The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1934 BLYTHEVrtiLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally raw l*r line lor consecutive insertions: (Five average words to a line) Otie tlnia per line 10c Two limes per line per day .. Q&-. Tiir«e limes per line per day .. Crfc Six tunes per line per day .. 05o Uoctli rate per line eOo Minimum charge Ho Acts orderea lor tliree or biz times and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number pt times the ad appeared and adustment ot Dili maae. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside o! the city must be accompanied by casn. Rates may be easily computed from above table No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Advertising ordered for inegulaj Insertions take the one time rate. Business Directory j Wanted To Buy A. G. Hal! & Co. ACCOUNTANTS & AUDITORS Qualified and Licensed Federal and Stale Income . Tux Service Audits, Investigations and Systems For Appointment Phone 362 Blythevlllc, Ark, Cobb Undertaking Co., luc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE Phonr, 26 COFFER VFKATICER STK1P 6avcs fuel at small cost, Arkmo Lumber Co. PHILLIPS' USED CARS HEAL BUYS '32 ,TORD V-8 1'UUOU .... ?21)5 SEDAN LEX US DO YOUR WELDING AND MACHINE WORK BOILER - DRAGLINE TRAILER REPAIRING Wo Carry A Pull Lille of Shafting Flioiie 808 BLYTIIEVILLB MACHINE WORKS Operated by B. F. Klger Kay Pace '29 FORD TOWN Trunk on rear .. ... 51G5 '2!> CHEVROLET COUI'E ...$115 '31.FORD TUDOR $385 '33 CHEVROLET COACH ... 5375 •33 CHEVROLET COUPE ... 5385 '39'fOKD CABRIOLET 5155 'TRUCKS & TRAILERS' '29 CHEVROLET Closed Cab . TRUCK. $ 93 '30 CMC TRUCK. Closed Call, Large ^ody $150 •30 FORD PICKUP. Closed Cab 5165 KINGHAH TRAILER, Bual Wheels New Tires .. $195 WE PAY CASH FOR G001> USKJJ CAHS PHILliPS' IM) CAR LOT Corner Walnut & 1st Streets FIuuo 813 Heal Estate FARMS FOR SALE! Terms Reasonable ETHEL B. THOMPSON Carutheisv'ille, Mo. FOR QUICK SALE 00 acres with SO acres in cultivation, black sand loam soil, wel! drained, one small house and small barn, 3-1 mile of good stove and uostofficc, 8 months high school cation gin and three hundred yards of gravel highway, make? bale and better ^ici- acre each year Price $30 per acre cash This is worth ranch more money owner leaving country. W. M. Burns Agency Phones 213 and 212 losing Oul En lire Stock of BOOTS At, PRESENT WHOLESALE Prices Hubbard Hdw. Co. COTTON PLANTING SEED and White, Yellow or Mixed CORN and SOY BKANS See Us for Best Prices Harold sternberg at bTKKNBEHti COTTON CO, Automotive Special puces on Auto Accessories, Tires & Tubes, Guaranteed Batteries $3.15 esc., Auto Tops & side Curlalns $1.50 up, Alcohol 75c gnl., Car Heaters $1.50 up, Cylinder Hesds, floor mats. Wolf Arian li!8 B. Main St. "WINTER AUTO Sl'ECIALS" rreslone, Alcohol, Heaters, Defrosters, Willart BallerUs. LET US PREPARE YOU FOB WINTER Hubbard Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEIT. Phone 476 Phone FOR BATTERY SERVICE Ben Gune 209 W. Ash Phone 8. For Sale BOSTON BULL Puppies Wlto beauties. Mrs. W. E. McCulloush, 2221 Carolyn AVe., Pride Addition. BARGAINS In Used Heaters. