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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 31

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 31

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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ASK DOROTHY DRAPER Ojklmd Tribune, Sunifiy, Summers a Time for the Bright Touch By FRED color for It? Th wallpaper In this room is a black and white scribble effect Alio can Joa luggest a rug color? fri.C.H.M If I have laid It onc I have aid it 90 times, if you would only have your two chain covered in the tame color you wouldn't run into trouble. Cover the gray chair to match the turquoise one. A turquoie and black tweed rug would make a toothing contribution Then do get lots of chalk white accessories and add a bouquet of yellow primroses. ftprrlikt, tea. 9tihr Hree rycafuM-' Everyone has been emaied at the hundreds of Hanging Baskets In full bloom.

See this display. 4tHj of Jul week special: Hanging basket in full bloom, Usually $4.50, Reduced to $3.50. 882-37th S. Near Grove pany can offer. A persimmon rug to match your chair or Jeweled tone emerald would have a brightening effect on the room.

MrB.P.D.Aaiki: "I have piece of driftwood which I picked op on the beach last summer. It looks like an abstract painter's idea of a fawn and I would like to use somewhere in my house, but how?" Driftwood pieces have become so popular they are even on the market today. They are used as wall ornaments, on the floor under a window, over a fireplace, as lamp bases. I even know someone who uses one as a decorative newel post at the foot of the stairs. The shape dictates how the pieces should be used.

0 0 0 "In my livingroom I have a three-piece black sectional, a turquoise chair and a gray chair. The gray chair is to be done over. Can you suggest a Naming Our City Streets By ALBERT I. NORMAN Gallndo Street in East Oakland was named for Francisco Galindo, the father of Mrs. Vicente Peralta.

Galindo, himself, lived on Telegraph Avenue. His home is now the site of the Marshall Steel Company. Galindo Street runs from Sausal Creek to Paxton Avenue. 000 Four Oakland streets owe their names to the daughters of an Oakland real estate man, George Washington Dam, of the firm of Gladding and Dam. The streets run parallel in West Oakland, near what is now the Army base.

They are Hannah, Louise, Ettie and Helen. Dam was a neighbor of William Watts, after whom the Watts Tract was named. 0 0 0 Julia Street (today called Madison Street) was named for Julia Adams, daughter of Edson, one of Oakland's founders. Trust Deeds during Its Saa Francisco session: 'During 'tight periods, such as- at present, lenders an more selective and loan to value ratios are somewhat less than the maximum legal limits. "Assuming the average loan to value ratio to be 70 per cent, the purchaser would be re- 3uired to make a 30 per cent own payment Few people are able to generate sufficient savings to comply with this requirement "People generally have a strong motivation for home ownership.

Consequently, when these conditions prevail, borrowers are inclined to move towards second trust deed financing rather than to postpone purchase. "Here, then, is the climate in which' the flagrant use of second trust deeds thrive, brought about by a defect in the primary financing." bers of the Oakland Real Estate Board, hold that four requirements are essential if a small business is to prosper. 1 Good location. 2 Good location. 3 Good location.

4 The owner must hire an accountant. Islands in a grocery store, they say, should be vertical that is, parallel to the checkout stands. (Clerks can glance down them. This controls pilferage.) But tables in a variety store should be at right angles. (This is an "impulse" business.

You want customers to wander around, getting that impulse to buy.) Cafeteria tables should start with the dessert, and the entree should be last. (By the time the patron reaches the entrees, his tray is loaded. He thinks he'll look cheap if he doesn't take a main dish.) Grocery stores should have split doors. (Easier for laden patrons to push in and out.) They should have large picture-windows. (Groceries with fee table only be used in a large This la the age of "mixing." Provided the scale and color ing isn't at war with your other tables you could use either the leather or marble top, and it might add Interest to your room.

