Co.. Kelinctl. °_'_ 4[M-pfc-5;ll) D»vls Tires and Tubon carry t. definite written guarantee. WESTERN- AV'fO 4-19-ck-tf Pure -Ogden SaybcHn Seed. Hale Seed Farm, Burdette. Phone 702. 4-7-ck-lf FOR CI-IHAP DKLIVERY IT'S JKKP DELIVERY Jeep Panel delivery truck are mov- liiK themselves dally to satisfied users who want plenty of low-cost hanllni; from a truck that cnn liike It. See the smart looking modals on display at I'OOLE MOTOR CO. EI,L1S POULE OWNER AND OPERATOR S JlloilJ WAV 61 AT STEELS. MO. Phone Stcele • Two 1946 Super 1!1<16 l'/j ton truck in tip top condition. 1942 Mercury, four door, n~-,v motor. LEK MOTOR SALES Phone 519 4-21-ok-tf For Sale, Farm If you are in the market for State-Certified Burdette 19 - Improved Arksoy Soybeans. Burdette Plantation Burdelte phone 782. J-7-ck-tt' If you've tried the rest Now try the Best BABY CHICKS A^ breeds a» hatcncd 3 AAA JI1.50 AAAA J12 511 5AAAAA J135U BROILER CHICKS H 95 J>'' E CIAI. ASSORTED 57.83 HEAVILY ASSOKTED 110 00 CUSTOM HATCHING Chicken, turkey, duck, K«ose and game e^jfs set. Re- your tray in advance BLAYLOCK HATCHERY good mixed land. AVill Krow Innylhiiiff, four miles from i town. 9 roonw with b;ifh home, jfl tenant houses. If bought at lonce- purchaser may have this j-enrs crops. Owner selling on iiccount of ill health LEWIS Realtv'Co. Ill E. Davis St. Phone-1659 4-27 pk 5-'l i a KOOd i nils >in. for >f the finest land located ic"°"r thl * yC * r ' Wl " " ro " i 1 rarry soort lo.iu. jr you I lore. Phone SlV K ^' Bmiutffiil suburban home' on 2 I / 1 > acre plot. Beautiful 1 shrubbery. A lar^e number of fruit and pecan trees. This home, HS well as a three room 1 guest house, gurus* storage •ooins, and all other buildings, is in first clasa condition. Jm-I mediate possession. j Five room residence on Highway (jl North, in city limits. This home has large scrcened-iij -buck parch snd' plenty of storage space. This | is also a good business location. Immediate possession. Five room home with bnth on Kentucky Street. Well lo-j calcd, corner lot. This house' is practically new. Extra well I built. Insulated and weather stripped. We have listings on several other residences and business property. Sea or call; Johnny Marr Real lor 112 S. Second Street Phone 4111 Russell Marr phone 807 Johnny Marr phone 25D6 4,-15-ck-tf PRICED TO SELL, five rooms and bath. Near Sudbury School and bus line. Immediate possession. TOUR ROOM HOUS1-: iii well-kept block near Rice Stix facfory. Could be made a nice home with paint and paper. Vacant now. FIVK ROOM HOUSE on corner lot. One of the best locutions in Northwest part of Blytheville. Can be financed MODERN FOUR BEDROOM, two bath apartment, FJ1A built «nd financed. Newly decorated. Possession within 30 days. One side rental will make pavmcnt. JjOM^ERCIAL building South. 100 feet frontage! Ideal for growing business. See or call MAX LOGAN Real ror Lyrvcli.Building Phone 203-1 Grocery store and llxturcs ror sale Cnn rent building with llvini; „„„': ters In rc»r. Plnkslon's North V"rk Urocer>-, plione 2« Hnytt, Mo. _ 42<-pk-5.8 One of the bpst locations In town or a small grocery nnd Irnlt stanrt A money mnkcr. Price 53.WO. Cash. SCO A. F. Ulctrlch, Realtor Unned Insurance Agency 106 S. First Street—Jngiam Building SUILIVAN-NELSON MCOHDITIONED MONEY MAKERS 194« Ch,v«M long wh«.l b,« truck. 1 .„ ' 1942 Ford. ]x>n K wh««l hu. track. Ntw 11 ft. body. .. 134 U. whM b-.. J J«3» Dodn. lMn K whwl Us« truck. 