The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1933
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Served by the • United Press BEVTHEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXr-NO. H'l Blythevllle Uillv, No»» BJythertlle Court*. ... VTm , VII r lf mvA\ T <;A<? 9 VTI'l'n \ v c-riviM.niPPu •>*in->'i Mississippi V»llej Leader. alythtTille iltrtld, HM 1 lll',\ IMJ'., AUKAiXbAb, !v\ I t'UDA'i, hl-,1'1 KMM'.U l.*r.l.i.i SINGLE COPIES FIVE ..CENTS DIES I Ex-Oil King Out For Governor Auto Manufacturer's Ex-j nlanulion Silance On NRA Code Expected. MARQUETTK, Mich.. Sept. 2 tU ri—Arrival today ol Ihu S. S. Henry Voril, the frci-jhicr lhal [ Li-ought Hie mulli-millionairc au- j :|uniobile mMiufacturci 1 lo his v.i-, tKlinn rcsnrl, was regarded IK his) iiomlmul return to Dc-lroit. 1 Although no announcement was 'made of Ford's program, the fad rliat the frel»htei Mime Ihrougli; llic locks nt midnt?hl and bur-1 ! : cd to this porl. war regarded as. ; l«iiincant. A return trip would put Ford In Uttrolt Monday innrniiiB. Messages from admirers in all parts of the United Slates inured ' in on the manufacturer today, urging liim lo tirin',! his many ciuor- liriscs under Ihc blue: eayle. Protected b--hlnd the fenced (-'rounds of the exclusive inounUitii club from outside intrusion. Ford At r,. He'll Wnl Tnilli Time I f vc no indication of what he j intended to do about Ihe automo- l.ile code He has nnltl Tuesday tr- sian the code which will regulate the business princinles of his lOinpelitoi^ ami the" hours and •x::«es.of their employes. Kvncss W .Marluml. above, v;l»i inailc :iml lost a fortune c.sti- iiiatiiil nl ?i;fi.Ui)0.fl(JU in oil. ivaiits lu bo Rovcruor of Olila- honifc. Mailand, nou- :t mntn- iier Of Coilpress from Oklahoma, uas aiinoiiured lie will SjC- a cnildldal'; next ycur lo suc- .-i-j-cl l;ovt-ri)'.r "Alfalfa BUI" Murray, wlio is furlililileii by luw to run for j.r-eleulloii. General Motors Arcustd ST. LOUIS. Sept. 2 (UP) — A plea liial llic General Molors cor- poratton be denied the rieht lo (•isplay the NRA blue eai'le was THUS PftlH DF Public Schools Opens September 4, Others Follow Within Few Days. The live v.'liile piibli: 1 "choiils ol lie dly will o^eii Mu:day for n i n'ne months limn. 'Ihc school of I Ihc G'lmrch of I.imiuciilotc Con- u-.nlon will open Wednesday, with I uxist'.slion on Tm c d\v Monday, I September 11, is the dale of open- in.; lor the Lutheran .school. Tin- i-ifci'O public school will not open until October I. There will be no tuition charged i:i junior high of the public fdujol fur the first six weekb term. Whether or nul Ihe sclio<il will be cotuinu-jd fou ihe monlhs term willioi.t uiUlon depends upon the leii-nue received in the sehcol fund. In the senior high school SB will he charged fur the first term 'Ihis may be reduced if enough students attend school. Practically all of llie ieuclicrs lor Ihe public schools have al- itady arrived. In addition to ; ihe ii2'.v instructors already an: nounccd Miss Hazel Sample will teach ill junior high replacing JMs. Lloyd Stlckrnoii. resigned. lAim Sample, whose hom& is in El Dorado, has (aught M El Uu- l r-ido and Paris. Ark. The opening assembly of tho senior high school will be held 1 r.t 9:15 A., M., the junior high at [8:30 A. M., and the students ol Bul -->- 3H-ycar-old inolcssional pianist of II. 5. E Lit IMt > ushcs Work to Keep Big Lake Flood Waters Within Barriers. Yonlhls Victim Of Scar Id l'Vv<M Kiith<:r, Sisler I 'I he United hav firm-let fever Imd claimed one incnitKr of a Ynruro family today und two others were lighting thcj ' iimhidy. Wll.