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1. AM. The Terra Nova, the vessel of the Britath Antarctic Expedition, afated off this port early this morning, and anchored shortly alter DUBLIN RULE DEMONSTRATION. GATHERING OF 100,000 PEOPLE. Fro DUBLIN, Mar.

3 the spectacular point of view Contrary to expectation. aheldoea not bring back with her Captain Scott and hi Antarctic entrusted with the following brief massage from Captain Scott, which ha had sent back to the.baw of the expedition before the Terra Nova let t. I An remaining in the Antarctic for another winter in order to continue and complete my work." The late) news sent back by Captain Scott to the base at McMurdo Sound showed that on January 3 bo bad reached a point 160 miles from the South Pole and was still advancing. It was clear that had Captain Scott delayed notifying his progress until he had actually reached the Pole news from him eouki not nave reached the Terra Nova before she was com I polled to leave owing to the setting in of waiter and the freezing of the Ross Sea. Captain Scott's own full message will follow.

CUKISTCHUBCH. Arau. 1. The men on board the Terra Nova are welL flceiwr. The Terra Nova, with Captain Scott and the members of Ris expedition, left Cardiff on June 15, 1810.

She made her way to New Zealand eta Cape Town and Sydney, and sailed finally for the South on November 29. Captain Scott and hi men have tliercfore already been absent from civilization for 16 months. The date at which he reached the point from which his message was despatched, January 3. is little more than a fortnight later than that at which Captain Amundsen reached the Pole, December 1 4 le. His distance at that moment from the Pok 150 miles, is a little greater than the southernmost point attained by Sir Ernest Shackk ton, which was 112 miles.

A letter oh the British Antarctic vedition from Sir Ck ments Mark ham will bo found on page 11. THE REVENUE. demonstration in Dublin to day was a great success. The weather, beautifully mild and sunny, was all in favour of an open air gathering. Immense pains were taken te make the meeting a representative and impressive demonstration of Nationalist Ireland passionate desire for the Home Rule Bill which it has not yet seen.

The scries of meetings were held in that stretch of Dublin's noblest thoroughfare which extends from the O'Conncll monument on th south to the Parnell monument on the north. This area covers about seven and a half acres, and at its widest point four platforms were erected. No. 1 platform, frowj which Mr. Redmond spoke, was erected at the Parnell monument.

It was a solid and imposing affair and accommodated some hundreds of people. Sixty four necial train wen to the capital from all parts of Ireland. Tw five of these came from the south and 18 from Ulster. Irishmen before the Walls oe Jcbic The great area in Sack iUe 6troet was fairly full before 2 o'clock. The neighhoui bood the Mansion House in Dawaon btreet, from Inch d' tus lv tlu orured.

it Was an interest urosque, and good humoured crowd ag because it furnished a contrast between the different types of Irishmen, picturesque because nearly cvervbodv wore green rosette or carried a little green flag, and many of the contingents wore the flamboyant unuorm oi ine national foresters or ine quaint Gaelic costume with its yellow shawl and brown skirts. The good humour of the gathering was proved by its tolerant treatment of a little band of female siiffragists who perambu lated the principal streets. No doubt these women would have fared badly if they had tried to indulge in any militant tactics. They contented themselves, however, with distributing women." About one hundred and fifty bands kept up a persistent music during the afternoon. Nearlv all confined themselves to the time ol A nation once again," which, after a while, It was intended, perhaps.

of shouting round the walls of Jericli was played at least times The' chief filled the Streets were deputati the Nationalist County and Di branches of tlie I nited Irish of the Ancient Order of Hi smiadron of tin Tlie component ports of the official procession assembled nt the Mansion House at about VERY LARGE ACTUAL SURPLUS. the crowds whkh i his from most of District Councils, League, divisions lil minus, and tic Association. THE AUSTRO HUNGARIAN CRISIS. UNIVERSITY BOAT RACE SINKING OF BOTH CREWS IN TURN. THREAT TO ABDICATE BY THE EMPEROR.

(from a coasxsrowDEKT. VIENNA. MABC The deadlock in the relations between Austria and Hungary has threatened the entire Monarchy with very serious consequences. The venerable Emperor Francis Joseph, on tlie occasion of the audience given to the Hungarian IVime Minister. Count Khuen Hedervary.

last i Saturday provided an occurrence mm The details of this audience caused a great sensation, which was increased by the ttM the Emperor had sent to the Prime ft.j v. faii ,1 Mnuster an autograph letter in which hu fuUi, fAU lU appealed to be good will of the Hungarian fIX Sfunn.a e. decUrcd it to and by the Ua deltaite as to the hnwte ithm hail when Oxford ROTA THE UMPIRE'S VERDICT. The Oxford and Cambridge Host Race weSE Obviously, howevei emptied their boat, and it is not contended THEATRES. Mac continued is, that a day on which both crews TPH sank was not on on wh eh the race should have is.