194B Cherroltt ^i-U*, plokup truck. 1946 International ^,-ton pickup truck. ft. Many Other Late Model Cars and Trucks to Choose from Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY We Nevtr Clost 301 W. Walnut For. Sole, Misc. White electric sewing machine, por- talile. Wood condition, phone 3111. • OH ; hot water tank and henter. $20 Phone 7TO. liH-ufc-S 1 ! Good motor scooter, priced for quick sale. Call 4461 after 4 p.m. 3-31-ck-tf Burroughs CASH REGISTER. Practically new, call 801. 2-2V-ck-tf Phon« 578 Private Rooms Sol*i Drpt. Op«H til I p.m. Beriroom 31B N/8th Phone «4« 4;27-pt-»;37 Comfortable hedrcwm. Fhonn'^675 4]U-pk-S;i4 Tenth Senatorial District to Have Four-Way Race ed ™* ROOK, Ark., April JT. in~1h r " man race was Bssllr - as?/* 1 ' 00 " 1 U09 ChlckR ^wba, pnone , -»ertroon lfi , 1 2 la-Ballon Ice creiim Freezer with 60 gallon tiflrdrner; 1 3-foot FYIglrlalre- ! 1 Coca-Cola rtrlnk box; I oil hoc wntcr ' '"filler. .1. I.,. King, Manila, Ark. Pncme i Safes, He prepared in case of fire nd theft. All sizes, D ft, I* Bargain Store. 110 K. Main. St. Phone 3923 i. Main, phone 952 Good lawn Dirt lor sale. v JOYNKR t t HOLMES Phone 3205 4i7-p)t-5|7 ^"^i.^srrd^n.ioS? jar In rnhlnr-ts. 1^,1 SOxHO. V, blocks iiwi \i,n , St N1 " R" rflr ". P'l« VI.MO. Will loan prvrt of purchase \V. iM. BURN'S, Realtor E. T. Hubbard, Salesman Phone 3361, or '112!) For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE 10110 W Hot point electric rnnge. Cnn he seen tit Ilrownlpc's Store. Deli. 4;2t-pX-28 Huby buggy, good condition ?a. Cull Gnod Used Pnrntuire: Living room suite, pftlno, three rugs, five stoves, five complete hed.i. kitchen equipment, und lurnlshlngs for seven rooms. tje« M 817 Ctilcka.wvbu. 4 :4-iiX-i ]4 EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS HOLLY STREKT SPECIALS and others i 11IH1 blork, a lour room home -1U eal- i Ion vlcctrlc water Heater, on sliadv •orner lot. only SS.OOO. Terms on Half" l': f . Just across street from tins a rery drslrahle lot only S1ROO. eftch. On North t-ltli betwi'rn Holly and Vlllow, a five room home, bairf etc >nly ."351)0. Gush J16W, balance like liroccry hllBlness. will Invoice sloclt .no flTtiire>. Kent onlr 515 TWO year ease. Near oil Mill. ror home, lots, businesses. r»rms nd fire IH5tirance. Phon« FIELD 2394 4'21-pk-S'i Universal electric range in good condition, phone 22<fl. City Electric Co. 4-21-pk-5-21 Position Wanted Hctlrea Army man would life* position as bookkeeper or general office work. Able to take lull char&e. Five (lay week. Ooori working conditions, consideration and congeniality is of primary Importance to me. Wages ol secondary Importance, Telephone 4314. fight-Inch Spring Snow Falls in South Dakota LEAD. s. D., April 27. <UP)_A heavy Spring snow fell in the Lead- Deartwood region yesterday By mid-morning, an eight-inch fall was measured here and four'Inches at Dead wood. Many cars were stranded on Lead lulls without, chains. Communication imes were disrupted by the storm. Temperature* wore k< the low 30,5. . Other announced cand G-H, rf0 " o »'«™,ei-y Gotland; Clyde E. Lowery and Guy Sf H , C ? d - both Of Texarkana. TOe distnct „ comprised of Miller ami laFayette Counties State Rep Ed LlghUe of »« i P . g€ " a ca "didate for Stau ^notor In the 21.,t District ««. will b« opposed by Dr. w n Abmgton. searcy. The district 7* ' d 'tis pledge as a can- State Senator in the iV'w w H c« L i Th ', preaent Sellator ITnt .