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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 75

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 75

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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July 24, 1960 Gil boated, (dandetib Naming Our City Streets The Geranium Rates Raves By NORVEll GILLESPIE ly ALBERT I. NORMAN VALDEZ STREET was named for Joe Valdcr, who owned the land from 20th to 28th Streets between Broadway and Harrison. In 1866 Valdez sold it for 14,920 to St. Mary's Church as a site for the College of Holy Names. Kaiser Center now occupies part of the property, 0000 Two lady doctors of 40 years ago gave their lames to a single street, SYLIIOWE ROAD, off Mountain Boulevard.

The doctors names: Dr. Florence Sylvester and Dr. Frances Howe. 0000 ROSS STREET, two blocks east of College Avenue was named for J. Ross Brown, onetime ambassador to China, a writer and citizen of whom Oakland il proud.

He first made his home at Fifth and Jackson Streets, then built a bouse on the northerly side of Chabot Road and called It Pagoda Hill. Summer Garden Color Lift, Requires Bit of Planning It'i a rare garden that and bronze bracts under a doesn't need a lift In aummer, floor-to-ceillng window or in a ihot in the arm to revive a raised bed will give a big the bright colon of earlier show through lummer and months. And, while it's not fall, difficult to create a summer- Crape myrtles, expedally long season of blooms, it does the new ones, are sturdy per. take long-range planning. formers for inland areas For persons whose garden here they grow to small tree is beginning to look bare the bloom profusely.

The best solution is to plant this graceful silk tree offers fine summer what win be needed foliage and a massed pink for next. Annuals are quite canopy of flowers, helpful but they cant cariT.V-'--the burden of repair alone. Summer-blooming shrubs and- PUnt rood FlCIt- trees planted a year ago The wise gardener realizes would be furnishing' colorful that he has to put just as blooms now, for example. much (or more) of the nutrl- Roses can carry a major ents back into the soil as the load through the warm plants take out if the garden months. Plants in full bloom is to thrive over the years, in containers are available.

During the summer, the lawn Planted now, they will give should be given light feedings color this summer and insure every month or six weeks it for the years ahead. Plants rather than larger feedings at such as hibiscus, escallonia less frequent intervals. This and abelia also will help fill advice goes for roses and the color gap. other shrubs, as well as Persons who enjoy the flowers and vegetables. Most colorful and unusual will find gardens get about half the the shrimp plant a good fertilizer that they should be tow of its.

cream getting. If anyone ever offers a "medal to a plant family on 1, the merits of "long blooming leason, easy culture, bright appeal, low cost, and relative freedom from pests," chances are the geranium clan will Iwin overwhelmingly. They have proven this de-- -pendability down through the' And today geraniums (including most of the mem 'Al bert of the clan, plus thera- grant-leaved kinds) are higher than ever before. The. reasons? In this day, when garden makers are maintenance" jplant materials, the group this need Moderate soil -condition, oc- casional.

feedings, sprayings -if leaf-feeding insects an amazingly long of colorful blooms are WARREN'S OUTSTANDING OFFER HANGINQ BASKET PLANTED WITH LARGE CRYSTAL ROSE FUCHSIA PLANT urns are attracting as many devotees as the herb The collectors are hunting down old family recipes so fragrant geraniums can be used in jelly making and other cookery arts. Pelargoniums, called "pels" in trade circles, might also be termed "poor man's azaleas." The late Sue Jar-- rett of Saratoga, noted ipelargonium always contended that these plants" are better than azaleas. She cited their, beauty, greater range of color, and longer blooming season as advantages. At any rate, you can plant Eotted specimens of all mem-ers of the clan in July and August. 0 ROOTS IN THE SOIL: Di-chondra lawns can be started from seed or small squares of established turf available in Prepare the desired areas about six weeks ahead of seeding of planting.

Use of any of the dieldrin or chlor-dane sprays or dusts will rid the soil of many common turf pests. Build up the humus content by working in a 2-inch layer of fir bark or peat moss. This permits rapid aeration and consequent development of thick root systems. If started from flats, plant the 2x2 turf squares about six inches apart. For good seeding, use about one-fourth pound of seed for 1,000 square ieet.

Many prefer to use a mixture of dichondra and white clover. Dichondra requires regular $00 (19S9 Introduction) ONLY other factors that make them Xt.1 popular. ivy leaf geraniums, once 2200 5th Sf. Berkeley 10 useo. maimy lur uaiiguig oas- WITHERING HEIGHTS: If yours is one of the thousands of new homes erected on a newly-cut shelf of land on a steep slope, possibly you know already the dangers of soil erosion and uncontrolled drain-off headaches.

