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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 54

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 54

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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ASK DOROTHY DRAPER 10-C Oakland Tribune, Sunday, Aug. 28,1960 You Can Have Tasteful Decor Without Denting the Budget ii. Crab Grass at Its Worst Now Now is the time to gain ail upper hand over crab grasji growing on your lawns. Highest growth intensity of thfc weed occurs during July and August, then drops off sharply during September. By mowing lawns properly and bagging seed heads before they mature and fall ib the ground, the new crop of crab grass can be prevented from infesting the lawn.

By FRED BRAUi chairs made a pleasant group. The accessories, mostly given by the family, were lovely The housing industry is it seems reasonable to con- for the purchase of new homes etic standards influencing sunlamps pictures and shiny chaneinz c'ude 11131 mbi'e home, in 1959, and almost equaled sequent office building in the brass andirons and fender. rha wi hn. nnr and tne motor Parl. 1S nere the $11.52 billion debt for the Southwest By DOROTHY DRAPER Sometimes the people who have the least to spend have the most attractive apartments.

I remember one young couple who had taken a charming apartment overlooking the harbor in San The result had a charming no wn inelegantly as the lightheartedness about it and nn thp hnnm 0 0 0 taucht a cood lesson. I trai 5 the. The California Real Estate purchase of used houses, the Kaiser Center, also a Wel-survey disclosed. ton Becket project, was not ooo nominated in the nationwide Welton Becket and Associ- survey. Not yet completed, it ates, San Francisco architects will no doubt be entered in thoucht.

If vou don't want to ADout irauers were Association holds its conven Open Mom Francisco. Thev had decided table with a tablecloth of put much money in furnish- built in 1930 and used for tion in San Francisco Oct. 2-6. and engineers, have been the 1960 contest, to put their money into the uruiiani yeiiow icii, going inRSj better to buy good temporary vacation nousing, ine iviaiK nopKins ana me Vi-TnlX a fiiHifii t.A nnnr Ti.o finnr innc onH hqo rru Pairmnnt Untpk rnnvent inn awarded the umce Building Welton Becket would seem odds favorite to ki-u nine iu i-r or cniiHiv oi me i ear awara 01 umce to De a iong- im-m as inexpensively as d5 ui.v.. mciu iy were hau ed behind the lam- v.

1 .7. M.nM.m.ntmmnrih. row. -J IJ 1 nus hr nrvn nc rf thfl hnnLrnfl It lc anTIPinarPH TnaT umkuuni Hianc 11 inu Ul possible, dllU 1 nUUlu IldVC "UH.ll tail t-t jviviji iu Uliy luloj mv heavy expensive models. uarl this year's attendance will ex- Planning, designing and en- ooo The trailer caught on.

By Vp-r'- noo gmeenng of the 42-story South- Construction is under way been happy to have moved the way. right in. The inexpensive sofa-bed The walls were white and with its iron legs had a foam i ttii. Mrs. M.S.

asks: 1940 16,000 were being pro i "In my den I have a zebra- duced annually. By 1950, pro 0 insurance company on mouei iiunies iui vum- ThP neonle across the street in Dallas- McLain Communities Jh 7 hrpp The structure was judged first San Ramon Village unit. in lhe bay window looking out rubber cushion and long bol over the water was a round ster in orange. Four rattan covered sofa and two black auction was at 150,000 rhpt: with poIH trim. Ripht to have achieved most sue- Grading, paving, aiming, now my walls and carpeting Last yea'Z Sm Sttol cm the objedlves de" sidewalks, sewage, water and J.

j' homes were bui t. Thev were man yu aie pieaseu mai iHo unm. nrrr, Aro arp hp nrr n- valued at ffM miUion. "Si? scheme possible. Can you These were no longer "trail- -imatp thp cost About $400 come-producing investment; which is slated to become a oner any ds iu ers." These were mooue y0U decide.

