Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 19, 1960 · 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1960
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4s WAV 1 i A" v' I A . . ply-; , muanummt mm-rr r n ri:fr-mmm mmmtmmmmm ". jm s I 1 v S' ... . . . '' TribM fhU CONFAB Prolect Getaway, the Post Office'i new $13 million West Coast mall distribution and automation research laboratory, is the topic being discussed by the Postmaster General and civic leaders. From left: acting Oakland Mayor Frank J. YouelL Oak land postmaster C. C. Herrick, Verne Scoggins, director of the Post Office's regional operations, and U.S. Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield. Demolition Starts August 1 For Mail 'Project t Gateway1 A squadron of "bulldozers will plow into a 12-square-block area of . buildings in West Oakland Aug. 1, in the first step toward construction of a $13,000,000 mail, distribution and automation research laboratory for the U.S. Post Office. . .. During a brief visit to the site, yesterday. Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield described the new center as one of the most important operations in a 2 billion dollar overhaul program of the nation's mail system. BOON TO TAXPAYER Known as "Project Gateway," the new center, which will contain 500,000 square feet of building space, should beJn operation within two years., Summerfield declared. "But of keen local interest," the Postmaster General explained, "is the fact that Fed-erar Government use of this large section of high-value industrial property will, not remove it from the local tax rolls." v.'-'-vv- Thii will be accomplished, Summerfield said, by selling the entire tract to the successful low-bidder for construction of the' project, and leasing the entire facility on a long-term basis. ' Summerfield said that all but a dozen parcels of the 187 pieces of property contained in the 20-acre site have been acquired by negotiation. :. Condemnation agreements have - been entered jnto with D. A. Seeks Facts in Schoolgirl Kidnap' Continued from Page 1 T of the car over to his victim so that he could sleep. The result was that Rebecca f ellsleep at the wheel, caus ing the crash. When a deputy sheriff investigated the accident, the girl said nothing about being kidnaped McHenry conceded that he was holding a knife during a 90-minute argument with Mrs. Ames, but claimed that it was only so that he could open a faulty bathroom door. Mrs. Ames confirmed that the door, if locked from the inside, can be opened from the outside with a knife. McHenry told O'Brien that at first he only intended to take the girl away for a few days, but had later decided to return last night."" ' He was going to drive to Bakersfield and into the Tehachapi Mountains, but the auto wreck changed his plans. Rebecca and McHenry were met at Gilroy by Deputy Sher iff Leonard Gomeswho said McHenry- of fered no Resist-ance. . McHenry was being held for his parole officer; Rebecca is the granddaughter and niece of San Francisco attorneys Brewster Ames and Fitzgerald Ames, respectively. Kentucky Governor. Offers Cleanup Aid FRANKFORT, Ky:, July 19 UPK Gov. Bert, Combs says he's willing to start from the bottom to get a clean-up campaign under way in Kentucky. The governor told his cabinet yesterday he'll volunteer to be a trash collector if necessary. ' JLow can I ? f ! 'overcome my fear THE TRUTH IN THIS GREAT ' BOOK CAN DISSOLVE IT FOR YOU Fear can vanish you can find yourself assured, safe, comforted, with new courage to on fortvard as vou ponder with an unprejudiced, receptive thought, the truth contained in this great book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. And as fear vanishes, so can disease, and pain, and sorrow. For Science and Health explains that fear is a cause of much inharmony. And this book will teach you how to dispel fear effectively and permanently. , COME. ..AND BE FREED FROM FEAR I Read this book, together with the King James Version ; of the Bible, in an atmosphere of quiet and rest' at a Christian Science Reading Room.. You may also : borrow Science and Health without charge to take home and read at leisure. It can be purchased in blue, red, or green binding at S3 per copy or will be sent to you postpaid on receipt of cash, check or money order. Christian Science jMs Reading Rooms Yam telephone directory MiU nearby Christum Selene Remdm? Raont those remaining property owners, he added. PLANS DRAFTED . Detailed plans for the ac tual building project are now being drafted by the . Food Machinery and Chemical Corpvof San Jose. The