Old-time horticulturists declare that one of the easiest and fastest ways to hold soil in place is to plant willow trees. They have the ability to stop heavy downpours "so water can run off more slowly later on. Since they are considered one of the fastest-growing trees, you will have to wield the pruning shears heavily each spring to keep them down to a reasonable height. 0 0 0 GROWING PAINS: Q-We intend to lay some concrete rounds in our patio for a permanent floor. How can we permanently get rid of ber-rriuda grass infesting that area now? (E.

San Lorenzo). A Use one of the arsenic trioxide weed killers that are on the market This will kill all growth for a period of a i year and a half or two years. lFs mighty powerful medicine so-don't get it near any of your favorite shrubs! JOBS TO DO AT HOME: Continue to fight the earwigs which are overwhelming so many Bay Area homes and gardens. These are the shiny brown pincher-tailed insects which eat flowers, vegetables and fruit Load up the spray gun with dieldrin or chlordane and repeat at intervals of twice a month. Get after rampant wisteria vines with pruning shears.

This romantic oldtimer runs away; in most gardens and needs a firm pruning hand to keep it in controls Get rid of the long stringy tendrils. -vket work, are terrific for hold- CLOSID TUISDAY i i mL Aug 1 auuujr siupes. iiie maw VivririHa mra svoitahla in IIUIII.J.IIHJII iiii.m i i nj a i ai ieasi mmuereni ana ex-' citing colors, too. They are not ruled out entirely for bas-SS'iet work, either. Witness the spectacular, success pi the famed hanging baskets on the street lamp poles of Victoria, v.

The zonal geranium, most planted of the tire tribe, has been worked and reworked by the breed-''' ers, too. Instead of the plain old fire engine red varieties reaching 7 feet in height, 20th TELEGRAPH TW 3-3322 there are fine low, bushy types with tremendous flower trusses that; often reach 5 to 6 inches across. Indeed, there are so many tonal hybrids on the market now that there is a type for wv- every purpose whether it be tT 'for pot work, hedging materi-H 2 or cut flower use. The scented leaf ed gerani-t GARDEN PHILOSOPHY The fragrance of the flower is never borne against the breeze; but the fragrance of human virtues diffuses Itself ALL-PURPOSE FERTILIZER Ragular 12--J $149 ial I Spec gallon 1 SAVE AS YOU'VE NEVER SAVED BEFORE! I FUCHSIAS UPRIGHT or CQ4 war GAL HANGING. TAMS JUNIPER 65 LOW GROWING Gat STEER ArlANURE 2 cu.

ft. sk. Weed Fret Special Plant Food Program Pays Big Dividends Continued from Page 10-C tection against burning of with row "crops still is much translocated to the extremities tender roots- and gives good re- of tte nlaht' or surface applications, a suits. Applications must be on tt a a i can suffices but the light side and the food ne.effect aoesn last long, where iarger areas are in- should be well spread out in a which is a good thing because volved hose sprayers, syphons band about four inches wide means of control is provid- and other devices are more not in a heavy line-7-on both (L Overfeeding is virtually convenient. Some of these side of the row.

No food must foiDossible unlike the case of mav be C0UPled with the contact stems or leaves- 11 sPrinkler line' ms Providing must be hoed in lightly s6on semi automatic operation, after application, followed by i Redwood Stain NORCO SPLIT-LEAF PHILODENDRON 2-ft. High $149 Special 50 MAIATHION 1 p. Regular $2.98 $38 Special SNAIL PELLETS 5 lbs. Regular $1.79 $129 Special- I LAWN MOTH CONTROL 1 pt. Regular $2.45 $196 Special IIIOISCUS Sing.

Red, Dbl. Gold, Sine. White, Dbl. Pink, QQ4 Pink Gal03P Bougainvillea TO 4 FT. TALL fin 11 Even if the dosage should be a thorough soaking.

Curtailed summer. oflhe icro ele' finning, running the sprinkler concentrate and 1 roots Jommg 6.1. BLOOMING 10V an Hour or rongex bciic- tumav-i mm it vm uic. ments of the -foods have guards agamsi aamage aiiu kjiauxk xuuua souu luuu, tendency to enter into chemi BANANA PALM TO 3 FT. TALL CQt insures Drooer penetration gooo as iney are usea cal combinations with earlier in the season, have into the root zone.

REG. 1.19 constituents before roots can For a auick lift to starved only, limited value for sum- make use of them, thus are IrtuZ 3, at trees, give two or three fo- mer feeding. They take time liage feedings to carry them to act and in any case must terv LtXwi safely through the trying sum- be well mixed with the soil to mpr neriod. Their full reauire- be effective. FER1MTE ROSES PINK and RED CEMENT COME IN LOAD Sf QC UPtRea.

