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ll I Oakland Tribune, Wednesday, March 23, I960' J7 Board to Discuss Unions Hit CARRIER MIDWAY RETURNS FRIDAY FROM FAR EAST Supervisors Request Naming: er Nevspap Tunnel for Thomas Caldecdtf Aqueduct Threat level project." The Board of Supervisors Armed Guards Alameda County supervisors has unanimously passed a have reaffirmed their stand favoring early completion of the South Bay Aqueduct. PORTLAND, March 23 Caldecott is survived by Ms widow, Evelyne, and his tw; sons continue in public They are Superior Judge Thomas W. Caldecott and Chester Caldecott, Oakland attorney and civic leader. IUPD Plans by Portland's They did so yesterday while 'Worst Fake Bill Artist in n- World' Free Mrsf Virginia Stevens, described by Secret Service agents as probably the world's worst counterfeiter, has been freed without baH in San Francisco. She was arraigned, yesterday on a charge of passing a false $20 bill.

U.S. Commissioner Joseph Karesh normally sets, bail at $2,000 in such a case but he gladly accepted a recommendation by the U.S. attorney's office that agreeing to meet with Contra Costa and Santa Clara County two strikebound daily newspapers to put armed guards ALAMEDA, March 23-The attack aircraft' carrier USS Midway and her 3,700 officers and men will return to Alameda Friday at 9 a.m. after a seven and one-half months tour of duty in the Far East. purihg her cruise, the car.

rlej visited the Japanese cities of: Kobe, Sasebo and Yoko-sufca; the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong; Subic Bajr in the Philippines; Buck-ner Bay, Okinawa; the U.S. Naval Station at Guam, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The units of Air Group Two aboard the carrier logged supervisors to discuss a new 15,000 flight hours, and 8,000 landings during the cruise, ac-cumulating what Is believed to be the best flight time and the most landings made by any aircraft carrier In the Western Pacific since the Korean conflict. Present commanding officer of the Midway is Capt. James H.

Mini, USN, of Coronado, who grew up and went to high School in Vallejo before entering the Naval Academy. He will return io the Academy in Annapolis, in June, when he leaves the Midway to become the new commandant of Midshipmen. resolution urging the State Legislature to change the name of Broadway Low Level Tunnel to the Thomas E. Caldecott Tunnel in memo-rium to the man whose efforts led to the construction of the present tunnel. The motion was made before the board yesterday by Supervisor Kent Pursel.

It was seconded by Supervisor Chester Stanley who noted that he AOVERTISIMINT threat from San Francisco to one of the later stages in the inside their plans aroused the ire of the Inter-Union Strike Committee today. vast project. The committee sent tele The trl-county meeting will determined at the Del Valle Reservoir in the Llvermore Valley. Assemblyman Bruce F. Allen Los Gatos) branded Banks' action as a "political deal" to win San Francisco support of the state water bond issue.

San Francisco now sells its Hetch Hetchy water in Santa Clara. Delay in extending the South Bay Aqueduct to Santa Clara would preserve Hetch Hetchy sales for San Francisco. Banks, in his letter, noted the possibility that either the Hetch Hetchy system will be expanded or that water will be brought to Santa Clara from the San Luis Reservoir through Pacheco Pass. Either might duplicate the aqueduct extension. be at the county building in San Jose at 8 p.m.

tomorrow. grams to U.S. Labor Secretary James Mitchell, Gov. Mark Hatfield and others asking for "immediate interven Santa Clara County leaders have said a letter from State had the "pleasure of serving with a truly great Alameda Water DirecUr Harvey O. Banks poses a threat to the tion to prohibit use of armed County public servant." ultimate plan of extending the Caldecott, who died in 1951 guards." Plants of the two papers, Settles Mrs.

