The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1948
Page 4
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TUESDAY, MAY 27, 194S 1LYTHEVIU.F (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS PAGI ?Xt &£> *£* lex YOUR Viom* and styled to its design, SLATS-O-WOO5 Awnings fit lilt* i glove! Equally at riom« over doois, windows <x porcnts, trify let in light but keep out gUe, lepel the rain but coax in summer breezes! P«fTwr»(it M ro« fine wood of wKich they're made. Te *mx* wrly installation, phone NOW and our (ieagmr w4) t>* out to give you i free estimate on 4i*M> 9<xxi-loolring, long-lasting aid* to beltei Iwing. Keiser to Have New Grade School Real fttat» r lui/ness, Farm ancf Aut* L 0 A N S ft. I. l<*»«n« •n New an4 ;, MilMini, rtm»4»»a§. Farm Un<U and AuU l*»r»«. Q*ltfc linio*. UNITED IMSURANC1 AGENCY IM t. M— Iniram RUi.—Ground Fl*»i A. r. "!>•*" Dietrich, Man**** Inraranc* i Volume of Home Repair to Be High This Spring to See + Ahowu above k& thr n#v grade school for which plan* ar« uno>r- wny this week *t Reiser. Being erwled mi the sit* of Ihc K,els«r High School, the structure will b* of brick and lUe coiurtuclion. DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 "100% Home Owned East Main St. . Phone 446ft Cleanliness Pointed Out as a Major Advantage of Full Home Insulation AIA to Clarify Training Aims In Architecture Much Remodeling and) Provision tor txtra THAT'S WHAT MOST FOLKS SAY APTIR PAINTING WITH Improvement Work The volume of home repair, remodeling arid improvement is cx- ; iecle(i to b« greater thl* spring .han any year In the past, it. is ted tn Mirveyfi made by the Construction Research Bureau of New York clearing houses for building information. Material shortages have been largely overcome since I fist year; plenty of labor 1* available; and most homeowners, taking the word of building industry economists that costs cannot be expected to decline to any extent, have concluded not i« postpone needed work Impr*r*(n»nU Add Value Counllww relatively Inexpensive improvements can b« made in any house that will add considerable to its value and provide more gracious, comfortable living These may Inclnrt painting, more .storage space an *xtra bath or lavatory, a finished attic or basemen I, Insulntexf, interior decoration, new steps, «. new porch, removal of parti tinnx to create larger rooms, nnd so on, Th* list IA limltleM. * One ot tin most Important home Improvement Jobt from an economy and comfort atand point, that of Insulation. Tt costs virtually nothing, ACcordAnfc to the Construction Research Bureau becaust It fe ua.sallr paid for within thre* or four years by fuel savings. In addition, (till-thick insulation In walls and roof area makes the average home as much as IS degrees cooler In Summer. Any home can 'be qulcfcly in- Phon* Out/efs Even though one telephone, m«y seen; sufficient in Ihe house you're build) OR, proper provision for future extensions should be installed by the builder while the house te going up, 5 Ays Practical Builder, Chicago 3, Metal pipe or tubing se'- into wiills as a raceway to conceal I e IP phone wire.s make.s It convenient to install outlets later on, pro- tec t* wires from rtamAfje. Plug- in telephones are available, too, anri outlet* in living room, kitchen o; bedroom make it pas.sible to carry your calls with you In reach while you work, .sleep or relax. The red cedar and white cedar rees of North America are reallj Juniper trees^ The true cedftrn are he large evergreens of Africa anc Asia. sulfit«d by blowing walla • other hard-to-get-at ipaces full leral wool. Baits or blunkeL of this naturally fireproof mate rial are applied where there J i'lorn rof a man to work, such R In unfurnished allies, and the blow (UK process IK not used in. Mich area*. Lack of capital need not det< home Improvement plans, the Bu rtau pointed out. No matter hov large or small the Job, the co;: generally can b« financed at lo> interest rales by FHA.