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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 75

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 75

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Oikljnd Tribune, Sunday, Junt 26, i960 C-1 1 Earned, (Zandettt JL ft 'Vwff Cabin Decor Should Start With Paint a em By FRED IRAUE Mm QQQ TtJ i 0 mBQmmQ COMPLETE PACKAGE, mt low 299 INSTALLED SCHUUEft be practical, too. Denim and the no-Iron fabrics are good choices, and flowered prints and gay ginghams will add a bright, summery touch to any room! Evert sheets make pretty curtains and slipov-ers, with some artificial flowers sewn on in a random pattern. Scatter rugs that can be tossed into the washer are practical coverings. They should be kept to a minimum under sandy feet. Bare floors will be easier to keep bright and free of sand and dirt if they're coated with one of the fast-drying floor enamels.

leak FiuMMif Prom $10 Per Mo. than ever before to offer a home or apartment to every individual who wants to make California his home." 0 Personal and personnel: Associated Home Builders of the Greater Eastbay on July 19, at Hotel Claremont, offers a one-day merchandising course. Subjects: Management, Model Homes, Advertising, Selling. Speakers: William A. Mol-ster, director of marketing services, NAHB; Ralph Sims, merchandising director, Crawford Corporation; Stanley Edge, of Stanley Edge Associates; Jim Mills, president of Home Facts.

Bailey Ingalls have opened a new office on Pleasant Hill Road, Lafayette. Naming, Our City Streets By ALBERT I. NORMAN BLAIR AVENUE, Piedmont, was named for Walter Blair, first resident of Piedmont. Although a farmer first and foremost, Blair was builder of the Piedmont carline from the 16th St. Depot to Piedmont.

He also built and owned the Centennial Hotel on the northeastern corner of 14th and Clay Streets and had a hand in building the Oakland Ave. cable car line. Blair's hayfield in what is now lower Piedmont was a favorite place for children of the neighborhood to play in the early days. 0 0 0 0 BROCKIIURST STREET, between Grove and San Pablo, one block north of 32nd, was named for a family that came to Oakland about 1852. One of the Brockhurst children lives in Alamo today, another operates a tile business in Berkeley.

A grandson is Henry Ehlers, vice president of the Crocker-Anglo Bank. I'alUd Pm laUrutlantl By JOYCE Paint is the main ingredient of practical decor for the summer abin. Use it on walls, even If they're unplastered boards, to protect them against dampness as well as to brighten them. Paint them light blue, aqua, blue-green or blue-lilac to make even tiny rooms look spacious and airy as well as cool and restful. White walls, another good choice for the summer cabin, tend to look as fresh and clean as white clothes.

Warm, sunny colors, including yellow, coral, rose and pink, also have a place, but are best confined to use as accents. It's a good idea to paint cabin furniture, too; a summer home is no place to worry about feet on chairs and couches, glasses left on tables, or waxing or polishing. Painted furniture will stay clean and shining with a swish of a dustcloth or damp sponge. New enamels make it easy to paint virtually any kind of furniture wooden, wicker, metal or wrought iron. There are special enamels for metal furniture, and aerosol spray enamels are easy to use on wicker.

Old furniture from home, attic or second-hand shops will look new with one or two coats of the improved paints available. Fabrics for the cabin should Berkeley's Maurice Read, in Salzburg Austria for the congress of the International Real Estate Federation, has offered delegates what he terms the newest answer, to the problems of U.S. urban spread. "Most of our cities have grown in a rather haphazard manner," Read told the Congress. The 'constant development of residential neighborhoods without employment on the suburban fringe places a heavy tax burden on residential property owners, he said, and contributes to traffic problems.

Read's solution to our problem: Privately developed satellite towns that can house, serve and employ residents. Such towns would be planned from the ground up as self-supporting communities with single-family homes, apartments, stores industry, schools, churches and recreational facilities. "An this means a big project," the Berkeley man concluded. "It takes lots of capital, and lots of coordinated effort by all sorts of experts, and lots of advance planning and thought The future is unlimited for the right kind of men to do the right kind of job in creating these new satellite communities Kitchen 3-DAY SALE Sund. Mandav.

Tuetdsv Juno 2et 27 21 Specials In all depts. Closed Wednesday STACKING CHAIR ri.r.r. STEER MlNURt QQ ti. ties triad eid IrM Utf trsnt. Ntttiiil tlia teaapraaltry tn Maaare at 5W Wit ft Sack Remodeling by Cinderella Irani by Apoobitnwit A beautiful New Cinderella Kitchen complete with the Newest built.

in appliances can be yours lor fer lees than you may realise. All cabinets ere custom built, at a price you can afford. Complete building and financing Mrv-ite for your convenience. as iae nwan iMWlLD'T'flqe rran faetatru Mis. UV LAWN SWING colors, trl lyM) ltl.