land clearing operation has been awarded to the Oakland firm of .Abdo S. Allen Co., 1338 82nd Ave., who plac ed a low bid of $64,210 for the job last Friday, Summerfield said. The center, in addition to providing the latest in mail handling service for the entire Western United States and overseas- letters passing through West Coast ports, will provide a proving, ground for a bosk of electronic -gadgets designed to modernize mail handling. Undoubtedly one of the first machines to be tried at the new Oakland cen ter will be a facsimile transmitter which will permit persons to transmit copies of letters via radio anywhere in the world, with the same degree of 'security possible in a sealed letter. INITIAL TESTS Preliminary testing of such equipment, Summerfield ; ex plained, will start soon be tween Washington, D.C. and the headquarters of the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization in Battle Creekr Mich. Summerfield said after the problems of such transmissions have been worked out through its use for government communications tests will be started to see how it will work for regular mail deliveries. The Postmaster General said the new Project Getaway will add to the Oakland postal payroll of $8,000,000 by creating some 700 new post office jobs. FBI Chiefs Charge Denied by Students . The chairman of the University of California Students for Civil Liberties today termed "hogwash a charge by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover that the student riots at the May hearing of the House UnAmerican Committee were communist inspired. The chairman, Gene Savin, in a statement released 24 hours after Hoover's closures, declared: "As chairman of the dis-Stu- denU for Civil Liberties, the group at the University of Califoniia at Berkeley which planned the mass picket, rally and march, I wish to state most emphatically that Mr. Hoover's statement is completely misleading."- - SEPARATE PROTEST Savin said that "no one will deny the communist party op posed the committee hearings and tried to develop a protest kgainst them. Hov.ever, the belief that there would have been no organized mass pro test of the hediings without the opposition of the commu nist party is utterly unfounded." Savin emphasized the Students for Civil Liberties protest of the hearings had no part of communist party plans. Said Savin: - "Let me make - the - point crystal clear to every citizen that the students decided to organize a mass protest completely apart from plans or activities of the communist party." NOT THE SAME Savin said that to "assume the communist party desired to use the student protest for its own ends is one. matter, but to assume that the desires of the communist party were in fact translated into achievement is another." ' The student chairman charged that "any statement to the effect that the leadership of the Students for Civil Liberties was infiltrated, inspired, paid for and directed by the communist party is nothing more than hogwash." Hoover's report, Savin stated, "attempts to discredit the very real feeling against the HUAC and its methods of slanderous innuendo and ex posure for exposure's sake a feeling shared by most intelligent people who will not be silenced by such tactics." Savin concluded by saying: "Mr. Hoover's tactic of mak ing unproven or irrelevant statements which discredit certain political activities not against the law is precisely one which we abhor and protest." ! ! 2 Accused Slayers Change Pleas REDWOOD CTY, July 19-Two accusecrtiHerschanged their pleas of innocent of murder to guilty of lesser charges before Superior Judge Aylett R. Cotton yesterday Daniel M. Conti, 61, charged with fatally shooting his wife, Mary; 72, with a .22 rifle at their Daly City home in February, pleaded guilty to second degree murder. He will be sentenced Aug. 1. Mrs. Mollie E. Ferguson, 38, who shot and killed her -husband Jesse, 49, at their East Palo Alto home in June, pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge. She also will be sentenced or Aug. 1. U.S. Takes Dim View on A-Recess - WASHINGTON, July 19- U.S. officials today viewed with reluctance proposals by Russia and Britain for a recess in the long-drawn-out Geneva talks on an atomic test ban. The Soviets and thg British were reported seeking a recess starting Aug. 15. How long the recess might be was not disclosed. The three-power conference has been under way since November 1958, with time out for various recesses, and has made some progress toward an agreement. It is the only negotiation still in progress between the Soviet Union and the