Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 8, 1960 · 82
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 82

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 1960
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hmmmdi4 .. ,r, Tl, , 'rT impn jti-TrijiTiT " . ' Tb4 crmm 30-S Oakland Tribune, Wednesday, June 8, 1960 Hollywood Beauty: Hard Work Helps End Weight Problems By LYDIA LANE ppnoiff ras)ip' Kiipppsfrd Tppeie has a lovelv ficure. cram for relaxing. For Tour cur fnr an ovirwcicht nrob- and the slacks she was wear- copy of this Important leaf- "cv?Ane ieV comes in she can say. as she r-, , . - . irnm iif 1 1 u ri i nnn liivr'inui win J I l. t 11 . i, ; A(f ini in . wvh.iiv .....mv.w.. ririp w riPTi np mavis inn namp priiu winy iv vrum iiu . . rj ..-- YOUR BABY AND MINE Peek-a-Boo Routine More Than a Game By MYRTLE MEYER ELDRED One of the games every coming back and, as with his baby loves is "peek-a-boo." peek-a-boo game, he'll wait Just to hide his eyes for a mo- untu happens. jf it does ment-at which time the other not happen immediately, he'll player disappears and then Merest himself in something to bring him or her back by eise. The,, wnen nis mother uncovering the eyes, is a con- Mother's Helper lrm is for anyone to work as ing showed it off. 1ft, SUMMER FARE Apricot Gloxd Ham Balls, with Sweet Potato! male an Ideal skillet meal to serve outdoors. hard as she does on the "Iw- "You know, my doctor told a self-addressed, man" TV series. "In order me never to wear a girdle, envelope to Lydia Lane, P.O. to he on the set hy 9," she and he suggestea 1 do stom- isox kg, uakiana 4, taw. MIXING BOWL Skillet Dish Perks Up Outdoor Menus By MARTHA LEE Home Economic Editor ONE SOLUTION for even are an important the worst case of spring fever planning part said. "I have to be with the ash exercises so I wouldn't hairdresser at 6:30 a.m. And need one." often we rehearse until past I wanted to know one or 6 at night. If I am to get two of her favorites for tight-eight hours sleep, I have to ening the stomach muscles, he in bed by 9. When we had "I sit on the floor with my a heat wave and I had no ap- legs spread as wide as pos-potite, I went down to 105. sible and reach for my toes. And it took me months to I bend forward keeping my gain. For my height, I can't back erect. This sounds sim-be so thin. . pie but it gives a good pull. "I tried everything people Next I lie flat on the floor told me but I couldn't gain with my hands outstretched until John Russell told me above my head. Then I bring ' to try his way. I took his my legs up and at the same of advice and put on 10 pounds, time I touch my hands to This is what I did. 1 mixed my toes. I hold this position Tl CaprrifM, imm, m-Mlrrr Iradlcitt TRIBUNE PATTERN Is an informal meal served outdoors on the porch or patio. Warm weather meals, like winter menus, should be planned around a well-cooked, appetizing main course. At least one hot food in a meal is a good plan, even when the weather is warm. Apricot-Glazed Ham Balls with sweet potatoes will be one of your favorite skillet combinations. .Prepare the meal in the kitchen, then take it to the porch or patio and just watch your rating rise! APRICOT-GLAZED HAM -BALLS WITH SWEET POTATOES l'i pounds ground, lean ham V2 pound ground, lean fresh pork 1 cup crushed cornflakes 1 tablespoon brown sugar i teaspoon ground cloves 1 egg, beaten Vz cup undiluted evaporated milk APRICOT GLAZE 3 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons cornstarch Vz teaspoon dry mustard cup capned apricot nectar 3 tablespoons corn syrup 1 tablespoon vinegar Meat Balls: Mix all ingredients together until well blended. Shape into balls the size of large walnuts. Brown slowly on all sides in very little fat in pre-heatcd skillet. Allow about 15 to 20 minutes to brown. Makes about two dozen balls. Apricot Glaze: Combine dry ingredients, add liquids and pour over ham balls in skillet. Turn heat low. Drain one can sweet potatoes or yams. Place contents in skillet with ham balls and glaze. Cover and let cook over lowest heat until sauce is thickened and potatoes are glazed and hot through. IT'S THE WISE mother