-v H. 1'irsuell, live year oid Mm of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Presnell, -iiid'iimbi-d al four o'clock vcMmlily afternoon al thr family home. 'i'lu- father nnd one of ihrce Stales government ^u^m,,,,. mf ,„ , ro)|] lh(J ((|s _ FLIT IltlFF Famous Italian Airman Killed Wen Heavily Loaded .Plane Crashes. nn oulla'y »f up- piixlmalely SIOO.UOU lor levee con. Mrm-llon work lit. Big Lake, west services were held for (lie boy ill one o'clock today nl ,1 BlyilK'vlllf. by Ihe lime ll's.i N OI .H, sawba wmetcry with tin for icpulrlug nntl slvi'ii-l (:,,|,i, uniti'i-luklnx Kansas been married and divorced nine limes, and is about to schools will as- be married ugain. His No. 10 wif-j will be Lois Shook, shown Motor company here asked than * ortlon be token for the allowed' MCroSS --discharge »of employes wr>« havej- i:etn enra^tLd, In in union-activities.- .-HAVANA.-Sent...2'(pE)^=rA.hHr= ™ e L - •—^'-f-'^..',-_- Uki,f s m6ve'flrfit'.l-r-nulcs an Hour classes, i across Ihe Gulf of Mexico toward H n hav Centra! except in the fifth grade. At Sudbury there will 5A. The Lange school jvill have.-all '-•-' ' the 6A g'rb'jp, whic'h "was e gone lo Central, remain- tday«Uer a' path 1«H Bl with him here, v.ho was also his So. 8 brulc. say, it will be iicrmanent. . • — : - ^ This lime, they Supgest 48-Hour Week .— ---•--• -••-• ••**•••- •--> ,,.... s ,.„.., 'rt n -i • r* i rora e ast lo west over Cuba, cans- i uuiu. acmioi — For Railroad Employes :ine great damaf-o but taking little; Teachers of the public schools hoi! nf human life. • j >' nl1 wner '-' thev lmve 5 P ent mosl ! WASHINGTON, Sept. 2 (UP)—' Although cummupication with] of < h <> summer are: CrawforCj Federal Rail i Coordinator Joseph Eastman su^KC-sted today- lo presidents of all 'railroads and rail labor organisations lhat they es- iablish a 48 hour week for their employes. Eastman said he had no partic- dead. Seventv three per-'h'l'h, school: Miss Rosa M. Hardy.i i principal, Peai-ody college; Wii-| iHoliday Association to jDiscovenes of Sci- [VJ ovcm ent UmeSS \ enlists UIVCS Ot. LOUIS sons were in-hospitals. i principal, rearauy uuucje; v»n- . . „.. , Dl ' ' U The heaviest death list, wns that!"!"" n. McClu.kin, assistant prin-: KoOSCVelt [VlCClS Wishes. | rhySlCiailS hope. of looters. Soldiers, killed three hVciTOl. University of Arkansas; Miss! | ^ ,„„„ „„.„ .„ „„„ .,„ Havana streets, determined that 3 aura Bassett. Coiuvay; George M.I DES MOINES, Iowa. Sept. 2 <li'i ST. LOUIS, Sept. 2 [UP>—Dis- ength of work day or workj tllcft should- not "be added to the'Hum. Univcrsitv of Arkansas, p) _ Mno Hcno national president Icoverlcs by a .woman scientist to- j_ ...:—i t...i i-j n-_*!>n<:c nf hiirrirnnn vri^Hn^Q nnn m-*n .\'liprp lip r?f-pjveo'his M. A. de- ] ^f j^ n Farmer' Holiday association, nay led on army of physicians, lind, but suggesled that loss of hurricane v His suggestion followed an . announcement that he was opposod (o placing (he railroads under ap K R A code. ble to ricane check each mite as the hur- 1 . yiller, Columbia. Mo.; Norman P. | immediately for farm price stabll-i Dr. Margaret G. Smith, asslsl- nioved westward. I Moore, here: Miss Annie Maude j za (i on based on production cosls." ant palliologlst al (he Washing- Claire Leaves Spotlight Until Next Wednesday HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 2 (UP) — Claire