The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1933
Page 2
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1933 BLVTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE UE OUT I1D JEI SEP Feminine Lead- Lead Louisiana Women Against Senator Long ers Ask Aid to Fiery Senator. Oust P.Y RODNKV nUTCUKR jourifr News Washington < :o rre- spendent J WASHINGTON, Sept. 2.—Louls- |ra women, calling, on nil other to Join them, ore after the |.!'k-halrcd scalp of Hncy 1-nng. Senate's very bad boy. IThey'ic trying to shame thc di<?- Ificd Semite into protecltng its rcstige by: ll Vigorously investigating the limory election of Senator John Iverton, Long's man, who was fated despite charges of fraud lid corruption by his predecessor. Tlwin S. Broussard. 12. Considering charges that |>ng Is "n stench in tin? national ," as laid before the Sen Jt'.-by former Governor John M. l/'i-ker ina petition for Hucy's ex- lilslon. I The Parker charges are burled j the judiciary committee. The) .ction? 'Investigation is thoreti- llly still alive, but the lindlin? • It-under chairmanship Senator Tom Connally of Texas is not expected to annoy Over|n or Long unless the women] liild a hot enough fire under il. | iraniied in New Orleans | "The Women's Committee 1 is the | Juiple name of the feminine anti- ling movement. 1 It was organized in a New Or- |nns drawing room after Overtoil seated here last March. Ihrough correspondence with wo- 1 en in other states it has sought build itself into a strong na- |onal organization. "Rescue us from Huey Long nnd Jis corrupt dictatorship!" cry the I Inuisiann women to the Senate lid the rest of the country. ] Mrs. Hilda Phclps Hammond, a limkome. soft-voiced woman with litermmed eyes which have made Lore than one senator squirm In Its chair heads the committee. I tie Is thc mother of four children I rid hac made no previous venture lito public life except as wartime 1 ate chairman of the Worn: ational Defense Council. I arnmond became personally excil- aboul the situation of her late when she went to the Sen[te committee's Overton-Broussard •rings, at which Long appeared Jlgereritly 'as 'Overton's counsel. |'p lo tli*. Senale.- . -As citizens.. of the .United I tales," she says, "we have a right II know just what are the stand- I rds of the United States Senate 1 "The Senate can - talk until loom^day about Louisiana' washing ler linen, but this is the Senate's show. It's the Senate's m- |«ti»ation and if the committee llli continue the investigation [ill find a fact-finding committee |i every parish ready to help it. I "We can't have honest elections Ind we live in a tragic web of in- I midation. "The Investigation has been in Idequatc and we want to know Ihy with plenty of funds avail stime her duties ns n teacher tn the local high school. Alvln Wimdcrlleh returned last Thursday afternoon from Chicago wliere he attended Hie world's fair. Mrs, Wumlerllch and' children, Betty and Junior, will remain for another week, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Warren and children, of Halls, of Mr. and Mrs. 1.. L. McDearmtin Monday nlshi. Mildred and Clyde Jr., Trail., wore the guests ITayti Socielv — Personal go to Cobden and will be accompanied home by lliolr son Jmy, who has bwn in Cobden lor the put two weeks visiting Ills nunt and uncle Mr. unil Mrs. !,. M. IWsler. Mrs. Dcsler is Mr. Schumacher's sister. Miss VloKt DiiXe tind Mill Mav- for Slkc'slou will work at garet Hagemin left yesterday where thy the Shoe Factory of that city. Misses Annie Laurie and Mnf- eriU; Schumacher .sjicnl the day Friday In Cnrutlicrsvillc with friends. Dr. antl Mrs. J. S. Compel? returned homo yesicidciy from n flvc day visit In Arkansas with Dr. Compere's mother Mis. J. R. Com pero