who gives thought to the family's food all three meals and in-between, too. Refreshments for after-school time Peanut hnifnr is a mainstav one auart of whole milk, four and then relax, this is a on most cupboard shelves. In tablespoons of fig pep-syrup more advanced exercise that addition to offering a gold- lhat you can get at most builds muscle tone. But," mine of nutrition, it is perfect health stores, four table- Peggie concluded, . "newcom-for quick snack fixing. Cook- sPons of llve,r and tw0 furs ,?,ho"ld be&m or ies bursting with peanut but- tablespoons of bone meal, they 11 become sore, ter goodness and cakes topped The f.gs give it a sweet taste Often ft harder to pa n with peanut butter frosting at " j jr- i , . luv. m. ; u ar irfhv Fnr in-h,tw,, more palatable. I drink you with this problem is t Zo S'mVt a Pint of it a day. If anyone Leaflet M-10, "So You Want time refreshment Peanut .v. :' c., 4, rn; wiut i- u of being underweight, I can six days of high calorie recommend this mixture." menus and a seven-point pro- Banana Bread will satisfy and please eager young appetites. CRUNCHY PEANUT BANANA BREAD V2 cup crunchy peanut butter cup butter 1 cup sugar 2 eggs, well beaten 2m cup mashed bananas 2 cups flour Vi teaspoon salt THREE MINUTES A DAY By JAMES KELLER "When people growl about union member never went their crooked politicians, I to a meeting. She began urg-ask them if they voted .last ing him to go and see what time. If a workman screams was happening, shout n strike. I ask him how When he found onlv a hand- zvz teaspoons nakingpowaer active he js jn his union. You ful present, he was so 1 teaspoon soda would be surprised at the shocked by the negligence of 3 tablespoons buttermilk excuses and stammering." good members that he started Cream butter and sugar. This brief message was to build up attendance. After Add eggs and mix until light sent by a ladv in Baltimore, months of hard work, he had and fluffy. Stir in bananas and Md, who picked up the nearly a 100 per cent turn peanut butter. Beat until niiMopiiei ium w "sunB thoroughly blended. Sift dry 1 1 stamped 10 ine cniia" "Here I am. I'm back again." AN ALMOST childproof way wnen nis motner goes away it has a happy meaning and a 0f identifying towels used t for a time, it is quite like happy ending. the pool, beach or other com- peek-a-boo to the baby. The 000 munity swim spot: print own-' mother disappears--but event- If you would ike to have er-s name in ettefJ at (a$f ually she returns. And as time our 10ent book,eti .The First inche8 uU with an ,nde). has bttle meaning to a child, six Months," send a sUmped, ible marker. Name tapes may there Is no reason to cry. self -addressed envelope to be neater but they don't" But the situation must be Myrtle Meyer Eldred, P.O. proclaim obvious ownership pancueq wisely. 11 me mouier box KJ6, OakJanfl 4, Calif . without a close lopk. 9036 PATTERN BOOK OF SKETCHES Give Me Your Heart Give me your heart, my darling ... I yearn for your embrace . . . yours is a love beyond a love ... a web of moonbeam lace ... to feel your arms around me . . . is wonder-fully divine ... the warm enchanting thrill is such . . . mere words cannot define ... so sweet and understanding . . . indeed yoirare a dream . . to be with you is to be sailing . . . on a tranquil stream ... the thoughts I here and now inscribe . . . stem from within my heart . . . I sing when we're together ... I cry when we're apart ... so give me your heart, my darling . . . I'll give mine in return . . . when two hearts beat as one life is ... a beautiful sojourn. By BEN BURROUGHS Copyright, lWd.Cf nrrl Fratnro Corp. THE BETTER HALF ingredients together twice. Add buttermilk and dry ingredients alternately to banana mixture. Beat well after each addition. Pour into greased 9TA by 5 by 2-inch loaf pan. Bake at 350 degrees F. for one hour. Remove from pan and cool on rack. Slice into thin slices. Remember it will slice easier and more perfectly when it is a day old. Makes one loaf. THERE ARE certain combinations of foods that are meant to. go together. Just as ice cream and cake is a birthday ritual, you'll find the team of Peas With Water