There art all sizes of round coffee tables. If your room isn't too large, choose a moderate sized coffee table. Mrs'. C. D.

asks: "What's a good color with avocado green?" Peacock blue or paprika-red would be a good choice. 0.0 0 "What color rug would you suggest to brighten up a darkish one-room apartment with light green walls, bright green sofa, persimmon chair, two ebony chairs with rush seats and dark mahogany furniture? Would a different color on walls help? Mrs. R. I would paint the walls white not off white, but the whitest white a paint com- gaTSTOTSI ANGELI'S Plants Grow Fast in Summer! Prices are Cheap! Begonias r)fu, 1.59 DICHONDRA ,.,1.49 i VERBENA PHLOX tu.1.19 While they last at ikeie low, low ericif CLEARANCE SALE CHRYSANTHEMUMS Slant flewerinf, peweefil, apMer, eurtotu. enemonee, wwe Mietttee) fine pJente.

See ear aiipley fer flee plaata at lew, eew prices. Now 711. Only In your LIQUID FERTILIZER 10-10-5 WITH 68 jo WITTING AGENT. for lawns or flowering plants ANGELI'S 484 14th StSan KJlJL'LJLSLSLSLlSiSLJLlSJ teffiFt mum LIMITED QUANTITY! Deltas riywoM, technical substandard from normal "A-D" orade. but a.

a a a it Fir NURSERY GARDEN TIP It Are Refer ore leeVeeee wttfc Meek epete eetief ytu plants (iare4ica)r Uie Chlef-tkaM aei eefirrete. PETUNIA CLEARANCE SALE Ad the east varieties All the keif colors 5.o, ,..,1.09 i Hurry! Take eereefe ef tnle NEWH EASTER LILY VINE CKmbini vine bif white) 428 towers ee. 4ef the most COLORFUL PLANTS HIBISCUS 791 LANTANA 69fJ PYRACANTHA SHRIMP PLANT fine plants In fallows NURSERY Lcandro XwtaS juuuP WQasmstm' Double Savings, Km! Haven't vog wiaHed Plywwyf came In 3-ft. width, every timo you cut aomo tor slldmg doore, wnln, count too. or furniture? Jtare ft Save JS wee p4M 80-31 ee ariee thca eeief fiT MllM OvSW TmyormrrinrqToT8To GARDENER'S CHECKLIST By THE CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF NURSERYMEN 1 In July, watering is of paramount importance In the garden.

To be effective water must penetrate to the depth of the roots of any particular plant The interval between applications of water should be spaced to permit soil to Personal and Personnel: George Horton has been named chairman of the Mayor's Clean-Up and litter-Control committee. He has also been elected vice president of the Building Owners Managers Association. 0 0 0 Other officers of the Building Owners and Managers' Association: Ralph Arnesen of Robbins and Ritchie, reelected president for 1960-61; George Valentine named vice-president; W. T. Olmsted named secretary -treasurer.

Olmsted represented the organization at last week's 53rd national convention in Philadelphia. Arthur H. Breed Jr. and Harry A. Parks have been reelected directors of the Alameda County Taxpayers Association.

Parks has also been appointed the association's treasurer. 0 0 0 Richard L. Parson, CPA, has joined the Mortgage Service Company as assistant treasurer and comptroller. Mortgage Service was founded in 1951, has offices in Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose and Lafayette. 4TH OF JULY BANG UP SALE! Sun.

Mon. Only Gal. Plants 1 10 Reg. 85c- each .351.00 nCiuU. 551.00 FUCHSIA FOREST 9234 Oakland LO 2-714 OPEN EVERY BAY II TO I P.M.

MT. EDEN '28191 H.eperian Blvd. CASTRO VALLEY C-7 evcecti XAUt out big windows seem to shut out patronage.) The first pump at a gas station should dispense the most expensive gas. (Most mo-, torists stop at the first pump.) A woman should not operate a hardware store. (No matter how well she knows the business, men resent asking a woman for advice.) A business-opportunity broker may know the answers to most questions, but there's one which Hancock, McCarney and Ustvedt can't answer.