nml they visited their danih trr Miss Bessie Compere at Little Hock, Ark., mid \vltli unothcr daughter Mrs. C. V. Hlckorson at. nnsse'llvllte. Ark. Dr. nnd Mrs. Compere returned home accom- uielr daughter Penlilc, Lead Church of Nazarene Revival .son nl Ml. Nebo, u popular icsorL of Arkansas. Mrs. J, W. Kay entertained with ,„„,,„. a prt'liy bililxc party at IHT lionic[|} [ ) ll | l >d Wednesday nfleiiioon. Three table s | w j, 0 hits*been standing lite sum- 01' guests I'lijoynl u munbtr of nu . r w lth Mr. nnd Mr.s. '" ' Lildfic In riccpllim rooms that wore made 1 attractive with bouquets of Murmur flowers tiiken Trom Mrs. Kay's (lower garden. In the bridge names Miss Mary Sue Rhodes had Ihe hlvhesl score and she was nwunk'd dainty humlker- chicfs and low wore prize.was also dainty handV.erchiefs and they were received by Miss I,ucllle Johnson. hostess refreshed ler guests with an ice course ci> cream uiul cake. of Pliron Kiliausted by Flljrhl OCIDEN, Ulnh. (UP)— Thousands of miles from home, n si«te-blue currier pigeon was t/.cked up ex- Imust^d recently by Hoberl Aland fioiu tilt window sl'.l of his home hurt". A .small bain] on Us leg contained the Inscription: "fin.. 5. Bourne Mfg. Co. Mclrose. Mass." tltv. J. K. (Ircur The lii-v. J. R. Oicar. ueiuirnl ovangellsi,] ojicn a revival at (he Chtiich of tliu Navnrime here 'Beginning Sunday. He will \K assisted by Illlinan liannnd, hlngor i.nd n ineiiitin 1 of the fiimous Vauahan radio cuiarUil for the luust 15 years, who will bo, . In i-bingc ol the choir. The public 's tiivlu-il lo attend the mecllngs v.'hlch will continue for three wteks. llil.l:. I'li-lps Hiimiiu I,L. W.-Jss 1'rlei.d «ud Mrs. Martha NEXT at Blythecilles Theatres .served a delicious salad plate. Prizes were awarded. Mrs. Sjwncer Mc- Heury for high score, Mrs. J. N Hunt, low score and Mrs. n. W Nichols, traveling prize. The hon- otee was presented a beautifu gilt. ! Mrs. Langston's guests were Mesdnmcs J. D. Hires, J. N. Hunt Mrs.'Hiiuli l)orrls entertained foursome, at bridge In her apartments Friday evening. A number of games was plnvcd with Mrs. | Morten Bromlcl! having the high-1 est score and the received a linen' inndkerehlef. The hostess served; salad course of sandwiches with) tomato and cucumber salad, wllhj ce tea as a beverage to Mrs. Joe| nffee, Miss Edna Khonrle awl..^ »lrs. Brondcll. Mrs. Hen I Allen was hostess to he W. M. U. of the Baptist church' it her home Wednesday afternoon with 23'members present and three risltors. All had a part in the devotional, 'offering different scrlp- llROfJKTON. Maw. tUI')—Mrs. Ann l-'lannery observed her HJixl blrcluhiy nnuivcTMiry by going lo i ll'.c bench lor a dip with her rhll-^ j ill HI, KKiiidchlHIren, and rjrcat- 1 giLirxklulilrcn. THE CITZ ont A new Marline Dietrich, differ-, neath the waves In one of those- than her millions of screen I itrnnse, Inexplicable incidents. rdmirers have ever glimpsed in her previous pictures, will be seen in "The Song of Songs", her new Paramount picture, coming to th f : Rilz Theatre en Sunday. Miss Deitrich. who hitherto has lan's'appeared as a sophisticated, world- Mrs, y woman, is revealed in her new production as an innocent younr runtry ,oes to girl of rare beauty, who Berlin, and, jilted by iiindsome young t sculptor, runs the iuitnut of tragic'experience. Small, bill not too sophisticated. •Wlien Ladies Meet", coming "> •>.e Ritz Thursday, has all the 1-21 marks of clefs emertalnmr-m with mass appeal. Finely acted and mounted, moving along a pace thai always maintains interest, it balances drama witn timely comedy; continuously keeps its romance piomincnt, giving novelty, color and glamour to 1/asic plot of the old eternal its triangle. Everything is logically nnd sen <ibty developed. Sympathies un and -dlsninsioiied ?