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Uiulei'woort Typewriter anil adding inucliliic. Steinberg Cotton Company, Phono 24. 8e ktf For Kent 3 room PUnNIBHED APARTMENT. private balli, gurngc. 401 S, Lake. 27o Ml FOR RUNT— Four room modem slticeo. Ajifily 006' Norlli 5tli. 2l3|i Ml WARM ROOM In modem, furnace healed homo. Men of business couple preferred. Plione sal or 24. 7o kU 3 room FURNISHED APARTMENT, 309 W. Kentucky. Mrs Sisk. Oc-.-klf BED ROOM, close In. M«n only. 310 W. Walnut. Mrs, K. 5J, Nolen. 26o klf TWO nicely FURNISHED BED- IIOOMS, rtiotlcr«t«]y priced. Mri. E. A. Welicf, 101 B, Davis. ai-pk-29 MODERN J room FURN1SHEO house, 1300 ohlckiunwbK. Call 280. 7o klf I'HllJy flimlslicd APARTMENT with good healing system. Phono 1DV or 571. l(!o kl-ltf Modern Three ' noojn npnrtinout, furnished or imtinnlslicd, I'. Simon, phone 154. ' cktf Comfortable ROOM with bftlli, 405 N. Broadway, Call 293-J. 20o klf Help Wanted EXPEDIENCE!} Hfgerss for housework mill cooking and hcli> care for clillrt. Apply ill. UI7 Mnillson between 2 and 4 o'clock. Position Wanted Will do STENOGRAPHIC work it night. Reasonable rates. Call SOB nr 192. TO THE TAXPAYER IN PAVING DISTRICTS NUM- BKK TWO AND THREE The Paving T»x for 1934 Is noiv due and should bo iwlil tcoii. Hcroloforo \vo luwo teen (MiinlUcd lo hold llio books o)wn iilmost Imlelln- Itely, 'Jlils yenr, liowowr, the Indications arc lliul wo will not bo jwnnltlorl lo do this, but the delinquent list, will have to bo made In time- lo get Into Iho February lerm of Court. Delay Is dimgci'- mis. C. J. EVRARD. __ IN TIIH CHANCKRY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWHA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS, Albeit J. 'SlluBi'iucyer, I'luliilllI, vs. Siivimnh LmiGicy Arnold, ct al,, months, to mwwcr Ihc ijoiiiplnlnt of the plaintiff. WITNESS my, hnml as Clerk o! sold court and the seal tlicreoi tills 16th dny of December, 1034. R. L, OA1NES, '.Clerk, lS-li'2-29-9 WAKMNK OllOKK ALLEY OOP Tim defend" »rs, Miu-y 11. Klcs- Icr. Lucy Klcslcr, Doro'lhy Kleslcr Ruslnnorc, W. L. Hiislimoi'o. Mnrlc Kleslcr, T, J. Kleslor, Olive Klcslcr, Eugene Klcslcr, Hcnrleltu Kleslcr ii lid E. P, Kleslcr, i\rc warned to Heu;l Courier News Want Ads.j iipixrir In this Court wllhln Ihrcc ON TO MOO! Schoolboys Build Plane To Enter National Races i CLEVELAND. (UP)-A r! ig| n!I jiluiiu built hy schoolboys un:l Jlowii by n school teacher, will be one of the entries In Ihe 1535 NII- lloinil Ah- Rncci, according to information reaching L, W. Grove, president of Ihc I-IICCM. Students In llio Delsudo Trade School, New Orlciins, htivc constructed « lileh-wlng moiio]>]nni!, will) monocoujx! fuselage anil powered with 11 Mcnusco engine. Pilot of llic students' entry will be Hyron Armstrong, an Instructor n\ (lie Louisiana tcliool and former nnvy Jllcr. Tliouali no dclliillc nniiouiicc- inent