Stevens be released on her own recognizance so she aqueduct to a reservoir near Milpitas in northern Santa Berkeley at the age of 72, was a supervisor here for almost 19 years. the Oregon Journal and Ore Unsweetened! -Unusual! Unwn! There isn't a grain; of sugar in Girard'i Original French Dressing. And rvbnt a delicious difference, jhjt makes The crisp flavor of -the greens and the satisfying spark of fresh garlic and fresh spices in Girard'i 7 comes through to tease your appetite and please your taster. For exciting Salad flavors try Girard's Clara County. could take care of her daugh He wa? a councilman of the gonian, have been guarded by unarmed Pinkerton men Alameda County supports ter, Sandy, 6.

City of Berkeley for -seven years until 1930 when he be the ultimate extension. IAS NO MONEY since last Nov. 10 when ste reotypers walked out. Zoning Disputes Banks wrote all three came mayor. She hasn't any money to VFW to Elect Staff boards that plans for the last The union telegram charged He left the mayor's post in 1933 to become supervisor for the Fourth District.

He was ANTIOCH, March 23 run away, and we have the equipment she used to make that using armed guards with the council heard a report extension will be delayed until Santa Clara makes a "firm decision" as to its best future Post 6435, Veterans of Foreign in the plants would he a money," Secret Service Agent "provocation to violence and from City Manager John D. Phillips raising two problems. Wars, will nominate and elect Robert Newbrand said. publicly commended in 1941 for his "untiring efforts in bloodshed." source of water. officers at 8 p.m.

tomorrow in One, he said, involved a use Her case was to go before bringing to successful com He said aqueduct construc the AntiOch Veterans Memo rial Hall. Publishers immediately called the charge "ridiculous." the grand jury next Wednes pletion the Broadway low tion now in progress will be day. permit granted by the Board of Adjustments allowing a height of 33 feet instead of the 28 feet permitted in a high- Mrs. Stevens was arrested at her home, 2518 Clement density hillside district. This San Francisco, Monday night after passing the bogus is under attack by HeasletL The second involves a legal bill at a nearby Geary St.

pizza parlor. question raised by the Board of Adjustments in requesting the city attorney to review the Aside from the change from the false money, she had four cents to her name. facts and advise if there is any basis for reconsideration. "Sandy and I had to eat," The fact that no public hearing was held on the she told the agents. HUSBAND DEAD Mrs.

Stevens, whose hus granting of the use permit so that neighbors might be heard raised the ire of coun band died four years ago, said she had been unable to find cil members, fact that City Attju.Robert Ander- employment. She said she earned how to make counter I 1. If! v- 1 r-1 I I IIIIh IJfas -1 fei ed money from an acquaint son advised. that such hearings were not mandatory. BOARD INSTRUCTED Rooms keep fresh as outdoors! PliniTRON CLEARS THE AIQ FOR YOU ance she met standing in line at the unemployment office.

As a result, on motion of BERKELEY, March 23 The city council has resolved two controversial zoning mat-ten while a third, involving gables on a new sorority house, is still pending. The council last night upheld an appeal of Aitken and Collins, architects, from a decision of the City Planning Commission's board of adjustments denying1 a variance for a $1,306,000 "Town House" for senior citizens at the northwest comer of Dana and Parker Sts. Denied was a petition of Albert B. Anderson to remove a setback line on the west side of Milvia St. between Center and Addison Sts.

for construction of an office building on the present site of a service station. LEGAL PROBLEM A protest of John E. Heas-lett, 2434 Hillside that gables increasing the height of the new Phi Mu Sorority house now under construction at 2425-27 Prospect St. would ruin his view of the bay left contractors free to continue work but posed a legal problem as to whether reconsideration could be given by the Board of Adjustments. In overruling action of city planners denying a "variance for the proposed nine-story cooperative Town House, the council directed studies by the City Planning Commission for meeting similar new situations in housing for older people.

