The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 26, 1937
Page 8
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BLYfHraVILLJO' (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS Differential in Favor o( Northern Workers Is Decreasing NASHVHLF, Temi lUP)—Wages for Industrial «or!.ers, In the Soutli are fast leachmg a level v\!iic>i comparer tavoiiably with tins: paid 111 the North nntl Eisl. a survey made by the Southern Stilus In dustrial Council reveals lhi> survey showed Hint, wage in- crevos ol ll« jusl .sneral month-, have been ol more beium In llir ^outh than cl'eulicre. ; The Council's njssarcb ixnwrl- ment revealed lhat employes in 820 Sat them Industrial plants recelu il viie increases .ivaasi'i.j 4 nml " per "cant of thnr 'jilaile'i bM\\cen f.epKnite- at'd Dfceinbci of last IMir »hll° a representative numbci of Norfhe.rn Incluslrl 01 ; rnb'd KJ.I •, only uo i«r cent diirinj the sun' j Mod , The Automobile Imluttiy \\ab n^l liken into comlclortUai In I'M- r <.aini>ar<UJve flgmes, Up Coim;.' explained, bee mi'* nnlonnthc manufactiirlnz Is liinlto-J almo.' p^Ullively to Oe North iiid MiJdlc •West^ and nho b«c\use ' nun iturul forces" Influenced « i« merinos In •that Industry. " The v age differentht in favoi of Ihe Northern Dorters hus diapptl from, 33 5 per cent to 210 r>'i e;n 'In the last four \onrs, the Council reported orealei concenliatlon of unskilled labor in Ui> South accounts In a lauo nuTstire fo^ U\f Blower scale • Lmpldment has increased more 'lopitlly In the South than In ,uiy .other piit of the countiv nccoid- T«IK to Ihc Council, which points -to a 'steady but. noimnl nccebra- lion of business" Floncvei, tho average hourly wage in tbs south for Decembei 1916 uas 442 conls, as against 50G cents for Hi; country as n whole ^ A much bettei tlionln? is niado .in the liouis of woiX popiiHr \i-- -iiet li> the contraij, tho survey '••howecl that Hie average DKIn viorL-vvcck is one hom and 1? minutes shonei thnu the nation's average .week The Southern industrial woiker puts in nil average of 390 hour seach week while Die average work-week for the nation Is •111 GOOD GARDENING APPLICATION FOR PEllMiTS FOI! milf.DlNfi.S, AI/I'KKA- TIOXS AND KKI'AIItR, SlfiNS on sTKiicTunns IN / : 'tnK cri'v or m,vnir.viu,i;, AKK Date Marcli 1. 1D37, Street Number Corner Division St. and chlck- nsavvba Avc.. Number of stories, l; slKC of lot, 60 by. 100; No, rooms, I; value of work, $200; .building of brick or frame, frame; malerliil of roof, composition; malerlnl: of cxlflilor walls, wood; material of lastdL' |);ii-lltlons, wood; material of foundations, concrete piers; building on tlie front or .rear, front; distance to property. line, 5 ft. or more; distance to nearest. Inillilln;; on each side, 30 It. or more; building to l>i> occupied a*. Grocery Ktore and. ' 1-Yuil Stand; building to be 12 by'14 It; owner of grounds, A. Nelson and R. A .Nelson; 'owner of billklin;;, J. f,. Flake. I certify Hint the above state- |incnts are comet, to tlie best I my knowledge and • belief. Application for permit by J. L. Flake. . Permit rewired by: liUTIf BI.VTHE, City Clerk. 2-. r »-D-ia-ia-)0-23-2(i FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 1937 TRUSS EXPERT HERE, MAR. 27 Mr. A. Klein, factory expert of the Ohio Truss Co., will IK at our store Siilurday. March 27,• wllh a full line of non-skid Spot-Pad Trusses and Supports. ROBINSON DRUG CO. Corner Main & Railroad ,* Write 100 Words Surra lint' u lioul, and the tfr.ttr of a lurirn- eanlrn. tfiis ar- r.ingrim.iil of rirers forms an alt nMm unit liy itself. Read Courier News Want Ads ; X =N JHlNfcWJfS? -we, o^^-JRAD|d pLLS^^^mT '%wMM4itilM if By DONAI.n GliAV Th.3 rose. delight of tlic gardener, rales consideration all by itself, •incc most gardens contain stimv types of Mils universal plant. If perfection of bloom Is cls- siral, ccrliiln nilcs must be followed. Hern are (lie most imjjort- fint of tliem: Ifybrld tens and hybrid perpet- t'linls are the "choicest, roses. They I will give bldoms in all shades mid color combinations. 