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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 90

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 90

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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FattliLa Garden Club 'Armchair Trip' Set color pictures of various Eu Members of the Eastlake Oakland Tribune, Sunday, June 12, 1960 IOC ropean countries. Mrs. Anna Burns is program chairman. The public is invited Garden Club will meet at p.m. Wednesday at Markham School, 73rd Ave.

and Krause St. Highlight of the meeting will be an "Armchair Trip to Europe" conducted by C. Jones Tyler and featuring wtw- mm -nil By FRED BRAUE GARDENER'S CHECKLIST BY THE CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF NURSERYMEN 1 June Is an Ideal month to put in dlchondra, became this dense ground-cover thrives In heat. For quickest coverage, buy dlchondra in flats and divide Into small clumps. Fuchsias planted now in banging baskets will provide decorative relief this summer for porches and patio.

Two or three plants to a basket offer best show of color. Remove side branches from tomato plants to conserve plant strength for the fruit on main stem. 4 Cut off the old flowering spikes of delphinium, and they'll bloom again in the faU, 5 Cushion chrysanthemums planted now (from flats) will make a low-growing early-blooming gay lumtner-to-fall border. Keep the new plants well-watered and shaded from hottest sun until established. The nomenclature of real 10752naTC Berkeley, Calif.

Hwy. 40 Gilmin Turnaff Summer Project For a summer vacation project for children, a vegetable garden can't be beat. Quick-growing seeds such as carrots, radishes and green onions are ideal since enthusiasm won't wane before the seeds sprout above soil level. whom legal title is conveyed until such time as there is a default or the obligations have been fulfilled. It is similar to a mortgage, in which, however, there is not a third party.

"While these simplified definitions may aid in stripping away the 'fear of the unknown from home buying, they are not intended to be comprehensive explanations of the legal aspects which the words cover," Korb cautions. estate baffles you? Irving Korb, president of the Oakland Real Estate Board, says that many persons buying homes for the iirst time are puzzled by the patter of the profession. He offers a primer for purchasers of property. 1 Mortgage: A conveyance of real property given as security for the payment of a debt mm Veil i 2r or the fulfillment of some obligation. Equity: The interest or hit Radial Hood 5 liiti $133 up Fir Bat $30 up if NAMING OUR CITY STREETS By ALBERT E.

NORMAN Chabot Road from Clare-mont to the Temescal Lake is r.amcd for philanthropist Anthony Chabot, original water supplier of the City of Oakland. Derby Street from East 12th to East 14th Street, between 30th and 31st Avenue was named for E. M. Derby, a lumber merchant, whose home was the present site of Montgomery Ward. I Dimond Avenue from Sloan to Dimond Park, one long block north of Mac-Arthur Boulevard is named for Hugh Dimond, who in 1867 purchased the property from Henderson Lewel-ling.

This street was then the entrance way to his home. It was a one-story house when Mr. Lewelling lived there. When Dimond acquired it, he put on a second story. It burned in 1923.

The property consisted of 287 acres. Next week: The history of Adams Street. in 1 mum nil of new homes begun in the nation each year is a good indication of our economic health. It was believed, devoutly, that there were 1,378,500 non-farm housing starts in 1959. Government experts, professional pundits and congressmen charged with keeping an eye on housing adequacy used the figure when cerebrating and issuing statements.

Alas, all that thinking was done for nothing. The Census Bureau has now come up with a report entitled "New Series of Housing Starts -January, 1959, April, I960." This shows there were actu-, ally 1,530,900 non-farm starts last year 152,400 more than previously believed. You can surmise what a 10 per cent error does to the conclusions reached by the economists. Cause of the error is said to be faults in the sampling technique used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Census Bureau thinks that housing starts have been understated, perhaps by 20 per cent or more, for a decade.

A million homes built in the last 10 years may have been overlooked. The Bureau, taking over compilation of housing-start figures, has worked out a measuring system which it says is 98 per cent accurate, and will picture monthly fluctuations in home building. All-of which is news. Good news. The economic health of the nation is better than we thought it was.

About a million homes' worth. A FHA directive of two months ago requires less income to buy a more expensive house if the added cost on the mortgage is more than made up by savings in operating or maintenance costs. This savings could be brought about by use of better quality materials deeper roof overhangs to reduce painting, double-glazed windows, thicker insulation, longer-wearing floors, siding that requires less painting. House Garden has surveyed 424 top builders. "Will the directive cause you to put more maintenance saving equipment in your 1960 homes?" About 37 per cent said they wouldn't be influenced by the directive.

About 33 per cent said, "Yes!" About 29 per cent, yawning boredly, replied they've been using such maintenance-saving materials for a long long time. mm I 1 mm Vl SMCCUl ii Will, Mltll if Miliar) 3 Mod.l. $42.95 up FINEST BUILT IARBECUES WORLD! WWF STARDUST S3S N. Stvcnth Sfrtet Son Jose, Calif value which an owner has in real estate over and above the mortgage indebtedness against it. Amortization: The process of extinguishing a debt by equal payments at regular intervals over a specific period of time.