The Board of Adjustments by a 3 to 2 vote denied the application on the basis that proposed construction of 57 apartments of varying sizes would be a variance of an ordinance which limits the number to 38. Moreover, the board held, the fact that there were but 31 The technique was to print Councilman Arthur Harris, the Board of Adjustments was instructed to grant no use pictures on a duplicating machine of both sides of a genuine bill on separate sheets of paper, sand down each sheet on the back and glue them to 3f95 Singl unit model, grey permits, starting April 1, without public hearings on yard and height limitations in hill districts. gether. Agents said Mrs. Stevens As for reconsideration of the permit, Phillips raised the had passed less than $100 in the four weeks she had been trying to make the bogus question whether such a permit can be revoked when an applicant -has acted in good bills.

Mrs. Stevens has a 15-year- faith. Anderson said he had Nothing down, $5 monthly en your CAP-Aeeount Whether at the office or home, there's little like a Puritron to clear the air for you. Just plug in the portable Puritron -air purifier, it electronically washes the air of dulling smoke, irritating dust and pollen keeps you feeling more efficient at whatever task you tackle. And rooms keep smelling sweet and old daughter being cared for no answer yet As for the of by relatives in the East fending gables which will rise at both ends of the structure, Youth Nabbed Phillips said architect Robert Ratcliff refuses to elim inate them to meet Heaslett's protests.

On Charge of freshly aired much more pleasant. On Phillips recommenda tion, the council ordered sale Kicking Cop of a triangular piece ot property lett over from a Robert Marshall McGill, 20 cut-through at Claremont Ave Browntone single unit 49.95 Double unit, grey, white .69.95 Capwell's Housewares: Oakland, Walnut Creek, Hay ward. El Cerrito (Oakland, Third Floor), and Russell St. to Arthur 1115 60th was arrested at his home early today on Formiclli for $3,500. Formi- charges of slugging and kick celli owns an adjoining rest proposed parking places also home at 2970 Russel St.

ing an Oakland policeman Friday night. In the kitchen, in conference room Berkeley anu-htter cam Police a the youth, paign is proceeding with good violated regulations for one space for each apartment, FEWER CAR OWNERS Backers of the project ar- I A. I 1 11 Secretaries keep a clear head about them Puritron is a blessing for sufferers of sinus, hay fever or asthma bedroom, living room anywhere you plug in the Puritron, the air clears and stays fresh. portable Puritron cleans the air; no more smoke or stale air to dull the mind irritate. charged with battery and re results', Phillips told the coun sistmg arrest, attacked Pa cil.

Thus far, he reported, trolman Don Brown, who was there have been 15 arrests of pedestrian, plus 30 citations trying to break up a fight near 71st Ave. and Rudsdale and 295 reprimands. guea umi oiaer people as a group do not own as many automobiles as other age groups and that many do not drive. Ed Brannan of Los Gatos, one of three sponsors, appeared before the council to St. Motorists, he added, have McGill allegedly hit Brown received 105.

citations for in the face and then kicked throwing Utter from cars. him as he lay on the ground. win support for the project. McGill escaped as three, other youths held the officer. Brannan identified as other Innocent Plea to Shooting Charge financial backers Clarence The officer was treated for cuts on his face and legs.

Overaa, Richmond contractor and president of the Richmond John Guy, 50, of 1661 16th The fight began when who last Saturday alleged' Savings and Loan Association, group ot youths irom urooK-field Village attemptedto ly shot Lonnie G. Gatson, 51, ana Dan Bodily of Fremont a cafe owner, in the hand and crash a party in a house on 71st according to police. forearm, pleaded innocent to wont, ne saia, wouia start "on Berkeley's biggest privately owned housing project" in an assault with a deadly weap June. on charge this morning. Admiral in S.F.

ine snooting occurrea in the cafe at 1709 Peralta St After refusing to alter a one-block setback line on the west side of Milvia St. between Ad For Two Talks after Gatson ordered Guy to stop using profanity. dison and Center Streets, the For any age: oldster or youngster! TRUE TASTE TREATS AH OSTERIZER Osterizer, the original liquefier-blender, puts nourishment in reach for-all for growing kiddies, for senior citizens. Fresh' vegetables, fruits, even juicy steaks can be enjoyed without digestive and denture problems. The Osterizer does away with Grandmother's inadequate tea-and- toast schedule.