-lnsure ara obtainable through almos home modernization loans. Thes any building contrnclor or ban and are, repaid in small nionLhl snrm over a three-year period. ajvicMy wMi Urm «VMI aurfoccs. Tell IM lfc« •(•• «f you* roomi «nd W*'H «atimat« your paint requirt- m«nta, mr V yew pref«r, w« can recommend raliabl* Paintinfl Con- This is it! Bargain Prices in Quality Wallpaper E. C ROBINSON LUMBER COM P AN Y "Friendly Building Service" 319 W«sr Ash St. Phon« 551 0 ME COOLER YOU'VE WANTED NOW IS THE TIME . ;: To Check Your Attic Fan! IF NEEDED . : . CALL CHARLIE FOR EXPERIENCED ELECTRICIANS! PHONE 2993 CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 116 North First Phone 2993 ^iWansaAfe WITH T K I I EXCLUSIVE FEATURES CONTROLLED AIR DIFFUSION ADVANCED ENGINEERING CONTROLLED HUMIDITY SMART DECORATOR STYLING 139.50 Enjoy the comfort of » properly cooled home —• with A modern Mirsalis Air Cooler! Amjictivcly styled in ivvo smart sb.idcs of brown, (he Marsjlis Cooler comes in bolh 16 and I'S-inch fan' si/.es. Installation is simple — no messy drjins — does not disfigtue window or build- inj; Come in today — sec the. Marsslis Air Cooler demonstrated. AVAI1 ABLE NOW —$00.00 Streamlined Exterior! Mast home-owners wnnl their oases i iiMt) a t cd lw-n HJI* of the vlmpr fuel AnviiiRit and summer OKI fort insulation provide.-;, but rlclom arp aware LhAt, it prod additional Important savin edocornllrm costs. U wti.s point e-.l lit today by Hie Construction Re- enrch Bureau of New York, cleat 1 house for bulldi;)g Inform ion, While H- n kinpasslblf to Ml cflnlle dollars- And -cm l-s (inure on bis .saving of varying con- dtLlitnj; in homr.t. many cn^eji boon reported where redccorallon tx were reduced *& much R» IS ' CRiit ultfir wftll.s and roof urea. wrre Insulated lull-thick with mineral wool. Ttn'x f* becausf la Ih marks do sot show up R.S rapidly hi a properly InMilated house and h«nr« the .nletior doe* not i wiuli* painting and papering *• olleti iw «n unin- sulated house. Science cxplRLn.i thii condition .simply. In »n 1111 insulated hois»«, i)i* watts nnd ceilings arc «A much a* 11 degtee* colder than th* Interior air. Dust -laden moisture JA present in all home* »t A] I tlmeji, When the hcntlng plant It In operation, the dual particle* !o)low the air currents which move rapidly to the co Let -iui-fuccj and are deposited lhei«. B«for« long, the location of every lath. ceilhiR Joint and wall stud ix clearly visible with dark streaks between thetn. U the 1* insulated Tull- thic^c— walls completely iWcA and a (our-lncli layer of mineral wool above the top floor celling — wall and ceiling temperature.1 are within 2 to 3 degrees of 'the interior air and air movement i* lessened. "Home -own era who have been plagued with .streaVed wall* ami cellin^-i each .spring can easily overcome this condition by applying insulation before the healing plant i Ls started next, fall," a CoruLruc- ! Lion Re.scarch Bureau engineer . "Cost IB relatively low and 1* ! easily financed," ht Bdded^ "The Federal Housing Agency hwurex loans fo.~ home inoriernliation at ; low interest payable over a three\ year pnriod. The average PHA loan ) for ir.5LitRt.on is *'276. At pre-serjt j prlce.s of lucl, a complete ! tlon job usunlly pays WASHINGTON. IX C., April J7-- The Am*ilcnu inaUUit* ot Architects and (wo H.uockaiea oiRnnlm l to us today Are enKaged In the prf paration of a comprehensive .iU(e rnenL of the nbjectivf* of *rchit*r tmal fducalion In American col ICRM and unlvfrsttifi, Profe.wor B. Kenneth Johnalone, of th* Carnegie Innlltute nf T*ch- I noloKy, U chairmftn of Th* Iiutl- tn(e> Com milt f« on Rdncaifnu which Is RttcmpUng