Windsor, blonde actress, v.cnl inlo retirement today until uexi, Wednesday when Fhe will rc- opprar in superior court lo hear frilhcr evidence of her one-time New Storm Or Way McCorvey, Comvay; Mrs. L. E. Old. | and ^ {A , hnt secretary of Agrl- J:-., Memphis; Miss Luna B. Wil-1 c ,,it uie Wallacs's "opposition to in- MTAMI. Scot. 2- (UP)— Richard(helm, teaching at Jonesboro col- A. .Gra> - . tovernment. mctcorolo- this nflcfnoon predicted thai a £?cond Ironical disturbance now flalion because' it tends lo ad- Miss Martha Jean Wlnburu. j vancc prlcc ^ O f f arm commodities entirely destroyed the farm- (•r's conflttcncc and hope for any iflief from his ndniinlstrallon." Junior high: Hunter Steadman, In the vicinilv of Porto Rico and i resistant principal, new; Miss Vel- __ 210 miles southwest'of tlieic* Adcock. Charleston, Ark,; Miss;" rj-jic "teiegraiii ignored mention )OMcr Florida coast, would strike I. Mice Marshall, here: Miss Maryj cf ' Alfred C. Read. * V romance with yrung broker. More letters, ardently expressing the love they shared until Read's vifc sued for SlOp.OOO, will be introduced, it was' intimated as Jud»e Joseph Spruel o_rdered' the veek-end adjournment. The lec- tcis. which • the actress insisted she wrote with the understanding Hod and his wife were preparing for a divorce, once were marked for destruction fit a bonfire party, the young broker disclosed as he led the crowded courtroom. Nassau early tomorrow if it rontinue.s its present course. Gray, who said all danger was '>:>st for Florida from the hurri- pan" which lushr-d the nt'ithern -cast of Cuba ynstcrdav. fold the Press dial HIP second lorm was movine in the same as, the other, at the rale .f 17 miles per hour and attended shiflint winds and hurricane Recommends $1.11 a* Low Price on Crude Oil Code WASHINGTON, Sept. 2 (UP)— A minimum price of.$1.11 per bar rel for crude oil was imderstooc to have been recommended to Stcrelary Ickcs loday by Presidcn Hoorcvelt'r planning commute Jor llie Industry- vincis ncflr the center. control program now In Emma Hood, here; Miss Momn lancet, and the meeting of Ihe na- IP.ighe.-, Brial'ton. Tenii.; Missl ,j 0na | corn-hos cnnimlltcc al Chi- Sample, new; James A.L.. lgo Tuesday. It also said noth- rriixiaui . the east levee ulouu llntj i'.lx- ami In tin: (.talc line scc-| tii'ii Is completed It was csllimil- cd today. While lhi> levee was originally I'lLclud und has been mulnUUncd ii.1- years by Oraliiaye District, 11 IL> federal ijoverninent lasl year linally assumed res|>onsibilily for ii.alntalnlng the levee as part of As Hood conlrol prognun, rccojj- iiinlnii Hie silimtlon us a federal Instead of a' locr.i problem. I-.TN! ]Miur down Missouri ilil- i-hts Irom n vast imilory inlo l':e lake nnd Utllc Kivcr, llien inlo tlur ' St. Kntncls arid eventually into Ihc Mississippi river. Nrw U'urk Starts Sonn A cnnlracl tu lie let Scptcm- Lcr "i will add lu work nhcacly c-C'inplelcd lit the lake and other work now underway, !ii addlllon u 1!0 iier cent liiercase in the re- ]:iilr and conslnietlon work at the :rke. nbovc Ihe work already com- plelcd und planned Is conceded as .likely before the levee is In .shape lo inert ic(|ulremcnts of ihe government- ami oiler the real llccd protection for which It wns originally, intended. Sealed bids lo be received at the United, States engineers office al West Memphis unlll 11 o'clock «,n the morning .of Sept. 7 call moving : of IIO.QOO cubic yards c r . ea'rtiiwork. A cojitract let-on