*«'«> ^° «* » r0i * r Chal " 1C ' S i iiy. wim |^»j •*•* i. ji ble the Senate hasn't sent its in-1 ending man Ggators back to Louisiana, nns been a stn; here are records which cannot be years, appears "Clc w*. >.-t _ _ , »_:_ A'irfM-i QHviii-rtr. She. marries; .a rich and elderly EaroBi Iwfaorn she docs not love pud. following their divorce, she Ijecomes bitter and a notorious woman in the gay German city's light life. An. outstanding cast of actors appears'in support of tlic glam- crous star who recently has commanded the attention of the .world the sponsor of trousers for women style-vogue. Brian Aherne. referred" to by trama critics as the most romantic nctor of the New York stage, following his work ns Katherine Cornell's leading man in "The Bar- ictts of • Wimpolc Street", makes his screen debut as Miss Dietrich's Lionel Atwill. who je star for sixteen as her husband. Jam and Russell Bowcn. Jess Brown, Elliott Williams, Ellzabetl Sillerman. Spencer Mcllcnry. W. Nichols. R. J. Oillespic, Nunn Sue Brown, and Charles Mlfflin and Misses Carrye Mae and Or ena Hires, Maxlne Brown, Ann Mnrpnret Wood and Ethlyn How ard and Dorothy Brown. The home of Mrs. Jesse Brown was the scene of another attractive liarly honoring Miss Brown when Mrs. Brown, assisted in entertaining by hy daughter, Maxine. and Mesrtames Sam and Russell Bowen. J. N. Hunt, C. B. Wood and Charles Mifflln entertained six tables of bridge. Vases the • buiK1 ,, p L , consistently icnss, but the suspense is not too ci'amatic, comedy letdowns taking core of that. While there am moment, when it lugs at the heartstrings, it nevertheless .. is amusing entertainment. with and bnkets of pink and yellow dahlias and various other late summer flowers decorated the rooms in .which the guests were received. ' After-four progressions of bridge the hostesses served ice crenm and take. Mrs. W. J. Driver, Jr., of cm , a awarded the nigh score turc passajjcs from the Bible and Mrs. B. D. Hayes offered prayer. In a business session presided by the president, the regular routine of business was discussed. The meeting was then turned over to Mrs. A.' O. Sunders, who.,w,os leader of the program, which was the second chapter In the book. "People of The Jesus Way" and- the subject of the program was "Barriers the Missionaries of the early day Had lo Overcome," Mrs. San ders was assisted by a number o the ladlrs who had tonics pertain ing to .the subject. The mctlin was closed wllh sentence prayers In n socinl hour the hostess serv cd sandwiches and fruit drink. • • • Judge nnd Mrs. J. . Duncan hav returned home from Harlsmur Til., wlwre they have been vislllr Mr. Duncan's sister Mrs. Ted Pa tcrson. Mrs- Ernest Johnran. .Mrs. W. H prize and Miss Orlena Hires the low score prize. Miss Ethelyn Howard of Fnyetteville was presented n dainlv handkerchief and Mrs. Dcnn McClurkin, a recent bride, <: presented a set of lovely sher- . ....__ „... I The story is simple but appeal-ibert compotes. The dining room ••re Mary an ambitious authoress, I was then opened to the guests is the apple of Jimmy's eye, yet and Miss Brown was "resented she cannot help but fall in love I win an array;o ] love y tl.lta.tom Irivately obtained and certain •ads which only the-government lin follow up. And witnesses, if liey are to brave the wrath of the long machine, must know the fed- Iral government is behind them." I mall Hemline The women's Committee be^an l-ork ivlren each member v.TOte all lie people she knew in other states. l>crultin° active support and urg- lig all hands to demand action l-om both the election and the j«- liciary committees. Members of the election comnut- je-Cortiially, Logan of Kentucky. I'nrcy of Wyoming. Townspnd of lielaware