1 A rose garden should never IK planned close lo Ilia house where it h in \lcw all year. There lira limes when the covering over trm tops of the plants is not allrai-tive, and , even nt tho tieljlit of" .'tint blooming period thera Is always much earlli In view. Tho best way to grow parfee-t blooms is lo liavj a spate set aside for tills pliint. Treat n rose bed us a separnlivunU in gardenlnj,'. ' Choose a site, lhat Is In partial shade in the middle of Ihe dny.' t noses lequire ; fiill sunlight in tho I nicrning. but do not do «-cl! under j c.onlinuoii's sun exposure-.- Prepare the ground by mixing one-third, well roiled manure, one- third jioiicl garden .soil and one- third clny -lonm. Excavate two feet. deep Hoses do nol like wet feet 'o |.We cintijrs. slag o ragrlcul- lurnl lilc In |hc bottom of llie bi-ii lo lake off e.xcess water. I flare hybrid teas in front of njbilel perpeliuls bscausc (he for- mei will grow longer than the ial- lei At present, successful rose growers advocate planting hybrid tens 12 to 15 Indies apart. " , .:Whcn ynii buy new plants ord"r them from: a reputable dealer H" Bill sell you budded stock, but. varv few of Ihem will send -up sliools from ihe parent mfd'-rosi!. Th:rc is an nit In grafting, and It pavs I lo buy planls from a nursery llul knows the art of propagating Plant at the Same denth Ihey have been growin? In the nursery. Cut. Ihem back'lo three or four eyes on each ssem. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP ' T-r'l? UNITPD STATES FOR Tl.'i; JONFfJllORO DIVISION OF THE EASTERN DISTTHCT OF AUKANSAS. 'n the Mntlci- of Charlev R. Metcalf. [(. p. D. . Lcachvilto. Arkansas. In ni-nkruntcv No 1957 NCTIf'K OF PKAKIXn ON i'l'Tr- TIOX FOK 'niSRHAKGK IN HANKKUPTCV. Notic.'.Is hereby given lhat p-ti- jon for discharge has been filed by above bankrupt, and the snnw will be heard In fie United states ..oiirlrocm at Lllllc Hock ,\r- snnsns. on April ,sc 1937 n t \a A. M. ' I F. c. 'MULUNIX. Referee in Bankriijitcy. MOCII J-t-ijl — r m j^ WE RECOMMEND USING THE ZENITH.DOUBUT ANTENNA. FOR BEST.RECEPTION EUROPE,'SOUTH AMERICA or lh« ORIENT GUARANTEED EVERY DAY or your MONEY BACK HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. J. W.Adams, 7*!gr. Phone 233 2nd i Main AMERICA S MOSI COPIED RADIO IN THE CHANCERY COURT OP ^^FJ£-? SAWDA DISTRICT S. W. Holmitn. Plalnlirr vs. 'NO. 6405 Louise Holmnn. Defendant. The defendant, Louise nolman. 1-, warned to appear within thirty days ta the court named in the caption .n,recf «.,d answer the nmolaint of •'-.« plainiliT, S. W. Holmun (g Dated this ijtt, day of March. H. M. CRAIG. Clerk «v A. F. smith. D c x I ' IK V- J ? onor ' AU '- f ^ »»f.i J?ne *™W (Ally, Ad Lllcm). 12-15-2IJ-2 Wrecker Service . Cas .t Oil Open All Night Phillips Service Center Phones Til - 810 D. & I'. U NO. 11 PLANTING SEED (A Pure Strain) seed ot I a Inert direct from the breeder anrt planted by us for two years. No other cotton planted or Binned on (his farm.' Reasonably priced lii even weight 100 |b. bap. Srecla] prins oil cirlots. Inquire • F. A. Rosrrs. Manager CLEAR LAKE FARM Koiitc 2, Box 81, Blylhcvillc Phone 1500-Vil Eai'li y:'a]- the rosa must be pnuiL'd. Tiia (lower couif-s on til: growth that develops from lliis year's bull. Three .stems nn;l fgnr eyes lo tlic slem will produca an abundance of flowers. Ti-ere Is no sol rule that can bi; i-et up ns lo when to feed u rose. Liquid ninmiri; is probably, tho best ferlillzer, to uss Just bDforc Ihe plant corii?Ji Into . flower. A nlm l>tr pliint. Is the average. Many pests and diseases allaek the rose, nnd there, are many jeme- <ilcs. It is unwl'je to recommend any one. .spmy. Tlie best plan Is (o spray rejiilnrly w lth ehcmleals thai will prevent spreading of fungus disease, and on?, that