The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, October 18, 1954
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE SenateGroupThatProbedDelinquency To Take Look at TV Violence and Horror By JAMES MAKLOW WASHINGTON (AP) — A Senate group has dug into teen-age crime, drinking and drug addiction-to see what makes juveniles delinquent. Next it takes a look at television programs of ^violence and horror. Beginning tomorrow, a subcommittee will open hearings on TV. It plans to call sociologists, psychologists, producers of programs, sponsors, actors, station managers and network officials. For more than a year this subcommittee, headed by Sen. Robert C. Hendrickson tR-NJ), has held hea rings around the country on various phases of juvenile delinquency. It hasn't reached any general conclusions yet, or general solutions. It has received a lot of advice and opinions from specialists on juvenile delinquency, who don't agree among themselves on the cause or cure. Widespread The Senate group Is sure of one Ihing. although it's hardly news. Juvenile delinquency is nationwide. In 1953 about 385,000 juveniles were brought into court, and for every one brought to court three others had been picked up by police. Last year juveniles under 21 accounted for 47 per cent of all arrests for larceny, 68 per cent of all auto theft arrests and 35 per cent of all those arrested lov rape. "When we talked of juvenile delinquency a fe\v years ago," Hendrickson has said, "we were thinking mostly of youths in the 18 to 21 age bracket. Now we're finding serious crimes committed by children from 12 to 15 years." The basic cause? He attributed it to "lack of love and affection and kindly discipline in the home." But Chicago's prosecutor, John Gutknecht, said, "When the woodshed comes back, \ve can forget the jail." He advocated stiff spanking. A New York writer, Albert Dculsch, said parents are doing a better job than their ancestors did with them. . A husband-wife team al Harvard Medical School, Doctors Sheldon and Eleanor Olueck, told the subcommittee .they found after a 10- year study of 500 delinquents and 400 nondelmquents that: Back to Source Fifty per cent of the mothers of the delinquents had a history of criminality; 62 per cent of their fathers drank to excess; 66 per cent of their families had no systematic way of handling finances; 60 per cent of their parents did not love each other; 90 per cent of their families did not care what the neighbors thought of them; 70 per cent of their families never had any recreation as a group; and 60 per cent of them came from broken homes. In Los Angeles the subcommittee was told some doctors were selling youngsters benzedrine tablets in big lots at a big profit . A parade of witnesses in San Francisco told the subcommittee juvenile drinking was a big problem. George R. Rellly, chairman of the California Slate Board of Equalization, said too many California adults drink too much and depend on official agencies to care for their children. When the subcommittee went to New York to ask questions about comic books which feature tales BIGGEST SQUEEZE—"Biggest piece of % machinery ever built' is (he distinction claimed for this 50,000-ton press being assembled for Ihe Aluminum Co. of America pkml in OeveHmd, Ohio. The 50,000 refers to pressure, not weight The press actually will weigh 4000 tons. It extends higher in the air thun a seven-story building and goes almost four stories below giound level. H is marvelously accurate Billets of metal weighing two or three tons can be put into the dius and the press will shape them lo dimensions accuratc'to less than 1/32 of an inch. A building which covets 12 acres a( ground had to be trected lo house this huge machine and another. 35,000-ton one The entire project wiU cost $40,000,000. [Girl, 5, Trudges 20 Miles to Safety OKANOGAN. Wash. W—A hardy 5-year-old girl who trudged 20 miles in 20 hours through the wilds of north central Washington wandered safely into a ranch yard 50 miles north of here yesterday us an army of men sought for a trace of her. The first words of little Joyce Abel as she entered the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Wanger were: "Was Mommy worried?" The Wagner ranch is 20 miles southwest of the home of Joyce's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Abel, from which she wandered of horror and violence, Dr. Fredrick Wcrthem. senior psychiatrist of the City Department of Hospitals, said: "It is the good child who is tempted and seduced by the comic boobs." But the senior psychiatrist al Bellevue Hospital, Dr. Loretla Bender, said she saw no great danger to children's minds from blood and thunder comic books. Saturday while playing. 'As hopes dimmed yesterday that Joyce had survived the freezing night she walked, tired but unharmed, into the Wagners' yard and told of traveling downhill through the darkness across rock- studded fiplds and grassy .plains. After she was reunited with her parents, a family friend said, "She's not as tired as most of the searchers; she was dressed in fresh clothes by 10 a.m. and ready to start playing again." Read Courier News Classified AcU- Lethal 'Hazel' May Have Killed 100 Canadians U.S. Total Now 91, As New Ontario Casualty Lists Grow TORONTO. Ont. WJ—Fears that Hurricane Hazel's last lethal blow may have taken more than 100 lives in Canada mounted today with revised casualty lists putting 61 persons in the missing category. The bodies of 56 victims had been recovered. Nine new storm deaths were reported in the United States last night, boosting the toll there to 91 and the total for both countries to 147. Hurricane Hazel, the worst storm in Ontario's