Jt iki been rowed in other words, that land and txxip water race, as some people have called it. I again to dav will be generally recarded as the RACE TO BE RE ROWED TO DAY. XmTM SLSSSt crew the worse for its unfortunate nee, and without accident, every one triad that Saturday's contest was history of boat racing, ivth crews' sank. dr clared but Oxford succeeded in emptying and orHKLto. tMm ru ylub siJJtX miit the request tlie Hedervary Cabinet will continue in office and the Main Minister will endeavour to restore pood eeling between the two countries.

Ports of the audience at Schonbrunn were quito dramatie. When the Mm MHistor made his appearance tho Emperor said. i know that I have always tried to rule according Jjj to Const it utionnl methods. I have always regarded Hungary's progress with gratification the umpire's decision is final and thete no appeal. Since Ifc 2:.

when aahr MM has a cm to Can.hri.i4 in 1S.VI. at and Hungary has never hod a truer friend than I have been for 60 years on the Throne, and for 45 have been Constitutional King of Hungary. But now there is a desire to interfere with my rights as ruler my rights are to be contested, and I have met with mistrust. If this is not altered nothing remains for me you know tho rirriimstanees but to The Emperor here paused, and Count Khuen Hedervary rose from I us scat and Tied, Your Majesty, for Hod's soke The Emperor replied, Tliis is no moment for sentimentality. I have cumUdered the matter carefully and there is nothing Man; exception both crews hov" invariably JJ ni although 'in -thing particularly l'; I Mis.

v.l,. f. were practically i jni CONCERTS and VARtCTlES will be I5X found on page 5S MAr THEATRES. Ac. toJW" instituted.

JjrsT unjint roi rk iu stem NMT wvl, '1 Bt AX.NOLP BX vwi rnWASn RrnmjcCH. watTloggel from the is surprising that during rough water 4 IV Br IMg I would be mix I Saturday no ne Mrioiu ly mg to hsnpeti Tfcere the waves in Putney Keach look.d but th water at the tart I be Ax Appkai. nil be freuently ben Th The Emperor was deeply affected ns he 7 1 "IS poke these words, while Count Khuen Hed r'wh, hugo crowd at PuSney. but audience room overcome by 1 xh r'll' ua n.wifl in th. A He called a council of his colleagues morning bartend i i Om afti rnoi n.

th ivl tendonei result tlie Muustenol was loudly so largo as usual. Tho weuth wa wmd due west the most adverse rein; immediately, and Council d. ided to drop Emperor objected. possible for the crews. At 11.30 Cambridge, the challengers, put off from the Leander Club creat nd 'l lv emits, the Middluscx station.

They did not appear Prime ship much water or to be tro ibled unduly ihi) had won Khuen Hedei Ipiiosition, I accept it as it put a restriction on tho enrolment of Tlie Emperor has given permission to tl Minister to publish the details of tho i sittinc of the Hungariiui Parliament. An autograph letter from the Emperor is being published afterwards in which the Monarch says tliat he regrets the i stake boat. The nee differences of opinion on tlie Army Law. The Oxford bepon at 33 an nation full possession of her rights, and rowing being reasonably good i i circuinstunws. although not rally clock.

Mr. Redmond, who arrived in an thp continues he miiKt nmiirr'sn much laahing. For the first few strokes! AETltrP. FtXgCO open carriage with Mr. Dillon and Mr.

I vlm, 1 as ruler, to call up recruits. The letter i llke boate ran level then Oxford began slowly avium KVZkt fanHAM detained i one of the tixed speak i England. The procct sion started Mansion House at half pot Tlie Lord of Dublin and Mr. Redmond The last account of i' Revenue and Expenditure of the Kingdom for the tinancial yew 1911 12 was I the first carriage Mr. O'Callaghan.

is. ucd on Saturday night. It shows that for United Irish League of America, and Messrs. the whole vear "the receipts amounted to Dillon and Devlin occupied the next two. the total expenditure chargeable In hx Uyi Mayor of Cork, I who is a follower of Mr.

William linen, but against revenue was 1 tfld the on understanding that the surplus was. therefore. demonstrations would ntlvocate Houie Rule boat houses carrying out his duties as Monarch, and to I mnditions were worse than forward the good iindi rstnndmg between him spouted from the riggers and feU snrav into tlie boats. Alter th. Imperial rcscr.pi with great satisfaction, as it 2 veir rpa affords an opportunity of re establishing peace.