1.65, SACK ItJJ PROVEN FACT Yh IWTJ SAVE tt DODrJER'S NURSERY I course, omy mgniy soi- situation ls different for Black Spot on Roses I 'i 69 SW Kkve pfaS SSl arUest spring with solid food with liquid organics, such as SrPS SI put in holes placed within a fish emulsion. Applied to the fcjiar feeding. Most of the nria around plants benefitinc soil around plants benefiting BAT GUANO 3 lb. Regular $1.89 Special 5 lbs. Regular 2.49 i $1 49 special.

1 brands are offered in Special each rft Regular 1.50 GARDENIAS aft Bloom 491 Special LX from organic feeding, no odor will be noticeable from the fhrm hut linniHs nnH avpii a LOCATED JUST 1 DOORS SOUTH OF PAY LESS DRUG. STORE Shrubs and trees also re- paste are available. Dilution f.jj- preatlv Hiltitrt mat ri a 1 by the Pl'wowWln ion nh in 27283 MISSION 10 20571 HATWARD 1VUVRVU fcV a. is special benefit from it. -ntA large quantity of water 1 Opei 7 Days a n.

ti I a. Htrmld Trlblne, Inc. l0o uglily txiK-cim- cU AaA WJccnlvo thi snprial Cepyrirht, New Ycrk ey must be expected to dry aZ food up tender tissues." COREY'S1 Another handy method .01 I The finer the spray carrying 1 tfte fVod more effecUvl tree feeding is.a high organic aSv concentrate in stick form to JULY LEARANCE Raductiont in all July 24, 25, 26 waaA H1U eK oc OU WWUHU uic u. The use of solid plant food 7 ft Patio Umbrella 1799 COW MANURE Will ipf, Urp -J)ilL Uti StKill I 37? I19 PURE NEVADA SHEEP MANURE u. zy ci.

it $-D should do a good jobHose sprayers are effective in larger gardens. These same foliar foods also fork well as- soil drenches. Response will be slower but still worth while. Their great advantage over solid foods lies in quick action and pro- COPE'S FUCHSIA GARDENS A beautiful hanging basket for a beautiful fuchsia. Largest display in Bay Area.

Have some beauties 00 special, $2.85. Large assortment of Vi gal. Some in bloom. Greatly reduced. 882 -57th Near Grove.

OIK LEAF MOLD 000 list anility. 11. rt WW STACKING CHAIR FOLDING CHAISE 099 Aj. lack. ry spiciil Cmir nitel s.t GRASS MAT.

1 httt SiMial 'I 'iv- I (j 'W OUR mi 4 TIMES LARGER ACROSS TtHIll STREET! Canadian Peat Moss If. 11.2 ci. ft. kali CMfmnl' 399 MARL SOIL CONDITIONER Mate ktm alikt Mil liikt ail iamt 13' SEA GRASS MAT 1212 tfaara si lints cm krtataa. Far lawn II -99 us.

man. nan n.4" ttea. Far fliwir Mi ad skrafes lis. to IH It lis. COCOA DOOR MAT: 169 Ipatial I DOLOMITE LIME ROCK fin fri-M IU.

CONTACT PAPER 30 tail Vaar. Mafia cam Tiayl Fila. Itf. SaMiaHrl. 99 99 "239 Dichondra Fertilizer 215-t Fartilins 2Mt ft.

Ian. IH SpHial 17-in. Portable IV 10095 Wntnitma. tat. 1T2.B.

I fcW CHLORADANE SPRAY liart Siacial ELECTRIC FRY PAN SUNIEAM 19" it. 27.H-M4 tmr. Urp pit SattM 99 ALL PURPOSE SPRAY Far raar wlili prtia. Mat laisat. Piat-laf.

171 Spatial talHt-af. 14.M WI MEAT ALL COMPHITION PIONEER WATER HEATER Paint Pan and Roller fiQc t- 1 Saatial WW Dates aLm-liM 1S-var fnarwit (5 aana, a- nM), Interior Gloss Enamel waita aa tilars. Spatial 461 Rati aalety for year youoftten and tbeir play nates new freedom for you from worry about traffic and treapaaaera. And what a handaome new too for your heme! Anchor's ill-ttel fence (nno- clad after" weaving) Bteana added atrengUt and JUatinj Talue. Call today for In etimaU miy lerma to fit your budf et.

I $46- $66 20 gal. $56 REDWOOD ROUNDS in ttict faaciai-4. 39' Sold direct from factory branch stores Prica. Quality, Quantity Campari! Oar Vakiaa Ara Hara taatl rfr COKEY'S ItaA Z. Solatia Phone OL 0-3505 OAKLAND GTOriC ONLY OPEN 1:30 A.M.- ta I P.M.

MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY OPEN MONDAY, THURSDAY ai4 FRIDAY NIGHT 'til p.m. ARmmt Caraaa Hantwara Supplier Quality Marc tianitta far Lata month! to pay DOWN PAYMINT iii'iii muini ltf jjiwiu. 121 Un Pabla Ara, Utttp 3-2722, Albany I.

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