July 12 lo Vollmer nnd Son, Bly- Ihcvllie clrcdKini; firm, balled for moving of 591,100 cubic ynrds and nork completed Insl ycnr before St. Louis firm, which had the contract, was unable to complete n>- work amounted to moving- ol 105,000 cubic yards of earthwork. It is generally believed lhal i developments in work iioiv under ' i roxr:ss and lo slnrl soon wll' mean additional • increase of approximately 20 per cent In the total work. This will mean the moving of 7C2.0<ID cubic jards ol onrtli nt a tofnl cast, Including supervision,' of about $1DO,000. : / falls For SKA Tay 'Eevcn dredges arc now employe! hi repair work under the contrac let July 12 and additional equip ton University school of medicine, incut will be ntlded under the today came forth as the discover-1 locrthcomlng contract,. Incident er of the hiding place of the virus which causes sleeping sickness. The woman scientist, 'intensely interesled In rcfrarch in the fish! against the disease which hns lak- company In of funerul arrangements. Former Hayti Manai'cr'to Head Local Office Which Will Open,-Tuesday. The branch olfice of the Mld- Houlh ' Colton Co-operative os- :nciallon v ill IH; opened hen: ucsdav with v/, D. Oliver of ally the new contract will be un dcr NRA requireii'.cnls which wll mean that workmen on the nes job will receive a much, large _._.. _ pay check than laborers no\ en 55 lives and sent 440 |>crsons] working on the old contract. Th to Isolation -wards in 32 days,p;RA rcqiiircini'nls will also meal speeded the discovery through | a large Increase in llie govern curiosity. Seelns? slides of mater- • im-iil's expenditure on the wor Vnckclt. new. Central school: Mrs. Elmn Arm-; p ,, C |j oll ___^ _. ..._. _ uls from kidneys of dead sleeping about cotton and wheat n>-1 Inrc sickness victims ion the desk Mrong, principal; Mrs. R. i,. Ban- Itlcr. Mrs. Joe Craig and Miss Moves To Balk Threat of Nazi Old Davis BUI Found SALE^f. Ore. (UP)—A mercantile bill for furniture for President Jefferson Davis of the Confederate Slates of America was found among some old papers by John A. Starr of Salem. Tha statement showed President Davis had had repaired a rocker, hall cr.air and shawl box for $105. Services Sunday For Geneva Harrington •vliss Geneva Harrington, 21 vear old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Harinaton. succumbed at Hie faniilv home on south Sixteenth street at one o'clock yesterday' afternoon. Funeral services will be held at the home at 2:30 o'clock Suntiay afternoon with the Rev. E. K. Latimer. paslor of the First Christ- Inn church, officiating. Interment will bo made at Elmwood cemc- terv. The Cobb Undertaking com- ranv is in charge of funeral ar- amtements. The deceased Is survived by, be- Cities her parents, four brothers, toman. Calvin, Olynn and Jerry, •nd four sisters. Ms. George Mc- 'rod. city, Ms. I. O. McDcarmott, rJayli, Mo., Mrs. J. E. Johnson, Champaign. III., and Gladys Harrington, city. Sunslnno Swift were here and I j Miss Mary Oullaw. Rector. • Laiigc school: Mrs. Ed Hardin.'; principal; Mrs. Eileen Foster Clem-l ents, Mbs Elizabeth Halstead.i VIENNA. Sept. 2 (UP)—Austria! Mrs. Gladys Hardin Taylor and; today began rebuilding her army. : Mrs. Ann Clements Rimer were'which has been rigidly restricted ll'.i !ol physicians. Dr. Smith casually j examined them. The woman scien- ilisl, rclclanl lo discuss her dis- I rovery, icferrc(i nurstioners to her | superior. Kidnapsr Sentenced to The office IK- former as