United States in the aftermath of the Summit Conference blowup in May. U.S. authorities said they preferred to have the talks continue through the summer, especially since no official reply has come yet from the Soviets op the latest American compromise proposal. But they said Washington probably would not object if the other two insist on a recess. They noted the administrative staff at the conference has been under a heavy workload. Two Navy Ships Ram; 8 Killed Continued from Page 1 lance to Hoag Memorial Hospital before he could say more. Bill Beeler, reporter-photographer of the Costa Mesa Globe Herald, flew to the crash scene in a small plane and from about 1,000 feet reported this scene: "The Aramen and Collett were about one-quarter mfle apart, separated by a large oil slick. "The Collett was backing up, apparently to keep water from her smashed bow wnicn was turned sideways. "There were a cluster of boats in the area, two more Navy destroyers and about four small craft. "Sailers were on deck of the Ammen and some were get-tingjnto the small craft. The Ammen was listing badly to port and her stern was awash. She was not under power, but drifting. A trace of smoke spiraled from her stern and her portside was badly smashed. She was riding quite low in the calm water. "Drifting on the water were two empty -lifeboats, apparently knocked loose in the crash." - An emergency station was set up at the exclusive Balboa Bay Club near the Harbor Department. Other sailors, some only slightly injured," came ashore in the boat shuttle and were treated there. Vi . -1 jistlces tlie j y V If difference in I (cfl 1 r A-XTSTI3ST I fNAJ I LEEDS fl jyj SUITS J 2t More care' when they're made . I . r J . means greater pleasure when H i$s: vou wear them I A lot of people VI pl I v. V make suits but not many bother U 1 I j f J o hand-mold armholes, hand-baste I Jl 'Ayf the inner construction and II y 1 I yV I I nanPress ke garment at every . If H i-A I V step. Only Austin Leeds 9 ., ,)p I jl : j ( creates, the genuine I IT .1 . "hand-shaped" suit from I 4 - " , . - - .s t (..:,:: .-v.. ; , -.. . . V -4 ... ' -: V ' I "' .. J ' ' Z. '. . . ' ' v t .. . .,- ' . : ' ' V . ' ' . .j 4 h " ' . ' I. ' : .: - . i, v:i j ; ,1 : rTT- ;c f , - lit! 1 J : Li 1 IwJl ' FIRE STORM Flames like these created the deadly "fire storm" (hat threatened (he lives of 400 firefighters In the San Gabriel Mountains near Azusa yesterday. Nobody was Injured, but (he wind erased any hope of controlling the fire today. Forest Fire Peri Is 400 Men Continued from Page 1 sleeping bags from branches above. Thousands of campers were forced to flee the area Sunday. So far, three vacation cabins, one valued at 50,000, have been ; burned. Forty more remain in the path of the fire. Nearly 1,500 men are on the firelines of the 5,000-acre blaze. 3,000 Battle Blazes In British Columbia - VANCOUVER,- B.C.,- July 1JMUPD More than 3,000 men battled 400 forest fires, in British Columbia today, Officials said scores of new fires were reported and other blazes, earlier brought under control, flared anew. The! province has experienced a prolonged dry spell. 'The situation will get worse today unless there is a miraculous letup in the dry weather," a weather bureau spokesman said.-Temperatures shot over 100 degrees yesterday, setting a 16-year-record. The record summer temperatures sparked forest fires three weeks ago and some of them were still burning. Nearly 150 bulldozers and more than 25 aircraft "bombing" the blazes with thousands of tons of water, were in use in the round-the-clock battle in the province's fire forestry districts. Hardest hit was the Kam-loops area where more than 1,500 men battled 300 fires. A blaze which covered 600 acres and was considered under control yesterday morning, later jumped guards and last night covered 1,500 acres. LIT'S GET v i ACQUAINTED I Open House Juns 23 - July 27 fret 50-Star American Flags Daily drawing far transistor radios C8AN0 PRIZEs Metrtpolitaa Rartiap Anytn CM rtflttir t inwHift - Cirrsnt rati 4Vi psr assam t7M IKMDWAt CAKtANO 12 CUmomS 1-S27I Trti Dwnny ta Tlirfft Is Unft Opn FEDfRAl SAVINGS Kim mm mmmmt ' ' , ' ' ' r - . . : ,"" -- -u.,, - - 1 ? ! X i Surprise your family with their own Chiclierisig Piasio For that special occasion to be long remsfnbered, let the sweet tone cf dickering carry lyour greetings... end bring the joy of musfc to oil your family. Your Chkkering will be beloved for its musical excellence. Its full, round tone ond sensitive action will delight the most critical. 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