Why are most drug stores at corner sites? "Never been able to figure that one out," they sadly admit Why has there been an increase in the use of the second trust deed? The Home Builders Council of California capsuled the reason in its statement before the Assembly Subcommittee on Real Estate Contracts and St, Berkeley Open July 4 FERTILIZER ft SOIL CONDITIONER SPECIALS GERMAN PEAT MOSS ftM Wce4 tree. Fim tnia. 9 U.11H ee. ft sail. Ueta lack area LiMitei entity CeaprMsef la.

tt Niea rack IflA timna tit-ln 13y YIGQRO Strata Ml Lawi 199 Fartiltear at Iks. Hat. 1.H Special also hi. aif. sic aw see COW MANURE 37' liit Batatity If.

tk. 8-nt Sprinkling Can 199 Flastic-fttf, 3.N Sec" I SHRUI SPECIALS Juniper Tarns .61 formerly 9S Camellias M.98 1.9S value IUREKA MEYER QaJ LEMON TREES, Ref. SPRAY THOSE BUGS CKLQRDANE 45 AftfJ far all sail pests, tel. tt SNAIL Slug Pellets QQji Iks. Special WW Wl kutt ALL COUfETITIOM PIONEER WATER HEATER I Delete plett-Hwee', 10-yeer faerentee (I ro- rereaj.

new nearer mereiwa free II failure years. 20 $48 gal. a $5i $67 Oaf Value Are Hard ta Reel! QeelHy MertfceweTtee) fee Laoa ndacape 3-2722, Albany fcu. July 3, I960 ly DOROTHY DRAPER I'm all for the people who re taking smaller houses so that they can get more fun out of life. Summer is the time to.

get out of doors, the time to cut your housekeeping chores down to a minimum, the time to take advantage of all the plastic wonders of the the time to use paper plates on the terrace, the time of summer rugs, the time to clear out the clutter of winter and pour out the iced punch. Summer colors are as flamboyant as summer Itself. Camping equipment has shed the old khaki for scarlet, yellow and a summer-sky blue. Sailboats careen across the harbors with sails of red and white stripes, brilliant blues and Mandarin yellow. Tents come with gaudy circus stripe flaps.

If you haven't already done so, gekon the bandwagon of color for summer, in your clothes, in your house, on your lawn, in your car it will make this bright season even brighter. 0 0 0 'Mrs. T. M.G. asks: "I have two end tables and a large drum top table in my livingroom which are all mahogany.

Am going to buy a coffee table and I was wondering if it should match the other tables or could I use a leather top or marble top and still not look out of place? Also should a round type cof Lily of Iho Nile I FLOWERS I ON SPIKES CAMELLIAS ROSE POT TO 12" TALL I 10 VARIETIES AOl I 7S VALUE LANTAIJA FOUR COLORS Mil IN BLOOM GAL' I CLOVER SEED 1 1.50 VALUE 99' FULL POUND DICII0I1DRA FULL FLAT Dreath of Heaven ft l'10. 66M I CEMENT I REG. 1S SACK MIX-KWIIC I CONCRETE ...90 lb. 1.15 I CANADIAN PEAT MOSS 4 Cu. ft.

BALE. a mgrm rati Tie sinaia it NURSERY I I i nflTrrrTTntn LOCATED JUST DOORS SOUTH OP PAY LESS DRUO STORE I 27213 MISSION IB 2-8571 HATKIKB i DAY FAIR 15455 E. NILES 1-Qt. CITRUS FOOD 1.16 Value with purchase ef 1-Pta CITRUS PEST CONTROL at 063 Reej. price ef for 5-GAL.

DICHONDRA SEED Now is thi Mb. .4.44 Perfect Tim Mb. 2.33 far Pliitlnj Mb. .1.22 PKH00EKDRC3 SELLOUM Beautiful large sties 498 Ref. 388 6.95 While They Last! MARGUERITES In Bloene 5 2" Pete Iiurenct Uitveflt, William Hancock and George Mo Carney Jr.

are what are known as "business opportunity specialists." They act as brokers in the buying and gelling of businesses. There are about-10 such brokers active in the Eastbay. All are men of encyclopedic knowledge of the ways of business. Viz: Why should the pumps at a service station be canopied? (Because, when it a i motorists sympathize with the attendant If he has to stand in the rain to pump gas, patrons may drive to another station.) What type of man will Usually make a big success of 4 variety store? (An accountant. He has a meticulous wind.