IriM, 4995 Unit, SIM. VIGORO 199 tartilitar tlia Scett alC 'trtlliisr Isrsadar. W. lestia) 7. UWH SWINS RE-COVtSS su.te Chvh.

Pita HI tttsdsrS Kiif 111 Tt CiMsj el Lawn Seed Shrub Specials srutoy imn mix. it. ta ise ft ik. 4Je riMI tut Mil, tie 1 Ik. a JtS whit! tint einvf it.

IICMONBIk illljnin. plewttag 1.40 wfMirr all coMPrriTion POLY FOAM CUSHION COVER rsr liisrt Cltir. I sslers. JQQ Matt raw tnkrt tkiirs se fl9 cw fsrUHi. In sfict Pennsylvania LAWN MOWER ESTIMATES PLANNING FREE cent to its size at the same time." 0 0 0 "There has never tfeen a better supply and selection of homes and apartments in California," John H.

Tolan Jr. of Richmond told the Governor's Conference on Housing, of which he was private housing coordinator. "Since World War II the Realtors, builders and home financing institutions of California have met the demand for housing caused by the greatest migration of population in the history of the world which has occurred in this state. "New and existing homes and apartments are available today to fit the pocketbook of income group. "As we stand on the threshold of another decade of population explosion, the housing industry is better prepared PIONEER WATER HEATER Prefab Prediction Financing to 100 Heath Angelo, of Coldwell, Banker and Stuart Davis, of First Savings and Loan Association, have been elected directors of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce for 1960-61.

0 California-Pacific Title Insurance Company has opened new San Leandro offices, Mat and Ortha Wulfing have opened Wulfing Co. Realtors offices at Homewood (Lake Tahoe). Feitler Realtors, on Mac-Arthur, continue to lend a hand to artists by lending a showwindow for two-man exhibits. Currently shown: Pen and inks by Yoshio Wada; oils by Arnold Benetti. 1999 1S-H.

VVttt. Illlll Tirs, fsr Mil Construction of prefabri cated houses hit an all-time Dahiso sl-ltad, 10-yaar taarantaa (I I 9-ratad). New kaatar WiifaHad Fraa If faUare In I yaare. 3. J53 $59 $69 is me rw POMBTTYi'SffiB enlieHene rsr sslf IWW CANADIAN PEAT lf.

099 ill (lairtitrf, fsr sell II record last year with 132,054 units put into place by some 400 manufacturers, according Cinderella Kitchens L0 8-5825 Sti Oir Cimtlttt Oittlaj Kitchens Opti Daily I 'til I at 7954 MacArtkur Blvd. Oakland family rooms comes another report, no doubt equally authoritative, that what homeowners really want is the den. The den, the Insider's Newsletter solemnly reports, is "a cozy gathering place without the drawbacks of the family room it's ideal for discussion, indoor games, reading and TV watching." The theory is that American families don't want to practice togetherness in the kitchen, but are happy to do so far away from the dirty dishes. However, another rebellion is cited by a Mrs. Ida Webster, chairman of the house consulting committee of the American Institute of Architects.

It's being spearheaded by people who are utterly fed up with all this living together. "They want," declaims Mrs. Webster, a mite sourly, "to be positively separated from their children sometimes." Noteworthy and Quote-worthy: "Money is being invested in new plants and equipment," says Clinton Snyder, president of Society of Industrial Realtors, "at a rate that could replace the entire U.S. manufacturing base each 15 years and add 50 per Prica, Quality, Quantity Caaiarad! Our Values Are ware ta aaari Opaa Waakdaya jT4 jflk 1Ta ITITi 7 ad Preo Parking to the Home Manufacturers Association. The HMA predicts that between 140,000 and 150,000 pre COREY'S Vl Block North ta Open Sundaya ta 4 of Solano Iveniflft by Aeesbirment Albany Cardan end Hardware lupallaa Quality Manhaadiae far Last fab houses will be produced I 828 Sin Pablo LA ndscapo 5-2722, Albany CSSSSS this year.