Chestnuts and Mushroom Dressing are flavor complements that are meant to be served on the same menu with roast meat or chicken. PEAS WITH WATER CHESTNUTS 1 1-pound can peas 1 5-ounce can water chestnuts 1 tablespoon butter or margarine Salt and pepper MUSHROOM DRESSING 1 medium size onion i 4-ounce can mushroom stems and pieces Vt pound butter or margarine 1 8-ounce package seasoned bread dressing teaspoon salt For Teas With Water Chestnuts: Put one-fourth cup liquid drained from peas in a saucepan. Add drained peas, drained and sliced water chestnuts, butter and seasonings to taste; heat. Makes four servings. For Mushroom Dressing: Cook chopped onion and drained mushrooms, saving liquid, in butter until slightly browned. Add water to mushroom liquid to make lhk cups and add ' to mushrooms; bring to boiling. Stir in salt and bread dressing, mixing lightly with a fork until moistened. Shape into patties and put on shallow greased baking pan. Bake at 325 degrees F. about 40 min utes. Makes six dressing pat ties. By Bob Barnes a candle instead ot cursing as one woman cnangea a the darkness." union from her home, so can Shortly after we published you, with God's help, do it, a woman in suburban New something to change t h e York wrote: "The lady in world for the better! Maryland made me sit up and Help me, O Lord, to reach take notice." out to a world in great need She said her husband a of your love and truth. PIltrlhitUA fey MrNtntht Tnr)lrt, Inc. NO. 9036 For hnme and garden! Spend a happy summer in this j!ffy-ew dress that bares arms and nerk to the breezes, wraps 'n' buttons easily. Trim with binding. Printed Pattern 903S: Half Sizes H'j. lfi'i. lR'i. 20', 22'i, 24'.j. Size IG'l requires 2S yards 45-inch fabric. Hnw to Obtain Tribnn Psttern Send your name nd address In-eluding city postal rone, together with 37 rents (which includes sales taxi. Do not tend stamps. Be sure to state the iz,e nd pattern number desired. Address Pattern Department, eo The Tribune, P.O. Box 7115. Oakland 4. Calif. Reprea'artlea Rlfhts Knervd slips away from the child, he has an anxious feeling that he has lost control. He doesn't know where she has gone and he hasn't played his part of the game. But if she says, "Goodbye, I'll see you soon," and then disappears, he waits for her to return, sure as in the game that she will. Mrs. D. R. C. writes, "Dear Mrs. Eldred: "When my son was 18 months old I used to slip away each time I had to leave him with his grandmother. Thus I would avoid a scene. As he neared the age of 3 he became very suspicious every time we started for Grandma's house. "He would ask me, 'Are you going to stay?' I answered him honestly. If I was going to leave him and go into town, he would be expecting me to leave after we arrived at! Grandma's. "The first few times I left him he cried bitterly, but after that it was smooth sailing." When a child knows what is going to happen he has no anxiety about it. It is having his mother disappear, with no assurance that she intends to come back, which worries him the most. Early in a child's life he should become accustomed to saying goodbye. "Bye-bye, Mommy's coming back soon," should be a ceremony, along with being kissed and waving hands, to which the child responds. This can be done as a child reaches the age when he cries if the mother leaves the room. Wave goodbye, tell him you're elese4 by the RrUUr an 4 Trlbn. drndlfsu, IM CeprrlrM. 1M, New Ter fUraJd TrUtann. Ine. the worLcfe finest! Spaghetti dinner for 4 could' watched him en television, and 20 years younger, too." l : J .ZTZX ' smX'4 &6.s&t .wn, Vy2 I mnnmimZ.: -mum' Ja. x Apr Mms-. 