Handling 5,000 items appeals to him.) What type of business is easiest to sell? (A small distributorship and wholesale business. Every salesman dreams of owning one.) What business is hardest to tell? (Garages and bakeries.) Those who have earned their California Business Opportunity Broker's license are men with formidable memories and a vast knowledge of the intricacies of merchandising. They must be equipped to appraise and evaluate businesses, advertise and sell, must have a knowledge of a dozen specialized fields, must know the equipment used in these fields, must know legal requirements. In addition, they must protect both the buyer and. the seller, and must have that prime virtue of the clam: Everything they hear must remain confidential.

The Oakland trio, all mem- Small Plants Solve Space Problems Space is often a factor In gardening. Therefore, according to the California Association of Nurserymen, shrubs that show restraint are cf particular value. It is possible to plant a miniature shrub in an area one-tenth as large as that required for the normal-sized variety. For a neat, slow-growing shrub, evergreen raphiolepis has attained wide popularity. It is a perfect foundation plant.

Because of its slow growth habit, raphiolepis remains low and needs no pruning for many years. The introduction of the Pink India Hawthorn variety in 1938 started raphiolepis on its climb to fame. Light pink flowers in high-crowned clusters cover half of the bronze-toned foliage from the first part of the year through spring. There is a scattering of bloom throughout the rest of the year. The flowers are followed by clusters of blue-black fruits.

Raphiolepis should be selected for the area in which they are to be planted. Some grow naturally flat, others are more upright. Dwarf gardenia is a diminutive form of its "big brother" but with all of the beauty and fragrance of the bigger sorts. The small blooms are profuse in summer. Dwarf gardenia is tub-adaptable and can be used also for foreground planting in the sun where the miniature flowers may- be fully appreciated.

There are a number of low-growing coniferous evergreens both in prostrate and upright forms. Among the yews, firs, arborvitae, spruces, pines and junipers are many varieties which show restraint. For under a window, tubs, small lots, or to enhance a view there is a -coniferous evergreen which will fit the requirements for modest height HAROLD'S GARDEN 4th of JULY SALE! CALS. 49 tit SALE PRICES ea TMI FUCHSIAS ni BASKETS OPEN IS TO 11933 ALAN. ID, CASTRO VALLEY FrMwir tt eeatee tt, Ciitn vallee ta Itiwaee.

Umt4 la Mirer eleea 14312 -OPH JOLT 4tft Mj-Mm A I become somewhat dry. 2 Before taking that vacation, irrigate and fertilize the lawns, bedding plants, trees and shrubs. 3 Colorful double transvaal daisies come in eye-catching colors some vivid, others pastel. They are now obtainable at Bay Area nurseries. 4 The soft gray color of prostrate rosemary takes the glare off of hot concrete.

In low maintenance areas, rock plantings, and overhanging a wall, this versatile rosemary has found wide use in desert and coastal areas. 5 Plants such as moon vine and dusty miller will reflect moonlight, or garden lights and add to the enjoyment of outdoor living on mild summer evenings. .0. 0.6.8 9.11 19 0.0 P.O.U 0.9 PLACJ? Roses How For Continuous Color SELECT From 1000's in Bloom (Including the New MRS Winners for 1961) Duet Pink Parfait SEE Our Display at the Alameda County Fair July 3 thru 17 Wl WILL II CLOSID MONDAY, JULY 4 NI 1-3122 99t MecArtW SAN LEANDRO 4 -HOUR INSTALLATION 15-YEAR GUARANTEE WAT1R HEATER-: Kevofuttonary design ptus handy eye-level tempera-ture control. Heats plenty of water for the entire family.

Class lined tank will not rust. 95 30-GAL 5121.... Class-lined water heater with 10 -year guarantee. 1" fibre-glass insulation. Honeywell thermostat.