Appraisal; An estimate of quantity, quality, or value. The process through which conclusions of property value or property facts are obtained: also the report setting forth the estimate and conclusions. for Sale: A written agreement whereby the purchaser agrees to buy certain real estate and the seller agrees to sell upon terms and conditions set forth therein. 'Exclusive Listing: A contract to sell property as an agent, according to the terms of which the agent is given the sole right to sell the property or is made the only agent for its sale. Also applied to the property so listed.

Escrow: A deed or other instrument delivered to a disinterested third person to be held by him until the fulfillment or performance of some act or condition, Lien: A hold or claim upon tjit property of another as security for some debt or charge. Deed: A formal written instrument by which title to real property is conveyed from one tier ion to another. It is also PLUSI SEND Ml HIE IROCHUM SHOWIN6 ILLUSTRATIONS OF THI WORIO'S MOST HAD. TlfUL PATIO COVEIS. NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE 8 Models $34.93 up Custom Work Our Specialty FREE Consultation aHlant on Proper Ventilation, Installation, etc.

Opart Daily 9-6, Saturday 9-1 LA 5-1515 PHONE i CH 529 immmmomiBmmm SHOP MONDAY THURSDAY and FRIDAY 9:30 to 9 p.m. Scars Installs Quality Iloiiiart Heating IPlffiSIEAS(II)M MJE No Monthly Payment 'Til Oct. No Money Down; Up to 3G Mos. to Pay; Free Estimates; Labor, Material Guaranteed Other Days "By the mid-1980s," predicts Clinton Snyder, president of the Society of Industrial Realtors, "California will be the Number One indus It isn't easy to lose 152,000 houses, but it can be done. In fact, they've been losing hundreds of thousands of homes back in Washington for 10 years or, more, and nobody the wiser.

This discovery has pretty well sabotaged the erudite professors, earnest economists and those others who for years have used data on housing starts in predicting the shape of economic things to come. That's because the number SAVE 20 to 30 called a conveyance. Deed of Trust: A contract by which a specific property is made security for payment of a debt, without change of possession. There are three trial state in the union terms of the number of people employed in manufacturing and in value added in dollar volume by parties to a Deed of Trust the borrower (trustor) lender (beneficiary) and trustee, to Pre-wired, Assembled Compact Gas Furnace 80,000 B.T.V. Reg.

209.95 i CUSTOM-MADE FRENCH PLEAT or BEAUTY PLEAT 188 only $5 down on Sears Easy Term 100 ,000 B.T.U. Furnace QAA88 ularly priced 229.93. lf Raguli 120,000 B.T.U. Furnaea Regularly priced 259.95. 2348 279M 160,000 B.T.U.

Furnace Regularly priced 309.95 Ill 10-FT-WALL Ft ii' i 3 COMPLETE A 7, 1 1 Jr jtK -vFree Fast I ill i tfSlt Delivery j. Uas 2 Quick Installation 1 I X. ,4 Servle I i ti Available I Saves space and operating Powerful; silent belt driven blower forces warm air to hard-to-heat areas. High efficiency burner saves fuel. Install in utility room, closet, basement.

Gravity Type Gas Wall Heater Onr Best Gas Wall neater Vents Through -the -Wall cr i i 95 88 Jh Si 20M B.T.U. Reg. 129.95 39 18M B.T.U. Reg. 54.95 IS INCLUDES LABOR-RODS-FABRICS-INSTALLATION ANTIQUE SATIN IN 7 COLORS NO DOWN PAYMENTS-36 MONTHS TO PAY 30M B.T.U.

Reg. 149.95 .129.93 Mounts or recesses on outside wall. Vent assembly'is included. Sealed combustion chamber burns only the outside air. Fan forced blower circulates the heat.

Heater has 10-year Guarantee. Easy to install. Baked enamel 25M B.T.U. Reg. 74.95 64.88 35M B.T.U.

Reg. 89.95 74.88 Porcelain enameled combustion chamber guaranteed 10 years. 100 safety, gas cut-off. Recess into wall between studs, project only SVi-inches into room. AGA approved.

DECORATOR SERVICE IN YOUR HOME CHOOSE FROM HUNDREDS OF FABRICS 4-inch Double Hems, Weighted Seams, Blind Stitching; Measured in Your Home Phone Your Nearest Sears Store or Mall Coupon In for Free Estimate WE COVER THE ENTIRE BAY AREA Homaft Gas-fired Horizontal Furnace 60,000 B.T.U. Reg. 199.95 $5 don a Fer FREE Heme Estimates Mail Coupon or Dial Hayward JE 8-4500 Oakland HI 4-4500 I would like a FREE home estimate on Heating. Name (OUT OF AREA CALL COLLECT) I phone L0 2-7547 OR VISIT OUR FACTORY Address, City (I it Phone MM ITU. OflQU IT 0.

OOQII t. 229 U3 Ki. tu 0 279' I U. OCQII 141 I U. at is J3 ei n.

TIL 9 P.M. 1 i 7) PARKING ii 173SE IN REAR "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" Insulated cabinet. Pilot cut-off. Silent-type gas valve. Hat fart and limit control, Compact unit.

SEARS Winton at Freeway Haywerd JI B-4S0D SAVE 30" Telegraph at 26th Oakland til 4-4500 i.

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