to "clarify the j objective* of architectural a (hie a- I Ion" In order to develop plan* to mf*t th« nwtft of tomorrow. CoURboritlng with thU con^mtl- t#e *r« represcnialives of th« National Architectural Accrediting Hoard and tht National Council of Architectural RegUlrAtion Bovrdx. "The »coi>* of architectural practice U being broadened to, such an extent that we fe*l our educational pi-ocedurM inunt be examhicd," x*ld ProlrMor JohtiJtlonr in mnkljii the announcement today. "Ttie architect of tomorrow will f*e« a taik fur mure compllcaled and involved than any of hU iwe- dece.ywn. Th« great Kcirntlflo advances will Influence new construction to such an extent (hat great technical skill will b* required to construct and emilp th* building of tomorrow," Profe-ssjr Johnston* Mid. "No on* person will b* *bU to know personally, In dolali, the vt- riotiR phafiiw and tecrmicaliU«i of lh#w futur* complex building*. J"nr that reason it will require the architect to coordinate the skills of th*. various ipeclallsta In the build- Ing industry In order that each Tft- suitkng structure will fulfill tin purport* of IU erection," he »ald. ITS HERE! It's New! It's Won'derful! The Hunter ZEPHAIR DELUXE MODEL ONLY $70.00 DOWN Wi irt prov< t* iniMMinr* Hint w» hart 1k< n«w model HUNTER idle »ni window fine rw 4 limllrvn now lit ««r «4»r*. W«'r« pron4 U K* «mi»m th* ftroi la th« •MMtTy to •how . . . and MX InU thrilling ntw way U comfnrUMe llvlnct O>M« In — IM M ihow .YOU and tcl jr«« hnir we eali (ir« you th* tdT»nt«|t« of «v>l mmfMi 4nrtnf UM tot, in<l nl(hLi Dial in mr* to Mm*, Royalty W«d 25 1<ONDOM, April « (UP)—Ktn« | Georftt and Queen RLJ7jib«th Hftld ' prayer* of LhftnkMtlvinr for > -liuppy mnrrlRKe In St- Paul's Cnlhedrnl je-sleroay. thAlr «llver weddinj «n- nlvenmry. Insiila- for H,ieU In three years because 35 per cent less fuel li n«d in a structure insulated lull-thick with mineral wool." This, coupled with savings in redecoration costs, caiLWR mortgage lender.s to look upon an i rural uteri homft aa a better mortgage rlak. Since redpcoration »nd fuel coats must oome out. of a horn* buyer'* income, chnnccs ot delinquent payments are minimized If savings on ! rhese items ean be ellected. ham* tha «»YJ rf y»ur n*lglllvrwi wtMl thU •»w MUNTEX KKI'NAIR horn. «o<>llni f«a. The Mir fan with • full I y«e,r (uarantMl BLYTHEVILLE Willys Sales Co. MM Reol Estate Transfers (FurninheH hv th« Terry Ab*lr«cl * Krall}- Co,) The following transfeis of real estate were recorded Trom April 17 to ! Apiil 24. Inclusive: J. K. nnd Trllble Brown lo B. T. end E. I. Williams, residence, 2100 block Peabody Ave.. SMOO. Antonio Carney Walker to Juke A. ami Chnrlyne Barbnr, 2 loU, Enst ROSP SI... $700. Aiilonirv Carney Walker to Elme.r ; K. nnci Maud Pniitl, 3 lolj. East Ch<!L-rv. SI.MO. C. C. anrt Pearl Wells to F. K. Warren and H. H. Honchtns. tot between Walnut and Chlcka.sawba on Divifiion. JI6.CKK). Sam and Iva May to Ihe Rev. 1^ O, and Ullle Borah, residence, 1000 block West Sycamore. »2000. : I,. O. and Llllte Mae Borah to W. C. Cal«. lot on Hollywood Ave.. 51200. Alma Wells to J. P. »nd Mary Austin Garrolt, residence, 400 blor.k East Kentucky. $7500. F. E. Warren and H. H. Houchlns to Robert A. and Martha Ann Porter, lot In 1100 block, Clitckasawba ! Ave.. $5000. 3 Special Blends In Color* or Whit* . . . Blended Paint Stays Bright! !,•(*( H'Ktf DnlcVi li lh« world'i Best u'w p«lnl FXCt BOOKLET "How To Detect Termites" Sent any home owner on request DEAL'S 109 E. Main Phone 4469 PAINT STORE TERMINIX The Cheapest to Use Goes Farther Stays Whiter Lasts Longer DUTCH BOY ii Blended a* Carefully as a Doctor's Prescription 2.Cb«*. Crii ikai Si'j Jt Gmj Trim Cf!»rt ARKANSAS PAINT GLASS & WALLPAPER COMPANY 105 East Main Phone 2272

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