- J Carolan of Paris, who ha. not fi.erl for re-election. Help Wanted, Male - C '*y Property Bcnutiful lot 03x100 feefin fi room duplex. Kl^trTcf'T 1 '"'"'T 1 in B '>' U ' eville fo1 ' hot water heater wilh " t ;^* beauty shop, gifl shop, hotel FERTILIZER 3-H-18 A 6-8-12 Miss D P & L LI Certil'icd Cotton Seed. PLANTERS COOP. Phone 720 Kir A nient. ,* che " 1 f " r oom house on u^ fi "• or home, location, price ?'l,000 cash, hnlance Shown by appoint- or Wa]mll stVee'i; m,,*V be'in good condition and priced reasonable. Also have narty who I wants to locate on Holly, What , H. C. CAMPBEl L p.. ,,,, pvniim 1U rnone 4446 or 2930 ifoarn Ol " t , „„ . -- hav e yon- 3.22-ck-5l Wearing Apporel ^i^j^^ < 2 1)1-5 J Cofu mn «,3I-«k.» Tlie healtliicst chicks on the market: AAAA Grade Pullorcuni-Tesled. BABY CHICKS A'AAA $1-1.95 AAA 13.95 A A $1.2.95 JIM BROWN STOKR 3-18-ck-tk For Sale, Cats & Trucks -1-27 ck 30 nlcnty or ahrubs and yonnir orchard iff" ^rJ'^n^ 0 ^,^' , l ^;. t Z"-. n - t - I ? : irecl for quirt sate, with t,, rm ». block „ " '"• • " .'...C. »,LII 1C fovir room rfmlern home ,, «»v™ w l n l1 Jo? tr «'s' N °"-''" 1<1 ''" t •-• coninlclelv tnrnnhed for »"joo'. WHh See '"1«"''P HXe rent Al'.TOH° r no" K. H^mrTr.. C n,rae Jl"' Would you like to have t!ic host equipped beauty shop, the. best location in town, at RI very reasonable price. Owner moving to California. Call NOLA A. LEWIS REALTOR _ ___ _ Two lots, two new hnlMii, B «."vo,m~K !^«,' lh '•»"«'• Rt • Icnthvlllc I500. Ahslmct. docd Mrs Mcadoi. M?"" 1 ," rort • 793 «rt« 4:00 Orocery «iore doln? » good binlnesn, a room modern liotiic with utoirs one block oir Main litrrol on l.lllr All for ""'" ' Mmi wonted lo Mirceed O. ColllnR for Xawlrlgh. ruislnpss In Ccntrnl Mls«- l^slppl County whprc consvintcra receiver! Koort service. 1500 fnmllles. Products .sold ror 30 ycsrs. Hustler cnn cxpccl good piorits from start. Write nt once. Rflwlclgh'R Dept. AKD-J10- •J»7 s. Mempnls. Tonn.. or me Cecil Him. 700 C'lnrk St. Blj-thevllle. Ark. Sdle.Mnan, salftir and commlson. Write p o Box 231 lor Interne*-. 1 11 E. Davis St. Phona <lfi5fl 4-27 pk 5-J For Sale, Mite. Four piece since of bedroom YfirnT- ann p*<1 pra?ii"a»'- * prl " gs rlBy > >cn at 815 cnickasawha. 4,2?.ck-tr, on display nt Homr Swvl«~nd ! storage Loinpany. onr r- K qnKite 9' piece inning room fcirndiirc. " honjeT' ;%* . 'SuJeeraSi^S ! ^ > ^''^ t ^\ 2 J™™«< Salesman wanted: Young man preferred fo cover Blytheville territory for well establish ed local concern. Car lielpful but not necessary. Good opportunity. Address Bo.v HZ % Courier News. 4-H-ck-tf Wauled: mechanic for Karmall tractors. Only experienced mechanics need apply. Top wages, good working conditions. Apply in person DKLTA IMPLEMENT CO. Manila, Phone 91 4-14-ck-t.f Wanted to Buy Late MociefUseci Cars T,ER MOTOR SALES Phone 51 n _^ 4-21-ck-f.f The dl*pntchCM which the ~Ncw York biircon of the United Press I "lone sends out every day contain more \vorrts Uian fn "Gone WHh i tht Wtnd." Like the Well Known Stitch ... Like the stitch In tlmt, expert repair work to the only answer fo small troublesome disorders of your car. Our Bulck repair men know the right Ihing to do to ktep smatl repair work, don* «t first, from mounting into big job*. We pride onrself on keeping your motor in tip-fop condition—let tic check.!l for hidden trouble today.

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