history, struck this area Friday night. Stirred in the Caribbean, ft earlier lashed Haiti and then cut a wide swath across the Carolinas and the eastern United States. Many Trapped Most of the deaths in Canada .occurred along the H umber River, which flows along Toronto's western outskirts into Lake Ontario. More than 7 inches of rain Friday night turned the river into r raging torrent that trapped victims in homes and automobiles. At one point the river swept across a bend In its coi • and roared through Etobicoke Township. Nineteen homes were awepj. away on a single street there. Authorities oaid last night ghouls were reported searching bodies for jewelry and money In Uie outlying areas of Woodbridpe, Thistle Town and northwest York. Squadrons of police and military guards were rushed to the area. Fifty-three of the dead had been identified last night. All but a few of the known casualties were in the suburbs of Etoblcoke, Woodbridge and Weston, all along the number. The city of Toronto proper suffered no casualties. Officials said no accurate estimate of property damage had been made but Fred Gardiner, Toronto Metropolitan Council chairman, said estimates ranged up to 100 million dollars. The national and provincial governments pushed the organization of relief work for the thousands of homeless. Bladder oo 'Weaknej( Itching urination. Getting tip Mights, Smctftche. Pressure over Bladiler, or Strong dourly Urine due to common Kidney and Bladder InltiUon. try CYSTEX tor quick, gratifying, comforting help. 900 million OVSTEX tablets used in past 25 year* prove safety and success. Ask druggist for CYSTEX under money-back gimiBnlee. 8ee how much better sou feel tomorrow. "Bobby, Will You Marry Me When You /"* I I "5" Grow Upr "Not Unless You Promise to Send My Shirts to Blytheville Laundry." 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His identity was kept secret to protect his family. The ex-convict, who was still serving part of his three-year sentence when a destructive riot broke out at the prison recently, told the pmiel poorly prepared food, idleness and too much reliance on stool pigeons by prison authorities were factors lending to the riot. . Four men died as a result by the rku. 31 others were injured and damage was estimated at three million dollars. Heavy Music HONOLULU i.-Ti—The Royal Hawaiian band Mas fired its 5 foot 7 tenor saxaphone player. Peter M Kane Jr. because he weighs 335 pounds and hns trouble walking up stairs. Dr. Thomas M. Mo.ssman, city physician, says Kane <rhymes with Bavneyi can blow his horn aU right but he shouldn't have to walk UP stairs in his condition. Bandmaster Domenico Moro says that's part of his job. As it is. Moro (o\cl a civil service commission hearing recently, Kane has been excused from marchlne with the band the last four years. He has been with the band 14 years. Kane is appealing' the dismissal order and tiie commission is considering the weighty problem. Meanwhile it has suggested lie try to reduce. Cancer Not Hereditary, Says Study By AUUN I.. Bl.ARKSl.Kr. NEW YORK i.fl—Tho I car that cancer runs in families is not borne out in a study reported today '" < ho annual iiiri'ii»8 °' llu> American Cancer Society, Tills analysis finds little evidence that you inlicrit much chance, of gelling cancer,. The study was made by Dr. Douglas P. Miirpliy and associates under auspices of tlie (.iynocean Hospital Institute of Uynecologic Research. University of Pennsylvania Scbool of Medicine, aided by Brunts Irom the Commonwealth fund. They studied nearly 10,000 female relatives of women who Hart cancer and others wlio dirt not. The cancer patients had either cancer of the breast or uterus, the two most common sites of leiuale cancer. They did not find that cancer, in any sites in general, occurred with any unusual frequency in relatives of women who had cancer of the breast or uterus. The relatives o! women who had breast cancer duin't have more cancer than relatives of women free of that kind of cnn- They did Hurt some evidence, not strong, that cancer of the uterus might be more common among relatives of women with uterine cancer. Summing up Hie study. Murphy said, "V heredity plays any role Selective Thieves 'Pick Over' Furs Worth $250,000 CHICAGO '.?> — Selective thieves with expensive and artistic tastes operated In Chicago over the weekend. Fuvs and fur coats worth an es- timiued $i!50.000 were taken from the Mar,ttanti.s-Mitche!l. Inc., Loop nffice by cracksmen who smashed their way into the viuilt. Most of the loot wus mink. A collection of stamps valued at $100,000 was taken from the South Side apartment of Maj. Clifford W. Yost. The victim told police the looters left behind many stamps of lesser value and ignored his wife's jewelry. Mrs. -RiibeUr Konibhth renmicd someone broke into her station Wagon and took 10 of her own paintings. She declined lo place a monetary value on them. Fur seals can dive more than 200 feet in their search for food. .^ LIGHTS * DIAMOND JUBILEE MOX -TheatTe- On West Main St. In Blytheville Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat., Sun. 1:0(l On Our Wide-Vision Metallic Screen AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature podilln tree. World's highest active volcano is Cotopaxi, in Ecuador, which is 19.3-H feet lull. in influencing the frequency of ctuicor In blood relatives II would seem to be a very small one." FEAR Any Cough When a cough stalls begin using Crcotnulston quick' for soothing, relaxing, phlegm loosening help. You'll like its results hctier than other medicine or druggist refunds your money. No narcotics. Pleasant to take. 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