Emperor will gladly see the Hdervary Cabinet riillillallill afUr the 6,345. IbtS. be ixcnue was 3,469,286 excess of the estimate for it the expenditure was 3,293,900 less than the final estimate for it, including supplementary grants voted by Parliament. These two sums make 6.763, 186, but 218,000 must be deducted because the final estimate of expenditure was more than the nstimnted revenue by that amount. The figures of all the leading sources of revenue, except Customs, Post Office, and Telephones how decreases as bom pared with the results of 1910 11.

These (comparisons, however, are not oi much 1910 1 1 included in several case targe arrlare from 1909 10. The receipts from Excise, though 1.640.000 Dun broadest sense. Other carriages held the Lord Mayors and officials of the corporations of Limerick. Shgo. Kilkenny, Clonmel, and Waterford.

After tho carriages a large number of the members of the Nationalist Party walked in procession. A place of honour was given to the National Clubs oi Belfast, whose drummers performed with a grim determination wormy oi ine uaatc ufrangemen. The area of the meetings mode an preasrre show when the procession or and broke up around the Jiff en nt pktfi Mr. Redmond platform was tho chief centre ot interest. The Mayor of Limerick and Mr.

John Dillon snoka from platform 2. and the previous vear. are ti.jo2.000 Mavor ol Shco and Mr. Devlui from olatfi i they were estimated to be. Estate 3.

Tho fourth platform was ecupied by at. but Maaip. hav. 1 v. exported.

of University College, Dublin, and Pro THE PRINCE VISIT TO PARIS. the Prince of Wales leavo feasor Swift i.ieNeill. The 'crowds dense round the platforms, but there wert many empty spaces. I calculate the attend ance at about 100,000, a large number in iteelf. but.

I am told, a disappointment to organisers of the meeting, wlio had expected that at least a quarter of a million people would lift their voices for Homo Rule. Punctually at 3 o'clock the signal for the meeting was given by Mr. J. C. Browne.

abandonment Cabinet has a majority in Parliament behind and all it needs is to win a victory the Opposition. Thus the Government is is settled, while the Parliamentary crisis as before. For tlie lYimo Minister stands exactly where he stood three weeks ago. wnen no allowed nimseit to no involved in the resolution question by the Kossuth Party. hindering the discussion of the Army Law remains to De seen, but even then Count Khuen Hedervary would be in the same position, for the Party declared before, the Count's journey to Vienna that thev would not cease their policy of obstruction.

Judging from The boats had by this deal of water, but it was The gunnel of the Cambridge ship piciously near the water's edge, and, although the waves were lers high, the lxt was so deeplv ohstrurtive tactics lnal evcr. during the last nine months by party many more months may puss before Justh Party ore overcome. Coiuit Khuen Hedervary will probably be forced to dissolve DEPARTURE TO DAY. The King will bo present at Victoria Stati this morning, wh at 1 1 o'clock for The King and Vueen and the Prince of ang the first verse of the hard worked viajted QHieen Alexandra and PrinoeHK nation once again." The ehoru xc'as taken Victoria at Marlboroudi House yesterday up with impressive enect by the whole meeting, afternoon and took tea with them. The 7 tho.

"hpSubn; J1 111 was 1 Prince Royal and Princess Maod were nUo jSTn present, and the party was in the nature of a udienoos were quiet and strained" Uiemsolves farewell gathering for the Prince of Wales, to hear. His Royal Highness will travel as tho Earl of I noticed only three mcidTits that call for Chester and it is the King special desire that remark. One was tho presence oh the gallery the departure shall be purely private and tfH'AgE 1 x. of Mr. T. 11, MJP. He stood front devoi ceremony. Members of his Majesty of a ber bearing the inscription We want suite lil be in attendance, but only Mr. Hansel 1 Home Utile. The s.

eopd was the fact that (the Prince's tutor) will accompany him to a window near Mr. Redmond's platform was pn occupied bv a number of ladies Who were. The Prince of Wales aceorripanied the Kme aPPaTWt, ffRt. Their shrill laughter and on the visit to King Manoe, and BflC Queen at Richmond on Saturday demanding silence. Tlie, third incident was afternoon.

the fact tliat, while Mr. Redmond had a cordial reception from tlie immense gathering, (rbou ocb own roBBEsroNDKST.) i it was far surpassod in clamour and entnaaiasm ti. njc i bv that which was given to Mr. Joseph Devlin, 'l p. "The speech making ended nt half past 4 to morrow eving.