manager. Fl OYD UKNNKTr AlRl'ORT, Sept. 2 (UP)—The siicctaciilar career of Francesco D« Pincdo. .one ol Ihe most daring of world aviators, ended in a burst of flames tcdav when his monoplane crashed as he was taking off on a non- ;' slop solo illuht to Bagdad. The famous Italian pilot hart'ijl launched his heavily loaded plnne"l.j[ dolvn tlie concrcle nmwav at 7:01-|;'l o. in. It allalned a terrific sliced; ' then began swerving under Its curgo of 1,027 gallons of gasoline. Once It left the runway but DC Plnedo wlllioul decreasing his speed, brought It back. An Instant later ItJ lurched 'off the course again. DC Plnedo strove mightily to bring It. back, but tost control. The plane missed Ihc ad- m 1 nlslralion building where a number of spectators were fathered' und crashed against a steel fericc. Then there was a flash of flame as Ihc gasoline caught fire. Spectators . raced across llie field, almost certain that De plnedp'-'could not have survived hut hopeful that some.. will be located In miracle had snvcd lilm.. Because Blythevllle Motor niuuany. building on Broadway, Tiovlng from Its former Second Irect location. Associated illh Mr. Oliver in lie Iwnl o/Ilce will'be R. M. Elis of New Orleans, clnsser. and of las reputation as an expert Hy- . er no precaution had bee'n taken', : i and only the fire -extinguisher of •'•; I Machinist's Mate Michael Beach, . who had trailed him 'down the runway on a motorcycle, was'avail- able. vjokkeeper Is to be nnnieti. Vr.i I.lvnr, who had charge of the Inytl office' of the association •ist year, succeeds R. D. HugheB t.F manager. here. Mr N Hughes Is cperalin* a > • v ' « . •--. n addition -fo - his : mercHShaTBBfP' t " )a -" <!r ' .usincss. Mr. Ellis was In Ashoville. N. C. last year and this Is his first wllh Ihe Mid-South organ- Vfitlon. Spffd Fiver Kllltd CHICAGO, Sept. 3 (UP) — Roy Liggett, Omaha, Nebr., speed . dyer, .was WHediit the jnteniatloniO;.'•- air "'-''' had taken second place,' hi" the & 11 mile s&n cubic'-,Inch .'free...To: til race wllh an average speed ol ! 1!)1 miles an hour. • -.•-..- v He was flying a practice tour Louie Waters who has tacn ( when his ptaiw suddenly • crashes connected with the local branch al, the bookltcepfer for three years, tv.s been advanced to the Memphis office of the association. He will be in the accounting department as assistant to the treasurer. Mr. Wulors will leave Wcdncs- uav lo assume his duties in Memphis. tr llie ground from a-height'Ol-, : j 300 feet. The plane turned 'over \ '• Iwice and Llgjelt, who was'qnly.'- J2,'was crushed to death in tne ar. compared with the costs of las year's construction and that no 1 under way. The base of the levee is lo be much broader under Ihe government plans than the original levee as. erected by District 17. Fifteen Men out of the Untied States engineers office at tt' Memphis. [I'.cndcd by Julian E. Bells, are -Die in Chair Oct. 16h"e supervising the n-ork. J. W. Meyer, Drainage Clslricl 17 en- Free Textbooks Planned HEBRON, Neb. )— Recognlz- k , Ing the need for readjustment ol educational costs In depressing times, the administration of Hebron College here have annoimcec that all text books nlll be provided students frde of cost. '. Some fee. J-.ave been lowered and other. cltminottrt <mlti*ly, . P. Fry. Miss Mary Hubler. Miss trol of the government. Ruth Matthews. Miss Alma Pelers. Mrs. Cecil White and Mrs.' J. R. Webster were here; Miss Nettie Gray and Mrs. Mary Spann Waxnhachie. Texas; Miss Sara I