And Lenten meals are so much easier to prepare! See it now! Vice Adm. William J. Mar Guy allegedly fired two shots shall, U.S.N. arrived in council initiated studies to resolve the future of this from a .22 caliber pistol. Gat San Francisco today for his son retaliated by taking a .38 caliber' revolver from under feeder downtown street between Hearst Ave.

and Dwight speech tomorrow afternoon before the World Affairs Council at the Mark Hopkins Hotel on "Soviet Tactics and United the counter and firing six way. STUDIES AUTHORIZED Ilflf Container opens at Removable blades make cleaning much easier. ,) .,,.4 shots at Guy, who was hit once in the finger. States Military Policy." Acting on recommendation Municipal Judge Edward Marshall also will speak to of the Joint Committee on Central Berkeley Develop Mmtn ordered uuy, who is free on $3,150 bail, to appear the International Relations Club at the University of San ment, the council authorized Francisco at 8 o'clock tonight studies "to determine the'most before hini April -22 for preliminary hearing. 'practical alignment and right on "Limited wanare as a Threat to World Peace." of-way, including practical Admiral Marshall retired in Botany Lectures BERKELEY, March 23 measures to alleviate hard ships lo property owners." Senior Citizens' Food Demonstration at Capwell's-Oakland only, Tkurs Sat March 24-25-26, during store hours.

See what Osterixer can do in preparing foods for you! Housewares, Third Floor. Oakland Only Ultimate widening from a May of last year as director of the Division of Materiel of the Navy. In this capacity he was responsible for implemen two-lane to four-lane street The first in a series of lee tures on botany by five mem' bers of the University of Cali was "deemed essential to fu tation of the Navy's share of tufe development of the cen forma faculty wm be pre sented at 12:15 p.m. tomor tral Berkeley district," the committee to the CapwelVt Houseware's i Oakland, Walnut Creek, Uaywari.Et Cerrito (Oaklaud.TUrd Floor) row in Dwinelle Hall on cam pus. Adriance Foster, prof es the military assistance program.

He traveled throughout the worldrdirecting the equipping of naval forces for allied powers. counciL Concerning the new Phi Mu sor of botany, will discuss "Adventures in New Cale Sorority House, where the donia." foundation is now being laid NAACP Speaker BERKELEY, March 23 State Asst. Atty. Gen. Frank Stanford to Change Setup For ROTC Students in Fall lin H.

Williams will be pruv cipal speaker at a member ship, rally of the Berkeley branch Of the National" Asso NO DOWN PAYMENT Stanford will be one of the first schools in the Nation to WALNUT CREEK II AY WARD EL CERRITO make the changeover and ad ditional switches and planned OAKLAND Broadway at 20th TE 2-11U later. Other days 9:30 to 5:30 South Broadway YE 5-1111 More than 250,000 are in ,22301 Foothill Blvd. LU 2-1111 Fairmount and San Pablo LA6-U1I Army and Air Force ROTC students at Stanford University next fall will take all academic courses from regular university instructors At the present time, military instructors teach international relations and political geography classes, i They will now teach only military courses. ciation for the Advancement of Coldred People at 3:30 p.m. Sunday in St.

Paul A.M.E. Church, 2024 Ashby Ave. The organization began a three-month drive for new members on March 1. The Leo C. Higgs Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the church signing up the most members.

volved in ROTC programs al 200 colleges in the U.S. Upon UP TO 2 YEARS TO PAY graduation from college, students all ROTC requirements are commissioned as second lieutenants. 4.

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