Hi Royal Highness, who righT to national self government was put will aeoompanied by his tutor, Mr. Hansell, simultaneously from all tln platforms and l1u. hn Cnrried bv acclamation. Immidtatelv after Ok Marquis de Brcteuil, a personal friend of 1 7" Jthe Unds P'avod Cw0d tata Ring Edward, and the Marquke llf'JJ Hois de Boulogne. The visit, which will nrnbablv be of two or three months' duration, i is of an entirely private character, and its chief I do hot think tliat tlie political eflect of thi obioet is understood to be to afford his Royal demonstration win oe very gre.

Hvbness an opportunity of perfecting his knowledge of the French language. No formal society functions are to be held honour of the Sundays. There was not lung about this moet Prfnee, who baa not yet appeared in society in ing of the fierce and stolid resolution which caught the riggers CHAKLES FKJinus and shot water into her. She sank lower and months may pass before the untl1: was approached. another niinnte or two.

With the case hope 's, the coxsw nin ti ensl in shore. th r.iwiiie on till their infers re almo a. mcrsed. 'Die stem simk first and immediately Q' afterwards tho whoW bo a under water. The men tumbled oat ot her and.

a it wasijuite impoHBlDIo ai inm fxiim i me ininK Cambridge. THE FIGHTING IN MEXICO. ifTord his Royal ZFdSSZ Zl? good humoured, pleasant, holiday oathoruig. Pf Limply proving that the Irish arc a gregarious iormaI people and like excitement, especially on Kncland, but it would be qui te nature i if ha to call upon the President of he Republic at the Eryste, and arrange mrxiu of this kind, however, have yet bean made. The French Press, which this morning states that the Prince of Wales will make his stay tr the name oi the Earl of Chester, expresses Mtrfin King George's desire that the made such an impression on English visitors recent unionist meetings at oeuast.

air. Redmond 'a speech as an oratorical display was rather poor, and as a statement of the present distinctly disappointing. with France, Stands friand and nekhbour. In the words of the Omdms TrrU nuieihjr hacawM Ms wieansee will lamnn ana Shnta anarf of tns tatWy." tt eee se Ti, mnteate Oaeslale. eWlr.

tb. mat far a laa tfcee estt aly Mabcii 31. der that. lYesid. nt a hand as possible.

the revolutionaries, he Mexican (iovcrn DECISION OF PRESIDENT TAFT. WASIIINt IVesident Taft. in orde Madero may have as free the operations agamst tl has decided to excer mrnt from tho scope of tho recent proclamation forbidding the cNport of arms into Bxieo. The situation across the border is iw a.s obscure and confused as ever it was during the troubles last year. So far as can be gathered, tho revolutionaries have had the best the lighting around 1 orreon.

but whether hev have actually routed the Federals is not lear. Nor is it clear how much iinnt there in other parts ot the country, it is, however, tatont that President Madera's efforts at laeification have not so far been particularly It may be stated on the highest authority that is things are now tho Administration docs tii mtcrverttion. It the eondit hould grow so serious as to appear ict ion it will lie left to Congress AdmmistratH t. act. I his attitude, ot course, with indeed it demand I Tke e.vts tliat epectel what TSSthT1: Ai? SOMA trouble, err.

jASmrf. sir. c.rvonrt. rteu iv xnv rviNG HAXBTU and worse c.niitiou io: na. Uku known to prevail in alkxanpes Jota (Cwt what wmi wonsx xsowa.

1 lags ssta tt iuixa TOT IfBBa LA BTXPIlt K.v ai. i in i. HA.iit.;T03 lowk. 7 AI LKK DAISY HAKXJtXil 'Ji ETUXL tAS LMD SASS. Mkt.

ku IUlHilKSEX. Dnn tm. l8taW AjTWU 111 riUU JLMMEV Eon 1 1 ll ud ll.nTT. FSOOMsX i pan 1 1 t4 their nowrw. in larte.1 it I14U "iO711 PK5U OKXACB TO XIGHT unbridgeat 9 TnEATM SATCKDAT.

A VmV'w arsTy TY fc.GBOET.KED AAKUIS ITodocUoo. GAPTTT THZATg. STSAJP. TTiKcncNTor Lrxnttf a. p.iwlk.

atLtm nitx mr. stxxsd. wjc bssu. pax race time un record. orr Habbod rn aav.

1010 ia IS! Tfff 1 sea. rr I WigT THTTtSDAY. AprU ItSt Jl THE CHAELB3 ntOHXlS prastan jl PtsRtdArn. PCtX LADY. A JJ HcLeHm.