Stroud. Memphis; Roscoe Morris.) Flat Hivcr. Mo. Churcli Schools Follow Fatli2r J. J. Thompson will be superintendent of the Catholic sehcol which has classes through Five Nations Represented In Chicago Balloon Racej" 1 ^ . wiilch was calls for October 16. ! en'd'a"r""days "fronT the" date It was Allen Southern set the vcd ^^ contract t o be let - ( 7 wPJ rcqllirl! comp i e ilon ol *» '" Negro Youth, Struck By Lightning, Dies Sonny Windom, 10 year old ne- gro, was fatally Injured when struck by HghtnlnR about six o'clock yesterday afternoon. The negro was sitting In a chair on the second floor of a negro tenant house on the Clear Lake farm, .fouth east of Blytheville, when a thunderstorm which later visited Blytheville, lilt that region. The negro wns alone, other members of the family being on the first floor. Several of the negroes said it reemed as If n ball of fire rolled rough the house accompanied n loud clap of thunder but iparcntly did no harm. Later icn one of the group ventured the second floor he found Son- unconscious. The young negro is revived after some time but on became worse after telling hers that he was suddenly nocked unconscious. His clothing idlcated he had been struck by ghtning. Miss Althea Edwards Gets Appointment at Jonesboro. Appointment of Miss Mlhea' .Rife' wards of Blythevllle as stcnogra-. pher In the Home Owner's Loan Corporation office at .Jonesbpro i ' was announced today by Jos. ~"N.' Martin, district manager. •". . Miss Edwards has held a num- her of responsible positions, hav^ Ing been for a number of yeariTUv the employ of the "Chicago Mill. & Lumber Company; Drainage District No. 17 and the • Arkansas Missouri Power Company. ".'.]' Miss Edward's appointment was recommended by Senator Hattte^ W. Caraway. Miss Edwards • will" leave Blythevllle Immediately. to,' enter upon her new duties. " - "< , .date of. execution, the first im- a , the eiehOi grade. This is a liil- l.'on school. Asslsling Father Thompson will be three Instruc- .rs. Students are asked to reg- iler. Tuesday prior to the open- ,ng on Wednesday. The Pilcrlm Lutheran school will jpcn with sn approximate mcnt of thirty, according President Roosevelt Is Out for Tuna Fish MAUNTATJK, L. I., Sept. 2 (UP) —President Roosevelt and a few friends on his week end holtdaj nartv left Ford Pond Day today in the fishlns boat Auca to fisl for tuna 20 off shore. The ^ _ ^ (o place In Uie Jackson county Jail Baptist lOUDg People Have Training Schoo The race will start, toward dusk Irday. featuring the.second day of ihe international air races. Entries are from the Unilcd Stales,! Germany, France, Poland and Ifrlgtum. Oil Tanker Sinks After Collision With Steamer NEW VORK , «ni-Th. OSCKOLA, Ark.. Sept. 2— Num Ix rs' of Baptist young people too part in llie week's training schoo conducted at the First Baptts church "here last week. Rev. E boys and 8 ir,s of today P. taught the Intermediate :anucl mid Mrs. E. h who today. all , . The school will again feature at the school. There will be the regular grades through junior | lu mo n charges, but children are ' high school, and will offer to bring their own text _ __ chidrcn who are ofTlliatedliooks, which, as a rule, arc Hi wllh ihe local church or those]<- lt ;- nod state-adopted texts. Fur- lulho'.it denominational loyalties, a t) lfr Information may be had from complete course in all branches of 1 , the pastor "of the church, secular knowledge ns well as rcllg-1 ,\ principal has not yet been :ous