1 ivftliiiHihrtaMilwVi i$ fcarma 'iBft Mm b iii iuii WtmimmiSimkm iii ii'niti iiminiini : " ; 4 " f-Fsir m - 1 1 i 71 irm If you hired a trained Italian cook to spend 24 hours simmering the sauce for this spaghetti dinner, it still couldn't taste better! To introduce you to this heat-and-eat treat, we offer you: FREE! FULL FOUND PACK OF GOLDEN GRAIN SPAGHETTI The West's favorite! Made from golden grains of high protein durum wheat Only 108 calories a serving ! Gold Medal winner at the California State Fair and the Rome Industrial Exposition! FREE! FAMILY-SIZE CAN OF IXL ITALIAN SAUCE SUPREMA Made from whole, ripe California tomatoes, slowly simmered with Old "yVorld spices. So rich and robust youH want to have our recipe! " Here's all you do: Pick up a 15 oz. family-size can of IXL Italian Sauce Suprema and a one-nound Tacka?e of Golden Grain Spaghetti at your food store. Serve the spaghetti dinner it makes to yoor admiring family. Then send the labels from both packages to IXL Food Co., P.O. Box No. 703, san Landro, California. Dont forget to put your name ana addrevs on the back of the IXL labeL We will send yon by return mail the purchase price of this line spaghetti dinner not to exceed 50c. Offer expires July 31, I960. u m m FUN WITH FOOD AND HELPFUL HINTS You won't need a fancy grill to cook delicioui kabob appetizers for a party. A big flower-pot will hold charcoal and a wire nettlnr makes a grill presto, a hibachl! Squares of lamb, strung with LINDSAY Ripe Olives, tiny onions, tiny tomatoes, make savory, flavory kabobs. Indoors or outdoors. LINDSAY Ripe Ollvti' give a festive air to almost any kind of mewfc Summertime . . . end the cooking is easy, when you use the tempting convenience foods which VAN CAMP prepares. Have Spanish Rice and Tamales soon . . . remove parchment wrappers from VAN CAMP'S Tamales and arrange in skillet. Cover with VAN CAMP'S Spanish Rice and heat, slowly, covered. Then tuck in some rips olives, cover with grated cheese and broil; serve. Every woman loves beautiful orystal and ahlnt That's why the LIFETIME China and Crrttal. free at food stores, is such a popular offer. To can obtain a whole set of thia attract! chine, and crystal with your purchaaea no addtttooaf cost! Ask about the offer of LIFETIME China and Crystal in the 22-ksrat Prairie Gold perV tern, and start your free aet as soon ae poeefbJe, W Fish tclet cemt eff easily Jf yea Nth in totting wetea, Hot dogs! All the perfume of Araby cannot equal the aroma from a grill where those doggies art cooking. Snuggle them into buns and add the final, perfect touch: HEINZ Hot Dog Relish ipith Us warm, enticing goodness. And remember, the buns are free. When you buy HEINZ Hot Dog Relish, get the details on how your bun-money is refunded; hi the HEINZ Display in markets. Noodle Nibblers are snaoks which guests ador. Combine 1 cup mixed nuts, S Tb. melted Butter, 2 Tb. LA CHOY Soy Sauce. Vt tap. iarb salt and Vi tsp. onion salt Place LA CHOY . Noodles (2 cans, 303 size) in shallow pan, pour mixture over them and heat in 250 oven for W minutes, stirring occasionally. Pass there who the chef broods over his barbecue coals. Coming seen: cheaper heel cuts, tenderized before shipplaf 7s there a trout fisherman in the house? He wont believe his prize needs more than a slice of lemon to make it perfection . . . but have this cranberry-grape relish ready, anyway. Combine 1 can OCEAN SPRAY Cranberry Sauce, 1 tsp. grated orange rind, cup seedless grapes halved. Mix well, chill, and see how It enhances the delicacy of fresh-caught pan-fried trout! Coffee, tea, fruit juice, grease what a kitchen sink meets in the course of a day! And isn't it a miracle that it can look so clean and shiny bright, in minutes? No miracle, really, Just new BAB-O, the self-starting cleanser whioH contains bleach, and which whisks stains awaf like had dreams. Yet BAB-O is safe for fine colored porcelain and gentle on hands a weJL "Tiger's hungry: can he have some of my dinner?" Doesn't take long for a stray to find a name and a home, once he's found a boy. And how the Tigers of this world respond to love and good food! Fepd him regularly on HOLSUM, the dog dinner made of fresh meat, vegetables, cereal, ground bone watch Tiger grow glossy, happy and healthy on HOLSUM Dog Food. tn That's all for now See you next weekl Bonnie Hubbard's Instant Coffee new carries a new bonus: leek far "Your Choice" gift certificates inside the Jar. 331 Where to? lat to do? See Vacation Rentals Appearing Daily in Class 351 LVAHF ADS ' . r Looking for a Summer Place to Buy? Watch Classes 470 to 493 8 . .4.. i a, m Or . i 0 i ll ill .fit An ifi if t t fill.- j '

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