hns been made us lo where (ho 1035 races will be held, ulr iti'o olflcluls hero hope the events will be returned lo the Slxlli clly. Courier News Wnnt Ads I'nys flic oysier Is fouiid off « v cty seacoast slsle In Ihe country, and commercial fisheries are conducted In nil Ihcsc states except Maine nnd NOW" Hampshire.. . (of'a, new slogan xn caseTojn. McSne Freed- FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOr. SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 Coal & Wood CO-LEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S BEST COAL SUPERIOR COAL « MINING CO. Phone 700 Why Buy Coal From Us? 1—30 years In business. 2—Quality of coal handled. 3—Prompt 'service. ^Courteous treatment. 5—You get ail you pay for. "Quality Group" distributed by & BI1MNGS Fhone 76 You liavc tried the lest Now buy the BEST Coal & Feed Phone 127 SO-WE'RE TO BE ATTACKED BY A BAND OP MOOUIAN DINOSAUR CAVALRY, ACCORDING TO TH' P' STORY! HAFfA PIMD OUT MORE DINOSAUR CAVALBV f WHATCHA TALKIM 1 ABOUT ? I DOM'T KNOW NOTHIM A8OUT MO TROOP Of DINOSAURS.' JUST WHEN OlO YOIJC KIN(? PLAN TO1.MJNCH HIS TCOOP OP HERE'S ANOTHER PRISONER. FOR YA.'l PRISONER,^ DINOSAUR CAVALRY ? WHERE \S < OH,YOU MUST MEAN KIM& ouz's J \LLEY OOP AM' me DINOSAUR < DINOSAUR -GU2 DOtfT CAVALRY ?1 KWOW, HIMSELF, I DON'T &UESS - OOP GOT MAD AN OlSAPPEAttED BEFORE •'- LEPT- Hv Hnmlin SHALL I i NO-IT WONT BRINOIN ) BE MECE5SAf?Vl ANOTHER > I'VE FOUND CXIT WHAT I WANTED YED /rKNOW.'HA^t.' HIGHNESS)THEBE WNT wo r •-^SECHATHIMG'AS MOOWAN DINOSAUfi CAVALRY - IUGHT TO THE POINT! CAPTAIN - V WE. MARCH ON MOO, IMMEDIATELY ' AM, HAK.' BY THIS TIMf TOMOOROW, I'LL WOT ONLY BE KJM& OF LEfyA —BUT WIN& op MOO, Trf PROCESSOR LOA.MGO I IT TO WE PER NEVA) Ntws Eve BAW&\ WASH TUBES By Martin Farmer's Cash Feed and Seed Co. Joseph W. Parker, Prop. Shoe Repairing 32 years in tne Shoe Repulring business; when others fail, Iry Si. Simon P. Lcc, 111 So. R. U. St. Progressive Shoe Shop WE THANK YOU! Tor your 1931 patronage and IIUIH: lo serve you in 1935. 101 S. 2nd Street W. J. KNOX Having made nil kinds of shoes for ABNORMAL feet, can repair shoes to correct ABNORMAL feel. Lost Ladies' Weeh-End BAO. containing girl's clothing. LIBERAL HEWARD, return to Jolm R. Godwin, Blythevlllc, Route 2 or Wes Gay, Wilson, Ark. 27p kSl WE CAN'T SELL ALL THE COAL SO WE JUST SELL THE BEST PHONE—100—PHONE E. C. Robinson LLr. Co. My Coal Is Black but I Ircat you While, Fill up now. JOHN BUCHANAN - FIIONE 107 PARKS BROS. COAL CO. PHONE 977 I-'OR "Hi-1,0 Alabama"' "Energy Illinois" "Uliick Royal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL—LOW PRICED Black suit case containing Christmas packages and clothing lic- Ittecn 6:30 and S o'clock Saturday night enroute from West Memphis to Osccola. Liberal reward. Addvess: Mr. and Mrs. W'. L. Phillips, 1923 Main. Street, Lillle Rock, or % of Kuslic Inn. Strayed Small Black Horse MULE, large brown horse mule, Friday night. Carroll Perse, Luxora, Route One. 27p k3l To Lease DANCE HALL, stole and fixtures. Good terms on 'long lease. Inquire owner. Adjoins 18 schoolhouse. 