the color ot the wans, carpet- homes, designed as perma- it isn't a fortune: but it is ing, and drapery?" ncnt residences. when vou lumD all the reoairs One out of eight housing and additions made through- rinric i trailer i a i Dear Mrs. M.S. With thp 7nhra rovprinP vou OUl me nauon in any given with tne zeora covering jou thg government vear want something bold and id them be ear home striking. How about white rf pvrlnrips thpm jj aggregate, nome wails rod anH rnrtnins nomes' ana excludes tnem additions and repair are esti- walls red cai pet and curtains housing-slart statistics.

mated to exceed $10 79 billion SLion! Sake it! 1 and 10 president otthe Oakland Real an interesting curtain in one Tt frftm $4 to Esaie. Board- of the stores made up of C0St Irom 54' 10 "This exceeds the cash ex- -r 1 i npnrliturp in nurcnasin? newlv MOTB if 3LASS GLASS Naming Our City Streets LUSK ST. from Apgar to about 150 feet north of 40th, named for J. Lusk, who owned a cannery at 40th and Lusk, then moved to Claremont just north of the junction of Telegraph Ave. Much of the processed fruits and vegetables were raised on the lands of the Evoy and McElrath families of early Temescal.

FALLON ST. on the edge of San Antonio Slough from Sixth to 12th was named for M. Fallon, early settler of Oakland, who built his home on the block from Sixth to Seventh, Oak to Fallon, later to become a sheltering home for girls, donated by Remi Chabot. It was torn down in 1959. AUSEON AVE.

from East 14th St. to Dowling one block east of 86th named for Mrs. Jessie Auseon, daughter of Charles Moss, whose home was near 82nd and Foothill and who owned many acres from here to East 14th St. The street was named by Lewis and Mitchell, realtors, when they subdivided Kenwood Park. widths of different colored You can't haul it behind ynmnC! mntinc built homes," he continues fabric that made a fabulous striped curtain.

your caj1. You need a truck. The units, as those who "A recent survey by the University of Michigan reveals LINED A- 11 MLJ I walked through those on dis uirougn u.u.e on Mrs. S.1I. asks: 2Q 2 im(m amilies at the recent Garden a Mi imrno.

play "I would like to brighten up TANK ili a a MuuiiviiUf iwiji v. my living room by painting anowwii attest, are actually ments and repairs to their vnllmir miniatUTe apartmeMS On apartments the walls a buttercup yellow An of RELAX (hU4TYLI! NO FUSS OR BOTHER! NOTHING DOWN ONLY $8.00 PER MO. MANY MORE STYLES AND SIZES! SIESTA PATIOS 21137 Redwood Rd Castro Villey GUARANTEED However, some people have told me that yellow walls are improper for a living room. Is this true? If yellow walls wheels. They emphasize compactness, good taste, and liability.

They appeal to servicemen and construction workers and homes in 1959. average $540 was spent," The $10.79 billion spent was up $2 billion over the previous year. It exceeded the $9.37 billion mortgage debt recorded 10 Years I call 8-5691 RIGHT NOW for free estimate Soil Program Pays Dividends the best colors for my rug, hose, move from place 01 i I nor coll trvn in to They sell, too, to post activator. These have sofa and two chairs?" place. those who have retired.

Continued from Page C-9 spare fifty square feet or so proved highly effective if More than 3,000,000 people used as directed by the manu- yho knows (or cares) what in the U.S. live in such homes of space in a shaded garden tv, ov- nw n( onnH facturer despite the fact that is proper or improper for a To accommodate them, luxury corner, lhe making ot gooa room? if YOU like yellow, motor parks are springing up compost soil involves Little have it! Paint the walls a throughout the nation we expense, the bulk of the ma- mPusn me aesirea resuiis citron canary.yellcw Find have some in A'ameda terial being derived from than stated- This 15 not the one of the new gay yellow, County. I W-Yr. Unconditional I It 5-Yr. Pro-Rated Free Delivery Quick yJ I Installation Available garden refuse.