XSZSSS3 If you've wondered where in the world the Census Bureau found all those housing starts which assertedly were overlooked in the last decade-last year's supposed 1,378,550 starts, for instance, have been upped to 1,553,100 you should know that they were "found" by adding dwellings built without building permits. Some of these "lost" structures were built in areas in which building permits are not required, Others were built in areas requiring building permits. In other words, somebody cheated. Togetherness" may not be a lost cause after all. Hard on the heels of a report that the general public is fed up with combined kitchen- "CARIBBEAN HOLIDAY" 15th ANNUAL MARIN ART GARDEN I960 Like coming home to a new house.

FAIR June 30 -JULY 1-2-3-4 DOSS Hours: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., Juno 30 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Following Doyo Admtaion 7S. Children under 11 frM with idultt 4 -HOUR INSTALLATION 15-YEAR GUARANTEE WATER HEATER WOODVIEW fi'M so novo or out 1 fflj 11' 6 till ANDITALLHAPPE WHILE WE WERE AWAY! ffcb3 AND IT ALL HAPPENED WHILE WE WERE AWAY! 1.

S. four worlds Unbelievoblel You have NEVER seen to man brilliantly conceived idea in one group of noma before! Thro outstanding builders present totally new concepts in luxury custom living, nestled against she hills and overlooking San Ramon Valley end Mt. Diablo. i 4 ii 1 Features You'll Like DJal-eeo eontrole oe oasy to turn ee tKe dial en yevr radio. Crane percelaie) onamoJ en cast IrM cleent at the ttMacfi of a damp oloth.

Toilet of Crano vitreous ehln -ejulet, efficient flushinf action. Bathtub has flat safety bottom low 14-in. height oasy to step in and out. REMODEL WHILE ON VACATION AN ASSOCIATED PLUMBING CONTRACTOR CAN WORK THIS MAGIC ON YOUR HOME Revolutionary design plus handy tye-level temp, control. Heats plenty of water for tht entire family.

Class-lined tank will not rush 30-GAL. Sizr. A bathroom or kitchen is nver too old to be brought up to date often without major structural changes or relocation of pipes. Discuss with your nearby Associated Plumbing Contractor how simply a modern bathroom like this can be yours with beautiful Crane plumbing fixtures. Make 3CRANE) Your Proof of Quality Yes, all the messy work can be done while you and your family are on vacation! You can trust the skill, experience and integrity of these Master Plumbers and they can save you money on the overall job! Consult any of those listed below.

Plan to come home from vacation to a house transformed by handsome new plumbing fixtures! 40-GAL. Class lined water heater with 10-year guarantee. 1" fibre-glass insulation. Honeywell thermostat. 00 'I'M -'V jf SEMI CONTEMPORARY rr 1Bc: mMi I I RUSTIC CONTEMPORARY Ufo withe flourish warn in these A massive, brfrtkmfty eon- ceived home.

Yoo may novo In bnmedfcrferv I yoo -J find ttw ficwt yoo desav or nr hav your now way of life custom planned for your family! iilJ- wrtioem J. pw? 54 6400' 74oo- 20-GAL. JO-GAL SIZE 40-GAL Itittlrriu it nwlittd Easy Financing A rranged For New Installations or Remodeling Call For Free Estimate ASSOCIATED PLUMBING CONTRACTORS ALBANY ONLY $5 DOWN and $3 per month ROCKRIDC8 MotFrrr pluuxn eo. oia-t7A PLOYP I. lAIRD LA 4-11 7 BERKELEY NORTH OAKLAND I.


flEDMONT lawliji rtuMiiwa 4 HIATINO an i-rrii For Every Plumbing; Job Call an Expert. There's One Near You TELEPHONE CALL DOES IT ALL OAKLAND 14tl Jt Mtl AN 1 RrCHUONB MacioBaltl it FrMvty IE a intKELTT ZMS In. Tl J-75H JAN LUKDRMCOfl Ahrarjte Si IL7-7MI mmm-iM i stmt RICHARDSON LUMIINS) CO. Nl (-7114 lotd I milt from tral of frMway, Kuril of Wit. nit Ok.

Wt Kb of vito Oriv. I ffMGU I EnwoVCo Hlghwiy at. butr on Coo I il 1 i BAY ARIA JOHN C. IVANS KE 4-77U EAST OAKLAND ID DICKIY PtUMtIN LO 9-7111 I MIRCUtY PIUMIIN9C0. LO -7M WM.

F. ANDERSON, Realtor 2051 MT. DIABLO BLVD. WALNUT CREEK, CALIFORNIA. YE HowttoB 4-9321 i iA ti i ifi I- i "Itfi AiA.

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