will kill Ihe leaf calin^ Insects, llnnd picking of the rose bestle is the best method lo eradicate this pest. Always, keep Inc. ground cnlll- vnlctl. Peat moss or buckivheat hulls may be used as a mulch over the ton of the ground, but <to not let this niatcrlnl get into the soil around (lie roots. It will make tlie soil loo light. Afler roses stop blooming in Hie fall, slop feeding, when Ihe I saves drop oil. cover each plant with a hill of soil 10 inches high'for the .winter, in Ihe smin ? remove the, soil and prune the plant. NKXTi I'liilim;; shrubs anil trees. The onion l s a member of Hie Illy family. SINE OF THESE BEAUTIFUL RANGES ... TO BE GIVEN AS PRIZES Nino women ara going lo be made happy by vilnnlng Ihssa New, Marvolom Allen Banqe Why not Iry to bo onB ol Ihcm? It's BO easy you have very lilllo lo do—nolhing lo buy. Simply come lo our store, see ihe Allen on display, lil! oul conlest onlry blank, then writ* 100 words or less giving icasonj why you Ihink Iho New Alien lo Ihe besl coal-wood range, lo own. - - Don'l OTeilook lh!s oppoilunlly ol a lltellme to win, absoliilely Ireo, tho kind ol a range you'T. 'alway» wanted. Come In today. SEK THE KANGK IN OUR WINDOW SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. .. ,: "The 1'rogrcssivc'SHpre" ..). W. Shonse -^w, : Wilson Henr\ Phone 35 •RECONDITIONED TO THE QUEEN'S TASTE GOODWILL USED GARS SOLD ONLY BY PONTIAC DEALERS Women kuovr Mint, when n 1'cmlinc dealer nlIndies the "(^owl Will" tng lo n \iscil enr, lhat cnr is in just the rnmUlitm they like . . . clonn, coni- fi>rUil>Iu, licuiiliCul, dependable. ItigKt now, our .stock includes sonic of the fnirsl used cars is~c linvc ever offered— C«TB llml hnvc hfeit taken in trndc on the popular, fnsl-selling new 19S7 I'oulincs, These cnra have heoii carefully "Good Will" reconditioned, nntl nrc offered nt prices tlml will save yon money* Rend tnc ilcscriplioiis of a ft\v- typical bargains listed below— conio in nnd inspect our slock—buy now and get the bargain of n Hfr.lime, »M*fr WARM 1935 CHEVROLET SPORT SEDAN— Fully equipped, radio nnd heater. One of the greatest used car vnl- ues \vc have ever offered. Don't miss Hits big \'!>,'Ue. special Wcck-Eml Feature ACT QUICKLY FOR THIS ONE 1934 MASTER CHEVROLET COACH— Radio, hot water heater. 1937 license, paint fitoii. Motor In finest mechanical condition litter n thorough "Good Will" rscondition- iiig. Look lliis one over. A rial buy fcr someone at 1932 CHEVROLET COACH—In good condition. A real * -i o A buy in thlsonc^lOU 1931 CHEVROLET ROADSTER — Motor Just teen overhauled tires good. A real buy for cheap transportation. A bargain at Iltiick ami Pontiac Sales & Service PHONE 1000 Free? Sandefur -Oscar Bailey Are Ready to help you greet EASTER and SPRING in STYLE! The 1937 miracle of fashion-comfort-value The New GULFWEIGHT SUITS • Tailored Ay.HART SCHAFFNER & MARX 32 50 You'll feel like you're breezing along in ihe Gulf Stream when you're wearing; one of'these 1937 miracles of 'ashion-comfort- " '• " value! Gulfweights have^all the style oi a year-round suif, thanks to the fine needling which forms a perfect team-mate for these fabric masterpieces. They'ro perfect for Easter, Spring and late Fall. Brilliantly color'ul, in the best of taste and here for all of you in plain or sport back models. MANSFIELD GABARDINE SPORT SUITS $ 50 If you linven'l been in lo sec these marvelous oiib- .inline suils with their ijenuine high steeped Twill weave a I §29.50 (hen you've missed an important five minutes in your life! It is impossible (o replace them for less than $37.50 to S12.50 . . . (h;it's why they're going so fast! Other Mansfield Suits $24.50 and $28.50 As usual the best is always at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 WEST MAIN STREET Blytheville's Headquarters for Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes

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