Some gardeners start with a rectangular pit about a foot deep, located where good laua ui me nidifiidi uewusc orange ana DlaCK rugs. Have meae piuviuc cievuituy, the figures are based on opti- sofa in black and two chairs water and sewage facilities. mum conditions in a lemon-peel yellow. Get They have shops and public tt 0 Dro it added color pick-up like rooms and swimming pools Lnder average, conditions it gr vmp summer.skv and carefully landscaped is best to figure on a time blue in paintings and acces- grounds. Live with pride and drainage prevails; otherwise .1 v.

-m laPse of nt less than eighteen sories. ot the spaces avail- is best to build atop the soil nionU)s before the is able in the nation's tra.ler surface. For appearance's rjpe jn otner WOrds, a heap Mrs. D.E.V. asks: parks, 250,000 are an Califor- sake a square or rectangular started now and continued "Is there sucn a thin as a nia.

Not all of these can ac- accumulation is better than until winter sets in will not door that isn't a door?" commodate the behemoths, just a helter-skelter heap. It be ready until late spring of Dear Mrs. Moe are aRbuilding- may be walled in with a few the second year. Those who Yes, a new folding door that t.iJS tVnnmof JE in and iirvtnrnoH work the hpflii frpnuentlv and iii, 1 i ni boards. Pieces of T.r 7 JUUA.3 11RC lCdlllCl.

IIS M111U- Un in laminatpH nn uu.c.uw""a sod also make a good wall. maKe sure 11 remains moisi late(j leather Its rate of increase depends throughout the hot summer steej make sure it remains moist latprf Whpr talitornia. this may be on the availability of garden weather may be able to short- Your 0wn DeCorator," fascist. wny Tn. autorma moDiie- refuse and organic kitchen en the time by six months or 'ZoZoTr ILTl me Ac? waste even more.

oDf7hiXewsp oil mo -) nil Ir 1. OOI nd your name end address printed to dUCe an estimated 50,000 Units Virtually all Organic ma- 3 PILLS PRLfLKKLD Dorothy Draper, Box 83A, Oakland A. of iil ViotVior n( nlant nr i Mrs- Draper cannot answer personal thlS year, lnese are V31UeQ leriat wnetner ot pianx or Workm? the he an means mJ.ii. ht iii mtinns of widest 1 3 i -ill 7 ik di mmiun On the face of the evidence, diunicu vlu turning it over at least every snmpthino- to its value, in- Copyright, 1W0, Dorothy Draper t4 aei.uiiu ui niuu iiiunui iu jnu-- eluding lawn clippings, saw- vide better aeration and dis-dust, wood shavings and even tribute bacterial action more newspaper. Bones are best uniformly throughout the pfle.

kept out because they break Even the neglected heap, down too slowly but old gar- whith means most thenij ments of wool or cotton are wiU need complete turning useful. Exclude woody stems. over about eight months after stones, perennial roots and the last layer was put int0 the like. place KEEP HEAP MOIST From a practical standpoint Propermahagement of the any gardener who can spare compost heap not only results the space should figure on in better material but condi- three separate heaps repre-tions it for earlier use. The senting successive stages to components are arranged in provide a continuous supply flat-topped tiers as thev be- of compost.

Each represents come available. Garden re- a different year with the Alamo, California In lhe wild and glorious early days, American Indians roamed the territory which is now known as Alamo. Later it was part of the vast "Romero" Spanish land grant. In 1851 it was purchased by four families of American pioneers who arrivedby or-team. fuse and other organic addi- oldest started two years ago lives- are placed in -lavers now being used.