27c H1 Exclusive Agents for the original genuine Montavallo Coal We also sell Brilliant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals. Phone 477 WONDER CITV COAL CO. Sec Us Apout Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 Personal Ladies' Beautiful Cliardojilze Hose, 8 pairs $1.00, Men's Rayon plaited hose. 16 pairs $1.00, Impcr- fccts. Postpaid, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Economy Hosiery Co., Ashcboro, N. C. $50 Reward For information leading lo arrest and conviction of parties who smashed Guard's window Monday, Nov. 12. J. L. Guard and, V. E. Tomllnson, Clilcf Hfc'rcliaiils Pa- lr °l- H-ck-H NEGRO family wants lo sharecrop next year. Two men and woman j In family. Excellent recommends- j Hon. George Smith, no9 jiearn St., | Robinson addition. GROW& MORE^ACUTE; BtltGRWIA PEMANOS THAT 7RWCE PHILBERT BE FOOHP. CONTINUES TO MASS TROOPS OW KANDELflB- KAKI BORDER. PR1MCESS JAOA FRANTIC. APPEALS TO LEAGUE w OP NATipWS, SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT! , ftOT TM BAXON6T,,. VUH CAM'T tAAKE AIMS NOISE WITH THAT tASV, ARRESTED AS SPIES IN (Mi BULGRAVIA,. LIE AWAKE LISTENING TO THE RUMBLIMA ROAR OP TRUCKS AMD ARTILLERY BOLWD TOR, IriE FRONT... AND THE MONOTONOUS THUMP-THUNP-THUMP OF VlARCHIMG REGlMEMTS. /- -~v /- ' - POWM \f Vt'LL BRING BACK MIT KAMDE- By Crari;! SALESMAN SAM BETCHft ft KICK IM TH' Rlfis^HftTa DLU.X ^ -,- ' PROMISED I'D BEfXl&HTOMTU'DoT ' AM: HERE i've. oviejisLEpr ft&p,IM? ANY OLD PLACE IS OKAY! PRINCE PH1L86RT, OR BUST. MSSEN, EASy ; THERE MUST B6 SOME MISTAKE. THEV'Rfi (5OING TO Wflp OVER PRINCE PHILBERT, AW 1 ^TH 1 PERN COO-COO'S ISJ TH 1 VERY NE*T ROOM, r— © OW ; WO W<JH, DUi'Z-'.AF I DONV FftLL f\SLt=(=p OKI tAV COAV TO TU' ^.Tc I'LL lie. XUERe fAS QWCK Pvs I Nft &rr HER.E. e>T cwc&, cp., Vou'f.e. Pifieol, SOVA FIMAL^, ,^r,,-«>.- 6oT HEREEjHUlK Jon -OH, WHATfe THftTVA / HUM I CrQT IM T\l' By Small BED c LOTUSsj I'M FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS flTHiNK I HAVE A SWELL CLUE! I HAVE AtJ IDEA THAT THE EM- GIWEER AWD FIREMAN WERE SHOT FROM , IWSIDE THS CAB: L Read Courier VIII quilt QUILTS reasonably.'SJ ' i Work neatly done. Mrs, Leonard \\f Want Ads, V. Holt, S, Lilly St, to Ut I -^^ • ' t£i| A FARMER, WHO WA<3 H STA:JDIN3 NEAR THE TSACkS, THE DAY We CHASED NUMBER SIX , DIOWT HEAR ANY SHOTS / TO A CKKTAHV I'OtNT! BUT IF THEY'D BEEtJ SHOT FROM INSIDE THE FIREBOX, THEY'D HAVE SEEM MUCFLSO, AMo wo ous WOULD HAVE HEARD TH-JM EXCEPT THE MEN IM 'IK5 CAB.'.' BUT TODAY HE HEARD US SHOOT OFF A FIRECRACKER WHILE THE TRAIW W5NT BY, 1 THAT PROVSS THAT IP SHOTS -,* HAD BEEW FIREO FROM <? OUTSIDE OF THE TRAI HAVE HEARD THEM . "THEM .' I!y Blossct I DQN7 MJCV/ ABCVT THAT PART OF IT! I OWLY GOf HIM AS FAR AS THE FIRS BOX.-YOU'LL HAVE FIGURE THE RSST !! AND I SUPPOSE THE V/oULD-BE MURDERER y/AS r INSIDE THE RRESbX' WEAR- 1WG AKI ASSESTOS

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