Moo Moo I1 lertillJbee act iedaati ONLY S5 DOWN and $5 per month TELEPHONE CALL DOES IT ALL OMUKB-t Mta'st AN 1 9301 XlCHMOND-MKssailt; It Frrewii BE 3 5221 IEIKELEY 2145 Oatwsitj Ill 3-7591 SAN LUNDRO 901 Alrarsea SL ILJ-JIfll' IATWUB-IU I Stmt I1 1-3151 Tit! i i i 1 1 1 WARREN'S FUCHSIA BONUS Sturdy Plants in 4-inch Pots. All Varieties Hanging Upright 4 FOR $1 00 arJefy you to find the technicalities! I These) ar oood looking panels. 1 We, sanded both sides. fat Dftced way below our cooutxr 2200 5th Closed Tuesday 2757 Cettro Valley Blvd. 36990 Missien Blvd.

ALL STORM OPEN 7 DAYI A WEEK a.m. to 1:10 p.m. Prices Effective Throujlt Wednesday, July r-" COREYS, JULY CLEARANCE Sunday Tuesday Specials Closed Monday Wednesday hop flradel JU ANoiftiaiaia BlW UHSANDED yJC SSBM AOpeeikprM Hm S3 3t- 2" 1 7tas Hxm 3U 2W 3W 3 I m.4M 4- 4" 3W DWARF EUREKA LEF.10H Perfect for Container Tree REG. K(u0 GAL -088 TREE SALE i 99 MT. EDEN STORE ONLY ITBIIt Em I MT.

EDEN STORE ONLY ODD aiE5- MANY DONT MISS MORE 600D 2 SIDES SsbsB Mtmm ef I il 'aaeaeaajl rw WsW awXI WBamWr fJUWSe f3f fOOffl dMtUtt ftmWntttfUtf aVW hsJPIfeW boifl sfadaM 0t0 s)MIs- And LOOK! Hf (W tfum. aassaaai mrtmm aW .1 lalej rmtkl United quantrfy RE6. IIS. SUA Attezzti Invited. WESTVXH BANK OSDTT StXVKI rnost ef I depending on awe.

GARDEN FURNITURE Special Folding PATIO CHAIR 599 AlMiinn trim. Wekkiae. iii. in special CHAISE LOUNGE Bilut-witt literspriag pat. EKcirtleail nits 23" Tiki Torch Brass Bowl 183 S-ft Mitel Ma m.

i.q I SEA GRASS MATS Siwti titetkir. 11 it. special, CHAISE PAD Pllitre 1474 SMtial BASKET CHAIR lei. 12.15 Spatial 5" 6 BARBE3UE BRAZIER JQa witl Hill, Mttar a Spit 111 J4-ia. t.

JUS IT MEXICAN CHARCOAL 44-11. Ilf. 4.M tt PAINT SPECIAL BOYSEN Msasi hist-eat, 1.21. 399 mm staim I89 Claim Iran Wartiatfae IP guaiu nun Electric Ilf. 17.M Special SUNIMM HEDGE TRIMMER Electric, lit.

4I.IS Special 3685 Price, Quality, Qaeirtrr Cempero! Aftaa eerae aad MareVere leef Itee 821 San Pablo LA MODESTO ASH Closeout Salt 2:1 99 Bio 5 -Gal. Re(. 3.95. PERUVIAN VERBENA TNient rkaa Douolas fW Plywood, perfect for beeklna, decking, pub Ttoonnsi ana omer rougn coo- Rag. $188 Puathed VaTt self 71 as.

ft-ie ta- life lee rtteiar! Tee eaa.rM, nif ken skas teen. irUka teenis keear, -nit. far start, telenet Steer eel ettpitra, tet ta sua a ams; Kijtt aaarp. 224 Cbsrgo essl Bsffgct Aim tAMKMOXKMO and HRXT ffREE DELIVERY within eVte en nrodest mlwnum ordan, i r- EJIZCXTUIS Perfect round cere BeautiM red bleem, far ereeaeeaver KaWVfJT 3 let. 1.11 tals.

100 Plant Plat Ref. 4.95 10 PLASTIC HOSE BEGONIA SEEDLINGS Larf a stranf plants OiliOO 249 Ree- 3.75. f' i.

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