The one about four inches deep with started a year later now is an inch or two of soil separat- ripening after having been ing them. turned over and the third one To hasten decomposition the. in the process of accumula- mass is kent uniformly moist, tion. About three feet of space Protects Children, Pets and Property Real safety for your youngBters and their playmates new freedom for you from worry about traffic and trespassers. And what a handsome new look for your home! Anchor's all-steel fence (zinc-clad after weaving) means added strength and lasting value.

Call today for free estimate easy terms to fit your budget. Sold direct from factory branch stores Phone OL 8-3585 Today's pioneers arrive in convertibles, but the lure and romance of the land which draws them is the same. Romantic Raiicho Romero, in the heart of a fog-free, wind-free pocket, still offers the same warm, dry climate, so perfect for the full benefits of patio and outdoor living. It is further'' arrpleratpd if should be allowed between each layer of organic waste them to permit complete turn-is sprinkled with a little lime ing which is accomplished by NO DOWN PAYMENT 36 MONTHS TO PAY FROM MAJtTINEZ and each laver of soil topped snovenng eacn into me posi-with a little complete plant tion vacated by the older jme. CONCORD ROM RICHMOND Copyright.

VMM, Nw York food or commercial com Herald Tribune, Inr. 20-gallon WALNUT CREEK ftOM keep dogs out with OAKLAND a LArAitiit AIAMQ0 ROM MORAOA ROM DUBLIN I HIGHWAY 50 30-gallon THAT MEANS I il lT'J'o tjBOOK. Other doon 11 fVl" UVJlr on display rtartinj ')LV ifo Hi-- ODDZES AlJf OUR SPECIALTY "9 Ad "Sofety Seoled" Metal Stokes help Tp( I protect children Iff I and pets 5-monfh guoronf I I I DOG REPELLENT Protect town and garden with Grant'i Dog Repellent. Packed in airtight cans. Not a messy spray or powder.

Each con contains 6 factory fresh safety-sealed metal stakes that you push into the ground. Stakes are unaffec tVd by weather. Pungent fumes drive dogs oway, but are nat noticed by humans. If you are ready to "step-up" to your dream home, don't compromise with your desires. Select an Osmundsen Original from the fine homes now completed and under construction.

Or have an Osmundsen "Custom Built" home created and completed exactly to your specifications on a lot of your choice in romantic Rancho Romero. Visit Beautiful Rancho Romero Now! INSPECT THE EXQUISITE 3 4 BEDROOM MODEl' HOMES FURNISHED LANDSCAPED guaranteed 3 months Bui" by fO Excluiiv talcs by OUR FAMOUS E-Z FIT MODEL Guaranteed 20 Years CHECK THESE FEATURES: fiMrt ililitT, lick ttirt Ktrwlei, lit rllt rwi full 21-iick kick plat. ttitimitte (pRtamatic) tltJtf traukit-inif lack urine finrt (will Ml tanisk) Remember free delivtry and Sears' reliable guarantee are extra savings and protection. Your Simple, Clcon, Economical Protection from ISMUNDSEN ANDERSON REALTOR 21 inch Kick-Plate- T.T Pneumatic Closer-man other features i SERVICE AKYWHEXE 111 AUMEOA CONTRA COSTA COUNTIES 'Si fn $125 WALNUT CREEK 2051 Mf. Diablo Boulavord YEllowitona 4-9321 DANVILLE 195 N.

Harti Avnu. I VErnon 7-55ol INSTALLED 2076 Ml. Diablo Boulevard Walnut Deck YEllowirone 4-9311 COMPLETE -V iittw JcrttM Matt to Brttf Write or phone for a free Illustrated brochure OpM Men. thru Sat. Not.

Naw Addma Phone LA 1-0164 LargMt Display la fk. lay Araa SEARS Winton at Freeway Hayward JE 8-4500 Telegraph at 26th Oakland-HI 4-4500 DEVELOPED BY RANCHO ROMERO, INC. AT HARDWARE AND GROCERY STORES OH WRITS CRANT LABORATORIES Oakland 8, California 1252 PARK ST. ALAMEDA.

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