training. lelecled for the negro school which | partmenl storo executive. «as re Executive Aecoveting ] From Amnesia Attack SEATTLE, Sept, 2 (UPl-Ber- i.ard Bitterman, 2" year old do- The Luth;run church, according j mil open October 1. This dale (covering in n hospital today 'd his from Dcn- Aukft was folt"ived .by a tender! to Die pastor, has always been! was set so that the students ji-om amnrsl.i tvlilcb ca Irom one of the co.isl guard cut-1 deeply conscious of the fact that,iiil8hl pick cotton for a month, grange disappearance fix ter s lhat have been Hying at an-j the hope fov a tetter and saner The principal. .J. A. W. Shivers, /\c r . Colo., August 21 and led lo chnr nenr Vincent Astor's ynchl. Itulure lies In Ihe youth of Airier- urcnlly died. I kidnaping reports. nrd earning seals for their dlplo p'as were Helen Toole, Glady Pnucher, Mrs. Pearl Ray Brooks HarolU Hendrix onti Mrs. a* Allcnsworth. Intermediates receiving diploma 11 ire Eddie Schooler, Clementin J:owen, Winnie Ralph Ferguso C-llbert Rogers, Fred Hendrix, Noi Hucklcbey and Korma Sullivan. Junior studenls receiving dlpl rrss were Margaret Burlon, Pie Kucklebey, Veta HJiidrtx, Mildr J'ladtord. Chas. C. Bowen, Lc Fllen Slepheiks, Harold Slier a H. C. Bradford. Victim of Rat Bite Fever.; Is Now Rapidly Improving; The condillon of Bobby Blaylock, who contracted rat bite fever when bitten by a pet white-rat- some time ago, is now greatly' improved. . . . \'" The child was bitten by.the pet over a month ago and shortly af- ' 'residing Elder Wilt ler developed a high Jeyer that failed to respond to treatment. Memphis specialists made various tests and Wednesday diagnosed the _."" • r\ 1 i Illness as rat bite fever. He was GlVe Sermon at USCeOia given serum and. Is believed. to"b» r near 'recovery. OSCEOLA, Ark.. Sept. 2—Prc- iding Elder Sam B. Wiggins ol onesboro will deliver the morn- r;; sermon at Ihe Methodist chur- h here tomorrow morning. ^ At the Sunday school hour he •rill address the several classes an "The Significance of the Unl- led Program in the Sunday School", and going from here to Marked Tree Sunday afternoon he will begin there a week's trailing achool for church workers in : at part of the Jonesboro dis- :rict. . B. G. West Is Named , Board of Trade Head Roosevelt's Son Talks To Young Democrats — -• —.; KANSAS CITY; sept. 2 IUPJ- James Roosevelt, son of the president, today called on young Dem- pcrat clubs of America to lend their full measure of assistance to the country In the present lime o! need, and develop leadership lor the future. . . Speaking before the first nation- p| convention of the Young Democratic clubs, Roosevelt outlined a code of good sportsmanship In pol. Itlcs and pointed out the path of fiivice" for members of the organization. B. G. West vvas elected president of the Blythevllle Board of Trade by the 12 directors who were named at a meeting of the local' cottoh men this week. Other cftlcers are: C. C. Langston, vice- president and Ira Crawford, secretary- Other directors are. E. C. Pat- trn, W. I Osborne, J. H. Roney Tom Martin. H. Highflll. Ross D Hvghes, Park Hatchett, Wilson and Scott Harris. Baker WEATHER ARKANSAS — Mostly cloudy: probably 'local shoirers tonight end Sunday. :'. Memphis and -Vicinity—Showers tcnlght and Sunday. The maximum temperature here yesterday wa$ 81, minimum 86, partly cloudy with .3* Inch rainfall, a'ccordjtag to Samuel F. Norris, official vctther otwtmr,

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