and Thomas of Utah— ere Interviewed, with no startlin 1 'Vults. Connolly said U" must be v ed that Overton had a part in ncrpetration of fraud and cor •i'ion. The women redublcd efforts to liake their cause a national issue Ind to keep up a constant barrage In senators. The committee be lame a "national" committee Itressing everybody's interest in i^ Senate's integrity. Membership blanks have been Ivondcast. pledging signers to l-ork for rieorous Senate nvcsti- I ation of Overton's election and's unfitness for office. All Democratic national commit- loewomen have Been asked to join li prosecuting this "aioral issue h 1 nd some have responded favor- I Wv. MI-S. Hammond has also con- I acted the heads of all large na- Ikinal women's orgnnliations. They Want Action 1 The Connally committee has a I'ate to return to New Orleans, I )ct. 16th. The. Women's Committee 1 nlv asks that able investigators ' - ' ' so that AMfon Skipworth, Hardie Albright &nd Helen Freeman also have good roles. That Richard Dix's characteriTn- limi of Ihe lovahls rake in "No Marriage 'Ties': tops his previous yjrtrayal of a : similar character et in the different theme of "The Great Jasper" is the opinion of with Roger, a philandering publisher. Jimmy's efforts to L break up the liaison only atid to Mary's determination. Roger's many af- icirs being Clare, she known to his s content to let wife, them :iany. The picture opens Tucs- iay at the Ritz Theatre with Allan, Doris Kcnyon and run Iheir course, knowing that her mate always returns to her. With Bridget aiding and abstting Roger rnd Mary, the film approaches "the point where Jirmny realizes he must do something desperate. Ke brings Clare in on the two lovers and when she fully understands what her husband's ardor has done for many nther girls, the tlory reaches the breaking point. The finale has Roger appreciating that he has supped off the straight and narrow once too of- Alan Dtncharf. Dix's starrin' featured, role in "No Mur- ten, determining to win back his vile's respect and love, and Mary ia°e Ties" presents him ns a pow- convinced that' Jimmy is the only in the advertising neld with a "-J- ^ ,„„ Ann i^P Ties" something Mwir " of tllc lillesl modcl ° X> "' 5tnrled - Thc lltl Till be offered S»! acetylene thai «n [ ls .^ a Ministry '. __",,,_, "J lent e.isilv thronsh steel girders,. Xf rs . Kimbrough a nlstrcss and n fiancee. When the iv.'O women learn of eacli other. Dix is pinned down lo the realization of true love. The background of "No Marriage "lies' is a colorful high pressure advertising agency. In addition to the feature picture "No Mar very imusual Krakatoa Island, a small island off the coast nf Sumatra which recently disnnpenrcd bslow the urfnce of HIP sen. A camera- imn heard the rumblings of an earthquake nnd went out lo the island with sound apparatus nnd ••veiled for elajs, finally being rewarded by being able lo pholo- grnph. with sound, Ihe spectacle ni nature in one of its most wonderful upheavals. In this picture you will see and hear ths actual process of an island .sinking be- ilarding in the featured parls arc- supported by a strong cast. • * • • Two huge derricks, each with a 60-foot boom, a IMS model steam ihc MUL-its. of lingerie and linen, which were arranged . artistically on the dining room table. The following were guests: Misses Ruth Lynn Drake, Wilmoth Tenyson, Dorothy Brown. Ell7,nbetl) Soann. Cari-ye Mae and Orlcnn Hires, Nfesdames Langston. Davidson, Sneed, J. Driver, W. J. Driver jr., Williams Gillespie. Hires, Sillerman. McClurkin, McHenry. Ballew, "Nichols, Brown and Misses Anna Margaret Wood and Elhlyn Howard. Mrs. John Thweatt was hostess to the Y. W. A. Monday evening. The subject of tlic program was "Travel On Ihe Continent." and