E. EDWABJ. asj fjgggm 3XEUT TRSATKS. Piwns wy. W.

LACW i hS olSiSiSnTO1 ail loots ooopwca I jrATT rrK rrrwHDSBBDAY ud satt rpst. sjs I dckx or torks thzatml. nc I Xfa. UEHUJt tAJtTKIt 1 ALDwrca rmt nut. rfj JAJ(Xtfc)JJi frciwj rumxr tA m.

aia rxjaii s'! rtATr fast stroke. In spite of their efforts they began to drop rapidly astern, and after two minuten rowing were nearly a length to the bad. At the Boi md of the concrete wall Oxford were almost clear and from this point they pained so rapidly virtually over. Both crews slanted to the Surrey as possible, Oxford reached the Mile 1 5mm the slowest several lengths ahead, Cambridge Sin Chiswtck Evot. bong bark to give any bridge crew, but as the men wen obviously no danger most, ot tho vessels following the Oxford.

it first as it Oxford might still mid stream to make the centre arch of Hammer I smith bridge in Prnin. an 1 aitenvjuv made quickly for the Surrey hdnii They stniggl.d on past the IJnv r.VNNt KIH ST I'l Tl lown at every srtroke. She sank just opposite the bottom ot Chiswiek Lyot. ylr. llourn.

hKxl over th" sul. arni anil lo draw towards the hore. 'Hie other men followeil Lt suit, and waist deji in water lifted the boat and partially emptitd her. Although 'the crowd on the hank were loodlv exhorted to refrain from interference, one mar tingered tho nose of the boat and a policcmai pulVd (Hit an oar by the blade and held it ti nponwuy.

ine mws oi oont racir.g provwt yUM .1. tT order theiBnW during a race on pain of disoualincation. i.e general opu ion tho. nearest could not reasonably be con Mr. Pitman, trs umpire, now steamed up and R8W YOItK, Minrn 31.

informed Mr. Bourne that it was "no rTnIK Rlegram from Mexi City. In spm; "I tiiis.o. eiaraion ie.o.. FEDERAL SOLDIERS AMBUSHED.

Zapatistas ambushed a passenger train I c. in i.v., fr, 60 miles to the south of that place and killed Bridge and the ftnihing 'post at 50 Federal soldiers who were guarding the train. M. rUakc in 89itnui. 3stv.

naturally the slowest able Mexico City. Renter. To days Rack. aauiuniun of hk personal conviction that the Bill will atisfvn Irish people. But Mr.

Bedrnond harlSartnken the temper of the Irish people before now. and may do foagam. His that the Bill will be submitted to a National Convention in Dublin. There had been a ei pa inn. Dot only among unionists, that the National Convention was going to be shirked, and that to day meeting would do duty as a The Minister for Foreign Affairs in Mexico has telegraphed to the Mexican Legation in London as follows Tb Kenend condition ot the Republic greatlr improved.

Almost the whole country ia pacified. The Zapatista bandits have been severely punished. The rarest ught with rebels la Chihaahoa was indecisive. Freeh civil troops already been sent the spot, sad the campaign will be rigorously been appointed Joint Secretaries to the Office of hk Majesty Woods. Fgresta.

and Land Revenues. been dpne advisedly, as it is thought that tho water will be kws rough and more shelter will be obtainable from tlie banks before the tide iii. cnuanxK su uaf mS XT A pen r. n. 2t kcr "fiiifl limi 10IT.

ZlZZZSZLu To rawl Ay A EOWLASD. ricrs tnai sajlab BsooKjrs naiox. i EASIE8T WAV. tejaii aaar WSt Sat w.i rSrimmc DlaCAoSX. l.

ftmmi. W. JI3B lccy yM. tf race again, in view of the unsatisfactory result, BaUead Bertaav jf Bov The race, therefore, will start to day from afatasil nojrnAr. Putney at 12.30.

At the time chosen the I flood will be two hours short of fulL This has Th. jaSrT Pmaia. wonT Ajfp wtxi ire the tide amu There can be little doubt as to Oe SXhTmV day's rough water the superiority of Oxford was maanW tram the start, and though Cam bridse may compare mora favoarably with I their opponents when rowing in easier circumstances, it ia hardly likely, whatever the conditions, that they will be able to keep on terms iui uxioru tor any great ajatance. Tu Ujoni' Drcnuox. Naturally contention ia hot, and opmions are much divided as to whether Mr.

Pitman i decision was justified. The Law of Boa a md mam taasi. AIWTCB ZHSax jOl.

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