those taking special parts were: Mrs. R. A. Kimbronqh, Nellie Rose, Eva George and Mrs. Trweatt. During a -brief business session Mrs. Thvoatt appointed the following committee chairman: Mrs fipencer McHenry. Program. Eva George. Paster and Bulletin Board Nellie Rose. Membership and Mrs Kirhv and daughter, Juanlta. Mr J. W. Golden and daughter, Louis and Mrs. Oolden's mother Mrs. W. Garner of Greenway. Ar'x., vl it«d in Blvlhevillc Thursday. Miss Uolise Witt, who has be 'pending the summer with h mother Mrs. Claud Witt of Okl homa City. Okla.. arrived he Thursday. Miss Witt will be one: of the teachers in the junior high school. ' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Popham ,-uid Los daughter who have been in' Angeles. Calif., the past sit months where Mr. Popham has been working have returned here.; Albert Hamra ol Drumilght. nkln.. 1ms accepted a position with; the Sam Hamm Store here and jeean working yesterday. Carole arid Jerome, small chll- E. S. Crihfteld. Finance. Mesdauics Charles and John dren of . Mr. Corkran and Dr. R. A. Kimbrough were visitors at this meeting. hove! that can scoop up a ton or At thc ncx t meeting of Septem- more of earth at a "bite". and:be r u. n new study course will be " " oxy- ] stnrled. The tille of this course s of Women" and will be the lead- accusa- cut easily through steel girders,. ! are som.2 of the proiwrties used ' :n "The Wrecker", the Columbia ir.elodnma opcnin; nest Satur- diiy at the Jack Holt RIU Theatre. Ibis picture plays the part of a man who makes his living tearing down buildings tha 1 , have outlived their usefulness. He i" supported by Gencvieve Tobln. Sidney Blackmcr. George E. Stoiv •nnd Ward Bond. The picture centers about thc recent California (MrthquDkc. I c rent back immedinlely |)ir? trull]i or falsity of the ions against Long may be honestly and fenrlesslv ascertained. The Parker charges which the Imn-nn want checked Include as- lertatlons thnl Long Is "personal- dishonest, commt nnd immoral" .. . . "has created and maintaln- I d a system of corruption and de- laiichery iunpnralleled In the hls- lory of the state" . . . "made elec- Itons a farce" . . . "operated a |vsiem of racketeering . • • col- KUng . . . money tribute for Vr.self personally and his a^pcl- lilts" ... 1iy bribery Inethods" 'escape,! impeachment and other corrupt controls both Leg- Mftlure and the courts and us the greatest menace to American de- r*ncy and civilization." Would Vindicate Senate Among the women associated with Mrs. Hammond are Mrs. James Cralk Morris, wife of the EnlEcopallan bishop of Louisiana; Mrs. Ida Weiss Friend, nationally known clubwoman; Mrs. Martha ••-•as<iuel Westfeldt. of an old Loui- «'ana family; Mrs. S. S. Laboui.'se, daughter of » former state supreme court justice; Miss Mary Railey. head of Child Welfare, and Miss Kiithcrlnc Lcbonisse of the Consumers' League. "We don't want any more senatorial courtesy," says Mrs. Hammend. "We want to make the American people realize that the Senate is the highest point of government, that It must try to buhy charges against a senator, and leave a state high and dry." Luxora Society — Personal , Mis s Dorothy Brown w:iose wedding lo W. Hayes Clowcn will take place Monday morning, Seplember 4, was Ihe honoree al two delight- rjiven Thursday and The Baptist W. M. U. had its regular social meeting Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. C. Howard. Vnrlous games and contests' furnished thc entertainment for the nfternoon. At the close of thc entertainmnt the hostess rervcd delicious refreshments to her gusts. " Mrs. F. H. Bogan nnd Mrs, F. M. Bonds shopped in Memphis Thursday. Miss Anna Mnreuret Wood accompanied by her mother, Mrs. c. B Wood, soent the weekend In Favettevlllc. They were accompanied horn by Miss Ethelyn Howard, and Mrs. Mendel Shainbcrc are 111 with Ihc colitis. Mrs. Morten Brondell. who has trcn ill with the summer flu is belter nnd able to be up. Sum Hamra of Stcelc. wns here Thursday attendine to business. Mr. and Mrs. Hurtle Barnes, who iiave'bcen in Sikeston visiting Mrs. Barnes sister and husband Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Molhews have returned home. Fred Hamra of Fulton. Ky.. who is visiting relatives at Stecle was here Friday morning for a short while visiting friends. Carl Baskin of Parma, Mo., was l-.c-re Friday visiting R. N. Brasher. Mr. Baskin will return Monday where he will begin working as pharmacist at Broshcr's. Bush theridge drove his wife and daughter Joan to Paragould. Ark., Thursday evening where Mrs. Etheridge and Joan went on an to Dallas. Tex., where will visit Mrs. Ethcridge's whn \, their guest. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Hunt spent mother Mrs. Nancy Montgomery nnd her sister Mrs. R. A. Hall for thc next ten days. Mr. Etherideg was accompanied to Paragould by Hueh Doris, where they remained until Friday. Mrs. C. S. Reynolds, who has been on an extended visit with iier daughter and husband Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gamble of Rauville. to., was driven home by her daughter Mrs. Gamble, who will visit here for several days. Mrs. John Hidge of Blvlheville. Ark., Is here this week visiting Mrs. Bert Williams and Mrs. Evnn Vaughn. Mrs, Wm. -Wallter and Mrs. Ed Moore were In Kennett Friday visiting friends. Out-ofllomi guests who have ar- Wednesday In Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brown were Memphis guests Tuesday. Mrs. C. P.Powell rind daughter. Mac Morgan received a Iclcgrnm Mrs. Dean McClurkin, shopped in 1 from his cousin Miss Naoma Har- MemphU Wednesday. bcrt. who is in the Frisco hospllal '•- ' at St. Louis, stating she Is able to leave the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Nfovgan drove to St. Louis Friday and will be accompanied home this evening by Miss Harbcrt. Mr. and Mrs. P. v. Schumacher and daughters Marguerite and Annie Laurie left lor Cobden, 111.. I Saturday. While enrouw they will stop over night at Kelscr, Mo.,] and visit with Mr. Schumacher's- rived Miss to attend the wedding of Dorothy Brown to Hayes C. Langston compli-1 oowen are Miss Sidney Brown of ful parties Friday. nicnted Miss~Browu Thursday of- J Owensboro Kentucky, who arrived tenioon when she entertained with I | as t night and Mrs. Charles Driv- five tables of bridge. Her home wasler John Driver .and Miss Margaret beautifully decorated for Ihe oc-[Drt'4r, who will be Miss Brown's caslon with late summer flowers. ; attendant in her wedding which At the close of five progressions will take place Monday morning of bridge thc hostess assisted by a t 9 o'clock 1'tr sister Miss oily Goswlck of. Miss Wilmolh Tennyson arrived brother »nd wife Mr. and Mr? Memphis, 'snd M*s Orlena Hires Thursday evening. She will re- [ John Schumacher Sunday Ihcy will Her Best Friends Told HER . and SH E found it Good Advice M RS. SMITH had been having difficulty keeping the family bud- : get balanced. She wondered if it was her fault because her friends, whom she knew had no greater income than her own, seemed to be getting along quite well. One,day she asked them how they managed it. They all said that they kept their budgets balanced .by careful buying with the advertisements as their shopping guide. They advised her to try planning her buying through the ads in the Courier News. She took their advice . . . the result was a balanced budget with a comfortable margin left over for saving, COURIER NEWS

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